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GE13 proves that BN don’t need Chinese to form govt

From Syed Akbar Ali’s blog — ‘Ponder an Umno PAS unity government‘.

SAA wrote:

“At the end of the day it may come down to Malay-Muslim unity. If the BN does not get enough seats, UMNO and PAS may unite to protect Malay and Muslim interest. This has happened once before when PAS joined the BN. Imagine if PAS and Umno tie up together in Parliament — it will be a huge solid Malay bloc. Together both Umno and PAS can easily form a simple majority Government.

“They will not need DAP, PKR, MCA or Gerakan.

“The only stumbling block to a PAS-Umno tie up is Nik Aziz” [who is 82 and sickly].


The table above are the GE13 results for the state assembly seats. The three Pakatan parties each have 15-14-15 seats in Selangor.

Selangor has 56 DUN seats. Half of that number is 28.

Umno has 12 seats, PAS has 15 and combined these two parties have altogether 27 seats, which is close to a simple majority. Anything – such as a by-election – can happen anytime during the next five years.

As a carrot, imagine if BN offered to form a unity government with PAS in oil-rich Terengganu, and the Islamist party is then proffered the opportunity to share in the Petronas royalties.

Malay-Muslim unity

Do you think the PAS people feel more comfortable with their DAP counterparts or with their fellow Malays and the Muslims in Umno?

Although the photos below are unrelated to Selangor and used here only for illustrative purposes, but they should nonetheless serve as a pop quiz for the initiated Dapsters.


Which one is PAS, which one is Umno?

One of the ladies is a PAS MP and the other is an Umno senator.


Which one is PAS, which one is Umno?

One of the bersongkok dan berbaju Melayu gentlemen is a PAS vice president and the other is an Umno vice president.

On the other hand, what do Malays and Chinese have in common? Language? Religion? Music? Culture? Food?

Kumpulan penyanyi pop M'sia


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122 thoughts on “GE13 proves that BN don’t need Chinese to form govt

  1. There is still a stumbling block which is Nik Aziz. He has stepped down as Menteri Besar but still keep the Murshidul Am post. Anyways, the next few weeks will be interesting to see the tussle for the Selangor Menteri Besar post. PAS has 15 seats, same as DAP but PKR only has 14 seats. PAS really can form a unity state govt with UMNO.
    But I doubt they will do this without incurring the wrath of the their constituencies.

  2. Dapsters ingat ini negara mereka punya Helen.

    Here’s food for thought Helen.. BN offers to reconcile = nego with DAP to join BN . After all we cannot go on like this on long term basis (a country divided).

    BN has done this before by offering Gerakan (mereka juga ambil bahagian dalam 13 Mei).

  3. Malang sekali majoriti kaum Cina telah memilih politik perkauman dari politik kesederhanaan dan stabiliti dan juga memilih tamakkan kuasa …… ekonomi dan juga politik. PRU13 adalah bukti terbaik apa yg orang Cina boleh perolehi dalam mengejar kuasa politik. Ini juga bukti betapa ramai ahli MCA dan Gerakan pun mengundi calon PR dan mahu menghapuskan kuasa politik BN yg di dominasi oleh UMNO. Kini, orang Melayu boleh meneruskan tuntutan Melayu yang banyak tidak di tunaikan oleh kerajaan.

  4. Dear Helen,

    Kudos! You are spot on! Please bear in mind that UMNO itself won 109 parliamentary seats, more than the whole of Pakatoons combined!

    So now that GE13 is over and done with, may I take this opportunity to congratulate DAP for succeeding in polarising Malaysian politics forever.

    From now on racial relations will never be the same again and Malays and Chinese will view each other with suspicion.

    As proven before by the CEC fiasco and now by the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ DAP is preaching politics of racism.

    But Ubah they did not. BN is still is power and Kedah has been taken back.

    The implications of all that happened yesterday is that there will only be minor Chinese representation in the cabinet hahaha.So it’s time for the majority Malays (and Indians) to push for their respective agendas and ALL CHINESE INTERESTS BE PUT IN THE BACKBURNERS AND K.I.V.

    So what has the chinese managed to UBAH? Actually very little. BN is still in power.

    Your votes have only created mistrust and racial tensions.

    Now its time for a truly 1Malaysia school. No more SJKC. History or more specifically Sejarah Tanah Melayu will be a must pass subject for SPM. All Ah Bengs and Ah Mois must attend PLKN. No Taiwanese Uni qualifications will be recognised by the government. Whaddaya think?

    PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit

  5. I just can’t wait for the day, looking at what the DAP-Chinese is capable of in PRU13.

  6. If Umno/Barisan wants to survive this is the option that has to play in GE14.

    DAPs game is divide and conquer, they have the stats in their hand
    DAP = 50% Chinese votes

    PAS/PKR/BARISAN = 50% votes , and what will Barisan get from this 50% of votes well you guessed it peanuts.

    As of now MCAs they are irrevelant to Barisan , let the chinese have their say this time around.

    I guess this scenario is running thru DAP to, i presume to placate the situation in Selangor PAS will be appointed to the MB position

  7. I pray to Allah this thing happen, we will have a brighter nation under the great rule of Daulah Malaysia

  8. AI biggest nightmare.

    HT’s ‘grassroot members can proposed for PAS to leave the Pakatan’ is a last kopek talian hayat to pujuk their very own angry and disgruntled ahli and atas pagar Malays, who are not too please with the perjanjian syaitan made with Agen Yahudi and ‘negara Islam-langkah mayat aku dulu’ KS.

    LKS and LGE blatant disregard on Allah issue also being seen as disrespectful and dishonest especially when Majlis Syura decides not to allow the use of Allah for non muslims. Then should learn from Anwar to keep quiet. But then again they are trying to please the Chinese and minority Christians and never the Malays. And proven very fruitful indeed. Anwar baffling silent is a show off a sell out, at least for some Malays.

    MMT has done nothing but starts a Hudud debate with KS shortly after being admitted into PAS.

    Blatant silent, almost zero banter coming from UMNO camps on MMT past misconduct is suspect.

    KS and AI had try in vain, to discredit MMT. PAS members seems contented and over joy with what seems like a big catch for them. Only time will tell.

    The kerjasama will definitely jadi, tapi bila, we shall all wait and see. Despite PAS and UMNO hurling names and accusations towards each other, both knows for a fact that they share similar crowds.

    Both wants to please the very same Malays, the de facto Muslims in West Malaysia, at least.

    Every cloud has a silver lining, no?

  9. it would be nice. but the challenge both parties could loose some of the members. Definitely umno will have to accept pas side, can the grass root accept this decree whilst their mind contaminate with ABU mind set.

  10. It is interesting and a magnificent plus to consider BN + DAP + PAS
    What say you ?

  11. Dear Helen (tsunami cina?),

    Peratus kemenangan calon-calon UMNO sangat tinggi jika diambil kira segala bentuk serangan oleh PR seharusnya diberi pujian. Tetapi “kegagalan” BN menenggelamkan kejayaan itu.

    UMNO boleh melakarkan lebih banyak kejayaan jika mereka belajar dari PRU13. Contohnya melalui “TSUNAMI MELAYU” – berikan lebih perhatian pada jatidiri melayu supaya tidak lagi malas untuk berfikir, belajar dan bekerja. Jangan malas untuk mendaftar sebagai pengundi dan jangan malas pergi mengundi.

    UMNO juga boleh gunakan “TSUNAMI RAKYAT” – lebih serius untuk membasmi rasuah, salahguna kuasa dan ketirisan dalam pelaksanaan. Beri lebih perhatian pada roti dan mentega penduduk bandar, pulut dan tamban kering penduduk luar bandar.

    Belajar mendekati rakyat secara fizikal atau maya. Video seks tak perlulah diperbesarkan. Dah banyak dalam internet.

    Jika UMNO serius belajar dari pengalaman lalu, UMNO layak bertanding semua kerusi.

    1. re: “Video seks tak perlulah diperbesarkan. Dah banyak dalam internet.”

      Sama banyaknya pelanduk dua serupa di kalangan politikus Pakatan.

    2. Hello brother… video seks orang PAS dan PKR memang diperlukan untuk menunjukan mereka ini Melayu hipokrit dan munafik sebenornya. Selama ini ramai melayu termakan kopiah dan jubah yang golongan mereka pakai. Rupanya dalam jubah tak pakai seluar dalam rupanya..muahaha..

      Begitu juga video seks penuntut UNITEN yang belajar ilmu hisap dari pensyarahnya begitu berguna mendedahkan kepincangan pengurusan UNITEN. Entah berapa banyak lagi siijil-sijil ilmu hisap yang dikeluarkan oleh UNITEN. Padanlah tak ada inovasi langsung..

      Video-video ini menjadi bukti pemakaian tudung itu satu perkara yang berpura-pura untuk menonjolkan imej yang palsu sekali gus menafikan golongan melayu yang pro arab dari mencanang tudung itu petanda kealiman.

  12. I think it’s the duty of every Malaysian to help in the healing process. If we don’t, things will be far worse in 2018. The other effective solution I can offer is to personally apprehend those despicable DAP-sponsored cyber troopers. I will then lock them up, every one of them, somewhere underground behind my garage, and only release them on polling day in 2018.

  13. I can’t believe what I’m reading? After 56 years of ‘Merdeka’ and we’re still talking about race? Sigh…

  14. i’m of the belief that if PAS has merged with the BN, the Malays alone could retain a 2/3 majority in Parliamentary Seats. This jubilantly indicates that UMNO and PAS could form a very strong mandate in every general election as UMNO and PAS both represent the Malays.

    Higher confidence among the Malay voters towards BN will make BN a formidable party to the opposition in the next general election as DAPster and PKR will have to struggle putting the chinese candidates in a Malay majority constituents and parliamentary seats. This could the a suicide attempt for DAPster to feature chinese candidate instead of using Malay candidate as a decoy.

    However, the consequence of it is so great that it creates disunity among races and i’m very very afraid that 13th May incident may yet repeat its history, this time with the dissatisfaction among the chinese voters.

    This was just my theory from the recent PRU13 results that showed UMNO has regained stronger supports from majority of the Malays, especially those in the rural areas. The city seat will be a little difficult because it has an obvious mix of races and it could divert the votes.

    Adding the total numbers of UMNO and other bumiputra seats won + PAS seats won could result in a meagre malay 2/3 majority in the parliament. MCA will then be a dreadful opponent for the DAPsters. IF PAS would agree to join the BN. What do you think Helen?

  15. An interesting post 13th general election analysis on the the assumption that BN did not rely on Chinese votes to win the simple majority and will continue to rule Malaysia from today, 7th May 2013. However, I beg to differ although it is politically possible given the current situation under the leadership of premier Najib Razak.

    The PM had been very cautious in his approach as he is fully aware of the pending criticism against his shocking performance for being unable to secure the two thirds majority traditionally anticipated by his worthy opponents.

    Having said that, it is not a political norm a fundamental requisite under the prevailing circumstances where the the sensitive racial card have been visibly displayed in the just concluded 13th general election. The PM has termed as the Chinese tsunami as played up the strongest and prominent opposition party’s Chinese extremism.

    One of Najib’s immediate remedy is to exercise inclusiveness in his new administration to be commenced once the cabinet has been decided and formed, taking into consideration of various factors in order to provide a credible and transparent management across the spectrum of the political transformation which the PM is anxious to implement.

  16. Can’t disagree.

    Many of my young friends said that we don’t need racism. Ideally, we dont need racism, but practically, racism is here, and have to be dealt.

  17. in the end…it does not matter what colour your skin are what your religion are…everyone hate the bad people..corruption and abuse of power..the chinese in malaysia do not stand up now because they hate malay..they hate the bad malay who are in charge of the government now who is involve in many wrong things..if 1 apple in 1 basket is rotten..we will need to throw it away…because it will make other apple also rotten…the chinese forseen things clearly..wonder malay in malaysia will able to see thing crystal clearly..wake up my fellow malays… do not be blind by temporary and small gift from umno.. u will pay more and you take less…#brokenheart#patah hati#pru13#malaysia#

  18. Despite your incesaant bitching and racial posts, your favourite candidates won…big..And your boss performed worse. Dont you dare spin this as malay vs chinese divide. Its much more than that. Get that into your simple and bad hair laden head.

  19. Yes, you are right.

    There are a few major findings of GE13 from my perspective:

    (1) UMNO does not need the Chinese to form a government.

    (2) DAP has won the maximum number of Parliament seats it could win.

    (3) Chinese overwhelming support to DAP reinforces Malays’ perception of the Chinese as ungrateful, selfish, untrustworthy, chauvinistic and opportunistic bunch of people. Malays see that the Chinese want what Malays have, but they do want to share with the Malays what they have.

    (4) Middle income urban Malays are not happy that their welfare had been neglected by BN; they do not benefit from all the 1Malaysia goodies.

    1. typo line (3) last sentence ‘…….,but they DON’T (not do) want to share…’.

  20. If the tudung falls of the shoulders, high chance of the lady be incline to PAS
    If there is a goatee, high change of the gentleman be incline to PAS

  21. On the lighter side. Tonton bolasepak – Chelsea vs. MU, for instance. That’s how we become a true 1Malaysia :-)

  22. Is it me or did that half boiled mat salleh guy Karim Raslan from KeRA has to mention Hannah `suck my my banana` Yeoh everytime he is on tv…so fond of that girl mehhh???

    Get special treatment from her is it?

  23. You are stirring a hornet’s nest Helen… For Dapsters UMNO-PAS alliance /unity is an attempt to gang up against the Chinese. It is an evil, racist scheme. But it is alright when DAP embraces PAS,that’s a shinning example of Bangsa Malaysia-ism.

    I am laughing at the naivety of commentators who are calling for a national “healing” in the aftermath of the most racially-charged election in the Malaysian history. Healing is a 2 way street and if I am not mistaken Najib has been doing that for the last 4 years non stop trying to reach out to the Chinese with zero impact.

    Even if he announces the repeal of the NEP and all the quotas, there’ll be zero change on the views of the Chinese on BN. Even if all our universities are 100% populated by the Chinese and they also own 100% of the wealth, I doubt there will be a change of perception. The Dapsters will just say that the Chinese earned these seats and wealth through hard work and meritocracy and not due to BN.

    I detected the same lack of appreciation from the urban Indians who refused to acknowledge the efforts of Najib in reaching out and helping Indians like no other PM did.

    You can heal those who are suffering from curable diseases. These Dapsters are born this way (to quote Lady Gaga). You don’t heal parasites you deprive them of their food supply and starve them to death.

    BTW, if you wish to know how it feels like living in North Korea, you are welcome to visit Penang.

  24. Sepatutnya pemimpin2 ini mencari cara untuk menyatupadukan rakyat. Bukan memecah belah! Hanya kerana ingin menjadi orang tertinggi dalam negara. Mereka sanggup melakukan apa saja untuk mencapai hasrat hati!

    Mendoakan kehancuran saudara sendiri, memfitnah, bersekongkol dengan pihak yang tidak diketahui misi sebenar mereka. Tutup mata dan hati malah ada yang berasaskan dendam!!! Menafikan kesalahan yang nyata(sentiasa mencari alasan untuk menghalalkan kesalahan sendiri), menuding jari pada orang lain, sentiasa mencari kesalahan orang dan beranggapan : “Saya Sentiasa Benar.” Mereka telah dikuasai oleh NAFSU!! Nafsu tidak pernah puas, sentiasa inginkan yang lebih dan lebih dan lebih.. RAKYAT MENJADI MANGSA (untuk memenuhi hasrat dan impian mereka)!! Mereka ini manusia yang terpelajar tetapi tidak terdidik!! Belajarlah dari sejarah..

  25. It was very interesting to follow the GE updates. My FB friends were gushing with pride and jumping for joy when it was announced that DAP achieved a landslide victory. These Dapsters were going berserk.

    And did you notice how Malaysiakini fed this feeding frenzy by only updating the seats won by PR while not publishing those by BN?

    And then when finally PR started to lose and BN reached 112, the lights literally turned off. One by one, the black logo appeared in their FB profile. And their joy turned sour.

    One FB friend wanted to hire contract killers to kill all foreigners. Another declared that she will only say that she’s from Penang and never Malaysia. And then the talk of migrating and taking the streets predictably started, blah blah blah….I got to tell you it was worth the wait.

    As for me, it wasn’t a big surprise that Tokong won. Though the manner he won was rather surprising. Penangites are jumping for joy but I already detecting the arrogance in LGE has increased a thousand fold with this victory. Penang will be an Island of Condos and highways by 2018.

  26. While the Malays need to regroup and unite, it is also remember to not hate the others. It is not about being racist but about us showing them that the Malays can indeed unite and work together. It is to show that we are indeed better than what we are perceived and can do what the Chinese can achieve. Hatred will not take the country anywhere and the Malays could end up being worst off.

  27. 2 words. Game Over, for the Chinese if this happens, Umno Pas Unity Government. PKR Malays too will rethink their position.

    but as always, the Chinese, through their media outlets, still in perpetual denial.

  28. (Do you think the PAS people feel more comfortable with their DAP counterparts or with their fellow Malays and the Muslims in Umno?)

    [from my circle]

    Depending on which PAS’s supporters you are talking to. Some might prefer DAP on the basis of fighting corruption and injustices of BN. Whether it is just lip service or sincere concern is beyond my ability to know.

    Some are really concerned with DAP’s style, but opined that BN’s mischief is bigger problem than whatever they perceived DAP can do. Deal with BN first then DAP if they make problem.

    There are those who fight with Christian bitterly (esp. the evangelis type), but dismiss DAP can be a potential threat in that front, stating that DAP is a secular party.

    Then there are high caliber Muslim which are not Pas members, pondering registering to become DAP’s member, if they not already a member.


  29. helen,

    memang benar orang melayu + islam mampu membentuk kerajaan tanpa orang cina asalkan mereka bersatu.

    akan tetapi, negara ini adalah negara berbilang kaum yang mana setiap kaum mempunyai hak mereka sepertimana termaktub dalam perlembagaan.

    selain itu, negara ini perlukan kestabilan yang hanya boleh dicapai melalui kerjasama, perkongsian dan tolak-ansur semua kaum dan mengenepikan sikap polarisasi atau perkauman.

    benar kita melihat orang cina telah memilih DAP sebagai wakil mereka dalam pru13 tetapi, adakah benar mereka ini secara majoritinya bersifat perkauman atau sebenarnya mereka menolak MCA dan Gerakan kerana kelemahan kepimpinan 2 parti ini yang dilihat gagal dalam perkongsian dengan UMNO di dalam BN?

    sekalipun tindakan mereka ini dilihat mendokong aspirasi DAP, kita tidak boleh nafikan bahawa DAP memenangi undi mereka kerana dakyah dan propaganda yang berterusan sejak pru12 dan diperkuatkan dengan jentera media seperti kumpulan the star yang helen sendiri telah ratusan kali mencerahkan hal berkenaan.

    saya percaya orang cina mempunyai budaya menolak kepimpinan yang lemah dan DAP telah mengambil peluang di atas kelemahan kepimpinan MCA serta Gerakan.

    peristiwa sama juga pernah berlaku kepada UMNO apabila tumbang di Selangor pada pru12 dan masih lagi tidak berupaya bangkit sehingga pru13. tidak kah orang Melayu juga pernah dan masih mengalami dilema yang sama?

    saya fikir, ketiadaan orang Cina dalam kerajaan adalah satu kerugian bukan sahaja kepada orang cina tetapi negara keseluruhannya.

    apapun, kita tunggu sahaja keputusan PM Najib tentang barisan kabinet beliau tidak lama lagi.

  30. Sorry Helen, if I’m the first to make a comment. But then, I’m in a bad mood now, you can say on warpath at the (sorry) your race in general.

    How can the DAP manage to secure (it is said) more than 90% of the Chinese votes? I thought MCA, GERAKAN and a smattering of other BN coalition gangs between them commanded at least 20-30% of the Chinese votes. Where did they disappear to?

    I used to be very flexible and have friends across the divide, good friends at that! …and they lied to me in the face, they lied to the PM in the face, they lied to all and sundry.

    I’m not into blaming the Chinese totally about what happened because I also followed the DAP’s campaign trail online, MSM with all it’s shits, lies and slander until most of the Chinese were made to swallow the bait, hook, line, sinker and even the rod with the slogan ini kalilah!

    Yesterday the table were turned on them and you know what? The Star wrote a ‘pojok’ to say don’t blame the Chinese, they did what they did because of the injustices (no ‘percieved’ word used) perpetuated by the BN government.

    It is too bad we of the elder generation do read English and sat for English Literature test to clearly see what is being conveyed. So until things settle down, my race relation with the Chinese is at the lowest ebb!

    Sorry again.

    1. re: “pojok”

      It means ‘pujuk’, right?

      Why do we still use the spelling ‘ruangan pojok’? Just curious as to word usage.

  31. Looking at statistical results on Parliament seats alone: UMNO contest 88/120 = 73% SR ( success ratio ), MCA 7/37=19% SR, Gerakan 1/11 = 9% SR. Assuming in PRU14 seats shall be fielded based on racial polarity ( to borrow DAP’s GE strategy ) and the 37 seats and 11 seats be given 70% to UMNO to contest, i.e 48×70%=34 seats. Thus total seats contested by UMNO is now 154 seats.

    At 70% SR, UMNO can win 108 seats. UMNO is short of 4 seats to form a simple government. As far urban votes is concerned, voters especially the Chinese, has no concern about merit as shown by Bukit Katil and Lembah Pantai ( Chinese like to use meritocracy when it served them well ) of which I wish UMNO will look at seriously.

    UMNO should continue serving the needs of the rural voters as they are doing now. Without them, who will help them . Am sure there are 75% are Malay, 20% Indian and 5% Chinese. Having said that, there are still Chinese in rural areas that have lived harmoniously with Malay community that need to be look after. Given cabinet positions to MCA and Gerakan should be encourage until such a time, MCA and Gerakan can be full time battle ready as they have help BN in 1999. Their deeds must not be forgotten.

    Future GE will results in simple majority for at least 2 to 3 elections with much politicking over popular matters such as AES etc until such a time, voters become mature enough to use available informations to make a solid decision. Until such a time, expect, sms, tweeters, fb and all these social media to play a very deceiving role.

    Economically, Chinese needs Malays to strive and the Malays need the Chinese to supply. Of the $500 BR1M financial supply chain, almost 90% will go to purchase something that the Chinese provide, whom are urbanized. The symbiotic relationship between the polarities cannot be dismissed.

  32. memang tertunggu tunggu bila la pas dan umno nak bersatu… rasanya takla susah sangat.

  33. You rationality proves your maturity. You proves the there is no dominant force in a multi-racial country instead a respect and understanding among races the only way forward. Look forward your future writing.

  34. So simplistic, if they had wanted to combine, they would already have combined, and stuck together long before this. It hasn’t happened because obviously they couldn’t put aside their differences. They are nothing as similar as you simplistically make them out to be. (“Just because a guy have moustache, you will call him ‘Dad’?”)

    If you talk to a PR supporter and an UMNO supporter, it is glaringly clear they stand for different things altogether. In fact, I am eager to see the day they combine, that would be interesting indeed, I am not scared of non-secular just as long as they are not corrupt, and if they combine to become corrupt together, the whole Malaysia will be f–ked together anyway. Bring it on!

    1. re: “If you talk to a PR supporter and an UMNO supporter, it is glaringly clear they stand for different things altogether.”

      Oh really? Like what?

      And how many PAS supporters and Umno supporters did you talk to in order to come to your conclusion?

      1. As far as I know,

        Pas grass-root supporters still believe strongly that hudud is uncompromisable and should be implemented immediately. This is contrary to several leadership in Pas which in opinion that social justice take precedence over punishment (i.e. hudud). They are seen as Liberal in Pas or some might called them ‘The Erdogans’.

        The difference between Pas’s Erdogans and UMNO is UMNO so far unequivocally said that hudud can’t be implemented in Malaysia due to Multi-racial and multi religious society. Where it can’t implement hudud, they are in opinion that it should be make up with social justice as commanded by Islam.

        Pas’s Erdogan is closer to UMNO in this area. The Irony is, it is not the Erdogans who are pro to the unity between Pas + UMNO, it is the conservatives sans TG Nik Aziz. The Erdogans view UMNO as corrupted and the one highly responsible for curtailing social justice in Malaysia.

        I can’t see it happening to be honest. I’m not sure conservatives in Pas are ready to drop hudud altogether and can’t see UMNO implementing hudud to the dismay of other partners in BN. BN is not only MCA and MIC you know. Their ally in Sabah and Sarawak is too valuable to abruptly accept hudud in Malaysia.

        I will be not surprised the merger between UMNO and Pas will result in some Erdogans DAP.

        I personally think that it is better that UMNO and Pas did not merge. Pas should remain outside to provide check and balance to UMNO and I hope UMNO and BN can reform and cleanse itself from bad perception and shortcomings it have.


        1. *I will be not surprised the merger between UMNO and Pas will result in some Erdogans ENTERING DAP.

  35. The problem is Independence was achieved with Malays, Chinese n Indians as equals. Unfortunately, the real world is made up of non-Malays n non-Muslims. Allah, the all-powerful, would not have created non-Muslims if he didn’t want them or respect them.

  36. The lady on the right is UMNO. Because UMNO men like beautiful women..hehe. The young Malay women in their prime first join UMNO but after they were left out they join PAS. So PAS is like a second chance for this ladies. Mat Sabu is not very particular about women. Anything in sarong. This is also true for women artists. Bila muda UMNO bila tua PAS. Sebab lelaki PAS pun tua-tua mcm Nik Aziz.
    It is a lifestyle thing between UMNO Malays and PAS Malays. UMNO Malays go to Karaoke and sing and dance like Aishah and Abby Bedabi. Mat Taib too was a romeo with the sultan princess when he was young was in UMNO and now when he is senja he go to PAS.
    On the other hand, Mat Taib can see that the jubah dont prevent Mat Sabu from romancing aishah or women. It is safer in fact for nobody would believe Tok Pa sexcapades if not for the internet.

    For the men, it get more difficult to spread the men because PAS men have taken to wearing baju melayu and samping instead of jubah like Hadi. It was easier before hah, songkok haji dan jubah, PAS, baju melayu dan samping UMNO. But baju melayu is more attractive to the women so who wants to wear shapeless jubah? You look like Abby from behind..hehe.

    There is nothing in common with Chinese and Malays. That is why the Government must seriously look at Talent Placement overseas for Chinese who want to migrate. If UMNO can have Talent Program to bring back Chinese who have nothing in common with the Malays why not place them out back to China?

    1. re: “If UMNO can have Talent Program to bring back Chinese who have nothing in common with the Malays why not place them out back to China?”


  37. Helen, are you ok? Anything wrong? Very worried as you are keeping very quiet….hope everything is well with you and your family. Take care!

    1. Thanks. I’m upset that some people with vested interests whose rice bowl might have been unsettled by my expose have taken to spreading lies about me in cyberspace.

      Those people can simply fitnah! Depa tu tak kenal batasan langsung.

  38. That is a red herring logical fallacy you have there, my friend. And also selective filtering of media pieces for use in propoganda. With a million pictures to choose from, you pick one that shows the widest schism between cultures? I could just as easily spin something that shows otherwise.

    1. LOL.

      If one-day MIA you noticed, one-week MIA must have you frantic.

      But thanks for the thought.

  39. Dear Helen,

    Am a regular reader here, first time commenting. Thank your for sharing all your heartfull writings. Loved it all. Sorry, bit of off track. A comment in BarkingMagpie’s blog today recommended this:
    ” Helen Ang to be Star Publication Editor in Chief.
    not two ways about it.
    May 07, 2013 5:45 PM

  40. What will happen if BN and PAS merge in Terengganu? They will be the strongest and only one oppositon seat left for PKR. If BN propose to implement Hudud Law in Terengganu, do Pas will agree? I hope so.

  41. angan2 mak jenin….org melayu payah bersatu kerana banyak yg mempunyai “PHD”.

  42. My dear esteemed fellow Malaysia. Reboot your thinking. You do seem to know urban Malays nowadays. I refute your claims, and refuse to provide any explanation as you need to go to ground zero and not be a professor behind the tv.

  43. Already many calls have been made for Umno and Pas to cooperate, which is a spontaneous reaction to the unity shown by the Chinese in GE13.

    As for me, GE13 has turned me into a new person vis-a-vis on how I view the Chinese. Now, I regard them with hostility and refined anger. No more the accommodating stance, no more the tidak apa attitude when it comes to dealing with them.

    This morning, a Chinese driver tried to jump queue. Normally, I would give way, what the Malays call “beralah” but this time, I refused to make way for him. I don’t know what happen but I think it is the sub-conscious mind, the new angst and hatred against the Chinese, that took over my mental faculty.

    Afterward, I felt satisfied and gratified, which come to think of it now, is frightening and scary. The big question now is how do I handle this anger? Afraid that after this, a simple argument or misunderstanding with a Chinese can degenerate into an ugly and violent spectacle. Please advise.

    1. I get you.

      I had the same fears myself anticipating that the GE would usher in a two-race system.

      re: “Afraid that after this, a simple argument or misunderstanding with a Chinese can degenerate into an ugly and violent spectacle.”

      Like the fight in KFC I-City Shah Alam.

  44. Betullah tu, tetapi lagi ok kalau semua parti politik bergabung demi kesejahteraan dan kemakmuran bersama..

  45. hi helen… sebelum ni saya silent reader kt blog u..

    saya menganggap diri saya islam dan melayu sederhana.. saya rase ade big gap sebab
    – malay x leh cakap english
    – non malay x leh cakap melayu

    tapi saya boleh nampak malay dan non malay yg fasih ingeris boleh get along senang sgt… saya berharap semua cakap melayu sebab ramai rakyat malaysia in rural areas yg x pandai cakap melayu.. x kirela malay atau non malay

    satu lagi extremist muslim
    – itu haram ini haram..dan suke holier than thou… wish other religion celebration haram… sampaikan makan tempat xde cop halal jakim pon jadi masalah

    dan yg pisahkan melayu…. sbb org2 yg rase dia lagi mulia di sisi Allah…. org lain kafir….(extremist jugak….)

    ok.. kene tembak la lepas ni…

  46. Selepas pengundian Gelang Patah, kini aku pasti persahabatan Melayu Cina hanya sekadar `skin thin` dan bukan `deep flesh`. Perkataan reconciliation hanyalah sekadar menanam tebu di bibir saja.

  47. Malang sekali majoriti kaum Cina telah memilih politik perkauman dari politik kesederhanaan dan stabiliti dan juga memilih tamakkan kuasa …… ekonomi dan juga politik. PRU13 adalah bukti terbaik apa yg orang Cina boleh perolehi dalam mengejar kuasa politik. Ini juga bukti betapa ramai ahli MCA dan Gerakan pun mengundi calon PR dan mahu menghapuskan kuasa politik BN yg di dominasi oleh UMNO. Kini, orang Melayu boleh meneruskan tuntutan Melayu yang banyak tidak di tunaikan oleh kerajaan.

  48. Well said… But regards with the difference, I believe we still can live together as 1. Tolerance and respect is the main recipe..

  49. Helen, kenapa lama mendiam diri? All your predictions came true. MCA bungkus and refused to partcipate in cabinet setting the stage for irreconciliable polarization. MIC didn’t do that well either. Only 4 parliment members tapi demand more than 6 seats in cabinet. I don’t know nak ketawa or nak nangis. But rasanya from now on I will stick to bangsa sendiri.

  50. “Sebuah kerajaan tanpa wakil-wakil Cina sebenarnya tidak baik untuk sebuah negara berbilang kaum seperti Malaysia. Keputusan MCA untuk tidak menerima jawatan kerajaan di bahagian negeri dan persekutuan telah meletakkan Barisan Nasional dalam situasi yang sukar.

    Siapa yang akan menjadi wakil kerajaan untuk kaum Cina kalau MCA bukan salah satu daripada tiga komponen parti-parti utama untuk BN? Adakah kita sedang melupakan mereka (MCA) secara keseluruhan atau kita sedang mencari parti lain?

    Hakikatnya, ada kaum Cina yang masih lagi sokong kerajaan dan sebab itulah mereka (MCA) menang tujuh kerusi (parlimen). Kalau tiada Cina dalam kerajaan, situasi tidak akan jadi lebih elok untuk negara kerana secara keseluruhannya, saya percayakan kerjasama kaum.”

    From Tun M

    and I agree with him.
    Possible to form a government yes, but it won’t do to NOT have a Chinese representative in the government. We still need to work together.

  51. When I read the Star this morning, I thought I was reading an Opposition newspaper. The front page was filled with frivolous comments by people of no consequence and the statement by the Prime Minister was relegated to the back. A full page special write-up on the Opposition Selangor line-up and other Opposition news were the order of the day.

    The very weak MCA leadership if they have any will left should sack the whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai and winkle out all the moles for the rising number of complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

  52. It couldn’t be more precise. Although we muslims strive for unity in ummah and for the greater cause, I think we also do not like to side away from our partners MCA and MIC whom for so long working together with us building this beautiful, peaceful country. It may sound hypocrite but it kinda weird not to have our chinese friends in cabinet. It sound absurd that we should care the feelings of most chinese in Malaysia when in fact we have been a good friend with MCA for the past 50 years. Let’s not put salt to the wound because for now it just add more pains than it actually is.

  53. In Malay this is what we called ‘kerabat / kaum kerabat’ or in Arabic ‘qaraba / qurba’. From the arabic word comes the word qurban as in Hari Raya Korban (getting oneself near to Allah – the one and only supreme god!)

    Its simply means those near to you especially your family circle and getting around and around as the circle gets bigger. Hence the saying ‘orang Islam itu bersaudara’ as in Quran verse. Even in Quran, Allah asks the muslim to prioritize in giving deeds, his/her kerabat first before giving deeds to orphans and those unfortunate.

  54. Hope all is well. Not like you to dish out the silent treatment. Maybe you just got sick of all the politicking or wanted some alone time. Whichever the case may be, take care.

    The heavens & star here on earth are rejoicing your absence. Hope that you can be a killjoy to them both.

  55. hmmm…heheheeh…..good article..
    orang cina tak boleh dipercayai?..atau orang cina suka menipu?
    atau ornag cina tidak boleh dibuat teman rapat?..hihihihi

  56. did you forget that Malaysia is form by 3 major races?
    did you forget that because of this 3 races Malaysia is form?
    did you forget which race letting Japanese to enter Malaysia and who fight a tough war with them?
    did you forget the corrupted party is going out of hand now by looking at the result of GE-13
    did you know PAS will never join BN because BN is a party that against what PAS studied and know about Muslims without shame and yet say it proudly.
    PAS don’t want a party claim themselves a Muslims party but act like devil because this will be like joining force with the devil

    i guess you will delete because you either can’t accept the truth, denied it or fear this spread to other people like you

  57. I live in kelana jaya very close to the stadium. Tonite i see a lot of blacks walking to the stadium in the rain. To pakatan, u do not know the real meaning of democracy. Accept the defeat like a gentleman anwar ibrahim. Oops! Sorry – he aint no gentleman.

  58. Why is Nik Aziz so hell bent against the UMNO-PAS coalition? I knew he got so many reasons and excuses but I somehow tend to believe it’s something personal. The rest of the PAS gang is not as bad as him. In fact, some actually welcome it. Sigh!

  59. Helen,

    Suddenly now , after relentless bashing of BN( or specifically UMNO), the tone among Chinese media, community are about “unity’.

    Najib, please do not make another round of mistake. Please honour thise who vote for you. Those whose voice never find the may to main Chinese media: the voice of ‘makcik makcik” that support UMNO. the voice of ‘kampung” people in Lahad Datu, Kota Sarang semut, chenur(Pahang) that enable you to form the government.

    The election serves as an eye opener. you can still form a govt recognised by the whole world.

    1. re: “Suddenly now , after relentless bashing of BN (or specifically UMNO), the tone among Chinese media, community are about “unity’.”

      Heh-heh-heh, it’s the Chinese desire for win-win solution. Want the reward (having DAP Chinese YBs) but don’t want the “punishment” (bearing the backlash from the pro-establishment Malay voters).

      1. Damage control maa, thestar is suddenly all about unity with their ‘we are Malaysia’ shit. I’m disgusted at the ‘penang paper’! Baling Batu Sembunyi Tangan of the highest order!

  60. Yes, it is true for NOW – BN does not need MCA nor MIC to form a government.

    After this GE, we can say that MCA was wiped out, and MIC is totally irrelevant now to BN. However, this is just a short term phenomenon or short-sighted conclusion.

    Political atmosphere is cyclic. Today MCA or MIC are at rock bottom, but their importance cannot be undermined. We had seen in previous GE when MCA and/or MIC had played their respective roles at critical moments in “saving” BN or enhanced its majority position in parliment.

    BN was built on race-based political parties, and it has been since independent. Certainly over the years, it has to change to accomodate current political environment and make itself closely relevant. However, the problem is BN has changed too slowly with respect to the speed of change in nowadays’ political atmosphere.

    PM is right to plead for reconciliation, but he should actually focus the effort within BN. Reading current post-GE analyses in various media, not much focus is on PM’s call on reconcilliation, instead all are pushing towards polarisation within BN… worse, to be an UMNO-dominant BN!!

    Over next few years, within BN, if the strong UMNO can help to revive and bring up again MCA and MIC, with a harmonious and united BN, I dont see why BN cannot get 2/3 majority in next GE.

    As BN’s leader, PM Najib has a very tough task ahead – balancing the demand within UMNO, while trying to keep the multi-racial BN relevant and revive the weaker members. It is tough, but they are many moderate and clear-minded Chinese and Indian, who will be ready to work together with him.

    I never give up – being branded as traitor or useless by many of my friends or even relatives for not supporting DAP. For all the efforts put up by PM Najib these few years before GE13, I see the better future of Malaysia and my children is at the right path and right hands.


  61. After UMNO unite with PAS, malay people will join PAS and UMNO very angry and SACK PAS again…..

  62. I do not know how to contact you but the sudden quietness is very worrying in the current situation. Helen, please tell me/us that you are fine.

    1. Can’t really say I’m fine.

      In the aftermath of GE13, the chickens have come home to roost.

      For example, we can see that the BN loss of Chinese votes has got to be explained or rather, it cannot be explained, e.g. isn’t it far-fetched for the MCA as the owner of the country’s biggest media conglomerate be suffering from the worst bad press? (Unless there is internal sabotage as I’ve been contending all along).

      And because I’m been dissecting the sabotage, not only have I been disrupted by the cyber attacks but there’s also a concerted effort to character assassinate me through lies being spread in blogosphere.

      ‘They’, i.e. the people protecting their periuk nasi, seem to think that by discrediting me personally through lies, all that I’ve pointed out will be viewed with some degree of suspicion too.

      I hope that the message is not killed with the messenger and for other bloggers to continue taking up the story angle that The Staris Si Gunting dalam Lipatan.

      1. I meant, physically fine. Mentally, mine is drained too. Good to see your writing again :-)

  63. Sdr Helen,
    Jangkaan kamu sebelum ini tepat sekali.
    Apakah kekuatan dari segi bilangan dapat mendorong kepada Malaysia yang lebih baik? Setakat ini masyarakat Cina belum lagi memikirkannya.
    Untuk mengubat hati Sdr Helen, saya sertakan pantun Haiku saya

    “Petang, dipekan Kepong
    Pelajar Cina balik sekolah
    Memakai baju kurung”

  64. “As a carrot, imagine if BN offered to form a unity government with PAS in oil-rich Terengganu, and the Islamist party is then proffered the opportunity to share in the Petronas royalties.”

    So how come they didn’t do this before for Kelantan?

  65. hadiah yang tidak ternilai dari kaum cina kepada melayu dan bumiputra.

    ini yang dikata rezeki yang datang tak disangka -sangka .Datang bergolek keriba.

    hal ini saya jangka akan berlaku pada PRU ke15 ke atas disebabakan perubahan kawasan dan demograpi tetapi ia telah terjadi lebih awal.

    dalam sistem demokrasi satu orang satu undi memang tidak akan menyebelahi golongan minoriti.buatlah kempin paling rasis sekali pun ia tidak akan menyebelahi.

    andainya PR menang dan berjaya menguasai kerajaan persekutuan orang melayu juga yang berkuasa.

    terimalah hakikat melayu majoriti dinegara ini.

    1. re: “andainya PR menang dan berjaya menguasai kerajaan persekutuan orang melayu juga yang berkuasa.”

      Tidak semestinya …


  66. Hi Helen,

    Two questions:

    (1) Is there anything wrong if UMNO and PAS formed a unity government?

    (2) I still can’t understand the logic of The Star supporting DAP at one level, and supporting the BN at another. Could you please help elaborate.

    1. (2) Logistics could be one explanation.

      It’s estimated that 70 percent of the Star staff are Chinese and many more (including among their est. 20 percent Indian staff) are Christian.

      They simply reflect the wider trend of the highly partisan voter demography. So you have the younger reporters who sneer when tasked to do MCA assignments and show their disdain through submitting crap copy.

      And you have the anti-establishment middle-rankers who lived through Ops Lalang when the govt suspended The Star.

      Recall that Star ex-executive editor P. Gunasegaram himself had once quipped about the MCA being owned by MCA and operated by the MIC for the benefit of the DAP.

    2. ” I still can’t understand the logic of The Star supporting DAP at one level, and supporting the BN at another. Could you please help elaborate.”

      Greg, you ain’t the only fella who doesn’t get this so-called “logic”. The Star paper is full of obviously pro Barisan news and commentaries. Yet for some reason, we are supposed to believe they are secret Pakatan Rakyat agents.

  67. Saya setuju umno dan pas bersatu. Nik aziz bantah. Tapi ustaz hadi dan lain2 ahli pas rasanya ada potensi kearah penyatuan umat melayu islam. Penghalangnya cuma EGO beberapa kerat prmimpin pas. Sekiranya nik aziz KO, saya positif usahs penyatuan skan berhasil.

    1. :) please recommend my blog to 3 of your friends!

      Without public support, as an individual without any organizational backing, I’m in a vulnerable position coming up against people with huge vested interests who are trying to discredit me personally through slander.

      They are slandering me so that what I expose about them will viewed with suspicion.

  68. Helen, you really need to shorten your posts and get your message across. I’ve tried to read 3 of your articles and gave up each time because I could not figure out the point you were trying to make. In fact I cannot even make out if you were pro-bn or pro-pakatan…

    1. I for one prefer that Helen to be Pro-Malaysia, means pro to what is good for Malaysia not necessarily pro any party in particular.

      Combating politic of hate is good for Malaysia, thus the one spewing sophisticated hate politics in Malaysia should be combated, no matter from which party it come.

    2. awak kurang faham rupanya….saya hardcore BN dan saya follow blog helen dan saya kagum dgn beliau..full stop.

  69. Helen, you havent been writing for at least a week now. What happened Sis? Are you ok? Missed you. Write again please…anything…I enjoyed your postings. Please continue, ok.

      1. girl, am i delighted to hear you!

        like others, i was getting quite worried by the prolonged absence. sent you an email a few days ago and when that too went unanswered, was quite ready to switch to being alarm today. *phew!* ;)

        1. cuncur with Mek Yam…. she also surfing around asking about you…. Thank god you ok girlz…..

          :} sarah

          1. Setelah berhari melayari website ini and finally it is ON. Rinduku terubat….Its like seeing bright light from the seven heavens:)

  70. Tq Helen.

    1. Begitu lama kaum cina umno pertahankan persahabatan.

    2.. pengorbanan melayu umno sehingga pas sanggup mengkafirkan umno selama ini.

    3. Tapi pengubdi cina sia siakan pengorbanan tersebut.

    4. Saya tak percaya pengubdi cina menyokong anuwar kerana keadilan…bersih..anti rasuah dll.

    5. Ini kerana pengubdi cina tahu bagaimana bn membantu mereka pd 1999 dr segi ekonomi dan mereka tahu anuwar tak pandai pun. Mereka juga tahu anuwar bukannya bersih.

    6. So hanya kerana ujian dati tuhan telah membuktikan kaum cina setakat mana nilai persahabatan mereka suci dan tulen.

    Ps..saya maksudkan majoriti cina tak semua…kerana saya percaya ada yg benar2 ikhlas sprt halen dan lim sian see.

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