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The DAP autonomous region

The Pakatan ideology is being spread over the social media like wildfire.

One indication of this widespread dispersal of Pakatan memes is the number of clicks on the ‘Share’ button.

The primary element of this propagation (sharing and tweets/retweets) of the Pakatan belief system is the Christian focus.

An interview with the Bishop Paul Tan in FMT yesterday, which elicited more than 5,000 Shares (2,853 ‘Share’ plus another 2,800 on Facebook), illustrates this point.

What is striking about the Christian evangelical element is the distance apart between what the DAP supporters seem to believe and conversely how the pro-establishment side see certain religious public figures in the Pakatan universe. Their respective views are at opposing poles.

For example, the FMT article titled ‘For the love of God, he speaks‘ quotes Bishop Paul as saying that “he does not take sides but condemns the immoral practices in the political realm irrespective of whether it is Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat”.

That is not the impression I get.

I cannot recall the Bishop condemning any immoral practices of Pakatan (which is not to insist that he has never ever done so but perhaps his views were obscure). What’s for sure though is that he prominently condemns the BN time and again and again.

The FMT senior journalist adds that the bishop, considered one of the most vocal, is a religious leader who “abhors racists, religious bigots and corruption”.

The abhorrence of “racists, religious bigots and corruption” is straight from the Pakatan playbook, as is the standard script where the bishop said that Malaysia’s citizens “must cease thinking along racial lines and forge closer ties [as we are] all brothers and sisters of God”.

The FMT article also opines: “Besides his intellectual prowess and rich life experiences, Tan’s most striking qualities are his warmth, humility and remarkable candour”.

Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion although the opinion of the writer (RK Anand who conducted the interview for the news portal) is not one that I share — I mean about Bishop’s “humility” which I fail to glimpse.


The top, i.e. most thumbed-up, response to the FMT article was by Penang-based Malaysiakini Citizen Journalist (CJ) Lucia Lai who commented: “We will pray for the bishop’s continued health and that allah will bless him always as he continues to speak up boldly!”

Why is Lucia, who is a Christian Chinese, invoking Allah’s blessing on the Bishop?

The behaviour of the Pakatan Chinese Christian supporters is becoming more and more unfathomable.

Parti Cinta Malaysia vice president Huan Cheng Guan

On the same theme of religious icons and idols, Gerakan Youth vice-chairman Ong Khang Woon said that in Penang Lim Guan Eng has become like what Nik Aziz Nik Mat is to Kelantan.

What the Gerakan leader says about the deification of Guan Eng in Penang is perfectly true.

The defining feature of the Pakatan political galaxy is the cultism surrounding their ‘stars’.

DAP plays the Christian card the same as how PAS plays the Islam card, with the party sec-gen additionally willing to exploit any other religion when expedient, such as erecting the outsize billboards where his image was larger than that of Lord Murugan during the last Thaipusam as well as the publicity stunt of his Christian wife Betty Chew shaving her head in a Buddhist temple.


Nik Aziz (photo above) had been in office as Kelantan Menteri Besar for 23 years. Guan Eng assuming the ‘spiritual’ mantle of Nik Aziz – and if he manages to match the PAS Mursyidul Am’s record – may well remain Penang Chief Minister until the year 2031.

What we should expect from Papa Dapster’s iron grip on power, both in Penang and in his party, is increasing levels of hysteria — which is a defining feature of cults – among his legions of worshippers.

The God Complex

The evangelista politicians in the DAP all employ the same tone.

Just like Hannah Yeoh, James Ngeh Koo Ham is a lay preacher too. In his tweet (screenshot below), he denounced racial politics and declared, “We are all one family created by God.”

More or less the same words – ”All Malaysians are my brothers and sisters including Dr Zambry [Abdul Kadir]” – were also on the lips of his cousin David Nga Kor Ming.




Hannah Yeoh preached that “racists must be taught how to love”. It is also illuminating that the FMT interview with Bishop Paul Tan is titled ‘For the love of God, he speaks’.

While from Lim Guan Eng we hear: “Let us embrace the future by embracing every Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan and Iban as Malaysian brothers and sisters, Malaysian sons and daughters.”

The contrast between the LOVE that is constantly being preached by the DAP 3.0 and the Politics of Hate that they practise could not be more Orwellian.

Ever since the conclusion of the national polls on May 5, the crescendo of “racist, racist, racist” has been on the rise. A worrying aspect of this development is that the Chinese are totally clueless as to how the rest of Malaysia regard them.

A slew of police reports have been lodged against former Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdullah over what The Star calls “his allegedly racist statements”. Mohd Noor had cautioned the Chinese to expect a backlash from Malays.

His warning has made the Chinese angry and predictably, they called him “racist”. Whether the Chinese like it or not, what he says is nevertheless true. The ‘Buy Chinese Last‘ boycott campaign is a part of the backlash that is already taking shape.

But the Chinese don’t want to hear any of it. Anyone giving any kind of feedback or reminder is immediately attacked as racist or a fear-monger or seditious.

The behaviour of the Chinese is a deep, deep in-denial.

Earlier on this page, a Gerakan leader was quoted as saying that in Penang Lim Guan Eng has become like what Nik Aziz Nik Mat is to Kelantan.


Kelantan is a hardcore opposition state and Kelantanese are deemed by some to be insular and parochial.

Penang was an opposition state between 1969 and 1972.

Penangites are just as insular and parochial as the people of Kelantan. Only with Penang people, it is worse as the islanders behave as if their state is a British crown colony turned into a DAP autonomous region.

With Lim Guan Eng likely to be in charge until 2031 and beyond, and with his administration of the state allowing for his ‘God’s army’ to access plentiful resources, expect the hysteria of “racists” and “religious bigots” finger-pointing to intensify.

And expect the Penang-born Star to deviously and deliberately put the BN leaders on the backfoot and on the defensive.

That was how DAP won the perception war in GE13 — with surreptitious help from the MCA media machinery to reach an audience of 5.63 million.

Muhyiddin Im no racist

Umno is not racist Najib - Nation The Star Online 2013-05-02 17-23-57

The Star’s sly sabotage, above


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29 thoughts on “The DAP autonomous region

  1. Its a good thing somehow that the GE13 result is as such. With a clear pattern of how the votes are polarised on racial tone, its only natural that the most successful Opposition camp ie DAP would be the one screaming racist to the rest of Malaysian at the top of their lung. They have indeed found the formula and applying it more and more.

    The BN government should act accordingly. Forget this shouting since its distracting. Get to the rural issues and solve the rural issues. For the DAP and its PR allies, when they cross the line, have the full force of law rain on them. No more warning.

    Secondly the BN government should start dish out what they have promise the rakyat. Why focus your energy on the Opposition and engage them on this racist overtures? The Opposition are merely creating issues after issues to run away from fulfilling the promises to the rakyat (read as MANIFESTO).

    Even now the rakyat have forgotten their evangelista politician top promises due to all the noises they are creating.. What was that, the PR promised the rakyat.? .yep that’s right.. INI KALI LAH TO TAKE OVER PUTRAJAYA.. i say to you now, when the DAP promise anything next time, just say LAIN KALI LAH

    1. It will be a difficult 5 years for Najib and his team, in my view, and in 5 years, those in high school will be eligible to vote. 5 years is a very short time, in my opinion.

      BN is losing the support from the youth, I think that is a fact. The youth these days do not believe in racial divide but they can be influenced by instilling love of religion and by teaching them to abide God’s will.

      I love my religion too and I am afraid of God’s as well but I do not believe in mixing religion with politics. However, both PAS and DAP do, and they are adopting the same strategy. They use their ceramah in masjid or sermons in church to “save” (or in my word, to recruit) the youth, to save them from the “evils” of UMNO and MCA/Gerakan. You and I know, we have to train the children since they are babies, literally, and that’s what PAS and DAP do.

      Here, BN lags behind. We have Jabatan agama Islam to monitor the activities of deviant muslim but is there one for other religion? The Chinese have been reborn as Christians and their numbers are growing by the day.

      If only PAS supporters know what DAP is really up to. And, as I have said before and I will say it again, we can only pray for BN-led government to do their job well.

      P/s Helen, you tak tidur malam ke?

      1. Re: The youth these days do not believe in racial divide

        I disagree. I’m in the opinion that this fallacy is cooked up by some perverted idealist. I was sent by the company to a career day talk in a local private institution recently. The respective races sit among themselves. There were pockets of 2-3 persons perhaps of different races here & there but no obvious racial integration, at least in the most basic terms of who you hang out with & who you sit with.

        And I see the same thing with interns doing their practical as well as with new hires & the staff in general. Since this is fairly common, I believe even the youths are still racially inclined. But of course certain quarters will tell you differently. For that matter if the sun rising in the west will guarantee them winning the election, they’ll promise they’ll do their damnest to make that happen too.

        Re: they can be influenced by instilling love of religion and by teaching them to abide God’s will.

        Two things here.

        Firstly, old school traditional religions are a wee bit passe for most of the young. Growing up in an age where everything is a Google search away makes them more choosy & skeptical. I am friends with no less than 50 who are either not practicing their faith or converted to another due to the fact that their new faith is more exciting.

        This is partly due to the rise in numbers of evangelical churches which admittedly are not governed by a central body the way mainstream denominations are. As such worship service is more symbolic rather than liturgically driven. For example, a number of churches choose to symbolically re-enact the Last Supper by breaking bread & syrup or other beverages. For mainstream denominations such as the Anglicans & Catholics, the re-enactment is a central part of worship known as consecration. Even the bread & wine used must adhere to a set of guidelines.

        As such a lot of churches go for music, dance etc as a means to attract followers. They make their worship service hip & cool. They forgo cantankerous or curmudgeonly ways in favor of fun, laughter, friendship. As such the essence of religion is watered down to attract, to make them more relevant, to excite.

        Secondly, the God’s will part is somewhat subjective. From a Christian point of view, we are supposed to submit to God’s will. Afterall, Jesus taught us how to pray saying “Your (God) will be done on earth as in heaven…” Also, a popular Christian prayer, the Serenity Prayer says “God grant me the serenity to accept things I can’t change…” which is a prayer in self surrender accepting the way things are i.e. God’s will.

        All well & proper then. The problem comes when leaders, be it church or community leaders hijack religion to further their personal agendas. When they indoctrinate the followers to the sanctity of their struggle. When they sow the seeds of doubt in everything their opponent does. When they use religion as a means to an end.

        We know how some people will do anything for their faith, however misguided & wrong it is. We have seen how people kill, injure, cause destruction etc in the name of religion.

        I think the only way forward for BN is to drive for real change. Discard all the hanger-ons, warlords, godfathers etc. Come down hard on corruption. Push forward with their transformation programs. Open up new opportunities for career progression. It will be tough but by no means impossible.

        They need to be constantly reminded that a majority of the younger generation are not loyal to the opposition. They will sway if we give them reasons to do. It’s up to the government of the day to provide them with that push & make sure that it is done for the right reasons too. We should not underestimate the morals of the young thinking they’ll support you just for the good things & overlook the wrong things we do.

    2. It’s clear what’s need to be done. Najib boleh buat ke? Ke banyak sangat WormTongues advising King of Rohan ?

      Najib, please step down.

  2. DAP is purely racist and Christian party. minorities with no apparent goals except to put injustice and provoked and destroy the peace loving malaysian. period.

  3. The DAP and their supporters must be told they are racist on a continuous basis. We need to go head on. Call a spade a spade. If not we become more polarized as ever. It will invite reaction and counter reaction detriment to our nation.

    There’s no choice. DAP must be brought down from their false fabricated moral high ground. No two ways on this.

  4. I think there is an eerie parallel between DAP and PAS. DAP is using these evangelist churches to brain wash youths to vote for DAP. Just research the churches that HY and other DAP leaders attend to give talk and even preach.

  5. Helen,

    Fact 1: The Buddhist are now as militant as the Christians and now taking the same model. It pays in the Christian model. More donations more money for the temple/church. So what the heck play the popular game.

    Why do you think churches harp of the tithes issue? MONEY.

    Why not Christians cannot eat pork – as in the Book of Exodus. Because it is not popular with the crowd. So they whitewash pork eating as living under grace.

    Fact 2: DAP is really Marxist reverse. Marx said religion is the opiate of the people. DAP uses Christianity and Buddhism to opiate the Chinese. PAS has been using the same model for decades.

    Fact 3: The PR has all the elements to blind a nation. DAP – the Chinese (Christian and Buddhist/Tao).
    PAS – the rural Malay
    PKR – the liberals, the homosexuals and urban Malay.

    Fact 4: Penang lang always need a human God. Nobody remembers Wong Pow Nee. Koh Tsu Koon was held like a God (by the older Chinese) until he fell. Lim Chong Eu was the god that saved Penang from Tan Siew Sin.

    And now the 21st Century God… Penang lang educated as they are, they always need a shepard to lead them (into the river- it is fine). They are like sheep or cattle – even though they have “grazed” in the fields of Oxford. Penang lang need god-opium to live.

            1. Thanks for the info. Well now MCA has thoroughly lost the 2013 election but no one is punishing it.

                1. That’s getting off lightly since the damage that The Star did is not to MCA alone but to the rest of the BN.

  6. This is my opinion.

    I think chinese still realling on their success during GE13. In their mind and opinions (shape by DAP) the chinese aka pakatan shoud won. If not becouse SPR, they already taken over Putrajaya. Even their so call evident was flimsy it was enough for them.

    They argued that the chinese was what make this country rich, so, it is proper for them to take over the federal. These is what they believe and inform to the world. Unbeknown to them, becouse of they so call rich, that make them a target for these evangelist church. Evangelist church need money to operate thus by targetting these middle and upper crust chinese, it will ensure the money will flowing to the coffer.

    That why they shape the mind of DAP to take over all the big city in malaysia. That where the money flowing and it where the middle and upper class chinese situated. I got a lot of complain from few of my chinese friends who said that by using the word love, patient, understanding, forgiveness, god love and heaven they can make the chinese part way with the most important thing. Then they will be the born again chirstian where their sin has been forgive. Do you see the pattern here? These what PAS promise their supporter. The differents was, pas applied it to rural area while these evangelis at the big city area.

    What this evangelis and dap try to do is to monopolise the thinking of chinese. What better way to shape it by promising a forgiveness for all sin that has been done and being a born again christian. PAS manage to do it and so it practical to applied to DAP.

    Now the evangelist try to shape the mind of the middle and upper malay. Why? Becouse, by shapping the mind of this malay, they can ensure the loyalty for the church existing. That why they want to use Allah to replace god in their bible. That why they push for bible in malay. It the first step to shape up the malay opinion. They want to inforce their type of bible interpretation to these young mind.

    A chinese chirstian friend (he was born as christian and at one time stay at Rome to understand the christian more) said, and I quote, if these people was crying, whinning and dying just to use the word Allah why don’t they just convert to Islam (hash but he angry at that time). Then, they can use it and can even get pahala when used it frequently. If these not the case why push so hard to use it while there a lot of god name we can use. By using Allah, we confirming to the muslim that their god and their religous is true. and Muhammad was the last massiah. Why confirming it when we as a chirstian is still waiting for the last messiah after Jesus?.

    For my friend, the evangelist really trying to screw the christian believe in malaysia. It the same version of PAS ultra view in islam. and it is shamfull that these young mind has been shape to hate.

    All in all, is a distructive method that create the disharmony in our sociaty.

    I hope they will wake up soon.


    1. re: “Now the evangelist try to shape the mind of the middle and upper malay.”


    2. Now, ladies and gentlemen, back to his onarable Biskop Paul Tan:

      I would just love to hear the senior emeritus jornolist of FMT to go back to The Biskop Tan and ask the following question for me since he was introduced as an highly educated and knowledgeable religious leader.

      The question is:

      ‘Since you Christians were so passionate in using Allah as your god in the Bible, please define the 99 names of The God as noted in the Quran”.

  7. The PR are really dangerous. Indoctrinate is their main policy.

    All 3 are known hellblazers. PAS is very famous for their hardline Islamist stand. (Remember Memali and the dua iman cases). PKR’s leader is a hellblazer since University days (Remember ABIM etc). DAP was no so much a hellblazer (only in 1969) but today combined with the expertise of the Evengelistas the DAP uses the strategy of indoctrination.

    How does the DAP enter the Star or KTAR? Indoctrine a few young people and they will enter the system like a virus and crash the system. The young people are given 5 Star treatment so much so they will influence their friends and relatives.

    Then the second catch. One cannot object to the pastor. Remember you object, God objects to you and you will be DAMNED. The indoctrination is that God is above all. Reject your wife/husband, mother, father, boss in the name of DAP Jesus.

    One single virus in the Star, KTAR and UTAR and kaboom Game Over to the system. (Wow. Jesus is like Resident Evil!).

    Be careful of DAPster Indoctrination 2.0. How? With the help of the monks of the Buddhist and Tao temples. You have seen its impact (Bald Betty stunt). The DAPster is now entering the mainstay of the Gerakan now Gerakan has “retreated.”. More BuddhaDharmaDrama from Penang soon.

    What about the Godless? Use money to pay them off. Penang is now Cakna Kebajikan Negara. (LGE’s posters). RM100 would do the trick.

    The gays. Use the gay lobby. Gays are 10% of the population. DAP and PKR are out to get them too.

    But the DAP has a weak spot. The Indians are a weak spot.Karpal and his son or his darling Rayer are NOT favourites of Indians outside Penang.

  8. Am I glad i’m just a deist then, I believe in a higher power; but I don’t need any organised religion to speak to him/her on my behalf

    1. Atheists too have been organising themselves of late. Maybe you are being abandoned because you are not the real deal! Sad.

  9. yes, the Lim Dynasty will be there forever. Later he will introduce mursyidul am DAP post that cannot be voted out in CEC. then he will serve until senile.

  10. Dear Helen,

    May be it’s good for us to know the history of Li Bloodline
    Then we could understand better on why this DAP’s story would never end since their ultimate goal is not achieved yet at is golden land for their ‘master’

    13 Keturunan Illuminati

    The Li Bloodline

    The Li Bloodline Part II

    The Li Bloodline part III

    The Chinese Who To Be Pawn by Jew

    Li Bloodline V

  11. What these Cina don’t seem to realise is, the Melayu don’t give a shit anymore about being a racist. To the Melayu, it is justified. The Cina don’t understand that they are reaping what they themselves sowed. Before GE13, they were the ones gloating of a “Chinese revolt”. Now they get to eat their words.

    I suspect many of them realise this but are just too proud to admit it, hence the public denial. Well, that’s just digging a deeper hole. The more they exhibit the symptoms of people in denial, the more ultra the Malays become.

  12. Well there is racism practised by the government. What do you expect. There is even favoritism in even transfer orders for civil servant. Ever wondered why non-Malays don’t go to SKs anymore, just ask the Indian kids there.

    The government supporters have no moral high ground to blame anybody. You think Malay employers are not chauvinists, think again. The funny thing is this guy islam1st guy at Mei 21, 2013 at 9:03 pm. “does this goes to say that the Chinese (or at least the young ones) are abandoning Dharma already?”

    Why Malaysia abandoned Dharma the day it divided the society into Bumiputera and Non-Bumiputera. Why on earth would anybody want to look into a person’t ancestry when buying a house or bidding for a government project.

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