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Dr M’s Gelang Patah ultimatum, army to control 505 and The Untouchables

Dr Mahathir Mohamad blogged recently, “Street demonstrations can bring down Governments.” (Che Det, 22 May 2013)

If Pakatan are hoping that their demos can turn into Tahrir Square, what’s to stop the BN from countering with bigger protest numbers taking to the street? Recall Anwar’s unsuccessful Sept 16 takeover bid contrasted against the BN beating Pakatan at their own game in Perak not long after.

The opposition are creating a yellow shirts versus red shirts situation in Malaysia. They don’t care even if Syria happens here. As long as they can ABU.


Whose side is the army on?

Lim Kit Siang is jumping up and down over this latest development (see screenshot below).

The Asalkan Bukan Umno website, reacting to news that the army might be called in tomorrow, uploaded the poster below (see screenshot below).

It goes to show just how delusional are the folks who style themselves “ABU warriors”.

To refresh their memory, oppo supporters had said some very insulting things about the armed forces during the defence of Lahad Datu. And these are the same people who jeer at the police all the time, including mocking the men in blue as “Umno dogs”.

Whereas Najib when he was Defence Minister had improved the soldiers’ lot.

And the Red Beaners believe that our security personnel are anti-establishment, huh? Oppo supporters are clearly living in their own Pakatan parallel universe.

Asalkan Bukan Umno Facebook 2013-06-21 15-30-34

Dr M is right again

Commenting on Kit Siang’s candidacy in Gelang Patang, Dr Mahathir said that after the DAP takeover of the PAP’s mantle and slogan of ‘Malaysian Malaysia, their “intention was to draw away Chinese support from the MCA and abandon the kongsi concept with Umno and the Malays”.

Dr M predicted that “Kit Siang is going to bring about conflict and antagonism between the races”.

In his blog posting titled ‘Gelang Patah‘ (11 April 2013), Dr M wrote:

“An unhealthy racial confrontation would replace Sino-Malay cooperation which has made Malaysia stable and prosperous. That cooperation will end when Kit Siang wins Gelang Patah.”

“For this reason the decision of Kit Siang to contest in Gelang Patah will be the focus of the 13th General Election in this country.” The ex-premier concluded by asking, “Will the DAP end Malay-Chinese friendship and cooperation in Johor …?”

The answer is ‘Yes’, as being now proven.

Pro-establishment Malays will no longer vote for BN Chinese candidates in GE14.

The trend in GE13 indicates this, e.g. the MCA losses in Alor Setar, Bandar Tun Razak, Kuantan and other mixed seats.

DAP’s Ubah tsunami has indeed decisively ended Malay-Chinese friendship. Dr Mahathir knew the right question to ask. As usual, he was miles ahead of the curve.

The realisation (of what Dr M had grasped very early on) only sunk in for me after reading about the MCA task force established to transform the party.

My first reaction was that MCA should just throw their transformation plan into the Klang River.

Note that the banner in the MCA website is only written in Chinese and English
Note that the banner in the MCA website is only written in Chinese and English

Statistics don’t lie

Umno did not contest any Chinese majority seats. It won mostly the Melayu pekat seats. Umno claims to have 3.5 million members and in GE13, Umno collected 3,241,286 votes for Parliament.

MCA won only very few votes in the Chinese majority areas. MCA claims a membership of one million and received 882,538 votes. Most of the votes for MCA were obtained in the Malay majority constituencies that the party managed to retain.


See above, table of the Top 10 DAP vote getters. In Seputeh and Kepong, Teresa Kok dan Tan Seng Giaw each obtained more than six times the number of votes of their BN rivals.

Going into the election, DAP had 150,000 party members. DAP contested and won in all of the Chinese majority areas. But DAP received 1,736,267 votes.

What do the statistics tell you?!

Umno has 3.5 million members and received 3.2 million votes. DAP has 150,000 members and received 1.7 million votes.

The MCA machinery was working for the DAP.

hannah yeoh
Malaysiakini photo
The Star Online blurb today


Unlike the unflattering photos to publish that they had selected of Shen Yee Aun and Tony Pua (after the latter had a falling-out with The Star), the paper clearly exercised tender, loving care in their choice of Hannah’s picture.

Screenshot below: The Star Online tweeted Hannah Yeoh’s swearing in as Speaker today plus another article about her determination to make the Speaker’s role more powerful as befitting her recently acquired power status.

It was with a great deal of willpower that the Star editors managed to restrain themselves from tweeting 10 times.

TwitterstaronlineS’gor state assembly

“They can’t touch us”

The MCA continues to allow its evangelista media mouthpreach to daily scissor the BN fabric into shreds.

The J-Star is a scheming paper that has gone flat out to deny the Chinese tsunami as well as to cast doubt on the existence of the Red Bean Army.

Not surprising because with the Scissorati, one can no longer tell where the DAP SuperCyber Bullies end and the Evangelista Bintang Tiga red cadres begin.

According to The Unspinners, Wong Chun Wai had declared that “they can’t touch us” — ‘they’ referring to the authorities. The Scissorati are confident that they’re untouchable because they are snug under the MCA (musuh dalam) selimut.

The MCA is continuing to allow the political blogs that it funds to carry out The J-Star‘s evangelista agenda — see below.

Umno and BN supporters must hold MCA fully accountable for the backstabbing propaganda that its media – both official and unofficial – is carrying out against the ruling party.

Api dalam sekam

Of what use is it to keep MCA within BN if the party is hell-bent on causing this kind of damage to its partners?

Those MCA folks that voted BN in GE13 are the ones who trace their membership to Tun Tan Cheng Lock’s era. In another five years down the road, there will be fewer and fewer of these party faithful left.

MCA has done absolutely nothing to attract fresh Chinese support nor to stem Chinese support from going to the DAP. A chief complaint by Malays who feel betrayed is that the MCA has chosen not to fight the DAP at all.

On the other hand, the MCA media is clearly fighting on behalf of the DAP evangelistas.

Yet GE14 will surely be the Mother of All Battles.

The wisest strategy is for BN not to factor for any more than 5 percent of Chinese support in GE14. In this regard, MCA is no help but a hindrance, even a menace, to the BN’s survival in the do-or-die battle royale.



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27 thoughts on “Dr M’s Gelang Patah ultimatum, army to control 505 and The Untouchables

  1. (alamak tuanya auntie semua…)

    walaupun tua Tun M tetap tajam pemerhatiannya. sepatutnya najib baca blog che det dan belajar dari yang bijak.

      1. Are those ladies relatives of the MP for Gelang Patah? They look as old as him. Some people don’t’ know when to retire.

    1. IDDAsingkiri,

      Inilah masalahnya. Najib tak baca blog blog begini. Najib hidup dalam alam khayalannya. Berbuih orang melayu ingatkan dia yang ia akan diperbodohkan oleh orang Cina dalam PRU. Tetapi Najib seperti tiada perasaan.

      Saya kecewa bila Najib enggan tegur Nazir yang lupa daratan. Saya kecewa bila Najib malu letakkan SPR dibawah parlimen. Sebelum ini dibawah raja raja melayu.

      Meletakkan SPR dibawah Parlimen akan buka jalan ahli Parlimen kafir Harbi, fasik, munafik manipulasi SPR. itu pun Najib masih tak sedar la gi.

      Saya kecea sebab Najib buat tak kisah bila semua orang bercakap pasal AG. ada sesuatu yang tak kena dalam pejabat AG. Susah sangat ke lantik A G baru.

      Saya kecewa bila Najib tolak segala nasihat pasal ISA. Sekarang tengok hasilnya. Negara huru hara.

      Saya kecewa bila Najib sendiri saya nampak “hilang” jiwa melayu. Terhegeh hegeh masih mahu ambil hati orang cina dengan ma sih letaakan satru kementerian untuk MCA. wal hal dah awal awal mereka MCA dah tolak. susah sangat ke lantik seorang Menteri dari Sarawak untuk jawatan Menteri pengangkutan.

      Najib tidak berbuat apa apa bila fitnah berleluasa. Kalau saya jadi PM, dah lama haprak seperti budak pondan Astro atauy yang hina Islam dan Nabi Muhammad dipancung.

      Apa yang nak ditakutkan.

      Elok benar jika DR mahathir jadi PM balik.

      1. re: “Najib enggan tegur Nazir yang lupa daratan”

        Nazir tu akrab dengan The Star.

        Dr M pun pernah tegur Marina walaupun secara halus atas pembabitan anaknya itu dengan Bersih.

  2. “In this regard, MCA is no help but a hindrance, even a menace, to the BN’s survival in the do-or-die battle royale”….. I’d add that MCA becomes a liability to BN…!

  3. I agree with you Helen.

    Last GE I voted BN, Liow Tiong Lai but next GE, God willing, I may not vote for BN again as Najib has shown very poor leadership qualities. His every step has been closely monitored as my 1 vote is so precious. Come GE14, it will be worth more than its value in gold/platinum.

    MCA has done the least work and yet we are compelled to vote MCA as it was part of BN but with all views, opinions and actions being considered, BN should say goodbye or preferably not contest at all.

    It will all change and the game changer are the politcians themselves..also demographics and statistics will show a marked difference from what it is now.

    When the Chinese themselves do not vote for Chinese BN, please don’t expect the Malays to follow what BN wants blindly, like now. Those days are over…but also do not expect an easy victory for Pakatan as we are fed up with Anwar Ibrahim…

    And The Star will be a distant star if it remains proPakatan/DAP. Their continued DAP friendly will cause many of us to seek other avenues….

    1. Two things prevented me for voting PR; Anwar as PM and Pakatan not being one formal political party.

      I voted for MCA/BN, but he lost. Probably I may not go out to vote if BN puts another MCA candidate in the Malay majority area.

      1. “I voted for MCA/BN, but he lost. Probably I may not go out to vote if BN puts another MCA candidate in the Malay majority area.”

        Same here. I have said before, I rather BN put UMNO/Malay candidates in these areas. Kalau Kalah pun puas hati.

  4. Helen, I just watch Buletin Utama. Khalid napping during press conference. What a shame and sorry I laught when I look at Miz HY fface. priceless Helen

    :D sarah

    1. oh I missed Buletin Utama today. need to wait for the midnight english news if tv3 still carries the news.

  5. I do not understand why the Oppostion did not gain power with the following JUST ONE EASY STEP steps.

    1. 1997. If the DPM just took a holiday with his family to Disneyland, he would have returned in 1998 as the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia. JUST ONE EASY STEP

    2. 2008. If the Opposition just sort out the 32 BN candidates BEFORE AND NOT AFTER the 12th General Elections, they would have been in power in JUST ONE EASY STEP.

    3. 2013. If the Opposition went on a 100 day hunger strike and the 51 percent boycotted the 13th General Elections. The BN would have won 100% of the seats with 49% of the votes and courted World wide condemnation. JUST ONE EASY STEP to power.

    Instead of running around in circles for decades !

  6. On the photo of MCA ladies, actually, the old (i will not even say older because they really are old people) applies to UMNO supporters as well.

    (I am going to sound like a broken CD here) When we drove around on polling day, my young nephew commented on campaign workers: “orang BN semua dah kerepot-kerepot (wrinkly). Orang PAS semua muda-muda, baby pun ada kibar-kibar bendera.”

    The fact is these young people have been “saved” by PAS or DAP literally since babies, while BN tends to wait until they finish their studies.

    The outcome of GE14 will be in the hands of those 2.4 million or so new young voters. What are the chances of BN winning their support?

    Pakatan is continuing with their campaign and is getting stronger while BN components are still trying to pick up pieces and UMNO continuing with their internal squabble, trying to kill each other.

    Going by the crowd of people that I know – family, relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances, business contacts, etc – the future of BN is full of jerebu and the jerebu has reached dangerous levels with no signs of improving.

    So, in God we trust? No wonder mama evangelist is so powerful now.

    1. It is a very, very sad photo of the elderly MCA supporters.

      The Dapsters are lean, mean (stress on mean) fighting machines with no scruples, like Mao Zedong’s Red Guards.

      After looking at how the City Harvesters had scythed the MCA old folks, takkan Umno masih belum sedar lagi bahawa darah mereka sudah dihalalkan kepada musuh ketat Evangelista Bintang Tiga yang begitu bengis itu.

  7. I wonder what Mama DAPster is thinking right now?

    Will she sing the same tone as that of the “righteous than thou- Mary Poppins-Twitter Queen” as a Speaker?

  8. Seriously, watching the faces of these ah ees, made me feel sad inside. Especially when Helen’s pointed out about the hard core MCA’s members of Tun Tan Cheng Lock era.

    Wearing BN baju and jacket, waiting by the road side, bracing the sun etc, at that age, must be a testament to their semangat setia kawan and kongsi spirit.

    Not forgetting the sneers and jeers by the 90% Cina for their undying support to BN.

    And yet they are there (not knowing MCA had backstabed them too, shamefully!), doing everything they can to ensure BN’s win. Shame on BN, they simply deserved better.

    1. Absolutely.

      The MCA betrayed their partners in the BN.

      But saddest of all, MCA betrayed their own people. Particularly these older folks who are genuinely BN.

      As I’ve pointed out previously, in the Twitter war between MCA’s own Beliawanis treasurer and Hannah Yeoh, the MCA allowed its evangelista Scissors to stab their own girl.

      There was another conflict between the MCA’s Beliawanis (over the umbrella girls hired to brighten up the MCA Youth assembly) and the F1 ‘models’ were mocked with the kind of crudeness we’ve come to expect from the Dapsters. In the war of words between the Beliawanis and the PKR evangelista Adun Gan Pei Nei, again the Scissors stabbed the Beliawanis.

      The Scissors has stabbed a number of MCA young leaders and middle rankers. The MCA senior echelon allowed The Scissors to get away with it as long as the profitable business delivered the dividends.

      1. The issue here is actually how MCA/UMNO pick a fight.

        MCA/UMNO will fight with reasons and with certain boundaries in place, whereas DAP will just hantam, hantam, and hantam with or without reasons. DAP just want to win at whatever costs. They just want to kill MCA/UMNO no matter what it takes.

        When fighting with irrational individuals, the “good guy” will often back out to prevent the fight from getting out of hand. Unfortunately, this is a political fight, and in today’s political climate, nice guys do not win and will be back-stabbed to death.

        God helps us – even by saying this, I feel like condoning mama evangelist action.

        1. re: “DAP just want to win at whatever costs.”


          re: “Unfortunately, this is a political fight, and in today’s political climate, nice guys do not win and will be back-stabbed to death.”

          Sebab tulah Si Gunting sebenarnya berjiwa DAP (Evangelista Bintang Tiga) dan bukannya berjiwa MCA.

  9. Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one. ~ Charles Mackay

    – Sesiapa yang rasa cerdik nak ke Padang Merbok esok…

  10. When Anwar Ibrahim is out of the picture, all what is happening now I think, is going to slow down. By GE14 LKS and Karpal will be too old to scream bloody murder err racist, tindas ubah, ini kali lah blah blah blah. Tanpa that MF Anwar Dapster will be losing their sorak.

    Bila LKS can’t deliver what he has promised, (mana mau cari duit banyak-banyak) his supporters might go for his throat. Bila MCA tutup bilik gerakan mana orang China mahu pergi kalau tidak pada LKS.

    Hari ini LKS boleh menang popularity, next lima tahun on the road he will have more pains in the a…….Billions duit kerajaan PPinang pun tak mampu dia nak entertain 90 per cent Chinese voters yang voted DAP. Pening kepala lo!

    MCA patut tutup STAR, or they are too sayang dengan duit yang mereka dapat.

    Bila Anwar Ibrahim dah mampus, semua penyokong dia akan senyap. Mungkin tidak hari ini tetapi tidak ada siapa hidup selama-lamanya. Tanpa Anwar kurang Melayu jadi pembangkang,

    Tanpa Anwar LKS dan even the STAR akan kurang tunjuk taringnya because right now Anwar thinks he is untouchable (foreign connections will protect him) tetapi ingat pepatah Melayu, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga. (Tupai selalu jatuh atas Tanah sebab itu kucing selalu kenyang.)

    1. Hukum alam … rezeki kucing lah dapat makan tupai :)

      re: “Bila MCA tutup bilik gerakan”

      Patut dibuat sekarang juga di kawasan-kawasan yang MCA kalah. Sumber dan tenaga kerja dipindah ke kawasan-kawasan yang MCA menang.

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