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Guan Eng slams Umno for refusing to open up membership

Press statement (3 June 2013)

Column by The Star associate editor
Column by The Star associate editor Veera Pandiyan

By Lim Guan Eng


“Umno’s refusal to be a single party that is inclusive or multi-racial but instead insist on clinging to a single racist entity spells the death sentence on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia. For Umno Information chief and Deputy Minister Ahmad Maslan to say that it is impossible for Umno to be a single party for all Malaysians proves that Umno is committed to dividing Malaysians by race to maintain their hold on power.

Column by Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan
Column by Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan

For the past 50 years BN, Umno, MCA and MIC have divided Malaysians by race to justify their excesses and abuses of power, especially corruption, crony capitalism and depriving or limiting the fundamental human rights. Despite BN’s loss in the 2013 general elections, when BN lost the popular vote for the first time in Malaysian history with 47% compared to PR’s 53% of the popular vote, Umno have refused to heed the people’s rejection of racial politics.

PR won the urban Malay vote and the Malay youth vote by a clear majority. Nationally PR won around 43% of the Malay vote. Umno’s racist message can not overcome the corruption and abuse of power. This means that Malaysians of all races have given a loud and clear message in the last general elections that they want to be “MALAYSIANS FIRST”, where people not cronies must come first, where good principles and policies matters more than hatred and fear.

Muhyiddin Im no racist

Instead Umno continues to cling on to Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyidin Yasin’s divisive and destructive “Malay first, Malaysian second” extremist ideology. Being Malaysian first does not mean we lose our Malay, Chinese, Dayak, Kadazan or Indian identity but that we give our paramount loyalty to our country as embodied in our national anthem “Negaraku”.

As Umno is the dominant party, Umno’s refusal to open up to all Malaysians means that there will be no single party for BN that is inclusive to all regardless of race. Clearly, Najib’s 1Malaysia slogan is empty of all meaning except as a propaganda exercise for the general elections to be discarded when BN have won the most number of parliamentary seats despite losing the popular vote.”


Umno is not racist Najib - Nation The Star Online 2013-05-02 17-23-57

Guan Eng’s press statement in bahasa Melayu can be read HERE.


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23 thoughts on “Guan Eng slams Umno for refusing to open up membership

  1. Saudara Almighty Tokong

    I understand that you are an entity that transcends race. As such your tolerance level against those you considered opposed to your biological race is low as your statement implies. Seeing how we should erase race lines, I think you could take the lead by conducting all your party’s business, be it correspondence as well as meetings, in BM.

    Also, it is understandable that you have an ingrained dislike for the royal institution that plays a major part constitutionally in our country. I don’t know the reason for your dislike but I can probably take a few guesses as to why. One reason could be your communistic tendencies. Another could be because you are after all a demigod, well among your rabid supporters at least.

    This deep rooted dislike for the monarchy could be a reason you are not accepting any royal award carrying honorific titles. Or you chose to not have a man made title degrading your heaven bestowed one. Or perhaps the reason is even simpler than we think; no one is desperate enough to want to recommend your name to any monarch in the country.

    Now, it is indeed distressing to see your personal fiefdom that is Penang to be a hotbed for those uncouth towards the royal institution. We had the mid finger guy who lives in Subang Jaya. Then we have some dumb jackass who probably didn’t pay too much attention while in school hanging the national flag upside down. And now we have a sassy lady with a problem holding down her food whenever the King speaks. Your refusal to condemn these acts is a reflection of your disdain for the royal institution yourself.

    As your beloved Hannah of your satellite fiefdom Subang Jaya said, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, you & your faithful followers must have enough hatred to fill up all the oceans in the world judging by your words. But I suppose you all can afford the luxury of the hate as you’re a heavenly entity after all, thus a blanket sin cancellation decree is not beyond you.

    In concluding, I hope that you will get all you deserve. I wish that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will be yours though I suspect you’d forgo the gold if you could have the rainbow but I digress.

    Yours fraternally
    A Malaysian Who Doesn’t Worship You.

    1. You should also ask him if he is willing to support the scrapping of Chinese schools. He loves raving about being Malaysian First. Well well. This is an opportunity to prove his Malaysian First-ness. Start will scrapping Chinese schools. In fact, I would venture to say that if he comes out and says loudly, in front of all the citizens of Malaysia, that he will support scrapping Chinese schools once PR comes to power, he will win absolute Malay support.

      But we all know this is just pure fantasy. He will not say he’s all for the scrapping of Chinese schools. If he says he’s all for it, the 90% plus support his party obtained from the Chinese at GE13 will evaporate in GE14.

      All goes to show that in spite of his Malaysian First rhetoric and beyond race theatrics, deep in, he’s a closet racist. To be precise, he’s a white racist, schooled by the La Salle Creed of The White Man’s burden of civilizing the world. I have said before that the DAP’s Anglophiles and Evangelists are not Chinese but white men and women in disguise but sadly, not too many believe me. After GE13, the misunderstanding has gotten worse. Now the Malays really think the DAP is a Chinese party. And this coupled by Utusan’s countless missteps before and after GE13, will drive even more gullible Chinese into the arms of the DAP’s white men and women.

  2. Dear Helen,

    You may be interested to know that the UMNO Bahagian Ranau, in Sabah, has as its treasurer a pure Hakka Chinese by the name of Lee See On. One cawangan is made up almost entirely of Chinese or of mixed Chinese/local parentage. The party (lifetime) members are mostly of the Dusun ethnic group comprising almost equal numbers of Muslims and non Muslims. The Ketua Bahagian is Datuk Masidi Manjun, the state Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment.


    Junian bin Yunus
    Ranau, Sabah.

    1. ,)

      This is something The Star should have publicized so that more Malaysians can know.

      But thanks for sharing the info with us.

      All the best.

      1. The Star will not do that. if they did, it will debunk the myth perpetuated by the DAP that Umno is a racist party.

          1. It certainly is… Is it a pure coincedence that DAP, MCA, Gerakan thinks alike in this matter? Something real fishy…

      1. Awesome indeed.

        The issue is UMNO is utterly dysfunctional. Create own issue la daripada be on the defensive and let DAP dictates political discussions.

        Gerakan open their mouth and for the next 6 months DAP dictates discussion. PM. DPM everybody la take the bait hook line and sinker. LGE finished them off with this garbage and the young chinese and well to do Malays absorbed.

        Same pattern over and over again.

        Najib is a Malay aristocrat. He won’t know apa melayu mahu?

  3. Veera is not right . A race isn’t a myth. It’s in our blood, in our colour.

    If there’s no race what then we call oneself?

    It’s natural that one is born as a race – be it a Malay,I ndian, Chinese, etc.

    I’m a Malaysian yet I’m a Malay by race. U’re a Malaysian too, yet u’re an Indian.N othing wrong with that. To investigate a DNA of one’s race is unnecessary to determine where one belongs to. There’ll be no end to the long line of our ancestral DNA.

  4. I doubt if the almighty mortal ever read your blog. One of his micro minions may have been assigned with such an unpleasant task. This is for him.

    Please tell your master that he has more than succeeded in making the Chinese hate UMNO. There are only 2 left and both are in Cabinet. No evidence though that they love UMNO. Don’t waste any more time making the Chinese hate UMNO. Instead focus your effort and time in making the Malays love DAP.

    Luv man luv. As your evangelist zombies have said win over these Malay racists. Fill their hearts with luv. Make them luv DAP. If you do then you’ll be the new President. Imagine being President of the new Republic of Malaysia. Even God would be unsure of his position.

    By the way, please tell your boss that there is a difference between a race-based party and a racist party. Both of you belong to one.

  5. How can the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties be wrong when the BN has just won a major victory over the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the very rich PKR and the very pious PAS ?

    To ask UMNO to open up its membership is just like asking the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties to disband and dissolve themselves. Such timid suggestion sucks. This is definitely no easy step for the Opposition to kick out the BN.

    We must never forget that the font of inspiration of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore. He is now having legacies problems with his own supporters. If the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew could not sort out the straightforward problems of a one-street town after being in power for 55 years since 1959, what do we expect of patronising and sanctimonous advice from the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew inspired DAP leadership.

  6. From the ashes of 13 May 1969, (history has still to consider the apportionment of the blame for this tragedy), our beloved Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and his team crafted the BN as led by UMNO with the 13 component parties. At that time, I was overjoyed by this political development which subsumed the rigid compartmentalization of the different communities in this ex-colonial protectorate.

    This BN political formula has worked in practice and has staved off internal racial strife. Of course as with all things human, human made problems did arise and should be sorted out immediately because Malaysian politics are balanced on a knife’s edge.

    For UMNO, a legacy and heritage party of Malay based politics in Malaysia, to be otherwise as suggested by the Opposition, is mischievous and frivolous without proper basis especially when it comes from a party founded by a foreigner and did nothing for the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all for 47 long years and only specialised in being in the Opposition for Oppositon’s sake ! One DAP leader after shouting ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ for 47 long years did admit early this year that ‘Malaysian Politics is Malay based’

  7. With 80-90% Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, now either in or supporting the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, who is going to join the UMNO even if it opens its doors ?

    Please Opposition leadership do not be like your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with the 9 failed Policies for Singapore if you want to kick-out the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties. He was a person who never said sorry !

    It is too late Opposition leadership. The BN will put their efforts to the wheel from now for the benefit of all Rakyat whilst you the Oppositon leadership wasted years of time, energy and money since 1997 without result and never considered the JUST ONE STEP to victory. Sometimes, it pays to be humble.

  8. A good lesson for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which controls Pulau Pinang. Just look down the Straits of Melaka to money rich Singapore, Where is the happiness ? Where are the indigenous Singaporeans ? Where is the future ?

  9. Let DAP say what they want about UMNO. The other races, especially the Chinese, have already made up their minds about UMNO and BN. Whether UMNO is really racist or not does not matter. 90% of the Chinese voters have already voted Opposition and will continue to do so. No need to try to appease them as they are already brain-washed by the Opposition.

    Let them flog a dead horse…it won’t make much difference. These idiots are still in General Election mode. They have been at these for so long that they don’t know when or how to stop.

    1. Agreed with u. And to borrow one Bo Yang’s words “..In the arrogant mode, everyone is a heap of dog shit..”U know to whom I refer to.

      1. Jika hendak bercekak pinggang, tinggallah rebana beralih kegelanggang, tak tahu pipit tak tahu enggang, yang rapat kelak menjadi renggang…..think about it….

        :P sarah

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