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Tiger Woods and his women: Spot the leitmotif

Below is the ex-wife Elin Nordegren, and below that is current girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.



The media have reported many, many of Tiger’s affairs but we’ll just have another 8 more girls to round up a photo gallery of 10.

This photo is cropped because Jamie Junger's full hot pose may make the guys splurt their morning coffee.
This photo is cropped because Jamie Junger’s hot full pose may make the guys splurt their morning coffee.

Jaimee Grubbs
Jaimee Grubbs: Winner of Reality TV show
Joslyn James: Actress (in the porn industry)
Joslyn James: urm she’s an “actress”
Devon James
Devon James: Ditto above
Holly Sampson - "actress"
Holly Sampson: Ditto
Cori Rist
Cori Rist, in a TV interview
    Loradana Jolie -- hahaha cute pose (as a lady golfer)
Loradana Jolie: Playboy model
Rachel Uchitel: THe Huffington Post describes her as a "nightclub hostess"
Rachel Uchitel: The Huffington Post describes her as a “nightclub hostess”

What do the Tiger babes have in common?

Tiger Woods is biracial. His father is black and his mother Asian (Thai).

By the way, since we’ve been discussing mixed race Anak Bangsa Malaysia, are you aware that the City Harvest Church has a branch in Penang too besides its big buildings in Subang Jaya?

Below are the founders of City Harvest Church Penang.


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60 thoughts on “Tiger Woods and his women: Spot the leitmotif

  1. Tiger Woods probably won’t ‘force’ his wife to change religion or vice versa unlike in Malaysia. In Malaysia, certain religion is given preference advantage especially in issue like burial or custody of children even though the involve covert his religion in last minute in order to gain advantage.

    1. In this life, someone has to give up something for greater cause. It so happen that you are in Malaysia, a country with predominant Muslim and has Islam as the federal religion. If you want to let “not force change religion”, you may be happy, but it will hurt the other 60% Muslim majority. If we require “change religion”, Muslim are happy but you are not happy.

      At the end someone has to give up something for greater good (peace, stability, harmony) and it so happen that you are in Malaysia where it has been agreed upon under the social contract that the non-Muslim has to make the scarify. So live with it. This is what we call tolerance. Why the Malay (Muslim) is getting more upset with people like you is because of your lack of tolerance. You expect things to work only to your benefit, but not to the others, you expect others to accept what you deemed is right without considering others value of right and wrong.

  2. Dear Helen,

    Maybe we should promote racial marriage. Start looking find an ‘I’ to complete my ‘MIC’ house.. LOL

  3. Malaysians are multi racial,like it or hate it,its going to be like that until doomsday,try to like it than we live in peace,hate it and everybody will suffer,take a common ground to solve our differences and our differences will make Malaysia a great country.

  4. I’ve always viewed Tiger’s indiscretion as something he’ll regret, perhaps not now, maybe in old age.

    He was married to a hot Nordic beauty who’s the mother of his 2 kids. And lets be honest, all the while they were married, she hardly set any gossip rags editor’s heart racing. And until she wielded the golf club with a vengeance on Tiger’s SUV, she was a picture of beauty, grace & decorum. I suppose everyone has a limit on their patience.

    So it is with Malaysians. What we have is a system, by no means perfect, but it functions & we move along. Then a few decided that change was necessary. They experimented with the likes of BA & now PR. Having a whiff of power, they decided to go further by taking all necessary means to quench their parched throats with power beyond their imaginations. And the people are influenced by all the mumbo jumbo thrown at them. And if they were to lose what they have now one day in the distant future, will they be filled with regret? Time will tell.

    So it was with Tiger. He used his fame, money & charm to get the women into bed. Strictly casual with no strings attached, for him at least. Lets be honest, surely he wasn’t considering dumping Elin for any one of the chicks he bedded? As for Vonn, she’s different as Tiger’s single & she’s a celebrity in her own right. And if things don’t work out, he’d probably regret letting go someone he took for granted before once.

    When the silent majority & the Malays finally reach the end of tether where their patience is concerned, the Chinese who has been baiting & goading them all this while will feel the backlash. I honestly don’t see how the Chinese can stand up to the “weak” Malays when push comes to shove. Surely Tiger could physically overpower Elin in a fight. But wielding a golf club, he scurried away like the scoundrel & rat that he is.

    I’d bet the Chinese would be crying like the cry babies they really are if faced with a concerted backlash from Malays united in defending their race & religion.

    So if the Chinese can’t stand the heat, they should stay out of the kitchen. A few canisters of tear gas & a shower from water cannons has left them merengek macam budak kecik nak mati demi negara konon. And they are dangerously stoking the fire now. If Rome can be razed to the ground, so can this country.

    1. re: “until she wielded the golf club with a vengeance on Tiger’s SUV”

      Police were investigating whether she wielded the golf club with a vengeance on Tiger too. That’s how the news (of the reason behind her rampage) leaked out and eventually blew up into the big story.

      1. I always think that his women has a similarity in them. All of them look a little bit like his wife. Hmmm

        :] sarah

      1. That don’t make his indiscretion right. Perhaps it is a cautionary tale for the rest of us who can dream of having a bank vault full of money. Nothing, not even fame, a beautiful wife, two kids & more money than you can spend is enough. You want something more out of this world.

        Even if you’re a member of an evangelical church. Scratch that. Especially if you’re a member of an evangelical church. That sounds right.

    2. one way to look at it is that eventually, there will be foreign intervention in this country, whether you like it or not. the question is when.

      the Imperialists in the West are just waiting for the time to strike. they have help in this part of the world. in Thailand, they have the Shinawatra family and countless others. in the Philippines, practically the entire political class, the elite is pro American. Myanmar is now opening up, only a matter of time before the country is re-colonize by the West again. Vietnam is no better. Indonesia ? their natural resources are being stripped by the day by foreigners. Singapore ? yes Singapore, the most realist and pragmatic of states. they will do what’s best for them. they are allied with both the West and China. they are in the best position.

      for the Chinese in Southeast Asia, nothing will happen to them. their interests are well taken care of. they are allied with the most important players, the West and China. whatever happens, they will continue to thrive and prosper.

      back to Malaysia. the Chinese know they have the upper hand. most people say they miscalculated by supporting the opposition. what nonsense. they have not miscalculated. the world is watching. if we really are a democracy, then we cannot expect people to vote for us simply because we have helped them before, and still do. all this talk about boycotting the Chinese will only backfire on those who proposed this nonsense.

      the Chinese are an important ethnic group. and if you attack them, in whatever ways, you will only create a pretext for foreigners to intervene in the internal affairs of our country. the Chinese know this very well. now let’s see whether the dumb people, chest beating about a backlash against the Chinese will really carry out their so called reprisal on the Chinese. I hope these people will cool down and think rationally, but I seriously doubt these people are capable of doing that, judging by the comments I m reading in this blog.

  5. Tiger Wood’s story was a story of how a man being corrupt by money and women becouse of his weaknesses. Let face it, with a lot of money comes a lot of responsiblity ;D .

    You need to be strong to face all those alluring deadly sins (christian should aware of this). By the end of it, he lost a lot of more than he want to admit. And more, he lost his dignity. Years of success has been wipe up just becouse of one mistake.

    What a shame. Kerana Nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga.

    ;p sarah

    1. Common Sarah, being a woman, you try to answer the question. (The guy commenters are not clued in.)

      Q: “What do the Tiger babes have in common?” Look at the photos. The key is to use your eyes. Ten photos, one common feature. What is that one same thing running through all 10 women?

          1. hahaha… got it and come to think about it our evengelist does seem to choose the fair complexion people…

            :D sarah

      1. Generally, if black men date and/or marry white women, the white women tend to be blondes. So, that is the similarity that we see in all Tiger’s women.

          1. They marry Chinese?

            And is it just me or do they seem to always be Christians who do that? An interesting observation someone made was that Mdm You-Know-Who’s hubby uses an Indian name. He has yet to christen himself with a biblical name. Even the missus has yet to formally add her biblical name to her formal name. And I thought she had a point there as those born Christians will normally be named after a saint or at least have an English name for baptism.

            It ain’t that hard to have a name added anyway. You can amend your name once without needing to go to obtain a court order I understand. You only need to have a statutory declaration drawn up & witnessed by a Commissioner of Oath. Surely that ain’t too much to do for her? What gives?

            1., I think it is more of the bleached blonde priestess chasing after the so-called tall, dark and handsome? For mama Dapster/Ramachandran Muniandy and Saras/Felina Bany, I can see stronger female characters for both. Similarly, when Nurrul Izzah first got married, we can tell that she is the stronger character.

              Should mama Dapster gets her way to changing the child race to bangsa Malaysia, Malay boys can watch out for the evangelist bananas chasing after them, next.

  6. I don’t know how Tiger’s mom looked when she was younger. But there was this generally accepted notion that a man is more attracted to a women who display traits of his mother than to those otherwise.

    But in Tiger’s case, could it be that he can’t resist women who have that animalistically wild look?

    Colour? Naah, he would’t want to hurt his own kind, does he?

  7. Barack Hussein Obama II is the first African American to hold the office… hmmm papa a Kenyan and mum is mostly English ancestry, stepfather Indonesian, grew up and living with his maternal grandparents (white) yet was boldly introduced as “African” American.

    (Unlike Zairil Khir Johari Mak Ayah pure Chinese DNA completely recycled and changed as MALAY- Ni pasti tak beri keterangan benar semasa isi borang apply for IC dan passport!).

  8. Tiger Woods have a white-blond fetish, end of story.

    I doubt Chinese female evangelists have a black-Indian fetish. That’s not a fair accusation.

    1. Is Tiger Woods colour conscious (white girlfriends better) or is he “colour blind” (doesn’t matter to him that his girlfriends are not his own black colour)?

      We’ve been looking at the Anak Malaysia birth certificate issue from the Chinese mother’s point of view, i.e. the kid is registered as a Chinese.

      Perhaps we should be wondering why the father allowed the Chinese formal categorization to go ahead.

  9. “We’ve been looking at the Anak Malaysia birth certificate issue from the Chinese mother’s point of view, i.e. the kid is registered as a Chinese.”

    Please arrange the following by order of importance with logical explanation (one as being the most important)

    . Economy
    . Ethnocentrism
    . Queen Control
    . Color Blind
    . Malaysian Christian Indian is not considered as Indian

    1. Ms H. My take on the rise and fall of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese.


      1. Pre-1970 . Prior to this date, the sexual needs of the Chinese were provided on a commercial basis only. In Kuala Lumpur, the following provided the service – The Mun Yuen Club, the Selangor Rubber Dealers Association, the Tin Miners Club, the Wine Merchants Club, the Rice Merchants Club, the Social Welfare Lotteries mess, the Hokkien Associaiton, the Kwangtung Association, the Hakka Fu Chiu Asthe sociation, the Eastern Hotel Cabaret, the Mandarin Night Club, the Kowloon Hotel, the BB Park Cabaret, the Black Cat, the lodging houses, brothels etc.

      2. Post-1970 and the NEP. This was the watershed for extra-marital sex of the Chinese as more and more young workers flocked to the towns, like Kuala Lumpur. With easily obtainable contraceptives and a lonely life-style, both sexes gravitated towards each other to find solace far from home. By the 1990s, my friend’s 15 year old daughter could keep her 16 year old boyfriend in the house with her parents consent.

      The traditional beliefs and customs of the clans and sub-clans had broken down. It has become a free for all as regards sex and the amateurs in the office were encroaching on those in the streets.

      3. Concomitant with the decline in sexual mores of the Chinese, their main political party the MCA changed its leadership from the towkay one-man rule constitution to the rule by the Mandarin speaking small town boys in April 1994. With the excuse that the Malays had Sime Darby, these leaders used the MCA as a money printing machine and made huge fortunes beyond their humble backgrounds and wherewithal. Their corporates suffered. By 1984, one leader who joined MCA only 6 years ago could remit S$100 Millions from Singapore to Hong Kong. Money making hastened the decline and fall of the MCA to this day.

      2. Post-1970 and the NEP.

  10. Ms H. Amendment. ‘ Hakka Fu Chiu Association’.
    A deletion – ‘ 2. Post-1970 and the NEP’.

  11. He wants to be white!! Shows lack of confidence – self hating dude deep down. Maybe due to upbringing – brown Asian mom +Black – must hve been hard growing up. Indian men will kowtow to Chinese women. Jaundice yellow also can lor. Sometime u look at the face and body..aiyo.. he is not color blind. he is BLIND!!!

  12. Here’s a comment I dug somewhere in the cyberspace that describes Mr Woods’ preference, which I thought rather apt:-

    “For instance, there is no getting around the fact that every time a minority athlete chooses to exclusively date women who embody a Eurocentric standard of beauty, that athlete is reinforcing a message to young fans that this is the type of woman a successful man should aspire to be with. Meaning that when that young fan grows up, the idea may be internalized that his beautiful, dark-brown girlfriend may not fit in his lifestyle any longer should he become successful.”

      1. Why not? But probably there would be another dilemma for TW; he could be afraid that SW’s success as an athlete potentially can overshadow his own career. So, maybe not.

        1. re: “another dilemma for TW”

          Elin Nordegren needs golf clubs to beat him up.

          Serena Williams can beat him up with her bare fists. She’s super fit and very muscular.

  13. Many people must have wondered why the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, behaved in a most un-Chinese way. I have brought out what I perceived to be the main cause of their downfall in taking a full part in our national politics due to moral and political decay arising from urbanization and the de-tribalization due to decay in sexual and political mores.

    Without de-tribalization, the Chinese were difficult enough to handle due to the many clans and sub-clans. With de-tribalization and political decay, the Chinese as a group has become like Humpty-Dumpty broken without much hope of repair as of this moment. And to head-dive into the Singapore Trojan Horse DAP with its singular leadership, it is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire for the 90% Chinese.

    With so many wandering Chinese souls over the last 3 decades, the RM2 incorporated churches had a gala time harvesting them which led to the present bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes of Subang Jaya.

    The spiritual voids of these Chinese souls seem to rest in peace in their new found haven – the sort of have which their hard-working and risk-working could not have imagined.

    1. Is there any chance for you to interest TDM in the views you’ve expressed above?

      What you’ve said above is the key to understanding the new Chinese Dilemma.

  14. However, it is the sustainability and credibility of these new Christians which will be tested soon enough. I believe that the conventional Christians will be sturdy enough to withstand the test of time like the Mehodist Fuzhous. But on the new Christians without solid religious credentials, there will be a great question mark since they have now embarked on an odyssey which traverse uncharted waters.

    It is sad to note that the de-tribalized Chinese of Malaysia are spread-eagled across the language divide of both English and Mandarin. It is also sad to note at the very time when their dynamism and vitality are most needed they of their own accord embarked on an unproductive and inefficient industry known as politics in opposition to the incumbent Government. If I may say so, the Chinese world-wide are known for their frugality, productivity and toil. But over here, we have a group of Chinese, the Malaysian Chinesem more keen to push for a better life-style than elsewhere without recognition that they are already better treated than in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World.

    I am as puzzled as anyone else where all these derring-does of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese are going to lead to in a land as diverse as our beloved Malaysia. These derring-does do not seem to consider the past or the future in an environment where is a complete absence of credible Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, leadership !

    1. re: “a complete absence of credible Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, leadership!”

      What are your views on the MCA’s (and Gerakan’s) future?

  15. I would like to add a few of my own observations to AK47’s comments. The Malaysian Chinese acting in the most un-Chinese way. It is certainly out of the normal character, more evident since 2004.

    While most Malays (and Chinese) erronously blame this on vernacular education, nothing can be further from the truth. Language does not divide people. And it certainly can’t be the syllabus as they are the same. It is culture, not because of, but the lack of.

    Modern Malaysian Chinese society has evolved into 2 distinct groups. English & Mandarin speaking. The latter forms the majority obviously. Please do note that it is the English speaking (anglophiles, who happens to be Evangelists) who are in the driver’s seat politically. How did that happen? Well, if you compare both DAP & UMNO, you will find striking similarities.

    I can assure you that Chinese education & language proficiency in Bahasa Melayu is not the cause. Those so fixated on these 2 issues cannot be from the truth. Those who keep harping on assimilation, you don’t know what you are doing.

    I’m afraid the result will not be what you envisaged.

    Those who hate the Chinese so much are just racists using other issues as their excuses.

    Just ponder for a moment how Malaysia enjoyed so much peace & stability all these years, and you will find the answer.

  16. Ms H. My factual views on the Malaysian Chinese and also that of Lee Kuan Yew are slowly known by all. Vide. http//

    On the rise and fall of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, has anyone noticed the alliance between the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and the tycoons who own and control the RM2 incorporated churches which had mushroomed all over the kingdom ? I know for sure there are 2 convicted tycoons and 2 unconvicted tycoons. Of the latter category there are probably many more. And strangely or ungratefully, all these tycoons became tycoons because of MCA !

    With a political platform and an agenda, the new Christians have the whole region of ASEAN to evangelize from Petaling Jaya. Interesting !

  17. Ms H. On the flip-side of the coin, these new Christian entities are just another financial caper of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. Here is the list again.
    1. 1949-1950s. The MCA Welfare Lotteries. Tontine.
    2. 1960s The mushroom insurance companies. Tontine.
    3. 1970s The chit funds caper. Tontine.
    4. mid-1970s The first RM2 incorporated churches appeared founded by heathen tycoons. The co-operatives caper.
    5. 1980s. The co-operatives caper collapsed. The insurance companies guarantees caper. Share rigging from inside information. The RM2 incorporated churches consolidated.
    6. 1990s. Share rigging. The RM2 incorporated churches flourished unregulated and unchecked.
    7. 2000s. The forex money changers caper. Share rigging. The RM2 incorporated churches now financially mighty, demand for political space at the expense of MCA.
    8. 2005-2012 The gold bullion caper. Share rigging. The mighty new Christians are emboldened by their electoral performance and attack the UMNO every day. Silly !

    Apart from the chit fund and the forex money changers capers, all the rest were involved with the Chinese, the de-tribalised Malaysian Chinese.

    1. re: “The RM2 incorporated churches now financially mighty, demand for political space at the expense of MCA.”

      MCA is dead. I do not think that it is of any use for the party to be resurrected whether in 3 days or the next 3 years.

      Let MCA go the way of the dino. And its media machinery should be begin to be considered as “The Star is to the DAP what Utusan is to Umno”.

  18. Have the new Christians stolen the march from the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP or hi-jacked the DAP altogether by guile and treachery ? AKAN DATANG !

  19. Ms H. MOST INTERESTING ! HAS THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP BECOME THE EVANGELIZING VEHICLE OF THE NEW CHRISTIANS ? And all the non-new Christians subjected to some sort of scrutiny and acceptance by the ruling clique ?

  20. I think Helen, you should rename your blog to “The Education of Helen Ang”. I remember way back when I was a frequent visitor to your blog, I raised many topics that you only now touch upon. I commented on the issue of racial dynamics involving power differentials, racial microaggressions, colorism [the belief that fairer skin is inherently more beautiful and coveted], and numerous other social/psychological observations. I even remember how I schooled you on how Michael Jackson is a sufferer of vitiligo. By the way, do you still believe in racial hierarchy? I think you should because many people implicitly believe that some races are superior to others. Despite their better judgement, belief that the Chinese are more intelligent is actually common among the Malays, which weakens their position in the academic and professional arenas by lowering their self-esteem.

    The fact you only now observe Tiger’s preference for blonde white women shows that you are just approaching my level of understanding. I think you should check out Sammy Sosa’s amazing skin transformations, if I hadn’t asked you to check them already.

    I will pop by from time to time to see how much more education you’ve attained.

    Of course, you previously said that I have a ‘chip on my shoulder’, so I won’t waste any more of your blogging time…


  21. Ms H. Thanks to your info I managed to thread all these disparate events together. And finally the most interesting question of all,


  22. Whats the Harvest Church (harvesting your money if you have the Tiger Woods women level of intelligence) got to do with this? rape and plunder?

  23. Ms H. From my life’s experience, there are about 50% good and 50% bad in all races and in all countries, even in Somalia or Djibouti (I have been there !). We cannot stereotype all Chinamen or women are bad. That’s the way of the World !

    1. re: “there are about 50% good and 50% bad in all races and in all countries”

      The Pakatan campaign is that BN is evil and the DAP campaign is that Umno is 100% pure evil.

      Some of the Umno hardcore believe that as much as 95-97% of the Chinese vote went to the oppo.

      It’s not impossible. Some exit polls had the level of support for Obama from black women at 96%.

      re: “We cannot stereotype all Chinamen or women are bad.”

      The Chinaman-evangelista-DAP concoction is the worst possible cocktail that makes 90% of the Chinese community the bogey and the national scapegoat.

  24. Ms H. We do not need a whole group of people to be good or bad ! Just one good one is good enough and will do ! Of course, racial stereotyping is definitely wrong ! I can speak firmly on these issues.

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