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The Scissorati

Scissorati are the pro-oppo reporters embedded in The Scissors.

The word is coined by Fakin’ Fake Calvin.

It is inspired by “Illuminati”. Similar words in the same format are banditti, Twitterati, etc.


What do the Scissorati do?

Well, they do things like tweet a story 10 times using the office Twitter handle Star Online. (The story refers to the appointment of Hannah Yeoh as Selangor Speaker, and the expose on the Star twit-itch was by eagle-eyed Calvin too.)

Furthermore, Hannah Yeoh’s elevation was flashed by the Scissorati as a breaking news item and constantly updated. The Star rarely even does this for Najib stories.


Scissorati do other things like tip-off oppo pollies on news articles that are to appear in their paper the next day.

They tweet about their assignment when they are on duty and complain that the VVIP (“Oi Big Mama”) is late, and Twit exchange this info with DAP politicians who mock the VVIP’s body size by laughing “hu hu hu”.



“best hope for MCA is 4 BN to lose power”

Scissorati campaign enthusiastically for the DAP.

You dunno where they end and the DAP SuperCyberbullies begin.

They reflect the vision and mission of their employer.



Scissorati can reach an audience of 5.63 million via the extensive multi-media channels that are their company platform.

And best of all, they’re gonna be given between RM20 and RM30 million to play with as the Star Media Group expands its digital business to reach an even wider and generally young, urban audience.


Otak di Kepala Lutut Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh
Otak di Kepala Lutut – odikal – Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh


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7 thoughts on “The Scissorati

  1. One of the Scissorati’s Scissor Sister, Hariati (who incidentally supports Arsenal FC, like her boss WCW) really plunging the scissors into SYA today.

    Words like “rants”, “storm on”, “claims”, “argues”, “rattles on furiously”, “alleges” etc paints the picture of an angry, vindictive “haggard” who’s out to kill DAP’s Red Beanies. Even the picture they published of him reinforces this persona they’re trying to build.

    It all begins with a snip here & a snip there. And when you’re complacent & comfy, you’ll never see the stab of the scissors between your shoulder blades. Makes you shudder a little at your next salon visit eh?

  2. Enemy within is always the most dangerous and the most vicious. Poor SYA. Whipped by Red Beans and snipped by Scissoratis. Just finished reading the article.

    The writer could very well be red bean soldier herself given the slant and insinuations and use of language. She will have bright future in Rocket or Suara Keadilan. But SYA should be used to such scissor cuts by now.

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