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MCA has decided to empower the DAP

The Star is striving hard to become Malaysia’s leading opposition news outlet. It’s part of their rebranding exercise post GE13.

Below is the Star Online front page (at 8.20pm) and its lead story on Nurul Izzah is time-stamped 7:46:00 PM today.

The Star Online Malaysia, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Video News 2013-05-30 20-23-54

You know The Star is ahead of the pack when even the unabashed pro-Pakatan TMI quoted from the MCA-owned and MCA-controlled paper.

In its story ‘Nurul Izzah denied entry into Sabah‘, the Insider referenced“PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar, who arrived at Kota Kinabalu this evening for the Kaamatan celebration, has been denied entry into Sabah, the Star reported today.”

Even Malaysiakini was slower off the block than The Star in its Nurul coverage. Malaysiakini‘s story was uploaded 12 minutes later than The Star‘s. Usually Malaysiakini is fast but in this instance was beaten by The Star.

It is possible that The Star got the scoop through its chummy BFF relations with Nurul’s political secretary Fahmi Fadzil.


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 “Btw, if you’re on Twitter, check out Star’s Twitter account. Between 11:10am & minutes ago, they tweeted Hannah’s appointment TEN times!! At one point, there were THREE consecutive tweets at different times. Talk about getting the full diva treatment from her biggest fan.” — by FF Calvin (see comment here)

Brought to our attention by regular commenter FF Calvin: “Checkout their Twitter account. Ten tweets [by The Star] at least since 11:10am. Three consecutive tweets at 12:44pm, 12:58pm & 1:14pm.”

Hannah Yeoh named SelangorSpeaker

Tweet above: Datuk Lee Hwa Beng is the former MCA three-term Subang Jaya state assemblyman.

What do you think is the MCA game plan now?

“Is DAP still dependent on MCA to serve his constituents?” asked Chiew Lian Keng who is the MCA Youth Federal Territory chairman.

He’s referring to the fact that MCA runs the service centres that the Chinese turn to when they seek help.

Do you know why the Pakatan politicians can do their politicking, publicity-seeking and propagandizing 24/7?

It’s because they do not have to serve their constituencies. The MCA people (the Michael Chong’s and the Chew Mei Fun’s) are willing to do that, i.e. continue running service centres to cater for the needs of the Chinese community.

And since the MCA is around, able and available to run the errands, this frees up the Pakatan pollies’ time.

Without being encumbered by an obligation to be at their constituency’s beck and call, the DAP evangelistas can devote their efforts and energy full throttle to preaching, bashing the BN and denigrating the MCA as “running dogs” and bad karaoke singers.

Now MCA has taken the service orientation one step further. They are placing their multi-billion ringgit media machinery at the DAP’s service too.


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53 thoughts on “MCA has decided to empower the DAP

  1. Some Malaysian Chinese can easily fall in love love with DAP, PAS n PKR but will never last. Unbearable body heat due to different chemistry. Too early to judge MCA’s media transformation n pr approach! Wait n see because they are still under the cloud over the MBO!

  2. Helen, despite all revelations you made about The Star, there is no one from MCA denies or support your accusation about it being used by the opposition leaders to promote DAP. Why?.

    1. Why not spread the word with regard to Malay boycott and see how they respond if they feel that their profit margin is threatened?

      As to my accusations about the paper, there IS a response in the form of character assassination against me as well as a smear campaign to drag my name through mud.

      1. Helen,

        I believe the election is an eye opener. To the chinese, finally they realise the limit to their influence. In their effort to oust UMNO( meaning ousting the Malays from seat of power), they ignored the “elephant” in the room.

        The “elephant” in this scenario is the Malays. Without their support, I am afraid the move to unseat BN( or rather specifically UMNO) is futile.

        Next time around, Chinese will be more observant. Despite putting a facade that they do not care about Chinese voice in the Cabinet, i believe the sentiment is otherwise.

        Actually I believe Najib’s job is much easier. Now, concentrate fully on those who support you(meaning non chinese). After all why becoming an idiot for ‘showering” the Chinese with almost everything and get almost nothing in the election.

        1. @shamsul, the current situation of the Chinese trying to grab power from the Malays is due to the poor leadership in UMNO. What you and many people fail to realise is that UMNO leadership especially UMNO Presidents loves the Chinese businesmen. The last President’s sons and daughters were appointed as directors to as many as 300 companies. UMNO leadership always sing praises of the Chinese taking Malay support for granted or making themselves as special elevated non malays. Being given power by the Malays go their head and they feel to be the happiest PM in the world. The Malays give them power the chinese gives them/their families money!!
          Stupid is the only word for these people but the Malays better start understanding the situation. Najib feels embarass that he only won due to solid support from the Malays. Far from finding it easy to give wealth to the Malays now Najib has to find reasons to keep on giving concession and licenses to the Chinese when everyone can see they do despise him haha..
          Strange as it may seems, Najib and other UMNO leaders want to be on the good side of chinese business men.

          You are wrong when you say UMNO Presidents are idiots for showering Chinese with everything and get nothing. Their sons, daughters, menantus, fathers, etc get directoship or share ma like in YTL.
          Mahathir ex UMNO Prez today is china with the chinese gambling tokey Vincent Tan about it in The SUN. Got nothing for it? U need your head examine bro,

          1. UMNO Prez…,

            That is what i called them “idiot” for ignoring the the real base of their power:Malay voters.

            Now they realise that they are taken for a ride. Only UMNO is lucky as the other two parties (PAS and PKR) are far worse.

            As for your source of info, get your facts right. Dr Mahathir I believe does not love Chinese. But he as everyone knows too, is a fair leader. He is critical but not paranoid.

            Najib’s mistake is that he ignored advices from the grassroots. He did not seem to understand that what the Chinese wants is total power. Najib mistook his popularity( on social media) as a sign of acceptance.

            Mixing with Chinese from tenfder age, I know he is too “naive”. Popularity does not mean people vote for you. Rather, naturally everyone wants to be associated with the PM.

        1. What you say is a piece of good news which half makes up for the annoying news of the Selangor Speaker appointment which ruined my weekend.

          I hope other readers will help spread the word too. Simple. Just tag The Star to the list of products that is already circulating.

          1. Make Selangorian ashamed they got a Catholic missionary as speaker ma.. PAS men should be made ashamed now they are praying to a catholic missionary..

            Padan muka orang Islam Shah Alam dan lain-lain yang sewaktu dengan mereka. Mereka gembira lah sekrang orang pendakwah kuat Kristian Katolik menjadi ketua mereka.

            Perempuan cina lagi tu…muahaha…padan muka Takbir…

            Atau ahli PAS akan berkata, kafir Kristian pun masuk syurga juga hehe

            Katolik Kristian itu adalah penjajah. Sebab Menteri Pelajaran tak ajar maka orang melayu Selangor tak tahu atau tak sedar. Mereka melantik penjajah berkuasa di Selangor…hehe

            1. HY is not Catholic. Please get your facts right. Denominational churches do not make evangelism a central part of their faith, the evangelical churches does that.

              Your ignorance shines through making you just as clueless as the newly appointed speaker of Selangor assembly.

              1. Hey stop quibbling about denominational churches.. the jewish based religion is all about colonising. The Christian Protestants running from the Christian Catholics in Britain killed the red indians in US. The Orthodox christian church in russia was hated and killed by their own people. The Jesuits and their missionaries are the armies of christianity.

                The fact is that all denominations of Chrisitians like the British were colonisers…

                So why does the Sultan of Selangor wants the Christian to be his speaker. We should petition the Sultan to stop the this abomination as Selangor is a Muslim majority state.

  3. I have a Chinese friend who said her auntie voted for BN because she received beras and pocket money every month from an MCA center. Some Chinese do grateful. But I am not so sure about the general population. They just think that it is their tax money and so some Malays follow Nik Aziz’s fatwa bagi duit ambil, bila pangkah, pangkah bulan.

    1. @zack you are the product of that indian fella mahathir. It is not a question being grateful. This is a Malay country. The Chinese have no right to be citizens with all the right to choose the govt.

      That is why Chinese cannot be given citizenships in other countries. They will take over the country like Singapore or the Tamil in Fiji.

      Are Malays being given citizenships in China or India to choose their government?

      Malays problem start with Mahathir who have no jiwa Melayu as his father speak Tamil. Just like Anwar Ibrahim whose father speaks perfect Tamil. Why because he is Tamil haha…

      The country become unfocused. The Malays thought UMNO was fighting for a Malay country but no, the President and his deputy was Indian ma…. now we have to start again building a united and strong malay country.

      1. Your argument only to prove that the Malays were never racist in the first place, right?
        You know being governed by one pendatang after the other, quite continously too!

      2. “That is why Chinese cannot be given citizenships in other countries.”

        OK, I don’t get your point at all. Wonder then how the Chinese became citizens in thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, US etc2?

  4. The day PR (read: DAP) takes over Putrajaya, a hostile take over bid led by LGE or his lackeys will be made for the Star Publications Bhd. And when the takeover is successful, Menara Star will be renamed Menara Roket.

    You read it here first :p

      1. After reading all sort of commentaries on the GE13 – some based on statistics, some on feelings while others were purely based on emotion, it is a fact that there was a pro-BN shift by the Malays, and to a certain extent the Indians, which contradicts with the pro-Pakatan endorsement in totality by the Chinese Ommunity – thus, from the BN point of view, it is indeed a Chinese Tsunami.

        In any event, whats the big fuss about the term Chinese Tsunami any way. In a democracy, every voter has a right to vote according to his/her preference so if the Chinese is pro-Pakatan, so be it. At the community level, Is it a shameful thing for the Chinese, to be associated with the Pakatan? Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong for the Chinese community to endorse Pakatan as their community’s political representative and it is best that everyone acknowledge and accept this fact – that the Malaysian Chinese Community voted Pakatan en bloc in PRU13 … so, what now?

        Acknowledge that Malaysian Chinese Community has spoken – lets all respect their voice and all Malaysian must accept the fact that the Malaysian Chinese Community do not want BN to continue with its Pre-PRU13 policies relating to the Chinese Community in Malaysia. The Chinese Community wants a change so I urge the Malaysian Government to acordingly ubah its alleged “pandering, condescending and discriminating policies and practices” to the Chinese and adopt a more just and transparent policies and practices for Malaysia – focus on (1) national integration, (2) poverty eradication, (3) economic development, (4) eradication of corruption and promotion of ethical and transparent practices, and (5) law and order – not merely on crime eradication et al but also on upholding all the laws of Malaysia, in particular The Malaysian Constitution.

        The Malaysian Government should now just move forward and start governing … it MUST now deliver what the voters who voted for BN wants else they may not vote for BN in the future. So, please ensure that your policies and deliverables are in line with the aspirations of those who voted for you. If these policies, deliverables and/or results are also in line with what the PRU13 Pakatan voters want, then its good but if it is not, the BN people need not worry about it as these people (PRU13 Pakatan voters) are not going to vote for BN anyway regardless of what good BN government does – never ever forget the abject futility of the various overtures and concessions made by BN in the run up to PRU13, so, BN … janganlah dibiarkan pisang berbuah dua kali else it will be the case of yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran

        1. @MYQ, well said. This is the way I see it too. I don’t see the purpose of all this gnashing of teeth. BN should just get on with the business of governing.

    1. Tell me, which race makes up the majority in DAP? Indians? Malays? Bumiputera Sabah & Sarawak?

      Enlighten me which language is used most frequently by DAP leaders during their meetings? Tamil? English? Malay? Kadazan? Iban?

      Perhaps you can let me know which racial group makes up an overwhelming majority in the CEC & party leadership. Malays? Indians? Bumiputeras?

      Can you tell me which seat did DAP contest without a huge chunk of Chinese voters in the last election, the few rural seats in EM excepted? Titiwangsa? Dungun? Johor Bahru? Shah Alam?

      Only the ignorant will deny what truth is present in front of them. The Chinese community has spoken through the ballot boxes. They are rejecting BN & UMNO. MCA, Gerakan & SUPP did themselves no favor by being to borrow Azmin’s recent vocabulary, lame ducks.

      But trust the DAP commie cadres who specializes in destructive, vindictive & gutter politics to spin the truth by portraying an overwhelming Chinese community rejection of the government as anything other than a Chinese tsunami. As for calling Najib a racist? I say it takes one to know one. After all LKS & co have shown their “racial tolerance” by sidelining some 700 Indian delegates for their CEC elections no?

      And as in any cultist movement, the propagation of cult personalities are a prerequisite. And the rats dance, sway, follow & will eventually drown after being fascinated & entertained by the Pied Pipers of DAP. The Chinese are not & will never be the majority race in the country. They should accept that truth & coexist accordingly instead of shouting for all sort of equal meritocracy shit.

  5. “…cannot imagine a Chinese Speaker from MCA in my wildest dream.” lee hwa beng

    I thought these people are Malaysian Firsts, and sees no warna kulit? No ahh?

    “Have to admit…” BINGO!

    1. and they call us melayu racist…..which me personnally m not denying it… but what about this guy, it just like that ‘longkang’ guy from Penang wat his name errrr.. terence netto…. the guy who made reference about Yusof Kalla and Najib ancestral being BUgis… HEY!!! from one racist to another …. LU APA MAU ???

  6. re : And since the MCA is around, able and available to run the errands, this frees up the Pakatan pollies’ time

    Agree. I wrote about this once in Annie and Bigcat blog (during your hiatus). on that time I write, it better for mca to closed their service center and concentrate on rebuilding their image and parties.

    re: Actually I believe Najib’s job is much easier. Now, concentrate fully on those who support you(meaning non chinese). After all why becoming an idiot for ‘showering” the Chinese with almost everything and get almost nothing in the election. by shamsul anuar

    well, I said it before and I said it now. Najib always has this strategy of to give first, check how you react and then evaluate his next move. Chinese rejected him when he give and promise to give more.

    He recover and the first step he do was to appoint non fluent manderin minester. Don’t you think it’s strange? I think this is part of his strategies. And non fluent manderin language minester, is like a slapt in the face to the chinese community.

    I think that why during campaign time, he specificly make general aku janji for all malaysian and make a specific aku janji to charted to specifict area he visited.

    Now, If you follow those aku janji carefully, a lot of area will be left out and a lot of chinese area will never get the specific aku janji by BN. After all during his round, he said that this aku janji is a promise if the BN win in this area. And he use the word IF.

    :) sarah

    1. I do not think fluency in Mandarin was a key selection critera for DS Najib – I suspect it was never a criteria, period.

  7. There was one MCA guy who could not be the State Speaker. In retaliation or what, he emblazoned his large brief case with his name YB Dato………… Selangor State Assemblyman. And he walked around Singapore’s main street, Orchard Road, in the 1990s. What a sight !

    1. re: “The MCA leadership should have their heads examined by a good doctor.”

      How about you float the idea in TDM’s blog?

      As we know, he does read his readers’ comments and he reads yours as I believe that the phrase “PAP’s Trojan Horse” which you like to use was recycled in a TDM article (much to my mild surprise, I must say).

      And if you care to, you could also fill him in on the scissorsing that’s been going on. It would be good if he were made to be aware.

  8. Maybe it is time I request the MCA to return all my donations through the decades for betraying my trust in them.

    1. I have a better idea.

      Take this issue to TDM’s blog. Seriously. He is a man who is able to move mountains.

  9. First things are first ….. at the moment most importantly our Mr CSL has to immediately step down before anything else.

    As we can see from the star and mca as examples of how how they are being governed its like “Helmi and The Gimmick”. At this juncture the chinese do not want to lose face among themselves like. they say pai seh.

    Chinese will be chinese they will close rank among themselves, no matter what party you belong to, what religion you profess or what dialect you speak. This is their stereotype and its not only in Malaysia but to the north and south of us its the same. MCA for all its glory should just fade into oblivion. RIP

  10. sounding more and more like a jealous b**ch huh. damn. she’s now the speaker and you’re still that ugly hag. After all the endless postings about her, after all the hate you’ve so religiously spewed.

  11. Someone needs to remind NoRule Izzah of this:

    “Sebanyak 20 perjanjian yang telah dicapai antara Sabah dan Sarawak dengan Tunku Abdul Rahman sewaktu Sabah hendak menyertai Persekutuan Malaysia. Apabila semua pihak telah bersetuju, maka terbentuklah Persekutuan Malaysia pada 16 September 1963.

    Salah satu perkara (perkara 6) yang dipersetujui adalah kawalan imigresen. Di mana dalam perjanjian itu telah dinyatakan bahawa Sabah dan Sarawak mempunyai kuasa imigresen sendiri untuk menghalang atau membenarkan orang dari negeri luar daripada memasuki negeri mereka.”

    So, although Sabah dan Sarawak are part of Malaysia, she cannot enter the state freely as she wishes unless of course she does it the Sulu way.

    1. AJJ,

      What Ketua Menteri of Sabah did was right. I would have done the same. WHy allow useless politician like Nurul Izzah come and literally wage war on my governmennt.

      1. For me this Nurul Izz girls don’t know anythings except oppose to everythings. Sometimes, she doesn’t even know what she appose off. When she open her mouth she mix up fact available and than getting angry when people start question her statement. sheesh…

        :[ sarah

  12. MS H. You know as well as I do that MCA is kaput. No use throwing good money after bad. Now it looks silly for MCA to be mentioned in any Bog least of all chedet’s. Gud day !

    1. MCA the political party may be kaput but it still has its political mouthpiece The Star.

      In 2008, MCA had 15 MPs and in 2013, it has 7 MPs.

      MCA has lost 8 MPs and the total number of voters in the constituencies within brackets:

      Kampar (63,619)
      Alor Setar (69,009)
      Pandan (83,857)
      Lumut (88,300)
      Raub (54,214)
      Gelang Patah (106,726)
      Kluang (86,732)
      Kulai (83,991)

      Taken together, the MCA has lost its reach to 636,448 registered voters in the 8 constituencies which the party held in 2008.

      However, the MCA has still got The Star which reaches an audience of 5.6 million adults, which is far, far more than the influence wielded by the MCA’s 8 losing MPs (incl. Gelang Patah proxy Ghani).

      In a nutshell, between 2008 and 2013, MCA lost its influence over 0.6 million adults but its media machinery is still able to reach 5.63 million adults. The balance sheet is still 5 million positive.

      MCA’s Gunting Dalam Lipatan is handing over this 5 million to the DAP.

  13. Ms H. There is another type of Singaporean Trojan Horse – the commercial ones manned by poor Singaporeans who became multi-billionaires during the NEP of all periods ! Seek and ye shall find. (I got A for Scriptures, you know ) Gud day !

  14. Ms H. Now you can see very clearly the 2 pronged attack on our beloved Malaysia by Singapore since 1966. If not for their abysmal performance due to their brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore especially the 2 child family, the giant US$108 Billions loss in 2008, Thaksin etc.etc., Singapore would have won hands down without doing all these absurd things. Malaysia has never been a difficult target. Man proposes. God disposes.

  15. MCA owned The Star. Yet it lets DAP take over. Does this Chinese game plan, by MCA weakened itself? Or MCA is just so pondan?

  16. MCA still living in the past.
    BN still using old media; how to fight RBA?
    Need to start counter-attack, cannot fight new media with old media. period.

    1. The Star is very rich old media but it is diversifying to new media and pumping in fresh capital to the tune of RM20-RM30 million into its digital arm.

      The Star is even rebranding to Bintang Lima.

      The problem is The Star‘s Bintang Lima is evangelista. Therefore BN’s problem is the MCA, owner of The Star.

      Or to put it another way, the MCA is a thorn in the flesh of the BN.

  17. Ms H. Your friends might wonder why I mentioned the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his failed 9 Policies for Singapore. The reason why he is brilliant was he entered the bottom rung Cambridge University non-collegiate Fitzwilliam House in 1947 by the back-door without Latin and an Entrance Examination both are requisites for the rest of the 30 Colleges. He attained Double Starred First for Law.
    His failed Policies (Information only culled from overseas sources)

    1. The use of money as an instrument of Foreign Policy which killed, maimed or killed innocent men, women and children. Vide ASEAN Regional News. Thaksin/Shinawatra.
    2. The loss of US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) in October 2008 on Wall Street by the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of yes men with the smartest fellow on top. Vide. Channelnewsasia Lee Kuan Yew November 2008. All Singaporean Blogs 2009-2013. Financial Times London. Gillian Tell. April 2010. The Star. Seah Chiang Nee.
    3. The 2 child family Policy, 1970s-1980s. This is the killer. The Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2013. 1959 Lee Kuan Yew took over – Indigenous population – 100%. 2013 Indigenous population – 62%. 2030 – Indigenous population – 45%
    4. Humanity and Multiculturalism never practised in Singapore. Vide. Channelnewsasia – The Curry Smell Tribunal. the 188 bus drivers strike. The toilet fights. etc
    5. A perfunctory Judiciary which is well-known the world over. Vide. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate and unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw (if the Police stipped at 1, he would not be in trouble. They stopped at 51, poor girl !) The Australian and German drug mules. etc.
    6. 5,000 pigs are imported daily. Contracts for flower nurseries. The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank. King of the Road etc.
    7. The DAP was created indirectly by Lee Kuan Yew in 1966. For 47 long years it did nothing to help the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all. What is the purpose of being an Oppostiion party for so long.
    8. To this day there is no entente cordiale between Singapore and Malaysia. There is no warm relationship truly.
    9 Lee Kuan Yew has been in power since 1959 . During this time, Malaysia has had 6 democratically elected Prime Ministers.

    1. Does The Star have any role at all in your theory of the grand scheme of things?

  18. Ms H. The Star is just a pawn collectively with the top management and the bongo bongo types. They are being used. You will trace the main players are not in this country or Singapore. This is the problem with KL being more and more of an important espionage centre to some. It used to be Bangkok and Singapore in the Cold War. During this period, we were very chummy with the Americans. We all are just pawns in this super-power play. It pays to be like Switzerland at the present time. Today’s news show Switzerland has lost some of its renown banking secrecy laws.

    1. re: ” The Star is just a pawn collectively with the top management and the bongo bongo types. They are being used.”

      I think it’s the other way around. The reporters in The Star are using the MCA’s multi-billion ringgit edifice (infrastructure, facilities, technology, reach) to carry out their Dapster agenda.

  19. Ms H. Have you ever wondered why a one-street town which could easily run by a Mayor without F16s, rusting tanks, aging Gurkhas Guards, AWACS, submarines, Apaches, etc.has a Foreign Minister which went to Washington DC last week and now visiting Beijing this week ? IT IS THE CREATION OF MONEY WITHOUT MONEY ! Smart ?

  20. If the MCA leadership is so weak like now and can not even mind its own affairs vis-a-vis the Star, then I can only see its eventual demise and all Malaysians, especially the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese suffer the loss of professional content.

    The top management was so daring as to do things under the quise of business with the Singapore Government and yet the MCA leadership did not respond. To me this means, the MCA leadership’s assets are in Singapore.

    As I have always said that the whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked by the MCA leadership if the MCA wants to have a chance to do a Bersih job.

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