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Kit Siang’s candidate for PM

Lim Kit Siang tweeted that they don’t need a “Chinese” PM.

limkitsiang We don’t need a Chinese PM

Of course not.

DAP is race blind, what.

What they want is their Bangsa Malaysia (remember, those people are NOT “Chinese”!) in the top posts lah.

And note how sneaky the second part of Kit Siang’s smooth operator tweet is.

Same with The J-Star.


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43 thoughts on “Kit Siang’s candidate for PM

  1. Thank you Helen for posting the List above. It made me laugh out loud in the office! What a joke. I cant beleive they threw in Hannah Yeah in the list. What has she contributed? Just for being an ADUN for one term and now speaker, she is already in the top 10 list? BS…

    Where are those women who we all know have contributed tremendously for Malaysia? Why are their names being “over looked?” It seems that J-star is trying to promote certain cult leader here. Those who self-proclaimed being righteous and high standard?

    They should have included, among others:
    1. Rafidah Aziz
    2. Napsiah Omar
    3. Siti Hasmah
    4. Jaya Parthiban
    5 Ng Yen Yen
    ….. to name a few.

    1. No one ask for this old chinese man opinion anyways.
      Its over my dead body before any chinese can be PM.

      None of the women are of any significance to the malays.
      They are only to readers of J Star make believe chinese world.

      Nurul the [edited].. really? she is the butt of all jokes like her father like butt.

      Let smash the STAR.

  2. Eh, why they printed no 7 in full but left no 6’s Tseow Tsuan out a’ah? Perhaps she’s ashamed to be identified as a Chinese & instead wanna be known as a Malaysian?

    One term already can end up as the 6th most powerful woman in Malaysia. After two terms can be 2nd most powerful behind possibly Baldy. After 4-5 terms like Teresa Kok, she can be most powerful woman in the universe.

    After all, God’s favor rest upon her what…

  3. the ladies of DAP are very powerful what way eh.. the Star may know better….siapa yang buat senarai ni ?

  4. no 2 tu sepatutnya no 1

    banyak menteri dan timbalan menteri wanita yang ada dalam kabinet tak ada kuasa ke?

  5. Zairil would a good PM. Melayu tapi tak ada Melayu DNA, Cina tapi bukan Cina.
    Or any of Wonder Woman (TM) Hannah’s babies India tapi tak India, Cina tapi India.

    Note: Wonder Woman is a registered trademark of DC Comics Inc. Used with permission by the church.

  6. Just be realistic, LKS will NOT be PM. Chinese in next 10 or 20 generations will not be PM without the support of Malay. As long as Malay see Chinese as a threat and without the consent of Agong, Chinese WILL NOT be the PM.

    Got this through a collegue. We can also become DOCTOR like DOCTOR Ong Kean Ming. Only in Penang!

    Penang is such a cheat place. Pirate CD, pirate botak temple nun and now pirate degree.

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  8. I was fortunate to deliberately operate at the ground level as well as the dizzy heights to have a proper gauge of how Malaysians behave when they were great and good or poor and humble. Without a doubt, they all performed to my expectations.

    And this is how I view the present political conundrum after the 13th General Elections. One thing which sticks out like a sore thumb, is that the Opposition from day one does not seem to have an exit strategy but is determined to bulldoze its way with obstinacy.

    Is this because the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has found the relevant partners for it to bolster its support from what is perceived to be a broad spectrum of Malay support ? Or is it that after 47 long years of inactivity is energised by the new Christians now found aplenty in the DAP firmament ?

    Whatever it is, realpolitik comes into play and the first point which comes to my mind are the requisite numbers to achieve hidden objectives. With a total percentage of 24.5% of the population, the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, has embarked on a one of a kind in the Chinese World of pushing and pushing for political space and goodies in open confrontation with their perceived rivals, the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties. OK. Well and good.

    What is the exit strategy ? Is there any room for an open dialogue to resolve issues if any ? I believe that any tussle however gentle will open more and more the inherent fractures which are already in place in our body politic or socio-fabric which maybe torn asunder in a jiffy if things get out of hand. Is the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP prepared to put their feet where

    1. re: “What is the exit strategy?”

      There is none. DAP has committed the Chinese community in Malaysia to a fight to the finish.

      re: ” Is the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP prepared to put their feet where …”

      where their mouth is?

      Methinks your last sentence got lost in the transfer.

  9. Is the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP prepared to put its foot where the mouth is ? Honestly, does it really believe that a minority group can over-reach the majority and demands what it really wants in terms of non-Malay issues or is all these paper arrows are just paper arrows, no more or less ? At the end of the day, I still wonder how to exit out of such a situation so created after such a lot of fuss and bother.

    I have never believed in the confrontational strategy of the DAP in any form. Human problems are man/woman made. And it is up to man/woman to resolve issues. Consensus is the practical way even though this might take time and energy. This has proven to be the way in our diverse society.

    However, if the 24.5% Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, now led by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP wants to do it the difficult and unpredictable way, this is their duty and responsibility to safeguard the safety and livelihood of the Chinese. This is a big responsibility.

    On Clive Kessler’s short tract on Malaysian politics, it pays to get all the information obtained and more onto a 4 dimensional canvas especially when it is about Malaysia. How much is enough ? Or as an ancient goes,’Sometimes, an ambition is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant !’

    Or ‘ Is the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in Alice in Wonderland ?’ Or ‘ Is the DAP like Don Quixote tilting at the wind mills forever ?’. I can only conclude in proper Malaysian English, ‘ I dunno what !’

  10. OK. Ms H. When it comes to a crunch for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, we volunteer to pick up the pieces !

  11. At this stage of the game, I wonder this saying fits, ‘ Heaven makes mad those he wishes to destroy !’

  12. don’t dont, don’t ever trust the Chinese.. the Malaysian Chinese especially!!!

    1. You’re talking about some 7.5 million people, y’know. It’s a sweeping statement that you’ve made.

    2. I dunno the others but surely the malaysian chinese woman in my house can be trust.. :)

      Sebenarnya kita tidak boleh meletakkan kepercayaan 100% kepada sesiapa pun tanpa mengira bangsa.

    3. Die liao la like that. The lady of the house is Chinese. The patriach is Chinese. My boss is Chinese. Even I’m Chinese. So how?

      BTW mate, here’s something FYI. Helen is as Chinese as Zairil…

    4. Chinless could have just recently graduated from Komtar State University in cyber warfare with 4th class honours and is now doing his internship as a cyber trooper for the Tokong in a non-descript hotel along jalan sultan ismail in downtown KL.

  13. Let’s not get too irate over the list. There’s no question that Hannah Yeoh, Nurul, Theresa and Ambiga have the power to rally loads of people to fight their causes at this period in time. Whether they deserve to be in a top 10 most powerful list is a moot point. It is after all a list drawn up by J-Star and it wasn’t a survey or anything of the sort. In my opinion, other than Rosmah, Zeti, Jamelah and to a lesser degree, Michelle, the others are a waste of space.

  14. Mr Koay. May I point out that the power of all those ladies is the money, foreign money backing them ? No money, no honey !

  15. Today, I read somewhere that Tony Pua of the DAP announced, ‘ The Chinese are not interested in the Prime Ministership ‘.

    I would be shy even to say this knowing full well that the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, constitutes only 24.5% of the total population. Also, did the Chinese endorse him to say so.

    Taking cognizance of the fact that the same Tony Pua at the end of last year said that Malaysian politics is Malay based and remembering that it was the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which shouted the PAP slogan, ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ for 47 long years since 1966.

    1. True. Who appointed Tony Pua to be the spokesman for all the Chinese in Malaysia to say what we’re interested or not interested in?

    2. That’s announcement clearly address to malay voters. If GE 13 is all about chinese, GE 14 will all about malays.

      We can expect DAP/PR will treat malay voters at GE 14 as same as what najib doing in GE 13.

      We wait and see..

  16. It should be 10 most INFLUENCIAL women in Malaysia laaa…

    Officially Zeti has the power, unofficially…so does Rosmah.

    The rest of them could be influencial, like Ambiga and Marina. Hannah Yeoh, who?

    But Siti Nurhaliza is missing. Too bad she has to nurse her injured husband that she’s out of the entertainment scene for some time now. Steadylaa Datuk K!

  17. Lim kitty siang ini mengulangi apa yang kita semua sudah tahu. Cakap.. cakap.. dan cakap .. tidak kira bangsa, sama sahaja ahli politik kita ini.

    Menyeru kepada ‘Clean One’ sedangkan pemilihan CEC pun tidak clean! macam mana lah punya tebal muka KItty Siang ini hingga tiada rasa malu untuk bercakap pasal Clean..

  18. LKS punya kulit muka sama tebal dengan kulit biawak. kulit punggung dia sama tebal dgn kulit durian musang king, (nasib baik kalau tak mesti Pak Sheikh nak pulun jugak).

      1. If Pakatan wins, I think pak sheikh can become PM for a while only. Don’t think Lim anak-beranak can live peacefully without changing the perlembagaan. last-last, jeng-jeng-jeng, chinaman 1st M’sian PM…

        they’re getting stronger with gigantic support from the evangelista & Star, wait n see what happen after GE14. (jgn kata aku tak bagitau)

        [but I sincerely hope they’ll loose.]

        1. re: “Don’t think Lim anak-beranak can live peacefully without changing the perlembagaan. last-last, jeng-jeng-jeng, chinaman 1st M’sian PM…”

          According to TDM’s clarification, there is nothing in the FedCon as it stands to prevent any qualified M’sian from any race to become PM. The only impediment is that the Malays would not be able to accept (like in case of Perak MB).

          re: “they’re getting stronger with gigantic support from the evangelista & Star”

          B’cos they putar-belit and fitnah merata-rata.

          1. Helen ang,

            Precisely. Many Malays believe( must be through naivety though) that political power will remain in their hand.

            They must have forgotten a Quranic verse that reminds Muslims that Allah can bequeth and more importantly take away powers faster than split second.

            As for Perak, no doubt the State Constitution insists on a practising muslim to be the MB. But the Constitution is only on papers. When the power is gone whatever written on Consitution can be abolished .

            1. re: “As for Perak, no doubt the State Constitution insists on a practising muslim to be the MB.”

              It also requires the MB to be Malay.

              However there is another clause in the Perak constitution that permits the Sultan to waive the above two conditions (Malay, Muslim) at HRH’s discretion.

              1. Heln ang,

                Whatever written on constitution will remain of no value without authority . To translate whatever Constitution says requires power.

                The first thing that will be abolished should BN( meaning UMNO) be toppled is “raja raja Melayu”. Having the monarchy system is very “painful” as its mere existence keeps reminding the world that this land previously known as “tanah Melayu”.

                With Malay rulers gone, “the last vestige of old Malaya will dissapear” That was what Dr Mahathir wrote in Malay dilemma

  19. It is disturbing to read day after day the supreme confidence of the Singaporen Trojan Horse DAP leadership spewing forth all manner of announcements or attacks at their rivals, the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties. The supreme confidence rests only on the apparent support of the 24.5% Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. Did this lot of Chinese endorse an OPEN CONFRONTATION WITH THE INCUMBENT BN GOVERNMENT OR A CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT THROUGH THE 13TH GENERAL ELECTIONS by the DAP and its cohorts ? Which is which ?
    To dissect the difference is of utmost importance, because on the one hand, open confrontation as you rightly mention Ms H, is open warfare on the other, a change of Government through the ballot box is another story. It is like chalk and cheese, or black is black, white is white.


    1. re: “Would the 24.5% Chinese endorse the DAP to have open warfare with the BN government?”

      To me the answer looks like a ‘Yes’. Their kurang ajar extends to the Permaisuri and YDP Agong. They despise all the institutions of the [to them, Malay] government. They hate the police, mock the army and every other agency you can think off what more the BN, whose president LKS has just alluded to as “unclean”.

      As you’ve pointed out, they’re daily provoking with a supreme overconfidence that belies the actual numerical strength of Chinese in Malaysia.

  20. orang cina tidak perlu risau, UMNO sebagai tunjang dalam BN akan sentiasa memastikan bangsa lain dalam negara ini juga turut terpelihara

    1. Arang Batu,

      yang patut risau ialah orang Melayu. Kerana terlalu ikut perasaan sokong Anwar, habis rosak perpaduan melayu dan kuasa politik Melayu.

  21. I have seen all the DAP moves before which seem to be based on the fact that they get a warm welcome in Singapore. What about us the 99.999% of the 24.5% Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese ? The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore has already said the gates of castle Singapore will not be opened to Malaysian refugees. How ?

  22. Chinless. I would not dispute your statement. But from my own experience dealing with all sorts of people in a lifetime, generally 50% of a type of people are good and 50% bad.

    The reason why I do not dispute your statement is that I suffered at the hands of my own people, my closest relatives of all peoples ! There is nothing special about the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese especially now that they have become de-tribalised through their own actions and behaviour. When they were tribalised, they performed to one set of norms of behaviour which were with them for 5,000 years. And now after being de-tribalised, the Chinese perform to another set which is a mumbo-jumbo or rojak set of behaviour copied from others especially the West..

    1. re: “And now after being de-tribalised, the Chinese perform to another set which is a mumbo-jumbo or rojak set of behaviour copied from others especially the West..”

      You have hit the nail smack on the head.

      That was why the Federated Malay States (FMS) Secretary for Chinese Affairs Enactment 1899 stipulated: “Christian Chinese shall not be deemed to be of Chinese nationality” (more here).


      At least the established churches have got thousand year traditions and scholarship behind them.

      The Subang Jaya evangelical churches, on the other hand, were established not more than a decade back and derived from City Harvest’s Prosperity Gospel.

      As Raja Petra has asked, do they pray to Money every night before they go to sleep? From the way they talk it sure sounds like it.

  23. actually, i agree that Rosmah is the most powerful women in Malaysia.. u use her name then its done deal.. even penjual karpet now can be a candidate for PR in the last GE due to sudden gain in popularity unfortunately he came at very late end while PR has already finalised their candidate list..

    u need to speak with businessmen, then u know..

    i remember during my Uni time, our MP (majlis pelajar) went to see TPM asking a sponsorship for one of student programme, he got this quote which came out from Rosmah.. “for student sponsorship, u can direct your request to Najib but for business matters, clear with me first”.

    the MP guy as our wakil is a pure grade A student/looks nerd – not student activist..

    it was in year 1999 to 2000 when i was in matriculation, anyone can remember what najib post that time?

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