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Are you one of them Malays upset about the 90% thingy?

Aiyooo, what is it EXACTLY that’s making you so upset, neh?

Malaysia is a democracy. There is no Social Contract quota stipulating that at the very least 15 percent Chinese must vote BN.

So please tell me why you merajuk sangat since I see that y’all appear to be carrying seven tempayan full of angst.


(hannahyeoh) Kee Thuan Chye

Zahid jangan lukai hati masyarakat Cina 2013-05-19 09-49-42

Evangelista Bintang Tiga

Both sides also equally upset what.

SCREENSHOT BELOW: Reader’s comment in Malaysia Today talking about Michelle Yeoh. (‘Editor’ is Raja Petra’s reply.)

The commenter ‘HS’ was distraught that the Bond Girl “campaigned for Najib and BN” and she had “asked people to vote for BN.”

The Tan Sri story 2013-06-03 14-25-54

See lah. Cina yang undi BN tu mesti kena bambu kaw-kaw. But no vote for BN also kena bambu. Both sides bantai kuat-kuat. Susah lah macam tu ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapa.

Poor Michelle is even accused by the Malaysia Today reader as a big-time liar (“she said many untruths”).

With this kind of intense harassment – death threat, rape threat – and vicious smear campaign (character assassination) against any Chinese showing even a little bit of support for BN … Darurat lah.

PRU-13 DAP upah Red Bean Army 'bunuh orang' 2013-05-03 15-33-14

So now, how?

You can look at it as winning the battle but losing the war, i.e. the battle victory belongs to the Chinese in the form of the DAP’s 38 Parliament and 107 DUN seats.

Pakatan also snagged two-thirds majority in Penang and Selangor, and the foothold in Johor and Sarawak from which to further advance.


The battle is won when the Rakyat (like those living on planet Star) are liberated and now free to be truly their real selves.

Yeah, maybe the war is lost because the minority Chinese (all 100 percent) are viewed with suspicion by the 47.4 percent (mostly Malay) of the electorate who voted the ruling party.


But so what!

There might be a different ending to the story yet. Pakatan has won the GE13 battle. Hey maybe Pakatan can win the GE14 war.

You see, Pakatan is exceedingly more capable of Change and ubah-ing into bigger and stronger versions 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 walhal BN kekal duduk di takuk yang lama.

Twitterhannahyeoh Young & old gathered

Yang asyik merengek-merengek-merengek tu, got no bite lah.

The Umno field marshall is 88 years old while Umno’s Youth (and Sports) one-star general is a closet Firster … muahahahahahaha.

Sampai curator of @Twt_UiTM pun boleh orang Kit Siang (see report, ‘Red Bean DAP Susun Siap Strategi).


Dino down

Dinosaur MCA down. Splat.

Now the next one, the Big Bronto to go.


Part 2: Are you one of them Malays upset about the 90% thingy?


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23 thoughts on “Are you one of them Malays upset about the 90% thingy?

  1. well… actually Cina support for BN has dwindled from the traditional 30% to 10%. it further reinforces Malays belief that majority of org Cina cannot be trusted. org Cina pentingkan org Cina saja.

    i am not upset that 90% org Cina support PR. memang dah dasar org Cina macam itu, pentingkan diri sendiri.

    cuma i geram Najib sangat slow nak respond to the election results. to hell with the org Cina and other MFs, help those who support BN.

    for a start, fill up the Menteri Angkut-angkut with a Sarawakian BN. tell MIC Perak that dont deserve the Perak speaker post, tell Dong Zong they can go fly kite.

    enough said.

    1. “cuma i geram Najib sangat slow nak respond to the election results. to hell with the org Cina and other MFs, help those who support BN.”

      Setuju sangat-sangat, tapi nak jadi pemimpin tak boleh guna emosi kelak negara yang rugi. Apa yang Pembangkang mahukan ialah melihat emosi dan “cool” Najib terganggu dengan langkah-langkah dan dasar beasaskan emosi. Kalau ini berlaku Psy-war mereka telah berjaya meningkat ke satu tahap. Seperti yang pernah saya katakan, diam Najib sekarang ini telah membuatkan Cina-Cina DAP terpekik terlolong.

      Give him a chance to prove it.

      Inikan baru sebulan lebih. Umpama meletak seekor katak dalam air panas mengelegak pasti katak itu akan melompat keluar, tapi kalau katak itu diletak dalam air sejuk dan dipanaskan secara perlahan-lahan pasti akhirnya katak itu akan mati (the slow and agonizing death).

      1. LOL,

        Setem is right.That chinese as a community as ‘racist” is a known fact. no offense but that is reality.

        What iritate Malays much more than that is Najib does not have courage to be honest. How? By reminding MIC that in no way it should put a threat to Dr Zambri as in the first place, MIC is not in position to issue threat.Secondly, had not for Malay votes, MIC together with Gerakan and MCA will close shops.

        Najib simply refuses to tell the Chinese that no way other communities will tolerate they using DAP to play racial issue. Instead, he encourages this sordid behaviour by continously rewarding the Chinese.

        “Susah sangat ke nak lantik Menteri pengangkutan. Banyak MP dari sarawak. lantik saja le’

        THIRD: HE MUST BE BLIND not to realise that something or more more importantly “someone” is not right in AG’s office.

        1. re: “had not for Malay votes, MIC together with Gerakan and MCA will close shops”

          There is no Parliamentary constituency that has an absolute Indian majority (with the exception of the DUN seat of Buntung which has 49.4% Indian majority).

          But Indians make up 7-plus percent of the population and in some seats up to 30-plus percent of the electorate in the mixed states of Perak, S’gor etc.

          Since there are no Indian-majority Parliament seats, then of course the MIC federal candidates have to be out to contest in Malay-majority seats. It’s the tried-and-tested BN formula of quid pro quo.

          Granted the Indian votes drifted away in 2008 and have not returned fully in 2013. I thought that was why Najib inked the 11th hour deal with Hindraf.

          If Umno only has the Malay votes (like how Mitt Romney only had the white votes and the Republicans lost), BN might lose Putrajaya. Even if BN is willing to write off Chinese voters, it is foolhardy not to cultivate Indians voters.

          You are against BOTH MIC and Hindraf. Like that how to get Indian votes, ah? Unless you’re suggesting BN should court PSM?

          1. Helen,

            I am aware that no constituency have indian majority. As such allowing several MIC to candidate to contest in Malay majority areas are acceptable.

            And i am aware though Indians form approximately 7 to 8 % of voters, their voices do carry weight . What i cant stomach is when Palanivel issued a threat for a MIC candidate to be chosen as Speaker for Perak assembly.

            Why a threat? Cant find a better way to voice hope? Is it going to be pleasant when people put you in your proper place simply for not thinking before talking?

            As for Hindraf, I am not against it. What i cautioned Najib is that despite the silence , Malays are finding hard to justify appointing Hindraf guy as a Deputy Minister. This is exactly Najib personal attitude that exactly irritate the Malays.

            He is viewed as “ambil ringan” what malays are telling him. Rather, jhe is seen as “terhegeh hegeh” trying to please who are against him. Nothing wrong about that. But surely there must be a limit to it.

            At the end of the day, Najib was rejected wholeheartedly by chinese. It turns out the race that he “underestimates(malays) carries the day for his administration.

    2. No Malay is upset with the 95% chinese support for DAP. In fact, that is what the Malays strategists wanted all this while. To show the lies of UMNO Presidents, ketua pemuda that the chinese are our friends. The Chinese are only bribery friends of UMNO Supreme councils members.
      The chinese are only interested in cultivating Malays in power like YTL so that he is mentioned in any policy that Muhyidin makes so that no other company can come in.

      This is indeed heaven sent. A sign from the god of better things from the Malays. The 90% chinese block vote also meant 95% Malay support for UMNO.
      Now it is time to rebuild. There is no such thing a social contract. Can anyone show me any social contracts? What social contracts are they talking about. The Constitution was made under duress of the cruel coloniser the British. There is no country that gives citizenships to citizens of China or India. So that shows how much duress Tunku was under.
      Anyway with the British out of the way, efforts to reduce the foreign migrants must start underway with the abolishment of TalentCorp to bring back Chinese created by enemy of the Malays in UMNO. Instead incentives should be made for migrants to voluntarily deport themselves on good terms.
      This lifelong friendships will augur well for foreign business.

      The target is 10% foreign migrants voting in the next PRU14 should be achievable as China is rich and beautiful and peaceful so is India famous for its hollywood slums.

  2. Dear Helen,

    When Dapsters are going againt UMNO leaders, that’s politic. But when Chinese go against UMNO as whole, that’s amounting to being anti-Malay.

    Now, this is happening and even progressing fast I.e. Blackout505. We are heading for a racial head-on crash for sure.

    Is this what we want?

  3. At least the MP for Kelana Jaya looked like he was gotong royong-ing as he carried some trash bags.

    You should put the tweet before the one of young & old gathering to hear their ADUN & MP speaking. Madame Speaker-In-Waiting was standing there with a rake of some sorts next to her & a huge wristlet (don’t know if the huge size qualifies it to be called a wristlet) with some hesitation or perhaps disgust based on her body language especially if you decipher the placement of her left hand.

      1. HY : Must put a good face. I am so blessed that my Indo maid does all these all the time. Oh must tweet. Oh must convert the turbo (note: turban wearer) Amen

      2. She’s quite the cam whore today. She has another pic of her PC under the trees. Since she tweets her activities as an ADUN, does that mean she hasn’t been working the whole week?

        Btw, she has a photographer following her everywhere is it? She obviously didn’t take the photos herself. But can still tweet it worrr… Or maybe her photographer uses Bluetooth or NFC to transfer the photo?

        1. Mebbe The Jerusubang Star assigned one from their stable as the paper’s Corporate Social Responsibility?

          But there’s a catch. The Star will stock the unflattering photos like Tony Pua’s and SYA’s, and publish them when there’s a fallout or the relationship sours.

          1. The Star makes good companion when all is hunky dory. But as the saying goes, she can be pretty scary when scorned & pissed off. What with the industrial sized scissors she has kept somewhere that she can wield with deadly efficiency, by a thousand cuts or by one deep stab right between the shoulder blades.

            Someone should write a story on a media conglomerate that has tentacles everywhere, playing both sides of the political divide before finally showing their true colors. With some imagination it could even be made into a film. Imagine George Clooney or Anthony Wong playing WCW. I wonder who would be perfect to be cast as Ms “Wow! Terribly Impressed”?

  4. Not quite…it is bound to happen, but never have I expected Cina Gelang Patah dua kali lima macam Cina penang, me thinking this sebab membesar dan belajar di Penang, the GE13-90% thingy is not news to me, as of now, just skimming the milk, while it lasts…and at the same time trying to gauge this ‘upset thingy’, how deep…

    Starting to see ABC in few places, but still saw a lot of Malays patronising ABC businesses

  5. I am not upset that 90% cina support DAP or pembangkang.

    I am upset that the cina can get away with being racists and blame the malays for that.

    I am upset that the cina being tamak, want everything for themselves and don’t want to kongsi.

    I am upset that the cina think low of the bumiputeras and think they can simply rampas everything from the bumiputeras.

    I am upset that the china/india immigrant schools (sekolah jenis2) still exist although the immigrants had been granted citizenships by way of jus soli or may I say FREE without them doing anything to earn them. They just have to agree on one simple thing, respect the perlembagaan and don’t touch on the special rights of the bumiputeras. Even this they cannot do.

    ….and you expect us to be happy ?

    1. I expect you to be rightfully upset. I was counting on Malay dislike of DAP to keep BN in power, and I bet the old man was too.

      You speak like the Chinese robbed you everyday when the collusion of the elites to empty your pocket was decidedly multiracial in composition. You speak as if the years of affirmative policies have been pouring water on daun keladi.

      Saya rasa pelik, kalau sudah berpuluh-puluh tahun berkerajaan dan dengan DEB, masih dituduh Cina kawal ekonomi, silap Cina lagi? No wonder they don’t think too highly of the Malays.

      People can think what they want about you, but it is you yourself who can decide your worth, bukan tauke Cina yang bersifat rasis.

      1. First time commenter here.. lama sudah mengikuti, tetapi tidak pernah terpanggil untuk beri komen kerana apa yg terbuku di hati dan apa yg terlintas di hati sudah tercatat kebanyakannya di sini.. Terimakasih semua.. for here I can see kita boleh duduk semeja, speak our grouses, without seeing anything ‘terbang’ *lol* which is good. I respect you ppl for this, coz, if we cant do that, the healing process can never be started. Glad to hv found this page. I enjoyed the comments very much. :) I can see both sides and pertimbangkan permasalahan kedua2 belah pihak.

        Anyways, tq i hate n’sync, for your comment coz I can totally see how the non bumi on the other side must hv felt abt us the bumi. Cuma saya nak panjangkan sedikit mengenai article 153 tu, and how it is now esp dlm bidang pendidikan.

        Bila I baca your comment, I rasa macam you think that the Bumis can get these privileges anywhere in store.. ‘mamak! privilege satu!’ *lol*.. tidak lah… those privileges mostly have to be earned.. kalau result SPM hancur, duit tak ada nak beli rumah, modal tiada langsung untuk mulakan perniagaan, bagaimana? They are many Malays who do not receive these privileges simple because they dont qualify for any of it.

        In order to get those scholarships, or pinjaman boleh ubah for education, one has to totally QUALIFY, and apply for it, gov do not simply pick the names out of a hat! To buy a house, obviously you have to have a job to have money and again qualify for a housing loan. And to qualify for a business loan, again you have to apply and have ‘kertas kerja’, business sudah ada berjalan. Among my friends that received these privileges, I totally did not see any abused of the privileges, Infact, we thanked the gov and totally become a productive citizens by paying back into the system. And LOTS OF IT. (good education, good money.. right? ;) )

        Having said that, I do not deny that these abuses do happened. just because I don’t come across any, doesnt mean they dont happen. BUT, from experience, cerita benar, my spouse had been approached by the Chinese friends/colleagues a few times to ‘buy’ this one privilege (business, 30% equity), bagi nama sahaja, no work, no say and be paid RM4K per month for it. Kalau iman tak kuat, memang lah dah lama weiii which I think banyak berlaku alibaba ini. And then these discriminations at work places so rampant by the Chinese towards the Malays. A friend nearly went to court for this (mnc), co. settle out of court though. btw, me life revolves in Penang ya.. Memang akui, Png Chinese ni banyak lainnya.. I am not racist by nature, am only racist to those who are racists. Then I came to Penang…. haiya!!! I grew up in Ipoh, many2 great Chinese friends, even up to now.. (but it did change for most b4/after PRU13.. I sedih sangat2).

        I cannot speak for all, I can only speak from my experience, and speak on behalf of my Bumi friends (means my circles). I only received the said privileges twice. A scholarship to further my studies and then when buying a house. Other than that, I live my life no difference than any other non Bumis. Habis belajar, cari kerja sendiri, dah ada kerja, bayar balik study loan (my spouse), AND PAY TAXES. Infact, bukan takat taxes sahaja, as Muslims, have to pay also zakat pendapatan, zakat untuk wang simpanan dan lain2 zakat.

        Sangatlah marah apabila Chinese tuduh kami yang dapat scholarships/pinjaman boleh ubah sebagai tidak layak! I damn well earned it, yes, my spm (more than 20 yrs ago), bukan straight As, Biology, Geography ke laut, tetapi I did qualify for the course (engineering) that I had applied dan ekonomi keluarga saya melayakkan saya juga (no dad, mom no work, lives w late granny). Positive discrimination, or also known as affirmative actions. Dan yang saya lihat juga, di waktu saya, cuma ada kurang 10 orang Bumi (saya kata Bumi, sebab ada yg kaya itu bukan Melayu, bukan juga Islam okay, tapi Bumi nevertheless) yang benar2 kaya mendapat biasiswa, TETAPI, keputusan spm mereka adalah terlalu baik (rata2 jurusan yang mereka ambil adalah critical, engineering)… meritokrasi meh?

        Dan pada masa sekarang, melalui pengalaman anak saya yang baru ke University, you hv to score straight As in order to secure a scholarship in almost any bidang, paling teruk is 8As! There were 35,000 students who scored straight As in spm 2012. Cuba fikirkan, ratio populations Bumi and Chinese esp berapa? Takkan lah semua itu Cina? itu belum yang 8As, 7As dan sebagainya.. Tempat ke IPTA/IPTS terhad. Mestilah ada yg walau layak akan keciciran kerana kalau dah semua minta jurusan critical, engineering/doctor/farmasi, bagaimana? kerana sekali lagi tempat adalah terhad.. kalau layak pun, tetapi, masa interview ke laut, bagaimana? Anak saya sendiri IPTA hanya dapat pilihan kelima! terpaksa tolaklah sebab tidak minat. Ke IPTS lah kami dan kena lah bayar……….. di mana percumanya? Samalah dengan work interview, academically layak, does not mean you would automatically secure the job. dan sila rujuk link ini utk ratio bangsa kemasukan ke IPTA:

        Click to access 2010-KOMPILASI_ISU2_DASAR.pdF


        35% for Chinese, could someone again pls state what is the Chinese population here in Malaysia? and masih the Chinese screams bloody murder when it comes to this? alahai..

        Dan sangatlah marah juga apabila pernah ditanyakan pada tahun lepas oleh seorang jurujual Cina kenapa orang Melayu tidak perlu bayar cukai?! mau saja saya rasa nak sumbat selipar ke dalam mulut dia, (apa fitnah ini??), tetapi apabila difikirkan balik, sumber yang dia dengar tu entah dari mana lah kan?.. Saya jelaskan kepada dia yang Melayu juga KENA bayar cukai apabila pendapatan itu layak di cukai (dan perlu juga bayar zakat utk org Islam)

        Akhir sekali, maaf saya ucapkan kerana terlalu panjang, tetapi saya bukan hari-hari dapat peluang untuk melawat ke sini.. ;) Kepada my fellow the 90% Chinese, kami Bumis (saya cakap Bumi, sebab my better half is not a Malay but a Swkian Bumi), Kami sebenarnya tidak kisah pun, yg Cina2 pegang ekonomi, kami sama2 tolong kayakan lagi Cina2 yg berniaga ada.. :) tidak apa.. rezeki adalah atas usaha masing-masing. bukan dari handouts.. dan Cina memang dikenali sebagai pandai berniaga pun.. We are however angry at you because you violated, betrayed us on the ‘semangat setiakawan’ that we held on for such a long long time… It is true, it’s your rights to whom you give your votes for.. tetapi agak2 lah, fikir2 lah.. Ingat kami Bumis buta ke terhadap BN tu? tidak, cuma BN for now is the lesser devil.. (pada saya, hanya org yg skrew loose sahaja yang akan undi pkr atau pas, dan bumi to dap, suicidal vote lah).. Jika ada pilihan yang lebih baik untuk kita semua, semestinya sudah undi diberi kepada pihak itu.

        p/s I kesian tau dengan Koh Tsu Koon, Penang banyak berubah dan maju di bawah dia, investors byk masuk, tapi, LGE bukan main mendabik dada.. konon.. dia hanya mewarisi.. ekonomi Png stagnant di bawah dia, Melayu dipinggirkan, banyak peniaga kecil Melayu di halau, harga rumah kos rendah starts at RM115k??! dan rumah2 di bina hanya untuk si kaya dari China, Hong Kong or Spore.. huhu.. tapi tak heran Cina Png memilih dap, sudah masak dengan perangai mereka.


        ‘To tolerate is to endure. It’s not to be mistaken for acceptance, embracing or condoning. It is simply a way to get through where ideas and values collide. It’s not a pleasant ride but sometimes necessary when the alternatives could be dangerous and costly. Make no mistake however convictions will never change. You don’t have to do anything to earn tolerance but once you have it you should know; there is nothing another could give you less degrading nor better in your case.’

        Terima kasih.

        1. JPA juga memang menawarkan biasiswa untuk non Bumi, cuma saya tiada sumber sahih untuk peratusan pemberian mengikut bangsa. Menurut yang saya baca, lebih dari 30% biasiswa JPA diberikan kepada kaum Cina berbanding Bumiputera Sabah dan sarawak. Bilangan agak hampir sama dengan jumlah yang diberikan kepada Melayu. Kawan anak saya sendiri seorang Cina, berjaya mendapat biasiswa JPA untuk program PILN. (PILN, program ijazah luar negara). PIDN (program ijazah dalam negara.

  6. sigh, you know what. I’m just either gonna learn Mandarin and go with the flow, or freaking migrate.

    when I really think about it, the issues that really irks me about this whole thing is hypocrisy and the victim mentality of DAP brainwashed followers.

    1. Jamie, same thot here on learning Mandarin or freaking migrate.. memikirkan nasib anak2.. huhu.. but I do love this country..

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