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Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh: Dapsters sure to go ape shit

One possible reason why the DAP evangelista spokesman yesterday attacked Paul Low, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, is that some quarters in the Christian-inclined party might have felt that he was betraying their religion.

When superstar Michelle Yeoh expressed her support for the Prime Minister who is the president of Umno, she was widely attacked as a betrayer of her race.

Now that she has been made a Tan Sri, the Dapsters will say that it’s a pay-off for her “Umno lapdog” role in GE13.

When badminton ace Lee Chong Wei is photographed with Umno-linked personalities, he is similarly attacked as a betrayer of his race.

Out of the 57 Ministers and Deputy Ministers in the newly installed Najib cabinet, only two are Chinese. Both of them – Paul & Mary – are Christians.

Although the Christians very loudly proclaim that they’re a persecuted minority yet they’re clearly the ones in the driver’s seat.

Dial_M_BlogScissors is a lethal weapon

Church activism

The churches are actively involved in politicking.

They galvanized the participation of their congregations in the 12th and 13th general elections. The churches had also actively marshalled their parishioners to take part in Bersih. One would not be at all surprised to hear that the churches encouraged their flock to join the #Black 505 rallies too.

The Christians have taken control, especially of the local English language media (mainstream and online) and they’re the ones with the strong contacts with the international media which operates in English.

Note that the Bishop Paul Tan story (screenshot above), is illustrated in Malaysiakini with a photograph of two Muslim women in tudung in the forefront.

The DAP 2.0 evangelista poster girl Hannah Yeoh is now Speaker of the Selangor Dewan. After Subang is “taken for []”, Shah Alam next.

The DAP 3.0 evangelista poster girl Yeo Bee Yin – newly minted state assemblyman for Damansara Utama (home to the DUMC) – is the one responsible for the first salvo against the Christian Paul “BN apologist“.

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Christians not considered Chinese


“In 1893 Perak promulgated an Order in Council on the recognition of Chinese laws and customs relating to marriage, adoption and inheritance and the principles of the Order were followed not only in Perak, but in other states. The law was enacted for the purpose of making it unnecessary for tribunals to take evidence as to the law of China on matters relating to marriage, “inferior wives”, adoption, inheritance and intestacy, the Chinese laws set out in the Order in Council being “declared to be law in the State of Perak and … to be observed by all Courts of Justice and other tribunals … in respect of any cause, suit or other proceeding, either or both of the parties to which [being] of Chinese nationality.”
The Order in Council was fortified by the [Federated Malay States] Secretary for Chinese Affairs Enactments of 1899. These laws regarded as a Chinese “any person beating a Chinese surname, commonly called a Seh or Sing, who is a Chinese subject owing natural allegiance to the Emperor of China, or who has domicile in the Empire of China, or its dependencies.” Any person who “habitually used the Chinese dress or language, or followed Chinese customs,” was presumed to be of Chinese nationality: so that race and religion were irrelevant. Christian Chinese were, oddly enough, deemed not to be of Chinese nationality: an interesting parallel being offered here with Malaysian law relating to the definition of a “Malay”, which requires acceptance of Islam as one of the attributes of such a status.”

Excerpt above taken from page 119, Malaysian Law: An Introduction to the Concept of Law in Malaysia by R. H. Hickling.

Pelanduk Publications

Nationality:a people having a common origin, tradition, and language”

Synonyms of the word nationality: ethnicity, race

Sample sentences:

  • The country is home to five nationalities and seven languages.
  • people of all races and nationalities
  • She’s American, but her parents are of Japanese nationality.

(source: Merriam-Webster dictionary)

Nationality can also be said to describe ethnic character.

Historically, it is not in the ethnic character of the Chinese to be Christian, parallel to how it is not in the ethnic character of the Malay in Malaysia to be outside the fold of Islam.

However, among the Chinese there has been a great Ubah. The DAP tsunami has swept and destroyed the MCA, Gerakan and SUPP in their path.

Dr Chua bersembahyang memegang colok
Chua Soi Lek and his ministers praying in temple

There is a deafening silence of Buddhist voices.

MCA must answer to the BN for this mute surrender.

MCA must answer to the BN also why its mouthpiece has been allowed to be hijacked by the evangelists.

10 times!

The Star tweeted Hannah Yeoh’s appointment as speaker:


Thanks to the triumph of DAP evangelista politics, there are no more MCA Mandarin-speaking ministers in Cabinet. We have only Paul & Mary now.

“Chua Soi Lek” has become among the most vilified name in Malaysian Chinese cyberspace. The Dapsters are vicious, and the Jerusubangites worse.

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Twitter limkitsiang Congrats Hannah Yeoh making ... 2013-06-01 09-52-48

“Hancur Umno”

DAP, PAS, kindred spirits

The cry “Hancur Umno! Tumbang BN!! Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar!” echoed in the Sultan Muhammad IV stadium on the night of 16 Nov 2012.

The prayer for the destruction of Umno was led by Nik Razi Nik Mat, the younger brother of PAS Mursyidul Am Nik Aziz. (source: Utusan).

[YouTubeDoa solat hajat khusus kepada Umno BN — rakaman Minaq Jinggo]

The DAP evangelista politicians ride on religion as much as their PAS counterparts.

But the DAP politicos are even more versatile.

While PAS deals only in the Islamic coin, the DAP chameleons sapu bersih all the different religious cloaks. The Christian Betty Chew carried out her political gimmick in a Buddhist temple with The Star publicity machine grinding full throttle in support.

Unlike the Pak Lebai kampung PAS, these charismatic city slickers are a different breed. Efficient and effective, those in the DAP are not only “committed to break one glass ceiling after another” (see Kit Siang tweet above).


What the Evangelista Bintang Tiga have broken, one after another, are the values that we cherish most like ada adab, berbudi bahasa, bertolak ansur dan hidup rukun damai.


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55 thoughts on “Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh: Dapsters sure to go ape shit

  1. someone should ask Buddhist Malaysians this question : why are they so silent ?

    or are they in cahoots with the Evangelists ?

    as for values, it is subjective. and as far as I m concerned, the vast majority of so called Chinese in Malaysia are not Chinese. the collies who arrived in Malaya in the 19th century were themselves people without culture as most of them were of the uneducated types. so by extension, most of the current generation of Chinese Malaysians themselves are of the low stock types.

    are these people Chinese then ? no they are not Chinese. they are fake Chinese. they say they are Chinese but truth is, they are not and they know it. but of course proclaiming themselves as Chinese helps in uniting them. because without the glue that is Chinese Culture which they have hijacked, they are disunited, therefore easy pickings for the Malays or whoever that’s opposed to their presence in Malaysia.

    let’s no insult the real Chinese, those in Mainland China and areas surrounding Greater China. these people are the real deal, real Chinese. okay, okay, there are real Chinese in Malaysia, but sadly, their numbers are declining owing to the fact that most, if not all of them have migrated or are making plans to get out before these fake Chinese, who are the real enemies of the real Chinese, take over this country in GE14.

    1. @The International Jew, No kidding, I haven’t met a Chinese yet who considered themselves ‘fake’. Even Chinese Muslims I know consider themselves Chinese first….just saying – how do your know that “they are fake Chinese. they say they are Chinese but truth is, they are not and they know it…” Where is your evidence of this?

      Are you calling Helen a fake Chinese too?

      1. Boleh kita fokus isu tak rather than fake chinese, melayu yahudi. Eventhough Azran is a melayu yahudi :))

        Yang penting sincerity. Kalau kita pukul-rata semua susahlah. Nak mengata Helen, kita sendiri macam mana?

        Melayu Malaya pun low class jugak. Center of civilisation, Palembang, Jakarta. Semua yang low class, cina ke, India ke, melayu ke, semua di Malaysia. Tapi sebab bekerjasama, we can punch above our weight. Not anymore, Kalau Najib still in charge ?!? Harap- harap adalah pemimpin MCA yang boleh harap sikit. Nak tak nak, kita kena tidur sekatil jugak.

  2. I agreed to the most perfectly said ending/conclusion. “…the values that we cherish most like ada adab, berbudi bahasa, bertolak ansur dan hidup rukun damai.” will be gone soon.

  3. So, it look very eerie to know the plot behind the curtain, what I know is Wesak Day now look quite low level celebration, so that’s mean less Buddhist among Chinese nowadays,

    PAS I thought was ala Taliban but no more, so The Jerusubangites want to take over PAS ala Taliban++. If there really is, please somebody do something.

    To TS MY, congratulation.

    1. Sultan Selangor perlu di nasihatkan mengenai usaha Hanah Yeoh Tseow Tsuan untuk mengembangkan ugama penjajah Kristian di Selangor.

      Orang-orang PAS perlu diberitahu kerana mereka sibuk ketwa dengar ceramah sedangkan Parti PAS membantu mengembangkan Kristiann dengan memilih paderi besar mereka perempuan Cina yeoh seow suan sebagai Speaker. Jawatan Speaker ini hampir sama dengan Hakim jadi adalah dilarang untuk orang Islam melantik orang kafir menjadi Hakim mereka.

      Jangan biarkan peristiwa Hakim bible thumper Lau Bee Lian yang mengembanka Kristian dengan mengelirukan orang Melayu Jesus itu allah.

      Jadi UMNo janganlah duduk diam mcm bongok. Ustaz-ustaz pas tu jangan lah asyik sibuk pasal seks.

      Kristian dikembangkan di Selangor apakan Selangor akan jadi Selangor Darul Kristian?

  4. Helen with so many more worthy news e.g the “admission of a witness that Anwar was the one who pursued Jusuf Kalla to mediate the deal with Najib”, The Star chose rats as its main headline today. Seriously? Rats?

      1. No other paper in the world will deem rats a big enough to be the headline. Talk about dumbing down your readership

        1. The paper is the Jerusubang Herald.

          If rats are the preoccupation of SJ residents, then their whims will be pandered to by the Star Evangelista Bintang Lima.

          FYI, The Star has created a hashtag #RatAlert.

          Malaysia’s rat population is on the rise! Do you take any precautions against “rat urine disease”? Tweet us #RatAlert

          The Star ‏@staronline 54m

          If you spot rats at your favourite eatery, will you still dine there? Why? Tweet the dirtiest areas where you’ve seen lots of rats #RatAlert

          The Star ‏@staronline 46m

          1. Ni dah kira meludah kat muka kita berulang-ulang kali ni. Worst than daylight robbery nih because they are doing it out of spite.

            Wong Chun Wai memang la … Cuma dia tak tahu satu benda, meroyan la macam mana pun, orang Malaysia punya sabar limitless. So buatlah lagi … tak ada effectpun.

            Macam relative strength index, technical indicator dalam stock analysis la ………. all who wants to buy has already bought :)) one slip, merundum la saham itu. Nice try though.

  5. Re: But the DAP politicos are even more versatile… DAP chameleons sapu bersih….

    Can be explained by two separate bible verses.

    Matt 19: 13-14 – Then people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

    The above verse is normally used to signify that the pure & innocent like children are to inherit the heavens as they are without tricks, guile or evil. So basically innocently ignorant lambs who are gullible enough to be led by the charismatic leaders of DAP will be targeted. First imbue them with your political ideology. When they fall for that, their spirituality is for the taking, not to mention 10% of their incomes.

    Mark 9: 38-40 – “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.”

    “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, for whoever is not against us is for us

    As for their savage attacks on anyone deemed a BN lackey, the above probably guides their actions. If they’re not against you, you embrace them. If not, launch the red beans against them to run them down online.

    On a lighter note, what a pity Peter Chin isn’t in the cabinet. Then we’d have Peter, Paul & Mary. They may even give Frankie Gan a run for his money.

    1. re: “Peter, Paul & Mary”


      re: “not to mention 10% of their incomes”

      Very good income for the evangelical pastors. No wonder the brainwashing is in such heavy doses.

      1. you should ask them what drugs are they using. or is it pil kuda ?

          1. E Only god will burn you if you support BN! Use holy witchcraft. In fact there is no difference between Evangelism and Harry Potter! Only the rebranding.

      2. same goes to Pas ostat, can drive ferrari, kaw-weng 3 etc. etc. people really can become rich if they know how to play around with holy verses kan?

        I just came back from Damansara, I couldn’t find proton or perodua on the road, just lambo, ferrari and suchs. Mak ai, imagine the income of pastors there….

        1. Sebab miracles. Macam magik Ferrari jatuh dari langit ke tangan pastor Jerusubang!

      3. A good friend’s full time church pastor drives a brand new Mercedes-Benz E250. The shepherd needs to be fed well you see to enable them to lead the flocks of blinded lambs who will willingly give 10% of their income & more.

        The new Puan Speaker needs to ensure that she remains relevant in view of the newbies like YB YBY.

        Perhaps the next step will be to write a book about how her faith influences her politics to be financed & published by City Harvest Church. It will shoot to the top of the bestsellers list as her church congregation & DAPpies along with SJ’s worshipping public will rush to buy it. I’m just curious as to what would be a probable title for the book.

        1. The dumb thing our dumb Media Prima are financing racist Singapore film From Boys To Ah Boy by City Harvest Christian Adulterer Jack Neo. It has wonderful comedy scene where a Muslim is given pork. Why Isn’t this film series under the boycott list for being racist and poking fun at Islam?

  6. In fact the traditional churches are silent! Like the Anglicans the official church in Malaya and Borneo.

    We have our mouths shut by the so called born again! They think Christianity is like watching a show! Pay some money and get Blessed.

    Well new Buddhism is the same! You can have a total haircare at Kek Lok Sii – Ugly Betty fashion! Money to the new church to aid unemployed lawyers like Hannah Banana Masala.

    And what says PAS on Christopher Ross Lim. Anyone can become a Malay. Hawaiian Chinese with no Malay DNA can become Malay.

    1. The Catholic church in East Malaysia has kept their counsel over the Allah issue preferring to wait for the courts to adjudicate. Considering the bulk, probably as high as 90% of Catholics who use BM for worship hail from the two states, it is amazing how loud the voices are instead here in WM.

      Most if not all the loud mouths can’t remember the last time they attended BM service, if ever. As such they should just shut the @#&% up, Paul Tan included.

  7. Visit Penang alert! Today Christopher Ross Lim and Ambiga presents protect your kid from sex offenders talk. Tonight Tokong and Ugly Betty at State level Wesak Day Celebrations at Chinese Town Hall. Penang good for tours!

    And they forgot today is our Beloved King’s Birthday. Comments!

  8. ” Kudakepang ” . menggunakan faktor belandaskan AGAMA, BANGSA, atau mencari KELEMAHAN orang lain cara paling mudah serta cepat mencapai matlamat.

    Abraham Lincoln berpesan “follow the money trails ” .
    Ada duit ada kuasa , ” dunia ana yg punya” .

  9. BerBodhi Bahsa can traced itself as far as Saka Murni (the enlightened ones) time. It is very much a Buddhist invention in character and terminology, in its purest form.

    Wonder why this is very lacking among the so called Buddhist Malaysians?

    1. Hello Helen and All,

      After reading various blogs (pro-BN; pro-PR and Neutrals), I have finally come across one which really says it like it should be and frankly expresses the feelings of most of us neutral, silent people. Do visit this blog –

      This is an example of his writing:

      The Malay Melee
      Hello, BN cybertroopers, (the extremely ineffective) Unit Media Baru UMNO, anti-PR people and pro-BN online supporters, have you heard of Kamil Karim?

      You can go to his Facebook page here. I mention him because he, along with a few anti-PR people like Shen Yee Aun and Amri Rohayat(Rohayat X) as well as others on Facebook are doing a way better job than any BN/UMNO-sponsored team on all social media.

      I’ve always maintained my political neutrality and I always will. However, that will not shut me up from commenting on campaign as well as communication tactics. It is my belief that while both BN and PR lied and continue to lie, cheat and con the Malaysian public, we are more predisposed to believing PR’s bullshit, not questioning their statements and taking it all on face or emotional value.

      While BN’s campaign was almost a total failure on social media this GE13, despite their wealth of resources, manpower and whatever else, it was actually up to these unpaid individuals to make any sort of dent or ask any (ANY) question against PR’s social media machinery.

      While they take their sources from reports and blogs, they provide something in the vacuum of BN’s communication strategy – engagement.

      Any communication campaign online relies on three basic pillars – a repository of information, a means to promote the information, and engagement. While controlling ALL of mainstream media – behemoths like The Star, Media Prima, the paid and unpaid bloggers have all stockpiled information. Their audience and visibility in Malaysia is second to none. However, the machinery failed in engagement. Look at the BN-sponsored Twitter accounts.

      BNCybertroopers, Panglima Perang Cyber and Unit Media Baru are totally ineffective, possibly manned by total retards and don’t even converse with people properly.

      I know that the UMNO/BN top people, like PR’s, only read some shit online they share among themselves, and pat each other on the back for articles nobody else reads. They are entirely inadequate, stupid and should be killed on sight due to their sheer stupidity.

      The BN rabid supporters way has always been to cheer someone with enough balls to say something pro-them, even if that thing is stupid, offensive, a lie, or blatantly racist. They have no idea on effective communication, psychology or even have the capacity to listen or be honest. This is one of the many reasons why I hate the BN culture – it is undeniably stupid.

      Their frontliners are manned by failures in life who suckle on the giant teats of BN and UMNO. Is it any wonder then, that after PR successfully campaigned for people NOT to be informed – they asked everyone NOT to read newspapers or watch TV, making them the ONLY source of dogmatic information – that you get results such as the recent GE13?

      For BN, you need to stop being monkeys and evolve. Leave your dirty, stupid, corrupted ways. Learn from these people and those who know and understand better than you.

      For the people, I don’t give a shit who you support, but please do not be misinformed or malinformed. Devour information, collect data, facts, discard emotion, weigh both sides, and make your decision.

      For me? I just hate seeing people lied to, and I hate conmen coming up to me and saying racist bullshit or try to insult my intelligence. This has happened from both sides and it has taken all my willpower not to kill them with my melee attack weapons.

  10. Question. : Paying money in church and hear DAP politics in church! Isn’t that money politics? Shave your head bald and be in church on time! The pot is calling the kettle black! Is the 10 percent money?

  11. Oh Please. Michelle knows how to give and take. Anything to be paid millions and anything to be a Tan Sri. We should also remember who gave her the title. Its from the same hand that thinks he is the chosen one. The Rakyat is not blind. History says Rakyat always wins. Tick tock tick tock…

    1. Oh really?

      (1) You know for sure that Michelle would do “anything to be a Tan Sri”?

      You mean to say that first thing when she wakes up in the morning, she’s plotting: “What can I do today to make sure I snag a Tan Sri title?” And the last thing every night before she goes to bed she’s weighing in her mind: “Yes! I’m willing to do anything, yup, absolutely anything, jsut so that I get my coveted Tan Sri. Yes, sirreeee, Is there something that I haven’t done yet to get me my Tan Sri?”

      (2) You also know for sure that Michelle would do “anything to be be paid millions”?

      But hey, she’s already paid millions and in US dollars. She’s an international star. For her next millions, I quite reckon that she’s got Hollywood scripts waiting at her agent’s desk.

      You people who arrogate yourself as the voice of the “Rakyat” just want to drag everyone else down to your gutter level. “Tick tock tick tock” … still hanging around my blog after all this time?

      1. We also have a Datuk Seri who was in court for sodomy twice and corruption and he is like a god to some people. He contributed to making the Ringgit affordable to foreigners, make Malaysia rally famous and disrupting the Commonwealth games! I bet he should be given honours next year.

        Tan Sri Yeoh was already the highest paid Asian actress in 1997. She doesn’t need more money, only more respect!

        On this day of Royal pride, the Damn Dapster Pastors are still busy creating discord.

        1. Makes me wanna go to the store and buy the delicious Gardenia red bean bun.

      2. History says Rakyat always wins, but really you guys just want to ensure the LOUDEST and the most ANNOYING FEW to win. And then you want to force the silent majority to follow conform to you instead of having you FEW AND LOUD ONES to conform to us.

        Helen, memang pun the DAPsters have gone apeshit over Michelle Yeoh being awarded Tan Sri. It’s quite funny to watch. Even Raja Petra wrote quite a scathing article about it :)

    2. Correct. The rakyat is winning so far.

      Are you Everton fan wishing to win the premier league. Newsflash … it will never happen. Better switch team :)

    3. The King gave her the title. Who’s to say who recommended her for it? Or perhaps you have someone who’s someone’s someone’s someone who’s privy to the recommendation?

      At the end of the day, the King & his advisors, who are incidentally apolitical decides. Are you suggesting the King is an UMNO/BN closet supporter especially after telling Malaysians to accept the GE results?

      And the ticking & tocking you hear? That’s just the cuckoo in your head pecking away at your thick skull

    4. Hai “Tentera Di Rakyat”, Anything good to somebody not in your boat is not good lah, Jangan dengkilah, she’s a superstar. You ada apa? Congratulations once again TS MY.

    5. I thought the fella who imagines himself to be the chosen one is none other than Anwar Ibrahim who has yet to accept the fact that he is not the PM.

      Please don’t be so crude and small minded, tentera di rakyat. Not everything in this country has to do with money. I for one think that Michelle Yeoh deserves the title even though she is quite an average actress who sounds like a man. She is after all the only Bond girl from Malaysia.

      1. re: “Not everything in this country has to do with money.”

        Tentera di Rakyat must be a Jeru$$$ubangite. Even their evangelical church has to do with money.

        In the City Harvest Church (S’pore) exposes, it was revealed that the parishioners of the church were severely pressured to pay tithe.

        Even children’s angpow money also the CHC evangelical pastors wanna kebas. You can read here (S’pore news site),

  12. I don’t think Michelle Yeoh cares about the title. It’s not recognised anywhere. Useless… Don’t think she needs RM, hello… She has international fame, lived in biggest cities in the world, properties and mansions all over the world, Hollywood deals, etc. Stop judging people lar… So much opinions!

    1. Are you Michelle Yeoh? If not “Stop judging people lar…” and WTF are you judging her, claiming she did not care about the title bla bla bla. You know she can always turn it down if she feels like it. “So much opinions!”

  13. Here is a hate Michelle Yeoh Love Hannah Banana Masala in a hate BN facebook page

    You will notice Vote A for Hannah Yeoh….B for Michelle Yeoh — with Hannah Yeoh and Ben Wong.

    This is cheap self promotion by Hannah Banana. Look at the Comments:
    Rashid Gan: says B for only BITCH
    Aramis Tho: Fuck that Michelle Bitch!
    Guna Sivalingam :of course A lah,B wat she can do,B only know fuck wit white guy !
    Sean Cheng A really really contribute to Rakyat ok….B only talk cock lo…
    Nes Van 狗怎么和人比? (Anjing macam mana jadi manusia?)

    So this is what the people of Selangor pay for.
    The Selangor state propagated insult of his Majesty the Agong.

    1. adui duiii,,, the part yang buat aku gelak is the part where someone says: ‘MORALLY I PREFER HANNAH’

      *berguling2 ketawa sambil menangis*

      1. The dumb thing is that when these people post BN hate messages their personal details, pictures can be seen. Dumb ass. Definitely failed the Red Bean Professional Examination.

  14. I have an ‘A’ in Scriptures. I lived amongst real practising Christians and Jews for many years. I observe some of the so-called present day Malaysians Christians broke all the principles of Christianity to reflect their racial origins of greed for money and power, temptation, unforgiveness, no humility etc. In other words, has Satan got ’em ?

  15. Oh this from Tony Pua FB

    His friend Magi Ya said Can check with Japanese which Sultan decreed the order? Hah hah.

    Isn’t this insulting to the Sultan.

    1. Biasalah. The “enlightened” & the “emboldened” will almost always be anti monarchy. In fact I’ve heard how passionate some youngish execs in my office are when discussing a Malaysian republic.

      No prizes for guessing they’re Chinese, products of vernacular schools & private college, somewhat privileged upbringing & took to the streets a few times in the last few years fighting for something they don’t even fully understand.

      Kesetiaan kepada Raja & Negara means nothing to this lot.

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