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The Secret Life of Betty Bald

The MCA president’s Wesak Day message (23 May 2013) can be read in the party website. In his greeting, Dr Chua Soi Lek mentioned the word “harmony” five times.

The DAP sec-gen similarly issued a Wesak Day greeting, reproduced below. Lim Guan Eng’s Wesak Day message does not mention the word “harmony” at all, not even once. Read it for yourself.


The vocabulary of Guan Eng’s Wesak Day message is as follows:

“racist government”, “practicing apartheid”, “oppress”, “repress”, “injustices”, “travesty of justice”, “minority Federal government”, “minority government”, “minority Prime Minister”, “authoritarian government”, “harsh military rule”, “harsh crackdown”, “violated basic human rights”, “hardliners”, “a new age of darkness”.

Lim Guan Eng’s Wesak Day message is eight paragraphs long but his only allusion to the occasion commemorating the Buddha is in this single sentence: “As we celebrate Wesak Day with full compassion for all, we must also say ‘No’ to   […]”

Lim Guan Eng’s Wesak Day message (24 May 2013):

“Democracy gives power to the majority and respects the legitimate rights of the minority. Democracy does not give the minority to oppress the majority or else we will have the situation like the South Africa racist government practicing apartheid in repressing the majority black population.
“In Malaysia no opposition coalition has ever won more popular vote than BN nor won more than 50% of the popular vote. This has allowed BN to conduct a gerrymandering exercise that allowed BN to win more parliamentary seats than their popular vote.
“By not respecting the principle of “one-person, one-vote, one-value”, BN has created injustices in one case where one BN vote can be equivalent to nearly 10 PR votes. This travesty of justice was demonstrated in Putrajaya with only 17,000 voters won by BN as compared to Kapar with nearly 160,000 voters won by PR.
“As no other party had won more popular votes than BN since 1957, this contempt of democracy was only highlighted in the recent 2013 general elections when BN lost the popular vote for the first time in history. BN recorded only 47% of the popular vote to PR’s 51% but yet won 60% of the parliamentary seats to PR’s 40%. In effect there is a minority Federal government, minority Prime Minister and minority Home Minister ruling Malaysia.
“Despite PR winning the popular vote in the 2013 general elections, PR and DAP does not seek to overthrow the BN government. DAP and PR has always chosen a peaceful change of government in accordance with the Federal constitution.
“However the BN government does not behave like a minority government but an authoritarian government. The recent arrests of 3 anti-BN leaders, PAS’ Tamrin Ghafar, PKR’s Tian Chua and NGO Haris Ibrahim and confiscation of PR’s party organ of PKR’s Suara Keadilan, PAS’ Harakah and DAP’s Rocket gives an eerie reminder of what had happened in Myanmar after the military rulers lost in the general elections.
“In 1990 the democratic movement in Myanmar led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Syu Kyi won the general elections with 80% of the seats but was not allowed to take power and the generals took over with a harsh military rule that violated basic human rights. The harsh crackdown in Malaysia now imposed by two hardliners who were newly appointed as the new Home Minister and Inspector General of Police is a timely reminder to prevent Malaysia descending down this perilous path.
“As we celebrate Wesak Day with full compassion for all, we must also say “No” to this latest attempt to stifle dissent the voices of conscience. Malaysians of all races and religions who voted for democracy, freedom, justice, truth and integrity must join together peacefully to prevent a new age of darkness. Malaysia must not by Myanmar 1990 revisited.”

Quite obviously Guan Eng has politicized Wesak as well as promote hate on a religious holiday. Not that anyone should be surprised – remember what he did last Christmas eve?

pjjbotak 28 gl

Bukan sekadar gunting rambut tetapi

Gunting dalam Lipatan

Guan Eng’s wife Betty Chew abused the sanctity of a Buddhist temple on the eve of the general election to effect a political gimmick — shaving bald in protest of “money politics”, konon.

The above sympathetic photo was played up prominently by The Star in a story that also took a sly dig at the MCA and BN freebies being dished out.

The Star report (3 May 2013) quoted Betty as saying, “I decided to shave too as it is for a good cause. You will get something free today but you may have to pay back for something tomorrow.”

Another Star story, equally sympathetic, ran on the eve (4 May 2013) of polling day and portrayed the Penang First Couple as valiant Davids fighting a dirty and corrupt Goliath.

The Star article read:

“Before the 16 hairstylists from two hair salons began the shaving process, the participants staged a short praying session before the Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin) statue. Chew said even though hair was a woman’s glory, the act was for the sake of the people.“It is to spread awareness on money politics.

“I made the decision (to go bald) and the other DAP leaders decided to join me since it was for a good cause. We cannot do with money politics anymore,” she said before having her head shaved.

Lim said they were facing a tough battle as they did not expect Barisan Nasional to “throw away money”. “It is a battle of survival between Barisan and Pakatan Rakyat. They (Barisan) are throwing everything they have,’’ he said.

The Star passages campaigning for Lim Guan Eng and his party sound like they’re published in The Rocket. That’s because the MCA is content to allow The Star reporters to think that they are all indeed employed by an alter ego of The Rocket.

Not limiting its DAP propaganda to print media alone, The Star‘s provided additional coverage of the Betty Bald event in a video clip which has garnered more than 6,100 views to date. (In comparison,’s last coverage of Chua Soi Lek on May 11 only managed 604 views).

Shepherding voters to DAP side of the fence

The MCA-controlled newspaper very probably swung some last minute fence-sitter votes among the non-Christian Chinese over to the DAP with the Betty Chew photos in which she evokes the image of a Buddhist nun.

On 4 May 2013, Malaysiakini carried a headline that said ‘Head-shaving ‘gimmick’ abuse of temple, says Soi Lek‘. A few other media also highlighted this particular story angle.

The Star, on the other hand, chose to totally bury what Chua Soi Lek said.

The paper only reported Dr Chua saying that it was just another “political gimmick” on May 5, two days after the head shaving story initially appeared in The Star on May 3.

The Star used the intimidating photo below (which makes Dr Chua look like a menacing Big Brother figure straight out of Orwell’s 1984) together with the caution that the public should not be fooled by DAP’s political tactics.

Dr Chua’s reminder is divorced from the context of Betty Chew abusing the sanctity of the Buddhist temple. Readers chancing on The Star May 5 story would be hard pressed to make a connection of it to the earlier May 3 event plus The Star signally failed to mention the operative phrase “abuse of temple” in its write-up.

Even a pro-Pakatan media like Malaysiakini had the news sense to see that “abuse of temple” was the headline-making element. Yet strangely, The Star covered this up.

Now who’s willing to bet that the Star cover-up was intentional?

Photo of CHua Soi Lek published in The Star

In my posting headline, I said the “secret life” of Betty because by all accounts, she is a Christian. This makes her abuse of the Buddhist temple for political gimmickry an even more cynical and calculated move.

What kind of people are they?!

Her behaviour is no different from her DAP evangelical cohort who traipse into the mosques and suraus wearing selendang or their male counterparts who recite some Quranic verses like how one quotes Shakespeare or an English poet to impress the audience.

Bear in mind that The Star that has gone on an all-out publicity blitz to promote the DAP evangelistas. Perhaps my headline should mention the secret life of The Star too. Api dalam sekam nih.


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47 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Betty Bald

  1. I asked my friend why are you protesting that you want to be a millionaire. He replied that he was very poor. And how can you become a millionaire by protesting like this. My friend surprisingly told me, ‘ It is because I have tons of money in the bank !’ I was left incredulous. A Malaysian’s mentality in today’s Malaysia ?

  2. I have studied how the British categorised the different types of Chinese in different ways which give a good inkling into their behaviour. Even though all Chinese look like Chinese, it is their behaviour whether in public or private which is most interesting. You may categorise them say through corporate capers. A certain group of Chinese stands out. Or you may categorize them as second-hand car dealers, then another group stands out etc.Today’s Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese are not aware the sharp distinction of behavioural traits of the compatriots. A study needs to be made to highlight this interesting fact. Maybe the Chinese are the only people in the World who behave differently from each other for historical reasons. So, when I read the different messages form Chua and Lim, I have a rough guess which clan they are from. The latter is confirmed by the spouse shaving off her hair.

  3. Do you why I want to support the call to boycott Chinese goods? No because the traders are racists but because they prefer to spend their time butterng up to Tokong rather than doing their work.

    Example 1;
    Insurance agent in Penang is so busy sending out boycott BN messages that he has no time to entertain queries on premium payments.
    Example 2:
    Aerobic classics in which the instructor comes late and the class shorterned and enhanced with punish people wearing blue, the country is going to hell and are there any Banglas in the class lecture notes.
    Example 3:
    Church services about how Christians are bullied because they cannot use kalimat Allah.
    Example 4:
    Aerobic class where the teacher displays the Ubah bird and criticizes BN.

    Only in Penang. Please don’t waste your time coming and giving traffic jams to the residents. Buzz off.

    1. Najib will still be coming. That’s how clueless he is. BN deserves this. Malaysians deserve this. UMNO still sleeping is for a reason, they are utterly dysfunctional. Suara orang melayu tidak lagi kedengaran dalam UMNO

      I am voting for PAS next time around, if they can do minor tweaking – their party workers are more sincere eventhough a little bit misguided. Let’s go for the entertainment factor. It would be fun ……. tokong berlawan dengan Harun Din the Jin guy

      No more grown-ups with common sense in the country anymore. …… Except for Helen of course.

  4. Did Betty drop out from a French styled costume party? She maybe Malaysia’s answer to Lady Gaga.

    1. MCA needs to show they are sincere by going after the STAR.

      Then unity is possible – otherwise tunggu retak menanti belah. One economic crisis, that’s it pemuda melayu bergaduh dengan pemuda cina. Dalam youtube dan dengar cakap budak-budak pun dah nampak its simmering now.

      Najib. CSL tak habis-habis rhetorics. Simple common sense things pun tak boleh execute. Sudahlah Najib ….cakap je banyak. Peoples first performance now konon. It’s YOU, YOU and YOU.

      Kalau Hismamudin naik, it will be even scarier.

  5. salam sejahtera Helen

    Aung San Syu Kyi memang ditindas oleh junta myanmar.
    pada masa yg sama – Syu Kyi tak kisah pun tentang penyembelihan yang berlaku keatas orang rohinya (muslim) – apa guna dapat hadian nobel tapi tak boleh raise the issue of discriminated minority of rohinya??

    anyway…adakah keadaan betty lebih teruk dari Syu Kyi??
    sudah terang lagi bersuluh – your beloved husband dpt jadi ketua menteri for the 2nd time, DAP dapat lebih banyak kerusi dlm pru13

    tapi….oopppssss….saya lupa….DAP and d gang memang tertindas di malaysia sebab tak dapat tawan putrajaya pada pru13

    indirectly DAP already conquered the rich and industrious state of penang….including selangor !!! so what???

    semakin DAP semai rasa benci dikalangan rakyat…ia semakin memupuk kebangkitan silent MAJORITY yg selama ini bertahan untuk mengekalkan toleransi dan keharmonian negara

  6. re : In my posting headline, said the “secret life” of Betty because by all accounts, she is a Christian. This makes her abuse of the Buddhist temple for political gimmickry an even more cynical and calculated move.

    I believe she has no respect for other religious. She thinks because she’s a Chinese, it is ok for her to use tokong or churches as per her requirement. It doesn’t matter what others would say, if it will benefit her, she will use it.

    Yes the move will benefit her political and seal her husband image as a loving and caring family man. But at the same times, it is damaging to Malaysian. I will always remembers it as a prove that these people willing to do anything just to justify their need.

    If they brave enough to play with religious believe, what Tun M written about religious war can erupt in Malaysia sooner rather letter

    1. end para : if they brave enough to play with religious believe, What Tun M write about religious war can erupt in malaysia come sooner rather than letter.
      :[ sarah

  7. sekali pandang, ada iras-iras Rosmah Mansur…muka pun sejak lepas cukur botak ni dah macam Melayu je…semoga Betty Chew dapat hidayah menjadi Badariah binti Abdullah…turban tu diiktiraf juga sebagai pakaian Muslimah walaupun tak cukup syarat, walaupun DAP & geng2 Liberal akan cakap turban asalnya pakaian orang Afrika…Lim Guan Eng tu Joseph kan nama Kristiannya, harap2 PAS gigih tarbiah beliau hingga dapat menjadi Yusuf bin Abdullah.
    mari kawan-kawan kita doakan yer :-)

    DAPig & Pakatoon cybertroopers, sebelum sibuk nak jaga tepi kain perempuan2 BN yang cun melecun ni, sila jaga dulu tepi kain perempuan2 Pakatan…takut-takut ada yang terselak sana sini. kalau tak cukup, boleh pinjam jubah orang PAS atau robe priest DAP.


    1. “…sila jaga dulu tepi kain perempuan2 Pakatan.” dan betulkan juga akidah songsang mereka. Perempuan2 Pakatan ini sebenarnya sungguh menakutkan. Misalnya, di kalangan Muslimahnya, walaupun berhijab, tapi, Mak Datuk, ada yang pro-LGBT, pro-murtad, pro-candle virgil, pro-nyanyi lagu Kristian yang semuanya jelas bertentangan dengan ajaran Islam yang suci. Yang hairannya, demi kuasa, ulama-ulama PAS boleh diam membisu dan membiarkan sahaja kesesatan ini berleluasa secara berterusan tanpa memberi sebarang nasihat tentang kesalahan pegangan dan kelakuan sesat kaum Muslimah ini.

  8. When all this thing happen such as:-

    racist government”, “practicing apartheid”, “oppress”, “repress”, “injustices”, “travesty of justice”, “minority Federal government”, “minority government”, “minority Prime Minister”, “authoritarian government”, “harsh military rule”, “harsh crackdown”, “violated basic human rights”, “hardliners”, “a new age of darkness”.

    There will be the Rise of Islam starting from the Edge of Asia.
    No secularisme allowed.

  9. If Betty is a staunch Christian,she looks forward to wearing this kind of headgear.If one reads the bible in depth,one realizes that it is preferable for a woman to wear a ‘tudung’.Actually there is no compulsion in the Quran about wearing one.

  10. Salam sejahtera Helen , walaupun agak lambat saya ingin komen tentang post saudari pada 24 Mei , hakim mahkamah rayuan sebut tentang ‘ backlash ‘orang melayu . Satu pekara yg menarik ialah beliau menyatakan hanya undi mejaroti di parlamen untuk Singapura masuk dlm Persekutuan Malaysia . Sebuah media antarabangsa di Sinapura telah memetik angensi kerajaan Singapura menjelang 2030 Singapura akan berada pada aras bahaya kerana tiada lagi tanah untuk menempatan rakyatnya?Persoalanya mengapa orang cina Singapura (Dinasti Lee) beria sangat membantu orang cina Malaysia (Dnasti Lim) utk menawan Putrajaya atau setidaknya menumbangkan kerajaan BN Johor agar mesra Singapura? Wujudkah ‘ grand masterplan ‘ kedua-dua dinasti ini???
    ps; ‘countdown” ke 2030 =17 tahun atau lebih tepat 12 tahun lagi.

  11. Lim guan eng must lost his appetite sleeping next no botak betty every night…rainbow time.

  12. Tokong does not have a single drop of statesman blood in him. Every festival greeting whether religious or otherwise is injected with political accusations. He does not understand that leaders should speak of positive things and focus on the common good when it comes to religious events.

    You hit the nail on the head pointing out all those nasty words and terms he used on a holy day that is meant to promote peace among mankind. He has only hate and revenge in his heart.

    My friend told me he was shocked when he attended a DAP Deepavali open house and heard Tokong’s speech – pure politics and accusing Barisan of everything under the sun. Surely there is a time and place for everything including politics. Religion and politics becomes poison when it comes from his mouth.

  13. bekas banduan jd KM mana pandai nak sebut ‘harmoni’.klu tanya bapak dia tokong ni mmg ‘heavyweight intellectual’ n PM material lor…

  14. Dear Helen,
    I have a confession to make. I bought Gardenia bread at the petrol station today. The cashier was so shocked to see a Chinaman buy Gardenia at her shop. Her eyes lit up like Norman Bates and Hannibal rolled into one ready to eat me. (Of course the Massimo is almost sold out.) Lesson learnt : Never buy Gardenia at a petrol station that hangs a Happy Wesak banner with Tokong, Karpal and Rayer.
    Please forgive me. I don’t think Sister Hannah can forgive me.

  15. as for me, though i am not a fan of anyone make a mockery of any religion, I will reserve my comment re Betty misusing the temple as, the temple custodian (or the person in charged) allows it. Yes, off course Betty is an opportunist but if no one from the temple against it, I don’t see any wrong in what she’s doing.

    This would be the 2nd time that LGE made a mockery and abusing religion in a holy day speech but apart from you, Helen who finds it distasteful, I have yet to see or read any Buddhist association, any Buddhist temple spokesperson said anything nor remind LGE about it. Obviously, if no one bothers to say something or correct him, safe to assume what he says is acceptable to this quarter no?

    We all can scream and shout what he did is wrong and yes, he is but at the end, the target audience is captivated by this pied piper.

    1. re: “This would be the 2nd time that LGE made a mockery and abusing religion in a holy day speech”

      Not second time. Many, many times already. You can browse/search word in my blog – past Wesak Days, Thaipusam, Christmas.

      1. And who are you to judge? You try everyday to divide the country further and yet you judge? Get some shampoo.

    2. Anak Jamil : The key is the Buddhist world view – its underlying principle is different from the Islamic world view and hence its not an issue for non-Buddhists to visit and “perform” in its temples … To me, the main question is Ms Betty’s religion’s rules / customs / practices/ dogma etc – does it allow for its followers to perform a “rite” (that may or may not conform to its practices) at another religion’s place of worship? If the answer is no, does this means blesphemy on the part of Ms Betty?

      1. MYQ, underlying principles are made different by ignorants. Original teaching of religions in their purest form are calling man to worship God, the One and only. The Creator of mankind and the universe.

        Having said that I might want to add that seculars and secularism had successfully hijacked religions for their own evil agendas, like Betty and gangs who has no qualms going in and out of places of worship like the daily toilet usages.

  16. my apology..but where’s the objections from these quarters? So, what’s there to reconcile when the other party (the target audience) is not ready to make nice?

    To be honest, I am glad that most ADUNs are now belong to the oppo – I have a black heart, y’see .. and I am wishing for flood & whatnot so these ADUNs need to prove their worth & I will be extremely crossed if BN ‘terhegeh-hegeh’ helping them when it happens.

  17. i wish you could read the Sarawak version of the Star today, Helen. I don’t think the Star Sarawak is hiding that scissors within the folds. It’s right out there, poking anyone’s eyes whom it intended to puncture. They had a field day featuring UNIMAS lecturers in a political forum where they ‘unanimously denied there’s any Chinese tsunami’, that people in Kota Samarahan were ‘subtly threatened’ to not vote for the Opposition (as opposed to pro-BN people online regardless of where they stay being openly threatened and harassed by Opposition supporters?) and a whole bunch more about ‘minority government’ since 1 BN vote is equal to 2.3 Pakatan vote.

    1. Write in & give the editor M. Rajah a piece of your mind. I know he was once a fair man & I believe he still is now.

      He was supposedly favored by the CM’s office when he was in Borneo Post about a decade ago. I don’t know what happened since as I moved down to KL around about then. I’ll stick out a neck here & guess that despite being the EM editor, he’s required by Menara Star to toe to line with regards to the articles & news reports published.

  18. In fact LGE has one more wesak day speech for Penang whereby he mentioned about the word harmony 4 times. Very different from the one made in KL BECAUSE Penang is under his control. This goes to show his hypocritic character.

  19. I think laa. Not everyone likes LGE. Its just that MCA Ministers are preoccupied with their own businesses. That could probably be one of the reason why MCA kena ta pao this time around. Am I correct or not?

    1. I don’t have empirical evidence lah but according to the anecdotal evidence, the Chinese adore and worship him.

      Among the Malays many despise him.

      1. In Penang, the Chinese simply adore him. You will be scolded if you utter a single word that he is arrogant. One old lady said he is so good to all the old folks money, unlike the BN who buys people with money.

        But if you walk around old Tanjong Tokong (Malay area), that name will conjure scenes of disgust.

    1. looks like the Red Bean Hack responsible for commenting at Stop The Lies has made his way to this blog. why ? after people at S T L gave you the spankings, beatings, you can’t take it anymore and you decided to come here ?

      let me remind you that over here, we only engage in rational, fact based conversation. I would also like to take this opportunity, in view of the arrival of this Red Bean hack who’s been trolling at S T L that this Joe Black is infamous for his endless tirades of race laced profanity at S T L under various names, and mind you people, some of the regulars of this blog also have had their names hijacked by this Joe Black to slander, to incite and for other dubious, despicable intent.

      my name too have been hijacked by this Joe Black. oh by the way Helen, you should ask this Joe Black whether he was the one who commented under the name Helen Ang Abdullah at Stop The Lies.

      1. PPP,
        I left (visiting) STL long time ago but my netizen friend bagitau my name still appeared in a comments there. maybe this celaka punya kerja.

  20. Betty is a big time drama queen, sitting beside tokong, she really looks weird, with the horrendous looking headgear, she looks like an African queen, Chinese version. Tokong must be thinking why on earth he’s sitting beside a celup African queen and may be wishing she was rainbow instead hik hik ;D

    1. Rainbow would make a good First Lady. She is young, beautiful and educated. A proud alumni member of Penang’s Apex university.

      Such a pity LGE let her go. I would support LGE more if Rainbow becomes First lady. Hehehe

  21. Lost my internet a service for a couple days and now I’m back. Scrolled through but not much time to read, maybe later. But that top picture caught my eye.

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that that lovely couple is grinning because they look like they are actually sitting on thrones?

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