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Soalan Tan Sri dan mungkinkah ini jawapannya

Sebelum ini Zam ada kata akan “menyiarkan dari semasa ke semasa betapa kelicinan The Star menjadi duri dalam daging untuk membuka mata seluruh rakyat yang prihatin terhadap keselamatan negara ini”.

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Taken! Hallelujah, Selangor for J (UPDATED)

UPDATE: “Btw, if you’re on Twitter, check out Star’s Twitter account. Between 11:10 am & minutes ago, they tweeted Hannah’s appointment TEN times!! At one point, there were THREE consecutive tweets at different times. Talk about getting the full diva treatment from her biggest fan.” — by FF Calvin (see comment here, 5.52pm)

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(UPDATED) Selangor Speaker: Star sooooo excited!

If I were Umno, I’d NEUTRALIZE the Sneaky Star.

Updated @ 11.05pm on 16 Dec 2014

Brought to our attention by regular commenter FF Calvin: “Checkout their Twitter account. Ten tweets [by The Star] at least since 11:10am. Three consecutive tweets at 12:44pm, 12:58pm & 1:14pm.” Continue reading “(UPDATED) Selangor Speaker: Star sooooo excited!”