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Vote swing: Chinese one way, Malay/Indian the other


Preliminary analysis based on Sungai Siput experience

By Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj

Jeyakumar Devaraj

(MP for Sungai Siput)

It was 8.00pm on 5 May 2013, polling day, and we were at the main counting centre. Our tally of the 100-odd Form 14s that our counting agents had brought back showed that we had won with a majority of about 2,600 votes.

But there was none of the elation that accompanied our 2008 win over Samy Vellu. We were feeling down because the Form 14s were showing that Malay and Indian Malaysian support for us had declined when compared with the 2008 general election. It was the overwhelming swing of Chinese Malaysian voters towards Pakatan that had propelled us to the win.

A lot of questions came to mind – had we done enough in reaching out to the rural poor? Was this the impact of Hadi’ [Awang]s “communist” charge? What else could we have done given that we were denied funds and cooperation from government agencies?

I will return to some of these issues later, but first let me share why we came to the above conclusion. The majority of Sungai Siput voters cast their ballots in polling stations where there is a mixture of ethnic groups voting. But there are several seats which are virtually mono-ethnic, and these can be used to gauge the sentiment of that community.

For example, more than 95 per cent of the voters in the polling stations in Table One are Malay.

Malay voter support

malay voter support

A 6.6 per cent drop overall! This would mean about 17 per cent of the Malays who voted for me in 2008, have now switched to BN! Was this due to Hadi Awang’s diatribe on the day after nomination?

I strolled over to the screen where they were tabulating the results for Hj Mazlan, the PAS candidate for Lintang DUN, and I saw that his returns mirrored mine. The PAS candidate was also losing Malay support compared to 2008!

There are two polling stations in Sungai Siput constituency where a large majority of voters are Indian Malaysians – Elphil with 85 per cent Indian voters and Changkat Salak with about 70 per cent Indian voters. The majority of the remaining voters in these two station are Malays.

Indian voter support

Indian voter support

These figures seem to indicate that the Indian vote in the Changkat Salak polling station declined by an even bigger percentage than the Malay votes in Table One! Depressing! Our outreach was most thorough for the Indian Malaysian community as they were the ones who came most to our service centre. Yet we were losing their votes. Money politics? Or Hindraf’s disillusionment with Pakatan Rakyat?

But I did win with a larger majority! That was due to the overwhelming swing of Chinese Malaysian support for the Pakatan Rakyat, and the Chinese are the largest ethnic group in Sungai Siput at 39 per cent.

Chinese voter support

chinese voter support

The Chinese vote has gone up significantly. Sungai Buloh was an anomaly – the base of YB Leong, the popular Jalong State Assembly woman for 2008–2013. Leong Mee Meng was dropped at the 11th hour from the candidate list.

The decrease in Malay vote is reflected in PAS’ and PKR’s performances in Perak and Kedah. My niece in Klang told me that there too they saw a drop in Malay support for the Pakatan Rakyat. This appears to be a widespread phenomenon and the opposition must give it serious analysis.

The Election Commission was far from neutral or professional. And reforming them should be one of the main items on the opposition agenda. But to attribute the PR’s electoral setback in 2013 wholly to SPR manipulation and cheating does disservice to our cause as, as I have shown above there was a shift in the Malay and Indian vote back to the BN. We have to understand this if we are serious of getting to Putrajaya in the next general election.

Is it because the rural Malays do not know of the corruption and abuse of power by Umno-BN? Or is it because they are afraid that a Pakatan government would be dominated by the DAP and would limit the various modalities of assistance that the Malay poor are receiving? It is important that we sort this out as the strategies for handling these two different possible causes of Malay voter reluctance are quite different.

My sense is that it is the latter reason – the DAP’s “exuberance” is undermining Malay support for PAS and PKR, very much like how Umno “arrogance” has undermined the MCA and Gerakan! Has the PR sufficient cohesion and maturity to handle this difficult issue?

And we mustn’t forget that the non-Malay community can be spooked by “exuberance” on the part of PAS regarding the implementation of hudud. Again, has the PAS leadership the maturity to accept that hudud cannot be pushed at this point – that good governance and caring for the underprivileged under the auspices of a welfare state are also “Islamic”?

The PR needs to come out and state categorically that the mandate received is only for the items contained in the joint manifesto. And this joint manifesto should state very clearly that all the modes of assistance that the poorer 75 per cent of the Malay population are receiving will be continued if not enhanced under PR rule, and that hudud will not be implemented for now.

Does the PR have the long-term vision to be able to strike the correct balance? Can it control the politicians who “shoot from the hip”? One wonders. Malaysia does need principled and mature political leaders.

Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj’s article was originally published in Aliran on 18 May 2013 and has been reproduced here with the author’s permission.


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56 thoughts on “Vote swing: Chinese one way, Malay/Indian the other

  1. Good to know he realised his main support came from the Chinese. There is no “pakatan government maybe dominated by the Dap”. The rural Malays KNOW that a government of PR is IN REALITY a DAP government. We are not that naive.

    We prefer the BN corruption and abuse of power because we know if we push hard enough the PM will take action. PR corruption and abuses of power under PR rule will be “non-existent” because it will be well hidden and if we make noise, the PR government will out-shout us.

    The drop in support for PKR is mainly because we in the rural areas actually dislike Anwar Ibrahim and his influences on our youth. And no Malay with even a smidgen of historical knowledge will vote for the DAP which our elderlies tell us is “sekutu dan ahli komunis”.

    You can’t erase their memories of relatives being taken away at night never to be seen again. So you got to wait for another generation of Malays to vote for DAP, not this one.

    1. Dr Kumar is a Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) man who contested on the PKR ticket.

      PSM is a decent party. They ain’t got their head buried in the sand.

      About Pakatan dominated by the DAP, I agree it’s true. However, based on the share of seats that each of the 3 parties contested, Pakatan could not have won Putrajaya without there being a strong showing from PKR and PAS.

      In other words, under the GE13 divvy scheme, the Putrajaya crown could only have been obtained if the Malay-Muslim partners performed well.

      However GE14 is a different matter. Not sure if the Pakatan coalition can last another 5 years.

      While I do not think that DAP can win rural Malay seats, the party has cast its eye on the mixed urban seats — presently the ones that PKR are now contesting. The DAP, although it contested a lot fewer seats than PAS and PKR, its success rate is much higher. See chart here. So it’s not the quantity but the ‘quality’ of the returns.

      So the direction that the opposition will take is of DAP usurping PKR’s role, i.e. contesting in mixed areas since DAP already bolot 100 percent the Chinese-majority areas. As can be seen in Penang, the PKR Chinese candidates were successful. Same scenario in Perak.

      Hence the DAP strategy the next 5 years is to outreach to Malay urban voters – the young generation and the professionals.

      Like the Hannah Yeoh twitpic I posted — barely a fortnight after the conclusion of polling and already the DAP is moving in for the kill (after their onslaught by the Selendang Squad / Quran quoters on the S’gor mosques and suraus earlier).

      DAP wants 4 excos seats and all 4 of the seats for their Chinese reps. Compared to previously, this time DAP has access to state resources and they totally control the narrative in the Chinese and English media. Needless to say, they OWN the social media.

      So it’s not too far fetched to project that DAP will give Umno a run for their money. The MCA fell b’cos the image of being kolot and kotor plastered on the party by a very effective oppo propaganda had stuck.

      Umno is falling prey to the same method used to slay MCA and Gerakan and always beware that the DAP is constantly evolving and upgrading (think mobile technology).

      To be frank, Umno is behind in the race. Compare the sales and circulation of The Star vs the NST.

      1. Postscript:

        As an illustration of the image rebranding, DAP 3.0 has now got two Malay MPs — Sakmongkol and Zairil Khir Johari.

        To be fair and this is to the DAP’s genuine credit, they do have a number of Indian MPs too as they did in the last round (GE12).

        Unfortunately for the BN, the very, very efficient and effective DAP propaganda successfully makes out that BN is “racist” by deploying the fallacious argument that MCA does not have any Indian reps and Umno does not have any Chinese reps, i.e. BN’s mono-racial parties shut out the other races.

        I can see the holes in their argument as can the BN supporters but the Chinese oppo supporters swallow this race ‘(il)logic’ given how they constantly regurgitate the line asking why there are no non-Chinese in MCA.

        Another example of how Pakatan is much, much better at propaganda is how BN is not emphasizing that Pakatan did NOT win the popular vote as they contested under 3 different logos.

        BN still got the absolute numbers majority as all the coalition candidates contested under one symbol — the dacing.

        If anything, it should only be conceded that the federal opposition (note: not Pakatan which is not a formal registered entity) got more popular votes.

        1. 1. I may be wromg but I don’t think most Malays acknowledge Zairil as a Malay – regardless of how the DAP position him in the media … Do you happen to know how is he categorised on his myKad?

          2. NST may be losing the race re English language print media in Malaysia but at least they did not contribute much to the BN losing the urban votes in PRU13 – that “honour” goes to TV3 whose too exuberant and myopic reporting had time and time again made me wonder whether The Media Prima guys are also “gunting dalam lipatan” ala The Star but in the broadcasting field

          3. I remember my maternal uncles in Kuala Kangsar being members of PSRM in the 70s but they were never symphatetic to the DAP then – guess the Bekor incident was too close for comfort as there were relatives who were victims of the attrocities. Nowadays, some of my cousins from Kuala Kangsar are members and/or supporters of PAS or PKR but none broached the DAP subject with cousins who are politically neutral or BN-oriented in the lead up to PRU13.

        2. They also got Dr. Ariffin Omar ( on board. IMO this is a huge coup for DAP.

          DAO might be the appeal DAP needs to capture the heart and mind of Malay urban young and professionals. As oppose to Tunku Aziz before, DAO have wrote about Hadith and a sura from The Quran, Islamic social justice and Bangsa Melayu, among others.

          He might already demolish the resistance for Islamically educated young Malays professionals from joining DAP.

          If DAP can ‘capture’ Wan Saiful Wan Jan, I would say DAP might even appeal to some section of Pas supporters. WSWJ was mursyidul am for Pas link organization in UK once.

          Thus, if Pas do not reinvent itself, they can be push to irrelevance 2-3 GE to come. DAP might not need Pas for Malay vote anymore.

          The same goes to UMNO-BN.

    2. Orangkampung,

      The truth is that the Malay support for PAS and PKR is decreasing. Central to Malay massive rejection of PR is due to Anwar’s sexual exploit. And adding to PAS “kowtowing” to DAP plus DAP plays a dominant role in PR are enough to send malays running away from PR.

      Those non Malays as they simply do not mix with malays except “melayu lupa diri” do not realise that the Malay vote is with UMNO.

      DAP may look down on Malays in “kampung” by saying they are not exposed to internet. The truth is the opposite. These malays can see where Malays will stand should PR take over( or rather when DAP assumes control).

      1. Agree SA, most Malays still regard DAP as the tikam belakang pengkhianat bangsa political group. This is a no-no among the communities. Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat is a good reference. Although I might add that the younger generations may not be subscribing to this pemikiran anymore.
        The kampung peoples are not lembu dicucuk hidung kind. They are not stupid like what the so called urban voters would like to believe. They are very calculative too, albeit quietly. Can’t help it, the Malays are very silent type of people. Maybe the buddhaya ‘biksu’ has been embedded onto them for so long. I Tsing studied buddhism here, remember? Mahayana Buddhism lagi, bukan Hinayana.
        Well anyway in history, the quiet ones are usually the most enlightened ones. Unlike Ngeh, Lim or even AI, the Malays make their choices known by action and not by mere words. Which had taken AI by surprised. Thus why also they are starting to benci AI already, for his cakap kosong. It is now very showing.
        To the uninitiated, let me give some examples. When the Malays choose to boycott Pak Lah, either by not turning up to cast their votes (happens in Kedah in 2008) or votes the opposition instead, they are telling Pak Lah that they had had enough of him and his antics (plus the menantu’s antics).
        They did not act indifference to the callings by some quarters about the Pak Lah problems. The same with AI and PAS. Some issues were raised and they responded.
        The are not the ones who had never Ubah. In fact they have had Ubah by voting in BN this time around as compared to in 2008, thus the results as explained by the articles above.
        The Malays had not being tuli by voting Pakatan regardless of the seribu satu immorals and misconducts propping up among the leaders of Pakatan. They are not blinded (to be fair at least some is, I happens to know some) by ABU slogans above everything else. By Ubah Ini Kalilah for the sake of ubah or tukar. They are not willing to gamble the status quo simply because it is fashionable to do so.
        One side of my family, especially my cousins in KL and Kedah are supporting PAS blindly. Tok Guru is maksom to them, they may not say it to your face but that is how they have been treating or rather portraying him despite celaka, celaka, celaka or orang UMNO solat tidak dapat pahala episodes. So believe me it is not fashionable to not vote Pakatan this time around too, knowing the fact that I have voted DAP in 2008, for Pakatan’s sake, I might add.
        To the Malays (maybe not in most urban areas) AI is still a big issues among us. He is still a suspect, whether with regards to his many videos or his motives. His utter silent on many pressing issues namely, Linajoy, Allah, Hudud, Negara Islam etc is very worrying knowing the fact that he wants to be the country’s PM, he can’t be shoving them under the carpet. Anyway he is nolt the quiet kind, by acting ‘bisu’ is deemed tidak ikhlas by many Malays.
        Disrespecting the monarchs, on countless time, among Pakatan leaders (Ngeh latest derhaka episode validates this again and again to the Malays of DAP pengkhianat bangsa attitudes) has been consistent. Derhaka kepada Sultan among the Malays is also a no-no. And please don’t tell me our budaya is hundred years old. We have been prosperous as a bangsa (Bukit Bunuh) and organised as civilisation (Lembah Bujang), maybe the so called urban voters can read this for a start:

        Click to access apex03-81-90.pdf

        PS-Zack, wherever you maybe, you might wan’t to brush up your sejarah too.

        1. My contention is, the kampung folks may not be so backward thinking after all. Maybe the urbanites, the ones who thinks that orang kampung are a bunch of dungus always being lied by UMNO because of not being online enough, are!

  2. Pls la Helen, don’t refer Zairil as a Malay anymore ok! Dia cuma tumpang nama bapak tirinya.

    1. Zairil told a crowd at sinar harian talk show that there is no way the malays can lose power and special position. The crowd probably dap supporters and many malays, applaused with confused joy.

      Just like ds najib said, the constitution, the raja2 melayu and the demography of increasing malay population factor will not permit so, zairil copy cat this misleading statement. Either his naive or just another toddy seller puffing out dope.

      Ask that to tun mahathir how he gave the raja2 melayu only 30 days just to view any new laws before it will automatically be gazetted. Though tun M rectification so that no one is above the law should be fully applauded.

      India and china being the world’s most populated had their share of being ruled by a smaller number of anglo saxons. United states with 300 million are ruled by israel.

      What’s so difficult to take over when you have the largest economy pie (80%) ?. Only the malays well known for simplicity in life style and moderation will stop the ugly chinese from their greed.

      The buy chinese last is giving impact to the chinese business chambers. Malays have no problem to dispose of what they never had. Insults like the kopi ali cafe ads are doing good to distance the malays from buying chinese products.

      Helen maybe you should ask What does the malay wants? It would be enlightening to see the response.


      1. Okay. I’m presently doing some data stuff. A few stories I wanna clear first.

        But after that I’ll ask “Apa yang Melayu mahu?”

        1. I too like many of your other readers, we only blog after office hours. Take your time. Take care.

  3. Can you explain what the impact of gerrymandering has had on the election results? Or you do you completely the existence of such a practice? And this time, try and get your head out of umno’s arse before you reply.

    1. And you Ed, better take your head outta your mummy’s filthy smelly cunt before attacking Helen. And i reckon,,that simple request is not asking too much from a typical Chingkpig like you, mr Ed.

    2. gerrymandering??

      hahahaha lame excuse for the super expensive failed gamble

      pakatan’s sifu has given inaccurate advice which actually backfired on the chinese BIG time

      ABU = Allah Bersama UMNO
      UBAH = Usir Bangsa Angkatan Haram

    3. Why don’t you do your research, astound us with your intelligent analysis complete with the electoral map, charts and graphs on voters per contituents, per square km, per whatever and your compelling arguments on what the results would be if we had a perfect democracy where there is no gerrymandering, like in the US. No, there were allegations of gerrymandering last year in the US. No, lets look at UK, nope make that Canada. No, I think Singapore… Oops that one is worst. No, ed is right, let’s get Helen to do all that research.

    4. Here these Pakatan Rally bigots go again, with so called gerrymandering issue, why don’t just square up to fact that PRU13 result is clearly a Chinese Tsunami?

      At last, there is somebody from PR willing to face the inconvenient truth. Mind you that these bunch of PR whiny lossers mustered their bigots all out for so called nationwide ‘Blackout Rally‘ spree, and guess what? All taking place at Chinese concerntrated cities, eg KL, Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuantan etc.

      They still don’t learn the lesson, do they?

    5. Hi Ed.

      Just make sure PAS stays in pakatan dan menang. Solve problems. Dah lah minta macam-macam. Dah kalah-kalahlah.

      And also, ease off on the 24/7 blatant lying boleh tak?

      Obama pun menang based on electoral college votes system. Not that it means anything to Malaysia.

      I rasa nak ikut PRC punya sistem la. That one suits me better.

  4. Majority rules and always be. This is a fact and you can’t disprove this theory!!!!

    1. Floss,

      Precisely. Why PR failed to unseat BN (or specifically UMNO)?

      Why? Because, in its euphoria of galvanising Chinese to topple BN, it fails to reach to the Malays who happen to be the largest vote bank.

      UMNO still holds the fort, albeit with bruises and wound. Many non Malays fail to comprehend the values held by Muslim worldwide on “sumpah laknat”. Anwar’s refusal to swear only reinforce Malay perception that the accusation is genuine.

      The fact that Anwar’s vote itself decreased in Permatang Pauh speak volume that his influence is diminishing.

      This is not to say UMNO also not affected. UMNO lost some seats too. In Pahang, Trengganu, PAS is able to make inroad. UMNO on the other hand, manages to make inroad in Kedah, kelantan, Perak while holding the fort in Negri sembilan, Melaka, johor.

      What i am saying is that chinese were simply duped into voting themselves out of the government. I believe the goodwill is all but lost.

      No need for Najib to pamper the chinese. Continue to do that will likely to cause him losing the grip on UMNO Presidency. Besides, the election shows that Chinese are not the kingmaker.

      As for PAS, it suffers badly too. It lost Kedah. Its association with DAP rattle the Malays.

      DAP now is trying very hard to win the malays with some success too. But at the same time, its move is backfired with arrogant and racist attitude of DAP.

    1. In PRU13 Majority LOSS,LOSS,LOSS!!!!! BN (minority) WON!!! LKS now PM hah??? floss DREAMING ah? Wake up lah…go brush ur teeth lah…BUSOOOOOK!!!!! Don’t waste our time anymore LAAAH!!!!!

  5. Pakatan is not performing, FULLSTOP..

    Let us take Selangor, they each have different ideology and just to appoint one CM and State Excos took them days. Internal problems so I cannot visualise how these people are going to take over Putrajaya. Messy messy…

    As an ordinary rakyat we are being unnecessarily burderned by their indecisiveness, TAK SEPAKAT. I am glad the Sultan is involved here to screen potential candidates (hopefully he get their background family history all checked first).. These people are unknown to ordinary rakyat like me, and it really is scary and an embarrassment to get someone like the last Elizabeth Wong with her sex pictures posted all over, to be Yang Berhormat of the state.

    I was standing along the road leading to the polling station and I saw unfamiliar faces from Pakatan ushering voters (I am from this Kampung for the last 4generations), they even tried to woo the husband of the Wanita UMNO here, not knowing who he is?? Strangers coming to serve our very closely knitted community is very uncalled for.

    I am in the process of signing S&P of property that will need clearance from the State Govt (Excos) as it is leasehold property which normally will take 3months to process. With what is happening;
    …. GE13 – 5 May 2013
    …..Todate no Exco – 22nd May 2013
    ……Once elected – Probably will take them another month to streamline whatever need be, new appointments etc and concentrating on state affairs as priority.
    …. Once they finally settle down only Allah knows they will come up with next with whatever new regulations

    So this kind of unhealthy uncertainties are not making things easier for ordinary Rakyat like me. Ordinary people like ME could not care less if whoever are corrupted or whatever as we can clearly see the practices are rampant on both sides. If DAP shouts UMNO is corrupt, forget it, we see with our own eyes, corruption is darah daging and the ways of life of the Chinese worldwide.

    Yap… we hear stories from our grandparents how family members disappeared during communist insurgencies.. these mouth to mouth stories will forever be handed down to generations. This Tsunami Cina is a real sorry state for the Chinese community as it only strengthened whatever we heard from our elders as to the type of people they are made of… Our 20yr old kids will have another 50years ahead to remember this experience and will pass on to their children… GE13 is a real RUGI for the Chinese community…

  6. Vote swing: Chinese one way, Malay/Indian the other.

    The chinese might as well head towards the south china seas.

    1. It will happen one day. But not today. Bila melayu makin ramai berada.

      UMNO/ Kerajaan is melayu worst enemy. Menutup ketidakadilan sosial atas nama perpaduan.

  7. Before these, I wrote about how the MIC has to reinvented their party after 2008 Indian tsunami. They matured and if not for the vote swing by Chinese this years, they can come back stronger. Base on the conclusion above, I think that why Najib give more minestry and vice minestry to Indian representative.

    Having said that, take note that during 2008, a lot of malay didn’t like Pak Lah style and (this can get me in trouble for saying it) sleeping in the jobs. Everytimes there’s a picture of him, in mojority of it, he look like he doozing off. Furthermore, he arroganly said “jangan cabar saya”. He so full of himself at that time. By 2008 the malay fed-up with him and a lot of them vote for PR just to spike him off.

    Also, there a Samy Vellu factors. He staying so long as MIC presiden while his piers resigning one by one. He also known to prefer to sanbotages who ever he see as his anemies. MIC become dinasor (your word to mca helen) which waiting to be vipe out. So arrogent Samy Vellu was, he so sure he can win GE12. And just like AAB, he so full of himself.

    The rest was history right. MIC, just like MCA has been wiped out. Not totally like MCA right now, but the result effected MIC drastictly. BN lose 5 states. PR rejoices and UMNO and MIC try to make sense what has happen to them. The result after 2008, MIC and UMNO changes their president.

    During all these crisis, the majority of chinese has been spared. Their lives has goes on and MCA was not effected at all during this times. The problem was gerakan at that time but it enclosed to PP only. Dr KSK has also becoming arrogant at that time. The PP voter pusnished him accordingy. No major effect to MIC at all.

    For the people, lives goes on. They got what they want but unknown to them, 2008 was when they see how the PR suddenly start campaigning day in and day out for 5 years. It really mind-bongling to the rakyat. They though that PR will realize , that they just lucky to get the malay and indian vote. At that time, PR was at the right place and at the right time.

    At the same times, as years gone by the rakyat saw how arrogent DAP, PKR and PAS has become. They saw AI, LKS, LGE, HA and NA has become sort of, a mis match clothing in the bad way. (Even if you try to mix their flag colour it become hedius) The DAP started becoming more recist just to win the vote of chinese day by day and it shows. The PKR has their own issue aka AI try to make his immediate families and friends filling in a senior positions in their parties. PAS suddenly turn their back to their believes. No more Negara Islam, change it to Negara Berkebajikan.

    The DAP also start seing that by controlling the mind of chinese, plus the back up of those same malay and indian on 2008, they can win big and take over federal goverment. They starting to registering all those new chinese voter and than make their believed was the way of lives. Those who not supporting them was a pariah. A traitor to their races.

    On top of it, come the pressure for certain querters to use ALLAH word to replace the word God in malay version bible. This make the muslim aka malay getting angry. They though that PAS will stay firm in rejecting this request, but surprise, surprise, PAS agreed with it. This also what make the malay vote for PKR and Pas change to UMNO and BN. At least UMNO consistan in rejecting this request. It also created a doubt in their mind, are this PKR and PAS can be trust to support a muslim cause.

    The indian, on the other hand, reap the benefit of their tsunami.It creates the awareness from the goverment of their situation. At the same times, MIC has change to more indian friendly to the indian community and some of their representative has looking more educated and smart than before.

    Coming to 2013, after 5 years of riding the success of 2008, PR going all out to take over Putrajaya. So sure of their winning, AI make the biggest bet in his carrier by saying he resign if PR didn’t take over this time around. With chinese voter back up, with the Leverage Planning (Astro AXN – They follow the plan like one of the episode – and like the stories, they even announce the winning before the ballot paper has been count), and the back up by malay and indian who support them during 2008, they confident this is their time. Ini kalilah was born.

    But history repeated it self. The voter will rejected the arrogen leader. After what happen, when the malay facing the choice, either AI or DSN, malay choose DSN. They cannot trust PAS to handle DAP. Yes, some will said only 50% of indian support BN but according to data by polling center, you will see, more than 50% indian vote BN this time. At some area, the data show more than 70%. The full swing was there for all to see. Unbeknown to them, now the voter who vote for them during 2008 aka malay and indian, now saw that the arrogenest that effected UMNO and MIC on 2008 has now effected PKR, DAP and PAS. That what make them lose the vote of malay and indian fence sitter this 2013 GE. The same fence sitter who vote them during 2008.

    For the chinese, they facing the full force of what happen to other races during 2008. But this time around, they was blindsided on thinking that DAP was a better choices than MCA/PCM/BN. And likes malay and indian after post 2008 GE, they start to regret their choice (I can concur this becouse a few of my friends already grumble on the broken promises by DAP. They promise chinese will take over if all chinese in Malaysia vote PR). The backlash was severe to them. The lost of contact, the cencelation of project and bussiness (it happen already, they said) because of trust issues really beginning to effected them. And these people not dealing with goverment but GLC and other coperate sectors. Some of them said to me that at lease the malay and indian have one another. They are alone right now.

    Some even afraid that the polling station will show how much the chinese votes swing to PR. This never made aware by DAP to them. They just promise that goverment will never know. Undi adalah rahsia and yes they said it. Like data above, the polling station will make the data clearer. It not that they look at your ballot paper, it the polling station that gives the data on how the voter cast their vote.

    And like before, I rise this questions. Do we see what happen to Indian post 2008 will happen to the chinese? After all if you look at DAP right now they try to woo the malay and bumi right now. They know that this is a key to grab a federal goverment. Yes, they covert for that ruling positions even after saying that the faderal goverment will go bankrup after another 5 years govern by BN. (And they say this for nearly 20 years now)

    :) sarah

  8. DAP gambled praying and hoping that the nincompoop Anuar could bring in the malays votes but alas lain kali lah.

    With this chinese tsunami DAP and also the Star has gone into damage control mode trying to abate the awakening that has arisen among the malays.

    5 years is a long way off, and in politics anything might happen, and if the malays close ranks and BN capitalize on this the chinese are going to be screwed which i hope will happen.

    The icing on the cake would be if UMNO and PAS unite… hmmm i am sure the the thought of this makes LGE LKS Anuar Karpal balls shrivel up. GE 13 brought out the many unexpected results, but for many it will always be remembered as the GE that showed the true colors of the chinese.

    1. re: “GE 13 brought out the many unexpected results, but for many it will always be remembered as the GE that showed the true colors of the chinese.”

      The Chinese Christian chameleon that slithers into mosques wearing tudung and into Buddhist temples to shave bald.

      Kalau di depan Tuhan pun mereka mahu bermuka-muka …

      1. Don’t worry Helen.

        Two steps forward one step back. Melayu-Cina boleh bersatu. Cina yang tak nak bersatu kita nak buat macam mana.

      2. hehehe…helen,

        teringat saya satu cerita seorang lelaki pada satu zaman dahulu yang terlalu kedekut dan bila sudah kedekut tentunya akan bercakap bohong lagi berbelit-belit.

        isterinya amat susah hati melihat suaminya (lelaki ini) yang walaupun sudah tua, sudah pergi haji tapi masih dengan sikap yang sama.

        pada satu hari, lelaki berkenaan mendapat kemalangan, patah kakinya dan di serang demam pulak.

        pada satu malam, lelaki ini bermimpi yang beliau telah mati, dikuburkan dan berdepan dengan saat mengerikan di dalam kubur.

        terjaga dari tidur, dalam keadaan cemas, berpeluh-peluh dan menggigil ketakutan, lelaki berkenaan menceritakan kepada isterinya tentang mimpi yang baru dialaminya…

        tersenyum si isteri kerana menyangkakan suaminya akan insaf selepas itu…

        tiba-tiba lelaki itu berkata kepada isterinya, ” sayang, sekiranya abang mati, pastikanlah abang dikapankan dengan kain kapan yang lusuh, yang buruk….”.

        merasa pelik, isterinya bertanya,”kenapa? bukankah kain kapan yang baru lebih sesuai?”.

        jawab lelaki berkenaan,” takpe…biar yang buruk aje, nanti kalau malaikat tengok kain kapan abang tu dah buruk, tentu dia takkan tanya banyak soalan sebab dia akan ingat abang ni dah lama mati…..”.

        kisah ni tentu ramai dah tau….saya ketawa sendiri bila teringat kisah politikus di negara ini yang hidupnya asyik menipu sehinggakan rambut sudah putih, rumah kata pergi, kubur kata mari pun politikus sebegini tak peduli. mungkin sama dengan lelaki dalam kisah ini, walau nak mati pun masih merancang nak tipu malaikat!!!

      3. Correction, Helen: the true colours of the 95% Chinese in Malaysia, not just the Christian Chinese subset.

  9. PR is bring up “gerrymandering” issue. I hope war strategist in BN will counter this new allegation soon without falling into trap like with “indelible ink”.

    If DAP-led PR took over the country, I bet you they will do extreme gerrymandering to make sure they rule Malaysia for the next 100 years. After all they have Singapore as an example.

    1. Singapore is elitist. Chinese rakyat Singapore pun suffer.

      GDP per capita macam banyak giler. Sebenarnya duit orang park kat Singapore. Tak banyak rakyat Singapore berpendapatan as per their gdp per capita.

  10. Take a look carefully to the new DAP leaders. They are the ones with the mixed parentage. Before you accuse me of being racist, look at my facts.

    Khairil Khir Johari – Chinese + Malay
    Hannah Yeoh – Chinese marries Indian and Christian
    Chong Leng – Chinese marries Indian and Christian

    Why do they play the Firster trump card? Through normal political methods none of the them can represent well any party. Neither MIC or UMNO or MCA. Perhaps they cannot even assimilate well in their own communities. To overcome their limitations they create a Malaysiana facade of being raceless. They create an elite facade – just like what the Pan Asians have been doing for years. They ARE BETTER than US. They have foreign education and live overseas and we the public are the dumb sheep they lead.

    They know if they join the traditional route of politics they will fail badly. It is unlikely a Chindian will understand life of the Chinese populace in the inner cities or problem of the Indian community. As Christians they will never understand the problems of Tao/Buddhist Chinaman on the street or the issues pertaining to Hindus. They feel as they are chosen ones they are above the Taoist, Buddhists and Hindu. KKJ will never do well in the Malay heartland. (That is why he contests in a Chinese area with some Malays). He can never understand the day to day struggles of the Malay. Move him to Pahang and may even loose his deposit. Move HY to Georgetown and the Taoist will eat her alive. (Think of all the conversions to Christianity at Weld Quay. The temples will be closed as they host idols.) HY lives in rich Subang. She CANNOT understand some Chinese in the Inner Cities don’t have the next meal. She will just ask these people to pray.

    Again representation is about fullfilling the needs of your electorate. We accuse Perkasa and Hindraf to be racist but these groups are voicing out the needs of masses which today have been drowned by the DAP.

    With this I will no longer be called Not OK Man but I am Mulan. Mulan represents the Chinese that rose to protect local interest. Like Perkasa and Hindraf, we too need to be heard and not shut out by the so called Christian Raceless Firsters. We, the Chinaman, on the street too have our challenges in life. We question hudud because it affects our lives. But the DAP thinks it is just a fun way to gain and not gain votes.To the Muslim, the DAPster form of Hudud is shameful. To accept the name of Islam (by taking the logo) but rejecting the way of Islam. It is another way the DAPster is messing and poking fun at Islam.

    We need leaders that can understand our problems and fight for us, not some elitist bullshit that can do nothing to help our us. We are looked down instead.

    1. That adopted son of Khir Johari is no Malay + Chinese, hallo. Adopted at age 11, well after his brain has gone fully yellow.

    2. “They know if they join the traditional route of politics they will fail badly. It is unlikely a Chindian will understand life of the Chinese populace in the inner cities or problem of the Indian community. As Christians they will never understand the problems of Tao/Buddhist Chinaman on the street or the issues pertaining to Hindus. They feel as they are chosen ones they are above the Taoist, Buddhists and Hindu. KKJ will never do well in the Malay heartland. (That is why he contests in a Chinese area with some Malays). He can never understand the day to day struggles of the Malay.”

      But the diverse electorate still voted for them. So how? :)

      And Zul Noordin who claims to know “the struggle of the Malays” and the so-called “defender of Islam” got his arse kicked out of Shah Alam.

  11. Apa Melayu Mahu?

    Hidup aman makmur dengan kawan2 Cina, India, kadazan, Iban, Serani tetapi memahami bahawa kami ini Islam.

    Islam ajar kami bertoleransi. Buddha, hindu, Kristian dan macam2 lagi boleh hidup aman damai bersebelah kami. kami sendiri jamin. Tapi bolehkah negara majoriti Buddha membiarkan kami aman damai? Lihat Rohingya di Myammar dan lihat apa kata Aung Suu Kyi semalam? Lihat apa jadi di Selatan Thai? Selatan Filipina?

    Bangsa Cina baca akhbar tulisan Cina, Inggeris dan sekolahkan anak2 di SJK Cina aatau swasta, tapi nak Bible bahasa Melayu dan panggil Tuhan dalam Bible itu Allah. Apa ini?

    Bayar gaji pekerja Melayu ada ijazah RM1800, tetapi bayar gaji pekerja Cina ada ijazah fresh lagi RM2500. Tapi ini pun boleh terima sebab, company bosnya Cina buatlah apa dia suka. Tapi cuba company/gomen melayu buat? Rasis la lu..

    Itu Zairil aka adik angkat LGE, janganlah insult kami orang Melayu kononnya dia itu Melayu. Pi lah sembahyang jemaah kat Masjid, tunjuk gambar tengok… lagi baik suruh dia baca Al-Quran, nak dengar tengok…

    Orang Cina anti korupsi. kami pun. Cuba buat demo besar2an anti korupsi. Kami sendiri nak join. Tanya Anwar dia dulu kena penjara 6 tahun sebab apa? Abuse powerlah. Jangan hipokrit, atau lu hipokrit saja2 sebab ada niat lain maa..

    Orang Cina paranoid pukul kawan aku Tajudeen kata dia Bangla… Aku ingat nanti org Melayu paranoid pukul Cina masa PRU14 sebab org Cina tak pandai nyanyi lagu Negaraku, atau cakap melayu, sebab itu Cina dari Taiwan, China atau Singapore. Nak kata apa?

    Tahun 1998, ekonomi gawat, di Indonesia berapa ramai orang Cina kena rogol dan pukul atau kedai2 mereka di musnahkan. Kenapa? Sebab kat sana tak ada NEP lah. Walhal di sana org Cina namanya dalam bahsa Indonesia, sekolahnya dalam bahasa Indonesia. Di Malaysia, niat sedetik pun tak ada dalam hati orang Melayu sebab mereka tahu hak mereka dipelihara.


    1. Melayu ada ijazah byr gaji lebih rendah dari cina. saya setuju. sykt swasta chinaman dh lama double std.

      vote swing cina kpd PR sedikit sbyk menunjukkan bhw mereka inginkan kuasa cina (DAP) mengepalai pemerintahan.

      impak dari keputusan PRU13 harus diterima oleh cina, berani buat berani tanggung.

    2. Betul sangat kata Ulu Banat…malangnya, apabila golongan cina tak sedar diri dan tak sedar diuntung ni melakukan tsunami cina, adalah segelintir orang melayu yang takde jatidiri terus ikut sokong sama.

      apapun, terimakasih kepada baki 10% termasuk Helen dan saya yang masih berpijak di bumi nyata ini.

  12. Helen, deep in our heart. We wish UMNO and PAS will merge. After all we are all Muslim, sembahyang satu surau/masjid, pi haji satu kapalterbang.

    Do you think Dr Mazlan of Permatang Pauh is parachuted as candidate saja2 aje?

    1. yg halang bukan orng lain, TGNA nk ludah sesiapa yg ajak penggabungan UMNO-Pas. ada ka patut?

      bayangkanlah jika 2 parti ni bergabung. saya rasa firsters, dapsters dan yg sejenis lari sambil tercirit-birit migrate ke negara lain.

  13. Here I want to ask a question: APA CINA CELUP MAHU?

    Cina celup mahu dominasi Cina, Melayu dan India. Sekarang pun, bila kita tengok filem Melayu semua pun Melayu celup (pan Asian). Because they are better than Melayu – lebih cantik. Melayu asli – tak cantik. The same with the Cina Celup. They make the Cina feel that they are second rate because they are not pretty or smart enough.

    Tapi Cina celup celupar. They say Tun M is Melayu celup and racist and etc. Judging that they are ALSO celup, they should not say that kind of stuff. But they say it too.

    Dan mereka mahu dominasi media. With the Star. Here it is again. [YouTube] May I have your sign? Ingat Melayu tak pandai, dungu.

    Tengok pulak the response… wow….is that hani? i could not believe my eyes…she beautiful…=)

    Goodness. Yang Melayu fokus benda remeh temeh but in reality the Cina Celup Jerusubang Star menyindir orang Melayu sebagai dungu.

    Then the Cina celup DAPster buat kempen benci Bangla, benci adopted Chinese.

    When I saw Zhang Ziyi’s advert [YouTube] on L’oreal hair dye which is black, I want to buy.

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Black

    Because rambut Cina hitam. Bukan red, blonde etc. Eye color : Black. Bukan blue. We should be proud of that.

    We should not recolor our hair or eyes. This is an attempt to make us feel inferior to the celups. (Same thing should be practiced by the Melayu.)

  14. I actually sympathize with PSM’s struggle; they give me an impression that they DO care for the people, especially the poor. I wonder how they can continue to cooperate with PR after sabotage in Semenyih, Kota Damansara and Jelapang.

      1. Oh, good for PSM to review the relationship. But then again, it’s hard for a little party like PSM to survive if they don’t join either side of the devils .

  15. Funny that he doesn’t or can’t seem to acknowledge that the non-blinkered, non-Chinese lot can see that corruption, nepotism and cronyism is not happening exclusively in BN anymore. That is one major factor.

    The other major factor is the immoral activities of the PKR-PAS folks. When you have a HD video clip in front of you, in colour and with sound, there’s not much you can do to spin it away.

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