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Task of stopping DAP juggernaut rests on Dr M’s 88-year-old shoulders

Lim Kit Siang has released a press statement in response to what he calls the “latest racist fulminations” in Dr Mahathir’s blog.

According to Kit Siang, Dr M’s views that the Chinese are out “to dominate Malaysian politics” and “to oust the political power of the Malays” are “preposterous claims” and “wild lies”.

He accuses Dr M of being “so racist, reckless and irresponsible as to continue to try to set the Malays against the Chinese”.

Kit Siang expects that “any sane and rational Malaysian” will find it impossible to believe what Dr M has said, and that “more and more Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region, are united by a common Malaysian Dream to want a Malaysia which transcends the politics of race, corruption, cronyism, abuses of power and all forms of injustices”.

Kit Siang’s Malaysian Dream is one where “the politics of race is a nightmare of the past”.

Alahai DAPsters, tolong gunakan otak sikit, bolah tak?

Jerusubang taking the country for J

(1) Isn’t ‘Ubah’ all about changing the government?

(2) Isn’t “Ini kali lah” to force a change of government? The DAP’s own war cry is “Pakatan’s march to Putrajaya”.

(3) Isn’t changing the government based on ABU?

And the objective of kicking Umno out of Putrajaya is what? So that a Pakatan government can be installed.

And what is the shape of a future Pakatan government? DAP-PKR-PAS … in this order of strength.


(4) Once they get into power, isn’t true that they not only entrench themselves and aim for zero opposition – look at Selangor – but that they will do everything to arrogate more power unto themselves?

Hannah Yeoh to push for new law to make Selangor legislature more independent‘ (TMI, 6 June 2013)

They even want to take KL back into Selangor!

(5) Lim Guan Eng, in his open letter to DAP members published yesterday in Roketkini, said:

“Kita ingin menggesa pemimpin-pemimpin di semua negeri untuk datang ke Pulau Pinang bagi membiasakan diri mereka dengan pengurusan kerajaan sebagai sebahagian daripada persediaan kita untuk mengambil alih Putrajaya dalam masa 5 tahun.”

Kit Siang’s own son has declared that their party plans to “take over Putrajaya in 5 year’s time”. So in what way is Dr M mistaken about the DAP’s loudly trumpeted political ambitions?

(6) Can a religious minority be in control? Of course.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad belongs to the minority Alawite Muslims. Iraq’s late former president Saddam Hussein was a religious minority as well — a Sunni among the majority Shiite. a Shiite among the majority Sunni.

(7) Can an ethnic minority occupy the PM’s office in Putrajaya?

Obama is sitting in the White House.

The white votes were split with 4 out of every 10 white American voting for the Democrat, and 6 out of 10 white Americans voting for the Republican candidate.

Mitt Romney received more white votes but Obama got almost all the black votes as well as overwhelming support from the other Hispanic and Asian minorities. Obama got the presidency.

(8) Can the DAP overwhelm the majority?

Going into the election, the DAP had 150,000 members. MCA claimed to have a membership of one million. The party with the much, much greater number of members was obliterated.

The Christians who dominate the DAP leadership claim that they are only 9 percent of the general Malaysian population. Christians are not the majority in the Chinese community. Buddhist are.

But look at the Christian composition of the DAP Members of Parliament.

(9) The political machinery of the DAP, such as the Jerusubang media, is dominated by the ethnic and religious minority. You do not hear the Buddhist voice in the media. You do not see Buddhist temples organizing political activities like the churches do. The Buddhists are yet to produce a Bishop Paul Tan.

(10) Lim Kit Siang claims that Umno has 10,000 cybertroopers. Utusan claims that that 300 cybertroopers are on the Red Bean Army payroll.

It’s quite clear which is the majority and which is the minority between UMB and RBA.

Yet it is Guan Eng himself who boasted in his celebratory open letter to DAP members:

“… DAP also demonstrated that it possessed the best machinery, most prepared in terms of organization and able to deliver a rapid response to events unfolding daily”.

Talking about the power of the individual, it seems like perhaps Dr M is in a minority of one. Who else is maverick enough to put himself in the path of the DAP steamroller?

Updated: 11.48pm


Police report against Dr M, calling for sedition investigation

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47 thoughts on “Task of stopping DAP juggernaut rests on Dr M’s 88-year-old shoulders

  1. The irony is Najib’s biggest threat is not from the Chinese, or from the Indians, but from within. Mahathir is making his moves to sabotage and stab Najib in the back.

    I know most readers here are nostalgic for the iron fist of Mahathir. But times have changed. Mahathir-era hijinks like the ISA, clampdown on media, suppression of dissenters will not work with many voters today, especially the young voters. If Mahathir tries to run the country again, it will only hasten the end of the Barisan.

    As for Hannah Yeoh’s push to make the legislature more independent, isn’t that a good thing? Separation of powers is something we need.

    1. We are not nostalgic ,just appreciate Tun M contributions . Still wondering why Chinese gave the racist Tun M tremendous support back in 1999.

      We need independent juridicury as legislature is always independent in fact AC -DC should worry about Penang and Selangor as PR having more than 2/3 majority

    2. AC-DC,

      Dr Mahathir never tries to run the country again. He had ruled the nation for 22 years. He resigned at peak of his popularity.

      That shows character. Now compare that with Kit Siang. He has been there since the day of Tunku. First as the driver to Devan Nair.

      Unlike Najib, Dr Mahathir really understand “denyut nadi Melayu”. Najib does try too. But he has the habit of giving prominence to those who Malays consider waging war against them.

      Najib appointed Hindraf guy as Deputy Minister. and this guy is seen as hostile to Malays. Again why cant Najib appoints someone from KIMMA who is ever friendly to Malay community and to BN too.

      against advice, Najib abolished ISA. this is a bad move. Why be apologetic.

      Again, Najib puts SPR under the purview of Parliament. Is he saying SPR did not function well before this.

      as for Dr Mahathir, he is seen as to have a “thorough understanding” of DAP. He seems to be able to forewarn Malaysians on DAP’s racist attitude.

      1. Kimma cannot deliver Indian votes and is unable to solve the Indian problems.

        Also if the stateless Indians have their citizenship and other woes resolved before the next general election, then BN will get a new vote bank.

        Such a vote bank in exchange for one Deputy Ministerial seat is a fair price to pay. Plus it can quell the Indian working class disenchantment.

        1. What has Kimma ever done apart from making the occasional noise they want to be part of UMNO?

        2. Helen,

          I am not so sure about that. I am just curious why these stateless happen to be almost all of them Indian.

          My point is why Najib has the habit of rewarding “new friend” but ignoring time tested friend. The perception is real.

          1. I believe the natives in the interior are also affected (remote, inaccessible).

            However Indians find it more difficult to prove to the bureaucracy that they should rightly be Malaysians. With a Dayak or orang asli, there is less red tape b’cos the NRD would not question their legitimacy in the same way an Indian would be questioned.

            1. The more we all should and must be able to speak BM don’t we.

              The DAP Chinese also interrogating the so called Banglas (some could speak good Kantonis btw) with their toilet bowl BM, asking these Banglas to sing Negaraku and cite Rukun Negara (for which most of them don’t hold anyway) bagai. That is one way to determine, among other ways, of course.

              Imagine these Malaysian regardless of their ethnicities, speaks BM like average Malaysians, why and how else, would the NRD have doubts on them?

              Dayak and Orang Asli won’t face more red tape simply because of their BM proficiency and not their skin colour, I might want to highlight, although noted Helen, you did not say so.

              For an Indian who can’t speak and iota of BM, how else could the NRD do to verify them but none other than the long and winding road way, for we have pendatang Tamils from Sri Lanka (whom some are waiting in transit to go to Australia) and Tamils from India working in Malaysia (Money Changer, Indian Restaurants, Kedai Emas etc), who happens to speak good BM, I personally knew a number of them, better than the average Chinese Malaysians. Some of these Tamils are literally Pendatang Haram!

              Having said that, of course we want the government to rightfully awarded the citizenry to the rightful Malaysians. Nonetheless we must be extra careful not to start another ‘Jus Soli’ for these pendatangs. Malaysians interest must be held paramount.

              1. Islam1st,

                Yup. You articulated it very well.

                They claim they were born here. But they are not proficient in Bahasa Melayu. Plus on top of that, they simply are unable to explain why their parents did not register their births. No midwive record, no reference.

                And they are not able to explain or show supporting documents. No wonder, NRD is doubtful

              2. Salah UMNO and MCA. After so long in power, Malaysians still cannot speak Malays. Takkan nak salahkan DAP pulak. Kalau UMNO paksa, citizens have no choice.

                Najib tak kisah benda benda ni. He is more concerns on the need of the big businesses.

                1. Salah semua orang Malaysia sebab pandai baling batu sembunyi tangan dan pandai cakap sahaja sebab selagi tidak ada kena mengena dengan keluarga aku, aku tak akan buat apa-apa!
                  Bukan BN sahaja salah. PR pun salah. Parti-parti politik yang sudah terkubur juga salah.

                  Sebagai contoh, PAS punya kenyataan pasal peri penting Mandarin amatlah merugikan bangsa Malaysia. Memang Mandarin penting itu diakui, tetapi bukannya at the expense of BM. Period, no two way about it. Kalau PAS nak jadi hero pun, bekerjalah dalam kerangka Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Kalau dekat Sekolah Kebangsaan, tidak boleh belajar Mandarin ka?

                  Semua ahli politik dan rakyat Malaysia salah sebab membelakangkan secara terpilih mengikut perjuangan parti masing-masing Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Parti politik yang matang dan bagus akan bekerja dalam kerangka Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Kat Malaysia belum ada lagi! Mungkin kat Jerman kut. Rakyat Amerika pun menghormati perlembagaan mereka. Mana-mana yang memperlekehkan perlembagaan atau perlambangan negara akan dikecam habis-habisan. Di Malaysia ada orang nak jadi hero, pejuang agama konon, dengan membelakangkan persefahaman dan perjanjian sesama rakyat Malaysia yang jelas tertulis dan dikenali sebagai Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Malangnya itu pun akan orang ejek dan perlekehkan. Memang third world mentaliti betul!

                  Hendak seribu daya, Tak hendak seribu dalih. DAP dalam hal ini are no angels!

                  1. Politik di Malaysia masih belum matang. Yang memerintah dikatakan tak tau buat kerja, gila kuasa dan yang membangkang pula sukakan caci cerca dan huruhara. Mangsanya ialah rakyat jelata. Sedih lihat Malaysia MAKIN tidak bertamaddun.

      2. But Mahathir still remains behind the scenes, trying to overthrow Pak Lah, and now perhaps Najib.

        Najib knows that people need to get the impression that he is a reformer, so he removed the ISA (but replaced it with another law), and did some other window dressing reforms. Badawi did not follow up on his promises to carry out reforms. So he got “bad” results in 2008.

        1. As Dato Kadir Jasin said Tun M still holding golden key and you must understand why ? I still believe that Tun M still has powerful voice not just ‘akar umbi” UMNO but majority of Malay . Didn’t PAS ask Tun M to join them during confrontation with Tun Abdullah .

          LKS cannot match Tun M cause LKS doesn’t have direct contribution towards progress of the nation . Nobody can’t denied that UMNO , MCA and MIC negotiate our independent and that why DAP has to bring Chin Peng as national hero and why Chin Peng ? because DAP has nothing to claim.

    3. True. But Najib is not Malay majority now. He should step down. Najib is not UMNO. why is he still there? Faham-faham sendiri la. Now the whole UMNO leadership saying there should be no contest bla bla bla. apa ni Najib?

      Notice that DAP seems to tolerate Najib and KJ. Very fishy. DAP knows this two jokers will strengthen their hand come PRU14.

  2. Hi Helen,

    I seldom comment but I do read your blog daily.

    If I were Farid, I would have definitely taken you in to work with the Communication Team at the PMO.

    Granted that you might be almost exclusively blogging in response to DAP’s sinister political maneuvers but truth be told, you’re the only one who actually puts forward a credible rebuttal.

    Then again, knowing Farid, he would be intimidated not only by your exemplary writing skills – in English an Malay at that – but also by your well researched and well thought views, that he is scared you’d outshine him.

    Oh well.

  3. Iraq is majority-Shiite ruled by minority-Sunni under Saddam.
    Just to clarify.

  4. Power begets power or so evil begets evil ..Just how pathetic it looks that the whole DAP machinery right to the top echelon and the PKR too just couldnt let go a ‘minority’ comments on the blog. Did Dr M publish it in newspaper?

    Wow, talk about their commitment for fairness,freedom, no oppresion bla bla bla and all those first world aspiration..and they expect us to trust them..deeds speak louder than words especially when words with double standards

    1. Their wet dream is to somehow get Mahathir on something. Berpuluh – puluh tahun memendam perasaan. Pak Lah dah nak tolong puak-puak ni dah tanam Mahathir hidup hidup …alas, Mahathir tak tidur …….. one in hundred millions indeed.

  5. re : He accuses Dr M of being “so racist, reckless and irresponsible as to continue to try to set the Malays against the Chinese”.

    This is how far the LKS can go. Going further, he need to face tun M statement that “I already resign as a YB”. Than Tun will go for a killer by “When will you resign???” A question LKSand his ink don’t want to answer just yet.

    :D sarah

  6. ironic isn’t it ? when they can’t argue coherently, they revert to name calling and the you know what.

    no wonder the blogger Shuzheng call these people the white man’s coolies. when the white man was still in charge in Malaya, they toiled for them i.e worked as miners. after a certain period of time, they adopted certain traits of the white man, some even converted to Christianity.

    now after 55, 56 years of Merdeka, they have come full circle. is there any difference between these descendants of coolies and the white man ? rather than pointing the differences, let’s point out the one similarity these descendants of the coolies and the white man have in common. when looking at the world = world view, they look through racial lines while sugar coating their perversity through the language of “equality”.

    racism = the disease of the white man.

    1. Speaking of Shuzeng, Helen, any back story between you and him, for ignoranamous like me ahh?

      He seems to have a lot to say about you?

      Jangan marah ye, Helen, out of curiosity (kills the cat)?

      1. Pasti anda cukup arif untuk menilai sendiri, kan, yang mana hak dan yang mana batil? Tak pernah pun saya menyebut namanya dalam blog ini. Sebaliknya dia yang cukup obses.

  7. DAP Pakatan ingin sorokkan hakikat 90 – 97% kaum Cina mempunyai mimpi yang sama untuk jatuhkan UMNO ketika PRU13. Kini mereka takut akan tindak balas Melayu bila cita-cita dan impian mereka tidak kesampaian, niat dan usaha mereka pula terserlah.

    Malangnya Dr.M juga memperkatakan isu yang sama. Sekarang ini Dr.M menjadi musuh nombor satu bagi mereka. Tetapi siapa ada dibelakang beliau? Yang menyokong dan membantunya. Adakah hanya blogger2 dan komentor picisan saja? Yang lain semuanya berkecuali?

    Dan ke mana Rekonsiliasi National? Siapa yang patut mulakan dulu? Najib lagi?

    1. re: “ke mana Rekonsiliasi National?”

      They do not want national reconciliation. They want blood.

    2. Qalam Qabut,

      Yup. They have everything. Everything except one thing called “political power”.

      Lim Dynasty will be complete with PR( or specifically DAP) assuming political power. Anwar and moronic PAS are just tools to conquer Putrajaya. Anwar must be kidding himself that he will be the PM should PR take over.

      Mark my word. The first casualty should(Allah forbid) should they take power are the Malay Rulers. they are the first to go.

      Why on earth keep a monarchy system that keeps reminding the world that this is originally a “malay land”.

      1. Heh heh heh… I’ll try not to mark your word…
        Just wondering though… if Pakatan won the election in PRU14, will Lim Dynasty rule? Or PM (Power Mad) Anuar? Or one would be the king and the other PM?

    1. Assingkiri,

      It is simple actually. Najib has the habit of “listening” to those individuals who maintain “lukewarm” attitude towards malays.

      He simply refused advices by Malay community that correctly predicted that Chinese will abandon BN in totality.

      At the end of the day, GTP, ETP, 1Malaysia, Blue Ocean did not carry votes. I must say again and again the only thing that stops DAP from power are efforts by these “unglamorous makcik makcik UMNO”.

      YOu simply have to see how they worked tirelessly to convince Malay women to vote for UMNO.

      At tyhe end of the day, the thing that work is the time tested old method especially from Wanita UMNO.

      As for Najib, this is what one UMNO member from Ampang said”

      Buat apalah terhegeh hegeh pujuk orang Cina. Nampak macam bodoh pula”.

      He just said the truth. Najib(sorry to say) looks like an idiot with his stubborn attitude of rejecting advises from Malay community.

      1. najib ni kira golongan yg lahir with a silver spoon in his mouth. dia tak rasa apa yg org biasa rasa. sama mcm Tunku abdul rahman, ada puak yg dok cetus huru hara dan berniat tak baik dgn rakyat, dia ingat semua orang baik macam yg selalu kawan dgn dia. Naive sangat. atau just too privileged to have any sense of empathy. Bezanya Mahathir anak org biasa yg nampak problem that rakyat faced during his time. That is his motivation and driving power. The fact that he UNDERSTOOD.

  8. Tun…masih dengan ‘perjuangan yang belum selesai’…
    mudah2an Tun dipanjangkan umur sehinggalah DAP berkubur selama-lamanya!
    Hidup Tun!

  9. “Still wondering why Chinese gave the racist Tun M tremendous support back in 1999.”

    ASH, I do not know your background, so I will try to put in a layman terms as much as possible for the benefits of other young readers.

    Malaysia, as well as Asian countries, went into recession in 1997/1998 due to heavy selldown on Asian currencies (currency attack) by currency traders. That’s the reason the 1997/1998 recession is referred to as Asian currency crisis. At the time, Anwar was the finance minister.

    Old economic theory suggests raising interest rates to defend the currency. Anwar did that. Costs of borrowing went up over 15%, in some cases. Despite the higher rates, the Ringgit continued to weaken (the Ringgit hit RM4-RM5 per USD1.00). So, many businessmen went bankrupt, people lost their houses, and the value of investments went down.

    So, TDM fired Anwar. Then, fixed the Ringgit at RM3.80 per USD1.00 and lowered interest rates. These were against IMF prescriptions but by doing so, he stopped Malaysia from going deeper into recession. Businesses were saved and borrowers were relieved.

    Come 1999 election, the malays were still upset over Anwar’s black eyes incident (only if they know the real story). The Chinese, on the other hand, was so grateful of what TDM did to “save” them during the crisis. Almost every Chinese that I met/knew then were full of praises of TDM. You should have seen how many Chinese turned up at TDM hari raya opened house that year with tears in their eyes, thanking TDM.

    In my opinion, that’s how TDM gained support from the chinese in 1999 and lost Malay support. Even today, one of my Chinese colleague is still upset with Anwar. He’s a stunched DAP supporter that he would never vote BN. His way of showing his appreciation to TDM in 1999 was not voting at all.

    1. AJJ,

      This is another mistake. Never in history that BN ever got more than half of Chinese votes.

      Even in 1999, with Anwar’s sacking and Malays split literally right in the middle, bulk of Malays still voted UMNO. Check your fact. in 1999, we can safely said only 30 to 40% of chinese voters voted BN. So, it is misleading to say Chinese carried the flag of BN in that election. The truth is that beside the uproar and world attention on anwar’s sacking( making it appears that Malays are equally split) , majority of Malay votes went to UMNO safe for Trengganu.

      The same goes for 2004 election.

      The habit of saying Chinese carried the day for BN in 1999 or 2004 is misleading. It is the Malays (in this election) around 70 to 80% voted UMNO.

      in 2013, I believe around 70 to 80% Malays voted UMNO. In Ampang as an example, UMNO gets the lion share of Malay votes. But PKR won as around 40% of voters(non Malays) are solid for PKR.

      only in 2013, we can say that Chinese TOTALLY abandonned BN. But Malays (due to their ability to see what DAP is up to) saved the day for Najib.

      And we have an interesting situation like in Perak where 30 seats are won by UMNO out of 31 seats by BN . Just enough to form the government.

      1. “And we have an interesting situation like in Perak where 30 seats are won by UMNO out of 31 seats by BN . Just enough to form the government.”

        And yet Pala (menang with mere 400 over votes) bising-bising, nak sabotaj BN Perak kalau MIC tak dapat speaker! Memang mengada betul. Kawasan sendiri pun tak boleh jaga, lagi nak demand, siap bagi ultimatum lagi!

        Orang macam ini liabiliti buat BN!

  10. let’s all rally behind Tun M and support what he says! and help dispel those awful cybertroopers who kept placing horrible and malicious remarks on his blog/ fb fanpage by telling them off.

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