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Tun Daim said Chinese wanted to teach BN a lesson

Excerpts from Tun Daim Zainuddin’s interview with China Press.

Replying to the reporter’s questions, he said:

  • “If you see the recent rallies and that majority of the participants are Chinese, what do you think will happen if one hot-headed Malay organisation wants to organise a counter rally?”
  • “If I know, then surely BN knows that the Chinese majority areas were gone. Why waste time and money?”
  • “Many people disputed that there was a Chinese tsunami. But there was, in the sense that Chinese voters voted en block whilst non-Chinese votes were split; […] What was disturbing was the reason for the en block votes. Pakatan preached hatred for BN particularly Umno.”
  • “DAP have always told the Chinese that they are victims, marginalised; that the cup they have is always half empty; that this is the time to teach MCA and Gerakan a lesson for being under Umno’s control, that Umno (and by extension the Malays) were dominant, and this was a Malay-led government, and the Chinese by voting out all the Chinese parties in BN is saying that they have had enough of being bullied by Umno / Malays. If this is not racist, I don’t know what is.”
  • Their cybertroopers were at work, 24 hours a day, sending misinformation, spins, rumours, lies, untruths etc. Where were the Banglas? Where was the blackout? How many people whose ink washed off, voted twice? Tun M flew away in a private jet? Lies and lies and the Chinese believe in “ubah” and “Ini kali lah”.
  • “I have explained at length in the answer above. Chinese votes for the Pakatan reached 90% because they believed in Pakatan’s propaganda.”
  • “I have explained the Chinese tsunami. Of course, Pakatan have to say it is not Chinese tsunami, otherwise they will be held responsible for this racial divide. Are they denying the Chinese voted en block and Malay votes were split? No one is blaming the Chinese, but this what it is. As I said they were misled and they voted Pakatan but again it is their right to buy into that argument and voted to kick the BN out.”

The full interview can be read in A. Kadir Jasin’s blog, here.

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I just have one comment to add.

If the Chinese tsunami on May 5 was to punish the BN as Tun Daim suggests, what do you think that the #Black 505 actions and non-stop accusations of cheating amount to? Those people are still hell-bent on trying to punish the BN and the government, no?

You can read one of them @


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173 thoughts on “Tun Daim said Chinese wanted to teach BN a lesson

      1. this man also said that BN paid the price for the result in PRU13 (losing more seats compared to PRU12) because of wrong strategy and in-fighting. Still con-man or you’re going to spin things around again?

    1. Aca,

      Not sure about that. Chinese did not want to teach BN a lesson. They as Helen aptly said, wants UMNO dead. Yes. UMNO to be buried the way Gerakan and MCA becomes redundant.

      By doing that, the only political party that keeps Lim dynasty at bay will cease to exist.

      Then the “coast will be secured”.

      And the Malays( ntogether with dark complexion people) will have a taste of living under the authority of “yahudi”. just like the Arabs for ignoring advices not to go against the Ottoman Empire.

      1. Tun Daim sees Anwar’s post PRU13 antics as a repeat Sept 16. Me thinks it is more about Anwar trying to stay relevant now that it is clear he has missed the boat to Putrajaya. I suspect he is also trying to ride on the young Chinese wave ahead of his court case. He needs to project what is essentially a personal issue/problem into a national issue weakness and to paint it as a political agneda against him. Otherwise, who gives a damn about who he is sodomising.

        1. Mas…Anwar’s current antics is to prove to his masters the USA that he is still relevant and trying his best to claim the government of Malaysia. After all the money and resources spent by his paymaster, after declaring he’ll retire if he loses, and after his boast of capturing Putrajaya and falling flat on his face,he needs to desperately show his puppet-masters he’s still “working on the little glitch” called “I-lost-the-election”. Honestly, Anwar’s evil and deviousness is unparallelled…even Hitler cannot compare to him.

  1. Another spin master, copy and pasted by another “paid” spin master. Don’t you UMPORNO CyberMorons get a headache?

    I was at BERSIH 3.0, #HKR112, #BLACKOUT505 Kelana Jaya and #BLACKOUT 525 PADANG TIMUR. I need not to be a mathematician or an auditor to verify that there were more Malays than Chinese.

    1. Buy hey! Who gives a fcuk… as long as the corrupted UMPORNO/Barisan Pengsonglap Harta Nasionals are kicked out, right?

      1. Hey Mr AK,lu tak layak kacau Helen lah,what u know is just to curse and curse anybody oppo to u.Look at the history of your KU in 1998/99,nak kawan IMF bodo tu.U still remember interest bank at that time 13-16%.Many businesses bungkus lah termasuk my friend bungkus because AI tak pandai jaga kewangan Negara,buat dasar tak boleh pakai,nasib baik ada DZ dan nasib baik sekarang ada ZA..nak gi PJ konon,dulu nak jual PJ,skrg mintak pulak,jaga PP cukuplah.

        1. My one abiding memory of the financial crisis back then was how my parents got caught in no man’s land.

          They decided to replace our 15 year old car in 97. As the waiting list lasted 5 months, their loan application was only submitted when the car arrived in Jan 98. Instead of a 90% loan at 4.5% p.a. over 8 years when they booked it, they were forced to fork out 30% down payment & charged 10% p.a. for a 5 year loan instead. So over 5 years, they paid 54,000 for a 36,000 loan.

          Imagine the impact of higher lending rates today especially for the lower income groups & those just starting out. God forbid we allow God’s gift to men to manage our finances ever again.

      2. Hey pondan AK! Your AI is really institutional borderline la. And I’m certain you’re heading towards that too. If you have no facts or substance to say here, I suggest you join the PR bandwagon and go start a new sitcom.

    2. The readers of this blog know that you’re telling a barefaced lie when you accuse that I’m a “paid” spin master.

      They also know that oppo cybertroopers do nothing but slander. Fitnah is in your darah daging already.

      So why should they believe your mathematics about the Kelana Jaya black 505?

      And look at how you’re spinning. When Tun Daim mentioned rallies, he was referring to the ones protesting the GE results as allegedly fraudulent. Why are you diverting to Bersih 3.0 and #HKR112?

      1. Ms H. You providing a much appreciated service to the Rakyat. I ask this a…..les to go and fly kites. Keep it up.

    3. Really? You make a good comedian and the audience will laugh but laugh at you…hahahahahahah

  2. why the heck all of your articles are like project research and academic thesis?

    1. No one asked Tun Daim why BN so “hardup” to cling on to power? I guess no one will as the answer is apparent. UMPORNO and Barisan Pengsonglap Harta Nasional must stay in power by hook or crook as they risk:

      1. Their cases going back to 1981 are dug out, investigated and charged
      2. The embezzlement going back to 1981 will be repossessed
      3. Fugitives will be man-hunted and extradited to face charges
      4. All cronies will be declared bankrupt
      5. Several ministers may face death sentence
      6. Government institution will be “Clorox” washed
      7. History facts will be corrected
      8. No more exotic lifestyles
      9. No more prostitutes/bimbos/sugar daddy/porn production/CyberMorons
      10. HUDUD will be implemented that might;
      a. make 99.9% of UMPORNO/Barisan Pengsonglap Harta Nasional ministers walk-around without limbs
      b. More OKU parking lots at PWTC
      11. The country might catch up with Singapore and South Korea

      It must be!. Otherwise why would that despite 51% Malaysians don’t want them, that they gerrymandered territories, smuggled ballot boxes and escorted Bangla’s to vote. They hogged for a year at least to dissolve parliament but wants proof yesterday. Surely they can wait for PR to gather facts/evidences another 30 days no? Not that we think it will be accepted but hey, let’s have it.

      1. BN must cling to power in order to prevent Pakatan from coming to power.

        The more I see of Pakatan supporters like you, the more I shudder at the thought of your Dear Leaders taking over Putrajaya.

            1. OK, why you feel us people “repulsive” to want the 11 (as an assumption) above? And will your parents agree with your point of view?

              1. If you didn’t feel hate in your speech, you probably won’t understand why people don’t like your lot despite the shortcomings of BN.

                You lot gave off the feelings that you are worse than BN in attitude, sadly even coming from Pas supporters. Can’t even tolerate (let alone respect) deffering of opinion. Learn the word engage and live it, perhaps we might warm ourself up reconsider.

              2. the problem is you PR guys assume that your Dear Leaders are pure ‘angels’ and saviour of the country, when really they’re not. God knows BN has a lot to fix, but at least we know what we’re dealing with, and their supporters don’t intimidate and harass us if we don’t agree with them. You guys on the other hand, are really crazy. And kalau kat supporter level lagi dah taksub dan gila, I’d hate to think of the sort of leaders that encourage this kind of behaviour.

              3. Salam Ali Karim I hope you could choose a better example then Spore in Item 11 which you highlighted shows your ignorance of the fact even though Spore currency is higher than ours, their external debt against their GDP is 108% which is ranked next to your beloved DSAI idol who he look up to which is America. We Malaysian on the other hand did better as in our external debt is only 50++% against our GDP. Why the hell do you think Spore impose the scheme for every CPF holder to purchase the annuities? Go an idolized LKY another America lackey who impose GST since 1994.

        1. Helen,

          BN does not cling to power. BN earns the mandate to rule the country. and the mandate comes from the ballot box.

          BN is hated so much as it is dominated by UMNO. Let us call a spade a spade. DAP simply cant stomach a situation where dark complexion people like Malays are ruling the country.

          It is a sin for a Malay to rule the country. the right place for malays as inferred by DAP is to be ‘pecacai’. In crude language, a yesman with no principle. And PAS happens to fit the bill perfectly.

          By all means, DAP tolerates PAS once a while crying for Hudud and followed all year around with antics that have nothing to do with Islam. Useless jester like Mohd Sabu who does not contribute anything to anyone is the ideal malay politicians from DAP’s viewpoint., Mohd sabu is well liked in PR but no one in Pr respects him.

          1. Stupid like a failed accountant like Lim Guan Eng, the outflows are due to mispricing practiced by the private sector when dealing in movement of goods and money transactions. The greedy chinese entrepreneurs love dealing in mispricing to conceal money laundering and tax evasion, they are lucky Malaysia does not have strong regulations against it as to facilitate trade and FDIs.

      2. the way i see it….i still could not digest that the 11 reason is why BN is so hard-up to cling on to power….

        what i could see is that none of the 11 reasons will be able to be executed IF PR come to power because it is just a mere says when the PR leaders holds their ‘ceramah’ just to win the heart of people like ali karim….

      3. Ali Karim.

        Why do think Anwar wants to be in power so desperately? Because Anwar, who never holds any job other than being a cabinet minister, and do not own any business, is a multibillionaire and is promised more money from that corrupted chinese businessmen.

        Pakatan wins popular votes only in 4 states and lost in 9 states. While you are harping on popular votes, UMNO also has the largest votes among all the parties, so that is the reason UMNO is still in power.

        The longer UMNO is in power, the more Anwar dirty secrets will come out and with his dark background, do you think Anwar will allow hudud law to be implemented? Do you think DAP is holding hand with PAS with intention of getting married?

        DAP is full of Christian evangelists. Instead of hudud, you may end up seeing Christian being made the official religion. When their rocket flies high and they stop the mosques from using loud speakers for azan, you will end up be a pungguk yang rindukan bulan. Afterall, Jesus is coming back at the end of world. Why worry, right?

      4. AK,sapa tak reti hormat orang tua dalam UMNO dulu,look back,SP dia lawan,GB dia lawan,MM dia nak lawan…confirm lah orang mcm ni tak layak jd PM sebab kurang hormat yang lebih dewasa.

      5. AK,

        51% of Malaysians? Total population of Malaysia is 28.9 million (2011 survey) but 11 million voters voted in GE 13! So it is wrong for your to imply 51% of Malaysians. Anyway, BN has won as it manages to get 133 parliamentary seats compared to PR of only 89. Get your facts straight, AK the dungu and a sore loser!

      6. What a laughable little list from a laughable little hate donkey.

        1. Their cases going back to 1981 are dug out, investigated and charged
        You mean, Anal Abraham’s cases, too? Including the RM3 billion Anal swiped as alleged in a police report by an ex Bank Negara big shot? Oh, and you mean the boxes of evidnece of BN fraud in Penang and Selangor which TO THIS DAY, 5 FUCKING YEARS LATER, still has not been shown to use by the DAP and PKR donkeys in charge?

        2. The embezzlement going back to 1981 will be repossessed
        See “The 3 Billion Ringgit” files above.

        3. Fugitives will be man-hunted and extradited to face charges
        They can already do that in Penang and Selangor. But pray tell, why no action until now, half a decade later?

        4. All cronies will be declared bankrupt
        Ho-hum. Let’s hope the Cinapek ones will go first. Talking about cronies, conveniently forgetting that UMNO convention when Anal Abraham sent Zahid Hamidi as his stooge at the time to talk about cronyism, eh? Then the very next day Dr Mahathir published a list of all the cronies who got projects at the time, and 22 of them were linked to Anal Abraham.

        5. Several ministers may face death sentence
        Wuuuuu big man spin big shit.

        6. Government institution will be “Clorox” washed
        Starting with gangster-ridden Penang and corruption-filled Selangor.

        7. History facts will be corrected
        The way “Dr” Kua Kia Soong “corrected the history of May 13 by cherrypicking facts to exonerate DAP/Gerakan of instigating the incident with their degrading rallies on May 11 and 12? Say it ain’t so, honey bun!

        8. No more exotic lifestyles
        Oh dear, no more jetting around in private jets, gamboling with foreign media here and there, and living in 7 million ringgit bungalows, then. Oh dear.

        9. No more prostitutes/bimbos/sugar daddy/porn production/CyberMorons
        You mean you personally will stop DAP thugs from opening more rumah urut in Selangor? Brave little donkey, shit shit shit.

        10. HUDUD will be implemented that might;
        a. make 99.9% of UMPORNO/Barisan Pengsonglap Harta Nasional ministers walk-around without limbs
        b. More OKU parking lots at PWTC
        Which hudud? The hudud that doesn’t even have a single piece of white paper? Oh dear.

        11. The country might catch up with Singapore and South Korea
        Like the way Penang caught up with, I dunno, Aceh with its loss of RM2 billion over 4 years? Oh dear. Or catch up by having garbage and shit accumulate on the roads just so the Selangor state government can boast, “We got RM2 billion in the bank!”? Oh dear.

        Poor little donkey shit. Shitting all over his own fur. Boohoofuckinghoo.

    2. Exactly, we should stop wasting time analysing the shit splattered on the toilet bowl and find out how to cure the diarrhoea.

      The more of such cut/paste/twist/turn/flip/summersaults; there more suspicious of UMPORNO CyberMoron campaigns.

    3. Kakcha, from the way she look, the way she writes and the time spent on this blog, looks like she has not got “laid” for a long time. She looks like LKS now.

      1. Geezz see, Ali Karim using his prepared script…. where do i see this statement before hmmm? Oh yes from RBA people… so you truely RBA. you can hide from different name but we know who you are. You will revert to your prepared script when being cornered. Gotcha.

        :D sarah

  3. Why this Ali Karam oppss Ali Karim so kelam-kabut? Always like Daim’s point of view and comments, direct to the point like Dr.M. Let Anwar be the Clown Entertainer.

    1. Same reason why the “Bad Tamper Man” kelam-kabut to reply my comment ;-) Sindiri punya muka tara tengok mau cakap ornag lain…

  4. Opinion that can only emerges from an insightful man. Sharp shooter as he’s always been.. Tun Daim.

    1. It was in China Press. BN tidur. Daim dah cakap. Helen pun dah cakap lama dah………….. susah sangat ke nak dengar

      Najib, please resign. Awareness takde langsung …….. Pak Lah ada excuse, mengantuk, tidur, tak berapa pandai……… yours? Buta hati?

  5. Helen, Tun Daim also stated the following om Peoples Real Concerns

    “I don’t think people reject 1Malaysia, ETP etc. The issues were not these. In all my earlier interviews I had listed the rakyat’s concern. These were and still are 1) corruption 2) good governance 3) security 4) education 5) inflation 6) urban poor 7) young graduates. Government instead focused on giving handouts. You give dinner once, people thank you. Give them five times and they think you are trying to buy their votes.”

    This I believe is the crux of the matter. I’m not sure about the Chinese you know (you being one yourself) but many of the people I interact with expressed the above concerns too. I don’t really know any who opined that their intention was to grab power from the Malays. The DAP don’t have that many seats anyway and there was no way that they could form the Government even if PR won. Anyway, I did state in a comment to one of your other articles that there was no way that PR would win Putrajaya. A strong opposition is always good in any democracy though. In this respect I hope PR get down to proper business instead of all these unnecessary rallies.

    1. I do not think that having Pakatan in Putrajaya instead of BN will reduce 1) corruption.

      They only shout “anti-corruption” from the rooftops and their supporters accuse everyone else of corruption like chanting mantra but I’ve not heard them put forward concrete and persuasive programmes as to how they will achieve the desired result.

      I do not think that having Pakatan in Putrajaya instead of BN will improve 2) good governance.

      BN has been ‘governing’. How do you think M’sia has remained intact instead of Balkanized as well as managed to produce a loud, spoilt middle class that’s making all the 505 noises now? It is Pakatan that is politicking, gimmicking and propagandizing 24/7. That’s why Pakatan is better at playing the public perception game.

      I do not think that having Pakatan in Putrajaya instead of BN will increase 3) security

      From what I see, their solution is to hunker themselves down in gated communities. Too bad if you’re not rich enough to afford a home in their privately secured neighbourhoods.

      I do not think that having Pakatan in Putrajaya instead of BN will uplift standards of 4) education

      They can’t even decide among themselves whether they want PPSMI or not. PAS people say ‘No’, BM is preferred. DAP people are okay with forgoing Chinese at secondary level if it is to be replaced with English but they’re not okay if Math and Science in secondary is to be taught in BM. (In a nutshell, they’re not rabidly pro-Chinese as to insist it must be taught in Mandarin but they’re anti-BM and willing to accept English as a compromise.)

      I do not think that having Pakatan in Putrajaya instead of BN will curb 5) inflation

      Their PM-in-waiting once had a stint as Finance Minister. I don’t recall any expert economists being impressed with his performance on the job. For all the criticisms levelled at CSL over his illicit sex life, at least he got praise for when he was in charge of the Health Ministry.

      I do not think that having Pakatan in Putrajaya instead of BN will be of any help to the 6) urban poor

      Look at how they treated Hindraf.

      I do not think that having Pakatan in Putrajaya instead of BN will be of good to 7) young graduates.

      With Pakatan in mission control, the young grads will be inducted into the City Harvest Church.

      1. Don’t “programmes” and longwinded analysis to stop corruption. Sack the current MACC president and the rest will fall in place.

      2. Superb. Apalah PM. Tak payah ambik advisors mahal-mahal. Helen, Outsyed the box pun dah cukup …….PM yang takde common sense.

      3. Helen, I think you don’t get the point i was trying to make – It’s not whether they had analysed PR’s abilities or whatever. It’s that a lot of the decisions on whom to vote were, I believe, emotional. People were just fed up and wanted a change. A lot of people I know expressed the sentiment that the current government cannot give us this anymore, so we just need a change and hope for the best, If the other party cannot do so we just vote them out next time. I’m not saying they were right or wrong – they were just ordinary frustrated people (not devious planners intending to overthrow the Malays). They were Malays, Chinese, Indians, Others etc. Maybe they let themselves be duped by the DAP and PR. You make a big issue about the likes of Hannah Yeoh and the Evangelist; but the point is only about 10% of the Chinese are Christians in some form or other; the rest are Buddhist, Taoists or just Atheists – they too expressed the same sentiments. The urban Indians too (many of them Hindus) voted for PR due to the same reasoning (or emotions or whatever).

        It was emotions that carried the day. In time all (or most of ) these people will calm down and realise they were played out.

        I can’t comment on the rallies in the other states but i do know that the ones at Amcorp Mall area had a good mix of all races and mainly young people.

        1. Okay, I take your word about the Amcorp gathering :)

          re: “we just vote them out next time”

          Easier said than done. I voted Pakatan in 2008 and in 2013 I changed my vote to kick them out of the S’gor state govt. Couldn’t be done. In fact, with the chokehold that Pakatan has over propaganda 24.7, they increased their seats by 8 if I’m not mistaken.

          re: Only 10% of the Chinese are Christians

          You’re mistaken. The 10% refers to the percentage of Christians in the general population.

          However all the political agitation is done by the churches and their clergy. We do not have a Buddhist equivalent of Bishop Paul Tan.

          And secondly, don;t keep downplaying the seriousness of the issue by parroting “10 percent” or (9%).

          You can’t escape the fact that 90 percent of the Chinese voted oppo. Daim reiterated the 90% figure in his interview and his intelligence gathering is superb as has been proven time and again. He also said that the DAP is getting support by successfully promoting hatred of Umno.

          1. 90% of the Chinese voted for the Opposition, true. But like I’ve said before in a democracy that is their right. As far as I am concerned the Chinese population is not large and it is dwindling – so I really don’t think BN will lose.

            Let the Chinese suffer the effects of BCL – then we will see whom they vote for. Wanna bet, they will return to the fold next election.

            I totally agree that we should have Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua. Ours is the only country with so many school systems. That is why it is so easy for DAP to influence them.

  6. Its ok Srikandi helen, we all support you. Black 505 target is not topple BN, their real target is Najib resignation, after all the fitnah they spread Najib and Bn still won, do you think GE 14 will be have a different result? Najib will have 5 more years to prove to the public that he can be a good PM, PR wants muhyiddin to be the next phantomine villain, and shout ini kalilah once again in ge 14, let’s oust muhyiddin, its not his “mandat” and so on.. with najib, they have killed his image to the extreme, but najib still have the last laugh

      1. No lah, Sam ketot only peed in his pants, and I salute him cos he dares to throw his wet panties in hadi’s face.

    1. Tapi kalau Najib resign pun best juga. Performance now. Baru kepimpinan melalui teladan.

      Tun Daim kata his advisors should resign… Faham2 je lah … orang melayu cakap berlapik.

      Yang penting UMNO bukan Najib. Hari ni dia cakap BN kena berubah. Helen cakap dah berzaman dah cuma tak ada kuasa untuk melaksanakannya. Dia ada, dia kena bertanggungjawab.

      1. Agree. Yang ada dalam cabinet sekarang (kecuali KJ) semua bengap, kelabu asap, kaki porno atau pembunuh…


        “But it was two of Mr Najib’s bodyguards who dragged Ms Shaariibuu from a car, knocked her unconscious and shot her twice in the head on October 19, 2006, according to court testimony. She had begged for her life and apparently that of her unborn child” – Court Transcript

        1. Dah la,. Jgn jadi hipokrit, kalo najib resign pun, korg bukan nk terima pun pengganti dia, aku setuju, supaya najib stay at least smp ge 14, Pr cuak dgn najib pasal dh bantal dia kow2 pun dia xjatuh.. yg kata faction dlm unmo nk jtuhkan dia 2 standard la, sape xnk jadi no 1 kan,. Tgk pkr, sampai tangguhkan pemilihan parti pasal tkut empayar anuar tergugat,. Dap lagi la, smp menipu dlm cec..biar najib stay, kita tgk sejauh mana dia blh lakukan transfomasi dgn kabinet pilihan dia.. lepas 2 baru kita buat keputusan, tun m dgn tun abdullah pn srh bagi dia peluang.. nuar yg janji nak resign pn xjadi resign,. Nape xsuruhh tg hadi resign. Padahal prestasi pas teruk giler kali ni.. smp org mcm sam ketot pun blh bantai hadi.. yela sama2 ahli parlimen, so x timbul la isu krg ajar. Lgpn dlm pr, pas pling skit dpt kerusi parlimen.. so kena la jadi ‘yes man” atau lebih tepat lagi cai2

    2. “Black 505 target is not topple BN, their real target is Najib resignation”

      Really, then they must be working for some factions in UMNO because many of the UMNO people are working towards removing Najib at the UMNO general assembly.

      I don’t think this is a good idea though i.e. removing Najib. I don’t see a better replacement.

  7. Helen mydear.. let d dogs bark, d wolves howl, d craws caw, d lightnings flash… u continue doing your job! Your articles are d reflection of your mind which i admire.

      1. Ali Karim…ada berita baru la..entah ko dah baca belum..anuwat ( anuwar + liwat ) hanya buat laporan polis SATU saja..pasal dakwat kekal..MANA PENGUNDI HANTU YANG DIA kata 40000? MANA BLACK OUT YANG DIA KATA?? ko tak nampak lagi ke penipu tu menipu korang?? atau ko dah jadi bengap??

      1. walaupun kak helen cina.. I think she’s more malaysian than you la Ali Karim… everyone here can vouch for her…

      2. ak,u’re a f…kng brainless moron.a product of malaysiakini.

        Helen,welldone.I support u.

      1. Dah menang la weii, El-Munafiq dan SPR sudah main blakang la weii…

        PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tidak layak menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai Perdana Menteri dan juga Menteri Kewangan kerana beliau gagal mematuhi sepenuhnya Perkara 43(6) Perlembagaan sejak 3 April 2009 lagi. Bekas Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Polis Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim mendakwa, sumpah jawatan, sumpah setia serta juga sumpah simpan rahsia, yang dilafazkan oleh Najib di hadapan YDP Agong Ke-13, bukan sumpah yang dinyatakan dalam Jadual Keenam Perlembagaan.

        1. Ha! Ha! Wise choice of word ” Main Belakang”….

          you think what UMNO and EC like ” Main Belakang” huh?

          Tell that to DAP on their CEC debacle..or Al-Juburi if the case is pun intended.

      1. Tu lah, suroh pi skolah blajar tak nak. Sekarang tak paham England. Hang klik link yh aku bagi pas tu suruh Nizam translate, dia Nampak macam pandai sikit dari hang.

        1. Tak pandai macam Al-Juburi yang lulus Kelas 3 Pengajian Melayu ke atau macam LGE the flop Accountant?

    1. Umporno ni apa sebenarnya? Gila punya orang. Pemimpin pilihan hati mereka ada masalah moral … umno jugak kena.

      masa kecik tak dapat kasih sayang ke

  8. Ali Karim, you’re so afraid of Helen Ang’s factual analysis huh? Any Tom, Dick and Harry can say what you allege. Your comments are in fact zilch, nada, zero. which are after all the characteristics of pro-opposition cyber troopers.

    We embrace Helen and will support her constructive criticisms all the way.

  9. Helen,
    Keep on analyzing and spreading your thoughts in your own blog. Some people just could not take different opinion than theirs. They don’t understand that other people can think differently as it is not within their capability to do so.
    Please continue to write. :)

  10. Helen, your parents still around? They would regret of having you – seeing the amount of garbage that comes out of your head,

    1. Helen, how do you handle this type of idiot all day long.

      Just ignore this idiot. Not in your league.

    2. the blackout rallies are happening because they are sore losers….simple as that…also they dont have nothing to do and its the cheapest form of entertainment and need attention (kurang kasih sayang kut)… so let them go on with the rallies ….hearing the same speech again n again…singing the same song….vuvuzeling happily together…

    3. And if your parents are still around, they would cringed and for certain would regret having YOU for being such an asshole in the middle of civilisation.

    1. Oh thank you. Nizam wants me to leave but you want me to stay?

      “Satu gabungan NGO mengancam untuk membuat perarakan besar sekiranya para pemimpin Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya masih tidak meletak jawatan atau dipecat dari jawatan tersebut.
      Penganjur berkenaan, termasuk NGO Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) menyebut, sembilan perhimpunan yang diadakan selepas pilihan raya umum 5 Mei lalu hanyalah satu permulaan. Amaran terakhir dari rakyat bahawa mereka berani untuk berarak secara aman sekiranya SPR masih tidak dipecat atau meletak jawatan. Rakyat sudah bersedia ke jalan raya demi demokrasi yang telah digelapkan, bila-bila masa dari sekarang.” – MK


    2. Helen,

      From the lingo Ali Karim is a.k.a Al Madani DAP/PKR CT Shit , a frequent that comments in AIDC.COM. I have not seen this Al Madani Shit in AIDC.COM for awhile. His lingo is also similar to that of “Raja Daud” and “King David” DAP/PKR CT Shit.. He displays the same pattern of behaviour i.e. if he fails to convince by creating doubt, he will turn into jackass. I can immediately foresee their next course of action based on their previous MO, once they see this one only produces gas and shit.

      I think he also degraded you in Annie or Big Cat Blog few days ago, spewing the same shit that has been building down from his stinking ass up to his head.

      Me think this OXY-MORON@Ali Karim@Chinga Madre has been assigned to your blog to do just that i.e. Eat Shit, Pray Shit, Love Shit @ Diarrhea of The Mouth, Constipation Of The Brain.

      The fact that he is even bother to comment and taking the effort to bring you down, shows that you MATTER to them. Take it as an achievement and compliment.

      Note: Save His IP address and any other similar tone of DAP/PKR CT Shit and email it to trusted friends or those who are able to verify/identify it. It will come in handy trust me.

  11. Could they afraid of Daim since the Chinese Press interviewed him? And they are afraid of you too Helen. Go girl!

  12. thats all these dap morons can do is just ask “your parents still around” and “they would regret having you”, we can say the same thing to them.

    oi, you were an itch in your fathers pants and your mother should have spit you out.

    1. “oi, you were an itch in your fathers pants and your mother should have spit you out.”

      ROTFL, I haven’t heard this for a very long time, still have the same effect when used at the right moment.

  13. Wah ali karim dah heret iibu bapak helen sekali nampak.
    Dah nak kalah tu..shame on you karim

  14. The show is on guys. Anwar’s macai aka Ali Karim is in the house. Let’s sit back, relax & enjoy the show

  15. Wow, someone is really making a lot of money today.
    paid by the number of response now? or is it words.
    getting double bonus for hitting under the belt?
    I am sure the red bean boss have come up with a new pricing matrix.
    something like basic pay and tips…

    new season “PRU14” new payment structure ?

    hahahaha… tak perfrom kena buang kerja lor…

  16. Najib says “Be brave and change”. I wonder to whom he’s directing his comments.

    Enuf la Mr PM.. I know you want Malay to change and give evrything again to please CHINESE? Better you be changed during PAU.

    1. He shouldn’t have given those handouts and promises to the Chinese schools and colleges. People are sick of it and they felt indignant. You shouldn’t have to pay people to vote for you. In actual fact if he didn’t give so much handouts, a percentage of Chinese would have given him their vote. I am telling you. Indecisiveness is killing him. Example in Pandan, PM should just have fielded Ong Tee Keat instead of Gary LIm. OTK had a real chance in Pandan but alas Chua Soi Lek had to have his way. Die lah

    2. I think we should give Najib some credit. I believe he has already foreseen this to happen i.e CHINESE DAP TSUNAMI, but being at the top he has to use whatever amo he has to reverse that. Yes now he fails, but not totally, as he has managed to improve the support from the Malay. Should he used the reverse prior to PRU13, the Chinese would claim that they swing their support since the PM ignored them… bla..bla…bla. either way he would lose. The silver-lining is now he can focus on three things:

      1. The Malays in general
      2. The Urban Malays
      3. The Indians

      That is why the Chinese DAP are going all out to do damage control to mitigate the effect via “Urban Tsunami Slogan”. Why does LKS suddenly all going all to defend 1-Malaysia agenda, whe prior to PRU13 his daugther-in-law the UGLY BOLD BETTY shaved her head crying “Money Politics”. Why does the Star doing the Damage Control Mission via Unity Program (e.g. Today they announced that Lisa Suriyani will be on twitter or something, whilst it has never happen before)

      I am not so concern about BLACK 505 for it is merely Al JUBURI agenda to be PM, DAP and PAS just play along, either way the outcome of Black 505 still does not affect but will benefit DAP as the biggest winner in Pakatan.

      Being a “cool guy” that he is, Najib will continue with his mannerism since he is the PM of the country and not just for the Malays, non-Dap Chinese or Indian alone, but his designated people will do the right work. If you care to read the news there are already signs. But we have to support him in unison (he is not perfect ) so as not give Pakatan any chance to further run him down. He has the Country Image at stake, if he does otherwise it won’t be good for everyone of us.

      Can the DAP-Chinese go to Najib or any MCA or Gerakan leaders now and asked for more from now on? But being greedy that they are and “muka tebal”, I think they would and I think it is much easier for Najib to point blank say “NO” now. Kalau Najib tak bagi dulu, dia orang kata “you don’t support us, that’s why we swing the votes en bloc “. But who are they kidding?

      Not sure about MCA and Gerakan though.

      Now DAP leaders and their “sarang anai-anai” @ the Star, are working full force to pass the bulk back to BN by their current tone of activities.

      I am very Happy with Zahid Hamidi’s stance now. After he is done with KDN, I hope he will take over Education Department and deal with vernacular schools once and for all. Can you imagine sometime last year or the year before, in one Tamil School in one Estate somewhere only has 1 student but still running “No we can’t close it because it tantamount to racist”.

      And everyone knows the deal with Chinese Vernacular school, walaupun dah dimansuhkan di Singapore tapi SINGAPORK masih menerima pelajar-pelajar Malaysia dari sekolah ini. Itu sebab mereka masih berjaya dalam kelangsunngan, begitu juga dengan pekerjaan yang mana syarikat-syarikat Cina telah sedia ada untuk menerima mereka. Ini bebeza dengan sekolah Tamil yang mana network mereka lemah jadi mereka terus ketinggalan. Itu sebabnya bila UNITAR atau Taylor University College mengwar-warkan yang pelajar mereka mendapat permintaan yang tinggi dari industry-industry di Malaysia (or something to the effect, can’t remember the exact words), saya cuma tergelak.

      Untuk Melayu yang URBAN dan Middle Class pula tu fikir-fikir la sikit takkan la selama-lamanya UMNO nak tanggung kau orang. Ada ramai lagi Melayu yang miskin dan perlu dibantu. Just because you don’t see it in you pocket, that doesn’t mean you don’t have or never benefit from it.

      1. If I’m not mistaken, Tun M faccing similer problem when he first become a PM. After those few bumps, he become wiser.

        I think GE13 will be remembered by DSN as a lesson well learn. Just like when he first taking over as PM and facing small election. He’s changing after that.

        This is the first GE he facing as PM. And after all, the time for giving has finally over. If you look at DSN now, you’ll see keep his silence and I think he’s planning now. Let just see how it become uncover.

        :) sarah

  17. ali karim..

    i think your parents would regret even more of having you compare to Helen’s parent.

    If (according to you) Helen is spewing garbage, then you’re spewing shit.

    And if your parents already passed away, they might scream in the graves — being hit by Munkar n Nakir … — their son doesn’t have any skills on Habluminannas.

    Poor boy…

    Don’t simply talk about others parent.

    You’re sick man.

  18. OMG, Ali – you’re so hilarious, off course not very bright but funny nonetheless! I could fall in love with you, Ali: I like my men dumb!

    1. Don’t be mistaken, there is a different between “The Village Idiot” and “the Dumb”. The Dumb may satisfy your intended “Head” but the Village Idiot will only give you Migraine. Apa pun tak dapat “Macam Keling Karam” auta aje lebih.

      Ali Karim is the Village Idiot.

  19. I share the same concerns as Sham. Your point to point rebuttal in regards to issues like corruption, good governance, education, inflation, etc is not convincing enough for me. I respect your steadfastness with BN. Their ideology sits well with you. No problem. I am more inclined to sit with the opposition because most of their policies resonate well and makes sense to me in a manner stronger than that of BN’s. But what the heck, its no harm looking from the other side of the fish tank isn’t it. As for Daim’s take, that’s his perspective although I must say the opium that he is peddling is a bit wee out of date. Most Blackout 505 events have a strong mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian participants in the crowd. The Malays especially the youth have been out in force for all the events and they have been exceptionally savvy in their political conduct and mindset. I have to salute them for their courage.

    1. How about you share with us PR’s policies and how to tackle (a) corruption (b) good governance (c)education (d) inflation (e) raising the economy to be at par with, like Ali Karim said earlier, Singapore & South Korea…and why do you think theirs is better compared to BN. Would also appreciate facts and figures as well to support them. How’s that? You do know and am sure aware that most who commented in here are mostly fencesitters, like myself.

    2. My sister and her colleagues went to the demo on sat last. Why, becuz they work nearby so most of them drop by on their way to work or during their break. They listened to the bullshit for about ten mins then blah. Bukan nak join pun. Curious jer. They all menyampah seeing the protestors. So, jgn nak perasan ramai melayu support korang.

  20. Why is it that when someone gives a view that differs from others, he is branded Red Bean Army? I just don’t get it.

    1. Being called a red bean army is a considered compliment, we are playing at the same plane as silly opposition zombies calling us prostitutes and being paid for exercising our democratic rights

      Whatdehell.. your question is just plain stupid.. what do i care.

      The opium fed Daim is thousand folds smarter than you.

      The BN led Malaysia have provided livelihood to Malaysians of all races under mutual governance even to ungrateful Malaysians of many races who scorn and ill wish this country that provided them opportunities amidst uncertainties.

      A horde of disillusioned mob of people who insults the longest continuous democracy in ASEAN on a muddy field do not deserve face. They are sore losers.

    2. Ozhero88,

      “…I just dont get it.”

      Because they provide “fitnah”, “character assasination, inciting the chinese against UMNO (meaning against Malays)’. . And they hit below the belt by insulting Rosmah simply because she is married to the Prime Minister.

      1. Ozhero88 sounded like “ANA” CT DAP/PKR a regular in AIDC.COM.

        Me think so, the tone and lingo are almost similar. Never combative but with fine line of “doubt creation” of rhetoric. They normally work in pair “The Ying and Yang” of the same shit.

    3. Those posting here are mostly reasonable ordinary Joes & Janes. They bring something to the table, be it a different POV, an experience shared, enforcing the subject matter with facts, sharing links, passing on a joke etc.

      Then, there are a minority who comes in with the sole intention of picking a cyber fight. Their MO is somewhat familiar to most. Insult from the word go. Use degrading words such as prostitutes & whores. Cuss like their life depended on it. When everything fails, insult parents, grandparents etc etc while calling into question one’s sexual orientation.

      If you trawl the archives you’ll see most readers are restrained in their comments. They’d normally humor the fella or respond with statistics, facts based arguments. Novelty don’t last so bemusement will eventually give way as the gloves comes off & the rabble rouser will get an earful. And we love a fight just like the next person. Can’t blame us there can you?

      As for your conundrum, you should ask the alleged red beanies why do they automatically assume someone who doesn’t buy that shit PR peddles are branded UMNO-something?

  21. Wow… KOMTAR have sent a cheap packhorse gilly to attack fortress B

    Helen Ang…. lets lock up hand in aband against the Ali Karim DAPster Barbarian

    1. Anjing PR? More like “Kutu Babi” (Tick) that sticks to the dog, a nuisance that has nothing good to say more less to do.

  22. tahniah helen, dpt stalker baru. agak dungu dan kurang mencabar, apatah lagi memberi persaingan. pun begitu lawak bodohnya agak menghiburkan. :)

  23. “…that they gerrymandered territories, smuggled ballot boxes and escorted Bangla’s to vote.”

    – Ali Karim

    I think it is interesting the blackout accusation was omitted by Ali Karim. Gerrymandering was well known before any general election, except for ignorant and naive newbies, and as for smuggled ballot boxes and phantom Bangla voters, we are all still waiting patiently for the evidence. Unlike some people, Malaysians in general are willing to wait and see if these allegations will stick. I suspect most of the petitions will center around failure to adhere to election procedures, charges of vote-buying etc.

    The gatherings are intended to perpetuate the ‘stolen’ election narrative. I do hope they will continue to be well attended and supported by PR leaders. Afterall, most of the backbenchers and opposition parliamentarians have nothing much else to do anyway.

    The continued lamentation about the FPP system and disproportionate advantage of the rural votes (as well as the Borneo states) should not distract PR leaders from the fact that they need to win the heart and the mind of rural and Borneo voters. The reality is that PR need to convince these voters to pick them in the coming general election, not alienate them. People have spoken and if the allegations of fraud has tampered the voice of the electorate, let there be proper investigations and not rumours based on hearsay and conjectures.

    I hope, for PR’s sake, there is proof of mass scale cheating because they have put all their eggs into the “we-are-robbed” basket. Of course, it was strange that PR could not accept results where they have lost by a small margin, but have no problem claiming victory in seats where they won with a small majority.

    The abuse of the social network by partisan supporters have eroded the credibilit and reliability of internet news. It is still a positive development, all in all. The sooner Malaysians learn to see through spin, lies and deliberate tarring in the world of politics by BN and PR, the better.

  24. Thank you everyone for your comments, constructive or destructive. I fully understand if I say something then I must expect and accept what’s coming. “You get what you give” – no problem.
    Helen, sorry about those words. You know as well as I do neither one of us meant it personally nor it’s a spontaneous outburst of ego. I have been following your blog for more than six months now and was waiting for a perfect post to pound on you, this wasn’t it. Anyway sorry again, I will unfollow and leave you guys alone. I’m taking the advice from one Mazlan Aliman of PAS asking all of his followers to calm down and stop the harsh criticisms.

    Just some words before I go, try to understand that more than 52% Malaysians rejected UMNO/BN simply because we are saturated with disappointment since 2008. We the 99% are used as money producing machines by the 1% whom live in abundance and preach to us about life principles. Malaysians live in peace and harmony because we the people want to, not because any of the half-baked policies of the government; which even then they use the media to play up or down play whatever they fancy.

    We don’t know how will PR perform, we don’t worship DSAI but we use this opportunity to clean-up the system so that our children will be able to make their choices. I’m 49 male, Indian Muslim (Mamak if you like) married to N. Sembilan beautiful, intelligent and loving lady and have 3 beautiful kids. I am Sr. Manager with a reputable giant and make RM 150,000 a year. No I’m not a paid blogger nor am I associated with Red Beans or Jelly Beans. All of you have got me wrong and likewise I may have got you wrong.

    Thank you again to each and every one on this thread for your feedbacks, I dedicate this song to all of you, of the feelings of 52% of Malaysians on the night of the fateful 5th May 2013 (just for the heck of it).

    YouTube (Skip Add)


    1. Please remember that among the reasons some of us come to hate PR despite the shortcomings of BN are the attitude of PR followers. It does not help when the leaders keep on telling their supporters general information that is wide open to be interpreted left, right and center – as if PR haven’t learn any lesson from what TG Hadi Awang said back then in the 80s.

      You don’t have to perasan that we did not see the failings of BN and only your lot can see it.

      The way your lot treated those who differed in opinion with you guys were ugly to say the least. Pre 2008, I thought BN CT was the ugliest it can get. How wrong I was.

      Claim the higher moral ground and live it, perhaps people who does not support you will change their mind.

    2. I think Ali Karim need not go. Helen’s blog is big enough for dissent of all kinds, including the alphabet soup variety.

      What I think Ali Karim need to know that many of us are not fans of BN (or of UMNO or MCA). You claimed that you are disappointed with UMNO/BN, perhaps you have put too high hopes or expectations of our politicians. The exploitation of the masses by the ruling elites is perpetuated by a cosy existence between big business and politicians, as evident by UMNO and DAP bigwigs. The rakyat must open their eyes wide and engage their brain when they read/listen to the words of our politicians. BN’s failure to capture the votes of middle-class voters like Ali Karim is evidence that they got something wrong.

      We wish BN and PR all the best in the coming general elections. Hopefully more voters will vote on the basis of the candidate rather than the party, on local issues for state and national issues for parliament, on Malaysian interests rather than ethnic/religious considerations. This a democratic country and we pray our politicians learn how to play the game together so that they don’t render the nation into a paralysis in the naked struggle for power.

  25. It is obvious that Ali Karim is a Pakatan die-hard and is here not to debate rationally but to throw all kinds of accusations like some rubbish truck that unloads the content at a landfill (sorry Helen this analogy might not suit SJ since the rubbish collection in Selangor is down in the dump…pun intended).

    As such, just ignore this guy and let’s not fall into his trap and get into personal battles and insults. Let’s show that we, the non-PR supporters, are a different breed from the kurang-ajar fan boys and gals of the Dear Leaders/ Tokongs / Ketua Umums / Tok Gurus and Super Evangelists

  26. I have great respect for Tun, the Oracle of Malaysian Politics. I think his observations are valid and I especially liked his comment on that “the Chinese by voting out all the Chinese parties in BN is saying that they have had enough of being bullied by Umno / Malays. If this is not racist, I don’t know what is.”

    However I had to disagree on certain points that he made especially on his conclusion that the Chinese voted out the BN Chinese parties to punish BN/UMNO. I am quite sure that this is not because they wanted to punish BN/UMNO or because they wanted Bangsa Malaysia. I am very sure that even if BN stood under 1Malaysia Party and abolished all the component parties, they result would have been the same. Ditto if DAP had used the name Parti Tinghua Malaysia instead.

    The real reason they voted for PR is that they feel they are victims of injustice, cruelty and unfair treatment by the Malay Muslims. They are voting against the Malays when they voted for PR. To them MCA represented the Chinese subservience to the Malay hegemony while PR is the reverse. I don’t think the Chinese fell in love with Anwar or Tok Guru. For the Chinese these guys are mere stepping stones and puppets like Abdullah CD and Rashid Maidin of Rejimen 10 of PKM.

    You talk to a typical Dapster about politics and they will unload the usual drivel about corruption, mismanagement, unfair policies and poor governance. If you are a non Malay you can probe further, eventually you will reach to the bottom of the barrel. Only then the Dapsters will tell you the truth on why they hate BN – they just hate the Malays. They will tell you they don’t read the NST, pump fuel at Shell instead of Petronas, buy groceries at Giant instead of Mydin, drive Myvi instead of Proton, use Maybank instead of CIMB, eat Massimo instead of Gardenia, fly Singapore Airlines instead of MAS, etc, etc.

    1. Calvin,

      Yup. that is the real intention. UMNO s ymbolises malay holding power. and DAP incites the Chinese that it is already a sin for Malays to rule the country.

      And it is a sin too for Malays to be rich. Hence, the insult on Tan Sri Bukhari simply because he is a Malay. a good Malay for DAP must be poor, act like jester just like Mohd Sabu, or a useless student like Adam Adli.

      A good Malay politician must be like PAS leaders who have no qualm in slandering while quoting Quranic verses.

      Tun Dr Mahathir is “very bad’ as he refuses to sell Malay interests. Najib is bad too as he represents Malays ruling the nation. PERKASSA too is very racist for speaking and defending malay rights. Malay rulers too not respected as the Highnesses on “takhta” is a reminder to the whole world that in days gone by, the beautiful land called Malay states had already been ruled by brown colored Malay Rulers.

      UTUSAN is “bad” to because it really defends Malay interests. Police, ATM are bad too as well dominated by Malays .

      MCA too is not spared. Genuine partnership with UMNO is hated. A ‘good” Chinese party must overlord malays.

      Anwar is an “ideal” politician as he is willing to sell anyone to dismantle UMNO’s rule( and be replaced by DAP).

      Rafizi too a ‘darling’ for his ability to make UMNO looks bad on every angle. Nevermind that concept of truth is an alien vocabularry to Rafizi.

      So “nice” for Chinese to sacrifice their interest by willingly allowing themselves to be led by DAP to literally collide with the Malays.

      1. They love PAS because these guys have no material interests (at least the old school) so they will allow DAP to grap the riches for themselves. They love Anwar and PKR because these leaders only interested in positions and instant gratifications like big cars and china dolls. So they can provide these goods to Anwar and his gang so they are free to plunder the nation. Selangor is the case study. The puppet Khalid is the face of the government while DAP is the real puppet master who controls the state and the puppet strings.

    2. Calvin, could you point out in what way do the Chinese were victimized by injustices, cruelties and unfair treatment by the Malay Muslims?

      The term “Malay Muslims” is a pretty wide brush. Are you sure this is correct term?

      1. mfma, this is what the Dapsters say and accuse Malays. I don’t agree with them of course. The term Malay Muslim is the term that PR and alternative media use for the “two birds with one stone” tactic. Associate Malays with the NEP and associate Muslims with terrorism. As such Malay Muslim is a double whammy. That’s how nasty and cunning these Dapsters are.

    1. LKS has alleged that Umno’s got 10,000 cybertroopers.

      But he denies the existence of the RBA – better call them the DAP SuperCyber Bullies. The “Red Bean” cartoon makes the outfit look goofy when in reality they’re vicious, ruthless and malicious.

      But the point is that to the DAP supporters, Umno cybertroopers are real and everybody is one — even the CAP president.

      But to the same DAP supporters, the “RBA” is non-existent and all their cyber supporters are volunteer patriots.

      1. I’m sure the term “Red Bean Army” has been misinterpreted by someone. It is possible they call themselves “Red Berets”, after the elite group of soldiers whose trademark is the red berets they wore. In Cantonese, the Red Berets were referred to as “Hoong TAU Ping”, or literally Red Head Army. Surely someone misheard or misunderstood and call them “Hoong DAU Ping”, meaning Red Bean Army?

        Helen, you’re right… they’re far too vicious and menacing to be associated with the Red Bean name and image.

        1. Read Head Army sure describe them better. The anger and hate of some their writings in comment section sure sync nicely with the image of red faced angry person.

        2. hi Garrett! one of my chinese fb-friends said this in her comment about the rba: “…btw, do u know the red bean army translated in chinese sounds so close to red army by Mao in china, where he used the youngsters to push communism to his advantage, killing everyone on his path. Not much difference now, its just via cyber. I wondered why no one picked this up. Red bean army = china red army, sounding eerily similar in mandarin.

          *helen, i was going to ask you about this but couldn’t find the time till now when i’m insomniac due to jetlag.*

            1. I thought it’s named after 红豆冰 hong dou ping (Red Bean Ice) aka Ais Kacang.

      2. I think a more appropriate name would be the Red Guard Army from the Chinese Cultural Revolution. I think their objectives are the same – revolution. The Red Guard’s objectives were –

        “Chairman Mao has defined our future as an armed revolutionary youth organization…So if Chairman Mao is our Red-Commander-in-Chief and we are his Red soldiers, who can stop us? First we will make China red from inside out and then we will help the working people of other countries make the world red…And then the whole universe.”.

  27. aduuh helen ..ini lori taik ( ali karim ) sudah terbalik atas u punya blog …

  28. Here is what I would have done if I had been the Opposition leadership.

    1. 1997. As the DPM, I would have taken a holiday in Disneyland with my family and returned to be the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia. ONE EASY STEP. No wooden kitchen cabinet for me because close aides were all sly and cunning troublemakers.

    2. 2008. The fun-loving BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties (and completely compromised by the ‘low hanging fruit’ type of nondescript Singaporean parachutists) was asking to be KICKED OUT. The multi-media and the Rakyat were screaming at the neglect by the BN since 2003. Any blind person could have sensed the BN impending downfall, With the tons of money belonging to others in my bank account, I would have bought up all and sundry at top ringgit before the March 2008 Elections and leave no stone unturned. I would forgive all my enemies with written guarantees including my Nemesis. Wow ! The field is now all clear for a seamless take-over. JUST ONE EASY STEP !. And the best of all, as the all powerful Prime Minister, I would lay down the red-carpet for the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore at KLIA and this World’s Class and World’s Best titan would kiss my hand which controls Singapore ! OMG

    3. 2013. OK. I missed the 2 previous EASY STEPS. Not to worry. This latest edition is even more easy and would have brought the dinosaur BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties to its knees with the minimum of time and money. It is so easy it is elementary my dear Watson as Sherlock Holmes said to his pal.
    As the leader of the 6 distinguished gentlemen of the Opposition, I would have called for a BOYCOTT BY THE 51% POPULAR VOTE AND A 100 DAY HUNGER STRIKE AGAINST THE EC AND THE BN ON NOMINATION DAY. Why ? To catch the complacent and shaky BN with their pants down and avoid commitment to sign the EC forms and pay the deposits. THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD HAVE GONE POP AND WOULD HAVE BEEN WILLINGLY LED AROUND BY THE NOSE BY THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSTION. (Please note the World hungers for the unique and the exciting in the drab Western society) This is unique play and no copy-cat version of the hundreds of daily protests and demonstrations in the World. JUST ONE EASY STEP. The 6 distinguished gentlemen of the Opposition would be properly ensconced and lying in extreme comfort in the 3rd Class Ward of the KL General Hospital and the world media invited in by special invitation to make the whole easy event by lying on a hospital bed all the more exciting. What say you Oppostion leadership ? The BN would have been scandalised world wide by winning 100% of the seats with 49% of the popular vote. A new General Elections would have to be held and the Opposition would have been the MASTER in JUST ONE EASY STEP by lying on a hospital bed with clean sheets ! And the billions and billions of ringgits are still in my bank account against the out of pocket BN. And best of all, I would not have been trapped into supporting the EC and the BN to underline their legitimacy. And the World leaders would have considered the BN as a pariah of the World instead of congratulating our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib underlining his legitimate victory and legitimacy. MAN PROPOSES AND GOD DISPOSES !

    2018. Come to me for advice on that JUST ONE EASY STEP !

    1. Hahaha…. A to Z how to become PM If you’re Opposition by AK47 . Allways love your point of views.

      You know AK47, I think you better to open special class for opposition leader and follower and teach them how to become better opposition. By the way they goes now, they look like dummies to the rest of the world. With you as their couches they will understand the word world class opposition means.

      Than charge them millions per session. By then they know how to become the gentleman opposition love by people and goverment.

      :D sarah

      1. Sarah. My 3 Golden Attributes to be the Prime Minister.

        1. Commonsense. Do not run around the streets of KL or take off your pants in public.

        2. The Ability to Think out of a Box. Do not use copy cat words like ‘holistic’ or ‘renaissance’ or copy cat demonstrations.

        3. Compassion. Send a written guarantee to your Nemesis.

  29. Parties of all colours ! It is time to sack all the overpaid advisors, strategic or non-strategic, and hangers-on who could not produce the strategic results in JUST ONE EASY STEP.


  30. From my comments, it is crystal clear that the action of the Opposition to take part in the 13th General Elections was a mistake and the present Oppostion conundrum is also a mistake because everything was conducted legitimately.

    Two Wrongs do not make a Right !

  31. By taking part fully and without reservations in the 13th General Elections, the Opposition has legitimized the whole process especially the results. If the Opposition did not take part, how can the 13th General Elections be legitimate ? Sack all the legal, strategic, non-strategic, hangers-on etc for ultimate success. These are amateurs to the fore !


  32. I asked a friend,’ Why are you still protesting ?’ He replied,’ I want to be a millionaire !’ I pointed out,’ By protesting like this you will not be a millionaire.’ Without hesitation, he retorted,’ I have millions and millions of ringgits in my bank account.’ I was left incredulous. Is this the Malaysian Mentality in today’s Malaysia ?

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