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Build Muzium Cina for the MCA

Zamkata today tackled the topic of the The J-Star demanding ‘Dirikan tugu peringatan komunis dan bangunkan Muzium Cina di Malaysia’.

Former Utusan group editor Zainuddin Maidin pinpointed:

The Star hari ini juga menyiarkan tulisan June H.L.Wong  (Views page 25) menuntut supaya dibangunkan sebuah Muzium China di Malaysia untuk mempamerkan sejarah dan jasa orang Cina terutamanya sumbangan mereka menentang komunis dalam masa dharurat malah disebutkannya tentang barang-barang peninggalan Yap Ah Loy yang membuka Kuala Lumpur tidak ada di Muzium Negara sebaliknya terpamer di Muzium Peranakan di Singapura.”

June H.L.Wong, who is The Star managing editor, says one thing and A. Kadir Jasin, who is the former NSTP group editor, says another.

You can read and compare both of what they say below. Their contradictory stances are reflective of MCA-controlled Star‘s divergence from BN in its insistence that the Chinese tsunami did NOT happen, whereas the Umno-linked media are convinced that it did — see Utusan‘s conclusions on the GE13 results.


Responding to Kadir’s blog on the Lahad Datu armed forces, Malaysiakini subscriber Lynn – screenshot of her comment below – remarked that “Umno patriots had and always will be sitting in their large homes paid for through corruption and eating themselves obese. Patriots my ass. We should hang all of them.”


Lynn is a typical ABU supporter. They all sound like that.

As for Lynn’s jibe “eating themselves obese”, we can see from his photo below that Kadir Jasin (holding microphone) does not have an ounce of superfluous fat.

On the other hand, the editor sitting on the extreme left – who should really cut down on his bah kut teh consumption – is Wong Sai Wan who has just recently left The Star on account of not being able to tolerate Aunty, or so the grapevine goes.

From left: Malay Mail, Malay male, Malay male, Malay male

Star too full of Wongs

Star Aunty June Wong in her most recent column ‘Rebooting Chinese history’ (The Star, 19 June 2013) wrote today:

“As the nation mourned the loss of eight policemen and two soldiers and hailed them as heroes in the recent Lahad Datu armed intrusion, a blogger [June Wong is referring to Kadir here] thought fit to write:

“As has always been the case, when we send our policemen and soldiers into battle and they are killed or injured, the chances are they are Melayus and bumiputeras. Perhaps there is wisdom in getting more Chinese and Indians to join the armed forces so that they, too, can die for one Malaysia.” [quoted June from Kadir Jasin’s blog]

[June Wong continues:]
“Online columnist K. Temoc who took umbrage at this blogger’s [Kadir] ‘caustic and unfair’ remarks pointed out that five Chinese police officers have been awarded the nation’s highest gallantry award, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP), two posthumously.

“Again, it shows how little is known about non-Malay heroes who served in the security forces.

“This blogger [Kadir] certainly didn’t and he clearly buys into the belief that non-Malays aren’t willing to risk life and limb for the country and doesn’t consider why there are so few of them in uniform today.” [June Wong’s quote ends]

Do you think Kadir’s description of Malay and bumiputera policemen and soldiers reflected reality more closely? Or do you think that The Star editor June Wong’s description of Chinese winners of the pingat Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa is more befitting of our reality?

Do you believe that the contents of The Star reflect any Malaysian reality at all?

Earlier posting on the topic:

They’re lovers, not fighters


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40 thoughts on “Build Muzium Cina for the MCA

  1. Ms H, Many items in the Perannakan Museum, Singapore came from my collection. I sponsored the first such exhibition in 1992 at the National Museum, Singapore – ‘Gilding the Phoenix’. A coffee table size glossy book was published. The Exhibition opening was attended by the Permaisuri Agong of Malaysia, Lee Kuan Yew. all members of the Singapore Parliament, the elite Pyramid Club and over 24,000 visitors.

  2. My relative Tan Sri C.C. Too served the Nation with distinction and courage throughout the most difficult period of the Communist insurgency. He became the top Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, Advisor to the Federal Government and lectured to the American military at Fort Benning, and Vietnam during the Vietnam War. He donated so much blood to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital that he was awarded with a gold medal when he retired from giving at the age of 60.

    By having a weak political leadership, the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, lost out in even the tussle for historical space which should not be denied to all those Malaysian Chinese who had served our beloved country with honour and distinction. To do so, it is a grave disservice to their departed souls.

  3. Ms H. I was the first and only Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, who developed the concept of how to introduce Malay participation into big corporate business which was Sime Darby in 1972 base on fair market terms. At that time, Malay business was 1% of the Malaysian economy.

  4. And I had a cousin who was a Deputy Superintendent of Police and another, a wireless operator with a jungle squad during the Communist Insurgency. They did not die and did not qualify for any medal.

    1. AK47,

      Nobody is denying the role of non Malay police and military personnel. But it is safe to say that bulk of militarymen are Malays.

      The problem is not Malay denial of chinese contribution or heritage. The reality is Chinese are in denial that they are “separating” themselves from Malays. the reality is that Chinese are supporting DAP that wages war against the malays by attacking the legitimate interests of Malays.

      The reality is that majority of Chinese gives tacit approval to DAP to attack UMNO. the reality is that many Chinese youngsters have no qualm in insulting Malay rulers, Islam as mocking Malaysia.

      The reality is that DAP wants to erase the “old Tanah Melayu” and replaces it with “new malaysia” that shows nothing of Malay heritage.

      The reality is that Chinese wants UMNO to dismantle Malay rights but they stay put with weird “Mandarin is preferred” and payscale that are in favour of Chinese.

      And the reality is all these “DAP’s dreams are held back by this this political party, UMNO.

      With UMNO no longer around, it is “gone with the wind” for the Malays and whathever they cherish. As i repeatedly said, the first thing to go is “Raja Raja”.

      And only a moron will believe DAP agrees to Anwar’s becoming PM. He too will be “tendang” out. And that is DAP for us.

      1. Anyone knows why the Chinese are not playing bolasepak and opt for bola keranjang instead?
        Despite supporting English Premier League in droves?
        No prize for guessing, is it…

  5. Sumbangan kaum Cina semasa DARURAT? My ass la.. yg mati mempertahankan Tanah Melayu adalah Melayu dan Bumiputra. Skg mau bikin Muzium Cina so called nak KENANG JASA kaum Cina.

    1. My uncle died at the age of 26 with his 3 comrades in an engagement with communist terrorists in Perak while with the 8th Ranger Regiment 1981.

      My father was part of the 14th Battalion of the Police Field Force tasked with hunting communists in Sri Aman, Betong, Matang, Lundu & Sematan. As a field radio operator, he was normally the top priority target & was engaged in 12 firefights over 8 years.

      My mother was a woman PC during the emergency tasked with women prisoner escort & interrogation.

      Another uncle was part of the 4th Ranger Regiment & another part of SB in RASCOM during the emergency.

      So the Chinese had played a part in defending the country during the emergency whatever your ass might say or think.

      Do all these “insignificant” sacrifices warrant a Chinese museum? No, it doesn’t. If Aunty Wong suggested a war museum of sorts where all the sacrifices are documented for posterity regardless of race, then it would receive my unequivocal support.

      By dissing the Chinese who died defending this country, you are sullying their sacrifice. No doubt there are more Malays & Bumis today in the security forces, but it does not take away whatever credit due to not only the Chinese, but also the Indians, Portugese, Malayalees etc who fought for this country.

      There’s nothing political nor racial about the sacrifices of men for their country. The bullets, grenades, mortar rounds or booby traps don’t choose their targets by race. It is those on the sidelines who are intent on politicising & adding a racial slant to it all.

      1. Yg mati berapa kerat je yop? Cuba kira berapa pulak yg mati di kalangan Melayu dan Bumi? Cina berkira bila sorang mati. Mcm Yahudi

        1. Kalau darah daging kau mati sorang OK tak? Yang dah mati tu, tak payah nak kira. Semua berkorban untuk negara

          Nak buat muzium satu kaum memang tak betul. Tugu negara dah ada pun kalau betul betul nak buat peringatan.

          Ni Malaysia, bukan Israel. Kalau nak berhujah, jangan nak balik balik Yahudi ke, Amerika ke. Dah basi dah hujah tu.

    2. Surely Penang Museum is surprisingly very Muzium Cina to me, but that was years ago, maybe they have make it less Cina, now that parti Malaysian Malaysia memerintah.

      Maybe ah ee June Wong should melawat Penang Museum often.

      1. FFC, I agree that we should not dissing the forefathers that have fought for the country, but rather calling all nationalist Malaysians to emulate what have they fought for.

        Having said that, I don’t think having certain disillusioned quarters thinking less of the Chinese wants to defend tanahair as a license for less and less of them joining the security forces.

        The last time I checked it was, less pay, takut Islam, kiasi and too many malays, among reasons cited, not because of the dissings.

        I believe the dissing comes very much later…

  6. Helen, Chinese chauvinism is poking its head out again now that DAP is on the ascent. You are right about DAP might being concurrent to racial tensions.

    Writers like aunty Wong have no qualms slamming Malay writers like Kadir Jasin as biased and racial when their own perspective on issues are just as biased. They should put a mirror in front of their iPads when banging out their own narrow views.

    To be honest, I honestly don’t care if people have their own racial and cultural biases. What I cannot stomach is when the,pots call the kettle black.

    This one track aunty is probably unaware that Kadir Jasin’s blog is read by thousands of people and his blog attracts strings of comments. Whereas, WTF is this ktemoc that she is quoting? Some windbag who beats about the bush and by the time he gets to the point, you already lost interest. Hello aunty, get a mirror and examine your head.

  7. How many percent Chinese is in the armed/police forces now? Anything close to 23%-24% (the percentage of the chinese population)?

  8. This was the best ideas from them so far. Go ahead. Try to build a segregate Muzium just to make you feel superior. But to be fair build other segregate Muzium to other races also.

    if these what they want, then just give it to them. Then beside it, you build Malay muzium and then the indian muzium. What the heck, find a row of building to built all the other races muzium.

    Then in Malay muzium, put in the history of malay who was here during lembah bujang which record the existing of malay in Tanah Melayu more than 113BC (Not AD but BC – OK). Record also, during these time a lot of malay was hindu. They become a muslim during early 1400 AD (1408 to 1410 – record from China – Admiral Cheng Ho) but according to batu bersurat terengganu some become muslim as early as 1320 or more. Put also all malay know hero from earliest known possible from melacca history to independent and during darurat and now.

    In chinese muzium include everything on it. How the chinese come to melaka and all. Including how how the chinese come here en-mass before 1920 and then left it en-mass during recession 1920. the Hero who died during darurat and who fight together witn TAR for Tanah Melayu independent. Don’t forget to include whaat they have played during and after independent (Yes, there will be LKS name in it but he will push for closing the Muzium after it launching) and now.

    Then Indian Muzium. Look at their relationship with all the malay which started as early as Langkasuka (prior to popular believe it exist – Merong Mahawangsa was only a legend). Put in also on how the indian has been taken here by british and then some going back to india after it Indipendent (that how the indian become the minority in Malaya even at some point during history they population was higher than Chinese). Don’t forget the hero that ccome from Indian comunity (Trust me a lot more than the chinese might think)

    Nothing to lose for the Malay but if you follow the history, the winner will be Malay and Indian becouse if you study Semenanjung Tanah Melayu in details you will admit that when coming to claming these country, the Malay has more substain in it than others.

    After all, South East Asia was known long ago as Rantau Melayu/Alam Melayu especially in the area of Sumatra, Semenanjung, Pettani (South Thailand), Tumasek (now singapura), Jawa, Sulawesi, Borneo and south Philliphine (That the base of KIng of Sulu claim in Sabah). Some when further until Taiwan.

    As for the Indian, at lease the indian who stay after India independent stay becouse they choose to be here. So that also make them a winner.

    :)) sarah

    ps : I’m ony summarise the history. Please refer to for Rantau Melayu for Bangsa Melayu for Malaysia
    and al history books like History of Malaya, History of Malay Paninsular, and more for details of Semenanjung Tanah Melayu.

    1. sarah, Islam in Kedah as early as 900 AD, look here

      As for the rest of us who wants to know more about the brownny sakai of the Malaysian jungle, they can read more on these clues (shuzeng,where are thou?)

      a)Thor Heyerdahl-Sea Routes to Polynesia
      b)Sanskrit & Bahasa Melayu connections (get a Kamus Dewan)
      c)Takashi Suzuki on Srivijaya based on Chinese records

      Apart from Lembah Bunuh and Lembah Bujang as being documented time and again far and wide.

      1. Thanks for you info and link. I will include it in my personal note book

        :D sarah

    2. Wow.. Selepas Tadika Cina, SJKC, SMCP, Kolej Cina, Universiti Cina, TV Cina, Radio Cina, Akhbar Cina, Taman perumahan Cina, Skg mau Muzium Cina.. Do I live in China?

  9. Helen,
    sumbangan orang cina dalam pasukan keselamatan tidak dinafikan memang ada tetapi:
    1. peratusannya sedikit sangat
    2. itupun cuma yang berpangkat besar….yang perlu ditabik spring dan dipanggil Tuan.
    3. susah nak jumpa sarjan, koperal apatahlagi prebet atau konstabel. (golongan inilah majoriti yang menggadaikan nyawa).

    muzium cina untuk MCA dan Gerakan?
    hehehehe…takde muzium pun mereka sudah jadi sejarah…!

  10. Do you believe that the contents of The Star reflect any Malaysian reality at all?

    No. The Star talks all the Middle Class stuff. That is why we need Malay and Chinese papers that represent the grassroots. The Sin Chews and Utusans reflect the thoughts of the lower classes. You don’t see Gucci and all the KLCC Bintang Walk in Utusan and Sin Chew. All Star2 does is bitch about the needs of the neveau riche and their Bintang Walks, parties and “classy life”. Stories of the poor are all in the Malay and Chinese papers.

  11. Helen,

    Saya sangat bersetuju supaya ditubuhkan muzium cina. Inilah tempat yang paling sesuai untuk kita letakkan MCA dan Gerakan.

    1. Eerrr, Rambo. You must be new to this site. The general consensus is that Star is best renamed as Red Bean Star.

      1. it’s ok if utusan melayu to bring the malay’s sentiment or sin chew jit poh to bring the chinese’s sentiment…because the language used is native language….but the star?

  12. Build Muzium Cina for the MCA

    Come to think of it, it is quite sarcastic. MCA belongs to Jurassic Park (but with no life animals).

    Helen… you are so naughty.

  13. Shamsul Anuar & Faking Fake Calvin. My thinking and sympathies are 100% with you both.

    My thinking before the NEP and after willed me into action on Sime Darby. I was deeply involved in the Malaysian economy and sports in the 1960s. I could see the domination of the British over 70% of the best assets of Malaysia. The Chinese 25% of the third-rate assets and possibly 1% by the Malays. After 13 May 1969, the Chinese took the blame for controlling the economy which was not true. It was the British control of the imports and the exports of the country which exploited the country. The Chinamen were used as distributors of these monopolistic goods to everyone and they gave out the credit as well. Being in the front line of commerce with its meagre profits, the Chinamen took all the blame. After 13 May 1969, I thought the blame was most unfair and NOT FORGETTING THAT THE

    FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PRACTISED CURRENCY BOARD POLICIES FOR THE ECONOMY. In other words, the British controlled all their colonies through currency boards which only issue money earned by these territories. Therefore, the 70% British and the 20% Chinese always remained rich and the 1% Malays forever poor. Because most of us do not have close Malay friends whom I befriended, I could understand their plight in practical terms and express the true facts here. The MCA with its lackadaisical leadership could explain this to their constituents to this day. And the others if they know, they are not saying.

    Therefore, I crafted out the Sime Darby concept and got the interested parties to aim at the 70% British assets at fair market prices. Unfortunately, one of our greatest Prime Ministers, Tun Abdul Razak passed away in 1976 and the rest became history.

    The Currency Board of Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei was dissolved in 1972 and Bank Negara Malaysia took its righful place in the sun and Malaysia has never looked back since.

    From the beginning of the NEP, socio-economic considerations by the Government overtook the p

  14. Sorry…..From the beginning of the NEP, socio-economic considerations by the Government overtook the political aspects like grooming the Civil Service with the right mix and the schools. One paramount factor was the takeover of the MCA by the Mandarin speaking small town boys who made an all out effort to make money with the reason that the Malays had Sime Darby. WE CAN LITERALLY PIN-POINT WHEN THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE LEADERSHIP LOST ITS BEARINGS -IT IS AT THIS POINT. Slowly, slowly, the best interests of the Chinese were forgotten by the elite and from then to now, we have this lop-sided representation of Chinese everywhere except in their own undertakings. Because of the nature of the communalised politics, I do not expect the UMNO to look after the general interests of the Chinamen. It must be those Chinamen who assumed the leadership of the Chinese to voice whatever that is amiss and see whatever agreed is carried out. But the leadership took the easy way out and now left the 99% Chinese holding the baby.
    I dare say on the socio-economic side the MCA after April 1974 should have collected and collated statistics of all commnities so as to avoid the blame game which cropped thereafter. And why all my relatives and all your relatives willingly serve the Malayan Forces for pittance ? It was the perception at that time compared with the perception from the 1970s onwards when the MCA was operating well below the standard like a submarine. Maybe someone can tell me whether they are doing the same thing now 40 years later.

  15. It was Tun Musa Hitam who recommended my relative Tan Sri C.C. Too to be awarded the Tan Sriship for his loyalty and dedication to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the country.

  16. re: “Aunty @ June Wong”
    Ironically, my father deliberately kept one of Aunty‘s opinion piece for me to read when I went back hometown last weekend as he’s an avid Star reader. I don’t exactly read The Star, only occasionally buy the Saturday edition. But the piece that he wanted me to read was “Rebooting our racial quotas”, so apparently he concurred with what Aunty wrote. Does it means The Star’s propaganda works? *smile*

    re: “… contents of The Star reflect any Malaysian reality at all?”
    Yes, no doubt what Aunty wrote doesn’t reflect the reality but the gist of her recurring commentaries is why public workforce like police were staffed by a number of non-Malays in the past but wasn’t the case now. I’m lazy to comment more since this issue has been discussed to death without any solution or whatsoever; of course this is one of the reasons why this nation has arrived to the current highly divided state.

    1. in any job you must start from lower rank… is the chinese ready to do the kawat… manning the roadblock? ..this aunty@June Wong is sooo aunty to mee… her argument is stuupid… she dont deserve a column…

      1. How about we indulge Aunty June and appoint a Ketua Polis Negara Cina on merit

        after a 25 percent quota is met in the number of police constables (which gives the Chinese rising up the ranks a chance to make up 25 percent of the sergeants, corporals, etc).

        Enforce a conscription of Chinese into the police force and the army, and make the Scissorati happy.

        June Wong wrote ‘Rebooting our racial quotas’ on 22 May 2013, talking about


        “something is not quite right in a country that boasts of being multiracial (“Malaysia, truly Asia” – remember?), yet important public entities like the police, the army and the civil service are almost exclusively of one race.

        Where the police and army are concerned, the excuse cited ad nauseum is that the Chinese aren’t interested because they are culturally averse to such dangerous work and prefer better paying jobs.

        If that were true, how the heck did China and Taiwan build up their armies and police force?”



        1. “If that were true, how the heck did China and Taiwan build up their armies and police force?”

          Super bodo statement, they don’t have much choice do they?

          China and Taiwan couldn’t be having Nigerians in Guangzhou running the show for them, could they?

          As of the natives of Taiwan, I’m not sure how terlibat these people are in the country’s army and police force…

  17. Dear Helen,

    It is time the Chinese community fund their own museum. It should make us aware of where we come from, how we come here and how we come to be what we are.
    Here is a Haiku to remind us of the early days.
    On the Way
    Hot noon sun
    Sad Singkheh, box on shoulders
    To bury dead child
    Di terik panas
    Singkek hiba, memikul kotak
    Kebumi mayat anak

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