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Betty Bald, bare-faced liars and Guan Eng going berserk

Lim Guan Eng issued a press statement on 1 June 2013 titled ‘BN is fully responsible over widening ethnic polarisation’. My blog had carried his press release (BM version) in full yesterday.

For today, I shall refer to Guan Eng’s press statement in its English version as below:


(1) “The latest action by ROS against DAP implying possible deregistration and Immigration Department’s ban of Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah from entering Sabah shows that BN is willing to abuse its powers with LIES and false charges.”

(2) “DAP condemns Registrar of Societies (ROS) director Abdul Rahman Othman for making OUTRIGHT LIES that over 700 DAP delegates were denied their right to vote during the party National Congress last year, because they were not notified. I have never seen a senior government servant openly LIES without any sense of shame when ROS …”

(3) “Clearly he is unqualified to be ROS director when he is a LIAR and a willing tool of Umno and BN.”

(4) “DAP express disgust that the police is conniving with Utusan Malaysia to conduct a witch hunt with baseless allegations and LIES of a cyber army paid by DAP, known as the Red Bean Army …”

(5) “Clearly these LIES of a Red Bean Army able to overthrow a government through writings in the internet is to create fear …”

(6) ” … (CEC) will be holding an emergency meeting next Wednesday night at DAP headquarters to discuss the future course of action against the latest LIE and attack by ROS director, which DAP sees as setting the ground and conditions to deregister the DAP.”

As you can see for yourself, Guan Eng went ballistic at ROS director Abdul Rahman Othman and screaming that he is a “liar” who “openly lies”, and tells “outright lies”. (I hope Abdul Rahman will sue Guan Eng for defamation.)

Guan Eng went berserk as well at the police and Utusan for what he claims are lies concocted about the existence of DAP cyber troops.

In this, Guan Eng’s opinions are consonant with the opinion of the Star Editor who had similarly tweeted that Utusan prints “outrageous lies”.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17


About the baldy business …

Nope, I’m not talking about Ong Kian Ming (Twitter avatar above).

Below is the photo of the pretty woman.

She is not Betty, who we remember also shaved her head in a Penang Buddhist temple that had shamelessly allowed itself to be the venue for the DAP political gimmickry.

The name of this woman is Lin Chi-Ling.

chiling nun

Here’s what she normally looks like with a full head of hair.

Bald or otherwise, it’s undeniable that she’s beautiful.


Lin Chi Ling 13


Nonetheless, as beautiful as Chi-Ling is, she’s not Guan Eng’s type lah.

As I’ve mentioned before, The Star mollycoddles the DAP evanglistas.

The MCA-owned newspaper tweeted Hannah Yeoh’s appointment as Selangor Speaker 10 times. If that’s not proof of The Star‘s political preference, I don’t know what is.


The Star implies “liar”

From Guan Eng’s press statement yesterday regarding the ROS and its director, it is clear that the Penang Chief Minister menggelabah.

“Lies”, “outright lies”, “openly lies”, “he is a liar”, “baseless allegations and lies”, “these lies”, “latest lie” — all these words and phrases were spluttered out by Guan Eng in his press statement. We can imagine the DAP sec-gen’s face convulsed in apoplexy.

Now about this coincidental thing with regard to the bald woman. She was the subject of a Star headline yesterday too.

The screenshot below is the front page of the Star Online. Its headline I’m referring to is ‘Lin Chi-Ling: Bald And Beautiful Or Bald Faced Liar?

It’s like The Star and Guan Eng are so kam cheng that the newspaper is feeling his pain. So when the Dear Leader ranted and raved about “liars”, The Star does a sister act by insinuating that Lin Chi-Ling is a “bald faced liar”.

Talk about chanelling.

The Star Online Malaysia, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Video News 2013-06-02 06-06-27



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16 thoughts on “Betty Bald, bare-faced liars and Guan Eng going berserk

  1. I am one of the thousands of Malaysians who had attended rallies after rallies in the last 13th general election organized by Pakatan, especially DAP and PKR.

    These rallies were racially explosive without reserve but yet PDRM did not react with drastic SOP even though they were humiliated and provocative.

    There were three types of interpretation of the contents in their fiery speeches, i.e. different in Mandarin, different in Bahasa Malaysia and different in English.

    As a Malaysian citizen who has the same right of abode as those anti BN government DAP members and their supporters, I urge ROS to take immediate action to de-register DAP in accordance to the law with no further delay.

    If UMNO could be de-register in 1987, I see no valid reasons for DAP to abuse the law and allowed to function as a political party that will be detrimental to the security and well being of this nation.


    1. He keeps doing it because there are consequences of such actions. Let him be. The Government is to be blamed – weak. They deserve this. I begin to think taht Najib purposely wants the government to be weak.

      I think Najib is more concerned with international reputation and being popular among Malays neo-liberals, rich chinese friends.

      Rakyat majority – melayu kebanyakan, cina tak kaya (ramai sebenarnya), India, bumiputera semua kena tipu dengan puak-puak ni (Najib included, gunting dalam lipatan lagi besar dari the STAR).

      1. Nizam you’ve hit the nail on the head. Najib is weak. He may have been compromised but not by the Altantuya scandal. Najib is turning out to be another Abdullah Badawi.

        1. This goes only to show that we really had a great leader in Tun Dr Mahathir who is beyond comparison to others after him (or maybe before him?). Why not take the ideas on nation building from him while he still can speak to us rather than setting up an institution to study his thinking after he has gone. what a sheer waste of talent. saya doakan kesejahteraan Tun M dan Tun H semoga sihat selalu insya Allah.

          Hantu Siber

  3. Let them go berserk! Why is one endlessly accusing people of lying? Only bcoz he himselself does it! Afraid of their own shadows, ma..

  4. Helen – off topic a bit. Do you know why Jocelyn hasn’t been writing in her column since her last column on May 12? Has STAR given her the boot?

    1. yup, been refreshing her page everyday for nothing. wonder what happened to her column

  5. Lim Guan Eng at the Hotel Kensington in London recently whipping up the frenzy of a mainly Chinese crowd with a pallid English supporter gives us an insight of what a DAP government in Malaysia will look like in future if it ever eventuated.

    Hokkien as national language and other races swept conveniently into the background like they do in Singapore.

    The woman in question is not “beautiful”. She may be attractive for showing some flesh but thats not what beauty is all about. Let the horny Malaysian Indians who covet Chinese women drool over her like they do the opposition.

    The Lee family are beginning to wonder if the monster of Bersih and the DAP they midwifed has now turned into a monster they will not be able to control.

  6. aiyoh LGE, if only 15 and not 700 that didn’t vote in/for the CEC, how come it took you months to reply to ROS? Lagi-lagi mau tipu..

    DAP parti miskin? Hehehehe .. Ini first time saya dengar a poor millionaire.. pagi-pagi lagi saya sudah gelak2 kuat.

  7. Remember the film “Beauty with the beast”, is she the beauty or the beast? Beautiful? Noooop, Rainbow lagi best…….. dalam gambar ada tersirat.

  8. most of the star columnists also support opposition politicians. On election night in astro awani, karim raslan openly praised hannah Yeoh as someone who is very hardworking.

    I am sure there are members in MCA central committee who are aware that there is practically no news about the activities done by the MCA in the Star. They should voice this out and take corrective action.

    1. She’s so busy working that she can only update FB & Twitter during assembly seatings.

      She’s so busy working that she has been absent at almost half of the assembly seatings.

      She’s so busy working that she’s fine with breaking the 3rd Commandment for political reasons.

      She’s so busy working that she’s can’t counsel the racists in the country, passing the buck instead to God.

      She’s so busy working that she was pregnant only twice in the last few years thus unable to go forth & be fruitful as the bible commands.

      She’s so busy working that she failed to spot that Shay Adora was listed a Chinese when she has a non Chinese male sperm contributor.

      She’s so busy working that she has ballooned in physical mass since GE12.

      She’s so busy working that her mission to claim SJ for Jesus is now upgraded to claim Selangor instead.

      She’s so busy working that the Star has been assigning a battalion of reporters to report her movements to the public.

      She’s so busy to tweet that some dimwit decided they should tweet her achievement as the first women speaker in the country no less than 10 times in a few hours.

      So haters, please respect the hardworking elected representative for Subang Jaya & stop dissing her. If you continue to do so, her horde of Red Beanies will make you regret it. Oh btw, God bless all you ignorant lambs for you are made in His image.

  9. Excerpt no. 6: “….we’ll have an emergency CEC meeting…bla..bla..”

    Mana ala CEC maa… the fact! Not just an outburst YAB Tuan Komrad, that day ROS said DAP’s CEC is not valid one, so how to call a meeting? Like that also call himself The Chairman – maybe a Chinaman can or not?

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