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About the purported blackouts on polling day

Below is a press statement issued by the MCA Youth Strategic Planning Bureau.

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By Neil Foo

Pakatan leaders continue to call for clean and fair elections but in reality, they have misled Pakatan supporters by SPREADING MISINFORMATION, repeatedly sending out the same baseless allegation via social media so that netizens will believe them, to the extent that international news agencies have also quoted their allegations.

The false accusations about blackouts at the tallying centres or of foreign workers appearing at voting centres still continued to be spread to voters despite such incidents being either inconclusive or never having happened at all. Unfortunately, many netizens have disseminated such misinformation of the election being tainted.

On one hand, Pakatan leaders have accepted the general election results. But on the other hand, they still accuse the polls as fraudulent. Without confirming facts, Pakatan leaders spread news of election irregularities via the internet and social media, that netizens believed them. This is highly irresponsible of Pakatan.

According to legal procedures for the elections, candidates are required to appoint polling and counting agents. Hence, allegations of fraud are nonsense. To ensure that the entire process is free of doubt, the candidates’ polling and counting agents must sign Form 14 to show that they agree to the votes tabulated for the respective voting stream (saluran). The said Form 14 is later signed by the Election Commission staff to determine the legality of the results of the said polling streams.

If re-elections are needed as Pakatan presses for on the grounds of so-called fraud, then does this not tantamount to Pakatan’s polling and counting agents being asleep on the job? All election Pemantau (observers) should question their conscience if they really witnessed any phantom voters.

Statement released on 14 May 2013

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I’ve marked several segments of Neil Foo’s press statement above in bold red for further discussion.

(1) “baseless allegation via social media”

The DAP cybertroopers have been actively operating for six years already, blared The Star in its front page 48 hours before our country went to the polls.

Why did not, at any time during those past six years, the MCA-owned newspaper take up and focus on the issue of how the opposition cybertroopers have been running smear campaigns, spreading lies, making baseless allegations as well as slandering and character assassinating DAP critics?

The Star Online Malaysia, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Video News

(2) “to the extent that international news agencies have also quoted their allegations”

The MCA is now complaining that the false accusations spread through the social media – where the DAP is king of the hill – have been quoted by international news agencies.

Isn’t Malaysia’s biggest media conglomerate, the Star Media Group which is a billions-ringgit valued business entity, under the supervision of the MCA?

Since the answer is a resounding Yes, then why is it that the Wild, Wild West cowboy town social media is the one which has control over the narrative? So much so that the international news media are said by the MCA to believe in what has been maliciously misrepresented through Facebook and Twitter or YouTube or disseminated through other new media channels regarding a fraudulent general election (GE13)?

Is there any particular reason for the Star Media Group – which has a reach to an audience of 5.63 million – not making any effort to counter the false rumours which have hurt the BN in the eyes of the international media as complained by the MCA press statement cited above?

In fact, the press statement itself that is by MCA’s Neil Foo is not even carried by The Star.


(3) “many netizens have disseminated such misinformation of the election being tainted”

Why did the MCA-owned and -controlled biggest media network in the country fail to alert its 5.63 million audience at any time over the past six years that the standard operating procedure of the opposition cyber agents — finally and too late reported on The Star front page story headlined ‘Troopers storm cyberspace’ (3 May 2013) – is to fabricate unfounded accusations and concoct the most outrageous and outright lies?

If more Malaysians were to be sufficiently convinced to treat with a degree of scepticism the (mis)information spread online, then the manufactured news about ‘blackout’ and ‘phantom voters’ would not have received traction.

And now the MCA chooses to bleat that netizens believe in the unreliable social media.

Hullo MCA! Your own newspaper is the one most responsible for publicizing and popularizing the Pakatan Twitterati.


(4) “Pakatan leaders spread news of election irregularities via the internet and social media”

Why is the MCA complaining about this matter now when it is their own media group which has popularized the Pakatan leaders? There have been many, many instances when the credibility of the opposition leaders could have been effectively challenged by the media. Instead, the MCA-owned media took the opposite course of action and covered up for their favourite Pakatan politicians.

Furthermore, the DAP election ‘expert’ who made the claim about “3.3 million problematic voters” on the electoral roll is one of The Star‘s most favourite people. The Star‘s Twitter programme gave Ong Kian Ming more than 5 hours of airtime in a single interview session as well as The Star‘s invited him to be one of the earliest guests for their election coverage.

If the MCA’s own media elects to lionize the Pakatan leaders, then the MCA has little cause to be whinging now. After all, it is the MCA-owned media which has done a lot of covert and even overt campaigning to return the DAP and evangelista politicians to power on May 5.

(5) about polling agents and Form 14

The MCA spokesman has made a solid rebuttal to the ‘blackout’ rumours in bringing up the matter of the candidate-appointed agents being required to sign the form to say that the proceedings had been above board. If there had been blackouts, the agents could have withheld their signatures on the form in protest.

So how come The Star did not report the MCA Youth Strategic Planning Bureau statement on this? ‘Past Week’ Google searches in turned up zero results.




(6) “All election Pemantau (observers) should question their conscience if they really witnessed any phantom voters.

The MCA has asked the election observers to question their conscience. The observers were only on duty at the most 10-plus hours on 5 May 2013.

It is rather the MCA that should question their own conscience with regard to stabbing the BN in the back over the past 6 years.

When the BN does its detailed postmortem on the Chinese Tsunami, a most pertinent subject to put under the microscope is how could the owner of Malaysia’s biggest and most influential media conglomerate lose 90 percent of the Chinese electorate?

It defies logic. Unless sections of the MCA themselves were colluding with their media to backstab the BN.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

17 thoughts on “About the purported blackouts on polling day

  1. Noticed that the Press Release above specifically mentioned “Pakatan leaders” as the one “spreading false information via social media” – nary a mention of The STAR and hence the MCA organ is by thus not guilty in the minds of the MCA …

    Either the MCA’s Top Brass are really deaf and blind to the STAR’s shenanigans or the MCA actually condones the strategies and actions undertaken by The STAR and at the moment, I opine its the latter so not only is The STAR gunting dalam lipatan to the BN but also its owner, MCA

    1. It’s certainly true that some of The Star reporters slant the news and a few make false and baseless allegations too in their social media.

      It’s also true that some Star reporters are real close and cosy with certain Pakatan leaders. We even have Twitter proof of one senior Star editor giving Hannah Yeoh a tip-off on his paper’s story that was to appear the next day.

      That the Star reporters voted opposition is without a doubt. After all, Pakatan won the popular vote in S’gor, KL, Penang and Perak.

      A few options are swirling for the MCA and these have been floated before on occasion. One is to merge with Gerakan.

      Another is to pull out from the BN. This one was once framed in the form of a poll question in Ong Tee Keat’s blog, so we can be certain that some factions in the MCA are taking it seriously.

      It’ll be difficult for MCA to regain the trust of the other BN components after the fiasco of GE13, don’t you think? I did not see that The Star was of much, if any, assistance. As one example, when Hindraf threw its weight for the BN after their blueprint was inked, The Star could have gone to town with the story that the Indians had shifted their backing to the BN.

      Hindraf climbing on board was very positive news for the BN and could have helped in the Labis seat (15.1% Indian voters) had a positive angle been played up. But instead, The Star was as quiet as a church mouse (pun intentional)

      I know that in my area the pondok during the campaign period (after nomination) was manned by Malays (I saw each time I passed) despite the Adun and Parliament candidates both being MCA. I’ve heard other complaints of the same about MCA elsewhere. Their campaign was so lacklustre you really have to wonder if their heart was in it.

      We can give only CSL (and him only) full marks for consistency in going all out to battle the political opponent. And then there was the planted Star report on May 10 pressing him to quit. Heck, he’s the only one who had done his job. The rest were zombies (or scissors).

      Recall that after GE12, there were high profile defections from the MCA such as the born again Jimmy Chua Jui Meng and Tan Yee Kew and from Gerakan, Tan Kee Kwong (now PKR) who won Wee Choo Keong’s Wangsa Maju seat in GE13.

      I’m certain in this round of exodus, it’ll again be the Christian pollies first to junk the MCA. In doing so they will receive affirmation from members of their congregation.

      Lately it’s becoming clearer that The Star is not bothering to hide its orientation anymore. Any senior newspaperman knows that the newsroom breaks into cheers at the election victory of their favourite DAP stalwarts.

  2. MCA is back stabbing BN & ” Melayu ” all along. Can’t trust them any longer.

    1. The middle-ranking leaders are genuine. Neil Foo who penned the press statement raised a good point about the polling agents being required to sign off the form.

      BN must work to counter the propaganda b’cos the propaganda is believed by the Chinese. (You have to trust me on this. i.e. that the Chinese swallow the DAP line — hook and sinker.)

      That’s why a Chinese analyst would have expected the 90 percent as I did (Asli’s Tan Sri Michael Yeoh had confidently predicted 85% in urban areas).

      Any Chinese would have had the experience that every single one of our family, relatives, Chinese friends, colleagues and acquaintances would vote oppo without exception.

      It is only Umno and you Malays that were shocked by the tsunami on May 5. We Chinese expected nothing less. The Dapsters on the other hand were fully expecting to occupy Putrajaya. That means they knew 110% for sure DAP had the Chinese vote sewn up.

    2. Rileks bro.

      Takkan percaya membuta tuli tapi bagi peluang. Kita takkan terhegeh-hegeh. Biar diorang buktikan.

      Tak seronok ada perasaan tak percaya ni …. nak keluar jalan2 pun susah, tengok orang cina je rasa nak marah.

      Dulu ok, kita tak suka pun kita tolerate, kita cuba.

  3. I have a DAPster in my workplace proudly declsres he is not judgemental, but tells people that Rosmah did buy the rm100 millkonring and sure she spend millions on her make up and hand bag because of her looks…hypocrites sll of these DAPster

  4. I wrote before about my 2 chinese mca friends in your blog and in Annie blog’s. These two friends already inform me about how their FB and e-mails has been bombarded with hate and vacious mails after this people know that they not supported PR openly. Concur to Helen prediction and their prediction, the chinese vote swing to DAP.

    Now after I told you soo and some of those who send them the hate posting and mails begin to shiver to malay backlash, They begin to blame DAP for their misfortune. But my friends said that mca acting like a zombie doggingly try to move forward with their feet has been cut off (of couse by The Star).

    Sometimes we wonder, what going on in mca leader head at this at time. Why can they see, this is a great time to develope the connection to their supporter again. A lot of chinese feeling dupt by DAP right now. A great time to evolved. Even my friends moans on how slow this party take an action. geeshhh.

    :| sarah

  5. The chinese have always and will always take care of their own be it in business or politics. The Malays on the other hand will need to loose the perasaan hasad dengki (phd) in order to unite and move in a more cohesive manner. The Malays have to help each other and make it a stronger race. We have the numbers. BERSATU KITA TEGUH BERCERAI KITA ROBOH. Come on melayus. We can do it.

  6. yang pasti, bukan kuasa ekonomi saja yg mereka mau. skrg mau kuasa memerintah. Sebelum PRU13, saya dh pasti DAP akan menang di Penang kerana kaum cina dgn terang2an menunjukkan sokongan padu kpd DAP, setelah dibasuh otak selama 5 th.

    Byk kwn2 cina sy jd benci BN tanpa selindung lagi. para peniaga runcit cina juga berfikiran demikian. (isteri saya byk deal dgn pembekal runcit cina)

    mcmana DAP basuh otak cina? salah satu cara berkesan melalui the Star. Kenapa MCA biarkan the Star jd alat propaganda DAP? itu tak tercapai dek pemikiran kecik saya, mungkin helen boleh bagi pencerahan di sebalik the Star yg digadaikan kpd DAP.

  7. On similar issues. Mr Chua should not accept the appology. He should sue the Dr (PhDs)’s ass. Being a PHD holder the great person should have better duty to care unlike MPs with only SPM. If PhDs cannot control their mouths then other definitely cannot. Mr Chua you must sue.

    Why should Mr Chua call? Mt PhD sits on his high horse.

    Perhaps BN should help Mr Chua with some lawyers. This is blantant racism by the DAP and blantant negligence + arrogance.

  8. Next GE14 Malays flanked by Indians & Bumis must unite to create Malay Tsunami… by then they will have opened up their eyes & realized their follies & consequences if they allow current situation to persist. Malays & the Gang must play Fire with Fire… by then Nik Aziz is no more, LKS is senile, DSAI is too old, & Karpal Singh is bed ridden so the wind of change could be anybody…

  9. dear Courageous Helen,

    The migration of 90% Chinese to DAP is no secret, it was planned all along by Chinese Educationist whose loyality is to motherland and nothing else.
    Chinese unity is their main aim and always been in Chinese History fr First Emperor to Mao Tze Dong.

    Through unity they can prosper and subjugate..plain and simple.

    Stage 1
    The strategy was simple, promote and eventually elect an inept leader to be a leader of MCA… that the first part.

    We (the rest of Malaysian) saw and wonder why an anglophile chinese in the form of CSL was elected even with his so called immoral activity well documented to be a leader of MCA. With all these bagagges he was elected is not a simple feat come to think of it.

    He was, lacquered, polished and eventually elected with the backing of Chinese Educationist and all Chinese Newspaper with them fully aware that in electing CSL they have a very weak Chinese leader in MCA.

    Having a weak leader in MCA is very important in the game plan.
    Weak enough to be seen by all chinese that he wont fight for chinese on their behalf.

    Weak enough to the extend that he cant even control his own mouthpiece…. the STAR

    Weak enough to make the average Politician in the form of LGE look Majestic and benovalence ( He project himself like Liu Bei ma)

    Weak enough that a minion like Tony Pua would make him shiver.

    Stage 2

    Everyone who love war stories and understand Chinese History knows what would chinese do next.

    Chinese always look up for a strong and intelligent leader. The strong leaders who united chinese in chinese history were always dictators even in recent history. Despise as much they like, they will follow a strong leaders.

    First Emperor, Cao Cao, MTD and LKY to name a few.

    If LKS is not Dictator then the chinese must be blind to their history… to his DAP election.

    LGE is an exact replica and promoting himself as a chinese race saviour second to none and all encompassing virtue, idolised to almost North Korean style of leadership.

    If you have a weak leader in one hand and all encompassing Chinese leader (LKS Dynasty) in the other the result is quite obvious.

    In olden days during war, in attacking a strongest fortified castle the simplest way to make all the population to abandon the castle is to throw a dead and contagious corpse into the seiged castle.. the population fleeing the castle is no brainer but a very simple and crude method with no finese.

    The General would win the castle plus the population and ‘Liu Bei’ can have his comeuppence and occupy the throne but scream as he might LGE is not Liu Bei !!!

    Its true that chinese has united but United Malay Nation Organization was not named out of one’s whimsical wet dream..

    They feel betrayed by Chinese with slogan of anti corruption * whilst the true aim is the ultimate leadership itself.

    If politic is a game of card, the chinese has thrown all the aces on the table and almost sure of crouping all the winnings… The player representing the Malay plus other bumis, Indian and other non chinese said,

    ” hang on Mr Lim, can I put down my card now ??? you might not like it though …..”


    * For Chinese Guilts pledge of anti corruption refer to Outsyed the Box piece

    1. CSL is no more and no less Anglophile than LGE. They both debated in each other in Mandarin.

      Don’t forget that LGE never attended SRJK (C). He was in mission school. He did not graduate from a uni in Taiwan. He graduated from Australia.

      If anything, LGE is more Anglophile. He quotes on Liberty, Equality, bla bla bla which are clearly from Western philosophical ideas.

      Both Najib and CSL came into their party presidency on deficits, Najib with the baggage of the Dollah-inspired tsunami and CSL with the baggage of MCA’s first round 2008 washout.

      Hence CSL’s performance must be judged from his starting point. (Likewise Najib and the PM did amazingly well considering the attempted coups against him even before he assumed office, like through the Scorpene and Altantuya cases and all the slander against his wife).

      Under the circumstances, CSL did as well as he (or anyone else assuming the MCA presidency at such a time) could have done.

      Nonetheless, CSL’s misstep is to give The Star a free rein as long as the cash cow brought in the profits.

      He will now pay the price for his oversight wrt the party’s media asset which in actual fact is a BN liability.

  10. my reply to islam1st and to anyone interested in Chinese culture

    here’s to help you expose the fake Chinese. for further reading :

    The Four Great Classical Novels 四大名著

    水浒传, 三国演义, 西游记, 红楼梦

    Water Margin, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, Dream of the Red Chamber

    ask them about The Four Great Classical Novels and if they can’t answer then its confirmation that they know nothing of their own culture despite spending years studying at Chinese vernacular schools. if they know the ethics that The Four Great Classical Novels convey, surely they know that their current behavior towards Malays, Indians and others, even to fellow Chinese who don’t subscribe to their brand of politics is Un-Chinese.

    as I have said in my previous comments, these people are not real Chinese. they are Cina Celop. I’ve already pointed out how we can spot these people by asking them certain questions.

    we must make one thing clear. there are Chinese out there, among us, real Chinese who we must engage if we are to have any hope at all of stopping this virulent DAP virus that’s tearing at the fabric of our multiracial, multi-religious nation.

    1. OK. Thank you.

      ‘we must make one thing clear. there are Chinese out there, among us, real Chinese who we must engage if we are to have any hope at all of stopping this virulent DAP virus that’s tearing at the fabric of our multiracial, multi-religious nation’

      Can the real Chinese, please stand up?

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