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Updated: What do BN politicians and pro-BN bloggers have in common?

Both are accused by The Star of being racists.

Wong Chun Wai accuses politicians of being racists.

Now another article featured currently in The Star Online believes that the media and bloggers are “spewing racial slurs” too.

UPDATED: 9.02pm — I forgot to insert the screenshot. Here it is below.

Note that The Star is using its ‘We are Malaysia’ logo (in top left corner)

The Star Online  Malaysia, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Video News 2013-05-26 17-39-11

SCREENSHOT BELOW: Kit Siang’s tweet attempting to bludgeon Muhyiddin into declaring that he (the Deputy Prime Minister) is Malaysian First and Malay second.


The latest Malaysian First article, which can presently be read in the Star Online, is titled ‘Be a Malaysian First before anything else‘.

It is accompanied by a cutesy photo of multiracial (presumably) Malaysian kids captioned “May our children and our children’s children continue to coexist in love, peace and harmony”.

This Jerusubang Star is never-ending in its evangelical mission to teach us LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY (“to come together as one”).

SCREENSHOT BELOW: The Star‘s favourite un-racist politician Hannah Yeoh tweeting that “Racists must be taught how to love.”


The Malaysian First article (23 May 2013) in the Star Online goes:

“And it doesn’t help matters when politicians and the media (blogs included) join the fray by spewing racial slurs and blaming other races of lacking in multiracial spirit. Regrettably, matters got a little bit out hand after the 13th General Election recently when the Malaysian Chinese were singled out by certain quarters for being ungrateful. Unsurprisingly, Malaysian Chinese took offense to that.”

The article continues:

“One thing’s for sure: playing up the racial card will never get us anywhere as a nation. If anything, now’s the time for Malaysians — regardless of race, religion and economic background — to come together as one.”

And the article concludes with a piece of advice:

“No doubt, it’s a long road ahead for Malaysia where racial unity is concern. But we need to start somewhere and we need to start now.  Let us embrace in our hearts and minds what Canadian writer Margaret Atwood once wrote: “I hope that people will finally come to realize that there is only one ‘race’ — the human race — and that we are all members of it.”

Our Lesson for the Day taught by The Star is which we must all remember that “there is only one ‘race’ — the human race”.

***   ***   ***


If they behave and be good monkeys, one day they’ll reach the end of their race up the evolutionary ladder and achieve humanhood.

But in the meantime, please take a queue number.

Holy Water
Drink Holy Water to boost IQ to human levels
Too much Holy Water and you overdose
Erm, you guys look kinda scary to us ...
Brudders & sistas: Love, Peace and Harmony
One Ringgit — The market rate for a Red Bean Army comment. Those guys should learn from Wong Chun Wai how to negotiate a salary rise and perks


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76 thoughts on “Updated: What do BN politicians and pro-BN bloggers have in common?

  1. What can we say … skilled at spitting at your face and when you react, thet asked you to apologise.

    Utusan should target the Wong guy instead of that Azran guy. That Azran is a non-signifcant idiot but this Wong guy spewing venom every freaking day.

    Only in Malaysia … land of the free :)) … still compalining

  2. Salam Sejahtera Helen,

    kasihan pula dgn si hannah yeoh ni…pagi petang siang malam tak habis2 nak ajar orang (melayu) supaya jgn racis

    saya n d gang sepatutnya yg memperjuangkan supaya bos2 cina tu tak racis…beri gaji ribu raban pd bangsa sendiri…tapi staff tu pun tak buat kerja, tak reti buat kerja, pandang rendah pada staff melayu yang lain macam kita ni kuli batak….tapi bos diam je…

    cuba hannah yeoh bincang tentang camna nak naikkan ekonomi semua kaum ke, nak memahami bangsa2 yg lain ke, cuba bertoleransi dengan kaum yg lain ke….barulah berfaedah sikit jadi pembangkang pro

    asyik racis..racis..racis…itu doa utk diri dia sendiri menjadikan dia lebih suspicious terhadap bangsa lain (melayu)

    hannah yeoh…contoh terbaik true racis ialah…dasar apartied di afrika selatan, kekejaman israel di palestine, kesengsaraan orang rohinya di myanmar

    cer…minta hannah yeoh bincang tentang nasib orang rohinya, orang palestine….ada brani…??

    kebanyakan cina (celup) di negara2 dunia ada china town, ada business, boleh survive….berbelas orang cina kaya raya di malaysia

    hannah….come on girl….keluar dari tempurung racis mu sendiri…boleh tak??

    mostly kita orang malayu okay saja maa dengan bangsa lain….
    tak pernah jentik pun you punya kepentingan…..

    1. My late grandfather told me,
      ” Cite a word 40 times, and you will be it”.
      So, to Hasnah Yeop, “good racing to you!”

  3. Apa nak buat WCW.. Malaysians are racists. Chinese are hardcore racists.. Malays are racist-at-heart. Can we move on please?

    I think being a racist is better than being a hypocrite like WCW.. on top of him being hardcore racist of course!

    Frankly the Chinese have been calling Malays racist for sooooooo long that we don’t really care anymore. We are no longer offended. Malay politicians should take cue from the Malay masses – just ignore the hardcore racists taunts. Just do what you think is right. In the hardcore racists’ eyes whatever you do are deemed racist anyway.

      1. I am a Muslim, first ; Malay, second ; and Malaysian, third … and PROUD of it :-)

    1. RCZ u got point there. don’t care, don’t give a damn, come what may, they’ll call us racist, so let be racist serasis rasisnya.

  4. I agree, we should all declare we’re Malaysian FIRST and race second. Let us start with most basic pledge for being Malaysians. As Malaysians FIRST, we should be able to recite and uphold the Rukunegara. As Malaysian FIRST, we should be able to communicate FIRST in Malay not English or Arabic or any other race’s language. Once we get that right we should see the love and harmony that everyone is crying for.

    1. Saya ingin menambah – selepas ikrar dan penjiwaan Rukunegara sebagai warganegara serta penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa ibunda, kriteria ketiga ialah penerimaan dan menggunapakai Perlembagan Persekutuan Malaysia secara menyeluruh (100% tanpa sebarang pindaan atau “tapi” dan sebagainya) … Err … Rasanya sampai kuching bertandok pon tak mungkin terjadi ;-)

    2. As a Malaysian first, our children should attend the national school NOT the school having a foreign country’s national language as the language of instruction. Its OK to learn foreign languages but not a language of instruction.

    3. Malaysian Chinese should be Chinese Malaysian. The latter is more correct i.e Chinese being an adjective, it describes Malaysian of what origin. amacam?

      The Dapsters told us Malay isn’t a race and isn’t the native of Tanah Melayu. I don’t agree.

      The lingua franca of the Nusantara was bahasa Melayu. All records and treaties made by the colonialists with the local rulers were all written in jawi viz. bahasa melayu written in borrowed arabic alphabets.

      The Malays came much earlier than the Chinese immigrants.

      prof.emeritus Khoo Khay Kim correctly noted that the Chinese were chauvinist groups of various clans who never want to assimilate with the locals (except the peranakan baba nyonya).

      just musings.

      1. In the old days, there were no borders denoting countries as we know it now etc and hence the whole of Nusantara is the domain of the Malays …

    4. I beg to differ.

      I’m a Malay then a Malaysian. Even in the most democratic setting African Americans aren’t called Americans by the white Americans. Colours made them different. In Malaysia a racial origin makes us different. So be it. Accept it. It doesn’t matter who we are as long as we are Malaysians – who called Malaysia as our one n only country, where we live n die for it.

  5. Hannah yeoh does not come from the human race. Helen’s x-ray eyes on the true species which hannah evolved is very impressive.

    Too much holy water especially by spritzer and mesra, from air kuning perak can make you blind into thinking that there is only one human race.

    Colour blind and blind denial dont match each other.

  6. Haiyahhh you racist writer & readers.

    You never heard of that rallying cry “One nation under God” meh?

    You never heard of the bible passage saying it matters not if you’re Gentile or Jew, woman or man, servant or free meh?

    You never heard that Jesus is the Way, the Truth & the Life meh?

    You don’t know that you cannot get to heaven except through Jesus meh?

    Aiyooooo!!! You ignorant pheasants!!!

    The truth lies in the bosom of her holiness the high priestess. Okay, that didn’t seem right. Let me try that again. The truth lies in the teachings of her holiness the high priestess of Subang Jaya.

    You will listen only to her & her approved agents, cronies, representatives, pastors, prayer leaders etc.

    Failure to do so would be tantamount to rejecting her & by extension, God. Thus you will be excommunicated from ever being able to share in God’s communion in paradise.

    When you embrace her teachings, you will no longer be judged by the color of your skin. Okay, maybe still prejudiced somewhat, but definitely more acceptable. After all, she embraced a life partner of different skin color didn’t she? Of course her aversion to documenting the race of their offspring as that of her hubby clouds her acceptance somewhat. But, that’s another story for another day.

    So, embrace the light that projects from the RM2 churches & you will be shown the way to paradise. Of course don’t forget that the entrance ticket to paradise will cost you at least 10% of your income.

    Oh, the hot weather we’re having? God sending a message to remind you that hell will be a whole lot hotter.

    To beat the heat, come to our air conditioned service & share in our Kool-aid communion. It will cool you & refresh you like never before.

    So racists, repent for the end is close at hand! For more details on salvation, please visit:

    God bless all you racist. Hannah & Wong Chun Wai will pray for the deliverance of your sinful souls. Amen.

    1. re: “Oh, the hot weather we’re having? God sending a message to remind you that hell will be a whole lot hotter.”


    2. FFC : I appreciate / and your posting thus I initially wanted to add-on to your comments but as a Muslim Malay Malaysian, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it as the subject matter is about the Christian religion …

      1. MYQ, Malaysians are a wee bit sensitive when it comes to race & religion no?

        I love poking fun at “righteous Christians” using the very bible verses that they selectively use to justify their actions.

        As for them DAPpies, I would equate them with the sheep Jesus referred to in John 10. They obviously know the “Messiah(s)” voice. In case you don’t already know, the “Messiah” sounds like LGE, LKS, TP, OKM, HY etc. And the sheep, knowing the voice, follows it…. Even if it leads them to swim through a sea of human excrement.

        Nope, I didn’t get that human excrement part from the bible. I got it from Hugh Jackman’s song at the 2010 Oscars.

        1. Yes, tricky indeed – at least for me … And good one re Hugh Jackman’s quote ;-)

    3. Good for you, Calvin. Let’s expose the writer and readers of this blog for the racist bribees of BN they are. In fact, a lot of material here comes under sedition. Which means a number of writers on this blog would be entitled for imprisonment and a hefty fine. I can bet you they hacked The Edge’s poll on Anwar. And I can tell you what BN politicans and pro-BN bloggers have in common. They both receive bribes, wish to segregate the rakyat, and keep everyone stupid so the undercounter business can go on.

      1. The red beans are doing what they are doing for free. rm8000/- per month man.

    4. Oooooo cannot cannot…tercokek den. I cannot bring myself to love Hannah Yeoh. Even if she is the last woman on earth and I’m the last man alive, i would rather be celibate. And most likely cross the oceans to get away from her unlike Adam and Hawa who crossed the earth looking for each.

  7. I seriously thought BN was going to pull it off in the last GE13. What more with Najib putting up an all-inclusive front and the 1Malaysia campaign. He worked hard, seen to be working hard. To top it off, the Pakatan Rakyat’s coalition were having internal squabble, hudud or no hudud, and things like that. Pre GE13, the atmosphere and the mood was unlike Pre GE12 where people wanted Badawi and family out, even among UMNO circle.

    What maybe a lot of us naive voters are missing is the magnitude of undercurrent on the internet space. It was even more puzzling when we see majority Chinese went out very early in the morning to queue up at the polling stations. Something was brewing. We finally knew what happened after 7pm. It was a tsunami like no other.

  8. To UMPORNO CyberMorons, SpinMasters and DickHeads, don’t waste your breath analysing the polluted river, find out where is the garbage’s are coming from. You might the intelligence to note its coming right out of your PayMasters @$$

    1. the problem is .. the river is not polluted. Kudos though for the oppos in creating so many keyboard political analysts, chemists, economists, etc… and not to forget, so called ‘truth seekers’: the ironic part is when the truth is revealed and obviously, not complying to the kind of truth expected by the oppo, you guys screamed (a) racist (b) manipulated (c) spinned.. So how?

      For example – Blackout 505, then when it was revealed that it did not happen, you omit ‘out’ and ended up with just ‘black’.

      For 13 General Elections, it was based on number of votes suddenly, without warning you guys adopted popularity based instead..and guess what? You’re not even popular in the rural and certain part of Malaysia (refer to Helen’s earlier postings),

      When ‘tsunami cina’ was used – and being afraid that the government would be vindictive, you labelled it Malaysian tsunami. Guess what? BN still govern, so we can assume it was just flood on the Malaysian side.

      Do you know how seditious Adam Adli’s call for the street revolution? How many innocent lives would be at stake? But, no.. you guys said it’s his freedom of speech. You see AK, when you read my comment you will see how silly you’ve been but off course, you will deny it and will go to labelling BN, the usual (d).. which is corruption. Yes, we ALL can see how not corrupted, not involved in nepotism, not racial the oppos are. So how now?

      Even my doctor who is supportive of PR can admit – ‘off course PR is as bad as BN but we should give them a try’ and when I asked ‘if you know the alternative just as bad, what and why is there a need to replace it with in the first place? Are we not supposed to replace faulty items for a superior one?’ – there was no answer till now.

      1. Sangat setuju dgn anak jamil. Oppo kuat menipu. Oppo tipu pasal blackout. Bila dah selalu sangat menipu kalau oppo cakap yg benar siapa yang nak percaya. Keep calm and teruslah menipu.

      2. anakjamil…
        what u’ve written is so damn true.
        it is the same encounter each time i face the oppo.
        it is the same way being practised by them where they will ask for facts, for evidence and after the facts and evidences being brought infront of them, they will deny it, the will start calling names and there foes all their abusive words.
        what they practises is the 3C principles not the 3A (3 Actualities) Principles which is:

        1st C : they try their very best to CONVINCE you
        2nd C : when they find that you were still not convinced, the CONFUSED you, and,
        3rd. C : after seeing that you were confused, then the time is right for them to CON you….

        ironically, that is the only skill that the oppo have and practised….of course, lead by the AI, LKS, LGE, HY, WCW and more…with the worst part is their ‘taksub’ follower typical of Ali Karim…..

        what to do….they are Malaysian First….!

        1. Well… we learned it from Zahid Hamidi’s CyberMorons and Papagomo. Anyway I am better off called ‘taksub’ than ‘munafiq’…

      3. A few days ago, for whatever reasons, I just keep thinking about the song Apo Kono eh Jang, the old version. A song about young man who lost a girlfriend to others due to his incapability to search for a job. I keep remember that song that I write it in my blog.

        Now I know why. This song remind me of one guy who really wishing to get Putrajaya but fail miserably. And now like a song he will do anything just to get it without thingking the consiquenses. Just change Milah to Putrajaya please. hehehe

        :D sarah

    2. Let’s report Helen Ang to the police and have her charged for sedition. She and all her readers deserve a long, long spell in Kamunting. Whee!

      1. dude,
        Perhaps it is wise for you to check the thesaurus to find out the actual meaning of the word sedition or seditious.
        You not that bright,are you?

  9. Ali Karim…go circumcise your p****s first before commenting here. wey, no shame ke using Malay handlename?

    have some pride as Chinese or Indian (I doubt “Ali Karim” is an Indian).

      1. Ak, what the pro bn bloggers did was only revealing the true nature of your political masters porno inclinations. Anwar, mat sabu, mustafa ali, etc. They even showed mca’s boss misbehaviour too. All with intention to bring the public to know the kind of people they voting for.

        If you find it filthy, dont look at it, the lesson is the politician. If you are the kind of porn lover, you should look at other websites that can teach you the arts.

        Umno has no part in it and if you have the brain even the size of a peanut, you will know that the videos showed how dumb and immoral are your political masters.

        They are not fit to lead this country or even talk about good values.

        1. OK, care to enlighten El-Munafiqi’s obessesion with Altantunyaa, and Rais Yatim, Megat Junid, Shafie Apdal, Linggam, CD Soi Lek a little. Who cares where they put their gun, its none of our business. Its the billions they rip-off and take the people for suckers is what we are againtst. Let PR clean-up the system, then we van really vote who we want next time.

        1. Ali Karim motherfucker…deep down in your heart, u want to convert to Islam, masuk Jawi, masuk Melayu, sunat, kahwin dengan perempuan Melayu but u got dumped by classy Malay ‘bitches’…haha

          errr…ur dick is crying or what now? go whining to evangelista pussies…make sure they wash that private part with holy water okay before u ehem ehem…so ur future childreb won’t be bastard :-) like you….the DAPigs cybertroopers.

          1. Oh btw. bitch, I’m married to a Malay, org nogori. She is 100 times more beautiful than you in every way. :-) eat your heart out.

  10. since hannah yeoh and her master is the champion of love and care (for all human being regardless of race & religion supposedly..), then could you please teach or train the so called ahli syurga PAS supporters to love and care their own bangsa melayu especially the non-PAS supporters and the so called non-pious UMNO followers
    the same goes to urbanized, educated and modern PKR as well

    we do realise that they hate us so much (as though we are not a human race)

    democrazy has defined racis is not only between different races but also within the same race as well as long as we are not in the same boat as you

    we do love to see PAS, PKR and even DAP to be pro oppo by spreading love and care

    or hannah loves to see these orang melayu is divided into 3 different groups ??

  11. apa kata kita buat demo jalanan di jerusubang, minta Ms yeoh tak jadi adun..??? kita duduk kat taipan ke, summit ke, sunway ke… lepak kat situ ramai ramai….

  12. everyone is racists what? whats worse is when a certain race stabbed the pm in the back when he has given so much to that particular race.


    The headline says “Malay Hesitation to Regime Change”. I hope Jeyakumar doesn’t get slandered as a racist. In the mind of PR supporters, calling it a Chinese tsunami = Not OK, but calling it a Malay reluctance = OK.

    You tell me who’s calling who racist.

    1. Very correct.They start calling a pot black (An English idiom “Like a kettle calling a pot black” ).

  14. Take a look at this picture then read some of the comments on the link.

    I would want to be known as Malaysian first, if I were in Hannah’s or WCW’s shoes.

    There’s a lot of ugliness and hatred towards all races in the world now. WCW and the Dapsters cannot claim the moral high ground, because they are just as guilty, if not more, when it comes to provoking and inciting hatred towards the Malays.

    I don’t know what other Malays want but I can tell you what I want from the Star, WCW, HY, DAP and PR. I want them to acknowledge that their actions in the run up to the elections were partly responsible for the racial drift in this country, and they should apologise for those actions sincerely. Then I can honestly say let the healing begin. But I guess … when pigs fly … in the rocket.

  15. I am a Malay rascist, a proud one too.. the Malays are indeed rascists… but one thing that wcw and his other ‘non rascists’ people, we Malays are rascists but to what had been accorded to us in the Perlembagaan only… so to non rascist people out there like wcw and hannah, care to dispute that fact?

  16. Wow Ambiga is coming to Penang (with Zairil) to talk about statiutory rape on the 2nd of June. From rally to rape. Such R&R. All the Penang Chinese girls should go.

  17. Malaysia First.. ?? kasik tanam la semua sekolah vernacular dulu.. baru boleh malaysia first.

    Cakap tak serupa bikin lah Cina DAP ..and that includes YOU WCW !

  18. Wong Chun Wai and his ilk are ignorant of the inefficient Opposition leadership which led the whole tribe to ignominous defeat at the ballot box during the 13th General Elections. The votes were properly counted and gazetted. Here are some gems of inefficiency and incompetency of the Opposition leadership.

    1. 1997. The DPM should have been the Prime Minister if he had taken his family for a bus man’s holiday to Disneyland and returned as the Prime Minister in 1998. His wooden kitchen cabinet of ‘yes’ men and other brilliant foreigners gave him the wooden advice.

    2. 2008. The fun loving BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties were thoroughly compromised by the ‘low hanging fruit’ type of Singaporean parachutists and was ready for the plucking by the Opposition to deliver the vital and fatal blow to the BN. It did not happen. Forewarned is forearmed.

    3. 2013. Instead of vocal theatericals, and knowing full well the Opposition could not beat the alerted BN and its Nemesis, the Opposition should have done the unexpected – PUT ON LOIN CLOTHS AND DECLARE A 100 DAY HUNGER STRIKE (no one has succeeded to survive this long) AGAINST THE EC AND THE BN GOVERNMENT A’LA MAHATMA GANDHI AND BOYCOTT THE 13TH GENERAL ELECTIONS ! The BN Government would have been brought down to its knees. That was the opportunity not to be missed. IT WAS MISSED. Their very rich friends and so-so journalists in the West would have loved it. By taking part, the Opposition gave legitimacy to the EC and the BN Government which beat them hands down legitimately and fairly. The Opposition being extremists, the very Chinese Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the very rich PKR, and the very pious PAS, each has a secret agenda and loves the low hanging fruits now in their possession. And with their loud complaints of fraud, the Opposition sounds like a bad loser.

    4. 2018. A weakened Opposition is now preparing to assault the BN citadel again when they could have taken it over in one easy step in 1997 !

    Maybe Wong Chun Wai and his ilk backed a donkey and not a horse !

  19. OMG. Wong Chun Wai and his ilk should note with a beautiful hindsight that :-

    1. If the 51% popular vote which supported the Oppostion, also boycotted the 13th General Elections, the BN would have won 100% with a 49% vote. See the electric effect of this ‘Loin cloth/Boycott’ move. The BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties provided all the free education for the Opposition folks who eschewed Primary Maths Part 1 !

    2. But unfortunately, the 13th General Elections and the EC were supported and recognised by the Opposition which gave the whole process its legitimacy. And the most important of all, legitimacy to the big win by the BN. All the World’s leaders congratulated our Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib. Where are your lawyers, and strategists, Opposition ?

    3. 2018. Water has passed under the bridge. To do the ‘loin cloth/boycott’ maneuver is foolish and to take-over the BN citadel at Putrajaya is a pipe-dream. And for now the BN has won big time.

    4. 1997-2018. The Opposition still remains the Oppostion with the tons and tons of money, money, money ? It is time to see a good doctor !

  20. Sorry. One addition to the list for Wong Chun Wai and his ilk.

    5. If the Opposition had done the ‘loin cloth/boycott’ maneuver, it would still have billions of ringgits in the bank whilst BN would be out of pocket by a few billions. OMG. What a missed opportunity for the Opposition to do REALPOLITIK ! By being elitist and exclusive, this is the result for the Opposition. It becomes a zero sum game by going nowhere but downhill since 1997 ! An ancient saying, ‘ There is always another hill higher than this hill.’

    Did Wong Chun Wai and his ilk put their money on a donkey ?

  21. Finally, with the present mess now created by the Opposition’s own inefficiency and incompetence, this highlights the important fact that this crew is not fit to rule our beloved Malaysia and its Rakyat.

  22. Helen this is my final posting to you. Thank you for allowing me to share and expressed my thoughts in your blog for the past few days.

    If any of my writings are controversial and sensitive in nature, I would sincerely apologise to you. Whether it is coincidence or not in the past, a blog owner was deported back to thailand, another had to flee and now resides in uk, another just got arrested.

    The truth may hurts, but we must learn to live with it. Brushing the problems under the carpet will not rid it forever. Take the bull by the horn.

    We cannot change everybody but we can start with our ownselves.

    But be careful with what we wished for, because we may get it…

  23. Where are you, the platoons of Oxbridge chaps and the doctors of PhDs from the good US of A in the Opposition ? You fellows should have thought of all the options and avoid considering money power which any Tom, Dick, Harry can do. It is the unexpected to happen in politics which will catch your enemies by surprise with their pants down.. The element of surprise of the ‘loin cloth/boycott’ maneuver is gone. In politics, it is the BIG moves that count, not the wet market quarrels or rallies now initiated by the Opposition. Please note my 3 Golden Attributes to be a PM.

    1. Commonsense
    2. The Ability to Think out of the Box
    3. Compassion.

  24. And now for the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. In the 13th General Elections, 80% voted for the Opposition which got them nowhere but bottled up in a bag with zero returns. If at the 2018 General Elections, these Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, boycott the General Elections, it just like cutting their noses to spite their faces. Either way, these Chinese would have lost 10 years by being un-Chinese !

    I sincerely hope that well before 2018, the political parties of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, are more professional and re-enter the mainstream of BN politics. From this 13th General Elections hiatus, let it be a lesson to all Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, including myself, that it pays to vote BN and forget about the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore etc.

  25. hahaha, Ali Karim is ‘addicted’ to BN ‘bitches’? you replied my comment, twice…twice bro…why…PR and evangelista pussies can’t satisfy your short uncut dirty dick, even after washed by holy water?

    wait, if you are a Malay, you must have problem satisfying ur poor wife in bed? or the other way round? that’s why u rambling here…

    i dun need to prove to anyone including you Ali Karim loser, that i’m cute & pretty…comparing your own wife to unknown stranger…
    hahaha…get a life dude!!! go get some Viagra to boost ur sex life!!!
    bye muah muah!!!xoxo

    1. :-) now you feel the heat no!? You opened your trap I shove it in hahaha. I’m as Malaysian as Mahathir and Zahid Hamidi, how about you scum, writing in duplicate names – MalayPrincess, Alwie Abdullah and god knows what else. In your writings you have just manifested your sick and twisted identity. Ego my friend ego, for whatever reason you converted.

  26. these cyber idiots have nothing better to do, thats why they are here. their leaders still can make selangor, penang or kelantan into any shining star but rather bicker at and point fingers at BN. just rule those bloody states properly, reduce crime, give cheap housing, improve infrastructure rather than than spending all day just going through FB pages, and pro BN sites and waste your time and energy on a lost cause. no point you telling bad thing about BN in a pro-BN site, no body who is pro-BN is going to care or even be bothered about you. i have a lot of respect for those who has actually taken the time and effort to respond to these stupid cyber morons.

  27. May be Ali Karim is a ‘phantom voter’ (engaged by oppo) who missed his flight home ha ha, now he has no choice but to join the red bean army to spread the ‘love’ that they feel for all Malaysians and to teach the looooooovvvvveeee that the Malays are oh so lacking. Come on red beans what have you been doing so far …spreading love and peace messages like the hippies of the 60s I think you guys sound more like the commie Mao Tse Tong type!

  28. Kesian kan kengkawan Cina kita, pra-PRU menyalak di alam siber nak Ubah/Tukar BN ke PR, lepas PRU melalak pulak sebab hasrat tak kesampaian. Strategi makan diri dan sekarang gigit jari!

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