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Rosmah ad an inside job, Mukhriz likely next

Before we go on to Mukhriz, I shall show you what I mean through two photos of German chancellor Angela Merkel.

In the first photo, she looks sweet. Rather like one’s favourite aunt or a younger version of the actress Angela Lansbury (star of the ‘Murder She Wrote’ detective series).



Cover above can be viewed at the renowned magazine’s website — here.

TIME selected this particular photo of Merkel for the reason that its story is titled ‘Why Everybody Loves to Hate Angela Merkel’. Hence the unflattering portrait of her is deliberate.

Merkel’s photo on the TIME magazine cover is a far cry from the top photo lifted from the Forbes magazine listing of her as the most influential woman in the world.

Why The J-Star no like Mukhriz?

Below are the official portrait of Mukhriz Mahathir and a current photo of him that appeared two days ago in Utusan.



For comparison on the deliberate photo selection by The J-Star, let’s look at the Speaker of the Selangor Dewan.

Below is the Malaysiakini photo.

Hannah Yeoh’s expression hints at the rule to come of the DAP “Righteousness Exalts the Nation” Christian inquisitors when they are empowered to sit as the highest judge, jury and executioner.

hannah yeoh

Now contrast with the photo of a fresh-faced Hannah in little girl collar blouse (below) selected by the genuflecting J-Star.

How like the medieval Christian devotees kneeling to the icons of their saints the Scissorati are.


Mukhriz swallowed something?

The contrast between the Malaysiakini and The J-Star photos of Hannah Yeoh – both published yesterday – is akin to the contrast between the Forbes and TIME magazine photos of Angela Merkel selected to suit the different narratives.

Star readers are fed a steady diet of Hannah Yeoh mush. The ‘Take Selangor for J‘ hitherto hidden agenda of The J-Star is becoming clearer by the day despite the MCA pretend dunno.

Blogger Sarah says that The J-Star had a most “fetching” photo of Hannah.

It was also from Sarah’s blog that I was tipped off about the MCA-owned newspaper’s feature photo yesterday where “Mukhriz look like he swallow somethings”.

And below is the said photo published by The J-Star where indeed the Kedah Menteri Besar looks like he’s got something in his mouth as Sarah says.

Obviously Mukhriz’s photo was not chosen with the same tender, loving care that the Scissorati had lavished on Hannah’s.

(enlarged to 150% in size)
As it appeared in The Star blurb
As it appeared in The Star blurb yesterday

The unflattering photo of Mukhriz got me wondering whether The Scissors is sharpening its poisoned tipped blade for sticking into his back.

A further search found this picture box below in The J-Star. You can compare with his flattering official photo above.



Star full of evangelistas

What could it be about Mukhriz that The J-Star does not like? After all, he is generally known to be a genial guy.

A Google search on Mukhriz news the past 24 hours yielded reports on the ongoing Kedah-Penang water tiff.

TMI reports that the GE13 had resulted in Kedah falling into the hands of “one of Lim [Guan Eng]’s biggest critics”.

Well, we know how fanatical the Dapsters are. “The enemy of our Tokong becomes my mortal enemy too — so goes the Dear Leader creed.

The TMI report yesterday also quoted Guan Eng as saying “that he was willing to put aside and forgive Mukhriz for all the attacks against him since this was the latter’s first time as menteri besar”.

Again, we know all about Guan Eng’s vindictiveness against his enemies, don’t we? In previous interviews, he had related just how much anger he harboured against those who caused him to be jailed.

If you want to see angry Guan Eng in action, you can watch the YouTube here.

While one might understand The Rocket taking up the cudgels for Guan Eng against his opponents, it is perplexing (not to me lah but to some Doubting Thomases) that a newspaper owned by the MCA should elect to do so.

If you’re wondering what kind of people they are that populate The Star, the answer is that they are evangelistas.

The pure, unadulterated hatred that Dapsters have for the Tun is legendary. And it’s no idle fancy that the name Evangelista Bintang Tiga surfaced.

Someone should warn the genial son of the famous father that his back is about to be lacerated as what befell poor Rosmah.


The J-Star‘s future plans

The Star gets ready for new online battle‘ was the headline in Malaysiakini yesterday.

Kinibiz quotes Jarod Soon, an analyst with Hong Leong Investment Bank Research, as saying that the predominantly urban readership of The Star is tech savvy. This sophistication is therefore compelling the paper to revamp in order to secure these readers who are now using hand phones and tablets to look for news.

The Star is rich because English print media continues to enjoy about half the market share of newspaper advertising expenditure, says the Kinibiz report.

The Star Media Group deputy chairman Tan Sri Vincent Lee – an advertising veteran who was recently bestowed his title – acquired four radio stations and online LiTV channel after he took the reins in 2010.

Syed Akbar Ali speculated in his blog that the Rosmah “advertorial” was placed by someone “believed to be a brand new Tan Sri”.

The speculation by Blog House president SAA tallies with the suspicion of other industry professionals that the placement of the Rosmah booby trap was an INSIDE JOB.


“We have lift-off”

Last month, The Star launched a RM20 million ‘Accelerator Fund’ for technopreneur start-ups as well as paid RM13.5 million to buy into three property websites.

The group has also hired a new director of operations “to ‘scale up’ Star’s online ambitions and attempt to reach younger readers“.

As has been mentioned previously, The J-Star is pumping tens of millions of ringgit into its online operations and going all out to aggressively target young users on the Internet.


Musuh dalam selimut

It is vital for the powerbrokers in the BN to be made aware of the nature of the J-Star beast.

But more urgent is that the BN must be made to fully realise how the beastkeeper is nestling in their midst.


Is Rosmah ‘most powerful’ a compliment or bad for BN?

Sinister behind The Star’s Rosmah story

The Scissorati strike again


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58 thoughts on “Rosmah ad an inside job, Mukhriz likely next

  1. Way to go Mukhriz, KEDAH water is for KEDAHANS and if Penang tak setuju they can start emulating Singapura in harvesting the sea water for state consumption.

    Or maybe they should try bottled air tandas for a change!

    1. Penang is drawing water from the river using their own water infrastructure from Sungai Muda on the Penang side. That means they don’t owe Kedah anything.

      If Kedah is supplying Penang water through a pipeline or canal then yes, Penang owes Kedah. But this is not the case

  2. If I’m not mistaken, I read somewhere that there was once a time when DAP reps refused to use the songkok for the swearing in & opening of the assembly session.

    Their actions back then I suppose was due to their unwillingness to accede to what was supposedly an Islamic wear. They are steadfast in championing their own faith, whatever that may be, that what is the norm in terms of the reps ceremonial garb is thrown aside.

    Today, the situation has turned on its head apparently. Ms Yeoh has no qualms wearing a head scarf & entering a mosque or surau. Ditto Teo Nie Ching. And I suppose we’ll see more of the same from the likes of even LKS since there’s a substantial no of Malays in the constituency.

    The disdain on Madame Speaker’s face is clear. She is obviously planning even at this early stage, a roadmap towards leaving her legacy. She tweeted that today (yesterday) her life changed again & she hoped that her two (Chinese, sorry but I can’t help it) daughters would be proud of her 20 years from now. Most would believe in the existence of a celestial power, way beyond our comprehension. Also, most would believe in karma, getting what you give & deserve. Who’s to tell 20 years on two grown up girls will be ashamed of the role their mother played in fracturing beyond repair the country’s racial & religious relations?

    She even offered the PAC chairmanship to BN & expressed her wish that the same is reciprocated at federal level. And I thought Christians were supposed to give freely without expecting anything in return?

    A central issue in most religions would be faith. Having faith in turn gives us hope, something to aim for & to look forward to.

    I have faith that the rabble rousing, conniving & despicable ones masquerading as “holy” & righteous Christians will get their comeuppance one day. And for all we know, that one day is one day soon. May 13th erupted when one act of provocation too many pushed some to the edge that made retaliation the only available action left.

    And you can bet your bottom dollar if that happens, Hannah & her like minded ills will not lead the line in battle. That would be left to their cadres of brainwashed & unquestioning zombies.

    Her last words before she send them to battle? Psalm 23 undoubtedly.

    1. Btw, something just caught my eyes.

      Star Publications hit their limit up level yesterday. In brief limit up or down is the limit where a share price can fluctuate. If they hit the limit, Bursa Malaysia can suspend trading of the counter & will review the stock concerned to determine if the share prices are manipulated (e.g. takeover rumors).

      For Bursa, the limit up would be 30% of the previous close except in new share counters. Star closed on Thursday at RM2.86 but closed yesterday at RM3.71, a whopping RM0.85 one day jump. And adding intrigue to this would be the fact that the price jump happened in the last quarter of an hour of trading. Almost 5.5 million (approx 0.7%) shares changed hands supposedly purchased by institutional clients according to Bursa.

      While it may seem normal & above board at first glance, is someone deliberately buying a seemingly negligible tranche to manipulate the price of the shares or to stock up on shares? An institutional buyer can buy on behalf of a client who wishes to remain anonymous until the client reaches a takeover threshold to avoid share price manipulation. In the event of a takeover, the price would be fixed as the shares would be suspended by Bursa pending the takeover.

      Makes you wonder if something big is afoot. For the record, on Thursday Star Publications is worth roughly RM2.2 billion based on closing share price of RM2.86. This morning it is worth just short of RM3 billion.

            1. We probably have to turn up at Publika next week to find out. Isn’t it extremely serendipitous that a charity event is using the same acronym as a concerted albeit loose movement rejecting the very party the organizers idolizes?

        1. Further to this, Star had an extraordinary sharp drop at closing yesterday.

          It went from 3.71 to 2.82, a drop of 0.89 which is almost 1/4 of the counter opening price. Volume traded was some 2.7 million shares (approx 0.35%).

          Officially, Bursa found no hanky panky in the shares trade. Word on the floor is that there’s a client out to pick up shares. Officially as well, Bursa says the price drop is normal considering the sharp rise on Friday.

          IMO, this is highly abnormal for a few reasons.

          1. The volume traded was lower than Friday. Note on Friday, more than 5m changed hands. Yesterday, around half. If I’m looking to make a profit, I would put my shares out to the market. It is highly unlikely that the price is sustainable as there will be more shares up for sale.

          The fact that only 0.3% is traded could mean the price was artificially inflated by creating demand for a huge block of shares. When word is out that there’s someone wanting to mop up shares, naturally prices go up. They can even throw in a rumored takeover just to spice things up.

          Now when the price is up, you do the reverse. Put your shares out in the market since there will not be many buyers. With the lowered demand & increased supply, prices will drop. Seeing the drop, I would put my shares into the market too, hoping that I can at least make some money before the price drops further.

          The scenario will now create panic as too many shares for grabs & no takers. One day drop of 25% will cause a lot of anxiety when market reopens today. Many will be worried it will drop further & will attempt to sell.

          Price will continue to drop & panic selling happens. This will then see the institutional buyers buying the shares dirt cheap on behalf of their clients. And voila, you have enough shares to make a takeover bid at a lower price than expected.

          2. AGM records show that almost 70% of Star Publications is held by institutional shareholders such as MCA, Khazanah, OCBC Ltd, Great Eastern etc. As such, effectively only 30% (approx 240m shares) is in the market for trade.

          As such volume traded on Friday shows approximately 3% of the remaining 30% changing hands. Whoever sold these shares has to have a substantial shareholding, for an individual that is.

          For example, WCW has 10k shares. An institutional buyer will not bother buying from him. They will prefer to buy from someone who has more to cut down on administrative + brokerage fees.

          As such, someone is selling but it’s not the anchor shareholders. FYI, I understand that some members of the board holds between 300k – 800k shares.

          If you at their investor relations website, note that OCBC Ltd & EPF has upped their shareholding last week.

          Similarly, Morgan Stanley through Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group has done the same.

          Something is happening, maybe in the next couple of months. All this anchor shareholder increasing their stakes & the freak ding dong in the share prices points to either a takeover bid or even a hostile takeover.

          1. Thanks. Let’s keep this high on the radar. I’ll put up your stuff later.

            Also if you’re interested in pursuing the story further, look up Linda Ngiam’s block of shares. If memory serves me right, she was in the news before over her sale of shares.

            Ambiga, Haris Ibrahim and the oppo supporters are boycotting The Star. So are some of the pro-establishment people. It’s having a bad reputation with both sides. A number of factors may drive the paper’s circulation down, so some industry players may see the timing of political developments as opportune.

            Crazy things have been happening like The Malay Mail being swamped by Chinese, Christian females.

            The earlier round of rumours preceding the Star AGM had it that Vincent, WCW and the people behind them are the ones bidding the MBO.

            WCW is the biggest snake there is, beware.


            1. Linda Ngiam isn’t so much of an issue I think. She sold some 40k shares & at the same time indirectly picked up 300k approx shares.

              By indirectly, she’s probably doing it through a company (Sdn Bhd) she has shares in or via her bankers acting on her behalf. As she’s a board member, any sale or purchase of shares has to be reported to the board.

              As of 13/06, she holds exactly 515,800 shares directly & 287,000 indirectly having disposed 2 tranche of shares of 5k & 35k each.

    2. re: “And for all we know, that one day is one day soon. May 13th erupted when one act of provocation too many…”

      Yes, I’m afraid so.

  3. mungkin ni ‘perang salib’ antara helen & gunting yg tersengit dalam sejarah media baru. konsistensi yg bagus. tkasih kerana menyediakan perspektif ‘extra-ordinary chinese’ kepada ‘ultra-kiasu, firsters, evangelist, top of the class J-Star chinese.’

    1. I have an idea. since these loose cannons want to stage a rally, considering the hazy situation, face masks will definitely sell out big time. we should order stocks from suppliers. because thousands will be there as rally participants, and since most of them know that the haze will affect their health, they will wear face masks to attend the rally. we can make tonnes of bucks out of these rally participants. anyone here works for the suppliers ?

  4. Kedah has every right to charge for the raw water taken from the State. Water is a natural resource. It is 19th century thinking to consider that it is something to be obtained for free. As the Opposition is now famous for butting their heads against anything when they see red, WHY DON’T THEY CONSIDER THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THEY SPENT IN TRYING TO DO DOWN THE BN AS LED BY UMNO WITH THE 13 COMPONENT PARTIES ? The waste of monetary resources into the drain and NOT THINK OF HELPING THE POOR, THE DISADVANTAGED AND THE AGED RAKYAT.

    The billions and billions of ringgits spent by the foolhardy Opposition leadership instead of taking the following JUST ONE EASY STEP to victory.

    1. 1997. If the DPM had taken a holiday in Disneyland with his family, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia. JUST ONE EASY STEP.
    2. 2008. If the Opposition had sorted out the 32 BN candidates BEFORE AND NOT AFTER THE 12TH GENERAL ELECTIONS, THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN IN POWER. JUST ONE EASY STEP.
    3. 2013. If the Opposition leadership called for a 100 day hunger strike and the 51% popular vote boycotted the 13th General Elections, the BN would have won 100% of the seats with 49% of the votes, they would have strolled to victory by lying on the hospital beds. JUST ONE EASY STEP.

  5. Water is the most precious natural resource in the 21st century. Nations will go to war to control this most important commodity for Life’s very survival. Through centuries, nations have come and gone, cities have come and gone just because water is vital for survival. The number of abandoned cities along the Silk Road between China and the West bears testimony to the importance of water.
    In fact, each of the Malaysian States should do an audit on its own water resources so that water is conserved and not wasted as at the moment. A Water Conservation and Utility Board will be the main water agent for each State. If a State has insufficient water resources, then it has to make arrangements to buy water from other States. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY GOOD SOURCE OF REVENUE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND WELFARE FOR THE PEOPLES OF EACH STATE.

    Since Pulau Pinang is so closely linked to Singapore, it is good if the State can obtain the latest water technology free of charge from Singapore or it may even set-up sea water desalination plants well away from the sewage polluted sea around Pulau Pinang.

    1. Hullo, if Penang is being supplied water from Kedah’s water infrastructure and through an inter state pipeline, then of course they need to pay have a business deal in place.

      But if they are just taking water from the river on the Penang side of the river, and using their own facilities, then they do not need to pay. This is the case.

            1. And cause massive flooding in Kedah, destruction of rice padis, towns, villages, factories, roads, etc. with the retained water. Smart move.

              1. Why lah you exaggerate… I said “reduce”. And secondly can control one what.

                1. And the people/voters on the Kedah side of the Muda river won’t be too pleased. Especially the padi farmers.

                  Reduced flow downstream means there will be more water buildup behind the dam. I’m sure you know how vulnerable Kedah’s plains already are to flooding in the monsoon.

                  1. Pity. Have u seen how Bakun Dam control its water to suit its needs??The Dam is huge. The management just turns on and off the gates to regulate the flow and water volume. Even the water level of the monstrous Rejang River (the biggest and longest in Malaysia) can be controlled. Fantastic.

                    Helen, yes,a river flow can be reduced.

                    1. And the Bakun needs a resevoir the size of Singapore to do that. And multi billions of ringgit sunk into the project that produces excess electricity we can’t ship to Semenanjung Malaysia. The contractor Ekran went bankrupt.

                      The Sungai Muda flows through a flat plain. Not a feasible place to build a large dam.

  6. look at the face of Hannah Y. really disgusting. and they say she’s the face of the future. what future ? a failed law graduate as the face of the future ? intellectually bankrupt. so from now on, one must be a spectacular failure if one aspires to be a big time politician ? a big time politician…….or a big time Charlie like her boss the so called failed accountant.

  7. By the grace of God, Kedah has ample water resources. But the Rakyat voted for the Mentri Besar to look after their very best interests and not give free lunches to outsiders especially water.

    I believe that for a State, like Pulau Pinang, like Singapore, to progress, basic essentials like water and SAND are a must to building glittering buildings and for Life’s very own survival.

    I will now sound the CLARION CALL TO ALL STATES TO CONSERVE THEIR WATER RESOURCES AND ONLY SELL THEIR WATER SURPLUS AT COMMERCIAL PRICES ONLY TO BENEFIT THE STATE’S RAKYAT. It is a sin to do otherwise. Of course, this is applicable to Pulau Pinang too and its Penang Institute with its galaxy of brainstormers will have the work cut out for them.

    Pulau Pinang through its efficient and hard-working Government can always PASS THE COST OF WATER TO ITS CONSUMERS. This is free market economics. There is no necessity for rocket scientists to work this one out !

    Of cost, the cost of living and everything will rise in Pulau Pinang. This is the responsibility and duty every Pulau Pinang State Government has to bear. YOU VOTE A GOOD GOVERNMENT IN, YOU GET BENEFITS. YOU VOTE A BAD ONE IN, YOU GET HEARTACHES !

    1. That what I hear the NS MB want to do. I think that one of the things that make NS a target last GE#13.. Other, NS now see a surplus profits. Make you wonder what their attention really is. To help people or to ……..hmmmm

      :D sarah

  8. The Johor Water Enactment among others allows the public to draw water from sea, rivers, lakes, wells artesian wells etc for commercial purposes and the charge is I think 2sen per thousand gallons.. which is very very miniscule.

    We have one company that draws water from the Sungai Semberong that uses water for cleaning and cooling and pays like RM 2000 ringgit/month.The company keeps and maintains the pumps and the pump house and all the meters. This is miniscule.

    The State’s responsibility among others is to ensure the river and its tributaries are kept clean and maintained.
    Melaka once buys water from Johor at a rate that was very much higher.

    So Penang plse lah grow up. How long you want to get things for free and claim your budget is not deficit?

    1. Thanks for the interesting nuggets of info.

      re: “How long you want to get things for free”

      Penang people like that one. Got longstanding reputation for being kedekut.

    2. The state is getting water from the river within Penang state, and using their own facilities. That means they don’t have to pay Kedah.

      Melaka is buying water from Johor, and the water is drawn and transported to Melaka using Johor’s catchment and pipeline network. That is a different case. Apples and oranges, friend.

      1. The case of Kedah-Penang water row is same like Malaysia-Singapore water row where Singapore PUB processed raw water from Johor rivers using their own facilities. So PAP of Singapore Gov and DAP of Penang Gov are facing the same situation where ‘tuan’ punya sungai asal wanted to raised the tariff and it’s their RIGHT to do that.

  9. The Pakatan hate mongering abt Rosmah

    1) went shopping, always shopping sometimes the things she bought weren’t even open and other people pays for it

    2)the executive jet is gold plated on Rosmah’s orders

    3) Project papers will have her blessing

    4)The 20million dollar rings still

    5) Rosmah wrangled GLC’s chief hands to donate millions to her wonderkids Permata programme

    6) from the PAS haters, Rosmah does not wear the tudong (headscarves)

    7) Rosmah shouldn’t be our FLOM

    So sometimes we see how very idiotic every body gets in Malaysia

    1. Anon cybertroopers do it.

      But the 10 Most Powerful Women ‘advertorial’ (without any label or strapline to indicate that it is purportedly not Star-generated news item) was endorsed by The Star.

      As another commenter FF Calvin has pointed out, Tony Pua’s DAP ad was rejected by the Star because it failed to disclose the ad creator.

      Nonetheless the Rosmah ad was published without any disclosure of who created the Powerful Women list.

      The Star is sinking to the same depth as the DAP SuperCyber Bullies with its complicity in the Rosmah caper.

  10. Major problems will arise in the Opposition controlled States if the Opposition spent all their time politiking and rallying and posing for the cameras.

    1. In Pulau Pinang’s case, the shortage of water is rearing its ugly head etc.

    2. In Selangor’s case, it is a question of sorting out the political balance for equitable development etc.

    1. re: “1. In Pulau Pinang’s case, the shortage of water is rearing its ugly head etc.”

      The more The J-Star tries to uglify Mukhriz, the harder Kedah will drive the bargain for water.

          1. Tak boleh la Helen, nanti itu kuan jew mahu reclaimed itu tanah dari Singapura sampai Pulau Mutiara. Lepas tu buat tol sama itu Selat Melaka.

            Singapura punya penjaga tol manyak lansi lo, manyak sombong, itu Guaneng Tokong pun tak bley lawan!

            Your Singapore my ass, the last time I was there it was Our Singapore and what the hell are you doing here!

            Kalau Singapura dapat Pulau Mutiara nanti itu Red Dot sudah jadi Red Hot dan Indonesia sure start Konfrontasi sekali lagi!

            1. Biar diorang buat terowong bawah laut untuk menghubungkan Singapore North dengan Republik induk di selatan.

              Kalau penghuni pulau Singapore North mahu menjejak kaki di tanah besar semenanjung, kena pakai paspot.

              1. Ayooyo itu Tokong and itu gangster sure suka ini idea! Manyak untung maa. Lagi panjang wat…Lagi bley TYPO. Sure lagi manyak untung!

                1. S’kay. Singapura kaya raya. Boleh projek prasarana tersebut dibiayai kerajaan anak LKY nanti.

                  Ngam juga, nanti Republik cantuman itu akan ada dua dinasti, Lee dan Lim (two mini Chinese kingdoms, north and south).

  11. Kedah should follow the BN Manifesto which is not unlike the Opposition Manifesto which is to be fair and transparent in doing all things under the laws.

    I have full confidence that the Mentri Besar will do his utmost for the Rakyat of Kedah and the formula to be fair and transparent in all things is to buy and sell all things at FREE MARKET PRICES. For those who wants to know more, please see the Daily Bulletin of the Hong Kong Commodity Exchange.

    All Malaysian States apart from water have sand to sell and this is another source of revenue for the Rakyat.

    Sand and water are required to build glittering buildings like in Singapore.

  12. In 1972, I went with a high-power delegation to meet the Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang. After 1 hour of discussion of how to get more money from the Federal Government and we were going nowhere, I suggested perhaps the State Government raise its quit rents and assessments. The meeting ended with red faces all round.

    The shortage of water in Pulau Pinang has thrown a spanner into the beautiful plans of the Opposition which did not foresee the things to come.

    Man proposes. God disposes.

    1. Lim Guan Eng will meet his WATERloo in Mukhriz.

      It’s a poetic justice next generation feud considering how their fathers are arch nemeses.

      1. ….and I hope those UMNO Kedahans who are still sore over Mukhriz’s selection as Kedah MB can now see UMNO’s quiet tactical political manoeuvre in the north. i am not surprised that brain behind this subtle manoeuvre is none other than his maverick father, Dr M. gosh…I love your political brain, Dr M!

            1. Don’t worry Sarah with Mukhriz, we can be save assured LGE won’t be getting away even if he tries to spin and spin like the spinning gasing that he is!

  13. updates on Rosmah ad

    incidentally WCW is blaming the Indians plak…

    read more here

    Datuk Abdul Kadir Jasin: The Star group chief editor Wong Chun Wai called me to “explain” the mysterious advertorial. He said he was not informed of the advertisement before it was published.

    His investigations revealed the following:

    1. It was bought by an NGO purported to be in the audit field with three Indian directors (presumably Malaysians).

    2. It was contracted by a Punjabi man (presumably a Malaysian as well) via an advertising agency called Bloomingdale Sdn Bhd.

    I asked two media people from the Prime Minister’s Office for their reactions. One said, please don’t ask him. The other did not respond.

    1. He’s a Chinese evangelista. He would.

      Ask the Hindraf Indians who are the worst people.

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