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Main reason those people are very dangerous

By N. Ganesan

Hindraf national adviser

(31 May 2013)  There is a dangerous trend developing in the public information domain that bodes ill for us all Malaysians.

We used to criticize the mainstream print media for its untruthful and biased reporting of events and occurrences around the country. Now it looks like that is coming full circle with the online media, social media all resorting to similar yet more vicious campaigns of untruths and distortions of truths.


For a clear example of this kind of falsehood I refer to a recent article that was published in a widely read online portal titled, ‘Kula flays Waytha for silence on custodial death’ on the 27 May 2013 written quoting Kula extensively by the PKR herald Terence Netto.

There is vicious untruth in the article and it was penned and published by noteworthy individuals and organization.

That article is entirely baseless. Its basic premise is false. Its arguments are at best nothing more than self serving and opportunistic rhetoric.

It is written by a journalist, who claims a career of 40 years in journalism. It is shameful what that 40 years has come to be.

The comments section of the article and the Red Bean Facebook circuits (see YouTube for more on the Red Bean Army) will just amplify these lies and perform the greatest disservice to our country, of spreading untruths in volumes.

[The comments section abusive responses:

  • Malaysiakini subscribers to Terence Netto’s article, HERE
  • Malaysiakini subscribers to Ganesan’s letter to the editor, HERE
  • FMT readers to Ganesan’s letter to the editor, HERE]

It all ill-portends a Goebbellian new world for Malaysia.

Terence Netto quotes Kula about Waytha’s ‘deafening silence’. I wonder if they know what that really means. They should refer to the article ‘Lame excuses from the cops’ in the Free Malaysia Today online portal of the May 23, a full four days before Terence’s and Kula’s article.

Waytha makes it plain in that article just where he stands on these unacceptable acts of deaths in custody. Just for record, here are a few key things that Waytha mentioned in that article:

“Waythamoorthy also called on Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar to immediately suspend all those suspects allegedly involved in the death of Darmindran, 32. He said the police cannot go on giving lame excuses on such incidents because there were one too many deaths in police custody.
“Public will no longer entertain such lame excuses,” he told FMT here today. He said it was time for the police to implement preventive measures to stop these deaths such as installing closed circuit television cameras in all police stations and lock-ups. He also called the government to amend the law to allow formation of area citizen groups who would be given round-the-clock access to their respective neighbourhood police stations and detainees in police lock-ups.
Citing several countries which practiced it, he said these groups shall be made of neighbourhood residents with good and credible public standing, and not necessary they have to be educated or professional persons. He said citizen groups shall be allowed to visit police stations and detainees at any time to have first-hand look at their captive conditions.
“It’s important for the police to take these pro-active steps immediately to restore waning public trust and confidence in the force,” said Waythamoorthy.

Terence nor Kula cannot be excused for non-knowledge of this article. After all this is public domain and they are operators in this domain.

I have therefore no choice but to conclude that they have chosen purposefully to spread untruths and create a myth and let it go viral spinning off the social media network.

Their job in this episode, seems to be to initiate untruths and let black become white in the intensity of what ensues, and to cast themselves as the heroes of the victims and to cast others equally in the scene as villains. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Dangerous mind control through lies

It is time that Malaysia and Malaysians become aware of this dangerous new trend arising where minds will continue be controlled, by lies, by distortions of truths, by half truths and just by repetitions and intensity in the social media and all in the name of a new morality of the underdog’s truth.

We all need a better Malaysia. The Malaysia we all need is one where truth prevails, regardless. Not one in the grips of vicious untruth spread by wolves in sheepskin.

We do not need to descend down this path shown us by opportunistic leaders and pied pipers whose job now it seems to be to lead this new variety of misinformation.

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35 thoughts on “Main reason those people are very dangerous

  1. In fact what good have the DAPster leaders done for Malaysia?

    The Lim family – they jump from state to state removing BN state leaders. The victims include Lim Chong Eu. To make things worse, the son is now using Lim Chong Eu’s name to glorify himself. The daughter in law is another state hopper and religion hopper.
    The Singhs – Sr so call is the defender of Jelutong. But never in his 30 years in office has he attempted to move from his posh Jalan Utama bungalow to be close to his people. Jelutong is supposed his cause but he is always missing – always focusing on so called injustices of the “country” like the case of Anwar. The son now takes the reigns.
    Madam Yeoh – An unemployed lawyer who wields her way up Christianity and into the corridors of power. Famous for her drama of “unracialising” her children and tweets during assembly meetings.
    DOCTOR Ong – If there was an event in the Olympics for frogging, he would be world record holder. Jumping from the MCA think tank to the Gerakan think tank and now to the corridors of power, he has done Malaysian well by discouraging the adoption of Indians by the ethnic Chinese.
    Son of Khir Johari – another frog from BN.
    In fact what good have the Justician (PKR) leaders done for Malaysia?
    Anwar Ibrahim – He was the hell raiser for UNMO in the 70s and 80s. Then the sex soap opera and rally king of the 90s and there after, he has introduced words like “sodomy” to family oriented 8 pm TV news. He invented the Bahasa Baku which went into Bahasa Beku. He gave us the second time the Malaysian currency turned into Banana currency in 1997.
    In fact what good have the DAPster leaders done for Malaysia?
    Memali etc and countless boycott of concerts as they were too “punk” (Avril laving) “gay” (Adam Lambert) and ‘unislamic” (the late Sudirman)
    In fact what good have Penang done for Malaysia?
    The state is proud to giving birth to leaders that give countless problems to the rest of the nation. May 13, the Sodomy I and II sagas, Banana Currency (1997) etc. (Hey Pak Lah too was from the loins of Penang.)

  2. sorry should read
    In fact what good have the PASster leaders done for Malaysia?
    Memali etc and countless boycott of concerts as they were too “punk” (Avril laving) “gay” (Adam Lambert) and ‘unislamic” (the late Sudirman)
    In fact what good have Penang done for Malaysia?

  3. Addendum:
    What has LGE contributed to Malaysia?
    Renaming of Gerakan successes as his own. Example the George Town Festival. The inscription of Penang by UNESCO is by Gerakan. Others Rapid Penang – which was a Pak Lah initiative
    The destruction of Gerakan projects – eg the PISA swimming pool now called SPICE. The spider bridge at KOMTAR.
    It seems the bridge has brought years of bad omen to Penang. (How many years of bad omen has Penang brought to Malaysia?)

  4. I said yesterday that not only are the Malays “mudah lupa:, they also fail to learn anything from history. now after reading this, I must add that Malays are not the only ones who fail to learn anything from history. even Indians and the Natives of Sabah and Sarawak fail to learn anything from history, judging by the ease in which they bought the lies a.k.a snake oil being sold to them by PR.

    and the Chinese Celops’ strategy of divide and rule is working handsomely. no wonder they are getting more and more confident. and I must add that these Chinese Celops are astute students of the British colonials who administered Malaya prior to our independence in 1957.

    GE14 2018, that’s assuming that the current administration will serve a full 5 year term, will mark the coronation of the Chinese Celops as the “rulers” of this country, with a massive swing by the Malays and other Natives to PR thanks to the brainwashing being carried out by The Star and other opposition affiliated mainstream media.

  5. I think it is time for goverment to follow Singapore rule’s of liciense this news portals. That way they will take responsable in any news come from their portals. After all, they always use singapore as example of better goverment ruler.

  6. Asking Malaysians to be discerning in separating truth from lies and vice-versa is an improbable task. At this juncture where the opposition is seen to be the saviours of all Malaysians, it is nigh impossible. Until a lie of great magnitude levelled against the government that is perpetuated on social media landscape is finally shown to be what it truly is – a great big lie, the simple folk of Malaysia will continue to believe every tweet, post and message on WhatsApp denouncing the government, or pronouncing the achievements of the opposition.

    The question is: what is BN and all its component parties doing about it? Instead of formulating a strategy to overcome this, members of the component parties are fighting amongst themselves. While they are distracted by the shenanigans of party leaders like ‘film star Chua’ et al., the opposition, with its army of Red Beans and ‘noted’ reporters/writers like T Netto continue to cast aspersions on the character of just about anyone who isn’t in the group of the Enlightened ones.

    What can we do to help find a solution?

    The opposition’s apostles (red bean army, The Star writers biting the hand that feeds them, the morons on the street) game plan is fairly straight forward. They are not interested in trumpeting the achievements of their leaders – the leaders do it very well themselves – but are more interested in saying just enough to twist the knives further into the loins of BN. Say just enough and the morons will embellish it with tales of their own and spread it to all and sundry. The trick to it is to blame the government for everything, for everything they say, do or don’t say and don’t do. It will just go viral. They could film a dead cow on the highway and post it on You Tube, and write a few lines blaming the government for not looking after the cows, and the morons will believe it.

    It’s about time that parties within BN copy this mode of attack. We have to admit that this strategy of the opposition works, and if it works well for one, it works well for others too. BN secured half of the popular vote, so surely we can find the truly enlightened ones on the street, the sensible reporters/writers to do what the red beans and conceited reporters like T Netto do?

    1. “It’s about time that parties within BN copy this mode of attack. We have to admit that this strategy of the opposition works, and if it works well for one, it works well for others too”

      The older malay population will most likely be PAS members and most would kiss the ground that nik aziz walks on. So what he says and does is the gospel truth for them and let no man put asunder.

      The younger and hipster malays will want to be left alone by PAS. These are the liberals and therefore will most likely be PKR and DAP members.

      I doubt that to copy the oppo’s modus operandi would work. Those rakyat who are oppo members have this deep rooted hate for UMNO and UMNO only. That coupled with pakatan’s double standard practises, would work

  7. Sudah menjadi lumrah manusia , sebagai contoh di perputakaan atau di kedai buku bahagian “fiction” , majalah gosip atau novel cinta peminatnya sanggup berbaris , perkara yang berfaedah kalau bukan saja-saja sebagai tuntutan untuk menuntut ilmu jangan harap nak buat.

    ” Talk is cheap ” , tanggungjawab biar orang lain yang tanggung.
    Dunia alaf baru ???

    1. Fitnah Dajjal Akhir Zaman. Yang benar difikirkan salah. Yang salah difikirkan benar. Surah The Cave boleh hindar kita daripada termakan fitnah dajjal-Dengan Izin Tuhan. Amin.

  8. Chinese supporters,
    Ask not what Dapters can do for you,
    ask what DAMNATION Dapsters evangelistas will bring upon you.
    – JFK Spoof!

    When all hells break loose, looters have the freedom to choose!

    Or Me? Tor For?

  9. It’s almost funny how most comments on Helen’s writings on Indians or Hindraf are usually unrelated to the subject matter or the content. :)

      1. re: Not to worry, obviously Helen always have a soft spot for you people.

        Me worry?

        Naah…most of us Indians don’t have much to start with.

        If anyone should start worrying, it should be the UMNO blessed Malays, what with a directionless kangkung of a PM trying to appease the marauding, mengamuk, biadab Chinese while you fellas put on your war paint and do the silat Haka (for additional gempaq effect) but secretly cringe and shudder at the thought that you might one day end up like the Indians if that Chinese lapdog, Anwar Ibrahim makes it to Putrajaya.

        Whaddya gonna do then?

        Balik kampung tanam potato macam zaman Jepun dulu?

        No difference right? Dua-dua pon mata sepet kan?

        Or Melayu Tau fu fah?


        1. Very good answer!
          Knowing your kind. Never surprise me at all.

          “…..Me worry?……”

          There you go, Helen.
          The [****** this word is banned — blog admin] has spoken.

          Malays can always go back to their roots.
          From tanam padi income 1 tahun 1 kali.

          Indians rubber taps half a day and the other half todying.
          Chinese as ever korek korek korek the mines from sunrise to sundown.

          The Malays and Chinese are paving their way to wealth at their right paces.

          The Indians has progressed drastically eversince Samy ‘Maika’ Veloo took charge. From zeroes to heroes!

          I rest my case.

          1. re: The [****** this word is banned — blog admin] has spoken.

            That’s right. Resort to racist slurs when you’re unable to argue rationally – like a goddamn Dapster.

            No better from the mindless and the rabid who are reducing you fellas to tau fu fah lembik with their continual onslaughts.

            At least they’re systematic and unrelenting. Looking at you’re present predicament, you fellas have nothing on them. They’re gaining ground day by day.

            The International Jew is spot on with his/her observation:

            ‘GE14 2018, that’s assuming that the current administration will serve a full 5 year term, will mark the coronation of the Chinese Celops as the “rulers” of this country, with a massive swing by the Malays and other Natives to PR thanks to the brainwashing being carried out by The Star and other opposition affiliated mainstream media.’

            Like I’ve been saying…the Indians are fucked either way. So there’s nothing much to worry about.

            But apart from the warpaint and the Haka, it seems to me like the Malays are powerless to make a stand. And you fellas have a lot more to lose than us Indians who have nothing much to begin with.

            Indians have been discriminated by the gomen, the Malays and the Chinese. Yet we continue to survive and make small advances despite being at the lowest rung of society.

            You who have been pampered all your life…you think you can survive any form of domination by any other race but your own?

            How is your NEP generated “wealth at their right paces” gonna help you when the sepet (celop or otherwise) reduce you to tanam potato?

            You rest your (pathetic) case? Yeah, right.

            With or without tongkat, you’re frikkin lame, man.

            The late P.Ramlee would have told you to: Pigidaaaaah!

            1. Cool it Macha! Macamana boleh fucked-up?
              Tadak duit! Tadak duit! Tau-tau Lord Murugan statue naik lagi tinggi dari Kuan Yin. Ini macam sudah lwn taukey.

              Look on the bright side, before the Rothchilds gave birth to the Federal Reserve Bank or World Bank and IMF, your more disciplined grandfathers were Chettiars with bunga melur clipped between one side of their ears. You should be proud, they were the pioneers for imposing interest for money lent that was where the word ‘bunga’ originated from, meaning faedah or riba’ in our term today. AIN’T THAT A FACT AGAIN!

              Even after we are longed gone, the Malays decendants in the future will always cry over and over again over spilt milk because the mistakes made by their ancestors. So to pujuk them kenalah keep pampering mereka. Kalau macam ini lah cucu cucit Melayu, you think other races than the Malays can rule the country? You nampak tak sini? Ada Faham?

              The more you speak nanti itu pasir masuk dalam ‘Param, Ayappan, Acappan or even Sathiya’ rice bowls.

              Just clap your hands and jangan susah-susah worry pasal Malays. Kalau pised off pun, don’t go about thinking of schemes to victimised our weaklings. You could fall into your own trap!

              Btw, that banned word you accused me of slurring is not a VULGAR word. That word was invented by your own kind.

              I PREFER INDIAN POTATOES, LEBIH MANTAP compared to American or chinese. Brought to us by Kapal Bawang.

              1. Cool it kepala hotak hang.

                Still unable to argue but can only resort to crass, substance induced mumbo-jumbo.

                This is why I am reluctant to engage with ‘your kind” in any discussion.

                When did I say the banned “P” word was a vulgarity? You better lay off the “grass” la bangchik. You confusing yourself (if there’s any healthy grey matter left to confuse anymore).

                The kind of grass “your kind” is partial to. The kind that enhances your Odikal qualities.

                No wonder your brethren across the Selat have this to say about “your kind” :

  10. I am disheartened that criticism is leveled against BN but that which is criticised is calmly practised duplicitously as if BN has no right to spin, but Pakatan has every right. Not that I am a BN supporter, by no means am I one, but we’re not moving forward, we’re going backwards.

    People don’t assess for themselves what is right or wrong, they just jump onto the bandwagon. Which is why spinmeisters can do what they do without being rebuked.

        1. re: I’m really disgusted by the attacks launched by some of their cyber-troopers against anyone who criticises Pakatan. WTF. Utterly revolting.

          I won’t argue with that but take a look around here and you’ll see similar one-track minds defending the indefensible too.

          Champions of both causes have one thing in common – vested interests for the benefit of their respective communities and of course, themselves.

          I find both factions and the abominations they represent equally revolting.

          1. MachaPG,

            Oh, I totally see these one-track minds. The difference is I tend not to take them very seriously because they’re not interested in change or learning something new about their fellow Malaysians.

            Whereas Pakatan claims to be an agent of change. The champion of the downtrodden, free from the shackles of race and religion. The folks who want to do the right thing.

            Bear in mind I have spent over 8 years rooting for them when they were the underdogs. Now that they have an established fan base, they are becoming cocky and arrogant, if not condescending and patronising.

  11. Maybe it is especially disappointing for me because five to ten years ago, I was all about boycotting the mainstream media. Now the internet media behaves exactly like MSM. What hope is there of receiving some semblance of the truth?

  12. (Sorry for reposting)
    When the world reads about the Hindraf claims about the Malay ‘regime’ I’m afraid that they must be thinking that the Indians are being treated worst than the U.S. Red Indians or even worst sort like Rohingyans in Myanmar, or may be similar to S.Africans pre-apartheid pretorians treatment to the Niggas.

    Manoharan, lawyer to the troublemaker P. Uthayakumar claimed that the 30-month jail sentence for his client was too excessive. So what do you call Nelson Mandela jail term for nearly 30 years?

    Just a li’l light reading for the “tak boleh tahans” with their lives here:

    1. The maximum sentence for sedition, first-time offender, is 36 months under the penal code.

      The thing about Uthaya’s sentence is that he is being punished twice (double jeopardy). He was detained under ISA for one-and-half years already. His current Kajang prison term is two-and-half years. So total, 4 years.

      But the maximum sentence for the sedition charge under the law is 3 years.

      If Uthaya’s ISA detention beginning late 2007 is taken into account, then his latest 30-month sentence under the penal code is excessive because it takes his total punishment to 4 years (one extra year).

    2. re: “When the world reads about the Hindraf claims about the Malay ‘regime’ I’m afraid that they must be thinking that the Indians are being treated worst than the U.S. Red Indians or even worst sort like Rohingyans in Myanmar, or may be similar to S.Africans pre-apartheid Pretorian’s treatment of the Niggas.”

      Perhaps we could take counsel from Mahatma Gandhi who said:

      “A word ‘NO’ uttered from one’s deepest conviction is better than a ‘YES’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.”

      However …..

      “Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.”
      “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

  13. The Malays are the nicest people on Earth, no one can deny that. Tapi janganla dok jolok sarang tebuan.

    “…….take council from Ghandhi……”

    Even though the man is longed gone, YES, every Indian should, especially when they will discriminate everything that move:

    The Malays has unleased these Krakens and today mereka sedang makan tuan!

    Or Me? Tor For?

  14. DAPSTERS are good for accusing others of the very same thing that they do.
    Ther are just stupid politicins who think that people take all their words for granted.
    From 1969 till now they sing tho old song of creating Hatreds amongst Malaysians.
    They never talk about harmony, peace Malaysia, cooperation with oe another or national integration.
    They are good at sowing the seeds of hatred.
    Every body knows that……….especially the peace loving malaysian Chinese.

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