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Apa lagi MCA tak mahu buat?

Bersambung daripada ‘Tun Daim said Chinese wanted to teach BN a lesson’

Penelitian jadual di bawah oleh blogger MyMassa mendapati bahawa dalam masa dua tahun yang menyusuli PRU 2008, MCA hanya mendaftar seramai 2,897 orang pengundi manakala DAP mendaftarkan seramai 55,321 orang pengundi dalam tempoh yang sama (6 bulan).

Pengundi baru sama ada didaftarkan atau yang dipindah ke Gelang Patah telah membantu memenangkan Lim Kit Siang dan juga calon-calon bidan terjun lain DAP di Johor, negeri sasaran DAP bagi PRU13.

daftar pemilih ikut parti

Dari bulan Mac 2010 sehingga bulan Mei 2012 pula, DAP berjaya mendaftarkan seramai 201,668 pemilih baru dalam jangkamasa 26 bulan tersebut, menurut maklumat yang didedahkan Ketua Wanita MCA Pulau Pinang Tan Cheng Liang.

Tutup sahaja pusat khidmat masyarakat MCA

Untuk mengetahui kenapa blogger MyMassa menyokong cadangan untuk membiarkan wakil rakyat Pakatan sahaja yang buat kerja menyelesaikan masalah rakyat, sila ke laman

Tiada apa-apa yang mampu dibuat oleh BN yang akan boleh melembutkan hati masyarakat Cina kecuali Umno rela membunuh diri.

Demi memujuk orang Cina, Najib Razak telah mengenakan baju merah sewaktu sambutan perayaan Tahun Baru, telah bertandang ke Penang untuk bersama-sama meraikan konsert penyanyi Korea Psy serta telah mengucap beberapa ungkapan dalam bahasa Mandarin.

Namun beliau masih lagi dikecam orang Cina yang bertanya kenapa perdana menteri tidak bertutur bahasa Hokkien — loghat utama orang tempatan di situ.

Saban hari pula Jerusubang merengek-rengek tentang “reconciliation” dalam semua media (melainkan Utusan) yang dikawal sepenuhnya oleh mereka. Sudah jemu lah.

Selama lima tahun yang lepas ini, belum cukupkah Najib dengan usaha-usahanya untuk berdamai?


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36 thoughts on “Apa lagi MCA tak mahu buat?

  1. alah, kalau najib cakap hokkein pun depa kata jugak. dh mmg dasar pembelot dan berpaling tadah. Najib mungkin belajar sesuatu dari keputusan PRU13. salah satunya ialah MCA adalah dinosours yg pernah gemilang suatu ketika dahulu, tapi sekarang tidak lagi.

  2. BN component parties must put in serious efforts to register new voters; the PR parties are doing their utmost to register new voters. Just a few weeks after election…they have already started to registered voters. This should be in one the KPI of BN component parties.

    1. Registering new voters DOES NOT mean they will vote for MCA/BN….They can be registered by anyone but the process of converting them to be BN’s supporter and voter is the most important one.

      For the time being,the govt should just ignore them, non-BN voters, and let them be in la la land having successfully “ousted” Chinese based BN component parties.

      When MCA/Gerakan close down their service centres and the people do not know where to go for assistance, as has happen very recently in my area, then they know they have put themselvs into serious trouble.

      What happened was, the MCA service centre people just told the bunch that came and said, now the area is under DAP/PR. Please go and see you new rep for any assistance. We can’t do anything. You can imagine their surprise looks.

      So PR/DAP/PKR/PAS must now take on the responsibility to help those in their areas irrespective whom they voted for in GE13..

      This may or may not win back the votes BUT heck, but this is the nadir, scrapping the barrel bottom. BN component parties can only go up if they come up with correct strategies and not being a coward, as they seemed now.

      I still believe in Malaysia but whoever runs the country MUST follow the Constitution.

      1. re: “Registering new voters DOES NOT mean they will vote for MCA/BN….They can be registered by anyone but the process of converting them to be BN’s supporter and voter is the most important one.”

        Agree with you. I was informed that the MCA did not bother with registering voters because the party anticipated that those voters would be casting their ballots for the DAP anyway, just like how they makan percuma at the MCA mega dinners, use the MCA service centres, benefot from MCA programmes and attend TAR College and Utar but still vote DAP.

        re: “converting them to be BN’s supporter”

        On the contrary, the MCA-owned and controlled newspaper is converting readers into Pakatan hardcore.

        re: the service centres and winning back the voters

        There is no more Chinese votes to be lost from the current demography except the under 21s. Among the young, the evangelical church activism will get them for DAP.

        Running the service centres the next 5 years will not earn the MCA any iota of thanks or gratitude. They will use the MCA’s service and still scold the MCA reps as “running dogs” “woof woof”.

        1. Dear Helen : Does the scolding, name calling and “woof woof”ing done in the “in your face ” manner or is it more like behind the back or during ceramah politik?

          1. The Star reporters do it — perli – in their Jerusubang linked network.

            On a political note, you can imagine that they similarly do not have any professionalism and do exactly the same to the BN politicians whom they loathe that they cover on assignment. These reporters discuss and leak details over Facebook and Twitter.

            Remember the Star-NUJ chairman who tweeted that Big Mama was late arriving at the function, and that the ladies in sari were melting under the sun waiting for the VVIP (Rosmah) to arrive.

            The Star have thousands of reporters. We can only guesstimate how many of them are out of control and are continually sabotaging the BN.

            Also we mustn’t forget that The Star Media Group has a reach to an audience of 5.63 million, and that the company is planning to pump in RM20-30 million to expand their digital business.

            Unlike print media, the Star reporters are truly unsupervised online. So you can imagine that extent of the damage that The Scissors will do to the BN from now until GE14.

            1. IC and noted … and yes, I still remember your posting re Star-NUJ Chairman’s tweet Big Momma’ late arrival

    2. @ Patriot

      Tell that to KJ , The New Menteri Belia dan Sukan. As Ketua Pemuda UMNO he has failed to convince the Urban Malay and I am surprise that he still around. Dia dan Bapak Mertua dia la yang menghancurkan UMNO between 2004 and 2008.

      I don’t foresee and even hope that the DAP-Chinese will swing their vote back to BN. PRU13 telah membuktikan hati budi dia orang yang tak ikhlas dan tamak.

      And this one take the cake… LOL

      “Malaysians left ‘stateless’ in UK after passport gamble backfires
      Nearly 1,000 Malaysians are living in the UK in “stateless” limbo after tearing up their passports in expectation of winning British citizenship.”

      1. “As Ketua Pemuda UMNO he has failed to convince the Urban Malay and I am surprise that he still around.” – LOL

        Agreed with LOL. that fella busy promoting himself as a brand instead of UMNO/BN. Hidden agenda? I remembered Helen’s stalker “minat this mamat” He likes to play safe and not taking sides with mainstream UMNO/BN.

        in my opinion, KJ iS a “monumental screw-up” & he didn’t deserved to lead KBS.

        1. Najib masih blur …round two.

          Macam ni ke nak jadi PM. Benda terang depan mata pun tak nampak.

        2. Helen,

          I am worry about Khairi. I do not know what but my instinct told me that he is another “anwar’ in the making.

          I do hope my assesment on him is off tangent.

            1. Nothing to worried about Zairil coz he only LGE’s puppet. Agree with shamsul, another anwar in making..

        3. He is doing what Pak Lah had done before… Populist action but in the end still lose the election… This type will always bail out whenever he need to take unpopular action…
          A good entertainer yes but a leader he still got a long way to prove his worth…

  3. Notice that The Gunting is reporting lots of crime news.. usually of Malaysian Chinese being mugged, robbed. I believe they are sowing a sense of insecurity among their flock of blind intellect readership in Jerusubang.

    1. True. Today’s paper talking about 6 kena tangkap. That Wong guy talks about something else – subliminal anti government stuff messages.

      Keikhlasan MCA bergantung kepada how they tackle the STAR problem – the single most influential divisive propaganda machine in the country right now.

      1. How about something unthinkable. The STAR shareholdings and by extension, the top editors/management is in the hands of UMNO??

        Complete revamp and assigned pro pakatan reporters into new entertainment, horticulture, and such like? or maybe just do filing and housekeeping

        MCA has lost control, editorially speaking,so what else can be done?

        And all will come under MEDIA PRIMA.. How’s that as food for thoughts? Then ensure no publicity given to Pakatan and especially “Mama no Race children”???

        Frightening indeed. C’mon Fong Chan Onn, Chua Soi Lek? Lu apa lugi? Sekarang suma sudah lugi, bungkus? Kasi tapau kaukau dan hadiahkan kepada UMNO… boleh tak???

        1. I have to agree with your idea MM. CSL aka MCA should have by now made up their mind:

          1. will they or can they take action on the star?

          2. if the cannot, then sell their stakes in the star to UMNO aka Media Prima as a prove of setiakawan.

          3. or they prefer to sell their stakes to DAP and then join DAP.

          and the Malay people will keep watching…..!

          1. Don’t ever dream about that la Alwee.. This MCA only care about their profit from this Star..

  4. On an unrelated note, how about starting a movement to rebrand the ‘Red Bean Army’ into ‘Red Bean TROLLS’. Much more appropriate. Army has a sense of power and honor to it. Trolls describe them to the T.

  5. may we suggest that in order to regain the support and trust of the slit eyes, yellow skinned,people, the MCA must have Micheal Chong type of service centres be opened in all urban areas in all Chinese majority areas where these people are more than 40%.Solve their marital problems, gambling problem, ah Long problems, fire crackers and new year dinner problems, solve their run away daughters who fled to Spore and Taiwan to work as prostitute. Solve their sewerage and water problems solve all their husband and plus concubines and kept women’s problems.
    We must continue to help them so that come PRU 14 they have no more problems so that they can all go in droves to vote for the opposition esp DAP because one of their sons will be made PM

    Singapore ,with more tanks and submarines than Malaysia, will rejoin the Federation and for regional peace and stability will hand over the Spratlys and Lynas will eventually be closed.This new Federation will attack Indonesia as Indonesia is a very great threat to the new Federation

    1. Do you consider those domestic affairs as problems? Yes, I agree. MCA/Gerakan are not serious enough to resolve them. DAP promises UBAH, so let’s support DAP.

      Well, the real problem lies within you people. Not because of the politicians.

    2. Who let you out of the loony bin? Federation will attack Indonesia? Indonesia is the biggest… Who let you out of the loony bin?

  6. Helen,

    Terlalu banyak yang MCA sepatutnya buat tetapi tidak mahu buat, tetapi mereka memilih untuk melontarkan idea untuk mematikan UMNO dengan mencadangkan penubuhan BN sebagai satu parti tunggal berbilang bangsa.

    MCA dan Gerakan ini benar benar sudah menjadi duri dalam daging BN. Mereka sepatutnya membubarkan parti dan menyertai DAP bersesuaian dengan idea parti berbilang bangsa mereka.

    Kami melihat dengan berhati hati langkah najib selepas ini dalam menangani isu MCA dan Gerakan..

    Syabas untuk EXCO johor dari MCA yang memilih untuk setia dengan Sultan Johor berbanding parti.

    Do you celebrate Wesak? Happy Wesak day.. My brother in law (Andy the dapster – no hot feeling Andy), after visiting your blog saying that you are another Reduan Tee.. even suggest your new name – Harlina Ang.. he he..

  7. re: Tutup sahaja pusat khidmat masyarakat MCA

    I brought this up to my peers few weeks back (since Gerakan also voiced up similar frustration). Their retort was Gerakan fellows boh jor kang (didn’t do any work). Another said they shouldn’t held people ransom for not voting them (meaning it’s a form of threat loh). So, whatever MCA/Gerakan fellows do or don’t do, they also got bashed; kesian them, especially those MCA fellows who lost their deposit in Penang.

    1. “Another said they shouldn’t held people ransom for not voting them (meaning it’s a form of threat loh)”

      MCA/Gerakan people should just shrug their shoulders and push the ball back into their court: You voted for them, go ask them for help loh.

  8. Good news! that the trio, Haris, Tamrin and Tian Chua get arrested again.
    lets hope they will do more arrest and put these people behind bars.

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