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Umno says “Please stab me, I really wanna die”

Yesterday the Prime Minister lamented that BN had “lost the perception war” and bemoaned how the slander and lies spread by the opposition are being believed.

Najib Razak even questioned the people’s lack of rationality, according to an FMT report (see screenshot below).

The PM should take his query to the next step and delve into how it is that Malaysians have become so irrational.

It is so very true that so very much slander and such outrageous lies are being concocted by the opposition.

And the DAP SuperCyber Bullies are receiving the most enthusiastic promotion and publicity from The Jerusubang Star.

But what is the BN leadership doing about it?

See, The Star promoting anti-BN twits who mock Najib

The first thing the BN high command should do is compel the MCA to rein in the Chinese party’s backstabbing Chinese weapon of mass destruction DECEPTION. (There is only one Malay editor among The Star‘s 26 top jobs and she is merely an acting editor of a monthly fashion pullout Clove).

And should the MCA still be reluctant to blunt the scissors stabbing spree, then the position of the MCA in the BN must necessarily be reviewed.

The Star ranks among the biggest contributors to the perception war loss mentioned by Najib.

Please allow me to elaborate on certain facets in which Umno has succumbed to the slander and the lies.

See the two headlines below published by The Star — ‘Umno is not racist: Najib’ and ‘Muhyiddin: I’m no racist’.

Umno is not racist Najib - Nation The Star Online 2013-05-02 17-23-57

Muhyiddin Im no racist

Both headlines put the PM and his deputy on the defensive, and implicitly validate the DAP accusation which prompted their denials.

DAP has alleged that Umno is a “racist” party because it has an essentially mono-racial membership. Lim Kit Siang challenged: “Dr Mahathir should ask himself how many non-Malay leaders have been elected or appointed into the Umno Supreme Council to answer the question of who the real racists are.”

Kit Siang’s line of attack is repeated over and again Goebbels-like and chorused by his son Guan Eng and their coterie of DAP evangelistas.

This argument – as advanced by the Lims – is flawed because it is the BN that is the registered single entity contesting the general election. BN candidates belonging to various (‘multi’) races all stand under a one dacing logo.

Applying the same DAP logic, it then becomes PAS that is really the religiously bigoted party (“bigot” in an identical mono-religious vein that DAP has construed Umno to be “racist” because the latter is mono-racial).

However the DAP attacks are not effectively countered. Instead they have been diligently enhanced and entrenched by The Star.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s defensive posture “I’m no racist” – see screenshot of Star page above – comes from the success of the DAP assault saying that he is “Malaysian second” and “Malay first”.

In this regard DAP has successfully crafted a false premise.

Now how would I, for example, rebut the DAP? What I’d do is lob them a parallel question: If DAP must insist that Muhyiddin declare himself a Malaysian First and Malay second, we should equally demand to hear Hadi Awang similarly proclaim that he’s Malaysian First and Muslim second.

After all, it is the DAP themselves that are coercing such a construction of hierarchy of Firstness.

So how is it that this illogical posturing of the DAP has managed to gain so much traction as to put Umno, Najib and Muhyiddin on the backfoot?

BN “lost the perception war” as rued by Najib because the BN has allowed a mainstream media that can reach an audience of 5.63 million – and here’s the salt on the wound; it is owned by the second biggest BN component – to perpetuate the illogic and irrationality that serve to benefit the DAP and their strange bedfellows.

Column by Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan
Column by The Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan
Column by The Star associate editor
Column by The Star associate editor Veera Pandiyan

BN has allowed the DAP through its sympathetic mass propaganda organ to control the national narrative and direct the public discourse.

So yes, absolutely. Najib is 101 percent correct to say that BN lost the perception war. And BN will lose the next general election if it continues to allow this loss to lead to a fatal hemorrhage.

Sheer madness!

Yesterday The Unspinners and several other Malay alpha bloggers broke the story that Scissorati Regina Lee is to be appointed Khairy Jamaluddin’s press secretary.

KJ is the Minister of Youth and Sports.

There are millions of youth yet unregistered to become voters.

It is the first-time young voters who will determine the outcome of the next general election because there are so many of them. They reflect the momentum of Malaysia’s demographic march and furthermore underpin the urbanization trend (young people migrate to the cities to look for jobs).

By appointing notorious opposition supporter Regina Lee as press sec to the Youth Minister, it is as good as Umno handing a knife (no, make that the most lethal poison-tipped pair of scissors on the planet) to the DAP and pleading, please stab me, “Stab me please! I want to die.”

Dial_M_BlogThere is a famous saying,

“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”

It’s not too difficult to believe that Umno secretly harbours a death wish. Just look at the insane and self-destructive behaviour displayed by some of the Umno leaders.

The Youth and Sports Minister is appointing a Scissorati and practically giving her the key to unlock the millions of potential youth votes to be handed over to Pakatan.

DAP has made no bones that they intend to occupy Putrajaya. DAP has been going for the BN jugular and already despatched the MCA, Gerakan and SUPP with utter ruthlessness.

In GE14, they are going for the kill.

But Umno wants to deny the DAP that satisfaction. Hence Umno is prepared to commit harakiri first.


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  1. Khairy Jamaluddin telah melantik si racist Regina Lee yang sangat cintakan DAP dan Tony Pua sebagai Setiausaha Akhbar dia di Kementerian Belia dan Sukan. Apa hal nie KJ……….?????????????

    Jika berita ini benar, memang sah ia menambahkan kegerunan kita terhadap malapetaka bakal menimpa terhadap Melayu dek ulah barisan pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu di bawah pentadbiran Najib, baik di kementerian maupun di badan-badan korporat kerajaan (GLC). Apakah Melayu tidak ada kelayakan untuk mengisi jawatan tersebut? Kenapa kera di hutan disusukan sementara anak dibiarkan kelaparan?

    Semangat patriotisme Melayu mula merudum sejak era Pak Lah hingga ke era Najib kerana kononnya nak bersikap rasional dan ingin popular. Patut pun ramai anak muda Melayu yang nganggur, bergaji lebih murah berbanding rakan sekerja cina di sektor swasta & badan korporat. Sejak itu jugalah puak cina tanpa segan silu mengiklankan jawatan kosong dgn kenyataan ‘Chinese Preferred’. Rata-rata semua jawatan terpenting dan pengurusan di sektor swasta ketika ini dimonopoli oleh kaum cina.

    Akibat sikap lembik dan tak mahu dicap racist di kalangan pemimpin Melayu inilah yang merintis cina menjadi biadap dan berani memperlecehkan orang-orang Melayu di peringkat bawahan. Apakah ini sikap Melayu Elit dan Melayu Baru? Mereka hidup bersenang lenang, sementara rakyat bawahan Melayu striving for survival.

    Hal ini tidak pernah terjadi semasa era Tun Mahathir, malah ‘Bumiputra is preferred’ always during those days. The present situations are INTOLERABLE!


    1. re: “Apakah Melayu tidak ada kelayakan untuk mengisi jawatan tersebut?”

      The most important thing to remember is the evangelistas are Cell Groups.

      Once one of them is injected into an organization, it becomes Member-Get-Member. You can say that the Evangelista Bintang Tiga act like a superduper efficient multi-level marketing network.

      As far as I can tell from my observations, all of Hannah Yeoh’s personal assistants plus her political secretary are committed Christians just like her own self. She does not give jobs to people of other religions.

    2. En. Othaman, dengan perangai anda, tidak hairan mengapa BN sedang kalah perang persepsi.

      Tak apa, teruskan menyalah orang lain dan suratkhabar Star. :-)

      1. Most Chinese do not read The Star by the way. Most Chinese read Chinese dailies. This is the problem with the people who blame The Star. The Star is read by more Malays than by the Chinese. I m not denying that the Chinese do read the Star, but it is read by mostly Anglophile and Christian Chinese. Its those Malays who read The Star that you should be concerned about. If you compare the issues being brought up by The Star and Chinese language dailies, they are not just different, they are almost always the opposite of one another. The Star is almost always oriented towards an Anglophile, Christian worldview that divides the world into opposing camps whereas the Chinese language dailies are more focused on bread and butter issues as well as issues related to governance.

        1. Yeah, it’s the Star‘s quarter readership of Malays that is the primary concern.

          Commenter Alwie Abdullah contributed the observation “Saya melihat di pejabat-pejabat kerajaan yang staffnya majoriti Melayu, akhbar The Star yang paling banyak dikepit di bawah ketiak dan dibawa sama waktu sarapan.”

          And then another quarter of the Star readership are the middle-class Indians that BN has lost also.

        2. so Mr Survivor, who are those 5 million plus readers of STAR paper and its other media?

          Do you have statistics to back up your claims that ‘Most Chinese read Chinese dailies’ and ‘The Star is read by more Malays than by the Chinese’? I dont believe the latter.

      2. Betullah tu. BN tak perlu menyalahkan DAP and STAR. Benamkan aje. Tikam belakang sambil senyum. Apa yang susah sangat.

        Step 1 Najib resign.

    3. Masalahnya ramai Melayu sekarang, unlike me, is no longer of pure Malay blood. I am of pure Pattani Malay descent and that is why I am very quick to let fly with my feet or hands if anyone were to hina a Melayu. But most Malays nowadays, buat dunno jer.

  2. In my opinion Helen, Tsunami Cina GE13 is worse than May 13th…

    This time Chinese (including majority MCA and Gerakan members) went all out to vote against the Malay-Bumiputras ruling parties – so it sure helps to know exactly where Chinese and Indians stand.

    The Chinese did a huge mistake…. The Red Beans Army and the way LKS and son is hitting the Bumiputras/Malays is not doing them any good soon. GE13 Chinese is similar to Hindraf 2008.

    PAS (Kedah n Kelantan past performances and Keadilan Selangor) all gendang kosong, no substance.


    The next GE14 BN will win big.. DAP is going for the kill? Dream on!

    1. re: “…..AIR DI CINCANG TAK KAN PUTUS… The next GE14 BN will win big..”

      You’re correct. Umno has the ace up its sleeve which is that when push comes to shove, it can ultimately persuade the Malays to unite for Bangsa, Agama dan Negara.

      I can see that. The 90 percent Chinese who voted oppo can’t.

      When I write that they – the 90 percenters – are dead wrong and delusional to believe that if they provoke a May 13, they can get Malays to fight Malays, they launch a smear campaign and fitnah me.

      As another commenter on this page has noted, what the Chinese have done is to swap Umno’s Saifuddin Abdullah for the PAS Taliban “yang haram kehulu haram kehilir”.

      Similarly the Chinese are pushing Umno moderate to become Umno hardline (in order for the party to win GE14 minus any hope of Chinese vote), and again I agree with you that “the Chinese did a huge mistake”.

      Looking into the future, I’m also willing to concur that “Tsunami Cina GE13 is worse than May 13th…” despite that “May 13” is a banned word in the Firster dictionary and I’m providing yet another reason for them to go ape shit at me.

      But you’re right. And when you’re right, you’re right. Here, you ARE (quite correct in your diagnosis and prognosis).

  3. Wow! I’m terribly impressed with Regina if the rumors are true. She must have made quite an impression on KJ. It’s akin to presenting the lamb to the wolves on a silver platter. If even KJ’s that dumb, BN’s final nail in the coffin is hammered in long before we even contemplate GE14.

    Wow! Impressive, terribly impressive. I’m sure GPS would be wondering why he didn’t think about that back then.

    1. Btw, sales must be bad for Star now. Can’t wait to see ABC’s next circulation report. They’ve brought back their bid & win contest with more prizes this time round. Obviously they need the boost in income since bidding will also cost you RM0.30 per SMS bid.

      Btw, I noticed you’ve just broken the 2 million hits mark. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed your writing so far though I may not always agree fully with your view. I hope you’ll continue to provoke our minds, entertain our simple selves & rain down more fire on the masquerading chameleons in DAP & Menara Star.

      Here’s to hitting your next milestone of 3 million long before the year is up!

      1. Thanks, I appreciate your input. Many heads are better than one and I have readers who are sharp thinkers.

    2. re: “If even KJ’s that dumb”

      That criminally insane?

      re: “GPS would be wondering why he didn’t think about that back then”

      Temporary malfunction of the positioning system.

      1. KJ is not the thinking type. He’s just like Anwar Ibrahim. Good at self publicity. Other than that, he’s a wanker.

        GE14 is a forgone conclusion now. With government organs now infiltrated by enemy spies, more civil servants will become infected by the Ubah Virus, just as GLC staff are now in cahoots with the enemy.

        The Opposition PR will will by a landslide. Malay unity is just a catchphrase. It’s great to hear it once in a while, but nobody is going to take any action in the name of Malay unity. Its all about money, power and the like. In other words, its every man, woman for himself,herself.

        I would encourage Malays to learn from the Chinese. Please learn the Mandarin language for your survival. One thing that has helped the Chinese survive, thrive and prosper for so long, and the one thing that will continue to help them to do so is their language. If you are willing to learn the language, you will have access, insights to over 5000 years of history and culture. The Chinese, through their language, have the advantage of using over 5000 years of history and culture to guide them. The other races of this country ?

        1. Khairy is one of the better people in Umno. He is more progressive and adaptable than those dinosaurs who wax nostalgic for the ‘good ol’ days’ of Mahathir and think they can regain power with the magic of “ban”, “jail”, or “detain”. But the dinosaurs are too myopic to see this.

        2. Survivor, “I would encourage the Malays to Learn….”
          …………………….Tak setuju,………………….

          My 24yr old son and gang just came back from China (getting supplies for this Hari Raya sales). None of them understand Mandarin, yet they had no problems with their business deals there.. in English. And surprisingly their last trip to Bangkok and Indonesia… smooth, deals done not so much in English AND the Thais there speak our Bahasa Kebangsaan! BTW banyak rahsia business Cina mereka dah dapat tembus).

          Europe, USA and the Arab countries, they still maintain close links with their friends there (Universiti days). Jangan pandang lekeh networking mereka, sudah canggih with IT facilities etc… No need to learn from the Chinese here as many are practicing traditional methods…

          New generation today looks beyond Malaysia. As young as 8yrs old they idolize and are motivated by exceptionally successful self-made figures (esp young celebrities) like MJackson, JBeiber, Selena Gomez, MZukerberg, Late Steve Jobs and all other IT young billionaires, even Psy… tak kira apa bangsa. Just ask them they will know these personalities at the flick of their fingers….

          I am as excited to see how fast our kids are moving… They are very independent and confident and very forward thinking!

        3. I laugh whenever someone proclaim that Chinese have the living advantage of having 5000 years of history and culture.

          Well…they are still dumping babies into the river in mainland China.

          Mainland Chinese buy baby products in bulks when they are in Europe. They dont even trust locally produced baby products for fear of containment….

          And mainland Chinese had to be governed by one tyrant communist party in order for them to survive properly…

          yeah rite, 5000 years of culture and history has not brought up the Chinese to same level humane standard than other countries which have shorter history than the Chinese.

          syok sendiri only…

      2. Keep them in bed perhaps?

        Nah… KJ must have known her reputation as an opposition leaning journo. As such I find it mind boggling that he’s rumored to appoint her as a PS. Then again let’s see what comes as rumors is just that, rumors. It could even be a strategic “leak” to gauge reactions to the news.

        Is KJ really a prick as he’s made out to be? I don’t have an answer to that. I’ve met him a few times through mutual acquaintances & he seems decent. In private he’s articulate & contributes to the conversation effortlessly. So all that about him being empty in the head can be dispelled.

        Ultimately, I believe his motives will be questioned & his actions scrutinized due to his relationship with Tun Abdullah & his part as the infamous 4th Floor Boys posse. Let’s give him some benefit of the doubt. We do seem to lack dynamic young leaders & he looks like one.

        1. re: “It could even be a strategic “leak” to gauge reactions to the news.”

          Doubt that Regina Lee or the position of press sec is important enough to warrant a test balloon from KJ’s own camp.

          I’d think the leak was obtained by the pro-Mahathir camp which is at loggerheads with KJ with the carry-over bad blood from the Tun Dol camp.

          Since in the first place they were unhappy about KJ’s appointment, methinks Regina’s dubious credentials fitted in nicely to undermine KJ’s ascendency.

          In this regard – even tho’ I was not initially among the bloggers unhappy with the cabinet line-up – but now I might be persuaded to their POV that the PM made a mistake in appointing KJ.

          1. Who knows KJ is looking beyond UMNO?

            Perhaps he sees he future as the leader of a BN entity devoid of component parties including UMNO. The 1BN vision perhaps?

            Or he’s hedging his bets. You don’t need to be a seer to know BN is headed for big time catastrophe in GE14. Maybe he sees himself as the future PM, representing PR.

            They say there’s no permanent enemies or friends in politics. That’s been proven many times this year. Who’s to say KJ’ loyalties lie only to himself & his ambitions?

            Here’s a crazy scenario: KJ as the Malay Malay face of DAP… Shocking eh? Not entirely implausible tho’

            1. you are assuming that KJ wont be challenged for the Youth post in the coming UMNO polls.

    3. If true that means KJ hedging his bets. Playing both sides. Slimy but smart.

      Idiot UMNO people. They deserve this.

  4. Helen,

    If you follow a few blog like unspinner, you will see they trying to prode Najib to do somethings but there are a few things you also need to look.

    First and foremost, it’s look like UMNO trying to use Utusan as their first defend. Yesterday for example, a few of utusan header seems to prod Pakatan and winning the mind of their supporter like Bisik-bisik Awang Selamat (Domokrasi Dap with picture of LKS crying) and Apa Lagi Anwar Ibrahim mahu by YB Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

    Yes, Utusan reader not nearly as height as The Star but it a good start don’t you think? After all it a choices of moderate and ultra goverment supporter right now.

    The way I read this, I saw Najib try to justify something or his next move. What? I don’t know. Isn’t it particular when Najib start voicing the weaknesses of BN? Remember, Najib was Defense Minister at one time. He was familiar with The Art Of War by Sun Tze.

    Read Form and Dispositions on Chapter 4 : The Skillfull Warrior First Ensure His own Invulnerability, Then he waited for the enemy’s vunerability. (looks he doing it now)

    Then read Empty and Full, Chapter six :If I do not wish to engage, I can hold my ground With nothing more than a line, Drawn around it. The nemy cannot engage me In combat : I distract him in different direction. His form is visible but I am formless; I am concentrated he is divided.

    If you look at this, LKS and Anwar was now being divided trying to read and prod Najib to action but he looks like giving no indication what he wanted to do. For example he doing this press conference like at the FMT and a speach during Majlis Tilawah Kebangsaan giving the indication that he admit his weaknesses and ask for all parties to work together. Then he’s minister announcing to the world how PR didn’t accept their invitation to work together.

    His working on something allright. Even KS was prod to speak about somethings to prod Najib to reveal his master plan. As always, Najib keep his mouth shut. As for me, I will wait for another two month before analyse him.

    After all :

    The way of war is a way of deception.
    When able, feign inability.
    When deploying troops appear not to be.
    When near, appear far.
    When far appear near.
    Lure with bait.
    Strike with chaos.
    If the enemy is full, be prepared.
    If strong avoid him.
    If he is angry, disconcert him.
    If he weak, stir him to pride.
    If he is relaxed harry him.
    If his men a harmonious, split them.

    And I see Najib review this as war.

    :) sarah

  5. umngok so call liberal or politic alaf baru bangga menjadi terbuka sana sini.tunggu lah hingga tak ada apa lagi nak dibuka baru depa tahu langit tinggi atau rendah.tengok saja saifudin temerloh punya kes. kesudahannya ketua taliban yg haram kehulu haram kehilir gak dipilih rakyat..

    1. true. Orang melayu letak nama Tantawi. Apa ke jadah nih. Macamlah Mesir tu negar contoh. Macam tu pun boleh menang.

      It shows UMNO’s neglect to melayu kebanyakan sampai level tak boleh berfikir sendiri diperbodohkan. UMNO should die :))

    1. Seriously, correct.

      MCA is a stumbling block getting in the way of BN’s defence battle.

      What should have been a war asset to the BN (its multi-billion ringgit media empire with a reach to 5.63 million adult audience) has become a liability, and treacherously handed over for the DAP’s use.

      1. HELEN,

        No point for Najib to lament that BN is losing perception war. The bigger problem is not UMNO’s under relentless attack by DAP . The bigger problem is not MCA’s refusal to control STAR .

        Ther problem is UMNO’s refusal to follow advices . genuine advices given by numerous malay NGOs, Malay religious leaders, Muftis, Malay royalty, Malay academicians and bloggers too.

        that is the problem. DESPITE months of bloggers have been saying about “something or someone” in AG’s office putting BN in jeopardy, Najib is not doing anything.

        Despite rampant insult against Prophet Muhammad, Malay Rulers, UMNO that rules the country simply refuses to act. The pattern that we see is those who insult Islam, prophet Muhammad SAW give statement in police station. that is. Finish. No action against them.

        Despite DAP slandering, it was not punished. despite months passed after Lahad datu Incident, no action taken to Tony Pua.

        Despite one “pondan” from astro saying there was a blackout in Bentong while vote counted, no action was taken against him.

        Despite Nizar outright lied and resulted in protest by Tokyo(on war compensatuion), no action taken against him.

        WHAT EXACTLY IS THE PROBLEM. In police investigation or in AG’s office?

        Najib loses the perception war due to his own choice. He is the head of government. He can act. he has the ultimate authority to initiate legal proceeding.

        But he chooses not to do so.

        So, do not blame UMNO members when they start thinking of a new Prime Minister.

        1. Do you seriously think he is not doing anything. Or is he being cautious. He needs to be sure that the information he is getting from whatever source needs to be verified. Especially the one abt the AG’s office. Give him solid proof. Even those x pkrians who say they have volumes of proof have until today not come forward with them. One needs to be 200% sure in order to make it stick. So i guess DSN is waiting for the proof and the right moment.

          1. Fazilah,

            What more proof that Najib needs. Tokyo already denied about RM207 billion non existent fund that Nizar had lied on.

            Refusal to act is tantamount to tolerating slander. An empire can collapse because of slander

            1. re: “An empire can collapse because of slander”

              The Dapsters do nothing but that. Theoretically, they think you’ve got a good point.

    1. Thanks Zack. “Dakwat … berduka dalam kebenaran” sounds truly poetic. The SH copyeditor might be harbouring ambitions of becoming a bestseller novelist :) The talent is there.

  6. Dear Helen.

    I always regarded myself as a moderate muslim-malay. But now, poste GE, I declare myself as a hardliner.

    Whilst I understand the predicaments of Chinese which require attention, it was the extent to which the chinese willing to go, lies, deceits and manipulation that hurt us the muslim-malay. Now even my family members who are the PAS voter see the real stance of the Chinese.

    1. In total agreement with your about the “lies, deceits and manipulation” of the DAP and their supporters.

    2. Sabar bang. We have to try walaupun hati tak suka. 30% cina masih boleh diselamatkan.

  7. KJ is young and full of ideas… but those ideas can be foolhardy and dangerous to BN…

  8. I just can’t believe that Umno secretly harbours a death wish. Just look at the insane and self-destructive behaviour displayed by some of the Umno leaders.

    The Youth and Sports Minister is appointing a Scissorati and practically giving her the key to unlock the millions of potential youth votes to be handed over to the opposition. Hence Umno is prepared to commit suicide. By appointing notorious opposition supporter Regina Lee as press sec to the Youth Minister, it is as good as Umno handing a knife to the DAP and pleading, please stab me, I want to die.

    Natijahnya, KJ telah mengundang kehancuran UMNO dgn menyimpan gunting dalam lipatan. Inikah pemimpin pemuda yang bakal jadi PM satu hari nanti…..??????

    1. KJ konon-konon nak jadi agung macam Lincoln la kot …ambik lawan dalam team dia … ye lah nak tiru Obama, a team of rivals … boleh bla ..

  9. Tidakkah itu membahayakan keadaan di mana kebocoran maklumat bakal tersalur kepada pembangkang (seperti kes petualang di kalangan kakitangan awam kerajaan yang pernah dan sedang berleluasa). Saya amat tidak bersetuju langkah yg diambil oleh KJ.

    Perlu saya tambah di sini, Pak Lah yg bertanggungjawab melepaskan Anwar keluar dari penjara. Selepas itu, KJ lah orangnya yang secara peribadi menyerahkan passport antarabangsa kepada Anwar. Kemudian Anwar terbang bebas menemui rakan2 Yahudi Zionistnya di AS dan menetap di sana untuk beberapa tahun mengatur strategi mewujudkan Pakatan Jahat untuk menumbangkan kerajaan UMNO/BN.

    1. Thank you. While it took me a whole year-and-a-half to get my first million, the second million came in under 6 months.

      Methinks that’s why ‘they’ felt threatened enough to be running the smear campaign against me.

    1. Increase your ad income la Helen …. increase your firepower to fight on ….. nak harapkan sleepy UMNO

      1. I have no ad income from this blog. It’s probable that the ads (if you see any) comes from the browser.

        I’ve not signed up for any ads because I notice that the most common ones are the Jesus ads and a blogger, once he has signed over his blog space, will then have no control over what kind of ads appear.

        As for Umno, I have absolutely no connection at all with them.

        The UMB is an open organization and you can see who belongs to the group (click) — they are all Malay males.

        As for the Umno bloggers, here is a list of 100 top names (click). As you can see mine is not among them even though ranking by web traffic I beat many.

        I blog because the Scissorati are spreading lies about me, one of the lies being that I have any connection with either MCA, Gerakan, Umno or that I previously had any connection with DAP.

        The Evangelista Bintang Tiga (the Scissorati are a subset) are concocting lies about the conduct of the election – blackout lah, Bangla lah, cheating lah, and what not – and fabricating fitnah about the country and have no qualms dragging Malaysia’s reputation through the mud in international websites.

        Therefore their trying to besmirch my name does not come as any surprise at all.

        Readers must ponder deeply on “what kind of people are they?” and then be prepared for what they are capable of doing.

        1. Readers must ponder deeply on “what kind of people are they?” and then be prepared for what they are capable of doing.

          My first thought is, ‘they are keyboard heroes!’.

        2. “…It’s probable that the ads (if you see any) comes from the browser.”

          Yup, I do occasionally see ads in your blog (Haris’ too); today I’m not seeing any. Typically they appear in square banner right at the end of a post and before the comments list. I think those ads are placed periodically or randomly at time by WordPress themselves since this is sort of a “free” blog hosting, so the TOS* is for them to run some ads to generate some income.

          *- Terms of Service

          1. Yup, fair enough for the hosts to do that.

            We (bloggers on WordPress) are all mostly using the service on free hosting after all.

            I just wanted to stress that I have not farmed out my blog for any ads and therefore I’m not earning any income from ads and in any case I did not start this blog for the purpose of ads or for revenue.

            Neither have I received any payment from any quarter — NOT A SINGLE SEN – for my blogging.

            The cheap shots (false accusation by DAP supporters made without any basis) inclines me to think that they are dragging the country into the gutter — which is their level.

            Like the thief who thinks that everyone must have a propensity to steal b’cos he judges otherw by his own low standards. Evangelistas make all kinds of accusations – prostitute, whore, running dog – and then they have the cheek to keep labelling everybody else “low class”.

            1. Open an Account like AIDC.Com. I am sure a lot of us will be happy to chip in. If 5% of the 2 million hits chip in RM10 there will RM100K. Some may contribute more.

              I know that this blog is not about money but at least it can ease some pressure.

              What say you?

              It is better than being associated with any political party.

              1. Ralat

                “If 5% of the 2 million hits chip in RM10 there will RM100K. Some may contribute more. ” = RM 1 Million actually.

              2. I’ve been musing over the direction of this blog post- two million hits.

                My present preference is that the use of it is shifted to the readers and commenters.

                I’ve tried a few times to say that this space should be a forum for you guys to discuss and to put forward your own issues. Whenever someone throws up a worthwhile topic, I’ve usually been agreeable to highlighting it.

                Rather than me posting 1,000 words, how about the format to be something like the recent ones I did on Tiger Woods and the Tian Chua songkok photos?

                Few words from me, and lotsa room for everyone to chip in. How?

                1. Helen – your posting of LKS photos over the period was a gem! :) That’s your best ‘photo-blogging’ effort, so far. I loved it. Keep it up.

                  Hope your blog hits 3 million before the UMNO convention.

                  1. Yeah, I think too that more photos, less words would be the way for this blog to go.

                    But it has to go in tandem with less spoonfeeding from me and more participation from readers to move along.

                    Plus I enjoy doing that kind of stuff (I was amusing myself greatly with the LKS piece as well as Tian Chua) and you guys had fun, so it was a win-win for both reader and writer.

                    You might like these (for those who missed it the first time around),



    2. You can help by cut and the link and email it to all your friends and ENEMIES. That’s what I did. LOL

  10. Hurray 2 million. 2 million messages to counter the lies of Bintang Tiga and Jerusubang Evagenlistas. Good work and fight on !

  11. Hi Helen,

    This is Ministry of Communication issue, not directly under Najib right? since the minister has been changed, why dont we raise this to DS Shabery? Btw, he just sign up on FB and he seems actively replies comments from FBooker (perhaps the parliamentary session isnot commence yet). i thought it gives us a good direct channel of effective communication with the Minister in charge, right?

  12. Good to see that Najib has dug himself out from the rabbit hole he has let himself into. This was my point exactly – that BN lost the war of perception.

    If 90% of Chinese voted for PR then it should also follow that a vast majority of MCA and Gerakan members too voted for them.

    I had been telling MCA folks that the Star is a nest of vipers and a prime instrument of destruction of BN and MCA. It needs a real clean up. I think CSL knows that and for some reasons he has decided against in culling the Dapsters in sheep clothing.I do think the Star has some good people in the senior level but the vast majority of foot soldiers are probably members of the notorious Red Bean Army.

  13. Why can’t the BN top brass ask the Star management to sack all those devious journalists working at the newspaper. Sacking all of them won’t affect the operations of the paper because there are so many more qualified and truly Malaysian journalists who can take over their jobs. Would these Star Dapsters be happy and still have their jobs if there were to be riots and the Star building is razed down?

    1. And replace them with morons from Utusan?

      Nope, wouldn’t want the circulation numbers to drop. That will be bad for business like what is happening to Utusan.

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