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DAP will end the BN “racism and extremism”

National unity: The Star‘s proud-to-be-Christian guest star

“Well look at our ethnic unity champion….. Likes ‘Proud to be a Christian’… wonder what happened to Malaysian First and Bangsa Malaysia?” — Calvin Sankaran

Rajiv Rishyakaran 2013-05-22 00-45-49

Read ‘Okidal’ for background story on Rajiv’s national unity statements.

Rajiv is the new DAP state assemblyman for Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya.


Yeo Bee Yin is the new DAP state assemblywoman for Damansara Utama. With her in the photo is the new DAP Serdang Member of Parliament Doctor (PhD) Ong Kian Ming.

Yeo Bee Yin’s quote in the poster above about uniting to end “racism and extremism” is from Bloomberg‘s pre-election coverage on 3 May 2013. She is the DAP social media strategist.

Many of the elected representatives from DAP 3.0 are evangelistas.

The Star gave them plentiful positive coverage. A Past Month Google search on ‘Yeo Bee Yin’ in turned up 20 search results.



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47 thoughts on “DAP will end the BN “racism and extremism”

  1. Ironic.. DAP newly-godsend-angel promoting unity along with racist @imokman.. Only fools fall for this shenanigans!

  2. “Doctor (PhD) Ong Kian Ming” – Cik Helen, anda silap sebut tu. Ini kesalahan besar. It must always very loudly be :-

    TUAN DOKTOR Ong Kian Ming
    TUAN DOKTOR Ong Kian Ming
    TUAN DOKTOR Ong Kian Ming (sebut kuat-kuat)

    I insist. With sincere apologies.

    Yours trully,
    Chua Lai Fatt

    Cc. TUAN DOKTOR Ong Kian Ming
    Cc. TUAN DOKTOR Ong Kian Ming
    Cc. TUAN DOKTOR Ong Kian Ming

    1. Okay. Lain kali saya akan sebut DOKTOR dalam huruf besar. Harap-harap para pembaca pun beringat juga.

  3. Cina Cina ni mmg suka bermuka muka ke Helen ? Kenapa suka putar belit je diorang nie …. ingat melayu tak tengok ke apa yang sedang berlaku dekat seluruh dunia … ingat kitorang tunggul ke ?

    1. Nampaknya ‘cam gitu ler. Suratkhabar Si Gunting memang menganggap Melayu tunggul.

  4. I only PAS supporters are willing to open their eyes wide and look at the big picture.

  5. There’s something of a paradox here. The bumiputras, the majority group in this country are very silent on unity while the non-bumis are vociferously calling for and busy organizing all kinds of ceramah, debate and what-nots in the name of unity.

    You see, we the majority do not feel a disconnect to this country and all the races who reside here. We have accepted the fact that this nation is made up of a lot of races and we have lived side by side for over 50 years. And all this time we thought you, the non-bumis have also accepted that you live in a multi-racial country where you are not the main group and therefore, you have to make concessions where necessary.

    Then came 5th May, 2013. An eye-opener for the Malays, because suddenly we find ourselves being judged unfairly, being under “attack”. That feeling was not because you voted for the opposition; that is your right. That feeling came from the overwhelming support you gave to the opposition while abandoning your own values, just because you want to rule over the Malays.

    Why do I say “abandoning your values?” Because you cried anti-corruption and yet you are willing to overlook the corrupt practises of your own group, you shout meritocracy and yet you throw your weight behind people who while they were your elected representatives did not perform or performed poorly.

    And now you’re calling for unity? We the bumis are not disunited. You are the ones who refuse to unite with us. When you can accept that you live with us under the same constitution, maybe then you will be able to accept that you live in a great country.

    1. Thats how many middle stream Malays feel now. Well if that what make us an ultra Malay or a racist in their terms then let it be. I am an ultra Malay and proud of it.

    2. Orankampung,

      The “tidak apa” attitude of the malay leaders is very dangerous. We can see the attitude everyday. Despite holding power, then Menteri dalam Negeri refused to act.

      The same goes with Peguam Negara. He was very quick to reprimand Dr Khir that everything Dr khir said in public will be used against Dr Khir. But he said nothing of the same to Anwar. and Nizar can issue statement everybody he lied about Japanese paying RM207 billion during the tenure of Dr Mahathir. Yet, no action was taken against him.

      Rafizi simply lied about our submarine but nothing is done against him. Najib said nothing or institute no legal proceeding when Rosmah was constantly vilified with ridicolous allegation.

      Had I be the menteri dalam Negeri, Tony pua, Sivarasa, Kit siang, Guang, anwar together with nonsense like Mohd sabu are already detained. No if. no but.

      1. We will watch what the new broom will do – can he or can(macam tin susu) he?

      2. First thing we need to do is join SYA’s campaign to indict Ngeh KH.

        Secondly, the lawyers among us should start a site. Everytime PR fb, writes, blogs, twits, instagrams to incite hate (such as that Venus Cheng calls for bombing of Najib and Mahathir) then you put it up on the site and get signatures to file a report to the proper authorities.

        After all, saman-menyaman is their main language and if we can, we should file at civil court for damages, like if they hold a illegal demonstration in your neighborhood. Just ask for Rm100 million, apa susah.

  6. Generally after a week or two, if I’m angry, it will simmer down. But day by day they given the statement (preach by the star of course) that make me want to slap their face all over and shout, could you all just shut the hell out. Sorry for the language Helen.


    1. You’re not alone.

      ‘They’ – this includes The Star – do not seem to have any inkling how their behaviour and statements are really making people angry, and by the day.

  7. Dear Helen,

    When the DAP whined in the media that they were allocated one Exco member less than they had expected, a commenter made this comment in MT (see below).

    We had a good day laughing! Is it a Freudian slip? DAP is a multi-racial party and so it claims?

    Oh dear, I hope they don’t say it tango when it is really cha-cha-cha. So many things to say Helen. So many. Why are we Malaysian in general so hypocritical?

      1. The HTML Text Box did not pick up the quote. Anyway, here’s the clip:

        “Now PKR also want to screw Chinese?”

        1. re: “Now PKR also want to screw Chinese?”

          Hahaha. We wait and see whether Hannah Yeoh exco or not.

  8. Where did Ong Kian Ming get his PhD from and on what subject and how long did he take to get it ?

    1. He claims to have gotten it from Duke. In Political Science.

      He took 7 years to get this PhD (2004-2010),

      He used to work for the Gerakan think-tank Sedar and the MCA think-tank Insap before switching his allegiance the DAP post-tsunami#1.

      ‘The reason Why Ong Kiam Ming Join DAP is the same reason Why I Leave DAP’ by Shen Yee Aun @

      1. I bet if PR falls, he will jump ship again. The ultimate smart katak. And he will say the Lord guided him. (aka just pass the blame)

        1. In fact I saw him at a lecture in Darul Sampah. So arrogant. He was one the panelist on stage and when the Malay presenter was talking he was busy typing on his notebook computer. He types whiles others are talking too.

          If at any chance Joseph LGE cannot complete his term, this one will definitely fill his shoes. Mark me on this. This one is very very very ambitious. I bet he cabut from Gerakan becuase they dont want him to party chairman.

            1. Muslim. Tapi cakap Islam pun. Anyway the one I cakap is Dr Ong KM. Opps DOCTOR

          1. this fraud will jump to any ship to save his ass. don’t be surprised if he jumps to Pas to join their supporters’ club. you just can’t trust the man. look at his face. so full of himself. now he’s an MP he will be even more arrogant.

            1. I asked because, as LGE understudy, a lot of Pas supporters sees him as a mole of sort inside DAP. As LGE understudy, he might go top and helm DAP when LGE called it a day, or when The God take his soul away.

              On the contrary, I feel that it is the other way around. ZKJ seems to me like a mole of sort to appeal to the Muslim crowd. Thus stigma of secular DAP or Evangelist DAP is hard to stick even though those two words are kinda dirty in the conventional Pas supporters psyche.

              And it seems like DAP is not viewed as negatively as before – even by hardcore Pas supporters who are hostile to evangelical Christian.

              Btw, If he’s a Muslim, if he jump to Pas, he can go straight to Pas, does not have to join Pas supporters club.

              1. we are not god, so we cant say whether someone soul will be taken away by god or not. as a human, from what i have heard of the stories of god, there is no suggestion that a man like that and his soul will be taken away by god. especially for those who use gods name to hide their hidden agendas.

  9. The Evalengistic Christians are the most popular bigots in the world. In the US, who are the gay haters. The tea party. In fact in many places in the US people are ashamed to be Christian. Why? The practice the chosen people. The same here. End to bigotry but this does not apply to non Christians as they are “not people”. It is just no bigotry among Christians. Muslims – well they are the “lost” one so they need to be saved. Non Abrahamic pratictioners – when they die they will go to hell. The homosexuals? Burn them.

    If Christians are lovable, the cute peeps of GLEE and Modern Family will not bash them every week.

    This is the LOVE of the Jerusubangs.LOVE those who pay TITHES and OBEY blindly.

    Apa Melayu mau daripada Jerusubang? Supaya mereka tidak kacau dan memporak porandakan keluarga.

  10. I am truly, truly sick and disgusted by DAP’s hypocrisy and self-righteousness! Do they honestly believe that they can save the world from ruin? They should all not be politicians and become Christian pastors. Jeez!

    1. Does the hypocrisy and self-righteousness of The Star make it a DAP creature in true spirit then?

      1. To a certain extent, only because when it comes to hypocrisy and self-righteousness, nothing and no one comes even close to DAP. Except Anwar Ibrahim. He’s a distant second.

  11. I pray & hope come GE14 Malay + Bumi Tsunami will sweep thru… then come what may

  12. Back to the topic Helen, You perli or what. The way I read it, it goes like this,
    “Dap will end Bn’s racism and extremism and replace it with their own brand” or “Dap’s R&E will ends BN’s Old fashioned R&E”.
    Nice what, huh?

  13. Telah terdapat banyak bukti sahih tentang penglibatan the star dalam menaikkan dan mempromosi DAP dan sekutu nya sebelum PRU lepas. Dan sekarang cuba nak “cover-up” perangai buruk dia dengan kempen perpaduan pulak. Jijik betul…!

    Oleh kerana the star sudah melampau tahap gaban, saya rasa sudah sampai masanya kita kempen untuk buat “economic-sanctions” ke atas nya. Kita tak perlu buat kempen boikot, sebab memang kebanyakan kita dah boikot pun dah, dan puak DAP dan sekutu mereka tidak akan sekali-kali memboikot the star.

    Saya rasa yang terbaik ialah dengan kempen “Iklan Sifar” dalam the star dari kerajaan dan semua GLC dan syarikat berkaitan di peringkat persekutuan dan negeri. Kita boleh mulakan kempen ini dengan “share” rencana-rencana helen dengan sebanyak mungkin kaki-tangan kerajaan dan GLC, terutamanya mereka-mereka yang jadi “decision-maker”.

    Saya rasa ramai blogger dan pembaca yang sudi menyertai kempen ini. Kita juga boleh buat pemantauan ke atas semua jenis iklan dalam the star selama sebulan. Mana-mana kementerian / jabatan / GLC yang buat iklan dalam the star perlulah dijemput untuk menyertai kempen iklan sifar ini.

    Amacam? Ada berani? Takkan nak cerca kat blog je. Sekali sekala kita kena cuba test power….. Hehehehehehe…….

    1. Ramai penjawat awam yang kini menyokong Pakatan Rakyat … Kemungkinan besar kempen Iklan Sifar @ Star ini akan berkubur begitu sahaja :-(

      Lebih baik guna saluran politik – jumpa orang2 UMNO dan minta dia orang kempen Iklan Sifar @ Star kepada pemimpin2 UMNO, terutama diperingkat Kabinet

  14. I thought Duke University is famous for American football and is not Ivy League. 7 years to get a PhD in political science. Dr Ong must be from a very rich family.

    1. Well even if he’s not from a very rich family, politics is potentially a very lucrative career, no?

  15. I would have thought the Duke University is for Afro-Americans. What a Chinaman doing there for 7 long years to get a bread and butter political science ? That was why I thought he is very rich and on the way to become a billionaire in politcs, Malaysian Politics. The BN has similar characters, Lee Lam Thye and Michael Yeoh. Both garnered their Tan Sri-ships, Doctorships etc through………….!

  16. I like your headline, ‘DAP will end BN racism and extremism.’

    I had to read it twice coming from the very Chinese Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which leadership did nothing but contemplating their navels for 47 long years for the Malays, the Bumiputras, the Chinese, the Indians and all.

    Because of its esoteric beliefs, the DAP is not able to open its doors wide to the other communities. Talk, talk, talk and now by losing the 13th General Elections misled the poor political leaderless Chinese, the Malaysia Chinese. Where are you the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with the 9 failed Policies for Singapore ? The Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese are waiting for you ! Please do not let these poor folks to wait forever !

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