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The Star panellists declare Chinese tsunami did not happen

Teresa Kok, Malaysia’s seventh most powerful woman (konon), is the latest guest on The Star‘s Cafe Latte chat show.

Teresa blogged today that the panelists (Saifuddin Abdullah, PKR Penampang MP Darrel Leiking and former head of MCA think tank Fui K Soong) generally agreed that the GE13 results are not a Chinese tsunami (see screenshot below).

Sassy MP

Previous guests on The Star‘s ‘Cafe Latte’ programme were Rajiv Risyakaran (Hannah Yeoh’s former personal assistant) to discuss the topic of National Unity post GE13, and ash blonde ‘Bangsar Boy’ Niki Cheong (its former reporter whom The Star now bills as “senior social media analyst”, konon) in a group discussion to deny that the social media is partisan or controlled by Pakatan.

What will The Star deny next?

Tidbit: Dzireena Mahadzir – the only Malay among those holding The Star‘s 26 top editorial jobs – has recently been confirmed in her position as Clove editor after a number of blogs highlighted that she was only serving as an acting editor. (See, The Star does monitor the pro-establishment blogs 24/7).

What is Clove?

From its ‘About Us’ page:

“For the woman who wants more in her life : extra spice, added variety, and a certain panache.

Welcome to the world of contemporary lifestyle, embracing all the elements that mean the most to you. Sensational style, relationship roles, cool careers, luxe living, sizzling celebrities, and an interactive zone.

So whether you are looking to learn about make-up, exchange sambal tumis recipes, or find a virtual shoulder to cry on, you can come in, connect, and collect. Blog with our specialists and discover all the nuances of fashion, beauty, parenting, guys and celebrity-watching.

As for fans of Clove, The Star‘s monthly pullout, CloveTWO is your alternative dazzling start for every brand new day!”

So now we know. The only Malay top editor in The Star is in charge of the monthly pullout dealing with sambal tumis recipes, make-up, nuances of fashion, celebrity-watching and hottie guys.


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19 thoughts on “The Star panellists declare Chinese tsunami did not happen

  1. Since DAP’s supreme emperor cum crusader cum rabid watchdog cum godgrandfather (higher up than godfather lah..) openly accused the scumbags of Scissorati to be racists & publishing lies, why oh why did a couple of his elected reps joined in the latte session?

    Tak masuk akal kan? Odikal betul lah dia orang ni…

  2. Have not been to Albert Nico for a long while. He must have been introducing a new type of “Hydrogen Peroxides” that bleaches right through Niki’s brain that turn him into “Elle Wood”.

    Just like Hydrogen Peroxides, J-Star has been an effective bleaching agent for Jerusubang Cult’s mission for color blind politics and colorless generation (thus far Indian has been officially omitted). They just bleach every news that gets in their way apparently.

  3. Mau tukar kerajaan..tetapi bila didesak takut hendak mengaku. dasar orang munafik..kalau dah ya lakukan tsunami mengaku sajalah bukankah begitu akan nampak lebih jantan. ini macam pondan. berkokok dibalik tabir..lempar batu sembunyi tangan..

  4. “He would say untruths and be ever double, Both in his words and meaning”
    William Shakespeare
    – ” And doings..” and they prosper living….

  5. Cocky Teresa is in the top 10 most powerful women list. She got the highest majority of win again in the election. But she still looks like a waitress in a Chinese restaurant.

    She is also getting very power crazy. Why can’t she let someone else be the Selangor liaison officer? Why does she have to grab everything? She was getting up to RM70,000 a month when she was in the state exco. Enough already, give others a chance to get experience and earn some income.

    1. Heck, she even berlakon as a waitress in her election ubah video. Maybe that’s what she aspires to be all along. She seems to have the IQ for it!

    2. Tamak! They want it all. Admitting to a tsunami happening or not will equate to admitting that they want the country for themselves. It is so clear – so forget about wanting a confession.

  6. Look at the attitude. Are The Star becoming more and more like LKS? LKS always said somethings while doing another things. Correct?

    It looks like J-star unconsciously follow their Idiol and seal their faith of becoming opposition biggest mouthpreach.

    Like a twin brother of LKS, different faces but the same attitudes duh…

    :D sarah

    1. re: “mouthpreach”

      Excellent word! Thank you for introducing it. I shall use it with relish.

  7. To deny the Chinese tsunami during the GE13 is something very orthodox in the part of The Star. I think we all know what is the reason behind this denying of the issue.

    Thats why in the first place it should not happened if the Chinese (especially the young one) can think straight and try to explore their hearts about voting for the Oppositions.

    Former MP of Alor Setar (which he himself was a minister in the government before the GE13) already said… why he lost since what else did the voters (chinese young voters) want that he didnt give. This is what he said.

    So to the Star Panelist.. do you still think you can uphold your opinion?

    1. The truth is, if BN government gives, they will take, like a Malay proverb says, “rezeki jangan di tolak.” BN also erroneously (I always hold this view) thinks that BN can secure votes by meeting the demand of the people, but at the same time, can BN says no when the people, even if they know that those are opposition supporters, seek their help? This is like “diluah mati emak, ditelan mati bapak.”

      To the people, it is always the government’s responsibilities to provide for the people but never once do they ask, what have they done for the betterment of the country?

  8. I cuma nak comment tentang MP yang described herself “Sassy MP – working effectively for Seputeh.”

    Ya lah, jadi MP di kawasan kaya dan majoriti penduduknya Cina. Memang senang kerja sebab bila kawasan dah maju, semuanya boleh bergerak macam auto pilot.

    Cuba letak Ms Sassy di kampung-kampung atau di kawasan yang majoritinya orang Melayu atau low income group. Boleh tak berkhidmat tanpa pertolongan orang PAS. Jangan pula kata pada orang Melayu, tak apalah, kemajuan dan kemudahan itu tak boleh dibawa ke akhir hayat.

  9. Helen,

    Takde kerja lain ke diaorang ni selain daripada bertungkus lumus cuba menegakkan benang yang basah.

    Tsunami Cina telah pun berlaku…!

    Surut atau tidak, kena tunggu GE14 baru tau.

    Sementara menunggu surut, tetap berturutan Tsunami Cina kecil.

    Kita tunggulah pulak ketibaan Tsunami Melayu….mungkin gegak-gempitanya tidak lama lagi…..!

  10. ramai yg kata urban people voted for opposition becoz they are exposed to “real story” due to wider access to independent media via other word, kampung peoples are stupid and always believe in propaganda played by mainstream Gov media.

    i dont think so..

    i live in urban area and the development and good infrastructure in my area was initiated by G, but subsequently ianya diterajui oleh syarikat2 swasta/pemaju2/ businessmen..infrastructure is ready, so peranan G for this area became minimal. G is now concentrating on other area esp rural..

    So bila peranan G semakin berkurang in the urban area, changes in G would not give huge impact to our course of living. We can afford with or without the G, becoz, syarikat swasta ini yg menyediakan infrastructure ini..

    spt area sy yang seblum ni rural, now became urban, sy percaya, tempat2 rural lain akan transform jd urban, dimana peranan G semakin berkurang. bila G da makin berkurang, mereka tidak rasa ketiadaan G akan menyulitkan kehidupan harian mereka.

    untuk mengurangkan rasa keterimakasihan kpd G yang menyediakan infrastructure ini, PR memainkan propaganda bahawa itu adalah duit rakyat..duit rakyat..duit rakyat..kalu negara rugi, adalah duit rakyat, kalu negara untung juga duit rakyat. Ini cubaan untk meminimakan contribution from the present Gov.

    Apa sumbangan Shamsul Iskandar, LKS, Theresa KOk, Khalid Samad dikawasan urban yg mereka wakili? NIL..

    Inilah Malaysia..

    1. “Apa sumbangan Shamsul Iskandar, LKS, Theresa KOk, Khalid Samad dikawasan urban yg mereka wakili?”

      Mereka tak perlu menyumbang apa-apa ke kawasan, sebaliknya pengundi (maksudnya syarikat-syarikat swasta) yang berkejar-kejar nak menyumbang dana kepada mereka.

  11. proses penafian untuk mempengaruhi orang melayu supaya boleh kembali suka pada mereka.

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