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Vote swing: Chinese one way, Malay/Indian the other


Preliminary analysis based on Sungai Siput experience

By Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj

Jeyakumar Devaraj

(MP for Sungai Siput)

It was 8.00pm on 5 May 2013, polling day, and we were at the main counting centre. Our tally of the 100-odd Form 14s that our counting agents had brought back showed that we had won with a majority of about 2,600 votes.

But there was none of the elation that accompanied our 2008 win over Samy Vellu. We were feeling down because the Form 14s were showing that Malay and Indian Malaysian support for us had declined when compared with the 2008 general election. It was the overwhelming swing of Chinese Malaysian voters towards Pakatan that had propelled us to the win.

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