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# Black 505 rallies dominated by Chinese who hate Utusan

Lim Guan Eng and his wife Betty Chew are currently in London while their rallying supporters here are getting more and more hysterical as well as getting arrested.

The Star group editor Wong Chun Wai “loves London” too. He says so in his Twitter profile (see screenshot below).

Chun Wai also declares in his biodata on Twitter that he reads The Economist, a high brow London-based weekly magazine. And he follows Hannah Yeoh on Twitter too.

Wong Chun Wai (chunwai09) on Twitter 2013-05-25 10-26-24


What “national reconcilation”?

The fact that attendance at the # Black 505 rallies has been largely Chinese is not the way forward to a national reconciliation, according to Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Dr Chua’s comment about the rallies being “dominated by one ethnic group” was quoted in the Star article below.

Note that The Star Online carried an advertisement promoting Zairil Khir Johari on the same page that it featured the story on Dr Chua.

Say one thing, do another

In the article noted above, The Star also reports that Dr Chua had questioned Pakatan’s sense of political responsibility since its leaders continued to hold mega rallies.

Does the continuance of these rallies, another one which is scheduled for this evening in Petaling Jaya, hint that the “one ethnic group” dominating them is in any way interested in “national reconciliation”?

If ‘No’, then what does it say about The Star painting an altogether parallel reality about “magnanimity” and “inclusion”?

Should we then be surprised that Chinese living in The Jerubang Star alternate universe are suffering an In Denial Syndrome?

After all, the most influential and far-reaching media conglomerate in Malaysia is daily feeding them the Firster opium.

Plus the Star Media Group has got advanced strategies to snare Blue Ocean cyber audiences — its deputy group chairman Vincent Lee revealed this at the Star AGM held a few days ago.

After the shareholders’ meeting and speaking to reporters, Lee said: “We also plan to spend about RM20 million to RM30 million on our digital business to develop the most effective media business models.”

Imagine how big The Star online propaganda machine is going to become! And we know that young Malaysians practically squat in the ether world of the Internet.

We mustn’t forget either that more than three million new voters were registered prior to GE13 and millions more are waiting to come of age for GE14.

TwitterhannahyeohHey @Zahid_Hamidi @NajibRazak ... 2013-05-24 11-07-57

SCREENSHOT ABOVE: A tweet by Hannah Yeoh screaming to free 24-year-old Adam Adli who is being charged with sedition for allegedly urging the toppling of the government through street demos.

To evangelize, to radicalize

The Subang Jaya DUN lies in the Kelana Jaya Parliamentary constituency.

Below is a photograph of the newly minted Kelana Jaya MP, Wong Chen (wearing the Harry Potter spectacles), meeting young Chinese.

Among the 10 percent of the Chinese who still voted for the BN, many would be from the older generation and are non-city dwellers.

Among the younger Chinese, support for the opposition is likely to exceed 90 percent.

wong chen

DAP owns Malaysian cyberspace

Pakatan supporters credit the tsunami to the urban-rural divide. They say that village people are stupid voters because those in the kampung do not have access to the Net and the new media.

It is not only the online new media which is pro-opposition. The BN is suffering an onslaught from almost all the media publishing or broadcasting in the English language due to the Chinese having better media contacts, including with the foreign news agencies.

Bloomberg, a well-respected international news provider, had quoted Damansara Utama DAP candidate – now – Adun Yeo Bee Yin saying: “Most important to me is the hope tomorrow (May 5 polling day) will mark the end of racism and extremism and we will march forward in unity as true Malaysians.”

It is DAP that is controlling the narrative. The evangelistas have taken possession of The Star too.

The Star Media Group claims to reach 5.63 million pairs of eyes and ears. The Star readership is mostly urban. This English paper does not have a good reach to the rural areas (see pie chart on the right, blue segment) — only four percent.

The Star – with a mere 4% of its readership being rural – can be deemed to be unpopular out of town.

The kampung people read Utusan, whose readership is a quarter in the rural areas — see pie chart here. Perhaps there is truth in the allegation that those Malays cannot be weaned off the BN because they’re on an Utusan diet.

cmlimguaneng THE EVIL dat Utusan DO


Utusan is the Chinese bogeyman

Utusan‘s recent front page headline ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’ caused the Chinese to go ape shit.

The demonisation of this Malay newspaper has been long ongoing.

Young Chinese who rarely read in BM are taught to hate Utusan.

“Utusan” is conflated with Perkasa and Umno (the unholy racist trinity to the Dapsters) — see Hannah Yeoh tweet below.

Twitter hannahyeoh What kind of 1Malaysia Prime


Twitterhannahyeoh Perkasa = UMNO = Utusan

TwitterhannahyeohWickedness of UMNO-BN

The key element is EVANGELISM

To comprehend why it is that the Chinese are dominating the 505 rallies, you have to understand how the young Chinese and their parents (but not their MCA grandparents) have become radicalised.

You have to see what kind of Chinese people the DAP and the PKR have put en masse into public office (scrutinize the DAP-PKR Adun and MP list).

You have to see who are in control of The Star, aside from the London-loving, evangelical church-attending Wong Chun Wai.

You have to see the involvement of the churches in political activism.

The Micah Mandate is a Malaysian Christian website. A few days ago it carried an article by Anthony Loke titled ‘Why attend the Black 505 rally?

When you see the big picture, then you will begin to realise the crucial role that The Star is playing with regard to the development of a new direction in Chinese consciousness.

Why attend the Black 505 rally


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26 thoughts on “# Black 505 rallies dominated by Chinese who hate Utusan

  1. MCA is the cuckold hubby of The Star. The most sickening thing is MCA like to watch DAP making out with his wife.

  2. someone should write about how, what Malaysia will look like once PR is in power. but allow me to state my opinion.

    I know that it will look like the Germany of the Nazis. just look at the state/island of Penang up north. they already have their volunteers’ Patrol Squads running the streets.

    their online cyber army a.k.a the Red Bean Army has been terrorizing cyberspace for years.

    and they have also started persecuting their detractors i.e the real Chinese who are not on the same page as them as well as the Indians and Malays in the same manner the Nazis persecuted the Jews. don’t believe me ? ask the people who have been to Penang ?

    but of course when I say this, people will accuse me of scaremongering. but its okay. I understand. people infected by the “perpetual hysteria” virus are not known for being reasonable. what these people are known for is their “faith”. they have faith in PR. they believe that once PR is in power, all will be well. Malaysia will then become Wonderland, a world of endless, infinite possibility. but please remember what Morpheus said to Neo in The Matrix :

    “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill; the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill; you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

    from what we have already known, through the results of GE13, the majority of these people, the fake Chinese, the Celops, they all decided that its better to take the blue pill and continue with PR and their make believe reality.

    1. Someone should write about how Malaysia will look like if PR (led by Prime Homo Erectus Minister) comes into “power”? Well, dear just and merciful Malaysians here’s a video that might fire up your moral imagination of the neocon liberal realpolitik. (Totally acceptable if the headmistress of this website disallows this content for public viewing)

      Bi-sexual Party Time maah!

  3. How the evangelical types got out of the genie bottle through the Star could easily be traced to the change of the previous management to Wong Chun Wai ?

    If the MCA leadership ever want to seriously recover from their recent debacle, the only way is to have a SPRING CLEANING of the Star beginning with the sacking of the whole Board and the top Management and also to winkle out the moles for the many complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

  4. The political leadership of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, is now at its weakest. To support the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is no panacea to the self-inflicted problems of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese.

    Look at all the young Chinese, young Malaysian Chinese in all the pictures – a group which has no roots, no historical or cultural ballast and think very highly of themselves and their life-styles. This is the area where they are easily manipulated and eventually suffer for their insouciance.

    1. don’t insult the Chinese, the real Chinese. those you mentioned in the pictures, those are fake Chinese, they are the Celop types. they only have a Chinese face and Chinese name. other than that, there’s nothing Chinese about them.

  5. Why is it now called the Black 505 rally when it was once the Blackout 505 rally? Cannot find enough fake blackout incidents?

    1. Good point. I’ve come across both terms.

      I’m surmising Blackout ‘ubah’ed to Black after the (electrical) power outage canard got discredited.

      There were Black protests before. Bersih’s Wong Chin Huat initiated one wrt the BN takeover the Perak state assembly that ousted the Nizar-Ngeh-Nga govt.

      1. Same lies for the FB profile turning dark. Originally it was to protest a stolen election via blackouts. Now it is just black to signify the death of democracy? How convenient! Death of democracy towards the end of vote tallying on 5th of May when the results are not going your way?

        1. Dema tu Raja Pusing tanpa tolok banding.

          That’s why the Star city slickers are beating the crap out of the Utusan ‘kampung’ boys in sales to the Malay urban market.

          1. Helen,

            My colleagues recently said that Utusan Malaysia is racist. i asked her when was the last time she read Utusan if she had read once?

            She was dumbfounded. She does not know what she said. she just “telan bulat bulat” what these racist DAP said. As she is too cocky, I decided to give her some lesson in history. I told her off that if Utusan is racist (and by extension UMNo is racist, meaning malay too are racist), then DAP would not have existed now.

            Kit siang, Guan eng would be somewhere in prison . And UMNO would use Lahad datu invasion as a perfect reason to detain tian chua.

            I told her off that if she is not happy and cant accept election result, ‘”boleh berambus”.

            She gets the message. And as a parting advice, I told her that if she thinks that DAP can play dirty, UMNO can play dirty games 100 times fold. If that is the UMNO’s intention.

            And for the past one week, she has been avoiding me .

            1. Exactly.

              How many of Utusan‘s critics have ever read the paper themselves?

              But you know what, being putar-belit Dapsters, they will retort that Utusan‘s racism is something that everybody already knows.

              Then you ask them, so how do they know.

              They will reply, well, you don’t have to read to know. It’s obvious enough.

              Impossible to reason with Dapsters.

              1. Helen,

                I sometimes asked my Chinese friends how well they know the Malays. I asked as they are so liberal on their judgements on Malays who see things differently from Chinese.

                What i notice is that they only befriend those malays who are anti UMNO. And the attitude of malays of not wanting to create a scene, these super ego bloated DAP lovers until the election thought Malays were waiting to slaughter UMNO.

                These Chinese are simply “at loss’ why UMNO still manage to hold the ‘fort’. I told them the reason why they do not understand Malays is simply because most prominently they refuse to read Utusan and forge genuine friendship with malays. The sign was on the wall but they simply do not see it as they only want to hear things that they want to hear.

                If one is not paranoid, one will know that these so called 40000 phantom voters, even if they really exist, does not make a dent to election credibility. 40000 divided into 222 Parliamentary seats and can the answer change the election result?

                I told one vocal young man on election 1999, UMNO did not get a single DUN seat in kelantan. PAS and semangat 46 bagged all 45 seats. Is that a sign of UMNO playing dirty?

                THE FUNNY PART is that many of my Chinese friends asked me after election how come UMNO still “lords the political arena”. I told them it is very simple actually. Despite attacks by DAP and tonnes of money by foreigners so keen to have Anwar as PM, UMNO manages to get the lion share of Malay votes.

                And the voter voted UMNO in strange sounding places like Kota sarang semut, Baling, Permatang tok Bidan, chenur, Bera, Bota Kiri, Bota kanan, among others.

                Hats off to these voters who succesffully halted DAP’s onslaught.

                1. please dont be so sure. there are a bunch of malays, especially urban malays whom can be easily bribed by being ‘praised’ as liberal or modern or whatever sounds good stuff and these bunch are willingly do whatever is told then.

            2. you must be dealing with the rocket type 1.0.

              if you are not lucky and she is the current rocket type 3.0, she will call her clan and wait outside your office to wait for you for a one sided intimidating speech, if you are a loner, then all the best.

              this current type 3.0 is total intimidation ‘machines’ and the only thing you can do to avoid problem is to shut up. im surrounded by this type all day in the office and they can say whatever but you cant even ask a question because asking questions shows that you are not agreeing and not agreeing is a ‘sin’ in rocket world.

              i asked one question about whether both sides poll agents are on site to avoid unfairness and my colleague just call his clan from other divisions to come and they ask me what is wrong with me rather that give me their opinion on my questions.

              and after that, from far they see me they will start joking things about traitor or stupid or all sorts of things. so, in todays political landscape, if you are not on rocket or pr side and if you want a peace of mind, just dont say anything.

              because 10 out of 10 you meet will be your political opponent especially if you work in urban area and it will be less disastrous to not make friends than make enemies, especially political enemies of this type.

              1. is a tough life being oppo to the oppo nowadays. ya, better don’t say anything.

                this #BitchHaiku: good anology

                poor dung beetles and
                politicians are alike
                they immune to shit!

                -those were dung beettles, at yr office.

      2. or maybe the “Black” is aimed squarely at the BN, as in a subtle way calling the BN “dirty”.

  6. The black actually signifies the death of the Chinese in Malaysia. Now that they have shown their true colour in GE13.

    The Malays and Indians are not stupid.

    Just wait and see.

    There is a limit to everything.

  7. These Chinese hate UTUSAN because Utusan says the truth, Truth are hard to swallow and digest.

    Adam Adli? These young chap hanya “frontage only” for a bigger Dapster Agenda, sebab AA tak suka Melayu memimpin Kot?

    Sama macam Zairil, nama Melayu tapi hati? That’s why, its more realistic to talk to older Chinese [minus LKS] about the reality of being a Malaysian.

  8. I noticed the change that has overcome the Chinese, the young Malaysian Chinese, over a period of 55 years. In this period, most of them if not all of them do not even know the village where their forebears came from. No insult intended. It is a fact. See how easily these young Chinese are manipulated by the unscrupulous and the sanctimonous !

  9. Lim Guan Eng and his wife Betty Chew are currently in London while their rallying supporters here are getting more and more hysterical as well as getting arrested.

    Nice for the couple, eh? Hope they have a nice trip there. Not sure if this is the case of 精人出口, 笨人出手 (the smart fight with with their mouths, and the dumb with their hands)

    The Star group editor Wong Chun Wai “loves London” too

    Does he have a property (or properties) over there? With a good perk that he’s having now, I’m not surprise if he does have since (rich) Malaysians are top property buyers in London nowadays.

  10. I used to buy only Nst before but now I add Utusan to my morning papers. I would deliberately open it up (it’s a large paper) and read it at my office cafe. The silence after is pretty deafening you can hear a karipap fall.

    No one dares to make any comments because the Chinese at my office are all suck ups and bodek-ers to the senior management.

    And usually, they’re all seated at my table.

    I love the effect Utusan has on people. Keep up the good work and never back down.

  11. Haha Helen ang u dunno how AdSense work go read up n don’t end up writing like an idiot

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