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The Star panellists declare Chinese tsunami did not happen

Teresa Kok, Malaysia’s seventh most powerful woman (konon), is the latest guest on The Star‘s Cafe Latte chat show.

Teresa blogged today that the panelists (Saifuddin Abdullah, PKR Penampang MP Darrel Leiking and former head of MCA think tank Fui K Soong) generally agreed that the GE13 results are not a Chinese tsunami (see screenshot below). Continue reading “The Star panellists declare Chinese tsunami did not happen”

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The Scissorati strike again

At first I’d thought that Rosmah’s placement topping the “most powerful woman in Malaysia” was a matter of ampu bodek formality.

However A. Kadir Jasin appears to sniff something more sinister in her inclusion in the list. Continue reading “The Scissorati strike again”