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The Star picks on Papagomo / DAP says BN gomen “so kiasu”

“Hence, Shabery Cheek’s announcement only shows that the BN government is so kiasu that it wants to shut down Pakatan’s reach and access to social media,” says a press statement today by the DAP’s social media strategist.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Yeo Bee Yin revealed in the press statement:

  • “The underlying reason why Pakatan was very successful in urban and semi-urban constituencies in the 13th general election was because of its effective use and availability of social media.”

Now think about this: Lim Kit Siang has denied the existence of the so-called Red Bean Army and his son Guan Eng derided the RBA accusations appearing in Utusan.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

But the Social Media Strategist of the DAP is here admitting that Pakatan had effectively used Facebook, Twitter and the like to craft their “very successful” campaign in the GE13.

It’s indisputable that DAP is the most successful opposition party in the 2013 election. So WHO, pray tell, in the DAP was it that did all the social media legwork? Ms Yeo alone and all by herself?


“Freedom” for DAP to SuperCyber Bully

  • “Perhaps Singapore’s move is just an excuse for the BN government to implement its long-awaited wish to suppress the Internet freedom.” — Yeo Bee Yin

DAP is afraid that “Internet freedom” will be curbed. Well, that would be most painful for the Dapsters.

Why? Because it’s like losing a mirror when “social media is a reflection of society” (this phrase within quote marks is borrowed from a “digital strategist” featured in The Star‘s Cafe Latte Chat on the same topic today).

The StarGuest might be correct though. The face of Malaysian social media is indeed the face of the Dapster.

If you remember, in the last Cafe Latte Chat, The Star had invited Hannah Yeoh’s personal assistant (along with 3 other panellists) as the best person to be talking about National Unity and to teach the Star Media Group’s 5.63 million audience how to integrate.

In this round, The Star invited its columnist-cum-former Youth supplement reporter to be on the discussion panel. How incestuous.

The Star – see screenshot above – also decided to bill him as “senior social media analyst”. Cue a “Wow, terribly impressed” MCA duh-ish exclamation.

Twitter rajiv4malaysiaBack in City Harvest Church
Invited speaker at The Star‘s Cafe Latte Chat on National Unity

Who controls the social media?

The same panellist who made the remark about how social media is a reflection of society also said that she’d “heard from a lot from the Barisan side saying Pakatan controls social media! But no one can control social media”.

Aaah, it’s rather ironic that she should make the denial.

Let’s look at the composition of the topic panellists themselves:

1. There is the speaker Zara Kahan

2. Niki Cheong – Star columnist, ex-reporter in its Youth section but now suddenly “senior social media analyst”

3. Syahredzan Johan

4. Kavilan Nakaswaram – “senior asset management analyst”

What are their political leanings?

In the article itself, Kavilan admits that he did a lot of “talking for the Opposition”. So by his own admission, we would not be too far off the mark to view him as a Pakatan sympathizer.

TwitterLoyarBurok And yes, we repeat, we arenonpartisan

Syahredzan Johan is a Loyar Burok.

Loyar Burok claims to be “non-partisan”. Uh-huh, about as non-partisan as Ambiga and Bersih.

As for The Scissors‘ own little crony @nikicheong whose Twitter profile says “Journalism | Social Media | Digital Culture. I write, I plan, I teach and I tweet”, you can see for yourself from a screencapture at the bottom of this page.

After you read Niki Cheong’s tweet (below), please keep it in mind that The Star is full of people like him, and that the media group allows them free rein to proselytize their views to 5.63 other Malaysians who are the Star viewership.

Lopsided representation

This week’s Cafe Latte Chat is introduced by The Star as being held to “discuss social media in Malaysia and whether it has gone overboard after the 13th general election”.

DapsterGangsterGiven the GE13 that is mentioned in the title, one would think a far more appropriate panellist for the chat would be Shen Yee Aun, the former DAP Youth office holder who exposed the Red Bean Army.

And since The Star decided to pick on Papagomo, wouldn’t it actually have been a better idea to invite none other than Papagomo himself to participate?

But instead we have the group of StarChilds above, one of whom brushes off the idea that Pakatan could conceivably control the social media, and another who believes that the social media is “self-regulating” .

Whether Pakatan is or is not the king of cyberspace, at least it’s for sure that The Star Cafe Latte Chat guest list is within the editor’s control. Yet for some reason or other, their panellists are invariably pro-opposition. Repeatedly so.

If you will look at a past article in the MCA-owned newspaper (screenshot below), you can see that all the names highlighted in its article on social media are those of Pakatan politicians.


There is not a single BN name in the list of Twitter personalities provided by The Star to its readers. Look for yourself.

MCA in cahoots

The Star’s bias is so blatant that it leaves no shadow of a doubt with whom the loyalty of the media conglomerate’s lies.

The MCA must be held accountable for the doings of its media machinery!

Najib Razak is already lamenting that his coalition is a victim of the dirty war of perception. The biggest enemy to BN is the enemy within.

For the sake of its own survival, the BN would do well to appraise the MCA’s position within the coalition should this internal sabotage continue. Continuous bleeding from the back will assuredly cause fatal blood loss.

Niki Cheong (nikicheong) on Twitter 2013-06-04 15-10-36

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16 thoughts on “The Star picks on Papagomo / DAP says BN gomen “so kiasu”

  1. having effective use of social media doesn’t mean DAP hire “Red bean army’. Similarly, having BR1M doesn’t mean UMNO ‘bribing’ the rural folks.

  2. The MCA owned ‘Star’ will be used to the maximum effect while the going is good by the DAPies now inserted into it. This shows the whole Board condones the breach of ethics and propriety as manufactured by its own recalcitrant employees daily.


  3. The media is no longer social media when foreign funds are used to propagate misinformation against one group of citizens by another as political media.

    The Singapore Government despite the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore has promulgated good laws in the interests of the Republic eg. Trustee Laws, The Condominum Laws. The Charities Commission, specially to monitor and regulate the free-for-all money for religions. The Multi-media Law recently pronounced.

    The Malaysian Government will do our beloved country a lot of good by adopting or revising the Malaysian Laws like the Trustee Ordinance 1949 which has never been revised since 1949 and other antiquated Laws which were neglected by the fun loving BN since 2003. Up to date Trust Laws are important for a leading financial centre if Kuala Lumpur wants to be one because bankers, lawyers etc are made Trustees by beneficiaries daily. Singapore’s Trust Laws are world’s best, I must say.

    It is good the BN Government is in tune with the developments of the social/political media in Singapore. Hats off to the BN.

    Laws are living things and changes daily due to human problems.

  4. The BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties must take cognizance that it should rule according to Malaysia’s ‘sovereignty, national interest, self-esteem.’ Never to sell our grandmothers down river like after 2003. No abang-adek nonsense to our eternal disadvantage. Strictly observe the rule of the laws and the Constitution. Be normal in every way. And the BN will win the next 14th General Elections hands-down. No need to reach for the sky like the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore, the Opposition and Icarus. We are humble and normal Malaysians.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, AK. But the problem with our BN kerajaan is enforcement.

      Penipu and Penjenayah in America had to work
      harder to mengelak the law. Here they have to call the police to arrest them yet still nothing happens.

      But we love to tangkap ikan bilis don’t we, adam adly as opposed to anwar, the money changer mamaks as opposed to ambiga and mkini kakis!

  5. DAP parti paling suci kerana banyak YB yang alim dan boleh berkhutbah dan boleh pula beri ‘blessing’ @ merahmati kepada sesiapa yg kurang rahmat tak kira agama. secara teknikal mereka adalah wakil Tuhan atas dunia. mungkin demi-god kut…, nun di Republic North ada full-god.

    Orang2 ini maksum dan boleh twist kata2 tanpa takut terjadinya dosa. mereka tak perlu mengaku apa2 kerana kalaupun dah terkantoi. anugerah Tuhan kepada mereka semua ialah kulit yang tebal laksana cengkerang kura2.

    jangan heran bila mereka tak pernah memohon maaf barang sekalipun kerana demi-god & god mana mungkin memohon ampun kepada manusia. jatuhlah kedudukan kelas tinggi jika minta ampun kpd low level, classless people kan?

  6. More and more evidence everyday of how the scissors are shredding their own company to pieces. How can people crack their own ricebowls? Don’t they respect the company they work for? If they don’t they should find a more worthy job instead of sabotaging.

    Is it true that even their top executives who cruise around in Mercedes Benz and designer clothes are also anti MCA? These are very well heeled scissors at work! Time for MCA to close shop if they cannot control their staff.

    1. My issue about this whole thing is the people who can do something got no balls. Helen, bagi pinjam yours, boleh?

      Can somebody take Najib out? KJ sekali.

      1. “Can somebody take Najib out? KJ sekali”

        Except for KJ who should not be allowed to breed, I don’t think that there is a need for Najib to step down. Basically he has given the peace offering before GE12. It is a clear sign of “DON”T TELL ME THAT I HAVEN’T TRIED BEFORE” to the Cina DAP.

        Now his silence, whether you like it or not, is something that really scares the Cina DAP.

        Becakap janganlah ikut emosi, gunakan otak yang waras @ bukan ODIKAL.

        I am waiting for the bomb to drop from him, it is going to be big and effective. Bare in mind that he is a leader, and it is a great thing for a leader who manages to weather this problem without resort to emotion.

        Yang terpekik terlolong sekarang ni adalah PAKATAN.

        1. re: “Yang terpekik terlolong sekarang ni adalah PAKATAN.”

          Juga Gerakan dan MCA yang mahu bergabung dengan Umno.

  7. Martin,the moderator is so known for sharing Haris Ibrahim’s post (I can vouch for it as I saw it with my own eyes on my friend’s fb page) – so, there goes neutrailty & non-partisanism out of the Star window!

  8. Honestly, those latte chats are pretty boring, I gave up reading in detail but I skimmed through and found a non-related interesting subject- Hanis Zalikha (Niki Cheong mentioned her name), that’s all.

    Other than SYA, if The Star have any balls, maybe they should invite Helen herself to the chat! Why not? Seriously! More fireworks! But that could mean sending a goat to a tiger’s mouth; Helen being the goat and The Star being the tiger.

    I also wish to hear what older Malays thinks, people like Dr. Shamsul Amri Baharuddin (but don’t know if he’s social media savvy enough to discuss).

    1. I don’t think so. Helen is fierce :)) Minah ni doing all this on her own. pro bono lagi. More than the idiot umno ruling elites.

  9. The Star needs the notorious Red Guards n the Gang Of Four to get rid of the twisted tongues staff.

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