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Giving the Chinese what they voted for

In a democracy, citizens are free to choose. The Chinese have chosen.

Since they have made their democratic choice, Najib Razak as a democratically elected prime minister should try his best to give the 51-percent majority of Popular Voters what they voted for.

Any 90 percent threshold is a convincing referendum. So Najib Razak must learn to “listen, listen, listen”. The 90 percent Chinese have spoken loud and clear at the ballot box. Please hear their voice.

What are the Chinese chambers complaining?

The 90 percent Chinese who supported the federal opposition swear that first and foremost they voted in colour blindness for Bangsa Malaysia candidates to represent their fellow “MALAYSIANS” strictly on the basis of Malaysian Firstness.

So how come MCA and Gerakan have been hinting that they’re both willing to U-turn on their earlier rejection of government posts?

These whiny party leaders are just so divorced from the reality on the ground, which is that the Chinese masses have wholeheartedly embraced Malaysian-ness. So they do not need MCA to look into “Chinese issues” any more. ‘Race’ concerns are so passe.

They did not vote along racial lines in GE13. PKR’s Rafizi Ramli won in Pandan over his MCA opponent, and DAP’s Sakmongkol won in Raub against another MCA opponent. Since Rafizi and Datuk Sak are Malay, it only proves the Chinese have successfully transcended race-based politics.

These Chinese voters who have put Rafizi, Datuk Sak and other Malay opposition in Parliament have signalled their staunch belief that Malaysian Firsters are capable of representing ALL Malaysians regardless of race at every level of government.

Hence it becomes pointless for Najib Razak to reserve any portfolio in his Cabinet – the Transport Ministry is still vacant – for an ethnic Chinese office holder. This race consideration is sooooooo racist!

The message transmitted through GE13 is that the Chinese are NOT racist. They believe in Malaysian Malaysia, and that Lim Guan Eng, for example, is chief minister for Indians, for Malays, for all Penangites.

Thus there is no reason for Najib not to appoint a Dayak as Transport Minister. A Sarawak native can easily be a minister for all Malaysians whether they are Chinese, Punjabi, Bengali or Tamil.

And there is no reason either for Najib not to apply this policy of Malaysian First across the board for all other government appointments.

The Malaysian Firsters would surely applaud such a noble initiative and Najib himself for personally spearheading the implementation of a non-racial policy.

Twitter hannahyeoh This is why our education system fail

What is Dong Zong complaining?

The Chinese educationists are unhappy with the appointment of Paul Low as Minister and Mary Yap as Deputy Education Minister.

Their objection is to Paul and Mary’s lack of fluency in Mandarin.

Sigh. This Dong Zong is as “easily confused” as those woolly headed Muslims who might mistake a Rumah Allah (church) for a mosque.

Presumably the Dong Jiao Zong members did not vote for all those fluent Mandarin-speaking MCA candidates who lost in the GE. Ergo, Paul and Mary must be exactly what 90 percent of the Chinese electorate desire.

Well, not that they voted for Paul and Mary specifically to be ministers but they did indeed vote in support of the concept of Malaysian Firstness.

What is The Star complaining?

The Wong Chun Wai article written in the aftermath of GE13 said, “It does not augur well for the country when a mainstream Bahasa Malaysia daily took on a racial slant in its edition yesterday (May 7).”

Chun Wai’s May 8 article said that Utusan had sent an “intimidating message”.

With regard to the viral meme ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’, The Star commented: “In a highly-charged political atmosphere, racial remarks such as the front page headline in yesterday’s Utusan Malaysia can be easily magnified and should be avoided.” — see screenshot above

The Star group editor reminded his readers: “It is one thing to analyse how the voting patterns went and how the different ethnic groups voted, but it goes against the grain of democracy when voters are blamed and threatened.”

Twitter imokman BN won 112 of the smallest ... 2013-06-12 11-48-04

Analysing how the voting patterns went, the DAP election strategists find that BN (mostly Umno) won the smallest parliament seats (“small” in terms of population size) in mainly the rural areas.

DAP the Urban Tsunami party mocks Umno as a kampung party and DAP supporters mock Utusan as a kampung newspaper.

This is largely true if we look at the Malay broadsheet’s circulation and distribution (see table) as compared with English tabloid The Jerusubang Star‘s urban reach.

To paraphrase Wong Chun Wai, Utusan by blaming and threatening [Chinese] voters, is going “against the grain of democracy”. Utusan had upset The Star and Scissorati by asking what more do the Chinese want.

See Star headline — ‘Win them over, don’t blame them’ (screenshot above).

What Utusan needs is more urbane polish in its approach. So instead of “blaming” the Chinese, what Utusan should do is encourage the government to give the Chinese what they voted for.

The Chinese electorate voted for the DAP’s Malaysian First policy, as explained above. The Star are the best people to explain this to Dong Zong which appears still unclear on the concept.


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57 thoughts on “Giving the Chinese what they voted for

  1. The MCA and Gerakan should not hope for any government post now. But the Chinese voters who had voted Pakatan should also not ask or expect for anything from this BN government. Lain kali lah.

    1. True. Najib is confused, though.

      He should be more like US Obama. He needs to champion what his voters want first. Obama has its Healthcare reform, if Republican won they would have cut government spending more rigorously.

      Ni yang susah kalau consultant blur. Helen and Outsyed the box can provide more useful advice than these clowns. And Najib.

  2. For Najib and UMNO it’s simply this: that you can just ignore those who did not vote for you; they know which side of their bread is being buttered. No need to over-analyse.

  3. For all the Dong Zong haters here is an entertaining video for you to make your day enjoy


  4. Pengundi Cina memilih untuk jadi PEMBANGKANG. So, jadilah Pembangkang yang bijaksana.

      1. Yes, they get what they deserve. Like MPs who make a circus of whether they want to sworn in or to boycott the swear in. If they are interested by fight so hard to win. Bodoh!

  5. I and many others have been reminding Najib to give the Chinese what they voted for……..

    I remembered well what Tun M used to say; if you whisper in my ears (vote MCA) I will listen to the Chinese community plight BUT if you shout (vote DAP) I will turn I eye and I ear blind – For the record MCA won the highest seat as compared to DAP that election… Najib, please be smart!

    1. No need for najib to be as smart as Tun M, just got some ball to take action bravely will do.. I hope somebody will challenge him this time for UMNO president..

    2. Yes, I did hear them shout, loud and clear, about 40,000 Bangla voters, about blackouts at counting centres, about popular votes.

      Apa jenis Ahli Parlimen yang kita pilih ni? Adalah MP ni kurang matang, atau pengundi yang kurang matang? Macam mana MP macam ni boleh hidup dan cari makan di Malaysia bertahun2? Ataupun adakah ni yang dikatakan check-and-balance?

      Sungguh memalukan!

  6. I don’t agree with your assessment that the Chinese voted for the DAP’s Malaysian First Policy. In my opinion, they voted DAP because they wanted UMNO out. The Chinese blame every possible woe on UMNO, and by extension MCA because in their eyes, MCA are UMNO’s lackeys. Perhaps the young Chinese might have voted for DAP’s Malaysian First Policy but I don’t believe that the older Chinese (50 and above) bought into that policy.

    These young Chinese might also be seen buying into DAP’s policies on first sight, but if you look deeper into it, the Chinese want this policy because they believe that in doing so, they have a far greater chance of leading the country. They believe that if the government was indeed colour – blind, their inherent strength of industriousness, in capitalism, smarts and intelligence will place them top of the leaderboard. The Chinese believe they are smarter and better.

    Being a Chinese, I am ashamed to say that we are possibly the most racist of all races in Malaysia. I might be generalising, but the Chinese people I’ve come across are downright disrespectful of the Malays and Indians in particular. If I’m correct, racism basically means looking down on another race; of being superior in all respects to another race. We Chinese are mighty good at that. I rarely find a Malay or Indian poking fun at Chinese, other than admiring their ability to make money. That surely isn’t racism? The Chinese on the other hand accuse the Malays of being lazy and the Indians of being devious most of the time.

    Sorry for straying from the subject but I needed to get that out of my system because I am aghast at DAPs leaders and their supporters who call for an end to racism. If there was an award for hypocrisy, they will win hands down.

    The government does need a Chinese representative in the cabinet. I know for a fact that the older Chinese now have no one to turn to for help. DAP don’t do much because they exist merely to grab power, not to help the Chinese. Sure, the Chinese can turn to a Dayak, a Malay or an Indian representative for help, but Malaysia and just like any other country in the world, including the US and those in Europe, will still be religious and race-based first, with religion taking precedence. It is human nature. If you’re a Buddhist and you ask a ‘born-again’ Christian for help, he might do so but first he’ll try to convert you. If you’re a Christian and you ask this very same ‘born-again’ for help, he’ll move heaven and earth for you. In rejecting all positions in the government, MCA acted childishly. It was a strategy they took that was clearly done without thought. The fact that Chua Soi Lek was the instigator behind it surprises me little as he is bereft of dignity and intelligence.

    1. Dear Eugene,

      Everybody except maybe Najib, knowing and aware about the fact that chinese voted DAP because they wanted UMNO out.

      Najib must respect people voices.. Chinese already spoken clearly that they really really want to be Malaysian First. That’s why the malay voters now urge najib to start the first step of being Malaysia First by reconcile our education system. No more racist school. Let all Malaysian’s future leader enjoying their life together. If najib fail or reluctant to respect the chinese voice, then next election maybe malay voice will teach najib the good lesson.. we wait and see..

      1. Ibni Ismail,

        Chinese en bloc voted DAP as they felt that this time around BN (or rather specifically UMNO) will be toppled.

        With UMNO toppled, DAP will have no more “rintangan” to seize power. All the talk about MCA being submissive to UMNO is pure rubbish. The aim is at UMNO as it is the party that keeps DAP at bay.

        Unfortunately, Najib still ‘terhegeh hegeh”. He has many politician to fill the Menteri Pengangkutan post. Yet, he waits for MCA to agree. Damn it. Just give the post to an Iban politician from Sarawak.

    2. Too late man. Why bother about the older chinese? you all have DAP to thanks for.

      The Chinese had decided to be an opposition, so just stay there and be as loud as you can. Najib should do what all of us Pro-BN feels… No chinese in the cabinet,

    3. Dont worry. From now it is open season on the chinese. We call them what we want cibai, lancau babi.. etc..

      It feels nice to get that off our chest..

      Fuck you fucking chinese communist Lim Kit Siang and son Lim Guan Eng.

      I am sure the chinese will do what they have been doing for centuries.. move on like the parasites that they are..

      They sure won t be missed…

      1. “It feels nice to get that off our chest..”

        In other words, you had that feeling loooong before GE13 and now you just had an excuse to let it out.

        See, this sort of attitude is why 51% voters did not take the ‘1Malaysia’ sloganeering seriously.

    4. Chua Soi Lek is bereft of dignity and intelligence? Come on man, think again!

      On the contrary, it is because he has loads of dignity that he made the decision not to except government posts for the MCA should the MCA not get the support of the electorate. It is because he has loads of dignity that he felt MCA would appear to be beggars living on crumbs at the behest of UMNO should it continue to accept government positions despite the party having been shown the door time and time again.

      No, Chua Soi Lek is not bereft of dignity. It is those who en-block support the DAP to rid of UMNO through the ridding of MCA and still clamour for a voice in the UMNO-led government that are bereft of dignity. Hidung tak mancung (pun unintended), pipi tersorong-strong.

    5. Why the transport Ministry in particular for MCA?

      Just a quick question here; all those huge XXX tons lorries’ permits issued under this Ministry ker? I see mainly Chinese names on these lorries.

      Hope to see more Bumiputra names on these lorries within this 5years. BTW am very interested, how to apply for one?

  7. Must learn from lee ikan yu how he handle the China .His close China friend he threw into jail n kick out of singapura .


  8. Helen,

    kenyataannya posting anda amatlah jelas.

    apapun, PM Najib masih lagi kelihatan ‘terkial-kial’ dalam tindakan beliau kerana membiarkan 1 kekosongan untuk di isi oleh orang cina sebagai menteri pengangkutan adalah satu keputusan yang langsung tidak memberi sebarang makna.

    dah orang (cina) tak hendak…buat apa hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong….? jadi tak perlulah dibiar kosong jawatan tu sebab kerja ada banyak nak buat.

    tidak lama lagi akan sampailah waktunya perhimpunan agung UMNO. pastinya orang cina tak sabar-sabar untuk melihat dan mendengar apa kata perwakilan (orang melayu) yang sudah ‘terhantuk’….orang cina tentu mahu lihat samada selepas orang melayu ‘terhantuk’ melalui ‘tsunami-cina’ adakah orang melayu ini sudah terngadah? jika sudah….apa tindakan orang melayu?

    jika belum…adakah perlu dihantuk lagi?

    pastinya orang cina memang dalam dilema kerana tindakan sendiri.

    seperti kata ibni ismail…we wait n see….

    1. Memandangkan pemilihan terbuka kepada beratus ribu orang ahli Umno dan bukan setakat perwakilan seramai 2,000+ orang mengikut peraturan lama, saya rasa ini kali Najib akan terselamat.

      1. Memanglah Najib akan selamat tetapi kita akan lihat berapa undi protes untuk najib.. Ini yang menyebabkan timbul cadangan gila untuk elak pertandingan. Sepertinya Ku Li akan bertanding, harap harap lah.

  9. Eugene said, ‘DAP don’t do much because they exist merely to grab power, not to help the Chinese.’ Yes but in order to grab power, DAP helps the Chinese. So, it’s win-win for both (eg. the underworld rackets in Penang have come out in full force, into the open since 505.

    In 2008, they suddenly became unbelievably arrogant – an observation shared by many Malay and Indian friends and acquaintances of mine). That’s why the supposedly color blind, Malaysian First Chinese voted overwhelmingly for the Chinese dominated DAP; not PKR or PAS. IMO, the Chinese voted for the Chinese. Period.

    And yes, ‘because they believe that in doing so, they have a far greater chance of leading the country.’ You only need to substitute the word ‘leading’ with ‘dominating.’ But Eugene, I agree with you when you say the Chinese ‘are possibly the most racist of all races in Malaysia.’ I have discussed this with my more approachable Chinese friends and relatives and have observed the attitudes of others.

    They balk when you think of them as racists. According to them, they’re not. They are above racism (literally). How can they be racists when they are simply the superior race? See here: . The Chinese generally have issues with almost every race on the face of the planet. It’s inherent. Go figure.

    And because of this attitude among the Chinese in multi-ethnic Malaysia, they automatically qualify as the worst kind of hypocrites. Willing to do anything and everything shamelessly to install themselves as the rightful dominant race with ruling power over all other Malaysians.

    I have no great love for UMNO/BN or for Ketuanan Melayu but I guess the arrogance of the Chinese has now made them look like the biggest fools around.

    It’s just too bad that moderate, thinking Chinese like you have to experience the same kind of ridicule and suspicion as the Dapster breed is now subject to.

    1. Go and look up the parliment seat of Pandan and see the race percentage. Then see who won, and how much is the majority.

      1. because of chua soi lek’s dislike of ong tee kiat, the seat was given to someone else. if ong was the candidate, i’d say mca would have won the seat as he was and still is popular there. sometimes personal interest get in the way of real strategies.

  10. To all debaters on-line…PRU13 done and gone. Let us move forward this nation and just stop being racist! I believe PM Najib will take more time to digest the aftermath of GE 13 and will act fairly to all fellow Malaysians across the political divide.

    The people have voted with their clear conscience and its not about being racist which will further divide this nation. It’s not about the Malays, Chinese, Indians and other fellow Malaysians, Dong Zong, Perkasa or other racial entities and also whether the two Chinese Ministers could speak Mandarin, BM or otherwise.

    I opined they need not speak Mandarin in order to represent the Chinese interest ini Cabinet! Righteously, they should speak BM to represent Malaysian firsters.

    We are all 1Malaysian in many ways and should embrace our diversities and also proudly address ourselves as Malaysians first before our ethnic race!

    1. “We are all 1Malaysian in many ways and should embrace our diversities and also proudly address ourselves as Malaysians first before our ethnic race!”

      Yes! Agree with you..

      We should speak in one language, study in one school and establish one culture. No more job advertisement like ‘For Chinese only’..

      Honestly.. feel disgusting with Najib’s 1 Malaysia.. so hypocrite.. just create slogan without any intention to walk the talk..

    2. Mustapha,

      The rakyat are commenting here because they see the politician have yet to start working for the rakyat. PR wont even follow the protocol to serve us in Parliment but would rather take the parliment to the street. PR only interested to create politiking among all the rakyat until GE14? We the rakyat have to work for the YB whilst the YB have fun mocking everything and everyone including us the rakyat. They wont be that popular that long if they dont start working soon. We the rakyat can make sure of that. Come on..

      BN MCA closed shop but let loose The STAR antagozing the rakyat with spin off after spin off, dont we the rakyat deserve a break for a tolerent news offering instead on incessant politiking in the mainsteram media? Come on…

      BN UMNO keep testing the Malay support until the party election with this formula, that formula day and night, poll this and poll that? Come on..

      We used to be Malaysian first when we go overseas and introduce ourselves to foreigners. Now no more, its “Hi, I am Wong. I am Chinese. I am from Malaysia, country next to Singapore.” Who are you kidding..

  11. Mustapha Ong, tell that to DAP. At the pre GE ceramahs in PG, Tokong and gang spoke mostly in rabid Mandarin.

    1. I was about to post the same response to Mustapha Ong! hahahaha…..great minds think alike, eh?

      1. Agree… fed-up with this guy who go on and on and on…Feel sorry for people who vote for them…

        :( sarah

    2. If Mustapha Ong do that, this DAP will answer him to learn mandarin in order to understand and communicate with them.. just like how najib very proud of his son’s mandarin speaking..

  12. Datuk Wong Chun Wai should not run with the hares and hunt with the hounds.

    He is not clever but self-serving. Also, before he gives advice to others, he should return his Datukship which he got serving as a MCA man but a crypto-Opposition supporter and show his sincerity that he is not self-serving.

    On the pages of the Star, we could see his pic and fingerprints all over the pages as soon as he was appointed, to promote himself. The only Star Editor to do so up to this date. The others were humble and self-effacing !

    This does not speak well of a person who used the Star for his own ends and his own agenda when his bosses, the MCA needed his help and fed him and it was not forthcoming.

    THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOUR DOES NOT SPEAK WELL OF THE CHINESE, THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE. We observe his ambitious move to be ennobled, socialising here, socialising there, grinning away here, grinning away there. All these grandstanding were as old as the hills. He is not the only one but form part of a trio of these gents who think all Malaysians are stupid.

  13. The interesting observation about the 13th General Elections and its aftermath is the number of worms which came out of the woodwork. The worms who benefitted and profitted tremendously from the policies of the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties.

    No tycoon has ever thought that it was through the Policies of the BN Government from Day 1 that they were actually created by the BN Government but thought they it was they with their cleverness created the BN Government !

    Just take one example – housing development. Without the support of the BN Government from Day 1, the approvals, the supplies, etc. where would these smart tycoons be ?

  14. Tu la pasal Helen. Dong Zong bising-bising wakil Cina dalam kabinet tak boleh berbahasa Mandarin. I mean, hello…korang kan yang beramai-ramai pangkah pembangkang? nak complain apa lagi? pastu nak salahkan kerajaan pulak. Banyak cantik muka you…

    1. Berapa wakil rakyat yang ada kredit SPM BM? Hari ini pelajar luar negeri (contohnya Mat Arab, China Doll etc) pun kena lulus Bahasa Malaysia supaya dapat ijazah.

      Berapa ahli Dong Zong yang ada kredit SPM BM?

      Kalau tak ada BM kredit kena berhenti dari jadi wakil rakyat. Tak kan kerajaan kena upah penterjemah bahasa Mandarin untuk perbahasan dalam DUN atau Parliament. Nampaknya China Doll lulusan kolej lebih layak jadi MP pasal boleh berbahasa Malaysia.

  15. Appoint Wee Choo Keong as Transport minister habis cerita, since all the so called MCA assholes dont want anything to do with the goverment.

  16. why must all of you be provocative? Mr. PM take care of those that voted the government of the day as otherwise you will not be a PM again. No need to wait for the MCA to accept the cabinet post. Move on. Another important issue please open the contest in UMNO for all positions otherwise you are in trouble.

  17. We are one Malaysia…anda bagai mana? Apart from English, I speak n write some Mandarin, BM but still struggling with some Tamil words! I am a constitutional Malay and never a Citizen by Registration as I was born in Singapore (Malaya) in 1943. I am a rightful citizen born, bred and will die in Malaysia, InsyaAllah! Is wrong to call me “cinbeng” or pendatang! Just call me Haji Mustapha Ong Abdullah @ Abdul Malek minus ‘Dato’! Alhamdulillah, Amin!

      1. “BM still struggling with some Tamil words!” – Pelik bin ajaib sungguh untuk seorang “Constitutional Malay” yang lahir pada tahun 1943 … Wallahualam

  18. Hi Bloggers out there! I am a truly 1 Malaysian, not Mamak, not Cinbeng but Melayu Modern protected by the Federal Constitution passed by Parliament in 1952! Thank u Sarah for what u have said n I truly believe that u are also 1 Malaysian!


    1. Did anybody ever question your citizenship? Not understand why scream out loudly about.

      1. bukan ke nama mustafa ong yang jadi penasihat PM ni..?? Tengok la ayat ayat dia..sekarang ni kan ramai orang melayu yang mendesak supaya punaisihat PM yang tak betul ni supaya digugurkan..?? aku ingat dia terasa kut..tu pasal melalak…hehehe..weh punaisihat..letak la jawatan…kerana ko la Malaysia ni tunggang langgang…siapa jadi PM ni ?? hang ka najib??

    2. goes on for you in an air conditioned room..where else..kami rakyat marhaen…sibuk bekerja untuk mencari rezki.,.yang ko mustafa?? sibuk nak kayakan diri dan kroni..aku jadi benci dengan punaisihat punaisihat PM ni…semua tak boleh pakai..( aku baru tau najib ni guna punaisihat cina yang otak sokong pembangkang )..habis punah la petronas dikerjakannya..GLC bumi lain pun dah ramai cina pembangkang ni…yang atasan pulak tu..yang melayu habis ditukar atau disekat supaya tidak naik keatas..terbaru..kilang gula felda..apa kejadah org cina pembangkang kerja situ? orang atasan pulak tu..?? Dah takde melayu ke nak jadi supervisor ke apa?? huhu….habis la melayu kalau kerajaan sendiri buat tak tau je semua ni..najib!! hang akan jadi pembangkang kalau ni berterusan….aku tak peduli dah..

  19. Life goes on for the majority of the rakyat and at the same time life goes on for the politician who doesnt work except for mocking the rakyat asking people to rally doesnt matter when and where, petition here and there, boycotting one thing after another and all received allowances paid by the taxes from the rakyat for the next 5 years.

    Life goes on indeed, i dont mind not paying taxes if that’s what the politician would be doing for the 5 years. Are you ready for that Mustapha? (its immaterial what races your are. I see nothing wrong if you are chinese, mamak, melayu, indian or whatever …all Malaysian and not one Malaysia)

    Its frustating really when i saw the monthly allowance RM figure for YB in Selangor posted sometime ago by Helen and saw that they didnt even care to attend sittings or participate in the debate if they do attend. My yearly income tax alone could easily sustain one such YB for his/ her allowances for 3/4 of the year. I dunno whether you pay taxes Mustapha? Do you approve wastage?

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