6 thoughts on “The Malay male is really Chinese Christian woman

  1. PETALING JAYA (June 12): Staff of The Malaysian Insider (TMI) are walking out on the five-year-old news website to start a new company that will run the rival web portal of The Malay Mail newspaper.

    The brother and sister team of Leslie Lau and Joan Lau will lead the team of 30 who will leave TMI for Trinity Diligence Sdn Bhd, which has been contracted to manage http://www.themalaymailonline.com

    Interestingly, The Malay Mail newspaper has a content sharing agreement with another news portal MalaysiaKini.

    “The print team and online team (of The Malay Mail) will be managed separately and the Insider team coming over will have no impact on the print partnership with MalaysiaKini,” said a source familiar with what was happening.

    Sources say the move, first reported by http://www.fz.com on April 23, was triggered by increasing differences between the TMI editorial team and its financiers on its editorial direction, especially during the run up to the May 5 General Election.

    This, combined with very persistent wooing by the people behind The Malay Mail group, finally led to the collective decision to leave.

    Read more: http://fz.com/content/malaysian-insider-lose-many-key-staff-rival#ixzz2WGbAIw8H

    If FZ is correct, the new website will still be under the parent company of The Malay Mail. I wonder what is that dinturtle guy getting his panties in a bunch for?

    1. The TMI reporters are Christian women?

      The TMI Malay males, few that they are, are staying put.

      1. This is a hilarious piece of news. TMI is left with 4 Malays and Bill Tegjeu in editorial while The ‘Malay’ Mail inherits TMI‘s mantle as the most Christian publication.

  2. The Malay Mail should just bungkus. How many english speaking papers can the country support.They are talking to the same chinese and indians community.

    Now they are misrepresenting themselves. chinese women and christians as Male and Malay. what bullshiiit.

    It should be renamed ChineseFemalesChristian paper.

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