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Taken! Hallelujah, Selangor for J (UPDATED)

UPDATE: “Btw, if you’re on Twitter, check out Star’s Twitter account. Between 11:10 am & minutes ago, they tweeted Hannah’s appointment TEN times!! At one point, there were THREE consecutive tweets at different times. Talk about getting the full diva treatment from her biggest fan.” — by FF Calvin (see comment here, 5.52pm)

The Star is so excited that it put the story as its front page lead online.

The Star Online  Malaysia, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Video News 2013-05-30 14-22-22

Look at the photo on the left of the funny hand gadgets.

Can anyone creatively link it (what’s the connection) to the headline ‘Hannah Yeoh appointed first woman speaker?’

Postscript: Selangor Speaker acronym is SS

To read my earlier posting on the Schutzstaffel, read HERE.


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28 thoughts on “Taken! Hallelujah, Selangor for J (UPDATED)

  1. Hannah Yeoh is going to guide those who still living in the dark to the path of truth and truth only…

    1. Btw, isn’t that look like preaching. The way that person raises the hand… Just realised that

  2. Here is a wonderful testimony for Big Mamma

    “Because she has no job for us, she started to serve the church and bragging with her sermons everyday, and I think it is fair for her to do so because that was what her God asked her to do so when she lost a job in Australia and had to return home to work”.

    So ADUN is a scheme for Unemployed Graduates.

    “Looking at her photo, one of my Chinese friends said, compared with the one as when she was at early of her career of Adun, then she looked slim and beautiful. The picture today shows her as a plump and a happy housewife”.

  3. It’s a sub-conscious message. A message within a message. She, the messiah, will guide and lift us from our misery soon.

    blarhhhh….makes my tummy sick actually. It’s as if there are no other person else who can do a better job… but DAP gets what they want nowadays. There are no longer the underdogs, they are the taiko of PR and PR better listen to them…

  4. The object looks rather phallic doesn’t it? OK, I’m not going to go down that route so this is what I think:

    ‘For in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh’. Matthew 24:44

    I think it’s a communication tool linking her to Jesus. She’s probably reminding Him that come Rapture, she has done enough to book a ‘beam me up Scotty’ ride into heaven. Leave the heathens to the Tribulation! The heathens are of course: you, me, everyone in Umno, MCA, MIC, PAS, non-Christians in PKR, Catholics (born-again Christians don’t think much of Catholics). Well, just about everyone except those who follow the charismatic cults that are mushrooming all over in Subang Jaya, Damansara and urban areas in the country.

  5. Belajar dari sejarah ,pelbagai pehak terutama puak kristian rasa tertindas dibawah pemerintahan kalifah di Andalusia Spanyol, dimana akhirnya tamadun yg dicemburui oleh kemakmuran serta pencapaian ilmu yg dikagumi hancur musnah. Tibanya era baru “golden age” kerajaan kristian menyaksikan umat seta ugama islam “lebur”, ironinya kaum yahudi malah segelintir puak kristian itu sendiri turut menjadi mangsa .
    Bila ” nasi menjadi bubur ” menangis tiada guna lagi.
    Awas ” musang bebulu ayam “

  6. *sigh* Just when I thought things can’t get worse, Hannah Yeoh is appointed Speaker. If she was annoying before, she’s gonna be worse now! If she was smug before, she’ll be unbearable now! Dewan Undangan is gonna be a lot more “high-class” now….

    1. At least she won’t missed the seatings. Period. Expect a lot more tweets and fbing since nobody is watching. Surely the screams and shouts will improve her BM!

  7. Well Selangorian who vote for PR get what they wish for. The Preacher for a speaker. How cool it could be. Well at least all exco and YB doesn’t need to speak about people problem. Just hear her talk about love….love…love everyday.

    Just come for Adun assamble and hear her “Love is in the air….everyway I look around. Love is in the air, everyday and every night…” Sheesh..

    :D sarah

  8. agree with MKL’s interpretation.

    the FIRST “fat woman” appointed as speaker of DUN Selangor.
    it’s called subliminal message-it has other meaning to deliver, macam perkataan Melayu sebut, makna yang tersirat di sebalik perkataan yang tersurat.

    kononnya si Fatty Hannah ini akan memimpin mereka yang buta dan teraba-raba mencari kebenaran dengan meluaskan pengaruh evangelista dengan kelebihannya sebagai speaker of DUN Selangor.

    and agree with Islam1st, i think MB Khalid wants to teach her several lessons.

    1-no more Facebooking during meeting. padan muka, selama ni bersenang lenang makan gaji buta. jadi speaker terkebil-kebillah ko dalam dewan tu hadap perangai wakil2 rakyat.

    2-an opportunity to polish and improve her BAHASA MELAYU. hopefully after 5 years, she can graduate flying colors with excellent Bahasa Melayu command and a bit understanding & respect to Malay culture and custom.

    if she still arrogant and racist, she is the one in the photo. blinded by own hatred.

    for this, i give thumbs up to Khalid Ibrahim!!!
    very subliminal-message behind the appointment???

    what say you guys?

    1. are you sure you are slimmer than Hannah Yeoh, Malayprincess?
      I think she is thinner than any of your wanita umno members.

      And, she is 1/3 the size of your fat mama rosmah.

      1. If you’re a ‘Syed Bakar’, then Yap Sin Tian is a Malay nationalist.

      2. Syed Bakar is so derogotory to the physically challenged. I believe his wife and daughters are aneroxic and size zero. I also sense homophobic and femalephobic.

    2. Since you asked, I say you still have a primitive mind which obviously have not evolved. Your two pointers are absolutely nonsense.

  9. The gadget is used to test your class level i.e. low thus rejected class, middle but still got hope class & high Hannah cleared class.

    The goggles provide 3D view of your innards to ensure that you’re healthy & up to scratch physically to mingle with the chosen ones of Hannah’s God. So if you’re too bloated by fat deposits or suffer from cirrhosis you’re outta there.

  10. I hope she knows how to manage her time properly, like not tweeting, while at the state assembly. Hope she doesn’t pee in her pants when things get heated up.

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