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Baaaaa …

Haris Ibrahim is back blogging and sorting the sheep from the goats.

He’s looking for a volunteer and says, “The only qualification you will need for this job is that you are honest (that effectively rules out any UMNO / BN supporter or cybertrooper) — see screenshot below.

Aww shucks.

Sorry guys reading this. Plenty of y’all fail to qualify.



Game of ping-pong, enjoy!


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Baaaaa …

  1. Helen,
    Ada seorang blogger kata ABU tu, ALLAH Bersama UMNO & ALLAH Berkati UMNO. Jadi selamatlah UMNO.Cuma ada kepimpinan yang kenalah sedar dan diubah untuk selamatkan UMNO.

  2. So Haris presumably has statistical evidence to support his empirical assertion that every single UMNO or BN supporter are dishonest? Since he’s a lawyer by profession, he should know better than most that the burden of proof lies in the party that makes the accusation. Should he be unable to do it would make all the shit he spews to be nothing more than self glorifying claptrap.

    Then again, perhaps he was bitten by a rabies infected dog once, explaining why he’s so prone to maniacal statements. Heck, he probably foams in the mouth when he’s in the washroom. But I digress.

  3. BN supporters = dishonest
    GE13, BN popular votes = 46.5%
    Therefore, 46.5% dishonest adults in Malaysia.

    Padang Merbok rally no permit = illegal = crime
    PR supports rally
    PR popular votes = 53%
    Therefore, 53% adults in Malaysia support crime

    Damn Gard**##@, MY**n, Ba***a, what do we do now???

  4. Adakah ini bermakna Haris Ibrahim mengatakan bahawa Saifudin Abdullah, mantan Ahli Parlimen Temerloh dan pendokong New Politics, seorang yang tidak jujur (dishonest) … Bukankah ini suatu pembunuhan karektor (character assasination) oleh Haris Ibrahim terhadap Saifudin Abdullah?

  5. yeah, we’ll only have more people going after Malaysians and harassing them because they look like ‘Bangladeshis’

    good gawd

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