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# Black505 rally at Amcorp and their demands

Three main reasons for holding the # Black 505 rally in PJ today are:


  • to call for the resignation of the Election Commission (EC) leaders
  • to demand re-election in constituencies where fraud has taken place
  • to support Bersih’s tribunal to probe allegations of vote rigging


Source: Malaysiakini (25 May 2013)

My 2 sen on the 505 demands

(a) EC’s resignation

Don’t those people have anything new to say? How many times already they’ve called for the EC to resign? e.g. Tindak Malaysia wants the EC to resign over the business of the indelible ink.

Below is another call last year for the EC to step down, and it was by Haris Ibrahim on 27 April 2012.

Haris is the fella who unleashed his vigilantes Skuad Tahan on 5 May 2013. Imagine that he has asked the EC fellas to relinquish their jobs.

If Haris the ABU initiator were to be the EC chief, he’d just haramkan Umno. Habis cerita. Tak perlu bersusah payah buat pilihanraya, kan?

How about the DAP clean up its December 2012 CEC election irregularities first? Or what about the curious case of PKR postponing its party election this year and not to mention its dodgy last party election that saw Zaid Ibrahim leave the fold.

If the oppo people are allowed to be in charge of the EC, we’d get unfavourable results adjusted through “technical error” remedy after two weeks (Mohd Ali Rustam will be given back his Bukit Katil seat!).

And the next general election could well be postponed until after 2020 (if PKR guy hold the job) or postponed two terms (if DAP guy).


(b) “re-election in constituencies where fraud has taken place”

Where the Pakatan has won, there is no fraud (Guan Eng was quick to accept the Penang results and get himself sworn in pronto as returning CM). Where the BN won, there is fraud in the eyes of the 505 folks.

It’s the reverse situation with the sex tapes though. When the videos feature BN leaders, the recordings are genuine. When the videos feature Pakatan leaders, the recordings are fake. BN allegedly have phantom voters but Pakatan have phantom leaders accused to be in hotels rooms when they’re not.

(c) “Bersih’s tribunal to probe allegations of vote rigging”

If the oppo people don’t trust the EC, what makes them think establishment people trust Bersih to conduct a tribunal?

In fact Bersih is guilty of planting the idea in the public mind that GE13 would be “the dirtiest election ever”. Bersih had prejudged the conduct of the election even before the election was conducted (just like how Anwar had declared victory even before the ballots were counted).

Bersih is about as non-partisan as Aliran is an NGO. (Nope, Aliran is not an NGO, it’s a Pakatan junior partner wannabe.)


# Black 505 rallies dominated by Chinese who hate Utusan


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40 thoughts on “# Black505 rally at Amcorp and their demands

  1. Spot on Helen, cayalah u!

    demand sana sini PR ni, DAP salah kira nak buat terowong di PP pun LGE kata salah taip, hitung undi tak sampai beribu-ribu pun salah, orang SPR dilantik Agung pun nak suruh letak jawatan,

    SPR tak akan menipu tau, suruh itu AI letak jawatan lah sebab tak terima keputusan PRU13… ooops AI lantik sendiri jadi KU [sorry!],

    Bersih? memang dia orang sendiri tak bersih nak bersih orang lain pulak, kalau dia orang bersih jangan pergi jalan raya, buat jalan raya kotor saja, pergi mahkamah, hidup Malaysia!

  2. Betul Helen… kerusi PR kalah di dakwa berlaku penipuan oleh BN kerusi PR menang semuanya OK genuine. kenapa PR nak fail petitions 27 kerusi sahaja? kenapa tidak 133 kerusi yg BN menang.

    LAIN KALI LAH. INI KALI SUDAH KALAH. Anwar Brahi terima lah kenyataan dan qada dan qadar awak kalah…

  3. Next time we just reply their answers like their own leaders replied ours i.e LGE – mistakenly type/typo/the Microsoft Excel incorrect formulas/etc. That would be enough to answer those ‘mah chais’.

  4. BN allegedly have phantom voters but Pakatan have phantom leaders accused to be in hotels rooms when they’re not

    ha-ha Good one

  5. they rally because they are sore losers ….their demands arent even sincere as they cannot even proof anything. Chinese daps are back stabbers…they are scared because they have just been caught. Their MBs and Chief Minister must step down first before asking the EC committee to resign.

  6. Dear Helen.. that pemimpin anugerah tuhan (sorry i couldn’t even bring myself to say his name) can’t even manage his emotions let alone d country.

    Even if d attendees tonite are 1 million, so what? It’s still a minority. Silence majority that counts.

    Syabas to KDN & PDRM for showing a maturity in handling all these monkeys who r meant to live in d jungle. They indeed should hv been living in d jungle.. no ‘undang-undang’ ma..

  7. Black505 rally at Amcorp mempamirkan kehadiran manusia-manusia (ke beruk?) bongok yang tak dapat membezakan mana yang baik dan mana yang jahat. Bangga menjadi penderhaka ugama, bangsa dan negara.

  8. The jerusubangites held it there so that they can go to starbucks at amcorp mall…like these bums.always do after lighting birthday vigils candles near some drain…

  9. Helen,

    Protes yang sebenar bukan dengan mengajak rakyat berdemonstrasi, tapi PROTES YANG SEBENAR-BENARNYA ialah, siapa ahli parlimen yang kata SPR MENIPU, mereka ini patut TIDAK MENERIMA kemenangan mereka, atau sesiapa yang dah menerima, wajib letak jawatan sebagai ahli parlimen kerana mereka sendiri mempertikaikan SPR… bukan kah nampak sangat rendah IQ mereka ini? SPR bagus bila mereka menang tetapi SPR penipu bila mereka kalah…jadi saya minta helen buat artikel yang meminta semua MP yang tak berpuas hati (terutama Anwar) letaklah jawatan, SEBAGAI TANDA PROTES SEBENAR yang PRU tu penipu, barulah dikatakan berani, bukan dengan mengajak rakyat membuang masa dengan sia2… atau pun MP2 PR ni memang kaki penipu…

  10. Blackout 505 now only known as Black 505. Since no B!ackout on 5.05, so just Black to signify the Black T-shirt.

    I hate these mother fuckers trying to run down our country, I am out of T-shirt colours to were. I can’t wear yellow, I will become a Bersih idiot, green either PaS or anti-something, even red is taken by these idiots.

    Now Black, my favorite colour. I hate these bastards. Just now I went to a wedding wearing wearing a light blue short sleeve, my friends called me LGBT PKR supporter. I can’t wear orange, that’s for sami Buddha.

        1. tricolor, like the flags of Italy and France.

          Green + Yellow + Black = the colours of the flag of Jerusubang

          1. + The Red Bean,but I seldom see AI used yellow or black before Ambiga went to the streets in KL.

    1. LOL, color of a t-shirt is actually one of my concerns these days. I have a lot of black t-shirts and sometimes I do contemplate whether to wear it to work or not. My concern is that I may accidentally ended up at the wrong place, with the wrong crowd and got arrested together with the rest even though I wasn’t part of the group. Looks like more dilemma ahead if political temperature keeps rising each day.

      1. regardless of who you are, beware when you wear those colours or use the symbols:

        hijau – pas, lynas
        biru – bn
        merah – umno
        kuning – bersih
        oren -sami
        biru muda – keadilan
        hitam – black505
        putih – dap

        dacing – bn
        keris – umno
        bulan – pas
        roket – dap
        mata satu – keadilan

      2. I hate those black505. I’m always wear black when going for outing with my children on saturday coz sunday usually filling with preparation for monday. It practical to wear black when you have two todlers. Black can cover a lot of stain.

        Now I need to search for other colour to wear. if you wear black, a lot of people will be stearing at you. Hate them for making my life harder.

        :( sarah

      3. Guys, why dont you just wear like azran osman rani.

        Thank god my favourite colour is purple. Hope no psycho politicians will hijack it.

      4. Maybe this is the answer why there is not much blackmetal nowdays. They have no freedom to wear black.

  11. Helen you more Malay than Malay who wore black shirt. If more Chinese like you Malaysia won’t have racial tension every single day.

  12. Hang Tuah,

    Sometimes I wondered whether ur a UMNO/MCA mole???? Or whether ur a Chink or Malay cunt, don’t u have any feelings when Najib and UMNO called it a Chinese Tsunami. Have ur parenst disowned u ?

    Of course they still chant the EC to rsign, Bersih 1 to Bersih 3 have been calling the EC for several times already, that is why PKR lost eventhough they have a majority vote, can’t u see it. Since EC is un der the Prime Minisiter’s Dept EC will always favor the PM. So you r fricking right and all the Chinese are wrong, thats is the problem with u MCA goons, as long as u have crumbs u don’t care about your community and the future of ur community.

    Then tell me why was MCA wiped out in this GE13, konon ur r the right, stop living in denial I dare say almost 90% rejects MCA to represent them. So why exist, close shop lah, what is the use to represent the chinese when they are blamed but MCA doesn’t stand up for them. Helen u and MCA are the same u only know how to talk and write blogs only lah, my 13 yr son can also do lah.Do something more poductive. get it ur cause is lost. If there is a May 13 riot as provocated by the UMNOPutras, u might be the one who is raped u know. What happened to all the billions of corruption , do u approved of it???? Come on be real and logical.

    1. Wei Barua! Owned up la. How do you expect us to talk to you seriously when you literally seems to be disowning your ancestors. Shame on you! Shame on your ancestors too! You don’t like your family name is it? Kesian your ancestors! Keturunan sendiri bila dah senang sikit, dah mula disowned ancestors! The very ancestors the UMNOPutras agree to jus soli.

      Bangang, orang suruh belajar rajin-rajin tak mau. Yang tahu nak menipu. Bukak mata nak menipu. Dah biasa sangat menipu tu la jadi macam ni.

      Penipu! don’t brag la ok, you are not even capable of writing a decent karangan, I don’t expect your junior can do better. Unless the son is wayyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooo pandaiiiiiiii than the moronic father, which is very unlikely

      Next time owned up ok. Don’t la hijacked Hang Tuah, slandered UMNO and pigging your smelly 2 sen here. And if you wish to be rape so much, why noit try and pray to the penang arrogant tokong to call on permatang pauh to meet you in some hotels! And please don’t bring your 13 year old son into the picture.
      Malu la wei!!!

      1. Hati dia sangat busuk dan pendendam. Pencacai Anwar peliwat ini masih bengkak hati tak boleh terima kekalahan, tak mengaku hakikat bahawa orang Melayu telah mengundi Umno dan menolak pakatan haramjadah. Bahawa Chinese Tsunami gagal rampas Putrajaya, Kedah dan Perak tersungkur kerana melayu.

        Gara2 marah membara hingga tersilap nak kutuk Cik Helen tetapi terkutuk batang hidung sendiri. Memang specis jenis barua yang bodoh dari budak 13 tahun.

    2. Hang Tuah telling Hang Tuah!!!!

      Hmm Son, i could understand your 13 years of suffering for having a racist hypocrite father talking to himself. Please bear with your dad, sore-loser always behave in such manner.

    3. Ya lah, I like to know where did the rm3 billion that anwar swindled to? Where did the memali donation funds gone to? I’m sure dap has some skeletons in the cupboard too?

      Corruptions suddenly sounds like God-given rights for these pakatan rakyat fellas. Miror miror on the wall…

  13. It is time to develop Malaysia. Why waste energy and always talk about chinese, chinese and chinese? Jagalah hati dan perasaan Majoriti Melayu, Raja Melayu, Perlembagaan Msia, bendera Msia, Undang2 Msia, Negaraku, Islam dan pengorbanan besar Melayu dengan sikap tolak ansur yang tersangat banyak. TERSANGAT BANYAK! I REPEAT…TERSANGAT BANYAK PERGORBANAN DAN TOLAK ANSUR MELAYU.

    Kami mahu Melayu, Cina dan India work together to develop Malaysia dan hidup harmoni. Walaupun saya tak suka UMNO tapi janganlah kucar-kacirkan negara. Jika UMNO rasuah, adakah blackout leader, PKR, DAP and PAS atau pemimpin BERSIH bebas dari rasuah? Pengkhianat negara dipuji dan disanjung tapi tentera negara sendiri dikeji dan dihina.

    Helen, I support you! continue to express the truth for future Malaysia. WE want malays, chinese and Indians respect each other and together move forward for better Malaysia.

    1. Betul….. ‘no man is an island’ God asked us to live together, respect each other and make this world a peace and prosperous place for everyone.

      Those who have more give more, help others more,,,, jangan buat dosa, fitnah, bohong, tipu kutuk org-sama aje BN or PKR. Cuma d degree of rasuah, fitnah, sex scandal

      Semua manusia bukan angel/malaikat

  14. To Hang Tuah please take you keris and shove it up your assh*** then maybe , yes maybe after the prodding you will be able to articulate yourself better If not then please refer yourself to your PKR leader, his prodding would do you wonders. Cheers.

      1. sarah, thanks, actually IDA is a male guy. :)

        ‘Hantu’ PRU 13

        Sekendi batu atuk kumpulkan,
        batu di dinding jangan dialih;
        pengundi ‘hantu’ sibuk sebutkan,
        ‘hantu’ bertanding jangan dipilih.

        Bila menantu kuat puasa,
        di malam nanti memakan kurma;
        pabila ‘hantu’ dapat kuasa,
        Islam pasti ditekan dilema.

        Kebas di situ memegal lama,
        rasa layu seakan memual;
        selepas ‘hantu’ jual agama,
        bangsa Melayu akan dijual.

        Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang.
        ©Ibnu Din Assingkiri

  15. “Use propher cahnnel to express your grievance” – UMPORNO/Barisan Pengsonglap Harta Nasional & El-Munafiqi.

    Don’t you hypocrites have anything new to say?

  16. Heads I win, tails you lose ! If the Opposition believed their own words before the 13th General Elections especially with so many Bersihs, they should have boycotted the 13th General Elections.

    As an independent observer, I am as confused as the Opposition actions which seem to be just ad hoc and reacting to circumstances as and when these arise ! Take just one instance, if the DPM in the 1990s took a holiday in Disneyland, he would have returned as the PM. OK.

    Or in 2008, if the Opposition gave the tko punch to the BN as led by UMNO with the 14 component parties, they would have been in power since 2008 because the BN was at its weakest. The Opposition did not and embarassed the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore to make the ill-advised April 2008 trip to the Malaysian Ulus. Forewarned is forearmed.

    The Opposition wants to tko the BN in 2013 and told all the Chinamen they would win. The Opposition lost big and put all the Chinamen and women in a bag and continued with the hustings. 1997 – 2018. OMG. I always thought 1 week is a long time in politics, Malaysian Politics.

    All the advisors should have been sacked long, long ago. If this is not merry-go-round the mulberry bush, what is? So much money and time wasted.

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