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The Scissorati strike again

At first I’d thought that Rosmah’s placement topping the “most powerful woman in Malaysia” was a matter of ampu bodek formality.

However A. Kadir Jasin appears to sniff something more sinister in her inclusion in the list. See his blog.

That aside and on another note, the benefits of being viewed as the “sixth most powerful woman in Malaysia” is that when you tweet “Good morning Subang Jaya!”, it is retweeted 11 times.

Hannah Yeoh good morning sj

Among the criteria for being chosen as a most powerful woman is “media presence”.

Thanks to The Jerusubang Star, Hannah Yeoh scores highly on that count.

Another criterion for being considered a powerful woman is “impact” and again thanks to the endless and incessant Twitter promotion by The Jerusubang Star (recall that her appointment as Speaker was tweeted 10 times in a single day by the Star editors), it’s undeniable that Hannah Yeoh has an impact among the cult following.


Now that Kadir has brought up the subject, it does seem that the Scissorati is up to something.

By the way, to follow up on the exodus of the Chinese Christian females to the Malay Mail, the women are working for a company called Trinity Diligence.

The evangelistas are over-reaching themselves, reminding us of Mansor Othman’s description of “Cocky and Arrogant”.

A commenter in this blog AC-DC remarked @ 2013/06/18 at 11:03 am:

“Lots of deluded people here think their problems would magically disappear if he [Dr M] is made PM again. Even the informal poll on Syed Akbar Ali’s blog shows that.”

I’d like to respond to AC-DC.

No, the people nostalgic for Dr Mahathir are not deluding themselves that he can make their problems go poof (it is the Dapsters who have this belief with regard to their evangelista idols).

The pro-establishment crowd want Dr M back because he speaks softly but carries a big stick, and has urged “Kerajaan jangan lagi berlembut, beri muka kepada pembangkang”.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

14 thoughts on “The Scissorati strike again

  1. Helen,

    why Rosmah’s were placed at the top of the list is a continuation of the DAP’s hatred propaganda.

    Rosmah’s position as wife of PM and compared to HY position as wife to a ‘somebody not so important’ is so clear that the Dapsters are still in their campaign to smear PM Najib’s image.

    in bangsa melayu tradition if a man is being ‘queen-controlled’ by his wife, he will be considered a ‘dayus’ and a ‘dayus’ doesn’t make a good leader!

    As for HY, it is a different scenario….reason: she is in a higher position than her husband and therefore her ‘dayus’ husband has no say and that’s why their kid race were made ‘chinese’…not ‘indian’!


  2. I don’t think Dr.M wants his PM chair back as it’s really hot and steamy under DS Najib! What does Dr.M mahu? PM sudah, King maker pun sudah tetapi cuma Mr. President belum lagi! I am a gomen pensioner and I am enjoying my pension tax free every month and every year for the last 15 years. Thanks to BN gomen. Apa lagi mahu? Dr.M who is also enjoying his pension should retire gracefully lah like many of the ex government servants who had done our national service to the country!

    1. Enjoy your pecen while u can. Silap haribulan pembangkang memerintah – pencen di kurangkan atau dhapuskan. Then what! Tun M bukan nak jadi PM semula. Dia cuma sedih tengok negara tanah melayu yang telah membangun dan sepatutnya mencapai wawasan 2020 di musnahkan sikit demi sikit dengan demo sini sana etc. this is my view.

      1. Betul tu. Anuar dan goon eng tu bukan boleh diharap. Silap hari bulan dijualnya Malaysia kpd yahudi tak pun kpd singapork.

    2. You too should retire then become your son’s cybertrooper. Malu lah.

      At least, Dr M still have useful ideas and views.

  3. When I read that HY’s good morning twit, I’m reminded of that commercial of the young lady who got up and stretched both arms upwards. I can actually hear background music playing, except I can’t remember what that young lady was selling. But I think we all know what HY is selling – a utopia with LGE as the President.

    If as DKJ says there’s some mystery as to which group conducted the study and placed that advertorial, I think we can all agree there’s more than some mischief in its placement.

    I don’t believe TDM wants to be back in the driver’s seat anymore than we expect him back. We’re not that naive or delusional. I personally believe that Dr M has retired gracefully and is enjoying his retirement. But that doesn’t mean he cannot have his say, after all we’re into freedom of speech totally. I personally welcome and enjoy his writings and comments and I believe he is very sincere about it. To all you TDM detractors: when you have invested more than 50% of your life in the formation, development and growth of this great nation, when your name is synonymous (and in some areas better known than/)with the nation, you are more than entitled to shout your opinions on how it is managed.

    1. re: advertorial

      It was hard to tell that it was an advertorial.

      There’s just too much mischief being carried out by The J-Star.

      1. It was pretty vague. The was no reference to who the “we” were. But if you scan the top of the page, you don’t see the word “advertorial”. Thus we can pretty much safely assume it was some double faced bodeking by the editorial team

        1. Precisely. There is no ‘advertorial’ strap anywhere on the page.

          Hence the buck stops with the Scissorati for the ad’s appearance.

    2. “To all you TDM detractors: when you have invested more than 50% of your life in the formation, development and growth of this great nation, when your name is synonymous (and in some areas better known than/)with the nation, you are more than entitled to shout your opinions on how it is managed.”

      Very well-said! These naysayers are the ones who are deluded, and what Dr. M has done for Malaysia in his 22 years as PM, these idiots can’t even do one tenth of it in their lifetime – or even their children’s lifetime! It’s easy to be an armchair critic. Dick-heads!

  4. Interestingly, June Wong wrote of how the country don’t understand the Chinese in the country. Interesting because she quoted AKJ’s piece earlier this year on policemen & soldiers being Malays & bumis.

    She has never been shy to speak of her dad who served as an officer in the SB. Fair enough, but so many others did the same anyway. Many others put their life on the line as a constable or some low ranked policemen & soldier.

    I know of a police pensioner who retired with a 750 pension after 37 years of service in ’03. With revisions in the last 10 years, he now draws 1480. He was involved in a few armed engagement with the commies & is recipient of a few service medals. A Chinese, he was never afforded the opportunity to move up the ranks despite his diligence & dedication.

    He never complained despite the fact that the cops today are paid very well & are given time bases promotion as opposed to being evaluated through a promotion interview back in his days. And he remains a BN supporter to the core.

    If we want fair equity among the races, then every race must play their part lah. Can you see a future where 1/3 of the civil service are Chinese as per the country’s racial composition? Would June have allowed her kids to join the service? Ada berani kah? Khidmat negara pun banyak songeh, ni nak berbakti konon?

    Btw, why do Malaysians hold vigils for TBH, Adam Adli, ISA lawbreakers etc but NOT ONE CANDLE WAS LIGHTED IN A VIGIL FOR THE LAHAD DATU/SEMPORNA DEAD????!!!!

    She spoke of the contributions of the Chinese at length but mentioned the dark history of CPM in but one para. Ended with a suggestion that the time is ripe for a Chinese museum. Thing is, in Sarawak or Kuching to be specific, we already have one since ’94.

    That didn’t help SUPP unseat DAP did it?

    1. Zam’s sources were correct that on the night of May 5 the Scissorati (icl. senior editors) were cheering for the BN to win.

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