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The business of Pakatan winning the popular vote

The Pakatan people asked Malaysians to vote them by urging “Ubah Ubah Ubah”, saying if voters later find that we do not like the change, we could always change back after 5 years.

Well, my vote in 2008 went towards putting Pakatan in power in Selangor. After 5 years I want to Ubah and so I voted BN.

The Pakatan people had kept reassuring Malaysians to just give them a try (“ini kali lah”) and promising that if we did not like their performance, we could always kick them out.

Well, I’d like to see Pakatan kicked out of the Selangor government. And I used my vote in GE13 hoping to see it happen. But it’s not happening.

And horror of horrors, Hannah Yeoh could possibly be appointed a Selangor exco. (Or perhaps not, depending on how the race-party quota wrangling works out.)

But the point of the matter is this: When the mob demands change, they act as if there are no lasting effects. That we can, at the flip of a finger, make things go back to the way they were before by simply casting our vote once again after another 5 years.

However the truth is that the consequences of the action is staring in our face and cannot be undone, e.g. the dire outcome of Hannah Yeoh up for consideration as exco.

Twitter hannahyeoh Did another interview with ... 2013-05-21 10-08-45

Hannah Yeoh was previously ‘raiding’ the mosques and suraus to fish for Muslim votes. Now she’s raiding UiTM students — yup, the Melayu university vote bank (see photo above) after having sealed Utar support.

So fast – merely a fortnight after polling day – the DAP is already targetting a Blue Ocean for expanding its new GE14 support base. The urban Malays. The young Malays.

The promise of “If don’t like, after 5 years, can easily change again” is not valid. After a duration of 5 years, one cannot unTwitter Hannah Yeoh and pry away her worshipful following. She has close to 75,000 Twitter followers now.

In the span of 5 years, Hannah Yeoh has planted and cultivated numerous cell groups. Photo below: The big team that tweeted up Hannah Yeoh.


The fact is that we cannot rewind the tape once it has run. In fact, tape (as in chunky cassette) has itself become an obsolete gadget.

So you see, it’s a lie when they promise that we can always Ubah and change back, macam salin baju, if we do not like Pakatan and there’s no harm in giving them a chance or a try.

For those in Penang who would like to revert and see Lim Guan Eng thrown out of office, it’s mission impossible. All the DAP candidates in Penang won with even bigger majorities in 2013 than they did in 2008 and unprecedentedly, two MCA contestants lost their deposit in Penang.

What the Pakatan people say to entice – “can always change again after 5 years, what” – is an empty, hollow reassurance.

In Penang, it’s looking to be impossible to change the DAP government even in the next 20 years. Read, ‘The DAP autonomous region’

And along those two decades, working class Malays and Indians will be priced out of the island.

The Dapsters in Penang fear that if any change of state government were to occur, then it would be Umno-BN to have taken power. This naturally means the Chief Minister of Penang would be Malay since it’s impossible for MCA or Gerakan (if they still exist) to win any Penang DUN.

With the level of Tokong worship that it is in Penang, the Dapsters would do everything and stop at nothing to prevent Ubah (any future change of state government) from taking place.

Hence when they placate the fence sitters — “Aiyah, if you don’t like, easy ma, just vote BN in the next election” — the Pakatan operatives and canvassers are lying.

What kind of people are they?

They provide the reassurances on freedom of choice so easily but they are not now even respecting the decision made by voters who handed the federal government to the BN.

Instead they are marshalling the # Black 505 rallies to overturn the electoral decision of the voters who backed the winning side, i.e. BN.

A Penang Gerakan leader gave the following analogy: The winner of a football match is not which team has the most fans in the stadium but who scored the most goals.

It’s true that Pakatan Rakyat snagged the popular vote but they were only the votes of Jerusubang and Chinatown. It’s nothing to shout about. — Read HERE

It was for a similar reason that I pangkah dacing on May 5 instead of abstaining or spoiling my vote — two options I had seriously weighed earlier.

I’m glad that I took myself to the polling booth and had my last-minute ballot count towards the popular vote for the BN despite that there was no chance DAP could lose in my area.

Does the present behaviour of the 505 horde give any indication that they’re the type who would have graciously accepted the freedom of – let’s say a Penang Chinese who voted DAP in 2008 but opting for Gerakan in 2013 – to change his mind but in the opposite direction and against the DAP? Hell, no.

Any Chinese who voted BN in the Penang hardcore DAP constituencies would have been ‘bludgeoned’ (figuratively speaking) for supporting the demonized BN.

Dark-skinned voters were nonetheless bludgeoned for real to prevent them from allegedly phatom-voting BN.

We can no longer put the Evangelista Bintang Tiga genie back into the bottle.

“Just give them a chance lah. If you don’t let them try, we’ll never know and after that if you don’t like ,can easily change again what at the next election” … MY FOOT!


Update (12.45pm) : I’ve taken out the vote tallies and will present the figures in a separate next posting to better highlight.


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15 thoughts on “The business of Pakatan winning the popular vote

  1. FYI.
    The vote majority for Teresa is for Parliament.
    While the majorities for Hannah & Bee Yin are for State Assemblies.
    So their total cannot be sum-med up as part of Pakatan’s majority at the Parliament-level…

    1. Thanks. I realised that too and you beat me by a few minutes. I’ve updated and will do the figures separately.

  2. cunningly smart strategy from DAP… I’m thinking to move back to kedah, working class ma…cannot wait until kena chase out.

          1. cannot, later the Kesultanan Kedah dowan the ufti anymore. they want back Kedah how? can pasukan sukarela fight royal kedah army (jika ada). they can kawtim by giving away SPerai and mark-up the ufti -plus10% from all any new developer project.:)

            1. Seberang Perai stays with tanah besar Semenanjung. They only get the island. They can merge with Singapore if they want.

              1. Island too small. what will happen to the rest of penangites staying outside penang. they oso want to return to new republic. terlanjur reject BN why not return to home country. chinese in BN states also want to migrate to new republic. I think Island alone cannot fit in so many people. must reclaim land! :)

                1. Only the coastline George Town side is well developed. Penang still got a lot of undeveloped land. See satelite map.

                  Masih ada cukup tanah lapang bukit yang boleh menampung penduduk Republik.

                  1. Dan orang Melayu akan mempertahankan kawasan Barat Pulau. Kacau2 nanti Braveheart edisi Cina

  3. Helen,

    Saya merasakan yang LGE akan hanya dapat bertahan selama 2 penggal sahaja di Pulau Pinang. Sama macam LKS di kawasan-kawasan yang dimenangi beliau. Mengapa? Sebab penipuan yang diamalkan mereka tidak akan dapat bertahan selamanya. Lambat laun pengundi akan merasa bosan dan mahukan perubahan. Dan LGE akan terpaksa mencari lubuk baru untuk dituba…..

    Samada DAP akan kekal di Pulau Pinang untuk penggal seterusnya, itu cerita lain. Sejarah telah menunjukkan dalam politik macam-macam boleh terjadi….

    1. With all the money thrown (from public funds) at the temples and poor and the voodoo from all the churches, saya rasa dia boleh tahan melampaui 2020. DAP will be there. Perhaps PKR/PAS yang akan hilang undi Melayu. (Except kalau tak ada voodoo dikenakan pada pemuda Melayu.)
      Sekaramg budak2 di USM pun turut protes. Dulu mana ada. Kita lihat samada Anwar boleh deliver lagi voodoo.

  4. How to ubah… they’ll come up with all sorts of excuse … Like excell technical glitch, typo (like the cost of the tunnel of doom… doom for the environment and small time fishermen.) You think Ambiga will be around to organise rallies to ‘bersihkan’ election yg koror, don’t think so because she’ll be part and parcel of their team…

    Look how she keeps silent on the shenanigans in PKR’s and DAP’s party elections! There’ll be no way you can switch back… sampan bila2 lah !

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