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What a bloody joke!

They were all out to kill the BN and then they ask the victors to be “magnanimous”?

The Star Group Editor Wong Chun Wai penned the following piece of remarkable advice – ‘GE13: Don’t ignore the Chinese voice’ – in his column on May 7, the day after the election results were known.


Chun Wai wrote in the said column:

“To many Pakatan supporters, there was disbelief, even shock, as the news began to trickle in that the predominantly Malay voters would remain faithful to the Barisan.”

Well if the Dapsters were in “shock” and “disbelief” on May 5 that Malay voters stuck loyally to the BN, then one has to first ask: Do they read The Star?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ (well, the Star Media Group’s audience of 5.63 million must come from somewhere, correct?), then the second question to ask is why readers/consumers of the Star media products and contents are not grounded in reality. The reality being, of course, that there was a Malay swingback to Umno.

Since Chun Wai declares that the Dapsters found it hard to fathom why BN still retained enough support to keep the coalition in power, then the third question to follow is: What has The Star been feeding its readers?

I mean we’re talking here a huge bunch of bananas so detached from the ground that they were quite unable to anticipate the BN’s ability to maintain its rural vote bank.

Then we have this gem of an assertion from Chun Wai:

“For the Chinese urban voters, who had thrown in their lot with Pakatan, they were sure that this would be the election where they would punish Umno and topple the Barisan government.”

We should seriously – yes, most seriously – ponder on what he has written.

He said the over-confident Chinese urban electorate were certain that they would be able:

(1) “to punish Umno and”

(2) “to topple the Barisan government”

Hey, this is the Star Group Editor, Datuk Seri-Datuk-Datuk – he has three titles or maybe even more under his belt – earning more than two million ringgit director’s fee as executive Star board member who said the above. (Not me yeah, whom he demonized as a “pro-Barisan blogger“).

To repeat, Wong Chun Wai acknowledged that Chinese urban voters i.e. his church friends, his gated community neighbours, the denizens of Menara Star Phileo Damansara, his favourite staff, were quite sure that they could pull off the toppling of the BN government while punishing Umno at the same time.

However, if the Malays backlash, they’re being “racists” for suggesting a boycott in retaliation. And they’re advised to embrace “national reconciliation” instead.

Talking about these same Chinese urban voters, Chun Wai described them as having “travelled back from overseas, campaigned emotionally and turned up by the thousands at ceramah to be part of what they regarded as the defining moment to end Barisan’s grip on power. To them, this was it. Ini Kali lah!

So returning from abroad is not part of the Chinese tsunami?

Campaigning emotionally did not help the Chinese tsunami to happen?

Turning up by the thousands at ceramah does not have any effect on how the masses would vote on May 5?

And how about the bit where Chun Wai said the urban Chinese voters were “part of what they regarded as the defining moment to end Barisan’s grip on power”? What kind of action would be able to effectively sweep BN from the centre of power? Not Chinese tsunami meh?

Wong Chun Wai reveals himself through his next paragraph where he said:

“But politics in Malaysia can be complicated unless one is familiar with its geography. Political awareness with no understanding of the political terrain in Sabah, Sarawak and the heartland would give one only a superficial view of the nation.”

In other words, he’s implying the Dapster credo that if not for the dungus in Sabah and Sarawak who delivered 22 and 25 Parliament seats respectively to the BN, and the orang kampung, then the ruling coalition would indeed be swept out of Putrajaya.

Counting the peninsula alone, BN has 86 seats while Pakatan collected 80 seats. (If BN had three seats less, both sides would be deadlocked at 83-83).

Granted, the opposition does possess more popular votes per head because Borneo is more sparsely populated.

And then here comes the muka tebal setebal-tebalnya volte face from Wong Chun Wai after all the Jerusubang promotion undertaken by his media empire. He wrote:

“The Prime Minister has to deal with a delicate situation of heeding the sentiments of his supporters who stood solidly by him, while at the same time, be magnanimous and inclusive to look after the interest of all Malaysians, including the Chinese.”

Oh golly.

The Jerusubang Star which has for the past six years been cultivating Red Beans as an industrial crop now tells the PM to be “MAGNANIMOUS”.

And to be “INCLUSIVE”. Or as Chun Wai’s article title exhorts, “Don’t ignore the Chinese voice”.

Yeah, don’t ignore the ABU! ABU! ABU! voice that has been spreading fitnah everywhere, slandering the establishment and screaming “raciiiist!”, “beeeegot!’

For good measure, Chun Wai piles on the following Badawism:

“He [Najib] is not the Prime Minister of just the Malays and bumiputras from Sabah and Sarawak but all Malaysians. While the majority of Chinese voted for Pakatan, it must be remembered that a large number of Chinese also backed him.”

Oh, really? “A large numbers of Chinese backed him”, izzit? Where? How?

Translated into votes?

After all, it is Chun Wai himself who told the anecdote that when Najib greeted the crowd at the Psy concert during Chinese New Year in Penang by uttering a few phrases in Mandarin, the Dapsters retorted why did he not use Hokkien, the popular dialect in the island.

The true colours of The Jerusubang Star is slowly becoming plainer for BN supporters to see — ‘Chua Soi Lek denies MCA asset-stripping allegation’.

My thanks to fellow bloggers Bigcat, Annie and Freddie for their helping posts. I hope more readers will help raise public awareness about The Scissors surreptitiously shredding the fabric from which our Constitution was sewn.



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121 thoughts on “What a bloody joke!

  1. Well, I agree with the “Don’t ignore the Chinese voice” statement. We really shouldn’t. The “Chinese voice” I hear is saying “We don’t want BN, UMNO, Malays”. So, let’s not ignore that.

    1. The Chinese has indeed spoken … Just follow their wishes, DS Najib. The vast majority of Chinese I had spoken with post PRU13 has no problems with zero representation of Chinese in the Cabinet / Government so lets all move on with our lives, eh

      The Government should now focus on the following :-

      1) Development and implementation of affimative action programmes for the poor Malays and Indians as a means of achieving national integrity and at the same time achieving poverty eradication, crime prevention and economic development

      2) Improve the education system focussing on development / enhancement of the Sekolah Kebangsaans towards the propulgation of National Integrity

      3) Liberalise the Malaysian economy to stop monopolistic practices and encourage competition

      4) Move away from the low Ringgit “export-oriented” economic strategies and policies which only benefit a specific segment of the society and accordingly allow the Ringgit to strengthen on its merit

      5) Open tender for all Government Projects etc where all Tenderers are given access to the System which include information such as how many Tenders had been submitted and the value and date of submission

      6) Enforce the rule of law without fear or favour

  2. this pru has made many malays realise how racist chinese really are especially those from daps….the fact that the chinese had backstabbed najib n bn despite so much that has been given to them shows the kind of people they truly are…even pigs are better bred then them.

    1. yup..exactly..

      they thought may 5 was the right time to back-stab the malays and they failed. is the right time for the malays to retaliate..put aside all the malay dungus in pakatan! just let them all rot in the drain..

    2. Sokong 101%!!Now we all know their true colours, so after this, we should know where to put our resources, its at the semi urban and Kampung.

  3. I think MCA is aware of what WCW is doing but to them if the paper is making money its okay. Anyway it was also Najib who made MCA and Gerakan irrelevant when Najib proclaim to be PM to all,to the extend all the chinese requests and wishes is dealt by him directly. And when Najib granted all their wishes ,the chinese dont see the logic why they should go through a third party like MCA and Gerakan anymore!

        1. The chinese went to Najib for what they have gotten but went to DAP for what Najib couldn’t give them.

    1. “And when Najib granted all their wishes ,the chinese dont see the logic why they should go through a third party like MCA and Gerakan anymore!”

      So they give their votes to the DAP instead? Sorry, I don’t see the logic in your argument.

      1. Me too – anyway, in what way are the MCA and Gerakan “third party”??? Aren’t both parties part of the BN Government?

  4. have to give him ‘credit’ though, isnt he the master of manipulation? prempting the gov to do what it is told and at the same time suggesting the gov is childish like after fight then unfriend, worst suggesting that the gov has ever neglect any communities! bloody hell just move tougue like those typical rocketeers.

  5. And our agong/sultans/governors gave this chief scissorhand THREE datukships, one with a ‘seri’ attached. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable!

    1. He couldn’t careless about the datukship.

      All that he wants

      (1) “to punish Umno and”

      (2) “to topple the Barisan government”

      Failing that, now is damage control time.
      Racist to the core!

  6. Helen,

    In war, siding with the losing side can be a monumental blunder. That was what Hapsburg, Ottoman, German empire found out. The price for supporting the losing side is dissolution of the empires itself.

    As I said earlier, Wong is on damage control mode. STAR as everybody knows has some “soft spot” for DAP, Anwar and anything that promotes PR.

    So, STAR happily then sided with DAP. Anything DAP said is given positive coverage. With the exception of Joceline, there are almost no good portrayal of UMNO or the malays in STAR.

    And Chinese, as they seldom read Malay newspapers or care to understand the malays fell to DAP’s trick. DAP has poisoned the chinese that “ini kalilah” Malays too are very angry at UMNO.

    Just like DAP was manipulated by none other than anwar, Chinese too were manipulated by DAP. DAP gave false impression to the chinese. And DAP too did not realise the sentiment on Malay ground.

    Why? as it looks down on Malays and only want to believe what they actually want to believe.

    In simpler term, DAP is detached from reality.

    But Malays (majority) are much more wiser. why pick ‘yahudi” to lord over them? Many of my chinese friends are at loss . they still could not comprehend that lion share of malay votes are with UMNO. I told them they do not understand the malays. I remember telling them that what people like Karim Raslan or Lathifah koya said are never in the first place what malays are thinking.

    THE LAST THING NAJIB SHOULD DO IS BEING magnaminous to these “species”. The choice is rather simple actually. Being “nice” to chinese again or his own premiership.

    The election is an eye opener. It shows that what malay have been saying about Chinese is true. that they (as a race) is racist and is the version of “yahudi” in the east.

    I am not against Chinese. But like all Malays, I have given up trying to forge genuine friendship with them. But they should not worry. their rights are respected in line with Islamic values held by Malay leaders.

    Only that in reverse situation, I with all certainty will loudly say that they would never respect the Malays, its aspiration, its right.

    Wong actually trying to pacify the ‘winning side” not to “punish” those promoting or rather specifically “backstabbing UMNO’. Suddenly, the Chinese realise the value of unity after month of UMNO bashing and portraying UMNO as “zalim”, “rasuah”, “perkauman”, “bodoh”, “tipu undi”.

    I still consider UMNO as “lemah lembut”. Had I been the UMNO leader, in no time I will despach troops to [edited]. Why not? He openly tries to topple a legitimate government(meaning UMNO).


    1. Helen! You scissored again…

      Tsk, tsk, tsk… you are going for wcw’s blood arent you? Well a woman’s wrath should not be provoke. Naughty, naughty…

      Personally I hate this sneaky wriggling cacing wong. I have boycotted thestar since 2008 when the slandering of umno by wcw and co was unstoppable. In retaliation, I would read and held up high utusan paper so that all the customers at my favourite mamak shop can see that I am a malay racist.

      Yes that’s right, you are a racist if you read the utusan paper. I am proud to be one. I am not an umno member but I treasure the contributions by umno to all malaysians especially the malay. Umno is the only political body that has survived as the ruling party in the world. The formula must be right to have survived for so long.

      Utusan was doing quite badly those years. Paklah was too weak and the chinese kept harping on umno being racist. Everthing that posed as a threat on the chinese community especially dap was demolished. Perkasa and umno penang bashing, ISA, chinese education, all become front pages that pleases the chinese. The talam dua muka warmonger behind it is wcw with his cunning stroke of keypad.

      Politicians in umno are just caretakers and they come and go. Umno will be here forever. Chinese must remember that. Umno is part of the special position of the malays as enshrined in the constitution. Dap and wcw are playing with fire if they touch umno and they shall pay a heavy price.

      So wong chun wai, if you read this, you better watch out because I am going to SPANK YOUR UGLY LITTLE BUTT.

      Helen, please dont censore this. I cannot be more polite than this. Happy wesak to you all the peace loving buddhist.

      1. Am not surprised that MCA about to close shop. The only top gun in Star who is not pro PR is Dato Wong Sai Wan. Ask anyone who works there and they will tell you that lady bosses Leane Goh and June Wong are hardcore DAP supporters.

        Down the line, 8 out of 10 Star staff are also anti BN. They reflect the Chinese mood out there. Lots of scissors in the house.

    2. “The election is an eye opener. It shows that what malay have been saying about Chinese is true. that they (as a race) is racist and is the version of “yahudi” in the east.

      I am not against Chinese. But like all Malays, I have given up trying to forge genuine friendship with them. But they should not worry. their rights are respected in line with Islamic values held by Malay leaders.

      Only that in reverse situation, I with all certainty will loudly say that they would never respect the Malays, its aspiration, its right.”

      Spot on! Chinese are hardcore racist. Bumis who worked in Chinese owned company will attest to that. How do you then explain the Star’s top leadership?. Only one Malay. Itu pun acting and in charge of some fluffy stuff. We shd ask the Star to explain.

      There is no genuine freindship with them. They will friend if you have something that they want. Exception to the rule is very rare. Ada but very very rare.

      Chinese don’t respect others (hemm maybe they respect ang moh) if they do, they will not speak (when their non-Chinese friend is present) in a language that their “friend” don’t understand.

      1. True, I previously worked in a Chinese-owned company and I saw what went around me.

        And they are very racist to the core….but still waiting for govt projects and eventually failed as the chinese technical staff were not up to the mark but paid tons of money in terms of salaries and benefits.

        No input requested from us. We then did what we were supposed to do, fullfilled our job scope and then smile at their stupidity. Our Chinese boss paid our salary and we are happy that he also rugi to the tune of millions…..on hind sight… padan muka…

        1. But not all Chinese boss are that bad either,bad and racist are different,bad means syarikat boleh lingkup maa and racists means must be able to speak mandarin as one of the requirement to work with us,if don’t know mandarin don’t work with us.

      2. “How do you then explain the Star’s top leadership?. Only one Malay”

        How many non Malays in the top leadership of Utusan?


        1. Kah kah kah … Not apple to apple comparison – Utusan never claim anything but being Malay Nationalist thus its composition of “top leadership” is of course 100% Malay while the Star claiming to be Malaysian First and all the other jazz DAP is promoting us clearly not what it claimed to be, be it in its “top leadership”, editorial policies and inclination as well as honesty and integrity re calling a spade, a spade !!!

          Cakap tarak serupa bikin and thats the credibility issue facing the Star

          1. Thank you for admitting that Utusan is indeed a racist and bigoted organization.

            Easy to trip up these Barisan supporters. : )

            1. You really don’t get it, do you … Never mind – The Malays has a saying – percakapan is doa and who knows, what you say will actually come true so do continue to say it :-)

              1. “what you say will actually come true so do continue to say it :-)”

                Utusan already is a racist and bigoted organization. Slow la, you. : )

                1. Hmm … Expected – a personal attack … Didoakan anda mendapat apa yang anda kekendaki, in sya Allah

        2. How many non Malays can read and write as good as the next capable Malays in BM?
          Just tell me how many?
          With all due respect to the blog author,Helen is good. But still not that fluent in her BM writing.
          Now how many of non Malays can read and write in BM just like Helen does?
          Stop being hipocritical and answer me or otherwise get lost!

        3. How stupid….any malays in top leaderships of nanyang siang pao? sin chiew jit poh? Tamil nesan? Malaysian nanban?

      3. Yep … Definitely disrespectful when intentionally speaking in a language that others do not understand

        1. Once and for all, this should stop. Period. No more talking in own language (apart from BM – which is the national language) when others are around. Those who do are deemed racist to the core!

    3. Well written Sir. Many of us Malay Muslims think and feel as you do. The PM should have no regrets over his offer of ‘friendship’ to those who arrogantly turned it down. A good and far sighted person with a conscience always make it a point to do good, even to ‘foes’. But as they say, true colors do not lie and every cloud has a silver lining. The ways of the world are uncanny. The Al-Mighty’s will has no why.

  7. WCW knows that lies and more lies can get him far, can even get him a Datukship with a nice Seri prefix.
    Anyway what has Chun Wai got to lose, MCA tapau big time! That is an achievement in itself! Well done Chun Wai!

  8. Hi Helen,

    I am Malay. I used to read Star to practice my English. Then I’ve stopped buying the Star about two or three years ago because I felt the racism inside it and most articles always against government. I don’t feel comfortable reading the Star anymore and I don’t even like to look at that newspaper – basically I feel hatred at the Star. No one told me to hate the Star, but that was how it happened.

    Even worst everytime I see some Chinese reading the Star, I somehow has become naturally judgemental on that person, that he/she the Malay haters. And they just want to destroy us Malay.

    Funny sad world. Its not comfortable anymore.


    1. Ditto – I had also stopped buying & reading the Star about three years ago … I do not mind the Star promoting Chinese interests as its majority owner is, after all, the MCA but its lack of positive coverage of Islam and the Malays is so glaring and coupled with its “aggressive” negative coverage of Malays and lack of sensitivity re Islamic matters was too much for me ..,

    1. Happy Wesak Day to Helen and all her Buddhist readers – here’s to a peaceful and prosperous year ahead for all Malaysians :-)

  9. ‘While the majority of Chinese voted for Pakatan, it must be remembered that a large number of Chinese also backed him.”

    This is so not true…. It is very hard to find a single Chinese nowadays who support BN….

    Keep up your good work in all your writing and analysis Helen, and hope more people would realise the true colours of the opposition

    1. 10% of Chinese voted for BN, which is not a very large number, agreed. It’s about 3% of the total voting population. That’s way, way less than the Indian votes.


    1. If somebody backstabbed me…really backstabbed me and I didn’t die I would certainly front stab him without even blinking an eye.

      The malays have seen how the Chinese played out their leader. And it would be natural the malays have to balas back what was given to them.

      No amount national conciliation can change the new outlook the malays have for the Chinese. We are wearing a new pair of SPECTACLES. We have to be badder than before.

      1. The mood on the ground was obvious for a long time i.e. that the majority of Chinese and urban folk (non-Chinese mind you) did not support the BN. So why did Najib waste his time trying to bribe them with all those promises? BN in Penang was foolishly giving away lots of free stuff at the markets – even roasted pig meat to try and win votes – what for? If Najib and the BN did not go all out to try and win them, would we feel better about the whole situation?

        The Chinese population is not that large and it’s dwindling – I doesn’t make a difference to me whom they vote for (this is a democracy after all).

        1. Okla, our top leaders wanted to try ‘bribing’…nak puaskan hati.

          Now, we know it doesn’t work. And we also know that they don’t care for what we have to give, they have almost everything already. They only want to topple BN and take over……so they can commandeer this country anyway they like. Kita melopong je la just like the time of the British, the Japanese and the short lived Bintang 3.

          UMNO’s work is already cut out…….no messing about, just register all those young upcoming voters, no let up. Just get them to understand the reality on the ground and who they should vote for. Let what happened to the urban malays be a bitter lesson for all to learn from. The chinese, they can go vote whoever they like.

  11. I buy The Star, together with Utusan on daily basis, for some years now, delivered to my house every morning. Now, it is delivered by an Indian from India ( the 5th Indian so far ).

    For the past 2 years, the Star had been trying to “corner” its readers to one focused dimension, sadly very close and similar to DAPs ” No race card ” ( so called ) mantra.

    I have the feeling that, by doing so, The Star cornered more readership, and they saw a rise in sales in urban areas i.e kawasan cina. The become more absorb and therefore play a bigger role in disseminating a new “uprising” to the Chinese sentiment on playing a bigger role in ruling the country.

    This idea was/is shared with other Chinese newspapers, and slowly, it becomes a driving force. Soon, it became a war plan, and DAP came in with money and “set of cybertroopers”. DAP also created “brown shirt” army, to look after DAP interest.

    The Star never cared about the moral of Anwar Ibrahim, to them, Anwar is just a ‘front’. Any decent Malay, rejected Anwar in GE 13.

  12. Happy Wesak Day Helen.

    I buy & read The Star since my varsity day in the 90s. Never buy Utusan since my working days in the late 90s. Only read it at the library or curi2 baca the headlines at the newsstand.

    As for the Star, the more I read the paper, the more I realised the gunting dalam lipatan akhbar. The writings are slanted towards more liberal thinking into turning Malaysia to be what Chinese like and dislike. But they do it very cleverly.

    But I think The Star has done a great disservice to the Chinese in Malaysia. We Malay now really understand what the Chinese want. I don’t think the govt had ever ignore the Chinese. The govt simply could not satisfy all the Chinese wants. Similarly, the govt could never satisfy all the Malay/Indian/Sarawakian/Sabahan wants.

    A Chinese tsunami was a real tsunami. A 95% ‘ignorance’ of the Chinese was a real eyes opener to those who really use akal fikiran in Malaysia. The Star is doing damage control. But the more they try to do that, the more their ‘kiblat’ revealed.

  13. Selama ini ‘Chinese voice’lah yg diberi perhatian, itu sebabnya kerajaan memberi subsidi dan berbagai bantuan kepada bumiputra agar mereka boleh mencari pendapatan yg kemudiannya dapat berbelanja di kedai China.

    Kerajaan juga melaksanakan projek-projek pembangunan pun untuk membolehkan peniaga China mendapat untung, biar pun projek kadangkala di perolehi oleh orang Melayu tapi bekalan bahan semuanya dari peniaga China.

    Berbagai kemudahan dan infrastruktur yg di bena di bandar-bandar, juga utk membolehkan nilai hartanah orang Cina melonjak tinggi tanpa perlu mereka berbuat apa-apa selain melabur.

    Sebutlah apa saja masalah di bandar,kerajaan akan segera menyelesaikannya kerana tidak mahu hartanah orang Cina terencat harganya. Inilah ‘Chinese voice’ yg sentiasa di beri perhatian oleh BN selama ini, walau pun secara tidak langsung.

  14. Spot on. I have been subscribing the star for so many years. However in view of current events, 2 days ago i decided to stop buying the paper and switched to nst, for obvious reasons.

    1. Never too late. I did so a few years back when I started to become meluat reading that ponytailed lawyer and a few other columnist who could not find anything good with the BN and the government. It was a slow realisation of the star’s true inclination.

  15. LOL! Nice read.

    Helen, in the spirit to your earlier postings, I like to introduce to you a term called ‘taqlid’. Readers can wiki it. It just mean ‘to follow’ a ‘qualified scholar’.

    With regard to PRU13, the Chinese Xtians have made taqlid to the DAP Evangelistas, and the Chinese in general have done taqlid to DAP. There was enormous ‘trust’ placed on what DAP had told and promised the Chinese community.

    As things turned out, it had been ‘taqlid buta’. The Chinese swallowed all that was portrayed by DAP, and DAP have failed on their promise to deliver Putrajaya.

    Both sides play the race card and many are still buta.

    The Malays? In any situation … must be MAGNANIMOUS!


    1. About time the ROKET should load up all the cina2 buta and lebai2 meludah to migrate to the BULAN.

      By gods! spelled as Bigots of the same feather, they can flock together. Preacher lim and mullah nik ajis should be satisfied.

  16. This Chun Wai thinks he is fooling everybody…. sad case.

    Happy Vesak Helen.

  17. Hi Helen, I buy star only on saturday because of their job advertisement… Haha.. You know that Malaysia has plenty of job opportunities if you look at how thick is the job advert in the star saturday

    1. Unless you speak Mandarin, you are already disqualified for a number of the jobs advertised in the Saturday edition of the Star, … so the thickness of the classified ads section in the paper is deceiving, no?

  18. Helen, I have long boycotted The Star because its racism and poor English as compared to NST.

    The Star is for yuppies, up and coming but not quite there on the social niche of High Society, which of course includes The Royals. So does the paper supporting crowd; loud, rowdy, uncultured and self centred “Kopi Tiam” ruckus gang that runs DAP.

    For those who are familiar with The Malay Royals that rule Malaysia, they can be quite but they are definitely watching and have flexed their muscle in the appointment of Menteri Besar and even State Exco of Kelantan and Selangor recently.

    Thus DAP and The Star really forget the true role of Monarch and Malay upper society who are deep entrenched in Religion and Malay tradition!

    I call upon the King to strip the Datukship of WSW for the mess he made on Malaysia intricate racial fabric.

    Also I call upon The Home Ministry to do what the ministry has to do to bring back racial harmony in this country. If we have to see the demise of The Star, let it be.

  19. Well, the Sarawakian dungu in me tells me to not demand too much of my country.

    The Sarawakian dungu in me tells me to be grateful that I live in a country without any major natural disasters.

    The Sarawakian dungu in me tells me that race is an important part of my identity but is not an excuse to demonize or look down on other races.

    The Sarawakian dungu in me tells me to not believe the regular doses of lies fed to the masses by selfish & self righteous people in the guise of saving the nation.

    The Sarawakian dungu in me tells me that people will sell their souls, their spouse, their children, their parents & their country to achieve the keys to Putrajaya

    The Sarawakian dungu in me tells me that there will are those who promises my people the moon & the stars when the nearest they got to the moon is the butt crack on their back & the star is Justin Bieber on TV.

    The Sarawakian dungu in me tells me that there are those who gives a damn more about winning popularity contests instead of doing their job effectively & efficiently.

    The Sarawakian dungu in me tells me that the very ones who wants racial identities to be done away with are the very ones practicing racial exclusive policies & are ashamed of their spouse’s race which happens to be different from their own.

    The Sarawakian dungu in me tells me that there are false prophets out there who speaks of God’s wrath & imminent destruction but yet are the epitome of all things detestable in the eyes of the God they speak of.

    And finally the Sarawakian dungu in me tells me who to vote for based on their track record of nation building despite their flaws rather than to vote for one that offers nothing more than accusations, insinuations, promises & lies.

    So if the Director of Immigration of Sarawak is reading this, from one Sarawakian dungu to another Sarawakian dungu, I say let’s bar Wong Chun Wai & his posse from entering Sarawak to deprive them of Laksa Sarawak & Kolo Mee if nothing else.

    1. I think that Sarawak dungu is the brother of my melayu kampung yang ada bawah tempurung.

  20. He and his cohorts are typical examples of people ‘biting the hands which feed them’.

    And some dunggus recommended him to receive not one but 3 titles! We Malays were blissfully ignorant of the fact that the Chinese do really hate us, we thought we, all the races here are living harmoniously accepting and celebrating each other’s differences.

    The ugly truth emerges in the heat of election campaigns… and we Malays who have been ‘magnanimous’ woke up from our slumber. Now who started this racist thing DAP and with the help of the despicable PM wannabe (can continue dreaming)? WCW stop talking crap!

  21. MAGNANIMOUS ??????
    Betrayal is dealt by Malay much like Chinese deals with turncoats historically.

    I am talking about what we Malay used to do ..ok
    The person nomally ‘sula’ ed… (Anwar good at this.. though of gentler kind)
    the family members executed by plunging kris into the neck
    the house burnt
    the spot where the house used to stand, the sand scooped and thrown to the sea.
    All historical notes of him erased

    Now we got the whole house in PhileoDamansara
    having laid all cards on the table, known as
    House full of Turncoats
    never pay heed to constitution
    headed by WCW

    WCW is a big enough person
    that Constitution is beneath him
    The Propaganda Chief who elevated his self importance
    after unleashing hatred, disgust and anoyance towards Malay leadership, suddenly thought he could pluck peace and Malay Magnimousity out of thin air.

    Cao Cao used to say ” Off with his head ” for ppl like you !!!

    If UMNO and MCA dont deal with him
    UMNO is a fool


  22. He said the over-confident Chinese urban electorate were certain that they would be able:
    (1) “to punish Umno and”…..

    I realized long long time ago that nobody can really punish UMNO other than Malay themselves. I guess when it comes to politics, Malays play it a lot lot better than Chinese (just like what RPK said some time ago).

    1. Outsyedthebox also said the same thing: “Jangan main-main dengan orang Melayu when it comes to politics”. Tapi, orang Melayu bila berpolitik, janganlah main-main! Please make sure we remain at the top……forever!

  23. This is a classic case of ‘biting the hand that feeds’ – church going some more. Enough is enough. Time to bring the real malays and give the chinks a run for their money. Helen, annie – gua suka lu. Hidup Melayu

  24. Can’t Give you any Wesak Greetings. Cause you cannot Claim to be a Bhuddist Practitioner for being full of Malice and Ill Intent.

    May your Karma reveal to you your true nature for no good will come of all these spite and malice.

      1. “May your Karma reveal to you your true nature for no good will come of all these spite and malice.”

        Tell that to the DAPsters/ Jerusubangites, thanks.

        1. Saya sokong Helen Ang, a good Buddhist speaks the truth and the truth only, I have not seen any part that is not true.

    1. “Joe Black says:
      May 23, 2013 at 7:46 am
      Wow This Site has turned from a Rountable Discussion into a Roundtable Stone Throwing. Why not Put Aside the Name Calling and Talk about The Issues based on Facts and Observations. That Way, we can All Benefit.”

      Joe Black, calling the other joes black.

    2. Thats right JB. Its certain for sure that Helen has a paranoid fascination about Star newspaper.

      1. Hey dickhead!

        Remember me? So what happened to your puny pecker wet dream about your losers running the country after GE13?

        So take your stumpy fingers. Clench it in a fist and shove it up your stinky ass and say ” inikalilah I got fucked big time!”

        Revenge is sweet minus the calories.


      2. And why not, when The Star is the single biggest propaganda machine for the DAP in the country right now. No shame in being paranoid about that.

    3. On behalf of Helen, though she might not agree to this, I put to you that your bad mantra cursed on the author is part and parcel of her samsara to blissful living.

  25. Just look at today’s Star front page, the PR’s thanksgiving is worth the news more than the Banting murder case! Talk about subtlety, this is no hold barred propaganda!

    1. They run a blow by blow reporting on Star Online mah… from the time of the empty chairs to the black-clad Gestapo Lim Sr speech!
      In front of the DUMC some more. Wow what a solid show!
      But wait a minute, Only Chinese and a smattering of evangelistas of the darker kind. Not many Malaiyoo…. must be tak cukup syarat kot?

    2. I wonder, is it because the convicted murderers are from the same racial background of a number of the Stat’s Editorial Board that their misdeeds need not be publicised as the murdered victims are merely low class Malays …

      1. just imagine if the victims are Chinese and Christian. imagine the coverage. imagine the craze !

        1. A full frontal assault on the rascal Riduan of the rape and marry story on Tuesday and Thursday. Well ,the shaming of a Malay Muslim deserves the front page. Felda Malays conquering Everest is not worth the salt!

          1. Precisely my point – of course I can’t confirm ir deny what you said as I no longer buy & read the Star newspaper as well as its online edition

      2. Aha, your racist mindset is showing. ; )

        You know what, you people didnt become racist against the Chinese after GE13. You all had prejudiced mindsets against the Chinese (and Indians, and Ibans, and other non Malay non Muslims) all this while.

        You just needed an excuse.

        Fortunately, you people are a minority. 51% voted against you and your heroes Ibrahim Ali and Zul Noordin got kicked out. UMNO actually depends on Sabah & Sarawak to stay in power.

        Keep barking, you only piss off the moderates more. One of my Malay friends just flew AirAsia to show his middle finger to Utusan.

        1. AC-DC, if you love popular vote so much why don’t you ask your beloved leader be an artist. Than they can joint Berita Harian Anugerah bintang Paling Popular. You can vote vote and vote. There the popular vote will be counting. ok

          :D sarah

        2. Yea, your one and only poor malay friend, please send my middle finger regards to him!
          As for the sentiments on non malays, the same can be said to you!

    3. Siti Nurhaliza kahwin also is no news to the racists bintang tiga
      paper, the poor kampung lady who had made a name and a career for herself with millions of fans in southeast asia, to say the least, is no news to thestar!

      Albeit one madly in love cina guy who splashs money on a billboard for his lenglui was front page scoop.

      A true blue racist paper all along!

  26. Dear Helen,

    Happy Wesak Day!
    May good health and prosperous would always be with you!

    to datuk seri wong chun wai:
    – harimau tak akan simpan taring & kuku selamanya
    – helang tak akan terbang rendah selalu
    – naga tak akan tidur selamanya
    – beruang pun tak akan berhibernasi selamanya
    – singa pun tak akan rehat selamanya

    bila tiba masa dan dalam keadaan terancam serta sudah bersedia:
    – harimau akan mengaum mencari mangsa sambil menunjukkan taring & kukunya yang tajam
    – helang akan terbang tinggi mencari peluang yang lebih baik dengan mata yang bersinar
    – naga akan bangun mengejar musuh yang mengganggu
    – beruang akan bangkit berjuang semula setelah lama merehatkan diri
    – singa pun akan berdiri dengan gagah memanggil2 musuh yang sering mengacaunya

    datuk seri have to remember that malaysian are not only from dap, pkr, pas and those urban ppl
    how about the rest that are not included in your categories above?
    they are many more silent and hidden malaysian (or malays) whom are working very closely & quietly to ensure malays and good malaysian continuity to govern and lead this golden land

    to win putrajaya – to topple barisan government and to punish umno – datuk seri must also win those silent and hidden group of people.
    dap, pkr, pas and urban ppl supports alone are not enough to take over this promised land

  27. Well said Helen – you are just among so little very sincere and honest non Malay bloggers – Be Malaysian and Think Malaysia !

  28. But then this group of ‘urban ppl’ think they are doing a service to the silent majority by rallying to topple the newly elected govt. They are angry with their fate.

  29. Helen,

    Selamat Hari Wesak buat Saudari dan keluarga.

    Ramai di kalangan keluarga saya penyokong PR tegar dan tanpa segan silu berkempen dan mengundi DAP PRU lepas. Gembira sakan bila calon-calon DAP menang besar di Parlimen dan DUN mereka.

    Namun mereka kini risau dalam kepuasan. Kekalahan Ghani Othman dan Ali Rustam membuat mereka tersentak dalam kesedaran.

    Mula dipesan kepada anak-anak “orang Cina takkan bagi muka pada Melayu tak kira bagus mana pun….. Kita yang bagus cuma digunakan kalau ada untung untuk mereka”

    Mula berpesan sesama mereka “kalau hari ini buat pada Najib dan UMNO, jangan heran besok PKR dan PAS pula”

    Hari ini dengan kemelut exco Selangor “kan dah kata …. Cina DAP takkan bagi muka pada PAS”

    Lihat pada senario hari ini, memang betul Melayu rasa ditikam Cina dari belakang. Bukan UMNO dan yang tak berparti, tetapi PAS juga sudah mula terasa.

    – Amri –

    1. Amri,

      I really love the ways the Malay sultans of pre colonial period dealt with those so fond of slandering.

      The Sultan would use “sula’ . literally piercing an iron from your private part up to your mouth. Dont worry for the “candidate” for sula. I have ample name of current politicians who actually deserve such punishment.

      HELEN WAS spot on. UMNO is hated not so much because of corruption or nepotism. After all, DAP is about “dynasty Lim” and the same goes to PKR too. Who appoint the “ketua umum”.. it is a self appointed position.

      UMNO is hated as it is a manifestation of Malay control of politics. for a malay based party to lord the political arena is already a sin. why? Because they feel only they( Chinese) are qualified to rule.

      “Ini kalilah” is a term to show that this time the hallmark of Malay control of politics, UMNO, would have fallen. Unfortunately, just as they were not able to conduct a simple CEC election with fairness, they also fail(out of hatred) to “see” the Malay sentiments. They based their view on angles provided by several Malay liberals who are in the first place are hostile to malays and everything Malay aspires.

      So, Najib. If you love your post (UMNO President )., please give priority to those who vote for you. In simple term, stop pampering the Chinese.

  30. Wesak Day today. I wonder what Brother Joseph Lim is going to say to his Chinese, oops Cina Celop constituents ? anybody care to make a guess ?

  31. Wong Chun Wai surprisingly is just like one of the 80% Chinese, Malaysian Chinese who thought they could throw out the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties. H

    is actions instead of being loyal and responsible at the Star since his elevation to peerage were against the best interests of the MCA vis a vis the BN.

    To believe that the very Chinese Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the very rich PKR and the very pious PAS with no common beliefs amongst themselves apart from power, revenge and make more money, could beat the BN was and is a pipe dream.

    This might have happened in 2008 but no longer. And now he is up a greasy pole of no return by putting his bet on a born loser even with the support of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed policies for Singapore. It is time he retires gracefully and join the bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes of Subang Jaya.

    See you all at the 14th General Elections folks !

  32. The fact of the matter is the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties beat the very Chinese Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the very rich PKR and the very pious PAS hands down. Try again at the 14th General Elections folks. The nub of the matter is the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese who are best treated in the World better than Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World are in the Opposition of all places. This shows the very poor political leadership for these Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese who do not behave the Chinese we know. OMG ! See you at the 14th General Elections folks !

  33. memang lawak gaban! tulisan membodohkan diri sendiri. tebal kan muka dia?

  34. The fact is with the best efforts of support from the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore, the tons of money from overseas, the 80% Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, the determined emotions of the very Chinese Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the very rich PKR, and the very pious PAS, the BN as led by Dato Seri Najib and the UMNO with the 14 component parties were soundly beaten at the ballot box.

    My sincere advice to all Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese is for you all to vote the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties at the 14th General Elections IF YOU HAVE NO PERSONAL AXE TO GRIND ! Be realistic like any Chinese in the World. The Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese have become the laughing-stock of the Chinese World by being in the Opposition at the behest of others. Stupid. This also shows that those BIG BIG names misled the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese and now they enjoy the comfort of their cosy homes. Sayonara, Malaysian Chinese till the 14th General Elections ! If you are in trouble that is your silly business. The gates of castle Singapore will not be opened to all Malaysian refugees as said by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore !

  35. Sorry amendment …….were soundly beaten by the BN as led by Dato Seri Najib and UMNO with the 14 component parties.

  36. If the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, who turned out in droves to vote against the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties, willingly and democratically, then it is up to them to seek the help of the very Chinese Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the very rich PKR, and the very pious PAS to cater to their needs. IT IS WELL-KNOWN YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS – HAVE THE CAKE AND EAT IT ! There must be give and take – an advice which I should not give to the clever Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese.

  37. Dear Helen,you’re one of a kind….keep it up ,don’t be intimidated by the so called mother (oops father )of all guntings!!and you’re the man!(oops you’re the woman!);P

  38. WCW mengundi PR dalam PRU13. Tak percaya? Semua orang dah tahu.

    Persoalannya, mengapa MCA masih simpan dia kat the star?

    1. Ahak….that is the question that needs answering, honestly. Yeah, I shall ask it again: why does MCA still retain WCW at the star?

  39. For whom that want to migrate and seek cleaner and whiter pasture. Welcome to South Pole. Event South Pole kitchen cabinet didn’t accept the ungrateful yellow fellas. We only accept white man and have people who have true nationalities not people of immigrant.

  40. Dear Helen,

    we could suggest to datuk seri wcw to study back the real and actual sejarah of tanah melayu and nusantara since only now he realized that not only malaysian’s politic is very complicated, but he also has to accept the fact that all aspects of we as malaysian is too diversified to be justified at a glance.especially when we look at it with suspicious, hatred and kiasu in mind

    Kepelbagaian Adalah Kekayaan

    but unfortunately the actual sejarah is hidden from all of us by previous british colonial in order to grade down malay peoples’ pride and dignity

    however, they are group of malay scholars whom have done very extensive research to reveal true story of malay civilization and distributed it to the mass to nurture back their self esteem and confidence

    therefore, the result is they rather backup the “corrupted and racist malay party” instead of giving their vote to group of people that are clearly being racist and hatred so much to them

    datuk seri wcw got to read and study malay ppls’ mind in order to conquer their heart similar to as what has been done by british colonial before. only then his master would be able to conquer putrajaya and malaysia in next general election. but i just afraid it would too late for him then because by that time the malay ppl already been united to protect this golden land from being damaged by irresponsible, hypocrite and ultrakiasu ppl.

  41. For those who want to migrate, here is what I found in 1969 and I came home.


    1. You got to be young
    2. Educated in an institution of higher learning there
    3. Married to the natives
    4. Be a Christian
    5. Be prepared to be pensioned off at 40 due to the glass ceiling
    6. Your wife will divorce you anytime after 40


    This country is governed by the 1% of Government servants, academics, Jewish lobby, the Unionists, the industrialists, the big land owners, the Church etc. It has a history of anti-Chinaman.


    Not many know that this is a socialist country. Taxes are high. Unlike 1969, when Chinamen were welcomed, present day Canada has refined their entry requirements


    You can never beat the Government, the Singapore Government !

    United Kingdom

    If you were there when you were young, you never ever want to come back. Many of my friends just enjoyed themselves and never returned.

  42. “To many Pakatan supporters, there was disbelief, even shock, as the news began to trickle in that the predominantly Malay voters would remain faithful to the Barisan.”

    Someone once said that pride comes before a fall. This is especially true for the Chinese. Before 505, they comfortably adopted DAP’s tribal agenda of racial supremacy disguised as the hypocritical abomination known as Malaysian First.

    Now they’re going around slack jawed, not knowing what hit them. Was talking to an unrepentant black shirt wearing, Govt toppling, Tokong worshiping, running dog lecturer friend of mine (a Green Laner…damn them!) about politics recently.

    He was as usual, indignant and kau peh kau bu outraged about how Pakatan (DAP, as far as he’s concerned) was denied its rightful place as primo supremo ruler of the country when I got tired of his whining and asked him, “Chong, do you realise something?” “What?” he asked.

    I said to him, “The reality is that the Chinese are no longer represented in the Government of Malaysia. The Indians, a minority making up only about 7 – 8% of the population, despite being fragmented politically and geographically, still are. What do you think of that?”

    His jaw dropped and he looked stunned. The dumbass then upped and left mumbling something about his daughter at tuition. To think that he and his running dog kind are now shamelessly pleading with BN to be magnanimous and inclusive? What a bunch of pathetic losers.

    I say let them reap what they have sown. Incidentally, I’ve been getting a lot of adds on FB from Malay acquaintances, old friends and even ex-teachers since GE… LOL!

    1. PenangDude,

      Yup. Before the election, almost all my chinese colleagues loudly and proudly said ‘ini kalilah’. They purposely raised their voices anytime I was around them.

      I just smile. i told them sometime a knife cut both way. They simply did not understand what i said. After the election, euphoria was gone.

      What happened?, I mocked them. I purposely asked them what d they now think of ‘ini kalilah’.

      This time around, the confidence was gone. “what happened to the Malays?”, they asked me.

      I cant imagine the pleasure I have in giving a piece of my mine.

      Calmly, I told them that majority of malays hate DAP. And as Anwar refused to swear, those who understand Malay and Islam realise that the refusal is perceived as admission of guilt.

      Beside, humble the Malays could have been. But they are not in the mood to be ruled by “yahudi DAP’.

  43. Well done Helen ! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and concerns vis a vis the content of our Constitution.

    I am a grandmother of 3 grandsons who used to work with a multinational for 30 years and throughout my working days had always believed in the need to be fair and mindful of the need to hire and promote the best people irrespective of race or religion.

    I taught my children and now my grandsons to be respectful of every Malaysian and to be wary of the sensitivity of each race. At Hari Raya I would always make sure that I label any food with beef content to ensure my Buddhist and Hindu friends do not partake of them.

    I even have a vegetarian corner as I have about half a dozen vegetarian friends who do not fail to visit me at Raya. I had truly believed that majority of my Chinese friends would reciprocate.

    Sadly, after GE13 I know now that for the sake of our survival in our own land, we have to be smarter and win the GE14 with a total swing of malay votes to Umno and Barisan.

    And of course, I have stopped buying or even reading Star. My whole immediately family of 50 persons in 12 household have also stopped their subscription and are now subscribed to NST.

    Malays in power are giving and are willing to share. I believe now that its not the same if the table is turned. Thank you again Helen and quite a few other Chinese friends who are truly !alaysians. Hidup BN !

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