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Umno kena hentam left, right and Sabah

DAP wants Umno dead. Now which part of this simple message does Umno fail to understand?

Ask yourself: When has ever, in the history of the Alliance-BN, an MCA candidate lost his deposit?

Now look at the two telegrams below.



Both the MCA death notices were sent from Penang.

Menurut beliau, anak muda Cina Pulau Pinang banyak dipengaruhi oleh cara dan sikap Lim Guan Eng. […] Stail dia macam gangster. Tingkah laku dan cara cakap kasar macam pejuang jalanan. Orang ramai melihat pemimpin mereka begitu dan ikut sama. Patutlah bekas timbalannya panggil Guan Eng samseng …”

The excerpt above about Penang streetfighters is taken from a 6 June 2013 Berita Harian article titled ‘Pembangkang merakyatkan sikap biadab‘.


Apa lagi DAP mahu?

Lim Kit Siang declared:

” … my message to DAP and Pakatan Rakyat leaders, member and supporters is that there is no time for rest as we must work immediately to achieve what we failed in the 13GE.”

— ‘DAP targets 13 Sabah seats in GE14 action plan‘ (TMI, 8 June 2013)

Ini kali, Sabah lah

In Sabah, according to Kit Siang, Pakatan could have done better and won 4 more parliament as well as 8 more DUN seats if not for the split votes caused by three- and four-cornered fights among the opposition candidates.

In truth, there is no state currently where the BN is secure.


In Sarawak, DAP won 5 Parliament seats to the PBB’s 14.

DAP alone has one-third the seats of Taib Mahmud’s party. And now it is casting its eye on the Borneo interior.

Read ‘Chong heads Sarawak DAP, eyes rural seats‘ (The Sun Daily, 9 June 2013); DAP is seriously considering to set up Radio Ubah (FMT, 10 June 2013). DAP has already established Ubah.TV, by the way.

DAP is treating its expansionary politics into the rural areas with the same cutthroat efficiency that characterizes Chinese business acumen.


In Johor, DAP won 4 Parliament seats to Umno’s 15.

DAP’s strength is almost one-third that of Umno’s in fortress Johor. Considering that DAP has gained a strong foothold in the southern state and its Iskandar region following the party’s sterling performance in GE13, you can expect more fillip to the DAP powerhouse over the next 5 years.

In short, after the Chinese tsunami, BN no longer has fixed deposit states. Not even in the Malay-concentrated ones.

That’s why Kit Siang’s son can be so confident as to echo the father’s ambition “to win the federal government in Putrajaya”; Guan Eng urged “party members to be ready to rule Putrajaya after the next general election” in recent his open letter.


The greening of Terengganu

The electoral map above shows how Terengganu morphed from being

  • an all blue Umno state in 2004
  • to holding Marang (PAS president Hadi Awang’s Parliament seat in 2008)
  • to gaining 4 Parliament seats (coloured green) in 2013


PAS and Umno are equally strong in Terengganu. PAS contested 29 state seats and won 14, a bit less than half. Umno contested 31 seats and won 17. A bit more than half.

Presently BN and PAS each hold 4 Terengganu Parliament seats.

More significantly though, PAS won the Parliament seat of Kuala Terengganu, the state capital.

The Parliament wins by Umno are in the comparatively more rural areas of Terengganu (see map) and reflective of the trend nationwide that has led its detractors to call Umno a “kampung party”.


The ratio in the Terengganu state legislative assembly is 17:15 — Umno has 17 seats to Pakatan’s 15 (14 PAS + 1 PKR).

Should there be a by-election in an Umno ward and if the incumbent party were to lose, then both sides would be deadlocked at 16-16.


Kuala Nerus, Parliament

Terengganu is a good case study because it escaped the Chinese tsunami there. Of all the states in Malaysia, Terengganu is the one with the lowest percentage (2.6%) of Chinese inhabitants.

Kuala Nerus is the constituency bordering the small, developed Kuala Terengganu and under the same administrative district. It was the most closely fought.

In this purely Malay vs Malay fight where the Chinese voters were a negligible one percent, victory still went to PAS. However the majority of 610 votes obtained by the PAS candidate is lower than the number of spoilt votes (770).


Kuala Nerus is very young

Some parts of Kuala Nerus is fairly ‘urban’ while other parts remain semi-rural. It is a Parliamentary constituency which has 4 state seats, out of which PAS won 3 and Umno, one.

The outcome was a nail-biting finish, to say the least. PAS won the Teluk Pasu DUN with a majority of 109 (spoilt votes were 196), the Tepuh DUN with a majority of 229 (spoilt votes were 220), and the Bukit Tunggul DUN with a majority of 652.

In 2008, the situation was reversed with Umno winning 3 DUNs and PAS one.

The most interesting aspect of Kuala Nerus in GE13 is its extremely high percentage of young voters. A total 31 percent of its electorate are under the age of 30!

Altogether, 56 percent of Kuala Nerus voters are under the age of 40 (see pie chart, above)

Kuala Nerus also saw an increase of 24,701 voters, i.e. from 51,537 in 2008 to 76,238 in 2013. Thus 32.4 percent of Kuala Nerus electors were the constituency’s first-time voters on 5 May 2013.

It is most likely that these new electors voted for the opposition, PAS. This follows from the logic that Umno had won Kuala Nerus in 2004 and 2008.

Previously in 1999, the constituency had elected a youngish PAS man.

Kuala Nerus will be one of the Malay seats up for grabs in the next general election.

The results in Terengganu is something that the Umno war room must factor as it illustrates how precarious the balance is in the Malay heartland as well as the significant impact of urbanization and a young demography.

Aside from the urban wave, Umno is being hit by the young wave too — and no Chinese to blame here in Kuala Nerus, yah.


Big threat to the BN

PKR has turned out to be the most ‘centre’ party in the peninsula. In the Parliamentary constituencies (excluding Sabah and Sarawak) where there are between 30% and 50% Chinese voters, PKR holds 21 seats and DAP 8 compared to Umno’s 15 and MCA’s 5 (table here).

The clear and present danger to BN is the spread of the Gospel of Jerusubang.

Through it, the DAP is city harvesting the young and even young Malays through fitnah (see TMI below).

It’s easier to hoodwink the young through social media.

All GE13 racism originated from BN, Kit Siang claims

“All GE13 racism originated from BN” — the opposition single out Dr Mahathir as their public enemy No.1

Clash of civilizations

The force of Jerusubang is that it has all the slick sophistry of Christendom behind the evangelistas. Indeed some of the organizations that front for Pakatan, such as Bersih, are recipients of Western funding.

BN was hammered left, right and centre because her Umno generals were caught flatfooted.

Najib Razak was actually and truly shocked at the GE13 results. Giving his press conference in the early hours of May 6 after the results were announced, he said:

“I expected it but I did not expect it to this extent. None of us expected it to this extent. But despite the extent of the swing against us, BN did not fall.”

Tu lah. Najib ditipu hidup-hidup oleh MCA dan The Star.

Here is how Tun Daim Zainuddin dissected the Chinese tsunami:

“If I know, then surely BN knows that the Chinese majority areas were gone. Why waste time and money? As a strategy, you should concentrate on those areas where you lost by slim majorities in 2008 and strengthen the seats you won in 2008.”

Tun Daim knew. I also knew. Even the kopitiam char koay teow seller knew that the Chinese wife had sneaked out the BN house in the dead of night.

So how come the Malay husband is the last to know? (Laaah, if you keep reading The Jerusubang Star, pasti akan terus diperdaya dan diperbodohkan sampai bila-bila.)


Umno ni pakai baju besi ke?

“It all begins with a snip here & a snip there,” says Fakin’ Fake Calvin, a regular commenter at this blog.

“And when you’re complacent and comfy, you’ll never see the stab of the scissors between your shoulder blades.” FF Calvin is remarking on how The Star last Sunday was “really plunging the scissors” into Shen Yee Aun for his cardinal sin of exposing the Red Bean Army.

Another commenter Mas cautioned, “Enemy within is always the most dangerous and the most vicious. Poor SYA. Whipped by Red Beans and snipped by Scissoratis.” (note: spelling Scissorati, no ‘s’)

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

Screenshot above: Scissorati taking a stab at Utusan

Apa ciri Perang Salib?

Mas is correct in her comment to say they’re “vicious”. That is the primary trait of the Evangelista Bintang Tiga.

This Evangelista Bintang Tiga viciousness is coupled with malice.

Shen Yee Aun says the DAP cybertroopers are “ruthless”.

He says: “I am fighting every day. It is a psychological war and they just want to break one’s spirit and discredit the person.”

He also says: “The Red Bean Army manipulated, slandered and created lies about my friends, my family and me. They have started to harass my brother that he is scared to use our surname Shen!”

He adds that his friends have been slandered as prostitutes and he is being called a pimp.

Dapsters are indeed capable fabricating the most outrageous lies as if slander were something mass-manufactured off the assembly line.


What the BN is up against

The BN is enmeshed in a battle for its life.

Najib said he “did not expect it to this extent”.

Well, he should have.

Just pause a minute and ponder on the pembohongan dan cakap berbelit-belit of the evengelistas over the kalimah Allah issue. Then you will realise just what kind of people they are. Sampai Tuhan pun mereka sanggup gadaikan.

We’re up for an electoral boundaries re-delineation exercise soon.

Remember that Pakatan won the popular vote because they have the sardine-packed constituencies.

The Subang Jaya DUN has 61,688 voters which is more than many Parliamentary constituencies. Damansara Utama has 53,394 voters. The Jerusubangites can agitate for both these DUNs to be upgraded to become Parliament seats based on population size (Pagoh, the Parliament seat of deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin, for instance, has only 46,793 voters).

BN has slid from having 140 federal seats in 2008 to 133 seats in 2013. What is the fate of the BN in 2018 should new urban seats be carved out that are populated by Jerusubangites?

The Star is the staunchest supporter of the DAP evangelistas. Its slanted and biased reporting is evident in the typical deflection and cover up on behalf of the Chinese opposition — see ‘No Red Bean Army manning online campaign, reiterates DAP’ (The Sunday Star, 9 June 2013).

You can read also FF Calvin and Mas’s comments in full @ ‘The Scissorati’.

In the next general election, BN will not only be battling DAP, PKR and PAS but also the other covert components of Pakatan such as The Star. In GE14, the Umno president can no longer say he “did not expect it to this extent”. By then it will be too late as Umno would be occupying the opposition benches.

And as we’ve seen with Penang and Selangor, once power is in DAP hands, it’s impossible to get it back.


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42 thoughts on “Umno kena hentam left, right and Sabah

  1. There is no two way about. Umno and pas have to join forces to ensure tanah melayu remains in tangan melayu. Hidup melayu

  2. Man proposes. God disposes. This is the formula for the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties to win again in the 14th General Elections. Back to the drawing boards if any the Opposition consisting of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the very rich PKR and the very pious PAS !

  3. Jika Najib kata “tak sangka begitu teruk sekali,” bermakna kefrusatan (frustration) yang menghantuinya juga begitu teruk. Pasti sudah habis daya usahanya untuk mengambil hati pengundi Cina. Jika sudah habis, berhentilah setakat itu. Ambil hati pengundi yang menyokongnya pula. Ada 70% pengundi lain yang boleh diusahakan.

    Seingat saya Helen sendiri pernah buat ramalan mengenai ‘Chinese Tsunami’ ini pada tahun lepas lagi.

    Mungkin Najib tidak membaca tulisan anda. Atau adakah dia dan/atau penasihatnya memandang enteng?

    Helen nak masuk dalam Najib punya Damage Control Team? : )

    1. :)

      Saya nak pihak berkuasa mengambil tindakan tegas dalam menangani kegiatan-kegiatan sibertrooper yang menabur fitnah di merata-rata serta merekayasa cerita palsu yang bertujuan menjatuhkan nama seseorang mangsa mereka.

      Saya juga mahu kepimpinan tertinggi BN sedar akan peranan yang dimainkan The Star dalam membelai dan mendodoi si Evangelista Bintang Tiga. The Scissorati adalah sebahagian daripada jaringan Jerusubang DAP SuperCyber Bully.

      1. simple je solution Helen. Najib dan UMNO deserves this. Clueless till today. Stilll in denial.

        Palanivel gaduh ngan MB Perak. Self destruct button has been pushed. Najib is loosing control and fast.

        For BN to have a chance, he has to go. BN liability currently is Najib, his advisors and Rosmah.

    2. Qalam Qabut,

      The problem with Najib is that he likes to ignore many advices the Malays have been telling him.

      Take the case of his suggestion that SPR be put under Paliamentary Committee after decades of Majlis Raja Raja’s purview.

      It is equivalent to opening the gate to manipulation from PR. What is so wrong with SPR under the purview of Majlis Raja raja. The problem is not impartiality of SPR. The messy situation is due to Anwar’s refusal to accept reality that he lost the election. And more painful to him is global recognition on Najib’s wining the election.

      Long before Najib mentioned “chinese Tsunami”, Malays has been warning him not to be “terhegeh hegeh” dishing goodies to chinese as Malays , naive they could be, but they could read the sign that Chinese would not have returned the favour.

      And my prediction comes true. And it is really a tragedy as the prime Minister did not see what majority of Malays have been seeing.

      Najib realises he is in difficult position. Yet he simply refuses the advices from time tested loyal voters, the Malay. Had not for them, BN would have toppled. It is these simple yet under appreciated voter who blocked DAP from assuming power.

      As i said earlier something is not right in AG’s office. Why no action against slandering by Nizar, Tony pua, . Howe long we have to wait before those traitors on Lahad Datu engagement be brought to court.

      Anwar met Misuari before the Lahad datu case. Now everyone knows he met Misuari not to talk about Manchester United or replenish stocks of :coffee boys or global warming.

      How long to prepare a case? 300 years? But surprise surprise. AG was so fast in respomding to Dr khir’s writing.

      “kalau aku jadi Menteri Dalam Negeri, aku tangkap budak astro yang fitnah pasal lampu terpadam di bentong. Aku tak akan lepas. Pancung pun tak apa”

      Exactly that is the way to deal with a situation. One useless boy (astro guy) beheaded. And lesson learnt.

      Who care hoot about condemnation? Show your authority.

      Were I to be the prime Minister, Blackout 505 is a good reason to sent the troops to Penang and topple the govt. I will do it. and I will show no mercy to those who “fitnah”.

      Remember what sultan Mahmud did to those who “slander’.

      Refusal to act to defend the truth is not a sign of maturitry. It is a sign of weak character.

      1. “”Were I to be the prime Minister, Blackout 505 is a good reason to sent the troops to Penang and topple the govt. I will do it. and I will show no mercy to those who “fitnah”.””

        And why not Kelantan? Or Selangor?

        Sorry Shamsul, but this is not Nazi Germany where you can be a dictator and ‘Ikut Suka Aku’.

        1. Sorry ACDC it surely “is not Nazi Germany where you can be a dictator and ‘Ikut Suka Aku’”, haven’t you know already?
          Fail la U!
          Just look at AI and LGE…Got it? No ahh? Fail la U!!!

        2. Nazi Germany? Shamsul said we have to be decisive according to the law. Implement kena aggressive sikit.

          Nazi Germany?!? … What are you talking about. These days, sikit – sikit Nazi Germany.

          Najib has to go. Really annoying. Pak Lah tidur. Si Najib ni worst… sibuk baiki labu.

          1. If you fellows didn’t blindly support tin kosongs like Ibrahim Ali and Zul, or try to sabotage Najib, or scream about the Chinese, Indians, and non Islams while Najib was pitching his 1Malaysia, then things may have been better for BN.

            Decisive? That’s not decisive. That is being ‘rash’ (tergopoh-gapah). Barisan Nasional has to adapt to the times or it will be left alone by GE14, and not think of going back to the so-called good-ol-days of Mahathir.

  4. PR has successfully influenced the youth. PR is now going after the rural voters. What is UMNO doing? More and more BR1M until 2020? Don’t know lah. These days, if I meet one new person who is a BN supporter, I feel like hitting a jackpot.

    UMNO and PAS working together? Kena cari bomoh Siam to make that happen, I think. PAS supporters do not seem to mind at all that DAP are riding on them. They do not care about progress. They do not want all the worldly possessions. They just want to prepare for an afterlife. A sad state of the Malays, actually.

    1. re: “These days, if I meet one new person who is a BN supporter, I feel like hitting a jackpot.”

      LOL. Imagine if you were a Chinese like me and furthermore living in a Chinese area.

      1. 6 units including my own on my floor. 5/6 are Chinese myself included with the other a Malay. 3/5 Chinese are DAP members with the other a supporter but not a member. The Malay? Hard core PKR. The DAP members & PKR supporter even car pooled to KJ Stadium for the rally.

        Life is hard for us Chinese BN supporters. Over a year now but they have yet to give up hope to convert me. They’ve avoided calling me a traitor but their insinuations that “I’m not doing the Chinese a favor”, “supporting a murderous PM means complicity” etc etc is honestly tiresome.

        1. LOL again. I’ve noticed the BN Chinese gravitating to my blog of late. This happened at some point in the timeline though I can’t finger the milestone.

          Misery loves company? What can we 10 percenters do to raise our profile?

          1. “What can we 10 percenters do to raise our profile?”

            Stand up to the hardliners in UMNO and don’t suck up to their whims.

    2. Just give what PAS wants. Pandering to PS is in order. However, Najib simply and utterly incapable of doing this. Dia jadi melayu the first 12 tahun of his life je. Apa melayu mahu pun dia tak tahu.

      UMNO truly doomed should his weak leadership continues. anak gajah dah jadi bapak gajah, masih tak nampak.

      Mana boleh harap undi simpati melayu forever. Untuk PAS hendak dapat undi melayu sebenarnya tak susah and PAS strategists know this.

  5. These Firsters really hate UMNO so much that there are wiling to change the history of Penang.

    They complaint the book portrayed the Penang Chinese (Sg Bakap) of the 1920s take opium. It is true. Peoople those days take opium like Penanglang (who are UMNO hates and DAP worshippers) today drink Starbucks at Tg Tokong Drive in.

    Or do they want this version. Penanglang were into Jesus that they prayed 12 times a day and they tithed twice than required by God. To appease Buddha Penang lang ate vegetarian and fasted every other day on top of praising Jesus. Penang lang occasionally ate the apple as eating apple may lead to illicit sex like what happened to Adam and Eve.

    Alas, all changed when an evil wizard called Mahathir introduced the hedonistic lifestyle of Geisha and all Penang lang became sinful.

    These people bitch over a book they have not read. I have read this book. Well really the book is as boring as a trip to Penang.

  6. They went all out to murder BN… and MCA succumed mainly due to greed as Anwar managed to hoodwink them into thinking that Putrajaya is already in their hands.

    The Tsunami Cina is a blessing in disguise… for the Bumiputras.

    BTW the Penang bridge incident is a sad sad accident, hardly a month after GE13, kalau ikut kepercayaan orang Cina brings bad omen izit?

    Orang Kampung Moden

    1. RINA,

      If there is one thing that “chinese Tsunami” that benefits the malays , then it must be the fact that Bn still rule Malaysia despite almost total rejection by chinese voters.

      So, Najib have his job much easier. No need to allow additional Chinese schools.

      Why? As They (the chinese) do not want BN, why must they be helped the same way Malays are helped.

  7. masalahnya orang2 yg dalam UMNO ni sekarang bodoh :( serious saya katakan, macam diaorang either tak ambil tahu, atau tak memandang serius tentang hal ni.

    Najib asyik dikeliling oleh consultantnya yang jelas tidak memberi nasihat yang betul. Dia sendiri tak sedar ke hal ni atau mengambil jalan mudah hanya mau ‘berniat baik’? Jangan lupa, Tunku Abdul Rahman mengambil cara berniat baik dan kehilangan Singapura, dan kemudiannya Tanah Melayu dilanda peristiwa 13 Mei.

    Kalau BN kalah GE14 (saya pasti this will be the case is UMNO continues the way it is now) the blame is not solely on DAP, UMNO juga bersalah kerana tidak mengendahkah bahaya yang jelas di depan mata!

    1. “Najib asyik dikeliling oleh consultantnya yang jelas tidak memberi nasihat yang betul.”

      Siapakah gerangan Consultant tu?

      Note: Dah baca kat Unspinner

    2. True. Kena salahkan UMNO dulu. DAP will always be DAP. Kita tak boleh marah diorang.

    1. More like UMNO tipu MCA.

      Pandang kanan, kata “1Malaysia”

      Pandang kiri, sokong Perkasa, Zul, dan Ibrahim Ali

    2. Not really. UMNO leadership still in power in Govt and GLCs.

      Melayu kebanyakan dan cina kebanyakan yang kena tipu oleh UMNO dan DAP.

  8. UMNO and BN should come to term and faced the political reality that even if Pakatan had failed to capture Putrajaya in the last PRU13, the Opposition had made tremendous encroachment into BN’s traditionally stronghold in most of the urban and semi urban constituencies. We should not deny that DAP had emerged as a strong political force in the opposition pact that will checkmate the political power base of UMNO/BN and could perform better in the next general election.

    UMNO/BN have to change and not to be exclusively in their policies against the Chinese, Indians and others in their rights to protect the national interests of the Malays. PM Najib’s political transformation within UMNO and to a certain extent in BN should be taken seriously by the new generation of leaders in order to check the onslaught of the opposition, especially DAP in the preparation for the next 14th general election.

    1. Mustapha,

      The solution is there right staring at our face. UMNO must sop the habit of leaving matters on Chinese to MCA and Gerakan. These 2 parties are rejected by Chinese themselves.

      Engage with everyone without being seen as “terhegeh hegeh”. Just as UMNO needs Chinese support, the opposite is real too.

      For a start, in Perak, Dr Zambri must appoint one UMNO ADUN as Speaker. That shows seriousness. No problem if an MIC ADUN wants to be Speaker. Just win the seat first in the election.

      Be firm on principles.

      The truth is that just as DAP and PKR make inroad, so does UMNO. And that was proven with UMNO taking over kedah and increases its seat in Kelantan. No doubt there are serious challenges in Trengganu, Selangor.

      If UMNO wants a hrealty political climate, it must punish those who slander . Example Rafizi with his :fitna” on kapal selam.

      Why no action taken? Again. something is not right in AG’s office.

      1. re: “For a start, in Perak, Dr Zambri must appoint one UMNO ADUN as Speaker. That shows seriousness. No problem if an MIC ADUN wants to be Speaker. Just win the seat first in the election.”

        BN holds only a very slim simple majority in the Perak DUN.

        (a) If the Speaker is appointed from the ranks of the Umno Aduns, then BN will have 29 Umno and 1 MCA voices on the floor.

        (b) If the Speaker is appointed from the ranks of the unelected MIC, then BN will have 30 Umno and 1 MCA voices on the floor.

        In the current situation where the BN lacks a convincing majority in the Perak DUN, unlike Selangor and Penang where Pakatan have a 2/3 majority, then option (b) makes things safer for the BN in the Dewan.

    2. Tuan Mustapha Ong,

      Sorry to ask, do you have any connection with the so called ‘famous’ najib’s consultant aka golden boy, that also carry surname ‘Ong”?

  9. terus terang dan minta maaf lah cakap …bagi saya najib dan ketua2 umno yang bodoh dalam hal ini … cuba kita tengok peranan pemuda , puteri umno dan wanita umno …. zaman penuh dugaan ni patutnya umno agresif bergerak tapi melihat senario sekarang sungguh sedih … Khairy patut melepaskan jawatan sebagai ketua pemuda kerana kegagalan menarik sokongan orang muda …kalah menang tu biasa tapi walau kalah biarlah kalah setelah penat berusaha bukan kalah kerana usaha yang hangat2 taik ayam …saya sebenarnya nak tengok dengan post menteri sekarang lagi2 menteri belia dan sukan kalau dia masih gagal gerakkan pemuda untuk tarik dan daftarkan pengundi muda secara agrsif eloklah dia berhenti saja …

    lagi satu masalah wanita dan puteri umno …saya tak tau apa yang consultant2 dan najib fikir bila kebanyakkan urusan wanita di dominasi oleh isteri beliau , sungguh kecil peranan wanita dan puteri umno masa kini …ini bukan pandangan saya saja tapi juga ramai lagi ..cuba buka tv tengok urusan wanita pasti banyak muka itu saja yang keluar … bagi saya PR bukannya kuat sangat tapi umno sendiri yang lembab dengan strategi yang sungguh bodoh …ambil nasihat dari mereka yang bijak dan luas pengalaman macam Tun Daim bukan consultant2 yang perasan pandai tu

    1. The buck stops at Najib. Please be ‘negarawan ulung’ and take responsibility.

  10. I would like to ask readers this question. in the event that PR win, who is going to blink first ? Pas or DAP ? Islamic State vs Chinese Chauvinism ?

    1. DAP will dominate. They are more aggressive. PAS has ruled Kelantan for decades but DAP is the loudest even though they only ruled one term.

    2. There is no such thing as Islamic state. Umayyah, Abbasiah, Othmaniah pun bukan ‘Islamic state’. More like clan ruled empires.

      As such, PAS cannot actually articulate what they actually want. Dapat pangkat sikit, diam lah diorang. Definitely Jerusubang controlled.

  11. I welcome a stronger opposition in the Parliament though I support the current government. BN should just say ‘to hell with the 90% Cina’ and focus on the groups that support it.

    Anyway I doubt PR will win the GE. Two things that prevented me from voting for them; their choice for PM and their loose coalition. Moreover PKR, DAP and PA will self destruct when Anwar, LKS, Hadi and Nik Aziz are no longer around. So no worries for me.

    1. True. But we want a functioning democracy, not this silliness. Easily 2% worth of GDP shaves off every year.

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