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(UPDATED) Selangor Speaker: Star sooooo excited!

If I were Umno, I’d NEUTRALIZE the Sneaky Star.

Updated @ 11.05pm on 16 Dec 2014

Brought to our attention by regular commenter FF Calvin: “Checkout their Twitter account. Ten tweets [by The Star] at least since 11:10am. Three consecutive tweets at 12:44pm, 12:58pm & 1:14pm.” — updated 6.02pm


The Hannah Yeoh appointed Selangor Speaker story is incidentally covered by her Jerusubang Star friend who previously tweeted “Oi Big Mama“.

His paper flashed it as a breaking news report.

In fact, The Star is so excited that they made a spelling mistake (see screenshot taken 12.05pm).

See what happens when you get taken in by the Pakatan pacifier.

They ask you to Ubah and vote them in to establish a check-and-balance. Ideally a two-party system is a 50-50 or 45-55 check-and-balance.

However within a single term and with all the state resources behind them, they have managed to snare 90 percent of the Chinese vote. What kind of check-and-balance is left when the ratio has become 10:90?

And do not forget that Lim Guan Eng even aspired for “zero opposition” in his state and asking Penangites to let the state opposition, i.e. BN “eat duck’s egg” (translated from Hokkien).

The Dapsters are always reassuring everyone that we should give them a chance to be the government. “Try 5 years and if you don’t like, you can always vote Pakatan out”, they say.

“Try 5 years and if Pakatan doesn’t perform, you can always change back again”, they tell us.

So easy, meh?

I tried 5 years, I don’t like, I ubah my vote to BN on 5 May 2013 but there’s no way I can vote Pakatan out.

There is no way for anyone to ubah the Selangor government any time soon. It’s a LIE that the Dapsters tell by giving the false impression that to change back is easy peasy like taking a different brand of soap from the shelf.

See how Pakatan have consolidated their position once they’ve got power in their hands.

From the 36 seats that they won in the Selangor DUN in 2008, like a ravenous beast they’ve gobbled up 8 more seats in 2013.

Now with 44 seats, Pakatan has a 2/3 majority in Selangor.

Remember? They were shouting that we must deny BN their 2/3 majority. They agreed that for a two-party system to function, it’s best that neither party ever has two-thirds.

Cakap tak serupa bikin.

What they did once in power was to obliterate the MCA and Gerakan.

Now there’s no longer any Chinese to check the DAP hegemony. There is no longer any BN Chinese component left standing to be able to halt the DAP juggernaut.

In the 60-odd years of the MCA’s existence and during the cycles when MCA was on top of the wheel, the party never went all out to crush the DAP. But just this one time that DAP gets on top of the wheel and see what they’ve so swiftly done to their Chinese rivals.

DAP claims to promote democracy. What kind of democracy is promoted by their tyranny of taking total and iron-fisted control (of the social media, for example).

Election result Selangor 2013

Election result Selangor 2008state

Selangor is Malaysia’s richest state.

With access to the overflowing state funds, Pakatan quickly created new propaganda machinery that Selangor has never seen before —, Media Selangorku, Selangorkini, Selangor Times — to cultivate the DAP evangelista cult of leader worship.

There is no, Media Johorku, Johorkini, Johor Times. The BN in all their years of almost one-party rule has never been as hell-bent on brainwashing the masses 24/7 as Pakatan.

And just look at all the scissorsing and sabotage that their covert collaborators are capable of.

The Star covered up this story — Hannah Yeoh the now Selangor Speaker – previously Facebooking when the state assembly was in session.


And The Star would not be interested in the story that Hannah Yeoh is the Adun who is the worst ponteng kaki.

Her attendance record was a remarkable 53.85% in 2010. Like Wong Chun Wai, London beckoned for Hannah Yeoh and she had rather be in the English capital on some Bangsa Malaysia jaunt than be present in the Dewan.

Hannah Yeoh – our now Speaker of the House – had missed 7 consecutive Dewan Negeri sittings!

The Hansard evidence is here — see for yourself ‘Cuba teka siapa Adun S’gor yang malas sekali’.

And you can bet that Si Gunting will bury this negative news too.


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43 thoughts on “(UPDATED) Selangor Speaker: Star sooooo excited!

  1. Wa… big mama must be very happy…now all assembly man and women have to stand before her. She can decide who speaks and who to shut up. And while her subjects do the debating, she can serve internet and FB and twitter… This is the beginning of the end of DAPSTER.

    1. Tapi kalau jadi speaker tidak boleh ponteng menghadiri persidangan dewan negeri. Betul tak? Begitu juga tidak boleh tengak FB semasa perdebatan. Betul kan?
      Kecualilah kalau semuanya diwakilkan kepada timbalan speaker!

      1. Dia boleh buat apa pun yang dia suka sebab dewan itu bapa dia yang punya.. kita tengoklah nanti apa isi fb dia. Mungkin dia akan minta pendapat rakan rakan fb dia ttg bagaimana nak urus dewan..

    2. Stop Hannah Yeoh Campaign… The Christian Protestants running from the Christian Catholics in Britain killed the red indians in US. The Orthodox christian church in russia was hated and killed by their own people. The Jesuits and their missionaries are the armies of christianity.

      The fact is that all denominations of Chrisitians like the British were colonisers…

      So why does the Sultan of Selangor wants the Christian to be his speaker. We should petition the Sultan to stop the this abomination as Selangor is a Muslim majority state.The Evangelist are no different. They are the later day racists or religiosts..

      Hannah Yeoh dont recorgnise the Malay race. she refuse to recognise her hsubbsnd Indian race in registering her baby.

    1. :D yup, my entire week is spoilt!

      All the more reason BN must take back Selangor, the richest and most populous state.

      And let this be a warning to Umno. If DAP by getting hold of Selangor can send MCA-Gerakan to the rubbish bin of history, if DAP should get hold of Putrajaya, Umno can expect to be crushed as well.

      1. Can’t wait to see her in action (and live action on FB and tweeterrrrrr hahaha) during state assembly. Or no action coz having a holiday in her beloved city aka London… ACTION……

        :D sarah

        1. Now she owns the microphone and the assembly of love.

          *hic* drunken with love … *hic*

  2. Kneel before the Mama and all hail Mama…

    Now, Mama gonna teach all assemblymen and assemblywomen on how to love each other and how to be a true Malaysian…

    I feel sorry for the remaining 12 BN assemblymen. They will join PAS assemblymen and become lame ducks as well.

    Love for humanity is in the air!!!

  3. You have to hand it to the woman. While I say this with greeted teeth, I do admire her ability to influence her flock into believing everything that she is not.

    By exhibiting psychopatic and narcissistic behaviours and getting to the top of her political ambition is to be studied, not mocked. Has it ever occured to you that PR is filled with individuals sharing the same characteristic traits?

    This Hitler-like traits is obviously the path to take in winning over simple minded people. At this juncture, I don’t see any BN candidates displaying this sort of cunning and powers of influence. Perhaps you could start a discussion with your readers on how BN can mould a team of potential leaders into a potent force capable of such chicanery.

    They must first of all exhibit all the Satan like qualities of PR leaders (shave them bald and it wouldn’t surprise you if they had the mark of Satan. Notice how they did not take a photo of Betty’s head from the top?)

    And after that they will have to be schooled in the arts of deception. The ability to write eloquently in English, Mandarin and Bahasa is a must because they will have to flood all smartphone users with stories of wrong doing, corruption etc., even if they have to be made up.


    1. re: “shave them bald and it wouldn’t surprise you if they had the mark of Satan”


      Dig under the Menara Star Phileo Damansara and don’t be surprised to find that the Jerusubang paper’s 17-storey red tower is build atop the very epicenter of their cult vault where ancient, long buried powers are waiting to be unearthed (cue Exorcist theme song).

  4. Wow, this is not so much of a progress for women as much as a victory for the Christian Evangelism. I bet the Churches around the state and the country will be tolling their bells in joy hearing the news. I can even imagine the youths of the evangelist churches dancing and singing hip hop songs to celebrate this victory for Jesus. Now Selangor is finally belongs to Jesus.

    Even when she was not in the state admin, we had to ensure her pimpled and pudgy face staring at us from Selangorkini, Selangortv, Selangorku, the Gunting, etc. With her in the state govt, I can’t even imagine the kind of orgy of HY that we about to endure. I bet that in the next few days the Gunting will run a special one to one, exclusive interview with her. No prizes for guessing who will do the interview though.

    I won’t be surprised if the state makes it mandatory to put her photos along with the Sultan and the MB in all schools, govt offices and business premises. Helen, you might even have to hang one in your own house since you live in Selangor.

    With the Chief Priestess in the House, I expect Christianity to be soon declared as the joint official religion of Selangor and the DAP’s Ubah bird as the official bird.

    Expect also millions of state money to be channeled into evangelist churches and Christian groups.

    Expect HY to make overseas trips to speak about how she made if from a poor little village girl to the Speaker in the richest state in the country. Heck, we might even have books written and documentary taken about her.

    With her in charge, we can expect UBAH in the house. I suspect that the proceedings will be broadcast live via Facebook and Youtube. All assemblypersons will be allowed to update their FB and Twitters during the house in the Session. In fact they might even be allowed to attend sessions virtually from any where in the world via FB.

    1. Ooops…forget to add…Don’t bother to contact your ex-Gunting colleagues tonight.They will be busy attending the celebration party for HY tonight at, yes you guessed it right, somewhere in SJ.

      1. Hello… Please lah…. Tonight they’re having thanksgiving prayer meet ok…

        They will raise their hands to the heavens in ecstasy.

        They will respond to charismatic prayers with “Amens”, “Alleluias” & “Praise The Lords”.

        They will sing praise & worship songs with gusto.

        They will allow themselves a pat on the back, perhaps the behind for a job well done for claiming a part of Selangor for JC.

        And they end the night with faux hugs, cheek kisses, handshakes before they leave on their own ways to gossip about their church brethren.

        Just another day in the life of righteous Christians, SJ style…

        1. Does the Sultan of Selangor as Head of Islam in Selangor knows about this abomination?

          All Malays must unite and petition the Sultan to stopped the spread of Christianity as provided in the constitution.

      1. I would like to dedicate this wonderful [YouTube] Carrie Underwood song – Jesus, Take The Wheel .to Big Mama.
        Hope you like it and Praise!

        This other song [YouTube] is dedicated to the Malays and Taoist of Selangor. – I Told You So by Carrie Underwood

        1. While we are still on the topic of Hannah & Carrie, the former will probably be singing the latter’s Inside Your Heaven when recalling her dark days & beautiful moment when she was transformed from “sinner Yeoh Tseow Tsuan” to be reborn God’s child Hannah.

          I’m getting goosebumps just thinking what if she actually is God’s standard against which I’m gonna be measured against.

    2. I can’t even imagine the kind of orgy of HY that we about to endure
      Good Christians do not orgy, only Barisons. They cell group.

    3. So it is true that this Teh guy and his wife are Her Holiness Hannah’s hardcore supporters. Pathetic. No brains there.

  5. Miss Holy Moly Yeoh will make an excellent Speaker becase beneath all that mumbo jumbo chatter about free speech and democracy is a hard and unyielding shrew.

    I attended a residents’ session involving her a few years ago. When residents complained and gave her negative feedback, she did not take it well. Her face changed.

    Luckily at that time she was still slim and fresh unlike now, she looks like a young version of Rosmah minus the botox.

    She even tried to brush off the negative remarks and we could see she only wants to hear good things. Can’t wait for her to show the iron fist beneath the holy glove.

  6. I think HY will re-define the role – instead of the Speaker she will turn into the Preacher. I also think she will also make a more literal intepretation and kill us all with non stop talking.

    I recall the old the Police classic song Wrapped Around My Fingers. I think Khalid will regret the day making her the Speaker for she will usurp the MB-ship and run the state from the Speaker’s pulpit. Teng tried it before but HY will succeed.

    1. Condolences to the Umno dozen: Kamarol Zaki Abdul Malik, Amiruddin Setro, Mohd Shamsudin Lias, Shahrum Mohd Sharif, Jakiran Jacomah, Budiman MohdZohdi, Rosni Sohar, Mat Nadzari Ahmad Dahlan, Abdul Shukur Idrus Sulaiman, Abdul Razak Johan Abd Aziz, Halimaton Saadiah Bohan

      Their numbers are diminishing …

  7. She should have no trouble settling in. She is after all a senior pastor of some sorts at CHC. Only difference now is that instead of speaking from the pulpit, she’ll be speaking from the speaker’s chair.

    Be interesting though to hear her first speech as speaker. Since she’s a fierce proponent for the Allah for all issue, how will she address it when doing so will be in direct defiance of the Sultan?

    DAP is really promoting meritocracy seemingly. Have barely over 50% attendance & go be the class monitor. Wonder if she’s gonna ban FB & Twitter during sittings?

    1. Now Facebook and Twitter will be the official communication at sittings. It saves paper.

      FFC. You are so wicked. Do you it is difficult being a WOMAN with TWO children serving GOD and country? She has to multitask. And since Indon maids are all puppets of UMNO, she has to clean baby poop all by herself. She is the model of woman.

      1. Hehehehe… My wickedness will see me thrown to hell while Madame Multitasker will cavort with the righteous in heaven.

        Btw, if you’re on Twitter, check out Star’s Twitter account. Between 11:10 am & minutes ago, they tweeted Hannah’s appointment TEN times!! At one point, there were THREE consecutive tweets at different times. Talk about getting the full diva treatment from her biggest fan.

  8. I really pity those PAS guys….menang sorak kampung tergadai.The PKR I dont care bcoz they have enjoyed so much during their UMNO days….

  9. She will create history as the first speaker that chair DUN by using her twitter and FB and star online will be official media for Selangor’s DUN..

  10. re: Ten tweets [by The Star] ….

    That’s because HY’s appointment is historic, woo-hoo. It should be archived into Hari Ini dalam Sejarah (remember the little program that used to be broadcast by RTM?). Helen should be proud, feminist movement should be proud too, LOL.

    PS: Btw, the Selangor state BN-PR pie chart looks like one big red Pac-Man gobbling up some ghosts. Guess I play too much video games in my childhood.

    1. Kit Siang tweeted something about DAP breaking glass ceilings. Too bad the shards ain’t embedded deep inside their brains rendering them devoid of life.

    2. yeah, I remember playing Pac-Man too. Back then, I liked to see Pac-Man eating the pac-dot, but now I prefer to be the four enemies (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) and destroy the Pac-Man.

  11. Ms H. The self-promoting Editor is ear-marked to be the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP’s Minister of Information after the 14th General Election.

    1. Ns H. Only the noisy jumpin’ beans from the Deep South are trustworthy ! Why are they all quiet about the U.S demonstrations ?

      1. Ms H. Or why the jumpin beans from the Deep South quiet about the unfortunate flower farmers of the Camerons ?

        1. Because the victims were illegal Bangladeshis?

          Remember that during polling day (election 5 May 2013), dark-skinned men who looked like they could be Bangladeshis were harassed and beaten up by the Dapster vigilantes.

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