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Gerakan should preferably be absorbed into the DAP

This posting follows on from ‘Kit Siang’s latest salvo at Dr M’.

Reading the DAP supremo somehow gives me the impression that his party’s multiracial scheme of things would be able to accommodate Gerakan perfectly well.

Lim Kit Siang’s press statement today (discussed in my previous posting) had targetted Dr Mahathir. His press statement yesterday carried the same focus too and was titled ‘Dr Mahathir should look within himself and within his own party Umno to discover who the real “racists” are’.

Below are excerpts from Kit Siang’s challenge to Dr M.

LKS: “Rather than pointing the finger at the DAP, Dr Mahathir should ask himself how many non-Malay leaders have been elected or appointed into the Umno Supreme Council to answer the question of who the real racists are.”

As we’re aware, Dr M is the patron of Perkasa. Gerakan has had several skirmishes with Perkasa. Gerakan thinks that Perkasa is racist. DAP thinks that Dr M is racist.

Hey, Gerakan and DAP have something in common there!

LKS: “One can only guess if Dr Mahathir’s post-GE13 barrage against the Chinese and the DAP is driven by his own blind prejudices or by fears that his true legacy will be revealed for all to see if Pakatan wins power in Putrajaya or by growing senility or perhaps all of the above.”

[Note: About Kit Siang’s below-the-belt hit alluding to Dr M’s “growing senility”, well, now we know that the fruit does not fall far from the tree. The son takes after the father and their evangelista coterie takes after the Father and Son.]

DAP thinks that Utusan is guilty of Chinese-bashing. Gerakan thinks that Utusan is guilty of Chinese-bashing.

Woohoo, another thing that those two multiracial parties have in common.

LKS: “This domination by Umno will only grow as it loses confidence in its coalition partners’ ability to deliver seats.” / “PKR, DAP and PAS are co-equals at the table unlike the BN. There is a genuine negotiation between all three parties unlike the BN.”

Kit Siang accuses Umno’s domination of the BN as undermining the confidence of the minority races in the ruling party.

The sentiments in Gerakan are the same.

LKS: “The only way for us to move away from ‘racial polarization’ is not to continue to support the BN but to look at Pakatan as the hope for the future …”

DAP’s hope for a future Malaysia without “racial polarization” as well as their noble struggle for the rights of all Malaysians “regardless of race, language, religion and background” sounds like the Gerakan playbook.

Geez, come to think of it, DAP and the Penang-based Gerakan do sound like twins, huh?

The latest developments

As we’re aware, the MCA is now trying to backpedal on their rejection of government posts.

Ditto Gerakan.

Gerakan would discuss the matter of accepting government posts at the party’s next central committee meeting scheduled for the third week of June, said its acting president Chang Ko Youn.

He told reporters that the decision to reject the posts made on May 11 was too hasty and too soon, and that MCA and Gerakan should instead accept the government posts offered so as to carry on with the BN government’s transformation.

It is Chang who famously proposed that all the BN parties should combine — see ‘Gerakan proposes BN components merge to form one party‘ in the NST.

He said:

“We feel that all (BN) component parties should go for the non-racial line, as the merging of these parties including those in Sabah and Sarawak will be able to give a new image to BN in order to win back public support and ensuring unity among party members.”

Unlike the BN components of Umno, MCA, MIC, PBB and Upko, Gerakan is already “non-racial”. Like how the DAP is “non-racial” too.

If the BN components reject the Gerakan proposal, then Gerakan should just go ahead and merge into the non-racial DAP. They are identikits of each other.

Welcome mat for Gerakan

The DAP is receptive to Gerakan if we are to take a clue from the latest feelers to come out of the Penang Institute.

The Penang Institute is a (purported) think-tank chaired by Lim Guan Eng and funded by the Penang state government. The Penang Institute CEO is Zairil Khir Johari and its senior executive officer is Steven Sim, the DAP MP for Bukit Mertajam.

An article from the Penang Institute titled ‘A divorce from the BN… should Gerakan heed such calls?’ suggests that:

“To remain relevant and to re-affirm its original multi-racial nature as propounded by its forefathers, a breakaway from the claws of the BN is necessary …”

The Penang Institute article on 7 June 2013 opines that poor Gerakan had been “drawn into BN’s notoriety”.

“Gerakan’s association with the BN and typically, Umno had inevitably contributed to the decline of its political popularity in the light of the various national scandals then propelled by Tun Dr Mahathir’s administration,” said the article.

The Penang Institute article believes that the “uproar and dissatisfaction towards Umno and Tun Dr M’s reign injured Gerakan’s reputation and popularity”.

The Penang Institute article also states that Umno has “turned out to be a liability with regards to the popularity of BN”, and drawing Gerakan “into the same sea of unpopularity”.

The Penang Institute article further adds that “the rejection and resentment of Umno” by the people is making Gerakan an unwinnable party.

It proceeds to suggest that Gerakan get divorced from the BN.

In saying this, the Penang Institute article assured Gerakan that a future independent of the BN is “definitely worth the while investing in the long run”.

Formalizing their relationship

Heck, 90 percent of the Gerakan members already voted for the opposition anyway in GE13.

So might as well Gerakan just come out from the closet and solemnize its relationship with the DAP.

The remaining 10 percent of Gerakan members who do not find the DAP to their taste can apply to join MCA or MIC.


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26 thoughts on “Gerakan should preferably be absorbed into the DAP

  1. Don’t ever forget that Gerakan was there together with DAP during the 13th May 1969 incident. Only now that Gerakan cannot hide what it was before.

  2. I opined LKS is spot right if he is sincere to extend an olive branch to Gerakan members to join DAP to those who are interested in the party’s ideology. As both MCA and Gerakan are Chinese based party, this political merger will reduce the further polarization of the Chinese community. I doubt MCA will survive due to the negative political perception of the Chinese majority and it’s better for the party to be phased off, in the event that their members are unable to compromise and accept an alternate leader to replace CSL.

    As for MIC, there appears to have an undercurrent protest to go against the current leadership. It’s a matter of time before the political time bomb will explode. Current MIC leaders need to compromise and make way for more capable and younger leaders to lead the party in order to be relevant to UMNO/BN.

    As an UMNO veteran, I opined that the Malays will be better represented and its privilege, etc protected if PAS is willing to join UMNO. In the event that UMNO is brave to change its political strategy and “Malaysianized” the party, with terms and condition for the non Malays to join the fold, then UMNO or hopefully take the form as “UNITED MALAYSIAN NATIONAL ORGANIZATION” will pave the way for a two party political system of governance before PRU14. Then other side of the political divide will be DAP which is more relevant than PKR. I believe PKR will find its natural death just like the previous UMNO splinter party Semangat 46 started by KuLi.

    1. The opening of Umno-BN doors cannot be forced by Gerakan or PPP or even MCA. And I can understand why it remains tightly shut.

      The door however may open for PAS. I’d been consistently predicting the two-race system for quite a while now.

      Going by sentiments, 90 percent of the Chinese voted Pakatan. The MCA media machinery is terang-terang pro-DAP evangelista and neither MCA nor Gerakan showed any keenness to battle the DAP.

      I do not see the BN being able to regain the 90 percent lost Chinese votes.

      Better that the allegiance is drawn so that BN can see clearly where the battle lines are. Gerakan and MCA, frankly, are just getting in the way of BN defending Putrajaya. Ibarat pikul biawak hidup. Dan biawak yang bersenjatakan Gunting berbisa pula tu.

      1. Hello. Hello evelybody… Mana mau pigi?

        Aku cakap 1Tongsan pun tak faham lagi ka? Sekarang muncul pulak Barisan Cinabeng. Kita cakap pasal politik atau ras? 1Bumi vs. 1Imigran? Itukah yang kita nak? Puak Bumi akan pertahankan semua keistimewaan yang sedia ada dan puak imigran pulak cuba nak tuntut semua hak itu untuk diri depa jugak? Akan berjaya ka? Akan aman ka Malaysia? Aku tak setuju seratus peratus! Aku percaya siapa pun yang jadi rakyat di negara ini nak hidup dalam rukun dan damai, mesra dan muhibbah, bangga Malaysia negara majmuk yang cukup unik.

        Helen ada cakap pintu UMNO-BN yang tertutup. Jika pintu BN ianya sentiasa terbuka, duduk satu rumah tetapi bilik lain2, berehat di ruang tamu bersama, berpakat nak masak apa. Itu yang berlaku sejak sekian lama.

        Aku percaya pintu UMNO juga akan terbuka suatu masa kelak. Aku dah tulis dalam blog ini pasal tu, suatu hari tuan rumah akan pelawa ‘buatlah macam rumah sendiri’. Jika Melayu rasis, tak akan ada waris Portugis di Melaka sekarang ini. Baba dan nyonya juga dah lama pupus. Apa yang Melayu buat adalah usaha untuk survival di tanahair sendiri. Melayu juga nak hidup, nak nikmati aman dan makmur di negara sendiri. Adakah itu salah?

        Aku rasa tak susah sangat nak hidup dengan bangsa Melayu, cukup bertoleransi. Walaupun takmakan babi dan tak minum arak, bangsa lain boleh dapatkannya dengan senang sekali, tak ada sekatan, tak ada kuota. Kalau jumpa nyonya tua kita akan dengar, ‘anya, lu sulah belapa lama duduk sini?’. Kalau sembang dengan India tua, ‘aya, jangan cakap itu macam la’. Hilang loghat Melayu sebab nak ambil hati tetamu, nak bagi keselesaan pada mereka.

        So, agak2nya bila UMNO nak buka pintunya untuk semua? Memang dah buka, perlahan2, sedikit demi sedikit. Kena kenal dulu tuan rumah kalau nak menumpang. Faham dulu adat resam, cara hidup. Tunjukkan tutur kata dan budi pekerti yang baik. Ingat juga, bila duduk serumah kena pandai berkongsi, kena tahu apa yang boleh dikongsi apa yang tidak.

        Aku percaya lagi cepat kita mengenali dan menghormati antara satu sama lain, lagi cepat kita dapat berkongsi rumah. Tetapi tak salah kan kalau kita menjadi jiran yang baik dan akrab dulu? Tolong menolong dan sama2 menjaga harta dari diceroboh orang. Yang mustahaknya kita sedar siapa kita, di mana kita, dan ke arah mana halatuju kita.

        Sedikit komen politik apa yang Helen tulis di atas, aku percaya BN dan juga UMNO tidak pernah anggap MCA atau Gerakan sebagai biawak hidup, tetapi dua parti itu harus bangun jika ingin terus relevan. Aku juga setuju dengan pendapat Helen, memang sukar untuk mendapat kembali undi Cina, tetapi walaupun masih ada 10%, aku harap MCA dan Gerakan terus berada bersama BN, terutamanya dalam Kabinet, Parlimen dan DUN. Berada di tepi jalan tidak memberi faedah kepada sesiapa, terutamanya negara kita.

        1. Tu, la depa ni ingat Obama tu dapat jadi Presiden buta-buta ka?
          Kalau Wall Street nak Obama pun, kalau dia cakap Swahili, ingat average Americans nak vote dia?
          And yet they cheers Americans for being color blind. Try minta sekolah Cina kat US tengok?!

      2. Everyone can see the battle line. Its just the corrupt people who intends to use political power to monopolise wealth. The UMNO President or Muhyidin find it hard to attack the chinese DAP, because they want to steal the contracts working with chinese like YTL or Vincent Tan.

        Instead of creating wealth for the Malays UMNO false leaders are making chinese and Indian richer just so they can become chairman like Rafidah, or get a yatch in Brisbane like Pak Lah.

        Rafidah has been bought by Malays enemies just by making her chairman of AirAsia. So pitiful, saw her picture cosying to Fernandes and Azran today after Azran what said of Malays and UMNO. That is the quality of UMNo leadership. [edited]

        Now Hindus in Perak claim they own Speaker post? Zambry the MB is already Indian, why must we have another Indian?

        1. sad to say, the umno iinfested with lizards like rafidah, nor mohamed yaakop who are fat cats even after Pakatan burn Malaysia to the ground.

  3. DAP gets a bunch of fat cats with deep pockets intent on prolonging their non existent political career. That’s not including hitting the jackpot of an office building & an open university worrr… Since everybody wins, why not?

    If the lame & subservient ducks are emancipated by this merger, all the better. If they remain lame, can turn them into the main course at the Tokong’s altar. Crispy roasted duck ain’t all that bad after all.

  4. Dear Gerakan, why delay the inevitable.. I can’t find one compelling reason why Gerakan should continue living and enjoying themselves (read Government positions) when nobody wants them.. Please go away graciously. Otherwise, it is like “hidup segan mati tak mahu”. Gerakan, you are not built to last!. .

  5. Apa yang perlu kita dapatkan adalah pecahan jumlah ahli DAP mengikut bangsa. Jumlah diperingkat ahli dan pemimpin.

    Lepas tu baru kita boleh pertimbangkan samada DAP itu adalah sebuah parti berbilang bangsa atau hanya sebuah cerita dongeng.

    Ada sapa-sapa yang boleh kongsi maklumat tersebut?

    1. Yang ini graf palang (klik) memaparkan pola pengundian tatkala pilihan CEC (majlis tertinggi pusat) DAP pada tempoh hari.

      Boleh diperhatikan kebanyakan calon Melayu menduduki tangga tercorot dan itupun selepas keputusan diubahsuai kononnya untuk memperbetulkan kesilapan teknikal Excel.

      1. It is so blatan how corrupted the dapsters are. Orang dia sendiri pun dia mainkan. imagine if they were to rule the country.

        Why are they not clearing the issue of the cec election which is so fraudulent. Senang2 dia pecat ahli2 dia yang tak tow the line. Is that not corruption? Corruption is not just not in monetary terms. They accuse bn and umno of corruption but they are not free of it themselves. Who are they kidding?

      2. Pokoknya bukan tak pandai Excel yang jadi persoalan. Persoalan mengapa boleh ditukar-tukar keputusan pemilihan yang penting. Ketelusan sememangnya tiada.

  6. Gerakan….gerakan, what more can we say about them. Just Air dicincang takkan putus with DAP, right? wrong? why? who care’s? with their attitude we can call them lalang right? wrong?…hmmmm

    :o sarah

  7. All DAP wants is to be in power. They are just hiding behind racism, religion and the likes of it. The serving rakyat is just bull s…. They are corrupted by power. It is still corruption in whatever form.

    1. im sure they wish the Malays will be as stupid as the secular Turks whomare burning zturkish streets.

    2. Fazilah,

      Yup. and there is no problem for Gerakan to join DAP or rather be “absorbed” by DAP.

      Gerakan in BN is “melukut ditepi gantang”. Its only seat, Simpang Renggam, is a courtesy of UMNO. The biggest race group in Simpang Renggam is malays.

      The election is an eye opener. A sort of mental breakthrough for Malays. For decades, Malays have been told by moronic UMNO leaders that without the Chinese, no Federal Govt can be formed. well. These leaders are wrong. BN can still rule Malaysia without chinese voters.

      In fact, I am very happy if MCA too leaves BN . it will free UMNO from the chore of “babysitting” MCA and Gerakan. Plus UMNO can contest in places like Kulim, Tanjung Piai, Tanjung Malim, Air itam, Alor Setar, Kuantan, Bandar Tun Razak

      No big deal if Chinese rejects BN.

      1. Inikan tanah melayu so melayu should rule. Majority rule should be by the malays. Just like in singapore majority rule is by chinese.

        1. Fazilah,

          And it is ruled by Malays now. But do stop harping that this is “tanah melayu”. Malays ruling the country now not because of “tanah Melayu”. Malays (through UMNO) rules Malaysia by earning the mandate through election

  8. Masalah asimilasi adalah orang Cina yang masuk dalam perhidmatan penting negara seperi Askar, Bomba, Polis terlampau sedikit. Malahan ramai yang mengambil kesempatan untuk cabut Khidmat Negara dengan dalis belajar di kolej swasta.

    Masalah orang Cina beriya-iya sangat mentadbir negara tetapi kurang sangat orang Cina yang sebenarnya bekerja menjaga keselamatan negara. Yang lebih menyedihkan kejadian menghina polis semakin menjadi-jadi.

    1. I am not okman,

      Yup. and something is not right in Peguam Negara’s office.

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