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Chinese behaving like DAP won 88 seats and Umno 38

Is the problem me? Is my perception faulty?

Because I see that the Chinese – despite the constant whinging that they are a non-threatening minority who are a mere quarter of the national population – are in actual fact bullying everybody else.

And in particular, it is the Chinese Christians – please allow me to refine my observation – it is the DAP evangelistas who are the arrogant superbulies.

And this group of Malaysians still want to whinge the loudest that they are a “persecuted” minority of a minority. So much so that they are deprived by the oppressive Malay regime of the use of kalimah Allah, konon.

Hate and vilify the sinner 2013-01-08 00-42-14

To me, the freedom for the evangelista Bintang Tiga to menghasut, memutar-belit dan memfitnah with impunity is a form of bullying as well.

Cowed minorities do not bully others or dare to presume to bully the majority.

So how can the Chinese in Malaysia continue to whinge, claiming victimhood?

Some men got their numbers wrong

Okay, if you’re wondering what set me off, you can look at an article titled ‘The Chinaman’s Burden‘ today in Malaysia Today.

It annoys me when writers provide inaccurate data and particularly so when this wrong data is endlessly repeated.

Pakatan Rakyat did NOT win 53% of the popular vote as claimed in the Malaysia Today article.

Pakatan won 50.87% of the popular vote.

Here are the figures provided by the EC chairman: Pakatan obtained 5,623,984 votes and the BN obtained 5,237,699 votes which translated to 47.38%.


Independent candidates got 1.74% of the votes. Spoilt votes were 1.53%. A total of 11,054,577 votes were cast.

A good website to refer is the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS) but there are many other useful ones too.

What the writer in Malaysia Today who wrote about ‘The Chinaman’s Burden’ has done by claiming that Pakatan won 53% of the popular vote – when it actually won 50.87% – is to kebas the ballot share of the independent candidates and invalid votes.

The biggest evangelista whinger of them all, Lim Guan Eng, did the very same thing in his press statement on 3 June 2013.

Guan Eng had declared:

“Despite BN’s loss in the 2013 general elections, when BN lost the popular vote for the first time in Malaysian history with 47% compared to PR’s 53% of the popular vote, Umno have refused to heed the people’s rejection of racial politics.”


The writer who penned the article titled ‘The Chinaman’s Burden‘ in Malaysia Today provided an excerpt each from Dr M and Kit Siang.

He chose the extract below from Dr Mahathir’s blog:

“If today the schism between the races is deeper it is because the DAP reject the Malay/Chinese/Indian “kongsi”. The DAP wants the Chinese who already dominate the economy, to dominate Malaysia’s politics as well. It is clearly racist and rejects inter-racial sharing of power and wealth as advocated by the BN. Racial polarization has become more pronounced as a result. It will become more so in the future”

And he quoted the extract below from Lim Kit Siang’s blog:

“What they want is a new politics of a Malaysian Dream which could unite all Malaysians regardless of race, religion or region, in a common national purpose to build a new Malaysia where all Malaysians can hold their heads high as proud citizens of a Malaysian nation where there is freedom, justice, good governance, prosperity for all Malaysians where the politics of race is a nightmare of the past”

It is becoming most tiresome that any/everyone currently writing in English and published in the Malaysian media will extol the DAP Firster credo of “Freedom, Justice, Good Governance” yadda yadda yadda, “unite all Malaysians regardless of race, religion” yadda yadda yadda, “people’s rejection of racial politics” yadda yadda yadda as if the DAP Chinese are malaikat.

In fact, to me their kind of writing has gone beyond just tiresome. I look at them as DAP SuperCyberbullies hogging the English media space be it in print or in ether.

The fact that the nationalistic Malays (the Azran-type Malays not counted) are unable to carve a media space for themselves in English – language is a factor here because the international newsmen are not likely to read in BM or Utusan – in order to defend the Malay position in nation-building indicates to me that Malays are by and large being bullied by the Scissorati.

I earlier highlighted one factual error – the “53% popular vote” mention – in the article ‘The Chinaman’s Burden‘. Please click and read for yourself.

And here’s another error from his article. He said: “Chinese community contributes 90% of the national income tax and 60% of Malaysia’s national income.”

His kind of articles perpetuating these kind of inaccuracies while whinging, whinging and whinging make me wonder if the Scissorati are being very successful in their monopoly as well as carrying out their browbeating agenda.

You can comment on ‘The Chinaman’s Burden‘ here in my blog for our further discussion.


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76 thoughts on “Chinese behaving like DAP won 88 seats and Umno 38

  1. Bullying?

    Who is blaming the Chinese because most of them did not vote BN?

    Who is screaming about starting race riots, genocide, the need for “Malay Hitler”, closing down Chinese and Tamil schools, persecuting the Chinese, and boycotts? It is the nuts from Barisan Nasional doing that.

    Who is asking for widespread arrests and for ISA to be reintroduced?

    Who is condemning Azran and Nazir because they hit out at Utusan for printing articles scapegoating the Chinese?

    Who is asking for Najib to be replaced by a authoritarian leader?

    To Helen Ang, victims of crime are the perpetrators, targets of discrimination are at fault, and minority groups deserve to be targeted. Very Orwellian and hypocritical.

    1. Genocide?
      Need for a Malay hitler?

      Real funny that the article lambast those ‘persecuted’ that keeps putting out bullshit propaganda and you just have to prove the article right.

      Keep posting and showing every one else how right the article is.

        1. Oh come on.

          You yourself started that thread with Hussin.

          You were the first to bring ‘Nazi’ into the discussion, and not Hussin,

          You wrote: “It looks like you think everybody should be unquestioningly obey the government and anyone who questions the government should be thrown into jail. This is not Nazi Germany.”

          Hussin replied: “But the DAP is operating like the Nazi party did during the rule of Hitler and Lim Guan Eng is worshipped or feared like Hitler, the German Kaiser, was. All the DAP propaganda is exactly copied from the methods used by the Nazi party.”

          And then he added: “Some Malaysians do not appreciate how lucky they are to have been born and are citizens of this country. In any other country, people like Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Tian Chua and Karpal Singh would have been lynched or jailed for what they said and did.”

          Then YOU again resorted to the Nazi mention: “Lynching and jailing is for dictatorship like Nazi Germany or racist ku klux klans.”

          The passage you quoted Hussin as saying about Hitler was his response to another commenter who wrote: “a lot of oppressed, underprivileged, disenchanted, pressurized people treated like scums, some said like apartheid were seen in the shopping malls, the eateries, the supermarket”

          Please lah. Don’t pluck what he wrote without providing any context particularly as it was you who started with the first mention of the word Nazi!

          1. And that the end of ACDC, I don’t think he will be back for a while, he is the genie in the Guaneng Tokong’s bottle, now you see me and now you don’t

            Nasib baik you tak ada victim complex kalau tak sure dah kena bully dengan AkuCinaDapCina RBA’s

            1. I and my blog wouldn’t have lasted if I wasn’t tough :)

              But now I think it’s time to turn the tables. Enough is enough.

              Enough of tolerating their scumbag behaviour. Time we go on the offensive and ajar dema.

                1. It’s hard for any person with a shred of decency to imagine their thought processes as the scumbags have absolutely no scruples at all.

                  1. among old school hard rockers, AC-DC means, Anti Christ Devil’s Child. memang sesat budak ni. ikut ajaran ayah lim. sebab tu otak dia biul, dia minum air kaki.

          2. So, you support what your reader wrote about the need for a “Hitler” and “ethnic cleansing”? That is essentially what he was saying. No amount of spin and red herrings from you will mask that fact.

            Seriously, what kind of hypocrite and slimeball are you to support a lunatic who thinks a dictator and genocide is the answer for Malaysia??

            1. For the record, Hussin was my ex-colleague in the NST. Therefore he is a ‘real’ and known commenter.

              So you’re now saying that because I allowed Hussin’s comment, I “support” what he wrote.

              All your comments — every single one — has passed moderation.

              Applying your logic, does it mean that I equally support some of the asinine things that you’ve written as well?

              1. “So you’re now saying that because I allowed Hussin’s comment, I “support” what he wrote.”

                No not that. Its the fact that you are trying to explain away his post that clearly calls for a totalitarian ethnic cleansing dictator. Approving a comment and defending a statement are two different things.

                1. re: “defending a statement”

                  No, I wasn’t defending his comment.

                  I provided the chronology for context and to remind you of your role in the thread.

                  1. This fellow acts like Lim, using bait and switch tactics to spin things around and act like they are not the ones starting shit in the first place.

                    It’s pretty obvious he’s trying too hard by straight up playing on those strawmans and trying to put others on the defensive.

                    Standard Pakatan tactic.

                    Seen during the elections when Pakatan supporters accost voters because of some imbecile who wants to be PM no matter what keeps saying 40 000 banglas.

    2. I think Mr. AC-DC you are the one who are bullying the Malays, the Chinese, Indian and all other races in Malaysia.

      Its people like you who should be blame because of spreading the rumors and all other lies about the government. Your ways is lies, lies, and more lies without ANY PROOF… Please Mr. CCCC (mati o), provide proof and the Police will take action…

      Not like the DAP of yours… where there are ample proof about their CEC election but up till NOW, Nothing have been done about it…even though they all knew about it….

  2. Helen,

    If your perception is wrong than my perception also wrong lah. But your perception was supported by data. So, show me the different data.

    :)) sarah

  3. So.. now it’s ‘chinaman’ burden instead of Malaysian Malaysia or Malaysian First eh?

    I guess it’s getting to be too tiring and confusing for those people to differentiate between bullshit they peddle to other people to trick idiots and bullshit they tell themselves to justify themselves.

    1. kekayaan itu semua akan vanish dan tidak bererti jika keamanan dan keselamatan negara tidak menentu

      siapa yang bersengkang mata menjaga teritori negara jika bukan melayu2 polis yang digelar anjing

      anjing pun lebih mulia daripada manusia2 yang lupa diri dan tidak tahu erti keamanan

      camna cina boleh bayar income tax lagi banyak?
      average gaji pekerja melayu ‘dungu’ hanyalah 2k sahaja sebulan, berbanding gaji pekerja cina ‘kiasu’ yang beribu-ribu-raban, ada sehingga 22k sebulan (jumlah gaji pekerja melayu dlm setahun)…tapi tak tentu lagi performance mereka sangat bagus

      warna kulit dan bangsa still menjadi ukuran… itu semua orang tahu

      siapa suruh disrkiminasi gaji sampai begitu tinggi antara pekerja melayu dan cina, jadi siapa gaji lebih, dia kena bayar income lebihlah….simple math

      kasihan DAP evangelistas ..mangsa child politics

      hidup hanya untuk create benci sesama manusia… amat kasihan..

  4. I’m really amazed at how you capture the real issues, Helen. FYI, even the Quran said how licik, and pemutar-belit the Christians are. Muslims have been warned and I wonder how bodohnya orang Pas to trust them and allow the word Allah to be used by them.

    About the article I think the writer suggests Dap to work with BN or Dap to use its economic might to uplift other communities. I wonder what Dap has come contribute to the Chinese community let alone other community. I mean economically.

    1. Zack,

      Correction. PAS does not trust “them”(meaning racist Chinese who embrace Christianity). But PAS and DAP share one common enemy: UMNO.

      So, PAS uses DAP the way DAP uses PAS. No price is too steep for PAS. Even akidah can be a pawn.

      Only until today PAS is “sheltered” as it has the most potent weapon:I religion. as a self appointed speaker if Islam, PAS can absolves itself for selling Islam.

      Now try imagining it is UMNO that says it agrees to Christians using “allah”.

      1. re: “Now try imagining it is UMNO that says it agrees to Christians using “allah”.

        Yes. Umno more sincere than PAS even tho’ it is PAS that has Islam in its name. In the same way, MCA is more ideologically sincere than is the DAP.

        That’s why MCA consistently opposed hudud whereas the DAP was sly enough to exploit the PAS-MCA spat over hudud and posture themselves as pro-Islam by accusing the MCA of bing anti-Islam.

        Now I have a question for you to consider.

        You would have seen my koma poster.

        My take is that with all the backstabbing that has been carried out, mostly by The Scissors (I’d accuse the MCA as being more guilty of greed and inertia rather than scissorsing), having the MCA still remain in the BN is “a liability” (Alwie Abdullah’s words).

        I think The Scissors is a serious threat to the BN’s shelf life.

        Can you take this idea forward? Any suggestions?

        1. Yes very sneaky of Dap by painting MCA as anti-Islam because the latter reject hudud. It is a similar tactic uses by Pas to paint Umno and Mahathir as the enemy of Islam. They share a common trait of licik and pemutar-belit.

          I have not subscribed to the Star for quite some time. I think the best way is to continue whacking them from left to right, up and bottom. Expose their lies.

        2. Helen,

          Yup. MCA is a liability. Why? It refuses to tell the Chinese point blank that no way Chinese going to prosper if they carry the attitude of hostility towards Malay community. period.

          MCA simply refuses to tell the chinese they simply can not ignore the most important factor of all in all election: the Malay voters. tis time around, Chinese decided to discard all traces of cordiality by rejecting BN(meaning UMNO) en bloc.

          As goes the saying, be careful with what you wish. Chinese got their bargain. They whole heartedly rejected BN(meaning UMNO) and whatever Chinese parties that ally with UMNO.

          And rejected they are now. They booted themselves out of the government. The illusion of :kingmaker” who are actually not a king maker begin to sink in.

          It is better for BN to eject MCA (and Gerakan) too . A t least UMNO can get back all Malay seats such as Alor Setar, Tanjung Malim, Tanjung Piai, Kluang, air Itam, Kulim, Padang Serai back.

          Having MCA outside BN will be good for all. it allows Chinese to think . that while they can reject the Malays gesture all this while, Malays too can do the same with more greater impact.

          After all, Najib needs not worry. see, without Chinese votes, UMNO still can rule the country

          Just as much as Chinese expect the Malays to appreciate their concern, they too must make the same move. Continously whining that Chinese are 2nd class citizens but refuse to open up to other races are sign of hypocrites.

          “Seperti kaca terhempas ke batu’ That is wht I decribe malay-Chinese relationship.

          1. You’re right. In fact, I know lots of Malays didn’t vote at all because they are angry with UMNO for not being STRICT enough with the Chinese. With PAS not making hudud laws as their priority now (how can they when DAP keep attacking them?), I’m not surprised at all if UMNO alone actually get way a lot more seats than the others in the next election.

            Unlike what PR’s claim, I don’t hate Chinese people at all and I don’t think the Malays hate Chinese people either. We just hate people who are obnoxious and being double standard. This might sounds a little bit like PR’s but it’s the truth.

            Most citizens regardless of race who support PR seems to forget that they’re the ones who’ve been rude to others, keep pocking/breaking the rules as they like and yet they claim of being holier than thou.

      2. You are right but there are really a lot of pengikut Pas who believe it is OK for Christian to use the word Allah. They believe it is a form of dakwah, sort of.

        This is the danger of mixing religion with politics. Whatever Nik Aziz said they will take it as the true teaching of Islam. When Nik Aziz said Kelantan did not send a woman reciter of Quran 23 years ago because a woman voice is an aurat they believe.

        And when Nik Aziz said last year it is OK for woman to take part in musabaqah because the situation has improved, they take it as well.

        1. Same with the evangelistas. If Tokong says something today, they akur. If he makes a 180-degree turn tomorrow, his followers will cook up all kinds of excuses to justify their about-turn.

  5. The Chinaman’s Burden simply stems from The Ugly Chinaman syndrome plaguing the 5000 old culture

    And having that visnu (he may have a ghost writer working for him) to blurt that half truth out as pointed by Helen, is part of the problem, because the 90% Chinese will then says, its news what! You don’t read the paper meh? Its in the news la!

    1. what is the difference between Chinaman and Cinaman?

      Chinaman : the people from China
      Cinaman: the people from Malaysia whom their roots are from China.

      or should the phrase be written the Cinaman Burden?
      i’d prefer it to be the ‘Cinabeng Burden’……

      sorry i don’t mean any harm……

      1. We forgot to include “Cinabeng” dalam senarai kata-kata anti-Firster yang diharamkan penggunaannya.

  6. I also noticed that most of the Chinese-supporting-related articles in Malaysia Today are being put by ‘admin-s’, not by Super Admin(RPK). This includes the June Wong’s ‘Build Chinese Museum’ article. I think ‘admin-s’ is also operating like The Scissorati. He or she or they are trying to do damage control.

  7. Tired of having to read about Chinese almost daily…

    Tsunami Cina dah dengan jelas2nya shown us where they stand. Tak perlu bersusah payah nak explain dan hari2 asyik jerit sana sini. Noted, noted, noted… fullstop saja kat sini bole tak?

    Sekarang ni mereka sedang mengalami “syiok sendiri shock” tengah seronok berbulan madu duk hayal mereka MENANG?. Wait till things settle down, tercungap2 la semua nanti bila reality bites them – peluang2 projek/perniagaan mula pelan2 fade away jangan pulak kena penyakit “panic attack”.

    Tak lama lagi mula lah Along2 come knocking at your doors…

    Jangan salah BN pulak masa tu!

  8. Helen, you are so right. The Chinese are behaving like this country is the Middle Kingdom and Lim Guan Eng the Emperor. They have become so ugly and judgemental, especially the Christians.

    Fair enough if the Chinese feel that they have had it with the Umno led government. But the Christians if you talk to them go beyond a political opinion or stand. They moralise, they judge and they condemn. So painful to listen to them.

    1. Your post is a classic case of pot calling kettle black. But hypocrisy is a hallmark of being a Helen Ang supporter.

  9. Lawa poster tu, “DAP parti paling suci kerana ada tokong di dalamnya”

    sami pun banyak gak – sami ‘ayah lim’ makan daging dan boleh kahwin. “lets spread legs (then love) for this nation,” katanya…

          1. kak Helen takde twitter ke? nanti leh tweet dan retweet… juga boleh bubuh butang twiiter dlm blog, supaya orang leh follow… looks like azizsafar likes to tweet ur articles too… :)

  10. We can see how the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, got caught without their clothes on when they took sides, the wrong side. They would have exercised their famed astuteness and wisdom by ABSTAINING from voting if they had any gumption. Because they have been de-tribalized, they voted without being held back by any traditional convention. Traditionally, they would have been fence-sitters. A famous saying,’ When elephants fight, do not get trampled in the middle.’ Here is a true example of a Chinaman’s astuteness.

    On the island of Seychelles, my Chinaman friend who is a surgeon was always the middle-man in disputes between 2 contending Prime Ministers when they quarreled over their girl friends.

    I always asked my friends,’ Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman ? They are all very clever, are’nt they ?’ They would nod their heads in agreement. I continued,’ But you have met some Chinamen who are so very clever as to be stupid ?’ They looked puzzled and bewildered. Then, I mentioned a few household names. Their faces lit up and smiled and nodded in agreement.

    In the case of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, what do you think ? Where do they fit in ?

    1. “Chinaman” denotes a link to China.

      Our ethnicity is Chinese.

      Alberto Fujimori presents an interesting case as to how the news reports call or describe him.

  11. Helen, have you seen the latest update on blackout 505 errr…sorry black505 or rally622 or whatever by the Star online? they tried very hard to show all the chinese faces in the rally…duh. all the ground report told us that they are very little support from the chinese this time around but the Star try to show otherwise. their political agenda is no longer hazy…najib should do something to them or the malays will do something to najib.

      1. i like…

        “najib should do something to them….”


        “the malays will do something to najib…..”

        and the malays, chinese, indians and other loving malaysians would do all the things to ensure dignity and sovereignty of our beloved country is always saved and secured from greedy and power crazy people

        1. UMNO pra PRU 13 adalah parti syok sendiri terbuai oleh puji, ampu & janji. tipikal parti melayu memang begitukah?

          sebelum zamkata, tun daim dan TDM kata, aku dah kata:

          “Baru seminit dewan sebak
          dek gurindam, syair dan sajak
          berpiala air mata mengalir
          rupanya manik-manik plastik…”


          sajak penuh:

          pasca PRU 13 entah masih bermimpi atau tidak lepas ditibai tsunami cina.

          1. I like…

            “manik-manik plastik yang jatuh berderai…………….”

            …………dan orang UMNO yang tengah lalai dan leka kena ingat….

            warga malaysia yang mengundi untuk memungkinkan kelangsungan pemerintahan yang hak itu bukan hanya ahli umno saja

            ramai yang diluar sana sedang memerhati dan amat prihatin tentang perkembangan semasa

            mereka bukan bodoh, dungu, lalai dan leka
            mereka guna cara mereka sendiri untuk memastikan kedaulatan negara terus terbela
            umno hanyalah wadah dan semua tahu orang2 umno bukanlah maksum

            dan negara ini adalah milik warga yang cintakan kemanan, bukan hak mutlak umno atau mana2 parti politik


    In the meantime, he is only a Princeling of the Founder. Facts are facts.

  13. I am proud to be called a Chinaman. When I was young at a foreign place, I took this as an insult. But then through the years when I changed from a yellow banana into like a bunch of bamboo, unbreakable and resilient, my mind is at peace with the World. When obscenities, vulgarities, insults etc were thrown at me at a well-known Opposition website, I could take all these in with a smile because I have reached a higher plane of thought.

    It is OK to be called a Chinaman in Malaysia, If you know yourself you would know why and have the confidence because only people who have an inferiority complex say so. It was the British who looked down on the Chinese through their books until the Second World War when Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek became their ally and the British were down in the dumps.

    1. But as you’re aware, the DAP evangelistas have been hell bent on ‘ethnic cleansing’ so that no trace of Chineseness is left attached to our identity, and they’ve been trying to bulldoze their Malaysian First Bangsa.

      Wouldn’t the DAP then be the first to make the word ‘Chinaman’ taboo just like how we’re not allowed to mention “Chinese” tsunami lest they go ballistic?

      Has there been major polemics before here the ‘Chinaman’ word?

  14. For a whole lifetime, I am very surprised that nearly 99% of the population of Malaysia do not understand that there are many many types of Chinese with many many types of behaviour. Their behaviour is more or less cast in stone through the ages through sayings behind each others back.

    Even the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore could not help making some remarks about the different Chinese types in his book, ‘Singapore Story’ with words like,’butler’ (he was referring to a particular clan) etc.

    Why ? The Chinese are the most individualistic in the World. Their behaviour was shaped through centuries of Emperor worship. The Royal Court was the centre of the World. The country is vast and pockets of clans dotted the landscape giving rise to esoteric clan behaviour.

    Being individualistic unlike the Japanese who always worked as a team, the Chinese seldom co-operate amongst themselves. If you visit Japan, with its bleak hills, you understand.

    We must understand the conundrum of the de-tribalised Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese without a credible and reliable political leadership which understands the Malaysian peoples and the Malaysian environment.

    It is all a question of the proper mind-set which is not easy to achieve overnight. This is the problem with the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. Quo Vadis, Malaysian Chinese ?

    1. re: ” the Malaysian Chinese without a credible and reliable political leadership which understands the Malaysian peoples and the Malaysian environment”

      How do you see the role of the MCA now and going into the future?

  15. Ms H. On the DAP evangelists, there is a saying,’ ONE SWALLOW DOES NOT MAKE AN INDIAN SUMMER.’ Now, whoever they are think they are indestructible and have something which is enduring and sustainable. Time will tell when these fellows march through the sands of time and become parents, and grand parents and maybe even great grand parents. The answer is not provided now but in the distance future. Only then, we have the answer. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves folks at the expense of others.

    Man proposes. God disposes. Please just look across the Causeway – the finest, the brightest, and all the wherewithal TODAY !

  16. Ms H. By looking across the Causeway today, we see what these good fellows of new Christians look like in the future.

  17. Ms H. There are two sides to the MCA coin. If they keep on being exclusive and stick to speaking only in Mandarin which the Federal Government had a LUKE WARM attitude towards from Merdeka and yet they do not see the light, they might as well close shop.

    Politics are opportunistic and hard-nose. Then, the Mandarin speaking Chinese will go the way of the dodo bird of Mauritius, extinct in Malaysia because the Chinese must always be in the cockpit of Government to control policies and events in their country’s and their own interests.

    Politics is a viable and living thing. Whereas in desperation the DAP turned its organisation to be like a Hoover which sucked up everything, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful even gold diggers !

    By comparison, MCA is up a greasy pole of no return if they keep on with their old ways and not OPEN UP THEIR MINDS AND THEIR HEARTS AS WELL

    1. re: “sucked up everything, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful even gold diggers!”

      Yup, DAP 3.0 is now full of carpetbaggers. Those who join the party a mere few months before election but are put up as candidates.

  18. Ms H. It is obvious that what goes up must come down. The DAP is not quite up due to the TWIN PROBLEMS OF SEWAGE AND WATER IN PULAU PINANG. And what is down must go up.

    Strange to say, if the MCA takes the right tack, the gain for MCA at the 14th General Elections should be quite convincing because it is now at ZERO BASE and we are still in communal politics.

    I cannot honestly believe that the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, 80-90% kow-tow to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew, 91, with his failed 9 Policies for Singapore or Mr Lim Kit Siang, without any Policy for Malaysia for 47 long years, OVERNIGHT! We should wait patiently for THE PIGEONS TO COME HOME TO ROOST ! I believe one important word in the Chinese vocabulary is, ‘PATIENCE.’

    1. re: “Strange to say, if the MCA takes the right tack, the gain for MCA at the 14th General Elections”

      Methinks it is too late. They did not do anything to hoist themselves even a single notch up the greasy pole between 2008 and 2013.

      Instead the MCA allowed its machinery to work for the opponent.

      MCA had seven seats in GE13 (six of which are Malay-majority area seats).

      Umno will take back all of them in GE14, including even the seventh seat Labis which has 46.6% Chinese and (38.1% Malay + 15.1% Indian =) 53.2% Malay-Indian.

      Chinese support for BN will hit the absolute rock bottom in GE14. This can’t be averted. Therefore BN must concentrate on ensuring its survival.

      I believe that the Tun did indeed issue an ultimatum at Gelang Patah.

  19. salam sejahtera Helen,

    good reading abt “majority wipe out”

    many malays are aware about this issue, the issue of how aggressive DAP evangelistas to wipe out the majority of malay muslim in malaysia, already done via economic, now via media eg. the star in order to achieve their ultimate objective – via political power by regime change

    and yet many more malays are still dreaming and caught in their illusion, sleeping with the real enemy

    quoted from the article:

    “Maka dengan itu, usaha digerakkan ke arah mewujudkan satu keadaan di mana suara atau pilihan majoriti itu dinafikan sekeras-kerasnya melaui tindakan sekeras-kerasnya (rusuhan) oleh kumpulan minoriti untuk menyapu keluar semua suara majoriti dan menjadikan minoriti itu lebih dominan daripada majoriti. Menang atau kalah kumpulan minoriti itu dalam tindakan sekeras-kerasnya (rusuhan) itu tidak langsung merugikan THH ataupun proksi-proksinya.”

    1. re: “the issue of how aggressive DAP evangelistas to wipe out the majority of malay muslim in malaysia, already done via economic, now via media eg. the star in order to achieve their ultimate objective – via political power by regime change”

      via dakwah DUMC

      1. it’s truely correct la Helen,

        i noticed that some of Chinese friends are very alim (pious) in their religion (Christians) tapi mereka quite rasis also towards malay
        very pelik kan…patut orang alim ni lagi merendah diri dan hormatkan orang lain….betul tak?

        it’s the same goes to friends yang guna parti cap bulan tu, looks and sounds very alim tapi rasis jugak terhadap bangsa umno & bn, entah mengapa mereka terlalu benci tahap gaban kepada bangsa umno bn
        patut orang alim ni lagilah bersopan-santun dan berakhlak terhadap orang lain

        anyway….DAP n d gang ni (PAS etc..) sebenarnya berdakwah ke …berpolitik….??? dan musuh utama mereka ialah umno bn…

        hebat sangat ke umno bn ni??

        Helen….camna nak mengajar orang2 yg dah so called alim ni supaya berakhlak baik??

        1. re: “Helen….camna nak mengajar orang2 yg dah so called alim ni supaya berakhlak baik??”

          The state should not iktiraf religion mixed into politics like how PAS and DAP are playing the game.

          Dollah Badawi capitulated to the trend with his introduction of Islam Hadhari.

          I can’t say for sure on the details but my sense of it is that Dr M did not bring religion to be the centre plank of his administration.

          Langkah-langkah pencegahan: Umno jangan wujudkan Dewan Ulama serta jangan galakkan pembabitan sayap ulama.

          I think our leaders of the past era were good. Nobody would dare say that Datuk Onn was not a good Muslim. And it was Tunku established Perkim. They didn’t tunjuk-tunjuk alim for political mileage (unlike the DAP evangelistas).

          With PAS it’s somewhat forgivable b’cos the party has Islam in its name, and Islam in its party constitution as well as was set up as a religious organization where the Majlis Syura is the highest decision-making body.

          It is the DAP that is most deceitful with their Christian cell groups of member-get-member like the most virulent multi-level marketing (MLM) network.

          The older ‘real’ DAP members – the hawker Ah Peks and Ah Soh are not Christians but they are like the frog being boiled in water and not realising how the new generation of evangelista leaders are selling their interests down the river. The non-guarantee for Chinese schools is one example.

          Due to the DAP politicking vis-a-vis recent developments, the existence of Chinese schools are in jeopardy as never before. Plus the old DAP members are simply unable to comprehend how deceitful their new evangelista office holders are.

          1. many thanks for your explanation and opinion

            “But as you’re aware, the DAP evangelistas have been hell bent on ‘ethnic cleansing’ so that no trace of Chineseness is left attached to our identity, and they’ve been trying to bulldoze their Malaysian First Bangsa.”

            and also

            “The non-guarantee for Chinese schools is one example.”
            “the existence of Chinese schools are in jeopardy as never before”

            so sebenarnya apa perjuangan DAP…??
            nak memperjuangkan hak2 orang cina atau menyebarkan agama christian??

            sudah tak sayangkah dengan identiti cina yang unik itu??
            mahu sangatkah jadi seperti cina thailand atau cina indonesia yang sudah tiada kecinaan lagi??

            siapa sebenarnya yang ‘berjuang’ utk menghapus ciri2 unik, adat budaya orang cina??
            DAP?? atau UMNO??

            saya sangat meraikan kepelbagaian bangsa, adat budaya kaum2 lain dan amat menghargai penat-lelah mereka membangun negara.

            lalu DAP mahu bawa orang cina kemana akhirnya???
            dah tak mahu jadi orang cina kah???
            are they really very sure that they want to be a bangsa malaysia???

            1. Helen sudah cakap Cina mahu UMNO mati!
              And DAP is capitalising on that shamelessly and this in turn was and are being supported by MCA and Gerakan.

              Speaking of Chinaman, cinabeng, bananas, evangelist etc, this trailer is from an Indonesian film of which the female character answered ‘Jadi apa aja deh, Asal Bukan Cina!’, when asked ‘Bila besar mahu jadi apa?’


              “…the Malaysian Chinese without a credible and reliable political leadership which understands the Malaysian peoples and the Malaysian environment.”

              agree very much with AK47’s views on this, sadly almost all Chinese are not aware about this or haplessly in denial mode.

        2. Chinese rate races according to ranks.
          Mat Salleh are the highest.
          Malay and Indian are lower.

          Remember skin color.

  20. Make a guess, the majority of DAP members and supporters are of what religion and clans?

    Make a guess, the majority of UMNO members are of what Malay origins and whether of what type of Islamists?

    So, what’s the difference? Only skin color, religion and perceptions cloud everyone’s mind.

    Only fools do the work of satans?

    If you are an honest soul, don’t waste time politicking for others.

    Go get a life and make your family live better.

    1. Ninety percent MCA members are heart in DAP already.

      The Chinese voice in BN (as per percentage of MPs, incl. the 6 MCA fellas in the Malay areas) is 8%.

      DAP has forced a political trajectory in GE14 where it is an all-or-nothing fight for Putrajaya because the other option of inclusion (Chinese in BN) has already been killed.

    2. CAP tak leh nanti SM Idris marah tu dia punya NGO, dahlah datukship kena sabo dgn LGE.

      kalau CHIAP ok la. jgn translate to hokkein pulak :)

  21. “Chinese community contributes 90% of the national income tax and 60% of Malaysia’s national income.”

    I thought Petronas contributed about 60 % of M’sia’s GDP, year after year without fail. Me think M’sia’s economy will not be what it is today without the lubuk emas Petronas. Lembu yang penat lelah perah susu, sapi, rata-rata kebas all the credits.

    Sad, but true, no thankyou notes from the average Malaysian. Wonder if the govt. should launch a World Petronas Day. That, I believe will put many a big-headed cinabeng back into the proper slot.

    1. And how many Cinabeng ask for tax incentives? And how many Cinabeng come up with false accounts. 90% of the tax, 90% of the incentives and 90% of the false accounts.

  22. Ms H. I revert back to the saying,’ A week is a long time in politics, Malaysian politics.’

    1. If you haven’t already read it, may I recommend Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series? It’s a classic sci-fi work on using data to predict historical trends.

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