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Can you see the problem here with The Star?

A story run by the MCA-controlled newspaper today — ‘DAP MP says sorry to voter

Doctor (PhD) Ong Kian Ming is the same person who had previously raised a ruckus over an alleged “3.3 million problematic voters”.

You can also read Doctor (PhD) Ong’s take on the “3.3 million problematic voters” @ the Bersih website in the article ‘At least 3.4m cases or about 27% of the electoral roll need to be further investigated‘.

The Star Editor and Ong Kian Ming’s previous joint attack on Utusan

The Star Editor tweeted: “1Msia for Utusan to print outrageous lies.”

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

DAP MP says sorry to voter Nation The Star Online 2013-05-18 13-08-41


Ong Kian Ming [ “3.3 juta pengundi hantu” ] beraksi di iPidato


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42 thoughts on “Can you see the problem here with The Star?

  1. Mungkin laporan-laporan dalam The Star tu memang menggambarkan pemikiran sebenar pemimpin MCA !!!

    MCA kalah teruk mungkin disebabkan pemimpin MCA sendiri yang mencanangkan pengundi Cina supaya pangkah DAP bukannya MCA !!!

    Pendapat aku lah.

    1. sebenarnya most malays know and think that way abt mca. cuma najib n BN tak ada good strategist to manage this. yg ada semua bodoh. sampai simple knowledge that eg anybody in form4 hari ni akan jadi pengundi pertama in 2018. dia org tak sedar sebelum ni dan tak akan sedar in 2018. sbb tu star akan terus menjuburi mca.

      1. Sebenarnya MCA malah Gerakan dengan sengaja membungkuskan diri sendiri agar pengundi Cina tearah kapada satu penyatuan yang lebih memenohi aspirasi dan cita-cita mereka yang sebenar dan lebih terserlah.

        Walaupon MCA dan ahli-ahlinya mempunyi ihtizam yang sama dengan DAP tetapi mereka terhalang olih penyatuan dalam BN dan tidak mahu dilebal sebagai penghianat yang nyata, dan jalan yang paling halus ialah dengan segaja melemahkan parti itu sendiri, yang akan mengalami konon-kononya “natural death” secara tidak langsong menyelamatkan maruah mereka dari ditudoh penghianat.

        Disudut yang lain cuba memberi gambaran kapada (UMNO led government) yang kerajaan sehingga kehari ini tidak menyumbang kapada kapada aspirasi dan kehendak masyarakat Cina (sebab itu mereka beralih arah) dan dengan secara tidak langsong ianya berupa satu desakan yang halus kapada (UMNO led government) untok memenohi kehendak dan tuntutan mereka bagi mendapat sokongan mereka juga untok dilihat (UMNO led government) telah belaku adil kapada mereka walaupon UMNO itu sendiri harus terkorban dan Barisan National akan terkubor.

        Dimata Masyarakat Cina, Barisan National bukan sesuatu yang wajib dikekalkan kerana aspirasi dan kehendak mereka adalah lebih besar dari kemampuan Barisan National itu sendiri. Yang penting landasan untok memenohi aspirasi dan kehendak mereka dan keputusan PRU 13 memberi gambaran yang jelas dan nyata. Tidak mungkin DAP mendapat majority yang begitu besar dalam kawasan yang ditandingi kalu ahli MCA tidak memberi sokongan kapada mereka dan Pakatan rakyat meraih “popular vote”.

        Mengisafi dan bershukor, masih ada ‘Melayu berfikir’ yang menyedari akan pekara ini, tidak terdorong olih faktor “Najib” atau faktor UMNO, tetapi hanya ingin melihat bumi Malaysia ini dikekalkan aman sedayabolihnya.

  2. get umno to pay all the legal fees for chua fatt and saman the DAP grandmother f#$@%$.

    1. There is nothing to gain from this case for UMNO. UMNO will rather pay the lawyer fee for saiful rather than this non Malay.

      1. Nah, he’s not. I think they try to calm down all those indians right now.

        There’s a lot of youtube video on how indian voters been harass by this holigent. They are now facing a malay backlash and they don’t want to face the indian backlash too.

        The amber of indian dis-satisfaction has been planted before GE13 when they sideline the Indians in their CEC. With what happen during voting day to the Indian, and the video of it going viral, it a matter of time before it explode on their face. This is their countermeasure to defuse it.

        :| sarah

  3. Dulu dr Tahun 1982 hingga 2001 saya baca The Star, sekarang saya menyampah membaca The Star, saya dah boikot paper ini! selalu berat sebelah.

  4. Bezanya Chua Lai Fatt & @imokman, Chua tak suka spotlight; Ong kemaruk publisiti sampai jd “low” sgt mentalitinya.

  5. Since most of the writers & editors don’t have the cojones to sieze the day & squeeze the good doctor’s testicles, hope lies with the likes of Joceline, Baraddan & perhaps “fence sitter” WCW

    1. With his multi-million ringgit emoluments per annum at stake, perhaps he should.

        1. Ho Kay Tat (when he was still with The Firm) would have less seniority than WCW. I’d plug for HKT being the hundred Ks guy and the evangelista being in the minimum 2.2m bracket.

  6. First and foremost let me apologise for my rude language. Fast forward, this is what my felicitations towards that dumb arsehole of a doktor phd ong, “[edited]“. Thank you for tolerating my obscene language. Thousand Apologies. Glad that came out of my chest.

  7. Tidak dinafikan akhbar memainkan peranan penting pada masa kini terutama yang tak ada internet di rumah. Jika surat khabar bersifat talam 2 muka, apa akan terjadi. Buat cerita tidak benar di satu akhbar dan buat cerita benar di satu akhbar yg lain bertujuan memecah belahkan rakyat Malaysia, Apa gunanya simpan syarikat yg macam tu?

  8. OKM is quick to accuse, but slow to apologise. If he is truly sorry he should immediately seek out the person he has impugned and apologise on bended knees to Chua Lai Fatt and his family. There is no need to express his wish to personally meet the person to extend his apology. Just do it. Does he expect the person to come to him to receive his apology ? This smacks of condescension and appears to be targetted at seeking public sympathy for his wrongful accusation.

    1. It appears that The Star is trying to illicit public goodwill for OKM by casting him in a sympathetic light.

      They did the opposite with “Ms Tow Truck” Jessie Ooi who was the victim of the DAP SuperCyber Bullies. The paper called her “infamous”.

      1. Sorry if I am wrong, but I believe you intended it to be ” elicit ” rather than ” illicit “

  9. The problem with the Star is a human problem. If the MCA leadership does not sack the whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai and to winkle out the moles arising from all the complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government, then, it may be alleged that something sinister and forbidding is taking place. This is politics and the Star is not owned by these controversial types or their grandmothers !

      1. To appear as a neutral media while actually printing out pro Barisan news and columns.

  10. In today’s Star (Southern) Zahid Hamidi made the front page. The apology by Ong in page 14. So the Star is subtly relating that the first thing the reader (Chinese?) would see and read is about this guy Zahid, so be careful!
    Why no effort to put Ong’s apolgy in the front page?

    1. Star front page headline says ‘Zahid to the people: I hear you’. What do you make of it?

      1. The STAR is very dangerous – subliminal messages. Kalau Harakah takpe … cerita tak logik … penyokong tegar je percaya …

        Betul Helen kata, gunting dalam lipatan.

        I notice radio station also doing the same thing to Zahid.

        He announced that the police will do something to enhance security. Immediately after that – a one liner about some youth got slash somewhere to discredit what he is announcing…I think we are doomed – its so pervasive it’s everywhere now.

        For me Helen is a bad-ass Xena the warrior princess type…. dia sorang-sorang fighting a goliath, stay safe Helen.

  11. I think Chua Lai Fatt voted for the opposition. Otherwise, I don’t think they bother to offer an apology.

  12. I don’t buy The Star anymore. But they still have great influence because many businesses advertise there for jobs, services etc. Luckily we have internet.

  13. Ismail. The Star is just an effective media vehicle which is infiltrated by the Opposition moles with the connivance of those who control the Star to broadcast brainwashing material be it lies etc to do down the BN. Is the MCA really ignorant or not ?

    1. Are they really ignorant or are they up to something else? Helen,please help,thank you.

  14. Yeah, meet this guys one and ask him about his unique name. Why and so so so. During GE13 get sms regarding his problem and what has been done to him. I got work out that I go to PR facebook and lambasted them about their mistake. arghh hate them then and now i hate The star too….

    :( sarah

  15. From wong chun wai’s outburst about utusan front page apa lagi cina mahu? It is clear wong is a puppet to dap.

  16. Aljazeera says people buy physical music to cherish it. Not like downloads which are cheap and disposable. That is why I download Star and MKini! Because they are garbage! Let Jesus forgive Dr Evangelista Ong!

  17. Actually DAPster very racist and unchristian because it shows that Chinese cannot adopt non Chinese! Hannah Banana and Dr Evangelista Ong are false Christians as they pray to Hitler and they are Zionists!

    1. Hopefully Hannah will learn that naming (and classifying) your anak chinese or otherwise but doesn’t look chinese enough will be a problem in Malaysian Malaysia utopia!

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