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Part 2: Are you one of them Malays upset about the 90% thingy? (cont’d)

Part 1 here.

Before we continue with our discussion of the Malay angst at the Chinese GE13 vote, a quick digression — the list of the words that, if you say them, will make those in-denial Malaysian Firsters go ballistic:

  • backlash
  • Chinese tsunami
  • Utusan
  • Gardenia
  • Tun Mahathir
  • May 13

ARHitam  commented @ Jun 15, 2013 at 1:19 pm

“Dear Helen,

When Dapsters are going against Umno leaders, that’s politic. But when Chinese go against Umno as whole, that’s amounting to being anti-Malay.

Now, this is happening and even progressing fast i.e. Blackout505. We are heading for a racial head-on crash for sure.

Is this what we want?”

***  ***  ***

re: “We are heading for a racial head-on crash for sure.”

Whether we are or we’re not, what’s for sure is that the Umno octogenarian and the DAP septuagenarian are clashing like a pair celestial cymbals loud enough to shift tectonic plates.

“Chinese bashing”

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Dr Mahathir had urged, Kerajaan jangan lagi berlembut, beri muka kepada pembangkang.

Lim Kit Siang yesterday responded to Dr M by saying,

“If the time has come for the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak to be tough and to stop “giving face”, it is to racists like Mahathir and Utusan Malaysia who have been seeking to destroy the message of peace and moderation with their ceaseless and reckless racist lies and falsehoods.”

Kit Siang also deployed the “Chinese bashing” trope.

In his press statement, Kit Siang wrote:

“But not content with the rejection of their message of racist falsehoods, lies and hatred, Mahathir and Utusan Malaysia have returned to the irresponsible and reckless tactics of Chinese-bashing and racist provocations with a vengeance after the 13th General Elections.”

Any criticism of the DAP and its supporters is accused to be “Chinese bashing”. It’s like how some Jews resort to alleging “anti-Semitism” as their first line of defence.

A close second to the convenient label “Chinese bashing” is the accusation of “race baiting”. But this only applies one way. When DAP and its supporters feel the heat, they call it “Chinese baiting”.

But when the same treatment is meted out by DAP and its supporters to others, such as calling Hindraf leaders and their followers “pariah”, “samsu drunkards” and “snakes”, this is never seen in Chinese eyes as “race baiting” or “Indian baiting”.

Confrontations accelerating

In ARHitam’s comment, he also said, “Now, this is happening and even progressing fast i.e. Blackout505.”

There will be the #Black 505 rally next Saturday that is a deliberate provocation to the police.

And following that will be the general release of Tanda Putera in the cinemas which is certain to draw acrimonious protests.

As regular commenter Shamshul Anwar has noted, “That DAP, despite winning only 38 seats as compared to Umno’s 88 seats,  is cocky and ‘samseng’. I can’t imagine if it is DAP that won 88 seats.”

I’d like to highlight another portion of ARHitam’s comment:

“When Dapsters are going against Umno leaders, that’s politic. But when Chinese go against Umno as [a] whole, that’s amounting to being anti-Malay.”

DAP = Chinese = DAP

Let’s reverse the protagonists. “When Malays go against DAP as a whole, that’s amounting to being anti-Chinese.”

Umno has a lot of members. But not all Malays in the country support Umno. Perhaps only around half, give or take, of the Malay population do albeit it does appear that support for Umno is lately increasing as a reaction to the Chinese assertion of political power.

DAP does not have as many members as Umno. Far short, in fact, if we were to go by absolute numbers. However the difference is cohesion in that DAP is now receiving almost total support from the Chinese.

Hence how true would be the statement – “When Malays go against DAP as a whole, that’s amounting to being anti-Chinese”?

Anti-Chinese sentiments

The boycott on Chinese products is a tangible manifestation of anti-Chinese (and not anti-DAP) sentiments because the manufacturers are being boycotted for being Chinese and not for being DAP.

The attempt to force the closure of SRJK (C)s is related to anti-Chineseness.

DAP has contributed very little to the development of vernacular education and the fact that this schooling system has been successfully maintained is thanks to the MCA, politically. (Of course credit to the school board, teachers and the Chinese community who built and supported these schools).

However as a result of the Chinese tsunami, the Malay-Muslim NGOs that want vernacular schools to be abolished are saying that MCA no longer has any locus standi to be speaking on behalf of the Chinese community on this education issue.

The problem is

When the Malays nowadays see a Chinese person, they’re beginning to view this Chinese guy not as Ah Seng or Ah Beng but as Guan Eng.

And when the thought or idea of the Chinese crosses the mind of a pro-establishment Malay, his own Chinese friends and personal experiences and individual knowledge have receded into the background to be replaced by the loud and foul-mouthed Dapster archetype.

DAP and their Dapsters are so much in your face that they have become the de facto representative Chinese in Malaysia.

This melding is exacerbated when it is Jerusubang that is in control of the overlapping – think Venn diagram – narrative which is necessarily in English because most Chinese don’t read in BM and most Malays don’t read in Chinese.

Consequence of 90% vote

The overwhelming support given the DAP as well as allowing solely the DAP to dictate the Chinese national direction has made the community a DAP collective.

However, the oppo-supporting Chinese are unable to see any of what I’m saying here. If they were to read this article, they’d just accuse me of trying to wean them away from the DAP and other such related claims.

Which is a ridiculous argument because the general election is over and the next one is not expected to be called until another 5 years.

Nonetheless, rather than rationalize, the Dapster knee-jerk response is to angrily accuse and simply slander. They prefer shooting the messenger.

To me they are unable to read accurately the Malay ground.

This is due to the Yasmin Ahmad Kool Aid which they’re gulping down. The opiate is supplied to these 90 percent Chinese by vested interests who need them to continue in the comforting delusion that they’ve got the PAS and PKR Malays on their side and in the palm of their hands.

The Chinese really believe that if another May 13 were ever to happen, it will be Malays fighting Malays. If you try to prick their bubble, they will call you “racist”.

Look at how they’ve been so insistent that the anti-EC rallies are multiracial rather than Chinese-dominated.

I think they are wrong. But they retort that I’m talking to only Malay ultras and unenlightened country bumpkins (the Umno vote bank) in my blog.

Part 1: Are you one of them Malays upset about the 90% thingy?


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37 thoughts on “Part 2: Are you one of them Malays upset about the 90% thingy? (cont’d)

  1. Helen,

    Precisely. Nowadays, Malays look at any Chinese as carrying DAP’s idea. and i cant blame the Malays for that sentiment.

    For the sentiment actually reflects the reality. Chinese, i believe voluntarily let DAP to dictate Chinese agenda (issues related to Chinese). As such, it is accurate to view Chinese gives approval to DAP’s provocative style.

    Chinese agrees to DAP’s anti Malay stance. As such, they are also provoking the Malays.

    Guan Eng, like his father, has the habit of accusing UMNO (meaning Malay) as racist. I come across many Chinese despite not reading Utusan proudly accusing Utusan as racist. They were shocked when I “bantai” them for saying them.

    There is no such thing as “chinese bashing’. What we are seeing in relentless Malay bashing by DAP. It is so typical of DAP accusing others (namely UMNO) for sins it committed. This is to deflect and to buy time.

    Coupled with indecisive UMNO leadership and made worse by “something or someone not right in AG’s office”, Malay bashing is going full swing.

    And we must not forget the role by Anwar who refuses to accept reality that he will never be the Prime Minister. He is willing to sell anything or anyone to achieve his dream. He fed the chinese with imaginery winning Putrajaya.

    So, gullible chinese abandons whatever time tested friendship with UMNO by voting DAP en bloc. Come May 6, UMNO albeit bruises and wound, still rules the country.

    So, instead of voting UMNO out, they vote themselves out of government. Yet they wonder why Malays nowadays loudly want to boycot Chinese goods or say out loud never to trust Chinese again.

    So “nice” of Chinese community ever willing to sacrifice their legitimate interest to perpetuate Lim dynasty. They share same dubious honour with moronic Malays who feel there is nothing wrong in slandering if you can inject some religious flavour such as Quranic verses while cursing others on stage.

  2. re : The Chinese really believe that if another May 13 were ever to happen, it will be Malays fighting Malays. If you try to prick their bubble, they will call you “racist”.

    The cool aid given by DAP made them believe this. What a lot of them not aware of is that a lot of malay now believe that it chinese who don’t want to kongsi but want to take everythings.

    A lot of malay youngster now also start believing that chinese want to rules them and take everythings and they look at GE#13 data differently. 90% vote from chinese to PR didn’t help either. They also by reading a blog, believe that only a few malay joint in Black 505. Majority who attend were/are chinese.

    Some of first timer malay youngster voter that I meet start voicing their regrate in voting for opposition. I can say Padan Muka to them but I just keep quite. This regrate can turn into hatred. This is dangerous turn of event.

    if youngster from two different races think and act in opposite side, this can lead to dissaster. Young mind can easily explode with minimum proding and by the things going on here, with GE13 result been reading and take differently by malay and chinese youngster, I’m afraid to speculate.

    Maybe I’m over reading and over thingking and over acting about this but let just say I’m starting voicing this fear becouse I don’t want it to happen.

    :( sarah

  3. Sat night in KL. Lots of Chinese at the clubs along Changkat BB. Having some drinks & dinner with friends at an English pub. And these buggers wanna talk politics over beer, meat & cheese platters that cost 1/4 the minimum wage?

    No wonder the Malays hate us Chinese.

    1. Nowadays Malays elites also hate Malays. Sooner or later, it would be class thing. Just need the poor chinese to also hate the rich chinese.

      Then we can have a full blown class warfare. Poor People UNITE :))

  4. “And these buggers wanna talk politics over beer, meat & cheese platters that cost 1/4 the minimum wage?

    No wonder the Malays hate us Chinese.”

    I live in the area and there are many Malays living here too. Those who throng this area are outsiders. If I read in between the line correctly, what you are trying to say “the majority Malays who earn minimum wage and can’t afford the RM225 platters are jealous of the Chinese who can talk crap politics over it”.

    Have you heard the saying that ” Money can’t buy CLASS” ?

    In this area, “The Haves know other The Haves” .

    1. Perhaps I’ve phrased if wrongly. If I’ve offended you & anyone else then please accept my apologies.

      I was pissed that a night out to wind down with Chinese friends was turned into a moan fest when they can afford to split a bill of 1k between themselves but yet claim to be deprived & oppressed by a “corrupt, illegitimate government”. I ended up making an excuse, paying my share & left to watch a late night movie at Pavilion with the missus.

      As for the outsiders, I concur as I stay a short walk away from Changkat BB & on weekends it is a real bitch trying to drive back if you’re coming back around 9 onwards. And don’t you just hate it when they rev their cars at 3am on weekends as they announce their departure after a night of partying themselves senseless?


      Btw Helen, remember your post on Lin Chi Ling shaving her head? I watched that movie last night on the basis of the slick trailer. My advice is for everyone to avoid that movie. The CGI is atrocious, storyline non existent, Lin Chi Ling’s acting was ridiculous, her shaved hair scene lasted all of 5 seconds & I could go on but I’ll spare you. The only saving grace was Andy Lau’s acting.

      I bet LGE was among the first to watch the movie with Betty. Afterall, he looked so bashful with the leggy Lin next to him. And perhaps, Lin inspired Betty’s mowing of her crowning glory…

        1. She most definitely did. It looked so unnatural that they brightened the shot with some resplendent light, presumably to hide the bald cap lines. And the supposed scene served no purpose whatsoever actually so much so that I wondered why bother doing it.

      1. ‘I was pissed that a night out to wind down with Chinese friends was turned into a moan fest when they can afford to split a bill of 1k between themselves but yet claim to be deprived & oppressed by a “corrupt, illegitimate government”. I ended up making an excuse, paying my share & left to watch a late night movie at Pavilion with the missus.’

        THIS A THOUSAND TIMES and to be fair, I’ve had to suffer through this with a few rich (bumis) relatives who had the cheek to monopolize plum gov. scholarships for their kids, AND THEN claim that they’re deprived and oppressed. ARGH!

        I’m all for the class war. Poor vs the ‘Oh poor me’ Rich! yeah!

  5. the chinese we have now are very insensitive towards Malays and Islam… we see them putting up kiosks in the middle of shopping malls selling daging babi salai…knowing very well that these acts will infuriate the Malays n Muslims in general. We tolerate these kind of behaviour for years.

    Cheating and lying in business is normal with chinese… this is how they make lots of money… by being dishonest. With a bigger economy pie they are getting big headed by questioning everything the gov does. They refuse to speak Malay which shows how arrogant these people are. They forgot that they are in Malaysia and not China.

    1. I am sure the Hindus get really infuriated with the Malays and Chinese for all the beef. Not to mention the infuriation of the vegans against all the Malay, Chinese and Indian meat eaters. OH, the insensitivity!

      Oh wait, my apologies, only the MAJORITY can complaint about their sensitivities being offended and everyone else have to bend over to accommodate them. My mistake. Next time, pork should be sold in the dark away from public areas – just in case a Malay or Muslim walks by.

      1. re: “Next time, pork should be sold in the dark away from public areas”

        More likely scenario under PAS-DAP govt than with Umno-old MCA govt.

        c.f Kedah.

      2. Now you get it. Pork should be sold in the dark away from public areas. Not so difficult kan?

        1. Thank you for confirming that. I wish the same could be done for liqour and alcohol. I hate double standards and hypocrites.

    2. “…knowing very well that these acts will infuriate the Malays…”

      Why would it infuriate the Malays? You don’t buy, you don’t eat. Same case like non-Muslim kid bringing their own non-halal food to school. Why would it infuriate the teachers to point the kid was caned? See this and this also. *sigh*

      1. that is ODD. I was from St Teresa (similar school system to St Tom mentioned above) and this has NEVER happened. My friends used to bring pork to school for recess but no one gave a toot. Better find the whole story first before marah2 okay. I’m gonna try find out more from my end here.

  6. Firsters Dapsters …

    Ghani, Ali Rustam and especially Ah Jib Gor (yukks) are chinese-supporting UMNO leaders. What happened to them?

    Vernacular schools are ICONS of pendatang mindset. Why still exist?

    Pakatan – full of Islamic ulamas, CAT champions and Malaysian Firsters appointed Anwar (exUMNO), the father of corruption, power abuse and sodomy as LEADER?

    Karpal the loud morally upright Singh advised buttman to “taubat” had successfully defended sodomite and forever vocally (over-his-dead-body) rejected kawan PAS’s hudud and clinically stamped buttman as LEADER of pakatan?

    PAS (exBN) exploits Islam, DAP (PAP twin) manipulates the “democratic and multiracial” ideals. PKR (exUMNO) exists for an aged buttman only.

    In a nutshell = pakatan are HYPOCRITES of the highest order, and they want to rule blessed Malaysia?????

    They have told atrocious LIES too long and too often, they are beginning to believe their own SPIN at their own peril.

    UMNO, MCA, MIC etc are racial in nature and they admit this reality openly, no spiritual pretence to high evangelistic “ideals”. But the key point is that BN is unity and sharing – perfect for a multiracial setup.

    Very wise and the only way to go!!

    1. P.S. Reminder – Pakatan Rakyat is not even a registered coalition. Does that mean they “kahwin” cowboy??

  7. Helen,
    Thank you for this posting. I am a Malaysian, a Malay, and I have many Chinese friends and neighbours. I don’t hate Chinese but I hate the current attempt to make Malaysia like a Chinese country!

    I know the Chinese have lots of Money and they control the economy. And they are showing this arrogance that ‘we have had this economic power for so long…. now we really want to make Malaysia the way we like it’. Try going to Tropicana mall, you’I feel like you are in Guangzhou…. sad and angry because I am not seeing a compromise in the near future. I feel the Chinese via DAP nurturing are purposely not showing that they should care at all of the feelings of the other races. Malaysian Chinese now seems to have evolved — I am sure it is a result of both BN and DAP.

    We are heading for trouble unless the leaders of both sides do something fast!

    The harder the DAP stand on maintaining their Chinese-ness, the stronger the reaction of the formerly middle-ground Malays. Many non-UMNO Malays are now talking openly about this.

    We should all cool down and reflect…..

    1. SayangMalaysia,

      What happened to Najib, Ali Rustam. Ghani Othman should serve as lessons to all of us. All of them were treated badly in general election by chinese voters as if they did nothing for chinese community.

      Why on earth UMNO still allows seats like Kulim, Alor Setar, Kuantan, Bandar Tun Razak. Tanhjuung Malam, Tanjung Piai, Alor Gajah contested by Chinese candidates. fro mMCA or Gerakan.

      The problem with chinese is that they want all for them. There is no concept of “sharing’ in their vocabulary.

      1. (1) As Kit Siang has pointed out (and doing the math), he beat Ghani Othman in Gelang Patah because DAP got enough of the Malay votes. LKS could not have won GP without reaching a high enough threshold of Malay support.

        Ghani Othman did not get strong support from the Malay voters. He could have survived the Chinese tsunami if the Malays had backed him to the hilt. Don’t forget that he was already on the way out and Umno Johor (and according to rumours, the Sultan too) had already chosen his successor.

        (2) There are four DUN seats under Bukit Katil.

        N.15 Bachang
        DAP: 13,688 votes
        Gerakan: 11,016
        Majority: 2,672
        Malay voters: 48.5%, Chinese voters: 46.3%

        N.16 Ayer Keroh
        MCA: 10,991
        Majority: 7,943
        Malay: 35.6%, Chinese: 55.5%

        N.17 Bukit Baru
        PAS: 9,292
        Umno: 9,244
        Majority: 48
        Malay: 61.3%, Chinese: 33.4%

        N.18 Ayer Molek
        Umno: 8,756
        PAS: 4,995
        Majority: 3,761
        Malay: 86.9%, Chinese: 8.24%

        Interesting … three out of Bukit Katil’s DUNs are Malay majority. In Ayer Molek where the Chinese were 8.24%, Umno beat PAS but in Bukit Baru where the Chinese were 33.4%, Umno lost to PAS.

        The DUN winners are: DAP, DAP, PAS, Umno.
        The losers: Gerakan, MCA, Umno, PAS

        The opposition got altogether 46,909 votes from their four Pakatan DUN candidates. The BN got altogether 40,007 votes from their four DUN candidates.

        Ali Rustam obtained 40,720 votes and his PKR challenger got 46,167 votes.

        The DUN and Parliament votes almost tally except that Ali Rustam appears to be a little bit more popular than his Adun contestants — a small consolation to the ex-MB.

        Ali Rustam collected 713 votes more than the BN’s four DUN contestants combined whereas the PKR’s (now MP) Shamsul Akin had 742 votes less than the four Pakatan DUN contestants combined.

        The stats agree that Ali Rustam succumbed to the Chinese tsunami.

        Bukit Katil, with 40.8 percent Chinese electorate, is just the kind of Parliament seat in the demographic band that BN lost in GE13 but should strive to win back in GE14.

        Bachang, the DUN under Bukit Katil that was the weak link for BN. It is a Malay majority seat! but was won by the DAP.

        1. Malay split is considered gaduh adik beradik :))

          But true. Always about the Chinese.

          Why is UMNO not addressing grievances of the opposition Malays? But be careful what you wish for. Islamic state anybody.

    2. Agree,many Chinese now feels it is the time to show their strength,see how they say “semua Bandar besar china punya”,I think this is not good for the country,Chinese must not feel that just because you can control the economy,you must control everything,always remember money is not everything in life,without peace and harmony every money you own is meaningless,always remember too if you want to be rich,enrich your neighbour too,good day.

  8. Personally I am not upset. It has been a democratic expession of the people.

    My personal impression is that inside the psyche of the Chinese is that they do not want to be ‘dictated / dominated’ by a race that see as inferior and corrupt (read UMNO in general).

    I think if Malays (inspite of lesser economic standing) are persistently morally-upright, professional and incorruptible (read like the substance in the late Tun Ismail Ali) then the Malays would command greater respect from all other Malaysians incl their own selves.

    I also see the vaild point that they are fed up that the public coffer has not been used prudently, after all they contributed the most. Also the chagrin like the simple example of the young and talented Chinese not awarded the scholarship which they should.

    Also talking to my Chinese friends, they are not against affirmative actions per se (because that is helping) but they feel it has been abused by UMNO all this while.

    You need to appreciate that Malay politics all begin with UMNO from the beginning. PAS, Semangat 46, PKR, UMNO Baru are splits and re-birth from UMNO.

    The bad of UMNO has been construed as mistreatment from the Malay camp.

    As long as UMNO exists, the discomfort and hate from the Chinese camp will not wane, rightly or wrongly.

    These are some examples where the discontent of the Chinese comes in. There are more reasons I believe.

    1. The Chinese is a dirty unwashed race. No way would a Malay think that Chinese are good people. Coughing, spitting, cangkung, the superior image is something that Chinese race long for.

      Acceptance by Mat Salleh, throwing away without pride their culture and names to be come Hannah.. Tommy Vincent, they remain an ugly chinese even as Cardiff wins.

      The English winced everytime they see that Fu Manchu face on TV.
      Ugh.. why did the Malays allows ugly chinese to have so much dirty money?
      They didnt. It was an Indian fella..

      The Chinese is an in inferior mongoloid face. Sepet they do not measure to the handsome Malays. Thinking sepet and mongoloid is beautiful is of course human nature. But scientifically Chinese are mongoloids.

  9. The Chinese, despite being allow to accumulate wealth and control the country’s economy, are still not happy with the government because of the privileges given to the Malays, so they vote for PR.

    The Malays, despite being given all the privileges, are still not happy because the government still gives “face” to the Chinese, so they voted for (or now they say they are shifting to) PR.

    So, how?

    1. AJJ,

      So how?

      So, if asked to any political party in this planet, it will say it will put priority to those who support it.

      So, for UMNO, it is time to appeciate malay sentiments and malay interests. Najib must not make a mistake of ‘liberalising” the economy while chinese still firms on “mandarin is required” mantra.

      As I said earlier, GTP, ETP, Blue ocean strategy, strings of advisors, failed to carry the votes. at the end of the days, when it matters the most, the time tested “kampung style” by these “plump mak cik makcik UMNO carried the day for UMNO.

      To say that urban malays tilted towards PKR is not that “accurate”. No doubt, PKR has Malay base too. UMNO still manages to get the lion share of malay votes. But as some seats have say 48% non Malays, with the habit of Chinese supporting PR (en bloc) and percentage of malays who went out to vote is less, seats were won by PR.

      1. re: “with the habit of Chinese supporting PR (en bloc) and percentage of malays who went out to vote is less, seats were won by PR”

        Does anyone have the figures of how many Malay percent votes went to Nurul Izzah in Lembah Pantai?

        1. It is quite simple to calculate. 98% of all chinese voters vote for Nurul Izzah.

          So whatever remains of the votes she get will be malay and indian votes. Assuming she get 90% of Indian votes then taking those votes will give malay votes for Nurul Izzah.

          She only won by 1 thousand over votes. So little.

          That means very little malay votes!

          1,xxx + 95% malay votes for Raja. That means she only get 5% malay votes!

        2. Helen,

          Raja Nong chik got the Malay votes. But as Lembah Pantai also has siginificant non Malays, the seat goes to Nurul izzah.

          The same goes for Bukit Katil. In fact I was told that even in Permatang Pauh, had not for Chinese votes that is approximately 30% of voters, Anwar would have lost the seat.

          As for Bachang, majority of malay votes goes to Gerakan . But as DAP got almost total votes from Chinese community, BN lost

          1. It would be interesting to get the breakdown for Lembah Pantai, e.g. did the Indians in Brickfields vote more for PKR-Pakatan or for Umno-BN?

            How many percent Chinese voters in Bangsar?

            I agree that RNC got the Malay votes but how high? Most of the estimates put the Chinese support for DAP as reaching up to 90 percent if not beyond. I’m curious to know as to how high Malay support for Umno went this round.

  10. Dear Helen and my non-Chinese friends,

    May I continue my discourse on why Penang Chinese are different from the others? Hockiens have better leadership skills as compared to other dialect groups. They are Machiavellian and are fast to lead as compared to the other groups. At times they think they are more superior to other ethnic groups.

    I was from Penang and I am Cantonese. I know from young my kind is called as “Macau-yan” even though my ancestors came a month’s ride on a donkey faraway from Macao.

    To the Hockien the Cantonese are inferior and they are the workers. Don’t get me wrong. Hockiens are far better entrepreneurial skills than the Cantonese. The Tambun Biscuit is a native of the Cantonese but it is the Penang Hockiens that took the dish as their own. You go to Penang to buy Tambun Biscuit and not to Tambun. The Cantonese tin miners brought the dish to Malaya. The Hockiens bakeries produced the biscuit to sell to the Cantonese workers.

    Cantonese are more contented as compared to the Hockiens who are more aggressive. (Cantonese are similar to the Malays – that is why they are good allies in the 1880 Penang Riots.)

    Why Penang produces so many leaders from Lim Chong Eu to some of the DAP 3.0 leaders who have some Penang heritage? It is the Machiavellian in the Hockien: the leadership abilities which do not appear much in the other dialect groups.

    Hockiens are more eloquent judging the many leaders and successful people who are Hockien – Lim Chong Eu, Lim Kit Siang, Ong Kean Ming and even Michelle Yeoh and Hannah Yeoh.

    Penang Hockiens are also very protective of their kind. They treat other dialect groups and other races with suspicion, like how the Jews treat other races. I remember my father telling me a story of his best friend rejecting a job in Kuala Lumpur as his mother is against the son going out of the island into the “wilderness”.

    Even the Penang Hockien dialect which is a smattering of Minnan, English and Malay is guarded well. Before the intervention of the MCA on a tax case, non Hockiens cannot be buried in Penang as there is no Hockien cemeteries on the island. (Note: The Cantonese graveyard at Bagan Jermal is owned by the United Hockien Cemeteries.) Please remember the Penang Chinese Girls School was a school for good Hockien girls as it was called Penang Hockien Girls School. The original medium of instruction was …. HOCKIEN and not Mandarin.

    How are other races called? Malay – Huan Na or jungle boy, Indian – Kelinga or worse ANayNay. In short why is Penang is so different from other states? You will now understand. Penang must lead but not led. Tan Siew Sin tried to rule Penang so off he went.

    Next, the Penang nemesis – Tun M! Tun M understands the Penang psyche more than any UMNO leader before him. Tun M spent most of childhood in wartime Malaya in Penang. He knows how Penang people tick. He even criticized Penang as Darul Sampah. Tun M understands the laidbackness of the Penang Malay or the Machiavellian nature of his then assistant Anwar.

    With this discourse, you would also understand the very peculiar Singaporean Chinese. So when you say ‘Cina 90%, it is not that all 90% do UMNO hate agents. It would be Cina Penang will lead and the rest of the Chinese like sheep will follow.

  11. Racism in Malaysia originated from the hokkiens lah. They think they are the superior lot compared to the other make-up of chinese. Chinese pun ada caste system lah

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