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Pakatan’s fourth component

Aliran, the opposition party wannabe…

Read, (written by the immediate past president of Aliran)

Aliran is based in Penang, which is also the birthplace of Si Gunting.

In the north you have the DAP fortress and in the south kubu Umno.

Methinks the North is swooping down on the South — DAP made inroads of an additional 9 state and 3 Parliament seats in Johor.

Whereas the South is not making any headway in the North. BN lost one more state seat but regained one Parliament seat in Penang, so it was an impasse.

By the way, The Scissors in Penang is very kam cheng with the DAP state leadership. Readers of this blog who are living there, please feel free to alert us to stabby articles appearing in the North edition.


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5 thoughts on “Pakatan’s fourth component

  1. It is easier for the North to sweep the South because of the Chinese factor and the influence of Singapore. PAS influence is also strong in Johor.

    1. re: “PAS influence is also strong in Johor.”

      Interesting observation. Can you pls elaborate? I confess that I’m not savvy about Johor politics and hence I’d appreciate reader input.

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