Aspan, you’re not showing enough affection for your Dear Leaders

Gag order soon on Aspan Alias?

Wee Choo Keong: “The [DAP] supreme leaders can ride on the moral high horse and say one thing and do another. They will shout and scream themselves hoarse for freedom of the press and freedom of speech in public. The next moment, at the snap of the fingers, they will also invoke a ‘gag order’ when it suits them and get all and sundry to toe the party line or else …”

(This quote above and the rest of the quotes from Wee Choo Keong on this page are sourced from his blog, here.)

Malays are not trusted in DAP

Anthony Loke believes that Aspan is just an ordinary member who is unimportant.

AA (20 June 2013): “Tiada ahli biasa yang ‘unimportant’ itu, tiada pimpinan parti” (source: Aspan Alias’ blog)

WCK (26 Aug 2010): “Make no mistake. DAP is equal to its supreme leaders, and vice versa. The rest of the minions are merely expendable party slaves tied constantly to a short, snug leash to cow them into absolute obedience.’

DAP can do no wrong

AA (14 June 2013): “Laungan ‘multiracialism’ hanya retorik kosong semata-mata” (source: Aspan Alias’ blog)

WCK (26 Aug 2010): “No matter what, the dynasty is to be served and its survival is all that matters. It can do no wrong. ‘Do what I say and not do what I do’ is law’.”

Dear Leaders reign supreme

AA (3 June 2013): “Belajarlah melalui pengalaman sendiri” (source: Aspan Alias’ blog)

WCK (26 Aug 2010): “PAS has better watch it lest DAP’s supreme leaders seemingly skillful art of political expediency cows the party into singing and dancing to its tune.”

Not allowed to say DAP is “racist”

AA (14 May 2013): “Selepas PRU isu perkauman lebih menebal” (source: Aspan Alias’ blog)

WCK (26 Aug 2010): “But to me it’s more a question of integrity with DAP’s supreme leaders. They should look themselves in the mirror and come clean. Hypocrisy is sinful, hateful, damning.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Imagine that Aspan is actually disillusioned enough to say: “BN dan DAP, jika kita nilai ‘apple to apple’ BN secara ‘relative’nya lebih ‘multiracial’ …”

End of DAP career in sight

Whooooops. Aspan has taken a bite out of the forbidden apple, tasted the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, and will surely be banished by God (err, I mean Tokong) from the Garden of Deeaypee.

Wee Choo Keong has learned from experience that “the slightest hint of not showing ‘enough affection’ to one or two supreme leaders can and will cost you your political career in the party”.

Anthony Loke is the DAP National Organising Secretary groomed to succeed the Great One as party sec-gen. He’s not an ordinary member but someone holding a very important post.

Aspan Alias must learn to show enough affection to the DAP Dear Leaders or otherwise his political career in the party ibarat telur di hujung tanduk.

donald trump your fired


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26 thoughts on “Aspan, you’re not showing enough affection for your Dear Leaders

  1. Aspan baru terasa yang beliau “melukut di tepi gantang’. Sebenarnya lebih dari itu, Aspan ” melutut di tepi Kit Siang”.

    Melutut pada “yg tak sudi”… DAP cuma mahu undi Melayu, orang Melayu DAP tak mahu…ingat2lah sikit.

  2. Malas nak komen banyak2. AA should know better.Period. Better comment, A very nice picture at the end of your comment. Good JOb Helen hehehehe

    :D sarah

      1. fyi Anak Bukit Gantang,

        Unless I’m mistaken, Wong Chun Wai has three Datukships

        two Datuk titles from Malacca and S’gor and the Datuk Seri is Federal

        His Star director’s fee is minumum RM2.2 million per annum, so that makes his income from the paper (prorated) to be easily 30k monthly.

        He appears to have “friendly” blogger buddies who act as his mouthpiece to defend him and the paper in blogosphere.

        Some bloggers are such dupes to be fed false insider info … oh well, unless they have more compelling reasons to believe what they’re told.

        1. Three Datukships….by protocol he should use only the highest of the three Datukship for his title…..thank you Helen on the information…if only Datuk Sri WSW can justify his three Datukships (sigh)

        2. Helen – I don’t mean to be picky or to be ‘Mr Corrector’; but WCW gross monthly income should be about RM183k, if his annual director fee is RM2.2mil.

          Me, being an engineer, always been obsessed or rather possessed with numbers….. :)

          1. Thanks for the correction.

            Yes, you’re right.

            My bad. I was only thinking about his estimated paycheque as group editor when I typed the 30k figure.

            So let’s round it up to WCW’s monthly income of RM200,000 derived from The Star in our future references, shall we?

              1. Yup, plenty of money to throw around should he wanna keep on retainer certain bloggers that rise to the occasion (in their defence) each time he and his paper are criticized.

  3. You don’t need to become DAP member to find this out.

    Much like you don’t need to vote Pakatan into power just to find out how they can turn Malaysia into hell.

  4. I can understand why Malays support UMNO or PAS or PKR.

    But Malays support DAP? Malays supporting a party which want to take away Malays’ right? It’s just not downright stupid, but treacherous!

    It’s a cowardice act of LKS & LGE that they are using Anthony Loke as their ‘mouthpreach’ to ‘tame down’ Aspan. They had no guts to do it themselves fearing backlash from the Malays in DAP.

    Zairil, what say you?


  6. AA likes Anuar aiming PM post like wise Aspan Alias wanted to be MB of N9……..Serve you right Aspan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Helen,

    This Aspan is truely one of the few Malays yang mudah lupa…
    Sebab itulah orang macam ni apabila timbul masalah dengan parti yang disokongnya, beliau akan membuka pekung dirinya sendiri.

    Melayu sebegini tidak lebih daripada ‘si-kitol’ zaman moden.
    kalau si-kitol zaman dulu menjadi pengkhianat, itu masih boleh dikatakan,”kerana kurang ilmu”.

    Malangnya si-kitol zaman moden serba-canggih skrg ni begitu banyak sumber ilmu yang ada tetapi sayangnya masih lagi terlalu ‘bodoh’ akalnya sehingga sanggup menjadi ‘lembu yang dicucuk hidung’!

    Masalah kebodohan sebeginilah sebenarnya akan tetap wujud sehingga akhir zaman dan rasa saya bukan orang Melayu sahaja yang ada penyakit ini, orang Cina dan orang India pun terkena sama….!

    Tapi takpelah…sebab Aspan ni memang Melayu yang berbudaya Melayu maka sebab itulah beliau menepati peribahasa, ‘sudah terhantuk baru terngadah’……!

  9. melayu paling bodoh sahaja akan joint DAP

    melayu paling jahat ,hasad dengki,berdemdam sahaja akan berkerjasama dengan DAP.

    melayu tak sedar diri akan undi DAP

  10. Helen,

    Sememangnya saya juga tidak bersetuju dengan tindakan saudara Aspan menyertai DAP namun cercaan atas tindakan beliau adalah lagi saya tidak bersetuju.

    Saya tidak tahu apakah yang difikirkan oleh Aspan bila beliau meninggalkan UMNO dan menyertai DAP.

    Akan tetapi saya bersetuju untuk beliau berada dalam DAP kerana pada saya Melayu perlu berada dimana mana termasuklah dalam DAP. Tunku Aziz adalah contoh terbaik bagaimana berguna nya melayu dalam DAP.

    Saya gembira kerana Aspan berani menongkah arus dengan menyertai DAP sedangkan beliau bukan nya bodoh untuk tidak menjangka apakah kemungkinan yang bakal terjadi kepada beliau.

    Dalam blog beliau telah saya nyatakan bahwa tiada rasa simpati yang perlu saya tawarkan untuk beliau namun keberanian menongkah arus adalah saya hormati.

  11. Aspan dan semua melayu yang masuk DAP adalah kerana nak upgrade class. DAP anggap semua yang tak sokong depa low class/classless dsb. nah, sekarang dah high class pun nak tulan lagi. haiya!

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