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Is Rosmah ‘most powerful’ a compliment or bad for BN?

Malaysiakini did another follow-up today on the list of ’10 Most Powerful Women’ story.

A typical response from the opposition supporters goes like this:

“How would being labelled ‘the most powerful woman in Malaysia’ bring ‘untoward bad press’ to Rosmah? She should be flattered! Isn’t that a compliment? I don’t understand these pro-BN bloggers…..” (comment by a subscriber of the news portal to the Malaysiakini story above)

DAPSubangJaya (DAPsubangjaya) on Twitter 2013-06-21 09-22-59

Sneaky Scissors snip, snip, snip

A couple of days ago, The J-Star announced on Page 5 in full colour that Rosmah is the “most powerful” woman in Malaysia.

If one were to peruse the news at surface value, such as the oppo followers have done, it is seen as a positive report for which Rosmah Mansor should feel “flattered” and take as “a compliment”. Nothing ‘wrong’ with it at all.

After all, the sixth most powerful woman in Malaysia – as anointed by the list – did indeed feel flattered and taking it as a compliment.

Tweeting as ‘DAPSubangJaya’, Hannah Yeoh messaged her fans: “Honoured and humbled” (by the accolade) — see screenshot above.

“Pro BN-blogger”: A flattering compliment

The Malaysiakini reader whom I quoted above doesn’t understand how come “these pro-BN bloggers” smell something rotten in the state of the Star.

In fact, it may interest you that Malaysiakini had actually quoted me as one of those “pro-BN bloggers”.

My name was mentioned immediately after A. Kadir Jasin’s in the Malaysiakini report. Like Hannah Yeoh, I too feel honoured and humbled since not only am I viewed as a “pro-BN blogger” but a “notable” one at that.

Excerpted below are four relevant paragraphs from the Malaysiakini story (19 June 2013):

“Despite putting Rosmah on top, MCA-owned The Star is slammed by notable pro-BN bloggers like the Unspinners and Helen Ang, who said the list has untowardly brought bad press Rosmah’s way.
“Why is this advertisement, which sullies Rosmah’s image accepted? Doesn’t The Star have (the) power to reject it? Why did chief editor Wong Chun Wai, who often switches allegiances willfully, allow the advertisement?” the Unspinners asked.
“Ang, meanwhile, called the advertisement a “sneaky scissors stab” at Rosmah and claimed that the presence of two DAP elected representatives point to the identity of the listmaker.
The Star is to the DAP what Utusan (Malaysia) is to Umno. However, there is a major difference. Utusan is upfront with regards to its allegiance. The J-Star (sic) is adroit at playing the backstabbing game,” she said.”

Malaysiakini is inaccurate

I want to clarify on the part where Malaysiakini claimed that I said “the presence of two DAP elected representatives point to the identity of the listmaker”.

Below is what I had written, please compare:

“With Marina, Nurul and Hannah Yeoh all in the list, it is all that hard for a discerning political watcher to psychologically profile the culprits responsible?”

Malaysiakini was inaccurate. I had fingered the inclusion of Marina Mahathir, Nurul Izzah, Hannah and that Indian entertainer (No.8) as providing a clue to the “psychological profile” of the listmaker.

The Malaysiakini reporter made out that I specified – no, I did not – the presence of Hannah and Teresa Kok (“two DAP elected representatives”) revealed the identity of the listmaker.

So now you can see how the pro-oppo media spins, ya?

In postings to come, I shall be revealing to you how the pro-Christian media (linked to the MCA) are even more of master spinmeisters.

However if my blog is hacked before I’m able to do so, you’re free to speculate on the obvious suspect.


Sidenote: Earlier in my blog posting that was cited by Malaysiakini, I had also pointed out the absence of PAS women on the list. I’d like to additionally highlight now the absence of BN women in the list.

Please ponder on this matter of BN women being almost invisible in the MCA newspaper. I’ve been repeating for more than a year now that Wanita MCA and Beliawanis MCA are ruefully neglected by The Star.

Litmus test question: Can you tell me the name of the Wanita MCA president (who is obviously under-reported by The J-Star in comparison with Hannah who is tweeted-10 times-a-day through The Star twitter)?

As early as 2010, Beliawanis national treasurer Jessica Lai had already tweeted that “@hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully“. The MCA’s Ms Lai, unfortunately, is not someone you find gracing The Star pages.

Now we know one of the ways to acquire power … through superbullying.

Twitter The_Endie @staronline

BN supporters all orang kampung dungu

I’d titled my previous posting, ‘Sinister behind The Star’s Rosmah story‘.

I will now elaborate as to why The Scissors is damn sneaky (just like silver-tongued evangelistas), and why sneakiness is far, far more dangerous than Utusan that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Selected below are some of the responses by Malaysiakini readers to my statement that The Star is to the DAP what Utusan is to Umno”.

Ambiga in the dark over 'most powerful woman' list - Malaysiakini 2013-06-21 09-29-47

Ambiga in the dark over 'most powerful woman' list - Malaysiakini 2013-06-21 11-13-34

Ambiga in the dark over 'most powerful woman' list - Malaysiakini 2013-06-21 09-31-05

The comment by ‘2Lan’ (“tulan” is a rough Hokkien word, see screenshot above) is reflective of the popular refrain that BN can only manage to garner support among voters who lack “brains and education”, particularly Malays living in the kampung.

And “pro-BN bloggers” are seen by them to be as stupid as the BN supporters in their eyes.

Guilt by association

Those slapping the pro-BN tag on me should be careful what they wish for.

I have no issues with the label. In fact, it was precisely due to Wong Chun Wai’s allusion to me as “a pro-BN blogger” that I ultimately pangkah dacing (his article was the catalyst).

Datuk Seri Wong wrote in his column on May 5 (polling day):

“It is ironic that while The Star has been accused of being pro-Barisan by DAP, there is a pro-Barisan blogger who has dedicated herself to bashing The Star on a daily basis as she counts the number of DAP news items and pictures that appear in this newspaper!”


The Star group editor wants to make his millions of readers believe that I’m pro-BN.

Well, it was at Wong’s prompting that I made the 11th hour decision to vote for the MCA whereas all the while I had been musing to spoil my vote.

As I’ve explained before, I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb — an English idiom. There is an English saying too that describes Wong Chun Wai to a tee. It is: Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

(The Unspinners call him ‘lalang’. It takes 9 words in English to say what one word can in Malay.)


Black ops

Najib Razak has admitted that BN lost the perception war. In jargon, the ‘psy war’ that is being waged in the above-ground media and by the under-the-radar social media.

What is the innuendo behind the anointing of Rosmah as Malaysia’s “most powerful” woman? I do not have to explain to readers of this blog because unlike the Malaysiakini subscribers, you can figure it out yourself.

The sneakiness of the Rosmah advertorial that was published by The J-Star (and not by NST, Utusan, Berita Harian or Sin Chew), is that whether we like it or not, the topic is now trending.

Stoic silence is the only option than attempting damage control such as the PMO possibly issuing a so-called FLOM – yup, the J-Star let that through that as well – statement saying, “No lah. Where got. Whatever makes you think that the woman is on top?”

Muhyiddin Im no racist

Umno is not racist Najib - Nation The Star Online 2013-05-02 17-23-57

Star propaganda for DAP

The insidious nature of this oblique propaganda ambush (sleight attack) is forcing the victim of slander to issue a denial.

Like BN saying “We did not import 40,000 Bangladeshis to become phantom voters”.

TNB saying “There were no blackouts on May 5.”

Najib swearing in the mosque that he is not acquainted with Altantuya.

Helen Ang denying that she ever took a chainsaw and massacred 100 high-schoolers in Texas. I’m exaggerating here as I see no reason why I would wish to republish in my own blog the sick lies that the Scissorati have been spreading about me in their smear campaign.

The moral of the story for my 5,630 blog readers is to beware what the Scissorati is capable of spinning to their audience of 5.63 million with the kind of institutional reach that they have in their hands.

Remember that Pakatan won the popular vote in GE13 through their all-out hasutan dan budaya fitnah.

What kind of people are they?

Every day from now until GE14 you can expect The J-Star to contribute to the sneaky, subtle campaign to undermine the BN. And the oppo supporters will counter, what’s there to be suspicious about the Rosmah ad or The Star? They’re praising her what.


Rosmah ad an inside job, Mukhriz likely next

Sinister behind The Star’s Rosmah story

The Scissorati strike again


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

22 thoughts on “Is Rosmah ‘most powerful’ a compliment or bad for BN?

  1. Why did HY tweet using SJ DAP Twitter account instead of her own?

    So far, Star has tweeted HY having been sworn in as the speaker ONCE. Lets see how many times will that be retweeted before the sun sets. I suspect they’ll rein in their excitement & urge to tweet it more than 2-3 times considering how their exuberance was highlighted last time round.

    As for being tulan, the fella’s behavior is what we’d described as koilan & his penchant for anonymity to be bolan…

    1. Note: for the uninitiated, tulan is translated as angry in Hokkien. Koilan means acting like a jerk/an ass. Bolan literally means not having one’s manhood but is used to describe a coward.

    2. If Hannah Yeoh is only to be ceremonially sworn in as Speaker today, then the Top 10 most powerful women placing is a wee bit premature as she has not even warmed the seat yet.

      1. With an Ass like her with an ass that big, warming the seat takes mere seconds, one supposes. But, as the poster girl of Scissorati DAP & evangelical agenda, she had to appear in the newsprint no? Even if it was only to announce some activities or pronouncements of hers.

        Jumping the gun, ain’t that big a deal for the Sharp Scissorati as long as their goals are met. And today, an adapted saying should go thus “hell hath no fury as the Scissorati scorned” as Tony found to his dismay.

        Eh btw, if Tony’s advert was rejected for the lack of advertiser’s details, how come the 10 Power Ladies one can be accepted a’ah? Did someone turn the penthouse in Menara Star to a seraglio to convince the advertising chief to do otherwise?

        1. re: ” if Tony’s advert was rejected for the lack of advertiser’s details, how come the 10 Power Ladies one can be accepted a’ah?”

          Yup. Makes the case of insider job more compelling.

          WCW begitu licik putar-belit.

  2. The J- writer, had this in mind… She wanted to highlight their icons, Ambiga, HY, Teresa. And nurul as powerful female, but, she wanted to add insult and laughter to the list, who else to put as no 1, Rosmah. If she puit Shahrizat as no 1, who cares, after all they are polical monkies that carry their very own self.
    When you put Rosmah, what in your bloody mind are additions to RM 24m ring, Altantuya, which you fuckers spinned, so much that UMNO is smeared. If Rosmah officiated the biggest orphanage in the world, fine, just report that event, as she runs her life as our PM, wife. But, you start labelling her as ‘ Mother Theresa’, you become a Dapster or anal lickers..period

    1. Kiranya ini strategi serampang dua mata. Naikkan imej wanita PKR dan pada waktu yang sama jatuhkan reputasi DSN melalui Rosmah Mansor. Suami (baca: pemimpin) mana yang akan dipandang ‘mulia’ jika dihambat dengan persepsi bahawa dia di’queen control’ sang isteri? – Dalam kes yang hampir serupa, suami HY pun sekapal dengan DSN kot! ;)

      Rosmah Mansor seharusnya perlahankan sedikit langkah. Tak perlu setiap aktiviti yang dihadirinya jadi bahan berita TV dan akhbar. Cerita Rosmah hadiri Forum Malaysia-Kazakhstan pun boleh masuk berita m/s 3, berwarna! Macamlah tak ada berita lain yang lebih penting di Malaysia ni… hmmmm

      1. re: “Cerita Rosmah hadiri Forum Malaysia-Kazakhstan pun boleh masuk berita m/s 3”

        The J-Star sengaja letak, kot!

    2. WCW and kakis are having a field day laughing at the concocted list that very morning. They know it was for a joke. A big durian like that, is surely hard to be missed by the oppo kakis.

      But they have not expected the so called pro-BN bloggers (I classify that as being critical to PR) are quick to smell udang di sebalik batu and exposed it en masse in sync!

      Big Momma (coined term by the humbled and honoured subangjaya kakis) being on top of everyone else, on top of Marina Mahathir for example, is definitely a joke. Period. It is definitely detrimental to UMNO (what BN?) but surely gives PR propaganda machines a good headstart in its GE14 campaign.

      The First Lady thingy was turned into a nationwide joke and Rosmah bashing for the last few years, and surely being the most powerful women in Malaysia, will only rings true the tuduhan that she had been calling the shot all the while.

      Not hard to decipher is it?

  3. Helen, let us do a 10 most powerful women survey. Maybe it is the trend these days.My list

    1. Hannah Yeoh (the angel)
    2. Betty Chew (the nun)
    3. Ng Yen Yen (the Australian)
    4. Umi Halfida Ali (the tell all)
    5. Ambiga (the cleaner)
    6. Jessie Ooi (the loud towtruck)
    7. Rainbow Ng Phaik Keng (the rainbow to brighten up the dull tokong)
    8. Wan Azizah (the eye that sees it all)
    9. Sharizat Abdul Jalil (Cowgate)
    10. Geethanjali G (because we need more Indians – if not I will be called racist)

    1. Mana nurul (daddy’s little girl). Cannot leave her out. Nanti run to daddy and cry.

        1. Muzium Cina list can also include Wan Azizah. She qualify in terms of looks. Would also love to see list of famous porn stars in politics.

  4. They planting the seed right now as a preparation for GE#14. When times come, they will harvest it using this list as one of the bullet to kill Najib if he manage stay as PM until then.

    :S sarah

  5. So…are those pro pakatan supporters too dumb to see the innuendo or too cowardly to admit it?

  6. Hi Helen,

    1. Terimakasih dengan jawapan yang tepat. Saya sokong anda untuk ini.

    2. Sekarang persepsi orang melayu dungu yang baca Utusan ialah manusia NAIF, konon tak tahu apa-apa. Nyata nya orang- orang dungu ini lah yang penyelamat Negara dari huru hara(PRU13). Siapa yang DUNGU sebenar nya? Jika terjadi rusuhan kaum, jenis – jenis p*****k ini akan kemana? Boleh kah lagi mereka bergaya dengan kehidupan elitis nya? Boleh kah mereka hidup dalam fantasi persepsi nya? Apa terjadi kepada penjilat tegar nya?

    3. Soalan umum(untuk yang waras menjawab) : Jika anda terpengaruh dan menyokong persepsi, budaya fitnah, budaya meludah, budaya tikam belakang dan menjadi pembuli untuk mencari laba dan kuasa, adakah status anda dalam kelas elit? Atau realiti nya anda hanya berstatus bawah tapak kaki yang konon nya berpersepsi elegant and educated? Siapa kah yang besar penyangak dan besar dosa nya?

    4. Dalam Islam, orang kampung dungu yang beriman mempercayai kebatilan tidak sesekali boleh membenamkan kebenaran. Ini jaminan AllahSWT.

    5. Kata lain, dacing tidak menipu timbangan tetapi pemilik/penjual berhati busuk tersemat seribu tipudaya sanggup melakukan demi meraih keuntungan besar! Kita kenal siapa mereka…..

      1. Maksud saya mereka-mereka yang “budaya fitnah, budaya meludah, budaya tikam belakang dan menjadi pembuli untuk mencari laba dan kuasa”.

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