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BN bleeding a pool of blood

“MCA has started investigating leaders and members suspected of having sabotaged the party in the 13th general election, Nanyang Siang Pau reported today.” (source: The Sun, 2 June 2013)

DapsterGangsterErr, how about the star saboteur that’s staring them in the face, hah?

With regard to the MCA probe on internal sabotage, urm, like how much more damage can traitorous party members do?

In 2008, MCA had 15 MPs and in 2013, it has 7 MPs.

The 8 constituencies lost by MCA in GE13 are listed below with their total number of registered voters within brackets:

  • Kampar (63,619)
  • Alor Setar (69,009)
  • Pandan (83,857)
  • Lumut (88,300)
  • Raub (54,214)
  • Gelang Patah (106,726)
  • Kluang (86,732)
  • Kulai (83,991)

Taken together, the MCA has lost its reach to 8 wards holding a total of 636,448 registered voters.

Defeat in the election may have caused MCA to lose the potential audience of 0.64 million mentioned above but do please remember that The Star reaches a sure audience of 5.63 million adults nationwide.

And the MCA’s Gunting dalam Lipatan is handing over this 5.63 million daily to the DAP propaganda. More dangerous than the Red Bean Army is the enemy within.

MCA’s commitment is questioned

Regular commenter Shamshul Anuar left the following remark (excerpt):

“As I repeatedly said earlier, it is better MCA and Gerakan to be “buried’ politically speaking.

“They are no longer relevant. Chinese have decided that they do not need these 2 parties. DAP, that is more provocative than these 2 BN components, suit the Chinese mood: hostility towards Malays.

“Actually I am not that riled with DAP. What really upset me is the refusal of Umno to response.”

love pm

Love, love, love …

Bertanam tebu di bibir.

Cakap tak serupa bikin.


Statistics don’t lie

The BN has in its hands concrete data from the Saluran returns in 174 Parliament seats – not counting the seats where MCA and Gerakan had stood – that were contested by the coalition’s GE13 candidates including Umno proxy Ibrahim Ali in Pasir Mas.

This data can be examined to calculate with a fair degree of accuracy how the various races voted. I have no doubt that the tally from the ballot boxes will prove conclusively that the Chinese – to the estimate of 90 percent – had rejected the BN.

The MCA claims to have one million members… Missing in Action, quite obviously, on 5 May 2013.

Similarly MIA are the votes from the quarter of a million Gerakan members, of whom 80 percent are Chinese as once revealed by former party president Koh Tsu Koon.

Earlier I’d shown the correlation between a constituency’s Chinese population and the level of support for the DAP there.

The correlation between Chinese electorate-BN support is inverse: e.g. Gerakan’s Ng Song Kheng obtained 15.99% of the total votes cast in the Penang Parliament seat of Tanjong which has 85.23% Chinese voters. The inverse correlation of 15.99% and 85.23% is almost a perfect match.

If the MCA and Gerakan’s own members had pangkah dacing, their parties would surely have secured more than a million extra votes.

CONCLUSION: There is no other way to interpret the Chinese tsunami except that most of the MCA and Gerakan members did not vote for the BN.

MCA must be held to account

Gerakan’s sole Parliament seat is in the Malay-majority area of Simpang Renggam.

Six out of the 7 Parliament seats that the MCA is currently holding are Malay-majority areas:

Ayer Itam (57.9 % Malay), Alor Gajah (57.8% Malay), Tanjong Malim (53.0% Malay), Tanjong Piai (52.1% Malay), Tebrau (47.4% Malay) and Bentong (44.9% Malay, 43.9% Chinese).

The only Chinese-majority seat still belonging to MCA is Labis with a 46.5% Chinese electorate, and even then, Chua Tee Yong’s victory there was by a whisker.

It is not good enough that MCA withdraw their participation in the Cabinet and government. The party must at the same time answer to its kawan-kawan setia in BN on the betrayal of the BN setiakawan spirit.

How on earth did the Malaysian.CHINESE.Association lose the plot to such an extent that 90 percent of the community it claims to represent are currently refusing to let up in their confrontational stance?


Api dalam sekam

One of the biggest culprits perpetrating the BN sabotage is the Scissors lethal weapon that the MCA keeps in its fold.

Backstabbing carried out by The Star is most certainly a main contributory cause to the MCA, Gerakan and SUPP wipe-out.

The MCA sent its 127 men and women out to the battlefield to be slaughtered by the Evangelista Bintang Tiga.

Below you can see at a glance the pool of blood.


Dunno where Red Bean ends and Red Star begins

The Star‘s consistent skewing sealed the death warrant for all the brave MCA men and women whose names are recorded in the epitaph above.

That the Star Media Group has been allowed to function as an auxiliary of the Red Bean Army for the last 6 years is criminal neglect on the part of the MCA. (Or was it a case of deliberately closing one eye?)

Now that the DAP has successfully murdered the MCA, Gerakan and SUPP, Umno is the next target. If ever Pakatan storms Putrajaya, BN should not hope to be able to wrest back power again.

The success of Pakatan in Selangor should serve as a dire warning.


Once Pakatan takes control, it will be impossible to dislodge them. Look for yourself how from 2008 to 2013, Pakatan not only entrenched themselves but even increased their haul by 8 seats.

This is done via its saturation propaganda blasted 24/7 through every medium at every level.

The BN has already lost the popular vote in 2013.

By the next election round, the BN should not be surprised to find itself warming the opposition benches should it fail to deal effectively with the DAP deep indoctrination virus.

Red Bean counters are merely the grunts. It is The Star that is the nerve centre of the brainwashing which will most definitely cause BN to hemorrhage young and urban votes.

About the so-called ‘Urban-Rural divide’. Development and demography is on the side of Pakatan. For how long more can Umno depend on its rural vote bank and Felda safe deposit?


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59 thoughts on “BN bleeding a pool of blood

  1. its funny how nobody thus far has recommended that the MCA go after the other Red Bean Army now working at The Star. why ? tak berani ambil tindakan ke ?

    The Star Red Bean Army is smiling gleefully while the authorities are going after the cyber Red Bean Army.

    1. Right on. The MCA should sack all the Star journalists known to be DAP supporters or opposition supporters.

      Sacking all of them is the right move because there are lots of other capable, more educated (and who have better command of the English language) and ethical journalists who can take over their places.

      If MCA don’t act soon, I plan to launch a national campaign for all right-thinking Malaysians to boycott the Star. The paper, after all, are only good in its business reporting, metro reporting, the classified advertisement pages and the Jocelyn Tan column. The rest of the pages (including pictures), needless to say, are utter rubbish.

        1. She’ll be back to work next week :) Glad to know she’s got such a huge fan club here .D

          1. yes indeed. we’re all waiting for her next article. I think she should cross over to The New Straits Times. what do you think guys ?

              1. It shows the difference between Pakatan and BN supporters.

                Jos & BK are perpetually targetted by the pro-oppo people for personal attacks.

                Pro-establishment people, on the other hand, do not pick on those writers who so very obviously spin everything to Pakatan’s favour for the same treatment and harassment.

      1. I hv boiket Star paper and switched to NST since 6 May esp realising they started to dance to “We are Malaysian” tune post pru 13. Any rational malaysian will see the song tht Star has been singing but I juz waited to confirm my doubt, n 6 may removed all my doubts n confrm my suspicous towards Star. Do not hv to wait any longer. Juz stop buy them unless mca change their management n journists.

      2. ya lor…where is Jocelyn Tan now? she hasnt been writing new stories in her column in the Star since early May. cuti lama betul dia ni.

        1. She needs a longish break after 5 years of constant harassment, insults, curses & all things not so nice by the Tokong of Penang & his zombified following.

  2. Helen had been talking sense. MCA leaders had been quarreling among themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me to one day find out that there are elements in MCA itself that are trying to destroy MCA from within and hopefully by then it isn’t too late.

  3. The first thing the MCA should do is to investigate and sack the whole Board of the Star, its top management and winkle out all those anti-MCA types arising from all the complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government behind everyone’s back.

    This caper did not arise with the 13th General Elections but with the last change of top management a few years ago. This I noticed !

    1. We should also sack the Johor government for doing business with Singapore. Nusajaya and Iskandar Johor have become Singapore on the mainland.

  4. To bleed some blood for a worthy cause by the BN is exemplary.

  5. just curious why transport portfolio is reserved for mca? is it because logistics is automatically embedded in chinese dna?

    and dong zong menyalak tak tentu pasai about kefasihan bahasa cina of peter, paul and mary. fek’s wrong with them?

    helen, a small request to also write about the instigating dong zong, which is clearly an ‘official’ cartel red bean army around since pre-independence.

    1. Dong Zong anjing yang rasis. They want Chinese supremacy. Not all Chinese can read or write Chinese. They are called Banana Man. To the Chinese educated these people are not Chinese but lain-lain. To the country they are Malaysian – itu lebih penting.

      Look at most jobs in the paper. They want Mandarin explicity and they are racist implicitly. Do you see any requirement for Tamil? Do you see and bank ATM menu in Tamil? Or TM/Astro/Maxis/Air Asia etc call centres.

      Do you know in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Uni has night time classes for clerks in Cantonese on the subject of Islamic Banking? To the Hong Kongers language is a medium of communication. here is about control. Dong Zong will say a course in Islanci Banking in Chinese is all about masuk jawi.

      1. re: “Do you see and bank ATM menu in Tamil?”

        Why not? S’pore MRT got Tamil public address/announcements.

        1. I am Mulan, Helen,

          if I can speak Mandarin well, after 25 years service, I still can’t get a senior manager post in Chinaman company – I am a malay – but if I am a malay like YB Bukit bendera, maybe after 10 years I can become GM. that’s how it works.

          1. Methinks Zairil was appointed CEO of Penang Institute in a little under a year.

            It depends on what kind of Malay usefulness your provide to Dear Leader.

            Does anyone know why DAP didn’t put up Aspan Alias as election candidate?

            1. Could be Chinese DAP Tokongs were thinking putting both x-Umno Aspan Alias and Semangkol as candidate at one go would be a hugh risk. Tokong and Daddy do not trust any Malay “more than 60%” after Tunku’s depature.

              As it turn out, Aspan is boldly critizing Anwar’s Blackout 505 thus indirectly going against DAP’s support for Anwar. Aspan would’nt have done so before the election.

              As for Semangkol, he was a failed one-term Umno Adun, and with such poor record, his candidacy was more on sentiment than performance. Its hard for him to perform or contribute in his constitutient with only controlled party fund. DAP will also not want any Malay like him to rise too high up in DAP. So i believe he will possibly be a one term MP or will be relegated to Adun in GE14.

              Malays will continue to make up the numbers in this chauvinist racist hypocrite DAP party.

              1. Thanks for your views.

                My personal suspicion is that you’re right about the DAP mistrust of Malays, unless it’s the Zairil type.

                Not just Tunku Aziz, but the Razali guy also (Jeff Ooi’s aide).

  6. It is shallow and puerile to suggest that hostility towards Malays suits the Chinese mood. I have many Malay friends and we get on really well. We share a coomon enemy and it has a name called “corruption”.

    1. Washine,

      It is the truth. DAP rides on chinese sentiments. Nothing more. Nothing less. And chinese happily go along as they believe this time BN (or rather UMNO) would be dislodged.

    2. Washine,

      maybe you need to widen your radius of Malay & Chinese friends. not so many belief colour-blindness any more. (the Dapsters cured us from rabun warna!)

      1. Nah, the PakatanRakyat just unmasked the ugly racism that was hiding behind your mask of ‘toleransi’.

        Other people don’t have a problem with other races.

    3. Be careful, some of these jokers here will say you are part of the Green Bean Army collecting a salary of RM3,000 or RM7,000 to post messages on facebook. They have become so paranoid they are barking at shadows.

      1. AC-DC, I am not surprised if I am labelled part of a red/green beam army. I am, however, surprised that Helen allows some comments labelling others as ‘anjing’ to be published. Is it her intention to turn her blog into a bleeding ground of racism?

        1. if Helen refused these comments, then she will be labelled as practicing censorship. if she allows these comments, then she is labelled as “Is it her intention to turn her blog into a bleeding ground of racism?”

          oh Helen, you really deserve my sympathy.

    4. Do you actually think your malay friends like DAP? Maybe DAP is being misunderstood. Maybe that’s it. Educate us.

      1. Nizam, I don’t give a hoot if my Malay friends are DAP supporters or not. Our friendship is not built on political leanings. Also, it is stereotypical to say that every Chinese is a DAP supporter.

        1. re: “Also, it is stereotypical to say that every Chinese is a DAP supporter.”

          The problem is the one (out of 10 Chinese) who is not a DAP supporter is attacked as betraying the Chinese race or for supporting the “Umno corruption” and being a “Umno bitch” or “MCA prostitute/whore”.

          Copypasted below (an exchange between Malaysia Today reader and Raja Petra):

          “written by HS, June 03, 2013 01:57:36

          Actually, RPK i agree nothing wrong with supporting one side or the other. But the thing with Michelle is, she campaigned for Najib and BN. She asked people to vote for BN, and in this campaign of hers she said many untruths. This is the crux of the issue (at least for me). She has a very huge following and fan base, so she should have been more responsible and sensitive to the ground sentiments.

          EDITOR: What were the many untruths she said? Can you list them down? And is asking people to vote for BN not democratic? You people lie through your teeth and spread hate. One day this hate campaign is going to come back to bite you in your arse. And that day is very soon.


  7. Has it ever occured to you guys that perhaps MCA really doesn’t believe that The Star is pro-DAP / anti-MCA?

    Members of MCA have had their heads buried in the sand for so long that I think that they are motivated far more in attracting advertising dollars (non-participant support gererates more ad income) than in letting it be the mouthpiece of the party.

    Besides, I doubt their understanding of English is up to scratch as they are always going on and on about the power of Mandarin. Or as I suspect, that they might have long given up on the English speaking urban Chinese and are focusing more on the Chinese speaking urban folk.

    Can anyone tell me if the Chinese papers are just as DAP friendly? I am one of those yellow skinned Chinaman who can’t utter a word in Mandarin save for thank you and is not seen as a true Chinese by MCA.

    1. re: “advertising dollars”

      Yup, MCA’s dollar-and-ducats dilemma, see here.

      re: “than in letting it be the mouthpiece of the party”

      What’s at issue is that Menara Star is crawling with 99% DAP-supporting reporters who sabotage the paper’s contents. The Star tweeted Hannah Yeoh’s appointment as S’gor Speaker 10 times and flashed the news as a breaking story (meaning with ‘running changes’), twice if not more.

      re: “they might have long given up on the English speaking urban Chinese and are focusing more on the Chinese speaking urban folk.”

      The scenario you describe still leaves The Star free to propagandize the DAP ethos to its 25% Malay readership and its 25% professional Indian readership too.

    2. There are two main types of Chinese, Malaysian Chinese. The English speaking who are hollow and argumentative and the Mandarin speaking who has an inferiority comples and some cultural ballast.

      Then, these Chinese have to be divided into the many clans and sub-clans which clansmen have peculiar behavioural characteristcs. Outside of China, Malaysia has the most number of different types of Chinamen/women.

      The British studied their ways. Young police cadres were sent to Canton, Xiamen and Swatow for 6 months courses. A British Protector of the Chinese was established in major towns to spy on them.

      A classic location is to be found at the head of the street for commerce, Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. On the other side, a major clan temple is situated an across the Protector’s Office lies the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

      The British left the Chinese to their way of life except politics. When these Chinamen became too raucous, they were sent off to China. And every Chinamen had to have a visa to enter or leave the Malay States or the Straits Settlements. Governor Clementi tightened the rules for entry in 1931.

  8. Isn’t it clear that Pakatan is actually the association of BN dissidents? What UBAH? Same monkey different packaging

    DAP: DOCTOR Ong (MCA/Gerakan), Rainbow (Gerakan), Zairiul (Gerakan Think Tank)
    PKR: Chua Jui Ming (MCA) Anwar (UMNO)
    PAS: Mat Taib (UMNO)

    Dong Zong’s double standard. Even if Paul and Mary can’t understand Mandarin, it is fine as long as they can communicate in BM and English. Hoiw many Chinese can communicate well in BM? Having a good command of the language is prerequisite to citizenship in any country. English is COMPULSORY if you want to be a US citizen, French for France but this is not the case for Malaysia. In fact many Banglas, Vietnamese and Burmese workers can speak Malay and many Mainland Chinese students. Why don’t we give them citizenship instead.

      1. How about Malaysian Chinese who hate Malaysia we tarik citizenship and the China doll who love Malaysia we give citizenship? Everybody is happy.

        1. I am Mulan,

          nothing wrong with China Doll, as long as they can follow and abide to perlembagaan. those who hate Malaysia, can be exchange place with China Doll, how?

    1. BN should be more focused. Lupakan Dong Zong. Consider them as KKK, crazies. They are punching above their weights as long as we entertain them.

      BN thinks toleransi kaum means we have to listen to Dong Zong but actually we don’t given their ridiculous demands.

      In a way we deserve having these clowns screaming at our ears because of BN engine problems. Fix that, the car will zoom ahead. Nak tumpang, tumpang. Tak nak, jalan kaki.

      1. their vernacular schools have the support of their business community. I once asked the people running these vernacular schools on the issue of funding. they told me that these schools receive funding from Chinese businessmen so the issue of funding is not a problem. they can manage without money from the government.

        it got me thinking. does the government know about this ? the schools are already adequately funded and yet the government still provides financial assistance to them ?

        but the other question is……

        why do these Dong Zong people keep demanding that the government do this and that for them ?

  9. It is ironical as well as comical that after knowing 90% of their grassroot leaders and members had abandoned the party and voted for DAP/PR, the MCA leaders insist on hearing their feedback in respect to the future of MCA. Sheesh!!! Asking those who stabbed your back on how to save the party is indeed the biggest joke of the year.

    1. tak nak kena bagi can. Despite my hatred towards the chinese, I do recognise that we need to get along. DAP can work with PAS takkan kita tak boleh dengan MCA.

      Trust is another matter. then again do you think PAS trust DAP?

      1. PAS is into this alliance with the DAP because they know the DAP helps to soften their image among the Chinese community. its the same reason, albeit opposite of why the DAP gets into bed with PAS, to get Malay Muslim support. its all about me using you and you using me, although in hindsight, DAP is benefiting more from this partnership rather than PAS.

      1. I d assingkiri,

        I always believe the best argument is by telling the truth point blank. Which is why many of my Chinese friends were simply dumbfounded when I told them what happened in Kg Baru and the Chinese procession that triggered May 13 incident.

        I notice that suddenly they become “muted”. Suddenly it “dawn” upon them that there are stories about May 13 that are so “different” from what DAP is telling them.

        As for MCA’s that literally not doing anything (except feeding DAP), the blame should go too to UMNO. UMNO simply babysits MCA.

        Which is why MCA still exist due Malay lifeline (UMNO voters). So MCA have the best of both worlds. Patronage from malay voters. And it does not do anything to counter lies by DAP.

        1. re: “And it does not do anything to counter lies by DAP.”

          On the contrary, the MCA machinery is responsible for the spread of the DAP propaganda to a 5.63 million audience.

          1. HELEN,

            Maybe it is time to “tendang keluar” MCA out of BN. That alone will cut MCA of its life line:UMNO members who vote for MCA.

            After all, nobody is indispensable.And UMNO gets to contest in constituents contested by MCA.

            And it will send message that those parties that want to be in BN must do its part in getting votes. No more free rides.

            1. re: “cut MCA of its life line: UMNO members who vote for MCA”

              Food for thought. To save itself, Umno might just have to do that. Then can have clean fight, one-on-one against DAP.

              1. Helen,

                Age old saying says “sometimes we have to be cruel in order to be kind”.

                Cutting the life line of MCA (meaning the Malay voters) will eventually bring the end of MCA. But more importantly, the message that UMNO sends by doing that.

                That as the “captain” in BN, it will no longer tolerate “mere passengers”. That each component party must work. “Working” does not include “mega dinner”. Working means confronting the issues head on.

                Just as UMNO must reach the Malays to explain that criticizing PAS is not tantamount to rejecting Islam, MCA too needs to face Chinese and tell them off that they do not have to wage war against Malays in order to defend their interests.

                MCA just have to tell Chinese that DAP’s style will only bring one result: direct confrontation with Malays. No if, no but. And MCA must explain to the chinese that they have simply to accept reality that they cant be hypocrite by insisting on vernacular school but at the same time criticizing race based party in BN.

                And if MCA simply refuses to do that, no big deal. It will face natural death. Remember, no political party is indispensable.

                The message is for UMNO too. If it is too “giving” of malay rights, in no time, PERKASA will be “full fledged political party”.

                1. Shamshul,

                  Agree that Umno needs to send MCA a strong message to rein in its scissors sabotage.

                  As the “captain” in BN, must no longer tolerate the Chinese component parties harming the coalition interest. MCA has failed most dismally to confront the fitnah created by the DAP.

                  MCA has not only be unable to tell Chinese that the DAP will bring on a direct confrontation with not only the Malays but also a Christian-Muslim clash as well by allowing its Jerusubang Star to spread evangelism.

                  MCA is not able to signal to the Chinese to desist from their hypocrisy simply because the MCA-owned media is the biggest disseminator of this very hypocrisy.

                  If MCA still refuses to do anything, let it die.

              2. Tak nak lah political experiment macam ni Helen. What if it doesn’t work? We need to find a way. We have to.

                STAR STAR STAR. Can we somehow let MCA knows that to show their sincerity first and foremost they need to handle the STAR issue.

                Kira macam Yakuza kerat kelingking lah to show their loyalty.

          1. Tapi bagus juga lepas GE13. Kalau sebelum the effect will be diluted and it would heavily politised by Anwar the conmen extraordinaire. Mamat ni kan world class.

  10. very good article and analysis.

    If MCA wants to survive, it should review its entities under its control as follows:-

    (a) The Star;
    (b) Tar College/UTAR – Lecturers openly supporting opposition and influencing students

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