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Sedition crackdown and the warm-up for tomorrow

The breaking news is that the “dragnet” on several Pakatan leaders is tantamount to an Ops Lallang-type “crackdown”.

Among those trying to exorcise the BN is pro-Pakatan mullah Bishop Paul Tan. He talks about the “forces of darkness” in relation to the arrest of a handful of Pakatan people to investigate the charge of sedition.

When he talks about “evil”, Bishop Paul is referring to the authorities and not the police detainees.

Below is the Malaysiakini coverage of the story. Note that they deliberately chose a photo showing two women wearing tudung (standing in the foreground of a candlelight vigil) to illustrate their Bishop Paul story.

No hidden agenda, meh?

Now let’s look at the agenda of the mainstream media pula.

Below is the front page of The Star today.

The Star photo is captioned “Peaceful gathering: A DAP Thanksgiving rally in Petaling Jaya”.


Update: Commenter ‘Sang Kancil’ has pointed out the use of the black border on the Star front page similar to its report on the 1987 ISA crackdown. I believe he’s right. It’s rare that the paper uses a black background. (5.20pm)

Update 2: And the panel beneath the black picture is in Bersih yellow!

The Star chooses to highlight on its cover a “Thanksgiving” gathering, and juxtaposes the “peaceful” DAP supporters with a red-and-white banner headline screaming ‘Cops get tough’.

Are we to say that The Jerusubang Star is all innocent (erm, Malaysiakini‘s editorial decision to use their photo of the tudung-ed women)? That there is no secret agenda behind the MCA paper’s front page-design today?

The venue of the DAP Thanksgiving rally is Padang Timur near Amcorp Mall. The Star Online story on its inside page also has a photo of Lim Kit Siang addressing the DAP rally. He is wearing black.

As we’re aware, a series of # Black 505 rallies have been organized nationwide to protest alleged fraud in our recently concluded general election.

There is another one planned for tomorrow evening. And the venue? Why it’s Padang Timur near Amcorp Mall too. Same location as the DAP Thanksgiving rally yesterday and publicised on the Star front page today. What a coincidence!

The social media network

There is a hive of activity in Facebook, Twitter, chain mail and the other forms of digital communication. However, we’re not in the loop as the messages are only accessible by their followers. It is not open to the public, just like how some of Hannah Yeoh’s tweets are no longer published in the public domain.

To get an idea of what goes on beneath the iceberg (we only see its tip), we can refer Haris Ibrahim’s blog.

Haris’s posting updating readers about his arrest on 23 May 2013 has attracted 32 comments thus far. These comments we can read.

Nonetheless the same Haris posting has also been linked on more than 1,000 Facebook entries. What the Pakatan supporters are saying in their social media discussions we don’t know.

What we do know is that DAP owns the social media in Malaysia.

What kind of people are they?

The DAP SuperCyber Bullies control Facebook.

Facebookers said there was a blackout in Bentong during the GE13 ballot counting. Lie.

They created the rumour that Dr Mahathir had flown out of the country prior to May 5 to escape a potential Pakatan win. Lie.

They claimed they’re colour blind. Lie. (They racially profiled fellow citizens and harassed at the polling stations those whose looks don’t conform to their idea of ‘Malaysian Malaysia’.)

They’re a people with a bottomless capacity to slander.

Lee You Hin is the Kelana Jaya MCA youth chief

If someone were to sit down and make a list of all the outrageous fabrication they had spread over the social media, portals and in blogosphere during the election campaign, we would see clearly what kind of people they are.

And in order to fuel the suspicion and fan the perpetual hysteria among the opposition supporters, they keep sharing, resending and retweeting lies.

Politicians, especially evangelical ones, speak from many mouths
Politicians, especially evangelical ones, speak from many mouths

Cakap tak serupa bikin

The Firsters are adroit at dripping sugar-coated words.

But the facts indicate an altogether different thing.

Their media vehicle The Star is presently on overdrive touting Malaysian ‘inclusion’.

But the ballot box, which speaks more accurately and truly, has instead revealed the contrary.

Let’s examine what these people actually DO as opposed to what they constantly SAY (yang hanya untuk menyedapkan telinga).


Did the Chinese members of the MCA/Gerakan/BN component parties themselves give their vote to the BN?

Vox populi: Figures don’t lie

Any which way you do the math, one still arrives at a figure of around 10 percent Chinese support for BN in the Chinese-majority urban areas (see footnote for calculations).

Imagine that in five constituencies together totalling 331,385 registered voters – of whom 273,640 came out to vote on May 5 (average 82.3% voter turnout) – only an estimated 26,178 of the Chinese among them cast their votes for the BN.

Where were the MCA’s touted one million members? Don’t they live in KL (Cheras, Kepong, Seputeh) or in the heart of Penang island (Tanjong)?

If the MCA and Gerakan members had themselves really voted for their own parties or for the BN, then how come the votes from the Chinese were so meagre? It’s impossible to deny the election outcome that saw MCA and Gerakan wiped out.

If we consider that the ballot box is the voice of the people, then the Chinese community have spoken loud and clear in GE13.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

And here’s what Wong Chun Wai said

On 8 May 2013, the group Star editor penned a column headlined ‘GE13: Win them over, don’t blame them’.

Wong Chun Wai wrote:

“There may have been some accusations of fraud but on the whole, the election results have been well accepted. The DAP has declared it is happy with its huge gains and PAS has said the same despite losing Kedah.

“The only exception is PKR’s Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who had this grand delusion of being Prime Minister. Bitter that his ambition is gone, he still cannot move on, and is on a campaign to instigate his supporters with claims of fraud.”

It looks like while Chun Wai has laid the blame at Anwar’s door for the continued agitation against the GE13 results, he has exonerated the DAP.

Chun Wai claims that unlike the PKR, the DAP is happy enough with the results. If that is so, then why are the # Black 505 rallies being largely attended by Chinese?

In his May 8 article, Chun Wai reiterated his stance that the Chinese should not be blamed. A day earlier on May 7, he had written ‘GE13: Don’t ignore the Chinese voice‘.

Chun Wai reminded the BN on May 8:

“Yes, the fact is that 90% of the Chinese votes went to Pakatan, or more precisely the DAP. Foolish as it may seem, many of these voters believed they could change the Barisan government. They wanted to punish Umno but ended up punishing the Chinese-based component parties instead.”

He advised:

“It is more important now for the political parties to be honest with their self-assessment and review their campaign strategies to win back those who voted against them this time.”

His call for “the political parties to be honest with their self-assessment” deserves applause.

He also seems to think that the BN can win back the Chinese votes that they lost this time.

And one can only suppose that The Star is doing its darnest to help the BN Chinese parties to recoup their losses with the sort of coverage that the paper is doing now.


Five Parliament constituencies which were won by the DAP and having the most Chinese voters (percentage of electorate) are:


  • Kuching — 90.9%
  • Kepong — 90.3%
  • Seputeh — 89.7%
  • Tanjong — 85.2%
  • Cheras  — 84.1%

Because there are so few non-Chinese voters in the five seats above, i.e. only between 10% and 15%, this makes it easier to tabulate the Chinese support.

Below are the total number of votes cast on 5 May 2013, and with a conservative estimate of the portion of Chinese votes in brackets:

  • Kuching — 40,879 votes (37,159)
  • Kepong — 58,585 votes (52,902)
  • Seputeh — 71,859 votes (64,458)
  • Tanjong — 42,913 voter (36,562)
  • Cheras — 59,404 voters (49,959)

We’ve earlier worked out that the Chinese support for the establishment (MCA) in Seputeh could be just a little over nine percent — see calculations here and here.

What about the rest?

Votes that went to BN in GE13:

  • Kuching — 10,491 (SUPP-Chinese candidate)
  • Kepong — 7,530 (PPP-Indian candidate)
  • Seputeh — 9,948 (MCA)
  • Tanjong — 6,865 (Gerakan-Chinese candidate)
  • Cheras — 10,840 (MCA)

(A) Sample size: The total number of registered voters in these five constituencies is

Kuching (53,336) + Kepong (68,035) + Seputeh (85,976) + Tanjong (51,487) + Cheras (72,551) = 331,385 Malaysians

(B) Political participants: The total number whom turned out to vote in the five constituencies for GE13 is 273,640 Malaysians

(C) BN supporters: The total number whom voted BN in the five constituencies is 45,674 Malaysians

(D) Indian BN supporters: Assuming 50 percent Indians who voted had given their support to BN, the estimated number in the five constituencies is

Kuching (82) + Kepong (4,189) + Seputeh (1,631) + Tanjong (1,847) + Cheras (1,830) = 9,579 BN Indians

(E) Malay BN supporters: The percentage of Malays in the five constituencies is very small and thus their impact negligible (e.g. 4.28% Malay voters in Kepong, 5.62% in Seputeh, 5.78% in Tanjong)

Kuching (1,099) + Kepong (1,504) + Seputeh (2,419) + Tanjong (1,488) + Cheras (3,407) = 9,917 BN Malays

(F) Chinese support for BN

Altogether 45,674 votes were cast for BN in the five constituencies. If you take away the Indian and Malay votes for BN, it leaves 26,178 Chinese BN supporters in the five constituencies.

So 26,178 Chinese out of the 241,040 Chinese who voted in Kuching, Kepong, Seputeh, Tanjong and Cheras had voted the BN in the urban areas. That’s 10.86 percent Chinese (high estimate) who the supported BN in the last general election.

Updated: 5.08pm


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

56 thoughts on “Sedition crackdown and the warm-up for tomorrow

  1. Today’s Star (May 24) frontpage has black borders, as if In mourning. Afternoon Ops Lalang In 1987, Star did The same thing.

      1. Janganlah sampai warna hitam kita cakap begitu. At this juncture, kalau tangkap more PR leaders, will be counter productive. Biarkan semangat FAKE 505 BLACKOUT ini subsides, baru pelahan-lahan tangkap mereka.
        Rafizi, surely will be charged with his current case, since the court of appeal said the session court to proceed asap. All Malaysian wants to see the culprit causing Lahad Datu Incident to be prosecuted NOW. This FAKE 505 BLACKOUT is their cover. Do you realize that, the ceramah on FAKE 505 BLACKOUT is not talking about blackout anymore? Their ceramah is now focusing on NON-PERMANENTLY-STICKING-INEDIBLE-INK issue. Later they will focus on the recent arrests of their BLANK-HEADED-IDIOTS.

    1. The Star dimiliki MCA tp publisiti lebih kpd DAP.psl apa? tanya sama Wong Chun Wai mungkin dia blh jwb..

  2. Helen, when I get rubbish posts being shared on my FB by my pro-oppo friends, i quickly post a comment saying that I am making a police report on the shared posts with the excuse that if the posts were true, then it is a crime and the police should investigate etc. almost straight away, they stop sharing any post that cannot be substantiated or bordering on fitnah.

    All sebab takut dipanggil polis. So, i suggest everyone do the same. If any of your FB friends share any of these so called fitnah or seditious posting on their wall, just comment that you are going to make a police report. Memang they will stop sharing crap. I see it as me helping them minimise their dosa by spreading fitnah :-). If they are confident that what they share is the absolute truth, what is there to takut!

    1. Bijaklah you Melonhead! Maybe that’s the only way to stop the malicious lies from spreading.. hehe but maybe they will just unfriend you .. kowtim!

    2. Brilliant! Will start doing this too. I really can’t stand the crap my friends have been sharing on Facebook, all unverified but assumed to be the gospel truth.

      When I pointed out how flimsy those posts were, they lashed at me saying that it is important to pay attention to rumours as they could serve as ‘precautionary warnings’. But these people don’t even bother to find out if those reports are true! How lah? Kerja auditor tapi bila suruh verify data in real life, fail!

    3. I kinda of did the same but not police report. I bantai them but they cannot accept truth. They are very taksub. They have been indoctrinated.

  3. Padan muka. I am so delighted the police did the right thing. After weeks of slandering by these so called freedom fighters, the new batch get the opportunity to enjoy the slammer. I want to thank and kids the police. Enough rubbish about rallying. Please arrest people in Penang please!

        1. Utusan only attack when they are attack,so you see if you disturb a bees hornet,you get stung.

  4. Helen,

    manusia ini teramat bahaya apabila lisan mereka tidak terjaga. kerana lisan juga ramai yang akan terhumban ke dalam api-neraka.
    tetapi di atas dunia ini, kerana lisan mereka cuma ditahan, disoal-siasat dan mungkin didakwa serta dijatuhkan hukuman denda atau penjara untuk tempuh yang singkat.

    ambiga sendiri sewaktu membela adam adli berkata bahawa anak guamannya tidak patut ditahan di bawah akta hasutan kerana akta berkenaan sedang dikaji untuk dimansuhkan….tidakkah kenyataan beliau amat dangkal dan tidak mencerminkan keprofesionalan beliau dalam bidang guaman?

    selain itu ambiga juga berkata bahawa tidak berlaku rusuhan hasil perbuatan anak-guamnya maka adam adli sepatutnya dibebaskan? apakah ambiga ini benar-benar faham bahawa pencegahan itu lebih baik dari merawat?

    kerana dasar hipokrit peribadi dan kepentingan peribadi, akhirnya kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh pemimpin pembangkang dan pencacai pro-pembangkang sering menampakkan kedangkalan akal mereka.

    saya fikir dengan KDN juga telah memulakan operasi terhadap akhbar terbitan pembangkang, the star juga sepatutnya dikenakan tindakan yang sama dan saya harap dapat melihat tindakan tegas yang lebih menyeluruh dalam waktu terdekat.

    apapun, ucapan tahniah sepatutnya diberikan kepada PDRM dan KDN kerana telah memulakan tugas yang sepatutnya demi undang-undang untuk rakyat yang cintakan kedamaian….

    1. Tu lah. Apabila PM berlembut dan rela memansuhkan undang-undang pencegahan seperti Akta Hasutan, pembangkang masih lagi terus mahu menentang dan menentang segala apa sahaja yang dicadangkan kerajaan.

      Seharusnya mereka memberi sokongan mantap kepada Najib ketika itu dan cepat-cepat bersama mengusahakan pemansuhan akta tersebut.

      1. The Bersihans want ink. They get ink and they complain. If you want to be a Bersihan always use the negative when talking.

  5. Politicians, especially evangelical ones, speak from many mouths
    Yes they speak with their poisonous tongues.

  6. This Dapsters like to twist facts, they like to be seen like angels, they like to be seen like they are the saviour of the nation.

    Hey Dapsters, we are not stupid like all of you, we care more for our nation than ourselves, we are all for the well being of Malaysia. If Dapsters really care, why majority of those who joint 505 are Chinese.

    Please lah DAP, Malaysia is our Homeland you can be part of it, terima keputusan GE13 dengan hati terbuka, no lie lie tau oleh SPR. Please respect the wish of the voters and the system “first-past-the-goal-post” is the winner.

  7. prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. how about religions prostitution by the these so called mullahs?

    1. Yeh, the mullah in the church and in the bulan who are your friends in PR.


    this what I wrote about this guy Tian Chua arrest . And after discuss it with my husband make prediction to him that The star will surely try to cover itself up. Ops Cover up began he said. After all harakah and Suara Keadilan had pay a price yesterday.

    So, Sedition Act make them afraid hmm. What other thing in sedition Act that we don’t know that make them act that way???? I wonder. need to do research right now.


  9. There something you should know about this malay-urban. obviously they are pakatan supporters. live and work in urban area sureley they work with private sector and MNC which we know control by chinese.

    what furious me that this malays always brag how harmonius inter-ethnic in pakatan coalition; how utusan is super racist, no racial issue la in PR, no melayu cina india la in PR, yada yada while they actualy the one who loudly cried racism towards the management (who apparantly most of them are chinese) when there is no increment, when their management promote chinese people instead of them, when there is no bonus. what a hypocrite…

    1. The key is PR are full of young MPs and ADUN – you know, young minds think alike. So, it is a little difficult for them to relate with that of BN. This is BN weakness that really really needs to be addressed.

    2. Alba,

      And the time tested way of handling this “Malay urban” who over emphasize their wisdom is by “taking bull by its horn”.

      Meaning we have to correct them there and them. I told off one of my friends. He was lamenting why there is a need for NEP. I asked him a simple question: Who financed his overstudy post graduate and doctorate?

      And loudly I told him that should BN not in power, he would have the chance to study in UK. He still want to argue with me. I told him to check the list of editors in STAR and tell me how many Malays are there.

      He got my message.

      1. to be honest I already tired to correct them. the heat is still on. their egoes as tall as KLCC. as for me, I really didnt like where I’m right now. It just so happen that I work in industry where 90% are malays and 90% of them also are PR.from top to bottom. sight

  10. sorry to say that some of our beloved malaysian chinese become the pawn by jew

    as post-merdeka generation i personally don’t have any bad impression towards chinese as i learn a lot as well from my beloved chinese friends

    ever since i know the true history of china in mainland, i felt very sorry to understand that jewish and vatican have been using chinese people to turn down their own monarchy. also previous british colonial has been using chinese ppl as well as front line to fight with malay ppl in tanah melayu. instead of kena potong kepala like jww birch, british colonial was rather love to see malay ppl potong kepala the chinese ppl

    why don’t dap and oppo gang become an effective party that really contribute for the betterment of the nation??

    or they love to see this nation in chaotic?
    since most business activities belonged to chinese, do they really want to see their business going down when ppl are not living in harmony anymore – fighting here and there

    most malay already been used to live in hardship since they come from kampung, but how about majority of these so called urban ppl??

    do they ready to relinquish their comfort zone and live in difficulties due to nation instability??

    many malay ppl start boycotting chinese products – ABC (asal bukan cina), ABCD (asal bukan cina dap), bbc (boikot barangan cina)

    do they ready to face the consequences of their action by keep playing hatred card towards most malay and other malaysian??

    could they really survive without the support of these ‘racist’ malay and other malaysian??

    i just wondering……

    and i always thinking that if those dap n d gang live in china, sudah lama agaknya mereka ni dihukum tembak oleh pemerintah komunis cina sebab selalu buat hal……..

    sorry Helen but i love to share this article again

    The Chinese Who To Be Pawn by Jew

    1. Haiyaa…chinese businessmen want PR to win so desperately so that they can have more land as promised by Anwar.

      Land in KL and PJ is so scarce now except for that are owned by the Malays and Malay reserved lands. I know for a fact that some parcels of Malay reserved land in Lembah Pantai constituency that is being developed and opened for sale to non-bumi too. And, the salesman was so proud in telling me that “soon, all the Malay reserved land will be opened for all. The authority is working on it.”

      I think Anwar is sweating bullets now because the Chinese businessmen are probably cursing him. He will not give up his fight for the Chinese, because I am sure half of the profit will go in Anwar and cronies pockets. But PAS, what will you get?

  11. Our favourite free propaganda magazine Buletin Mutiara is here. It is thicker. In Page 10 we have ugly Betty posing with her beautiful yellow tudung with Mrs Anwar. So glamourous for someone so bald. The tokong talks about no race bashing and building for the future in the next page. On page 7 we are told why the octopus bridge must be torn down to help the OKU. So considerate.

    1. Tough to be living in Penang at this hour, huh?

      Penang has the best street food but even the temptation of all that is difficult to make up for the aggravation of Tokong rule.

      1. I don’t miss Penang anymore nowadays, dulu yes I miss a lot, its new name is “island of the traffic jam”.

        1. Me, too. Used to go up to Penang for a weekend to hang out by the beach and also pig out. No more. I will go either to Terengganu or Langkawi now.

    1. To save money, read the free Buletin Mutiara or Selangor Today. Good way to strench your budget. Thank you Tokong.

      1. The elves of the Tokong are so hardworking. We get our regular pack of brainwash on a holiday evening. We can have our brains washed while we eat our dinner.

  12. Malaysia has fast becoming police state. If BN can’t answer the Pakatan accusation, they just simply lock them up. Sedation act has been used mainly against political opponent. If Papagomo can ask Malay to kill Chinese out from different political idea and no action against him, hard to think that the police is non partisan. Police is just a tool for BN.

    1. ‘Sedation’ Act is used by Pakatan on their supporters to brainwash them.

      The govt / police are now using the Sedition Act which I agree should have been repealed.

      The Pakatan lawmakers should have struck when the iron was hot, i.e. when Najib was making conciliatory noise about rolling back certain holdover-from-British-times legislation, they should have quickly backed him up and swiftly agree to a bipartisan effort to get those laws abolished.

    2. Didn’t this PR supporters knows that PR are blatantly ignoring all the laws of the country? If you break the law, then you are wrong!Find any place in the world that says “you can break the law and you get free scotch”. Aiyah, break the law and you get punish-lah.

      1. Exactly. Their response is like, you get caught stealing. You stole it because you feel the price is too high. But when you get caught you cry foul and say the law is unjust. These spoiled brats want everything to go their way. No need for traffic lights, cos they think the lights should be green for them all the time.

    3. “Sedation Act”, that’s new to me. Now I get why, when you look at all the 505 rally pictures you see them looking a bit zombie-fied. Their Sedation Act gives you the Walking Dead from PR.

  13. Helen.have not seen Joceline Tan articled since last week. Have the Yeopies axed her in the Scissor Tower or she is on posg election vacation.

    Sent an email to Miss Tan before the elections to commend on her articles and she replied, truly a lady.

  14. Sedition crackdown and the warm-up for tomorrow

    Warm up? You mean more politicians are being lined up for arrest tomorrow (and the day after tomorrow)? Does Bishop Paul qualifies as a politician? I better STFU for the next 30 days. Bishop Paul too. Ciao.

    1. By warm-up, I meant the Star front page picture today of the DAP gathering in the field near Amcorp yesterday serving as a prelude for the same Star treatment rally planned for tomorrow at the identical venue.

  15. You are correct to point out about the tudung clad picture in mkini…thestar had been using the same tactics…suddenly post
    GE13 tudung clad and malays has been in fashion! How despicable!

  16. Helen you spent your wesak holiday to do this article? I’m impressed with your determination to prove the chinese deviationist nature in terms of faith, both politically and religiously. Like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

    I am not good in mathematics but your figures get me dizzy. By simplifying your research and taking the malaysian total population numbers into consideration, we can derive that for every 1,000 malaysians, only 1 chinese is not racist.

    Helen my dear lady, you are so alone…

    Its ok, tomorrow I will belanja you nasi lemak and cendol…

    As for the warming up for more arrest? Dont bother, since many majistrates and jud… are turncoats already. Ask AG he knows. Oops…

  17. DAP Thanksgiving ni sama dengan majlis kesyukuran atau doa selamat ke? Agaknya dia jamu pulut kuning tak? So, is this a religious celebration for Wesak or maybe Thanksgiving for having won the Chinese votes?

    Nisbah, your last statement on turncoats … yes, I saw the news tonight and was disheartened by her decision on the remand.

  18. Today the Bintang Tiga Metro reports our beloved Tokong and his ugliness are in England. So thety wish Happy Wesak from England. So loving. I hope they go and see Evita. Penang now got our own Evita who is bald and not beautiful.

    1. See how racist the Star is. If Betty goes for Rainbow Tour (sorry we forgot your sexy secretary was Rainbow) it is for friendship and investment. When Kak Rosmah goes out it is waste of money. Typical racist thought!

  19. I think some of us are missing the bigger picture. If BN supporters think that the support of Sarawakian and Sabahan politicians does not come at a heavy price, think again.

    I believe the current spate of arrests is more like Ops Jentik than Ops Lalang. Something else is bothering me, the fact that Sarawak DUN gave themselves a 300% salary increase but little mention of it by both sides is not only suspicious, but the “silence” is deafening and alarming. How serious is the problem with the Borneo state leadership? I haven’t visited RPK’s MT site, but if something is trickling out, chances are we will hear it from him and his sources first. I have no informants but I suspect/speculate a strong undercurrent of trading happening as we speak.

    The question is, how much is Anwar Ibrahim willing to give up to get his premiership? I have two more questions which I am unwilling to spell out atm.

  20. mahathir the best in controlling the spread of lalang. yes the dapsters few celakas from PR are lalang that need to be destroyed to the root. the chinese who voted DAP also lalang, ikut angin type. they swallow all government goodies but voted for DAP. depan cakap lain, undi orang lain. najib too soft when he took out ISA. wrong decision.

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