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The political mood in Penang

DAP rules the roost in two states, Penang and Kuala Lumpur (excluding its sister Federal Territories Putrajaya and Labuan).

There are 13 Parliament seats in Penang: 3 Umno, 3 PKR, 7 DAP.

There are 11 Parliament seats in KL: 2 Umno, 4 PKR, 5 DAP.

What’s interesting in the above seat configurations is the total absence of PAS.



The electoral map above shows the distribution of DAP Parliament seats in the country.

DAP occupies the Kinta Valley and Klang Valley crescents. Plus the party has successfully muscled into Johor untuk ini kali.

In terms of Parliamentary representation, the DAP lacks any in the Malay states of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu.

However God’s Army is on a forward march.

For the first time, DAP has made inroads into Pahang by winning Raub through its Malay candidate Sakmongkol. DAP had failed to capture any seat in the state in the 2008, 2004 and 1999 general elections.

Taking Malaysia as a whole, the DAP has its strongest influence in Penang.

The Star group editor Wong Chun Wai is a Penang boy and an alumnus of one of the island’s well-established mission schools.

Scissors no longer kept in the fold

UiTM media researcher Kiranjit Kaur is today quoted by the Straits Times (Singapore) as saying that in the wake of the formation of Najib’s new cabinet without any MCA ministers, the newspaper owned by the Chinese party “may not feel it has to toe the party line too much these days”.

Kiranjit has also detected a shift in The Star‘s reporting following the conclusion of GE13. (Source: here)

In other words, there is now no stopping The Star from going full-blown Jerusubang.

Furthermore, the top management of the Star Media Group have themselves acknowledged that the bulk of their viewership is urban and anti-establishment.


Politics of Hate

The main thread of the DAP 3.0 fabric is Evangelism.

Lim Guan Eng should be asked point blank what religion he professes.

The party’s Perak warlords – the Ngeh-Nga cousins – are evangelists. The majority of the DAP Parliamentarians in the Klang Valley are Christians. DAP holds 7 seats in Sabah and Sarawak on the strength of the Chinese-cum-Christian vote.

DAP’s most ardent activists comprise the evangelical church network.

Results of the GE13 were announced on May 6. Before the dust could even settle, on May 8 there was already the mega rally in Kelana Jaya kicking off the #Black 505 series of protests. Those in the stadium that night were mostly Chinese.

Word cloud formed from Tunku Aziz Q&A transcript in the immediate aftermath of his resignation from DAP

DAP has been in a confrontational mode ever since the outcome of the election was confirmed. Lim Guan Eng and his father Kit Siang are non-stop with their provocation.

Does the DAP believe that confrontation will not be met with equal and opposite force?

No Chinese support for BN in Penang

Chinese Gerakan and MCA party members themselves did not vote the BN.

Gerakan contested 11 Parliament seats and lost 10. Its worst performance was in Tanjong where Ng Song Kheng obtained 6,865 votes out of the 42,913 cast or 16 percent. Tanjong is an 85.2 percent Chinese electorate seat.

As we know, Gerakan is a Chinese-based party. Gerakan did not have a single Malay among its 11 candidates for Parliament yet the party’s best performance was in Simpang Renggam, incidentally the only seat that the party won. It got 56.8 percent of the total votes cast in Simpang Renggam, which has an 57.4 percent Malay electorate.

Gerakan received a grand total of 210,773 votes for its 11 Parliament seats overall or an average of 19,161 votes per seat. Compare this with the 45,691 votes per seat average for the DAP.

Gerakan has been the ruling party in Penang since the days of Lim Chong Eu.

Of the votes cast for Parliament in Penang, DAP obtained 43.9 percent, Umno 16.3 percent and MCA-Gerakan collectively 15.3 percent. The disparity of ethnic support in Penang is causing a great imbalance.

All the opposition state assemblymen in Penang are Malay (10) while the ruling coalition of Pakatan has 24 non-Malay state assemblymen in the 40-seat Dewan.

The Penang Chinese kiss the ground that Lim Guan Eng walks on. It is not without reason that Mansor Othman, the former Deputy Chief Minister of Penang blurted that his boss enjoys Tokong worship.

Guan Eng is now onto his third Malay deputy in the short span of 5-plus years. The current one may not last long either given the Dear Leader’s legendary rages.

Under such a choleric leadership and with the state’s severe fault lines, there’s more than an even chance that Penang will be a flashpoint sooner rather than later.


Main reason those people are very dangerous

Pasukan peronda DAP membentuk bridged wanita pula sekarang


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74 thoughts on “The political mood in Penang

  1. Helen,

    As I repeatedly said earlier, it is better MCA and Gerakan to be “buried’ politically speaking.

    They are no longer relevant. Chinese have decided that they do not need these 2 parties. DAP, that is more provocative than these 2 BN components , suit the Chinese mood: hostility towards Malays.

    Actually I am not that riled with DAP. what really upset me is the refusal of UMNO to response.

    A simple example. Cant police bring that astro boy to court for slandering with regards to blackout.

    What happened to Nizar who lied about that nonsense RM207 billion war damage supposedly given during the tenure of Dr Mahathir

    Or is it the same “GUNTING DALAM LIPATAN “. i BEGAN TO WONDER. Where is the delay? Police paperwork or AG’s office?

    Why no action when a state government does not show an ounce of loyalty to Federal government. instead, Guan eng openly waging War against Federal government. In other countries, similar attitude will bring armies bringing down Guan eng.

    1. Can you explain how Penang state government has not shown loyalty to Federal?

      Give facts showing Guan Eng has “waged war” against Federal government. Statements criticising the federal government is not enough. Many states in other countries criticise their own federal government, in fact.

          1. the problem with criticizing the illicit transfer of money is, that, as shown in The Edge Malaysia article, all the so called experts do is accuse the government of corruption.

            now tell me, if you really have proof, show them.

            but the article you presented is a perfect demonstration of the mentality of opposition people. accuse people without proof in the hope that the accusations will stick.

            this sort of tactic works only if the people being fed by this sort of information are naive and not discerning. for most readers of this blog, its not going to work.

            of course people like you will continue to paddle the same stuff of “we’re not disloyal, we just want to know the truth”. but your intent is malicious.

            1. “For most readers of this blog, its not going to work.”

              Most readers of this blog have set their mind to blindly support Barisan Nasional. If Utusan tells them to jump in the sea, they will do it.

              Of couse, people like you will always peddle the “criticism is disloyal” trope, and then go on to ask Najib to step down, just as you had done with Badawi. Double standards.

              1. see. all I have to do, and I did just that, is to respond by saying that :for most readers of this blog, its not going to work”, and you come out with your Red Bean tirade.

                the moment you can’t adequately respond to my comment, you revert to your tried and twisted logic of making accusations of :

                “Most readers of this blog have set their mind to blindly support Barisan Nasional. If Utusan tells them to jump in the sea, they will do it.”

                but I believe that we’re not going to hear the last from you. you will continue to come here and make more accusations, under new names that is. its okay. we welcome you. please come here more often. I may not be here all day to respond to your comments, but rest assured that other regulars will respond.

                1. Sorry man, it looks like you cannot refute the point that highlighting illict money transactions (as pointed out in a business paper) is somehow considered an act of war.

                  Enjoy your time out under the tempurung. : )

      1. AC-DC,

        Simple. What about lies about oppresion to create animosity. What about happily accepting GE 13 result that keeps DAP in power in Penang but cast doubt on the very same election that put BN (or rather specifically UMNO) in Federal seat.

        What about lies on phantom workers? What about lies on blackout. Dont tell me Guan Eng advise Chinese that it is not the truth. Instead, he happily go along with the accusation, knowing very well that it is pure fabrication.

        What about an attempt to portray that UMNO used ROS to nail down DAP? What about provocative language Kit Siang used saying Najib as “satan’.

        What about blaming rced based political party(meaning what else UMNO) as racist when the truth it is DAP that waging war against the Malays by painting them as racist.

        1. Criticising the Federal Government is not waging war on the Federal Government.

          Waging war is calling people to take up armed rebellion and violence.

          It looks like you think everybody should be unquestioningly obey the government and anyone who questions the government should be thrown into jail.

          This is not Nazi Germany.

          1. ah this is yet another piece of misinformation.

            allow me to dissect what you’ve presented as your “argument”.

            “Criticizing the Federal Government is not waging war on the Federal Government.”

            you have already gone way beyond that. even before GE13, people aligned with the opposition, for instance the ABU brigade, they have openly called for violent street protests to overthrown the government should PR fail to win the GE.

            “Waging war is calling people to take up armed rebellion and violence.”

            now that’s what the ABU people are openly calling on the people to do.

            “It looks like you think everybody should be unquestioningly obey the government and anyone who questions the government should be thrown into jail.”

            nobody here is calling for the government to arrest people. what we expect of the government is this : we expect the government to protect the people, safeguard our interests. if there are people out there calling for violent dissent i.e violent street demos, insulting the royal institutions, then we expect the government to take stern actions, including the arrest of the perpetrators.

            this is not Nazi Germany. but a northern state called the Pearl of the Orient is fast turning into a mini Nazi Germany. I m not going to name that state as its already well known to regulars of this blog.

            1. Nobody here is calling for the government to arrest people? We already have shamsul saying that guan eng should have military action taken against him, we have others calling for widespread arrests, and lamenting the abolition of the ISA.

              Keep those blinders on, man.

              1. ah you’re trying to twist things again. but I m not going to explain what Shamsul has said. Shamsul himself will do the explaining.

                as for the abolition of the ISA, the law was intended to protect the people. if not for ISA, we would be under the rule of thugs by now. but in accordance with the times, the law was abolished. although its replacement was not well received by certain quarters, the majority of law abiding citizens believe it will do the work of the ISA just fine.

          2. But the DAP is operating like the Nazi party did during the rule of Hitler and Lim Guan Eng is worshipped or feared like Hitler, the German Kaiser, was. All the DAP propaganda is exactly copied from the methods used by the Nazi party.

        2. Some Malaysians do not appreciate how lucky they are to have been born and are citizens of this country. In any other country, people like Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Tian Chua and Karpal Singh would have been lynched or jailed for what they said and did.

          1. In other countries, it is common for state governors or chief ministers to criticise the prime minister or president.

            Lynching and jailing is for dictatorship like Nazi Germany or racist ku klux klans.

            1. like for instance the beatings by the Pasukan Peronda Sukarela of the Penang state government on a Chinese reporter ?

              hmm……..what about the constant verbal lynchings on the Indian community by the DAP ? calling Indians cheap because they are easily bought by Milo, curry etc by a certain DAP leader in Perak ?

              what about the bullying going on in cyberspace by the DAP’s hypercyberbully ? sorry helen, but the word supercyberbully is not that adequate to describe the demeanor of the Bully of SJ.

              next time, please use the word hypercyberbully. I know people have grown used to her being called a supercyberbully but its time for a change. time for Ubah. Ini Kali Lah ! HyberCyberBully of SJ !

              1. You mean like how reporters have been beaten up by BN-aligned goons while covering protests?

                Hmm…. why is it that DAP has so many Indian representatives in its ranks then? Even Daim complained the Indians did not go back to BN as they hoped.

                1. BN aligned goons ? you’re a real asshole. what BN aligned goons ? you have been caught with the PPS and all you could come up with is this ? BN aligned goons ?

                  so many Indian reps in the DAP ? care to give us the numbers ?

                    1. As to the number of Indian reps, Helen has kindly provided us the list of DAP reps in a later article. The percent is 21%

      1. Kalau Umno terus kekal dysfunctional, ia akan dipancung kepala oleh DAP yang berupa Bintang Tiga.

  2. This is an interesting political post-mortem after PRU13 for Penang. We need to ask both MCA and Gerakan to analyse and come out with the numbers in order to justify BN’s losses. What’s the total numbers of MCA and Gerakan members combined (Chinese votes only) and the number of their family members who are voters? Why didn’t they vote for BN or else BN could have WON?

    Both MCA and Gerakan leaders should be held responsible and the people of Penang BN have right to demand for an explanation! Hypothetically, BN will still be in power for West Malaysia even if we were to lose all support from both Sabah and Sarawak based on the numbers of MP seats won by BN in the PRU13.

    1. MCA dan Gerakan tiada Nakhoda Kapal yang wibawa, macam mana nak bawa ahli-ahli? Maka berlakulah ‘silent mutiny”.

    2. Tak boleh salahkan MCA/Gerakan. Orang UMNO sendiri tak boleh sound pemimpin UMNO. So how?

      And Najib is still there. KJ gets power. Mat Nor Yaakob. Khazanah boys. Apa beza dengan zaman Pak Lah? UMNO still dysfunctional. Betullah Dr. M cakap 4 tahun not enough to turn around.

      I begin to think we are too harsh on the Chinese. Cina DAP memang kita tahu tak akan undi kita tapi we only need 20% chinese votes. Yang tu pun tak dapat.

    3. Don’t bother MCA and Gerakan as usual will blame UMNO for their downfall. No need research simply blame game.

  3. Do Penang people or as a whole,the urban and semi-urban really need the Federal Gov’t helps? If we analyse the voting trend, it looks like a negative answer, so why pool our resources to those who keeps on harping negative thinking and sowing hatred. Since they are selective in electing representatives, can’t we be selective too? Is it wrong by being selective?

    1. Because Najib kata he is PM to all Malaysians :))

      I bet he is planning to be PM for only another 5 years so he wants to do whatever his no-liberal mind wants to do.

      Idiot Najib should be taken down. Tak tahan beb, tengok Rosmah still everywhere.

      1. Why is everybody so concenred about Rosmah. She’s just the wife of the Prime Minister. Why can’t we find out what exactly are the roles being played by the wives of Karpal, Kit Siang and LGE in their husbands’ political decisions.

        Are the wives the brains behind all these nonsensical perhimpuan haram? Women have devious minds, and they can be very vengeful, especially if they are from the Pakatan.

        1. Yap, First she is short, than fat, than arrange for altantuya killing, than ring worth million, than she not wearing scarf, than her permata pet project, than botox face, than her bla..bla..bla likes she one of the parlimen members.

          I never understand why this opposition really obses with Rosmah. Everythings that she do was wrong.

          If they really want to complain about Rosmah assoceries please look at Nurul Izzah and Wan Azizah hanbag and shoes, ring and watch etc.

          Than it fare to complain Rosmah who I’m aware by her picture use three same handbag over and over again.

          I know fashion and I know a lot of Nurul Izzah and Wan Azizah assoceries was a high end items. At least Rosmah recycle her handbag and shoes and assoseries while Nurul Izzah change it frequently.

          ;D sarah

  4. a lot of oppressed, underprivileged, disenchanted, pressurized people treated like scums, some said like apartheid were seen in the shopping malls, the eateries, the supermarket

    These people have their own schools, own newspapers, control almost all business. They have very strong clan and business association which they jealously guarded

    Their factories get incentives and tax breaks

    These people don’t bother to learn the local language or coexist with the local people. They wants gated living and all for themselves but they refuse to cooperate with the police.

    They are rich and with high savings and travels

    Their annual new year dinner can cost thousands per table and they burn firecrackers without due regard to the laws and the neighbours

    These are very ugly people indeed

    1. One day, a Hitler will emerge from among the Malays. And once the Malays think they are a superior race and should purify the country, they will start with the Chinese.

  5. The red bean in the skyscrapercity forum are dishing lies. i have captioned one example below. the forumer is Penangite and constantly snipe at BN even in general threads:

    “Now to the real issues of Malaysian politics: UMNO cops love killing Indian Malaysians. Cop killers never get charged! That’s an outrage!”

    The language is utterly shocking. as if the deaths of indians and blaming it on the Malay aka UMNO police force is ok for their anarchist self righteous cause.

    And this is in an international forum, such irresponsible behavior among the demographic of DAP is pretty sad considering they consider themselves culturally, intellectually, racially and spiritually superior to that of the demographics of UMNO.

    It seems that many anti govt sentiment online has been multiplied many folds as a result of ‘riak’ or arrogance over their minute victory in the Chinese enclaves.

    1. re: “the forumer is Penangite and constantly snipe at BN”

      Tunku had to eject S’pore in 1965. These former British crown colonies, like the little red dot and the little red bean Penang, have an attitude.

      1. What if Kedah tuntut balik Penang? That would be cool.

        Singapore is not Singaporean Singapore. Singapore belongs to the world’s super rich just like Luxembourg, Bermuda, Monaco. Tak susah manapun walaupun still very very impressive.

        “‘Native Singaporeans” áre just worker bees. If not for PAP/chinese we should consider inviting them back in. Kesian.

        1. singapore is no longer a country, its a hotel, a bank and soulless as money is worshipped. To the extent that a degree is no longer valuable and the PM tell its people to consider become hawkers! !!

          like great financial centres, it will face darker days as no longer takes care of its people.

          1. re: “singapore is no longer a country, its a hotel, a bank and soulless as money is worshipped.”

            Ah, that explains the Dapster kiblat to Singapore.

      2. The forumers there will state their location or origin in the avatar. so far there are loudmouth Penangites bitching that the Federal govt rob Penang of its free duty zone and neglect it until other forumers just tired of their lies would point out that Penang had mega projects like Komtar and two bridges not to mention RapidPenang and a vibrant frer trade zone other infrastructure befitting a city.

        Unfortunately the moderator is a DAPSTERS and his avatar is that silly black out box after pru13 (before that a hornbill with Pas flag) and for sure many including me have been banned to the brig by him for expressing our views while his friends are free to post utter rubbish.

        as for the Pearl of the Orient becoming independent?

        With an economy only 8 percent of the national GDP, Penang can’t afford to be an independent state, most of its infra will be owned by the Malaysian govt just as the KTM land in Singapore ess Malaysia. An economic and currency union with Singapore would happen then.

        if it has to go down that path go maintain another 50 years of peace so be it.. it will be up to the leaders to decide. since the Penangites always complain, might as well consider that option.

        1. re: “while his friends are free to post utter rubbish”

          Ah yes, ‘double standard’ is the Dapster middle name.

          Not surprised that Penangites are the most dedicated bitchers. At least you’re lucky that you only need to encounter then in virtual forums.

          1. Bitching is a Penang Cinabeng trait. And hero worshipping.

            Remember the former CMs. Lim Chong Eu (who was really Superman ) he was rightfully worshiped. Koh Tsu Koon was a poor replacement but a good orator. He too was worshiped. And now another god.

            Infrastructure is a mess in Penang with one sham to another. the Kancil carpark. Messy transport system. Longest buffet in the world sham in 1990. politicians bicker

            Correction to your posting. Island Glades is not the only Jerusubang. It is Georgetown wide. Other areas include Tanjung Bungah and Pulau Tikus. Scary, isn’t it?

            The inner city and Jalan Perak and Air Itam are the Buddhist Tao belt. And boy they too are fanatical.

            1. now you know what they really worship over there in Penang. one word to describe it. MEDIOCRITY.

      3. Little bit little bit, want to eject them. Wat la you, Helen?!

        Maybe we should kick out Kelantan since they have a PAS-led government for much longer?

        And we should also kick out Selangor since it is likely they will still vote for PR in GE14.

        1. There are so many aphorisms on ‘History’ like how it repeats itself, how we must learn from the past, etc, etc.

          Singapore 1965 holds a lesson.

          1. Singapore is a perfect example of “cutting the nose to spite the face”.

            Yes, that is an important lesson to learn.

  6. if not mistaken, sunday star got a whole page on gerrymandering electoral constituencies; wonder what is their motive….

    1. The Sultan of Selangor should strip Wong Chun Wai of his datukship. He’s the obvious gunting dalam lipatan.

      When Malay anger at the ‘betrayal’ of the Chinese had yet to subside, Wong had the cheek to suggest that the government permit the opening of English schools. What? More separate schools to segregate the races.

      If you want English schools, why not open some French ones too? After all French, which I studied for nine months, is a more beautiful language than English. Why not Spanish ones and why not Portuguese schools too?. After all Brazilians speak and write in Portuguese and they are the best footballers in the world. Why not, make Malaysia a real rojak country. Do whatever, as long as the Malays and Muslims are weakened and slowly but surely, marginalised in their own negara tumpah darah.

  7. NApart from the Star, you should concentrate on the DAPster infiltration at KTAR UTAR and private colleges like INTI

    1. she’s the typical fake Chinese. the type that thinks they are Chinese and go about telling everyone how great they really are. I coined a term to describe them not too long ago. Cina Celop. a bloke by the name of Sham commented on what I said about the fake Chinese and even asked me this question :

      ” Where is your evidence of this?

      evidence ?

      the bloke obviously has never read on anything I have commented thus far.

      but if its evidence he’s looking for, here. read this :

      11. The International Jew | Mei 19, 2013 at 1:02 pm

      the Chinese voting for the DAP in the recently concluded GE13 are not real Chinese. these Chinese are Cina Celop. they are not the real deal. as I have said so many times, on numerous occasions, these Chinese are the descendants of collies brought by the British to work for the white men. or another way to put it, the white man’s slave labor.

      in other words, these Chinese are not “proper Chinese”. they are Cina Celop. ask them what Chinese culture is, and if for instance, if they cannot name the titles of the 4 Books and 5 Classics of China, then its confirmation that they are indeed Cina Celop or Chinese wannabes.

      12. The International Jew | Mei 19, 2013 at 1:12 pm

      The Four Books 四書

      大學, 中庸, 論語, 孟子

      Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, Analects, Mencius

      The Five Classics 五经

      詩經, 尚書, 禮記, 易經, 春秋

      Classic of Poetry, Book of Documents, Book of Rites, Classics of Changes, Spring and Autumn Annals

      you want to know who is Cina Celop ? ask them what the above are about and if they can’t answer then they are Cina Celop. or in other words fake Chinese.

      have a nice day.

      sorry for all this Helen but the bloke Sham needed someone to take him to school.

  8. should just cede the island to the opposition.

    there are 6.5 million Chinese in Malaysia. tell all of them, well, 90% of them anyway, to move to that island. then they can have their Heavenly State a.k.a North Korea there. its a great deal for everyone. any takers ?

    1. No, no, no. Why give them Penang? Better to empty Penang of all the Chinese and make the island beautiful again.

      Better to relocate all the Chinese in Malaysia to all the small islands around the peninsula. Put the Chinese in Pulau Kapas, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Lang Tengah, Pulau Sayak (oops, not an island but a kampung by the sea in Kedah) and all the other kecik-kecik pulau.

      Another alternative is to relocate all the Chinese to Negri Sembilan and make it a new country for them, with Lim Guan Eng as Prime Minister and Lim Kit Siang as the sultan. But everytime they want to cross the border, they must carry passports (imagine Melaka’s state immigration charging everyone of them rm20 per day for entry), like real new country lah.

      Then, only then can the rest of Malaysians, including the useful Banglas, can live in peace here. No need to have elections also, if the semenanjung is rid of all Chinaman.

      1. Hey no way a maa negri will agree to that ideas. even an Indian negri rejected them. The malay here of course will reject them totally. Even the Loke guy will reject your ideas after what he going thru here… That another stories ok hahaha

  9. in fact check on how private colleges offer schemes for students to avoid Program Latihan Khidmat Negara. Friends please pressure the Kerajaan Pusat to check on this.

    1. our government should follow the example of the Singapore government. if you’re 18, national service is compulsory. no hiding. so my question is :

      is our government brave enough to do what Singapore has been doing for decades ?

      1. In fact Singapore’s National Service is so good they look down on other nationalities. City Harvest’s Holy Adulteror’s flim Ah Boys to Ah Men. (Eh. Should not promote the flim – is it racist. The pork scene, the kill Pinoy maid scene.) Should ask Media Prima not to finance part 3.

        1. you forgot to mention that even maids tag along under Singapore’s national service.

          we too have plenty of maids working for Chinese families. I must compliment the Chinese. they are visionary. they hire a lot of maids to work for them. judging from the Singapore experience, maids here could well perform the same role. and the agencies responsible for bringing maids into Malaysia, they too will make tons of money.

          here’s a parody of the Singapore soldier and his maid [YouTube].

  10. OK. I went with an important delegation from the Federal Government to meet the Chief Minister Tun Dr Lim Chong Yew in 1972 to find out the island requirements of Federal funding. The discussion went on for one hour without coming to anything. At the end, I asked the Chief Minister why the assessment rates and the quit rent were so low. There was red-faces all round and that was the end of the meeting.

    The DAP Pulau Pinang State Government will have to modernise the infrastructure of the State which has been neglected for so long.

    1. The sewage which flows into the sea to Batu Ferringhi and all its beaches.

    2. The open monsoon drain system.

    3. The water supply

    Without doing anything about this, Pulau Pinang cannot progress with high rise structures.

  11. Opposition politics for the next 5 years is fine. It serves the masters. What about progress and development for Pulau Pinang without the financial aid from a friendly Federal Government in Putrajaya ? All States in Malaysia requires such funding. Pulau Pinang cannot rely on tourism alone. And the world’s economy is slowly dropping. With the increasing unemployment in the State from less FDIs and closing down of factories, where and how the State Government is going to provide jobs for all with its confrontational politics which are aimed to derail and bring down the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties.

    The DAP Pulau Pinang State Government is probably relying on the advice of experts from the failed State of Singapore. This is now proven that the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew had 9 failed Policies for Singapore.

    The DAP Pulau Pinang State Government now faces a 2 pronged danger.

    1. The task of utilities development.

    2. The rising umemployment, inflation, etc.

    The dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid with its ‘yes’ men and the smartest fellow on top has failed Singapore with only one resource of ‘BLUFFOLOGY’. More high rise and high faluting projects are not the solution to Pulau Pinang problems.


    The DAP leadership failed miserably for 47 long years contemplating their navels and will do so for next 5, 52 years in total. If the DAP leadership is not antiquated, what is ?

    And Singapore has still got the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore since 1959 – 54 years. And Singapore has become a FAILED STATE.



    By the 2018 General Elections, both Malays and Chinese will vote for the BN as led by UMNO with the 14 component parties.

    1. I don’t think this “Chinese will vote for the BN” will happen if the DAP Black Magic still bewitches the Chinese.

      Just look at this second PR term. Still harping on the elections. Good government would congratulate the winner and ask whether we can work together and move on. This one is still about arguing on the results.

      Which federal government will be so dumb ass to give money to the state that always wants to redicule the federal government instead of trying to work together? DAP has no modal to work so buat dramalah. Selangor lineup which takes such a long time to form. (Go and fix UNISEL first)

      1. But I see this happening. The word muak and cuak comes to mind. The way I see, this happen when choosing the worst among the worst, people will choose the least worst. It the image things. Write or wrong it doesn’t matter.

        When you potray yourself as pure as a dew, you have no way to go but maintain it. If you fail, the backlash was severe. That what DAP try to do and failling miserably.

        That why they now consign RBA to the wolf but the damage has been done. Remember RBA you will remember DAP. We will see what STAR will do next to salvage their face. Well try they might be. they just “bagai tikus membaiki labu”.

        As for federal goverment, I wrote this on Annie blog:

        For me, I will wait for another few weeks. This to make sure I’m not making a harsh judgment to anybody. It nearly a month now and for sure you cannot see any drastic movement just yet.

        What I can see now, a no nonsense approach by Zahid Hamidi and new IGP in maintaining the law and order. I will take that as a first step towards the new govern by Najib.

        Najib was/is subtle persons. When he was a Defend Minister, he changes the army structure and increase the discipline towards the better. Trust me when I say that as far as the army goes, under Najib the changes was huge.

        Now he is a PM. I never see any changes on how he conducted himself and like when he’s Defend Minister, when you see him, you will never know what his plan will be.

        But the subtle of it was there, the rippling and the aura of changes. With Najib, don’t judge him too early. Wait and see. He always use 100 days as a benchmark for his planning.

        For me he is a dangerous man right now. Some people know this especially someone closed to him and they try to topple him. I even got a feeling; Tun M knows this and that why unlike Pak Lah, no long and hard statement come from our Tun M.

        When I saw his cabinet line up, and saw how he sidelines the pure Chinese educationist background, I got the feeling that he’s up to something’s. May be I’m wrong but not only he sideline them, he choose the Chinese from east coast. I don’t like to read between the line, but I got the feeling he up to something’s. Period.

        At the same time, I hope I’m right and the backlash for Chinese tsunami from government is near and at the same note I also hope it not too hard on them because if I read him correctly he will hit where it hurt the most.

        :) sarah

        1. I think, he use a populist approach first before choosing the others least favourate. Just like when he first become a PM. Just sattle down and look at his 100 days performance.

          :) sarah

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