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Someone who spits out the ‘MF’ word publicly

“The Gabungan NGO Islam-Melayu urge the government to suspend implementation of the Education Blueprint 2013-2025 until the issue of vernacular schools is settled in accordance to the federal constitution.” — Malaysiakini report today

Halt education blueprint, cry Muslim groups - Malaysiakini 2013-06-14 21-30-18

anak, bangsa, malaysia is a Malaysiakini subscriber who commented on the story ‘Halt education blueprint, cry Muslim groups’ (Malaysiakini, 14 June 2013)

anak, bangsa, malaysia declares that “the Malay language is not important” (see screenshot above).

anak, bangsa, malaysia also states that the Muslim NGOs are going against the Federal Constitution for calling for vernacular schools to be abolished.

Full page screenshot of anak, bangsa, malaysia‘s comment at the bottom of this page.

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The Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) movement – which in all likelihood inspired the pseudonym chosen by “anak, bangsa, malaysia” – have a website which can be read @

SABM is a Haris Ibrahim initiative.

SABM invited Hannah Yeoh to be keynote speaker during their last Malaysia Day (Sept 16) celebration. Below is a photo of the Subang Jaya Adun with the SABM (and Hakam) people.


Para politikus yang berdialog dengan gerakan Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia hari ini

The ‘Anak Malaysia’ new race

Hannah Yeoh was going to submit an appeal to @NajibRazak to allow her child to be registered as Anak Malaysia.

The Malaysiakini subscriber-regular commenter ‘anak, bangsa, malaysia‘ shares Hannah Yeoh’s Malaysian First aspirations too.

They should be asked to explain to the public what the principles of bangsa: “Anak Malaysia” are all about since the commenter does not uphold Article 152 (on Malay as the National Language) of the Federal Constitution.

hannahyeoh at JPN registering my child

hannahyeoh I'm going to submit an appeal

The BN hypocrites

Hannah Yeoh tweeted: “The hypocrisy of BN govt – spend $ propagating Anak Msia on billboards but rejected our application for Anak Msia”.

So what is the status of her application for Anak Malaysia now? Is The Star ever going to tell us?

Twitter  hannahyeoh The hypocrisy of BN govt ... 2013-06-14 22-04-23

The Jerusubang Star

The newspaper owned and controlled by the MCA felt the good news important enough to devote a page to announcing the birth of Hannah Yeoh’s Anak Malaysia.

However The Star has adamantly refused to do any follow-up story on the status of the birth certificates of the DAP Adun’s two children.

This is despite the Star reporters meeting up Hannah Yeoh every now and then, and tweeting her appointment as Selangor Speaker 10 times in a single day through The Star twitter account which has 270,474 followers.

The Star tweets announcing Hannah as Selangor Speaker went out to 2,704,740 or 2.7 million timelines.

Yeoh welcomes baby girl 2012-07-15 09-12-49

Otak di Kepala Lutut Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh
Odikal reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh


Patrick Teoh digalakkan bertanding dalam PRU oleh Hannah Yeoh

Patrick Teoh, Hannah Yeoh and why MCA is a problem

Halt education blueprint, cry Muslim groups - Malaysiakini 2013-06-14 21-42-37


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54 thoughts on “Someone who spits out the ‘MF’ word publicly

  1. 1. Nothing surprises me anymore from the DAPster. Ingatan untuk mereka SARANG TEBUAN JANGAN DIJOLOK.

    2. But somehow Mama Dapster’s Anak Malaysia case still interests me can be explained as follows and time and again:

    Obama’s Father = Black African of Ghana Origin
    Obama’s Mother = White American
    Obama = an African American by ethnic classification
    Obama = an American by citizenship
    Obama = can never be white American even if his skin tone is fairer

    Sorry to say “Betapa rendahnya mertabat laki India dia apabila hak dia sebagai bapa dinafikan atas dasar KERANI YANG TAIP, ” I would have sued JPN for that “.

    3. Adakah ini bermakna PENDUDUK JERUSEBANG akan berlumba-lumba “mengawan” antara kaum untuk menghasilkan satu bangsa Malaysia baru i.e Anak Malaysia? Jika usaha Mama Dapster Berjaya

    4. Can someone enlightens me on these personalities dan bangsa apakah yang dicatit dalam IC Mereka?

    Sophea Jane, Ramona Rahman, Yasmin Yusuf, Ashraf Sinclair etc.

    5. A Hypothetical Question here ” Katakanlah MAMA DAPSTER ni kahwin dengan Melayu PKR dan dapat anak” adakah beliau akan menyalak benda yang sama?

    6. Ini kisah benar yang berlaku di U tempat saya belajar tahun lepas. Saya membincangkan isu kaum India di Malaysia tentang arah tuju mereka di negara ini dan masaalah-masaalah legasi kaum mereka. Antara soalan yang saya lontarkan pada pelajar dan pensyarah kaum India adalah ” Adakah sistem kasta bagi orang India masih lagi relevan di negara ini ” dan ini jawapan mereka:

    Pelajar India = Kebanyakannya kata YA dan bergantung pada kedudukan mereka dalam kedudukan ekonomi.

    Professor India Malaysia = Sesuatu yang orang-orang India patut fikirkan secara kolektif dan beliau bersetuju dengan pandangan saya bahawa “allegedly” Orang-orang India yang Kaya Tidak Besama Mengembeling Usaha Membantu Bangsa Mereka Sendiri” .

    Professor India dari India = walau ditahap mana pun mereka dari segi ekonomi di negara ini mereka masih lagi dianggap dari “Kasta Rendah”

    Moral of the story is that you can argue and debate until the cow comes home but you can never change the DNA.

    7. Somehow Mama Dapster reminds me of “Tammy Faye Baker ” in the late 80’s.

    1. The beautiful actress Halle Berry is biracial but she identifies herself as a black woman.

      Mama Dapster’s Anak Malaysia case is a good illustration of why The Star is a problem to the BN and hence MCA is accountable.

      Any which way she answers the question of her second child’s birth cert, she’s caught.

      (1) If she replies that her second child is registered as a Chinese, then arises the situation as you’ve described of membelakangkan si ayah.

      (2) If she replies that her second child is registered as an Indian, then arises the question of why two children born to the same set of parents are classified differently.

      (3) If she replies that her second child is not registered, then we can ask does she intend to make her daughter stateless.

      (4) If she chooses not to reply to the question, then we can rightly question the motive of her making a big fuss wrt to the registration of her first child (what with her loudly publicised petition to the prime minister and all).

      (5) But The Star despite interviewing her all the time refuses to ask this question that strikes at the heart of the “racist” taunt which Pakatan ceaseless lobs at Umno and the BN.

      1. (5) But The Star despite interviewing her all the time refuses to ask this question that strikes at the heart of the “racist” taunt which Pakatan ceaseless lobs at Umno and the BN.

        Should get someone from JPN to reveal the info. Not sure whether this type of info is considered confidential though.

        1. True. It would be most interesting to find out.

          For all we know, her second child is again a Chinese. Then another poor JPN clerk had better be prepared to receive the blame for making a (second) “mistake”.

      2. “The beautiful actress Halle Berry is biracial but she identifies herself as a black woman”

        “Norah Jones born Geetali Norah Jones Shankar” and i don’t think she consider herself as Caucasian.

        Saya mengunakan Amerika sebagai contoh sebab puak DAPster ni sentiasa berkiblatkan Amerika sebagai acu taraf standar. “Hina” sangat ke bangsa India pada mata Mama Dapster tu?

      3. If her second child is registered as chinese, mama dapster will just say that since her first is chinese, automatically her second is chinese. Anyway her husband had agreed long ago.

      4. The child always follows the father’s race. So her children should be classified as Indian. I don’t know how she got away with classifying the first child as Chinese. Makes no sense to me.

    2. My new kid, I nak namakan citizen of the world. Bila dia pergi US, bila orang tanya caucasian ke, black ke, Asians ke, Polynesians ke, Hispanics ke, Cuban ke, Puerto Rican ke, Korean ke, Persina ke, Arab ke, …. dia akan jawab … None of that …just world.

      1. “My new kid, I nak namakan citizen of the world.”

        Sorry Nizam this is just a joke and no harm meant.

        “Citizen of the World” is a slang use to refer to “Jet-setting International Prostitute” in the US once upon a time. Not sure about now though.

    3. Who are these people who wants the Education blueprint so much?

      Are their companies named in these blueprint so that they want the cash as fast as possible?

      Why the sudden love for UMNO Education Blueprint?

      Haris Thiramparam is Indian. he can jump all he like.

      So now, Education Minister, we can see who you are really pandering to. Non UMNO members, Chinese/Indians. They really love your eduction blueprint. This is an educational moment itself.

      It shows your stupidity too. If DAP loves your blueprint then you are doing something wrong. and what the Malays hate. Thus alienating the Malays from UMNO.

      The Malays dont trust UMNO leadership group anymore. That is the crux. They do not want to upset the Chinese business because they have fingers in those pies. After PRU13, it is not business as usual for UMNO robber barons.

      Idris Jala is not a Malay. he is Christian. His ETP and GTP is about enriching the Chinese and Indians business. Nothing about the Ibans or Kadazans or Malays.

      The billions in ETP and GTP are going into chinese business. Period. The jobs are only suitable for Banglas and Myanmar slaves. Cement makers, steel makers are going to be rich.

      Malay women are being whipped in Johor while Iskandar development for the Chinese continue. Talk about opiate for the malay masses. The chinese /Indians will make money while malays whipped each other.

  2. Well Helen, I am ok if schools in Mandarin goes all private like English-medium schools so that only rich people can afford it. They already behaved like one so no worries there. If only the money saved can be used to improve the quality of national schools – that would make a bigger difference.

    1. I think the defence of Chinese schools should be thrown into DAP’s court since the party commands the mandate of 90 percent of the Chinese voters.

      The Muslim NGOs already gave Wee Ka Siong a figurative slap in the face by retorting that MCA has no locus standi to speak on behalf of the Chinese community (and they’re sore too that WKS’s constituency is Malay majority).

      Even tho’ Kalamanathan has made a rebuttal, the petitioners are not letting the matter drop. Each round of this war of attrition weakens the Chinese (school) position methinks and pushes MCA into a corner for having to bear the brunt of the anti-Chinese sentiment.

      MCA should throw this ball to the now all-powerful DAP.

      1. I have a few solutions for MCA, but I am too lazy to write a 12-page suggestion for their transformation.

        The problem of the vernacular education is simple. If it was agreed at the point of Independence by our founding fathers that the primary-level SRJKs are needed to ensure that non-native speakers of the national language are given the help to master their bahasa kebangsaan before being integrated into national secondary schools, this is the position that MCA should return to. The matter of ICHS (Independent Chinese High Schools) and UEC (tongkao) is a red herring and should be stamped out at ALL cost. Giving in to UEC is akin to recognizing the IB, and the IB is far far more recognized than the puny private examination system.

        The government should convert ALL existing 78 SMJKs into SMKs and if they cannot accept this, they can all go fly kite and become true blue private schools. The key issue here is to BURY the SMJK and preserve the SRJKs. I see no reason why the government should fund SMJKs, neither from a pedagogical point of view nor a linguistic one. Time for the Chinese Malaysians to learn Mandarin the way the Chinese Singaporeans learn them – as a language subject. They can seal the deal with compulsory Mandarin subject for Chinese students in those ‘special’ SMKs but they cannot continue to allow SMJKs to create an education pathway where 90% of our kids will never come into contact with the rest of the Malaysian society.

        1. smjk is name only, they already a smk. u have no friend from catholic high school, pj?

      2. MCA should focus their fights on something else.

        UMNO akan tetap bagi sekolah cina wujud. Takkan tu pun tak tahu. Kalau nak bubarkan pun mesti MCA tahu dulu. Nak pergi lawan in public buat apa?

        NGO muslim ni bukan ada power pun. Bercakap je.

        1. As a tactic, all the more reason MCA should pass the ball.

          Let the NGOs tire out DAP since the NGOs are adamant on picking a fight.

          1. DAP should walk the talk and be the first to EMBRACE the concept of Malaysian first, chinese never. So 1Sekolah is the right path and chinese schools have to go kaput.

            In mama dapster’s words, “Anak Bangsa Malaysia” where all children go to Sekolah 1Malaysia.

            1. if reasoning or logic is that simple with rocketeers that prefer lies and slanders, then rocket wont get that much of support that easily.

              while for rocket mo, do what i say and dont question what i do, period. this is the new definition of ‘righteousness’.

  3. We are all Anak Malaysia. But Bahasa Malaysia is not important. We want to have our own vernacular schools. These are the real MF

    1. Like I care. Go and ask Mama DAPster, LGE and LKS for your vernacular school. Apa hal kau menyalak kat sini?

      “Bahasa Malaysia is not important.”

      Ha! Ha! you just don’t know how much I charge my DAP friends for all the letters and proposal that they requires in Bahasa Malaysia.

  4. “MCA should throw this ball to the now all-powerful DAP.”

    Does MCA have Balls in the first place?

  5. GE13 was the defining event in Malaysia’s race relations when all double-speak by all sides of the political spectrum had been bared for all the world to see.

    We are coming back to square one: the Chinese and the Malays will have to contend with having to live with one another in a non-compromising way.

    It’s going to be a zero sum game. Tunku must be turning in his grave right now; his idealism proving to be too wishy-washy.

    With the ideals of the NEP far from being achieved after more than half-a-century of independence, the economic standing of the majority of the majority race still lagging far behind the immigrant Chinese, it is not too far fetched to visualise Malaysia, in a few decades from now, falling within the same position as Fiji where the majority sons of the soil would succumb, economically and politically under the might of the more raucous Immigrant race.

    The stark reality that is staring in the face of the Malays right now is a community that will be living on the scraps left by, and at the behest of, the wanton Chinese.

  6. Thumbs up to this first class dungu, similar to his/her Jerusubang master.

    FYI, “motherfucker” is one word. And you misspelled “challenge”. :)

    Bahasa Inggeris pun tak betul lagi mau reject Bahasa Malaysia. Hahaha

  7. Helen,

    BN won…. fullstop….133 against 89, even by one vote is still a win. GE14 we are definitely going to WIN BIG… .

    Give a chance for the loosers to bark as loud as they want for as long as they want… This anak bangsa Malaysia fellas duk gigit sana sini bikin semak kepala otak kita semua, tak bawa faedah – IGNORE.

    Just like what May 13th incidence did to the Bumiputras, here again we will fight them back in our own ways, InsyaAllah.

    Remember…… Petronas was formed 5yrs after May 13th incidence and today contributes 45% of Govt revenue….. is ranked among Fortune Global 500’s largest corporations in the world. Fortune ranks PETRONAS as the 68th largest company in the world in 2012. It also ranks PETRONAS as the 12th most profitable company in the world and the most profitable in Asia. (wiki)

    So after this Chinese Tsunami fiasco I do hope BN will come up with something larger than Petronas where Bumiputras can actively participate and progress further?

    1. Amin, insyallah dengan semangat kebangkitan yang kental demi agama bangsa dan negara.

    2. Mengembelingkan PETRONAS, PNB, TABUNG HAJI, LEMBAGA ZAKAT dan menjadikan hub ekonomi melayu islam yang sebesar2nya.

  8. Aku anak bintang. Komposisi asas badan aku boleh didapati diserata alam semesta.

  9. “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” – Galatians 3: 28 NIV

    I don’t get it why these supposedly color/race blind righteous kinds are so preoccupied with race since it ain’t gonna mean a thing to the God they cry Hallelujah & sing praises to.

    Constitutionally, I’m Chinese. My birth certificate says so anyways. I’ve never been ashamed of being identified as a Chinese since I was given a Chinese name on top of an English one.

    Under Sarawak state laws, I’m classified as Anak Bumi thus qualifying me to claim bumiputera status on the basis of my mum’s race. It would have given me some privileges in education especially but I never did take it up. Today, the only tangible advantage I took as an Anak Bumi is to have an ASB account & to co-own two pieces of NCR land.

    My paternal family considers me a Chinese. We get angpows, celebrate CNY, speaks Chinese etc.

    Similarly, my maternal family considers me no less a dayak. We celebrate Gawai, speak the language, play the traditional games etc.

    And I think that’s what it means being Malaysian. Embracing your brethren for what they really are, not what you want them to be. Celebrating the diversity instead of trying to erase or deny it. After all, is Hannah dumb or thick? Don’t she know the difference between race & nationality?

    What’s next for the Firsters after abolishing race? Make race related celebrations like CNY, Keamatan, Gawai etc illegal? Naturally that would be the next step to end the race debate no?

    “Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness” 1 John 29.

    The enlightened & “saved” evangelist would do well to understand the above verse. Tho’ I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Sabahans and Sarawakians are 10 times more “1Malaysia” than Semenanjung people.

      My sister got married to half Chinese half Iban convert. OK je.

      The guy is more Islamic than me. By Islamic I mean not PAS’ Islamic but subscribing to the universal values stated in the Quran.

      Mix blood ni normally genius, and the guy is a genius.

      No need to force the issue la, over time jadi sendiri this 1Malaysia thingy.

  10. Mama dapster’s actions are a step towards the abolition of article 153. She should have registered her child as “human race” as opposed to “alien”.

    But we now know she is a chinese supremacist. Poor husband.

  11. Under The Constitution Bahasa Melayu and Islam is protected. Also protected is the indigenous people- read Malay and Sabah/ Saraak pribumi rights as well as The Monarch as Head of State *read Head of the country).

    There is a disturbing tendency for DAP cyber-troopers and politicians to purposely misinterpret The Constitution- thus Malaysia should have a special subject solely on The Constitution – can be put together in History subject and make it compulsory from primary schools like The Americans had with their American History subjects.

  12. kalau dah kata bahasa malaysia tak penting janganlah gunakan perkataan anak dan bangsa bagi gantinama diri.

    dalam konteks malaysia bahasa melayu sangat penting, bahasa yang digunakan majoriti rakyat malaysia serta pengunaan sangat meluas serta boleh difahami oleh ramai orang.

    orang cina perlu menerima hakikat ia berada dimalaysia dan dari hari kehari ia perlu hidup/berurusan/bercampur/bersosial dengan bangsa lain.

    orang cina juga perlu sedar bahawa dari hari kehari ia perlu berurusan dengan orang melayu dengan lebih telus.

    orang cina juga harus sedar bahawa kelompok mereka semakin mengecil dari kehari. generasi mereka yang akan datang akan dikelilingi lebih ramai lagi melayu.

    dan orang cina juga harus sedar bahawa orang melayu tidak mungkin akan mengambil bahasa cina dan budaya cina sebagai sebagai bahasa dan budaya mereka.

  13. Agreed, Ms H. Since 90% of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, now support the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. The DAP has the total duty and responsibility of sorting out all the grouses of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese.

  14. Helen and all my non Chinese friends

    The discussions in the blogs are about what the Chinese wanted and what the Christians wanted. There is a bigger picture to this.

    Do you notice that the major players to the Chinese Tsunami are predominantly Hockien and Penang is predominantly Hockien? Look at the names Hannah YEOH, Tony PUA, LIM Guan Eng, Betty CHEW, Dr YAP, ONG Kean Ming etc.

    It seems the Chinese Tsunami is initiated by the Hockiens while the other dialect groups just follow through. You don’t see the Yeong, Pheng, Chow, Yip, Wong etc in any of the names listed above. No Cantonese, Teochews, Hakka etc.

    You will notice a major Taiwanese influence in the Red Bean Saga. Do you see any Hong Kong or Macau influence interfering in politics?

    Do you realise the MCA are predominantly non Hockien, eg CSL? You would notice why Gerakan can exist side by side with MCA. There is a very strong Hockien presence in Gerakan. The same works in the DAP.

    Helen, try analysing these way. You will soon reach the root cause.
    In you look at Penang history during the riots in the 19 century (1867). The Malays joined forces with the Cantonese while the Mamak joined forces with the Hakka and Hockien.

    There is the dimension of dialect groups when dealing with the Chinese tsunami and clearly it has to do with Penang being supreme against other states. As I have said before the real Putrajaya lies in Penang.

    1. re: “You don’t see the Yeong, Pheng, Chow, Yip, Wong etc in any of the names listed above.”

      Le Wongs are in ze Jerusubang Star top management.

      1. Aha.

        Let’s go through management.
        Hannah YEOH, Tony PUA, ONG Kean Ming are in management theory the TOP management.

        The Le Wong’s (by the way from Penang) is the LINE manager.
        The TOP management come up with the strategy the LINE manager executes the duties.

        In short Hockiens are strategic in politics while the other dialect groups are at execution level.

        Another history thing. 1969
        Tan Siew Sin vs Lim Chong Eu

        Tan Siew Sin is a Melaka Baba cannot speak even a word of Chinese and is a super Anglophile. Lim Chong Eu maybe from Penang Free School but can speak Chinese and the late widow was a freedom fighter in China. The touch with the public is there unlike Tan who is in the Anglophile clouds. Clearly the articulate Penang lang won.

        The problem with MCA is that they think from the LINE point of view unlike the DAP who think from a strategic point of view with strong LINE backing. How is MCA very LINE… got complaints dept, education etc… but lacks overall strategy. And worst of all lousy communication of their limited strategy to the population.

        DAP is sophisticated. They have Facebook to rally, to publicise dramas and their so called successes and their favourite villains. DAP is like your Disney show but MCA is like the local Chinese drama on TV2 who hardly anyone notices.

    2. I’m waiting for a nut from UMNO to scream ‘return Penang to Kedah’.

      I love to see the Hokien Penangites go berserk.

      1. Sultan Kedah pernah bertitah “Kalau Kerajaan Kedah Mahukan Pulau Pinang Kembali, Kerajaan Pusat Perlu Akur” (something to that effect.

  15. In fact if Jurassic Park want to employ management staff, they should choose DAP. Got strategy (including strategy to destroy Jurassic Park and let all the animals run amuck in Putrajaya and destroying the place.)

    If you choose MCA, the most exciting thing in the park is to see the Vege Dinosaur eat and poooot…

        1. Okay, I accept your rebuke. I must stop uploading erotic pictures of MCA men.

      1. Cut him some slack la. He’s vacationing or something in France. Perhaps he’s looking for a terribly impressive park bench to plonk his behinds on as the club floor in Menara Star ain’t open to him yet.

        1. Visiting the art museums and admiring their classical nude sculptures, methought.

          Can learn new erotic poses.

          1. He’s probably equipping himself for a run at any reporters who wowed him & left him terribly impressed I suppose.

            Anyway, why the need to go to France for erotic education? He can hop over to India & study the Kamasutera instead. Cheaper & way more poses to try.

  16. Malay, Chinese, Indian are ethnicities. Malaysian is a nationality. Can see the difference? Call ourselves Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian whatever but can we hide from our ethnic background?

    In a free-for-all country in the US, for instance, why are there still Asians, Latinos, blacks and whites? Even among the whites, the snooty Yankees still look down on the southerners – a family spat that has been going on since the civil war. So, no matter how we try to slice it, we are still pretty much defined by our ancestral backgroun. Racial segregation cannot cease to exist in one form or another. In Malaysia, for good or for bad, parents have to choose their child race and state it in the birth certificate.

    Bottomline, it is how we are raised and how each one of us carry ourselves. The moment racial issues are politicised, troubles begin.

    But let us see from Mama Dapster’s (a.k.a. Malaysian Tammy Faye Bakker) point of view. Why is she insisting on having bangsa Malaysia? Because the child is a mixed race? This gives her one reason but what if we analyze it from an evangelist point of view. If she can choose to put Malaysia as the race of her child, by right everyone else will be allowed to do it too.

    In Malaysia, Malays are born muslims. However, if Malay parents, especially mixed couples, are allowed to put Malaysia as the race of the child, will the child automatically be a muslim? Maybe not. What does it mean to Mama Dapster? You connet the dots.

  17. Kenapa soal bangsa malaysia nak diketengahkan sekarang? Malaysia sebuah negara bukan bangsa. Di indonesia mereka mengekalkan bangsa masing2 tanpa masalah. Bahasa mereka bahawa indonesia.

    Di malaysia bolehkah perkahwinan campur antara kaum dan bila ada kelahiran dan nak didaftarkan atas bangsa malaysia, tak logik langsung.

    Contohnya lelaki cina kahwin perempuan melayu islam, silelaki wajib tukar ugama islam, tetapi di indonesia tidak berlaku kerana terpulang kepada pasangan masing2. Bila dapat anak terpulang pula kepada anak itu nak masuk agama apa.

    Di malaysia ini tidak mungkin berlaku kerana bangsa melayu mesti agama islam walaupun tidak islam sepenuhnya. Hannah yeoh memperjuangkan bangsa malaysia untuk mengelirukan org ramai, tapi adakah dia sanggup melupakan bangsa asalnya dan mengaku bahwa dia telah melahirkan satu keturunan baru iaitu bangsa malaysia, di iktiraf ke bangsa tu di peringkat dunia.

    1. Bagi Hannah Yeoh, dia berada di atas landasan yang benar dan ianya orang lain semua yang celaru.


      1. She can’t tell the difference between nationality & race so what does that make her?

        Or was she dumb enough to think Ram was a Chinese all the while so much so that Shay was registered as one?

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